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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 10, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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bog oakland hills residents shocked to see flames shooting out of the ground. >> i called 911. the fire department got here probably in like ten seconds. >> now, ktvu crews are on the scene of the underground fire as pg&e crews investigate what caused it. the extremely cold weather in the bay area has proved to be problematic for air passengers. why some were forced to scramble to other airports. he inspired people all over the world. today, tens and thousands, they gathered in south africa to
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remember nelson mandela. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin the news at noon with breaking news out of oakland. we've been following an underground gas fire that's been burning for nearly four hours now. several homes in the area have been evacuated as crews try and figure out the cause. this is a live look from newschopper2 now of the scene at golf links road and fontaine street. ktvu's brian flores is on the ground and talked to pg&e about the problem as well as some residents in the area. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: good afternoon. a little bit of good news. about 20 minutes, as you can see, peeg crews were able to -- pg&e crews were able to cap the gas line. it appears that the fire looks
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like to be out. this fire had been going on since about 8:30 this morning and residents that we spoke with literally seeing fire come from underneath the street. the person we spoke to was one of several homes that were evacuated. now, as of now, pg&e says a 4- inch gas distribution feeder line ruptured at 8:24 this morning. still unclear what started the fire as pg&e says they will learn more once they get to the line and essentially shut off the gas which they did about 20 minutes ago. at this point, they are still trying to determine where the gas originated from and what they essentially did was squeeze or clamp the lines so the gas does not leak. several oakland fire department trucks remain on scene. but they are confident the leak is isolated to a certain area. >> we do have to take extra measures for the safety of our crews and shore the sides of the wall there. so we expect gas to be shut off in about two hours.
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>> reporter: now, according to oakland, fire about six homes were evacuated. other residents were told to shelter in place. from what we understand, that shelter-in-place order has been lifted at this point. according to east bay m.u.d., still about 20 homes are without power. according to pg&e about 20 homes are without gas. nearby holy deemer college, students were being told to stay on campus. but no evacuations. we spoke to some homeowner who lived near where the fire started. he said it looked diferntd. >> i noticed -- different. >> i noticed the fire looked different. it was kind of straight lines in the street. tick, tack toe kind of thing going on. it was bizarre looking. >> reporter: now, there again, they were able to cap the line at around 11:37 this morning. many of the residents that were
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ordered to shelter in place were allowed to come back to their homes. we also don't know how old the line is. pg&e crews expected to be here now for several hours as they determine how and what happened to this gas line that ruptured again at 8:24 this morning. there are also fears that this might have erupted to some type of san bruno explosion. oakland fire says this is a smaller distribution line and that was not the case luckily this morning. we're live here in oakland, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. authorities are trying to find the owner of a box marked radioactive that caused a scare in downtown la fayette. the box was found la fayette auto repair on monument mt. diablo boulevard and brown avenue. an employee spotted the box in the company's parking lot. several nearby businesses were evacuated. a county hazmat crew was called in. the crew found a radar device inside used to capture 3-d
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images of underground surfaces. the box was dusted for fingerprints and removed. divers are working to remove skeletal remains at the bottom of lake sonoma. the dive team was called in today after a recreational found the remains 100 feet below the surface. the oakland police department is scroved. officers have brought in a spoetion underwater rebought with video equipment that can help locate the remains. the sonoma county coroner will try to figure out how he or she died. it's unclear how long the remains have been in the lake. with all of the cold air this morning, there were reports of black ice in san mateo county. a sanding truck was pouring sunday on the duran memorial bridge and also on 280. you can see the sanding truck followed by two dump trucks.
