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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 31, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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also known as highway 130. how much fuel is up here? >> a lot. it's really dry. conditions are similar what you see in mid october. >> reporter: firefighters were able to contained fire to 40 acres. they say there was to abandoned vehicles found on mount hamilton road. >> the fire was started the area where the vehicle that was on fire was found. we don't know if the fire was started outside of the vehicle. >> reporter: caltrans reopened the road. coming up more on the arson investigation and why fire fighting agencies were able to respond quickly. robert honda, ktvu channel 2.
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ktvu rosemary orozco is in tonight. >> it's tender dry out there. this is an area that had a red flag warning. again not bad at this hour. in fact looking pretty good for the san jose area, only about 26% of normal. until we get some decent rain, we are going to be dealing with this high fire danger. thank you rosemary. it's already 2014 in parts of the world. little over an hour ago people in london rang in the new year. spectacular show this year's fireworks display featured something unique. food artist created peach flavored snow, edible confetti and orange scented bubbles.
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in dubai a record setting fireworks show. look at this, 4000 pyrotechnics lit up the buildings. staff at guinness world record said dubai now holds the world record for the fireworks display. new zealand was the first country to ring in the new year. the tower featured a giant led count down clock. people all over the bay area getting ready for new year's eve in san francisco tonight. the main attraction a huge fireworks show. ktvu channel 2 david stevenson. >> reporter: more than 200,000 people are expected tonight. this is certainly not your typical rush hour. police put up some barricades to keep the spectators on the sidewalk and out of the streets. take a look, we're also seeing
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restaurants bring in decorations for parties tonight. just a few blocks away are the big barges that will launch tonight's 50 minute fire work show. party planners and police are expecting more people out here than 2012 because of better weather condition. all ten district stations will be fully staffed with uniforms and sobering sales ready for those who drink too much. >> we want to keep it oriented towards families. we want to make sure everybody is safe out there so there will be zero tolerance for alcohol or drinking in public. >> reporter: speaking of alcohol, local liquor stores are preparing for bigger than usual champagne sales this year. spectators walking along the street. >> hopefully it will be good. we can expect more people than
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last year. we're going to have security here also. we are expecting a lot of people. >> reporter: not everyone we talk to is up for the crowds and the cold walk. weather expected tonight at 6:00. some of the alternative plans people are making to ring in 2014. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2. security will be tight at the 125th annual rose parade in pasadena tomorrow. it's all in response to the boston marathon bombing. the parade troops will be patrolled by bomb sniffing dogs. there will be more eyes in the sky. businesses along the parade route will allow police to review their security cameras. volunteer spent today putting the finishing touches on the roads parade floats a total of 45 floats will be featured. rules called for the folks to be decorated with natural material such as fruit,
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vegetable and flowers. today we're putting in the bed of roses. >> meanwhile, history will be made at tomorrow's parade when a same sex couple ties the knot on top of a float. they will be the first gay couple to exchange vows. still to come, a bay area boy's dream comes to life during tomorrow's parade. we'll show you the vision for mateo's dream and show you why this float is. engine fire forced passengers to evacuate a delta plane. they say the fire was contained to the gin -- engine and no one was hurt. the fog at the airport led to a dozen flight delays. final hours of 2013, unprecedented legal battle is
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shaping up over a 13-year-old. jahi mcmath family demanded certain procedures to be done. but the hospital refuses. john there's been some legal movement within the past hour? >> reporter: we've learned that late today the state appeals court has made a key ruling in this case. this is jahi mcmath's body remains in the icu. the family said children's hospital is trying to block her last chance to? -- life. the hospital said it is cooperating as best it can with a grieving family of a dead girl. >> i look at her, i'm supposed to be able to help her. this hospital has my hands tied. i'm very sad. >> reporter: the family's attorney petitioned the state appeals court for an emergency order. for breathing tube to allow transfer of jahi's body to another facility.
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>> this is a deceased young woman. there is no position that he's brought forward that will perform any surgery on a dead body. >> reporter: the family in the hospital fired off these dualing letters. there were three unprecedented legal cases in state and federal court. over what the hospital and cannot do. a judge yesterday ruled the child dead after ton sell -- tonsillectomy surgery. the hospital said any surgery on a dead body is ethically wrong. >> they are setting up roadblocks. imagine this if jahi does come back as we hope, imagine what childrens is going to have to face. >> the court in three positions ruled this young lady dead. she's not coming back under any circumstances and that's the said truth. >> reporter: late today, the appeals court turned down the
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family's request. coming up, i'll tell you the next steps in this case and explain the obscure law the family says is at the heart of it. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. a ground swell of support is forming to help jahi mcmath and her family. you may remember terry -- she died in 2005. our coverage continues on we've got a special section dedicated to the mcmath case. extra police officers will be on the streets in oakland. they say it's in solidarity with prison rebels around the world. tomorrow occupy oakland is expected to join a rally at the
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fruitvale bar station. 22-year-old grant was unarmed when he was shot and killed by bart police officer january 1st 2009. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced two years in prison. the shooting and verdict prompted numerous protest. san francisco police investigating two collisions involving pedestrians. the latest happened about 3:30 this afternoon at napels roth street. there's no word whether the driver stayed at the scene. another pedestrian was hurt today in a hit-and-run. it was reported near turk and leavenworth street. the woman was ten to the hospital but we don't know how serious her injuries are. the suspect vehicle has not been found. it's described as a black suv. the much debated highly
