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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 11, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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the fire broke out around 12:30, inside a huge warehouse that restores the hotel communication system for recycling. wires, old phones, sending smoke and smelled like burning plastic. that caused the health department to issue an advisory. as we said, that has been lifted. there's a dialysis clinic, caused the clinic to be closed for the day so patients
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wouldn't be exposed to the smoke. there's a printing company across the street and inside, we saw office workers wearing masks and some went home for the day. >> it was kind of scary at first. once we found out it's not that bad, it smelled really bad. it was scratching our throat, burning our eyes. >> and we're back live, the fire officials don't know the cause of all of this. the asked the burro of tobacco and fire aims to assist because the fire was so large. reporting live in concord, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we are learning new details this noontime about what happened in the cockpit, in the minutes before the crash. now we're learning the pilot of
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boeing 777 said he was very concerned about making the landing. his first ever about that particular aircraft at sfo. ken wayne is monitoring the ntsb hearing and joins us live from washington, d.c. good afternoon, ken. 6 1/2 hours of testimony so far and we're only about halfway through this because they condensed the two day hearing into one day because of yesterday's snow storm taking place in the hearing room behind me. much of the warning was spent looking at the training of the asiana pilots and the use of automation in the cockpit. particularly the use of auto throttle during the landing of the boeing triple 7 at sfo. boeing played out, even though automation could be a huge help in the cockpit, it doesn't replace the pilot. >> the pilot is the final authority for the operation in
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the airplane. we try not to put in design elements that could override the pilot. as we fly out as nation as a tool to aid the pilot, not replace the pilot. >> ntsb chairman, hearsman pointed out, the asiana planes flew for 19 seconds, be hoe the landing flight slope at sfo before the pilots reacted. by then, it was too late. the plane crashed, three people were killed in the crash. later this afternoon, they will be discussing the emergency response, one we will hear from san francisco officials, deputy fire chief and he will talk about the crash and more than likely, the young teenage girl, who suffered, for the young san francisco fire truck who also died in the crash. a long day ahead. this is not about assigning blame. this is about finding out what
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went wrong, ficking the problems so another crash doesn't happen again. live in washington, d.c., ken wayne ktvu news. many people in the area have a personal stake on what's happening. couple dozens of people, to watch a live stream of the proceedings. a group that's expected to attend is 4-10 people, relatives aboard the aircraft. watching the hearing. and ntsb representatives as well as red cross personnel. >> have some people on hand to provide emotional support. take some minutes, information they are learning today. >> andit local event was required by federal law for families who cannot attend the d.c. hearing. scheduled to run 5:00 p.m.
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pacific time and is open to the public. stay with ktvu throughout the day. you could also follow ken wayne for twitter, for real-time updates. violent day in vallejo, two killings in two hours and four in the week. and what police are saying about the trends. this morning, jonathan corrao came here in vallejo to make sense of the killing of a friend. victim was 26-year-old and was vallejo's 24th homicide victim this year. >> had a daughter, had a wife. had a big heart. big heart. his death came hours after the fatal shooting of another man. that man was also in his 20s. police do not believe the shootings are connected. >> we don't believe so. we're not prepared to rule one way or another at this point.
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four homicide in six days. it's been a violent year. the number of homicides at its highest in almost two decades. >> with 24 homicides and the number detectives, they are working a couple of hours. >> how many detectives do you have? >> we currently have five detectives. >> and as they search for shooters, friends and family of the victims search for answers. >> doesn't make sense. >> so he says, he came here to remember, to pray for the family that he left behind. vallejo police say more officers will help. there are seven officers in the apartment. approval, getting the department up to 110. police also say, you can't rush the hiring process and getting the staffing numbers up will take time. in vallejo, claudine long, ktvu
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channel 2 news. happened monday afternoon in the city's iron triangle neighborhood. they spotted him. officers say they took the boy into custody after finding the oozy in a mattress in the bedroom. investigators say it's unclear how the boy got the weapon or why he was carrying it. >> richardson police searching for two youngsters who ran away from their home. 13-year-old, zemarra, is hispanic, 4'11", 80-pounds with brown eyes and black hair. sister is hispanic, 4'9", 60- pounds with brown eyes and long black hair. the two face serious health risk due to the cold weather. new information about the deadly accident that killed an elderly mechanic at the new
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stadium in santa clara. donald wright was on a ladder when he was struck and killed by an elevator counter lift. cal osha now issued a citation to the company, accusing it of three serious violations. each one carries an 18,000 fine. cal osha says schindler failed to properly close the weights. schindler has 15 day toss appeal. the next round in a bart labor dispute unveiled tomorrow. bart and the two largest unions will restart the probation, grants six weeks of paid family leave. bart calls it a mistake and the agency never agreed. agency is suing bart, claiming the board removed the provision. and to remember the
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international icon nelson mandela both in san africa and here in the bay area. finally starting to warm up in the bay area. ktvu steve paulson will be here on what could be a transition from record lows to record highs. new number, showing how many people are signing up for the health care coverage on the government website.