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the first report of black ice came at about 5:40 at the scene of an accident involving four vehicles on 280. ktvu's rosemary orozco joins us now with just how cold it was this morning. >> another frigid start. let's take a look at some of the areas braving the cold the temperatures. petaluma 21 degrees. 25 reported in los gatos, 23 in walnut creek. 27 in livermore. and upper 20s in areas right around redwood city. the 20s were very widespread. right now, temperatures in the mid-40s, two low 50s. 54 at half moon bay. it may be tough to tell but we're a few degrees warmer than yesterday at this hour. yesterday, afternoon a few degrees warmer than the day before. we do have a very slow warming trend underway. unfortunate lit, it's not going to -- unfortunately, it's not going to help us in the evening hours. we do have another freeze washing, not as widespread. but starting tonight lasting into tomorrow morning for the north bay valley as well as the mountains sliding to the east
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for the east bay valleys and into the santa clara valley, we've got anywhere from sunnyvale, to san jose, campbell, cupertino, down to morgan hill as well as gillry. that last -- gilroy. that lasts for the afternoon. we do have changes coming. i will detail the afternoon highs today and how long it will take us to get back in the 60s. tori? >> thank you. the cold weather in the south bay caused major problems for some travelers at mineta san jose international airport. as janine de la vega reports, because of problems with some crucial cold weather equipment, many passengers had to be shuttled to other airports. >> reporter: you can see planes were sitting idle near terminal a. the wings frozen with ice. the equipment used to defrost the planes was not operated. passengers were taken by surprise. >> they were about to board the flight and then they said the wings were iced up so they had to delay the flight which caused me to miss my connection from salt lake city. so they rerouted me through los angeles. >> reporter: eight flights were
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delayed. delta airlines owns the equipment that de-ices planes in terminal a, besides america, other airlines were left waiting. the solution that heats up the wings was not warming up. >> it's an inconvenience for passengers but safety is the number one priority. >> i just got delayed. we were supposed to leave at 6:15. my flight has not left. i had a lay over in salt lake city. i was gonna miss that. now i'm heading to san francisco to hopefully catch a flight to massachusetts. >> reporter: other equipment came over to help de-ice the wings. >> they pushed through and through solar, they were able to de-ice the aircraft. >> reporter: some travelers were delayed up to two hours. >> that's okay. it happens. >> reporter: airport officials
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say delta is working to repair the equipment and to make sure there is a backup plan in place so travelers are not impacted tomorrow. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. pg&e is reporting that the cold weather has driven natural gascon sumtion to a record high -- gas consumption to a record high. the peak demand hit almost five cubic feet in the bay area. that's twice the amount of national gascon summed on thanksgiving. it -- gas consumed on thanksgiving. pg&e says it's meeting the increased demand by using stored dwas for significantly lower prices -- gas for significantly lower prices. a snowstorm shut down the federal government this morning. coming up at 12:15, ktvu ken wayne is in washington, d.c. where the weather has affected a congressional hearing into the deadly asiana plane crash at sfo. president obama is already heading back to the u.s. after the memorial for nelson
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mandela. security was can exactly tight at a johannesburg stadium as thousands of south africans, world leaders and celebrities gathered to bid farewell to the former prisoner and president. david mckenzie has some of the most memorable moments adz speeches from the today. >> madiba's pass something a time of mourning and to time -- passing is a time of mourning and a time to celebrate life. >> reporter: president obama is one of a dozen leaders remembering nelson mandela who passed away last week at 95. thousands packed into the stadium to bid farewell to nelson mandela. >> when it rains, when you are buried it means that you are welcoming you in the gates of heaven. [ cheers ] >> reporter: while there was sadness over the loss of the leader, the atmosphere was more
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like a celebration. those who new mandela best spoke about his legacy. >> [inaudible] >> he gave us hope when there was none. >> reporter: that hope inspired millions. the memorial brought people together if only for the day, including president obama who shook hands with raul castro, cuban's president. during the president's address, he cited mandella as an inspiration. >> while i will always fall short of madiba's example, he makes me want to be a better man. >> reporter: certainly it was a day of celebration in south africa and all of those world leaders that came here were welcomed with opened arms in this wild and wet day. president obama was joined by george with the w. bush, carter
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and clinton. there will be several days more of commemorations for this great man but today, perhaps, was the highlight. johannesburg, south africa. ktvu's ken wayne is in washington, d.c. right now to cover the national hearing into the deadly airline crash at sfo. why the hearing was postponed and when it is when we come backed to begin -- and when it is expected to begin. why what happened today is angering supporters of andy lopez who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
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breaking news out of nevada. a group of two adults and four children who have been missing since sunday, they've been found safe. james glanten, his girlfriend, christina along with a 10-year- old, two 4-year-olds and a 3- year-old went out to play in the snow on sunday in the seven troughs area. 200 people were searching for them. there was real concern because of the frigid weather down to 16 degrees at night. we've just learned they've been found safe, taken to an area hospital. all were in good condition. bad weather in the nation's
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capital has forced the postponement into the hearing of the asiana crash. ken wayne is in washington, d.c. do we know when the hearing will be scheduled? >> reporter: yes, we do, tori. it will happen tomorrow. you were talking about the bad weather. here i am squinting in the sun to look at you. the hearing will take place underneath this construction area. that's where the ntsb is. we'll show you some video of the hearing room where the hearing will take place starting tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. that's 5:30 a.m. pacific time. we got the news around 6:00 this morning here in washington, d.c. that the hearing was postponed because of bad weather. there were forecasts up to 6 inches of snow falling in the washington, d.c. and surrounding area throughout this morning. that did not turn out to be. however, the federal government didn't take any chances and
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shut down operations for the day. schools, hundreds of schools all over this area shut down and flights were canceled or delayed at dullus international airport. as we come back live, you can see we have blue skies. there is a breeze in the air. you are looking at the american flag on top of the smithsonian on the washington mall here in the nation's capital and that snowstorm, that blizzard we're expecting earlier this morning has come and gone. and there's no no snow on the ground now -- no snow on the ground now. it's in the 30s. it's still cold. a big change from what we saw earlier. it seems like the flts since everybody was -- ntsb since everybody was here for the hearing, they wanted to try to get them in and get as much as they could because they already had booked flights. this won't change their schedules but it will be a very long day tomorrow. about 11 1/2 hours of testimony near at the ntsb hearing room
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downstairs. they will be discussing what happened, what went wrong and try to figure out solutions to the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo last july. we'll be here all day tomorrow covering the hearing for ktvu. live in washington, d.c., ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> as ken mentioned, he will be providing live coverage of the hearing on the crash tomorrow. you can follow him on twitter for real-time updates throughout the hearings. people angry that a deputy who killed a 13-year-old returned to work today will be marching in santa rosa this afternoon. deputy erick gelhaus has been on paid leave since he shot and killed andy lopez. investigators say he mistook a replica lopez was holding for the real thing. he will be working a desk job at the sheriff's office in santa rosa. but the office will be closed during the demonstration. >> everyone is just outraged because he -- he gets to go on
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like it's nothing. that's not -- family doesn't get to do that. family and friends, we're -- we're still fighting for this. why is he allowed back to live his normal life? >> later today, county supervisors are expected to begin making appointments to a new community and law enforcement task force and discuss the creation of a memorial park where the shooting took place. the protest march begins at city hall at 4:00 p.m. a cleanup is now underway in san francisco following a stubborn fire at a recycling warehouse. neighbors noticed smoke around 8:30 last night at the recology recycling facility. it took more than nine hours to put the fire out. they had to sift through and 8- foot tall, 100-yard pile of recycling debris by hand. they couldn't bring in heavy equipment to do the job because there was too much smoke. the fire department says no toxic chemicals burned but
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firefighters had have to change their air tanks several times. >> everything was extremely smoky in there and banking down. we had to rotate crews throughout the evening. >> one firefighter injured a foot and was treated at the scene. the cause of the fire is under investigation. wall-to-wall sunshine around the bay area and for most of us, at least slightly warmer. another chilly day but not as cold as we were yesterday. a live look there. a few high clouds overhead. today, another spare-the-air day. if you haven't heard it just yet, air quality, a bit compromised. we do have a stable air mass in place at this point. moderate for most of us. a little unhealthy over parts of the north bay. if you suffer from respiratory issues, asthma, very sensitive to pollutants that to be aware of but it means no burning in
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the fireplace unless you are exempt. that means it is your primary or only source of heat. in addition to that, we have a freeze warning. i will say it once again over parts of the north bay for the valleys and mountains. away from the coastline. it starts tonight lasts until tomorrow morning. shifting to the east a little bit. this for the valley locations, not for the hills, not for the bay sides. valley, east bay locations into the santa clara valley. we have it widespread, san jose, down into morgan hill as well as gilroy. campbell, cupertino, sunnyvale included in this as well. let's take a look at the temperatures. a degrees in santa rosa -- 45 degrees in santa rosa. 49 in san francisco. oakland 53. this is one of the warmer locations. oakland expected to top out in the low 50s for the second half of the day. we'll be right about 52 degrees at 3:00 and then settling into the evening hours, partly cloudy skies and then cooling back into the 40s by the early evening hours. for the afternoon today, again,
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temperatures anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees warmer than yesterday. it may be hard to tell for some but with each passing day, it will get better. low 50s around the region. for the north bay. along the peninsula. 53 for san francisco. low 50s for livermore. 54 in san jose. mid-50s for santa cruz. your extended forecast here, bay area weekend always in view. temperatures continuing to climb. we'll finally get back in the upper 50s, low 60s. it looks like the weekend could be the warmest of the next several days. low to mid 60s expected by sunday and the overnight lows will continue to follow and get above the freezing mark for the valley location. >> no rain in the forecast? >> no rain. >> okay. thank you. >> you are welcome. a popular activity, banned at this year's super bowl. why there will be no tailgating at the super bowl in new jersey.
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u.s. stocks lower after another day of record highs. but banking stocks are most lie higher. investors got clarity on new banking regulations. regulators just adopted the rule that's a major step towards preventing the extreme risk taking on wall street that helped twigger the 2008 financial crisis. the dow is down 24. the down 1. s&p down 2. today general motors named mary barra as its first female chief executive. she started with gm in 1980.
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she's been in charge of global product development. she replaces dan acerson who guided gm through most of the period since it emerged from bankruptcy in 2009. he will step down january 15th. for football fans planning on heading to new jersey's metlife stadium for this year's super bowl, there will be no tailgating. the decision to ban tailgating was announced by the joint new york/new jersey host committee. the reason, there's very limited parking due to security concerns. so all spaces need to be used by cars, not tailgaters. fans attending the game will still be allowed to eat and have a beer or two but they must be in or near their cars. no grills or lounge chairs will be allowed. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, continuing coverage on that breaking news we've been following since this morning. an underground vault explosion in the east bay. this comes one day after pg&e told ktvu it's pipeline can
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handle the record amount of natural gas flowing through. tom vak car is at the scene looking into what wet wrong -- vary car is at the scene looking -- vacar is at the scene looking into what went wrong. thank you for trusting ktvu. we're always here for you on twitter and facebook. [son] all right,she has no idea.
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