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. live pictures from inside oakland city hall, public gathering is just getting under way. mayor gene kwan and assemblyman organized the event. as many as 20 global dignitaries are expected to speak. there's readings on mandela's writings. and a way to choir out of oakland. will perform over mandela's visit over 1990. choir members from the same school, performed the trib pute
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at washington national cathedral. former mayor, city hall, and paid their respect to mandela and the way he lives his life. >> he chose, to forgive. and. he chose the path of peace when he could have chose the path of war much he chose in his heart, only love could conquer fate. >> mayor lee has set up a book of messages. it will be available until the close of business on friday, in san francisco's city hall. south africa, thousands of people lined the streets to visit nelson mandela's flag- draped casket. thousands will file past it and pay their respects. >> other than mixed three days, scores of south african, file,
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nelson mandela's casket, paying their final respect. south african president is lying in state, petterria's buildings. that's when he took the oath of office. and president, and the widow and other dignitaries, could buy in the morning, followed by the general public. >> waiting for my thoughts. coming here, -- heard to come, and pay their respect. and it is -- to show appreciation. >> thousands lined the roads, first carry the casket to the capitol. this comes one day after thousands of south africans, world leaders, and it was more of a celebration. tone is a bit subdued, waking to say good-bye to a man they
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affectionately call madiba, tribal man. >> african country, and that's why we're here. >> and lifestyle, pay tribute to a really a leader that inspired south africa, and was a true leader. >> nelson mandela's body will lie three days, and will be set by the plans to the eastern cape, through the rural village where he grew up. there will be a private celebration and morning by his family for the great man. for now, it's a moment for the public at large to respect the man and for here in south africa. dave mckenzie, johannesburg. >> medical marijuana supporters, ordinance, by the city council amount toss a ban on pot clubs. the noon law restricts marijuana shops from operating within 1,000 feet of a school or library.
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500 feet from any drug rehab facility and 150 feet from a home. one century owner, for pot clubs that are not acting responsibly. >> there are a few dispense aries, operating in a city, that are very, very strict, self-regulated guidelines. >> pot club owners, restriction, one of them to only 1 percent of the city. they are calling for a ballot measure to change the new law. treasure island residents to discuss the toxic cleanup and relocation plan much the navy is expected to detail their plan to remove buried toxins and cleanup the area. about two dozen families in the island are forced to move because of the cleanup. regulatory agencies say the area remains safe to live,
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surveys found radioactive debris and old disposal island on the island. house and human services, kathleen sebellia to answer questions. there's positive trends in the number of people using the government website, set up for private numbers. 364,000 signed up as the end of november. more than three signs the october totals, but still not close to the numbers that were projected. >> frustrated with the experience so far. we are asking you to come back. it's now easier than ever to shop for plans, roll on line, paper in person or directly, issuer or agents. >> sebelia faced some sharp questions, who claim the new system appears to be failing. democrats on the committee and secretary sebellia says, that's not true.
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. cold morning but not as cold for some. temperatures in the twenties and 30s. we have hazy sunshine. severe clear here. that's definitely for sure. temperatures are starting to warm-up, from santa cruz, 60- 65. hazy sunshine, breezy for some. offshore breeze, north and easterly breeze. immense -- and cold skies tonight. once again, and lights were very long. and haze starting to settle in. some of the very clean air that we have, settle in as well. 55 half moon bay. and it's a cold pattern for some. it's a warm one for others. napa east, 16. east of fairfield as well. and 14 miles an hour, hayward,
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that's why they are warmer. some of the easterly direction goes all the way down to santa cruz. that's why they are warmest, down to monterey, low 60s for some already. single digits in tahoe and truckee. and everything says offshore winds. means temperatures are warming up. cool and cold morning. not cold anymore. temperatures are moderating. everything says after friday, into sunday and monday. we can talk about more record highs for some, instead of the cold, cold temps, as we get temperatures in the upper 60s. sumy and breezy for some. 60s for a few. especially if you are closer to the coast. and temperatures 50s to the low 60s. if you are out towards vacaville, antioch, and -- that's a cool direction. other locations, beginning to warm up. oakland being one. 57, alameda. berkeley, 51 degrees.
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santa cruz, gilroy. and some 50s on the coast. about the same, peninsula. the trend will continue this. one more freeze warning, tomorrow for the north bay. sunshine and warmer temps. sunday, record highs possible. >> i know. >> one extreme to the next. >> thank you, steve. time magazine announces the person of the year. in time for the holidays, three major airlines are increasing. which airlines. you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here,
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and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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. weak earnings reports to several health companies. health care stocks had the biggest declares. fire fatigue after a big rally. s&p 500, surged 20 percent. biggest increase in a decade. dow down 102. s&p down 17. republicans are facing intense extension, to extend for more than one million people who will lose them at the end of the year. g.o.p. in congress, the program cost the country, 252 billion. bipartisan budget deal, it doesn't include any extension of unemployment insurance. democrats are fighting to attach the extension to some other must pass bill.
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>> extend the unemployment benefits, unemployment insurance is absolutely unconscionable, that we can consider leaving washington, d.c., without extending the benefits. >> several unemployment benefits kick in after state benefits run out. it will help people out of work for more than six months. three major airlines boosted their fares two weeks before christmas. fare to, delta airline raised the rates to one way domestic flights between 4- 2 million. southwest and united haven't raised their ticket prices. they say if they don't, other airlines will drop their fares. and this year's title goes to pope frances. recognizes the pontiff to reform the largest institution, pulling the papalcy to the
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palace and to the streets. coming today, starting at 5:00, we'll have more on the breaking news in the north bay, officers shot an alleged bank robber. we have a crew on the scene and give you the latest beginning at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. see you next time your news breaks and here for you on follow us on twitter. [woman] you wrapped the...
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[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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