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anticipated california change goes into effect tomorrow. today officials with the exchange say they are working over time to get all the applications processed. >> now we're in the final process where making sure the applications get finished, transmitted over to the health plans. the health plans are sending out invoices. folks need to be patient about getting the invoices. >> officials say once they receive the invoices, they have to act quickly to pay the premium. a combustible combination, fireworks and bone dry weather. >> when you hear the explosions, what are you going to do? >> pray. >> the unusual precaution firefighters are taking tonight. plunging crime rates in some of the most troubled areas. two factors getting credit. worries about new year's
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eve partiers getting behind the wheel. why one of the busiest cities won't have dui check points. at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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. >> san francisco police identified a man they said led officers on a wild chase. 29-year-old sparked the chase. the chase went on interstate 280 on to 19th avenue and into goldengate park. when officer fired his gun and hit the suspect car, another officer was hit by the car and is recovering. a consultant hired to find a new oakland police chief as resigned. according to reports, consultant bob murray resigned last week after city officials were meddling with the
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process. wheel the mayor spokesman says her staffers did speak with several applicants the conversation were not substantial. this new year's eve there are more officers out on the street as the california highway patrol looks for drunk drivers. >> reporter: many people heading to san francisco for new year's eve will have to pass through here the toll booth. we are here because chb said it will be focused on the bay bridge. new year falls in the mill -- middle of the week. the family is planning to watch fireworks and then stay in san francisco. why overnight. >> just the traffic. the drinking and the driving it's not safe. >> reporter: michelle lost a friend to dui years ago. >> they were hit by a drunk driver. >> reporter: on new year's eve
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night? >> yes. >> reporter: that's what dui check points are for. it's not just alcohol. new this year in los angeles, officers at dui check points will be on with portable devices that test for cocaine and alcohol and other use. >> they're going to be focused on those people who may not have been drinking. >> reporter: the chb said last year 208 people were arrested over new year's holiday in the bay area. in the city, chb officers will be on patrol. a change in tactics from check points. the san francisco chb may not be running a check point tonight but they have one of the biggest choke points. the bay bridge. expect to see many more officers here tonight. >> in order to get the san francisco and get home, you're to have to drive across the bridge. >> reporter: it's not a
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problem for this family. spending new year's safely off the road. >> we're going to have fun here and stay here. >> reporter: the chb in san francisco may be patrolling the city streets, patrolling the bay ridge not running a check point. that says nothing about city police. there could be numerous check points in san francisco. we expect numerous check point in bay area city. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. for details, there are several public transit options for you tonight. the last caltrain head south from san francisco at 2:15 a.m. bart will be running until 3:00 a.m. you have to pay the normal fare for bart. aaa is encouraging people to avoid drunk driving. aaa tow truck will be giving you a free tow home up to 10 miles. anyone can call. you don't necessarily have to
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be a aaa member. crews continue to make progress on that e bart extension on antioch. the parking lot is almost complete and the maintenance facility is about 60% finished. the 10-mile extension from the pitsburg area is set for 2014. traffic is moving once again in the north bay after high tied flooding shut down a portion of highway 101 today. it happened at the usual spot. the northbound highway one off ramp near mill valley. the area is prone to flooding during the raining season it's not the rain but king tied which bring in the bay waters up higher than usual. the ramp was reopened around 1:30. we saw david stevenson live in san francisco. it is going to be packed tonight in everyone wants to hear what our meteorologist rosemary has to stay. >> we shouldn't have any
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trouble with the fog. it's going to be another chilly one. bring along your thicker jackets. temperatures will be falling off into the 40s. giving you a look at storm tracker two. no rain to be found. we did have clouds earlier this morning. patchy fog out there. i don't think we'll have the patchy fog as we did this morning as we get started tomorrow morning. perhaps a few patches but not as thick as we had early on. this is a six hour time lapse. as i show you, the clouds move out and we are left with mostly clear skies for the afternoon and evening hours. this is what you'll have when the clock strikes midnight. 57degrees in santa rosa, looking at 54 degrees in san francisco, oakland checking in at 55. if you're getting out doors, may be for dinner, upper 40s by 8:00. at 11:00, 46 degrees.
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meanwhile areas right concord 58, san jose checking in at 54. 50 degrees at 8:00 and slipping into the overnight hours, temperatures will be falling into the 40s about 45 degrees expected for you when the clock strikes midnight. if you're going to see the fireworks in san francisco, mostly clear skies, perhaps just a few patches of fog but shouldn't get in your way. temperatures about 50 degrees at 8:00 and maybe have a late night dinner planned. 48 at 10:00 and then at mid night 47 degrees expected for you. temperatures continuing to cool and when we get started tomorrow morning, looking at 54 for oakland, 38 at fremont, 34 for concord. 32 in fairfield, along the peninsula 32 for you and 45 for san francisco. upper 30s for san jose and mid- 30s for morgan hill. you can see here comparison
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from today and to tomorrow. some areas slightly worse. shade of orange indicating our special group. those who have asthma suffer from respiratory issues or lung disease, this includes you. afternoon high for tomorrow, 62 in berkeley, 62 in san francisco, 63 in hayward. mid-60s in san rosa. these numbers few degrees warmer what we had today. mostly clear skies for the first day of 2014. notice in the extends forecast, no rain to talk about unfortunately. we're talking about just how dry it is out there. no rain in sight just yet. >> ktvu obtained new documents. >> the asiana flight.
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now julie haener in the newsroom. >> more problems for target. plus we told you about the fast moving wildfire in santa clara county. these stories coming up new at 6:00. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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>> new information tonight about legal action from the family of a young woman killed in the aftermath of the
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asiana airline crash. attorneys for the family say they've reach an agreement with the san francisco fire department over the release of video from helmet and fire truck cameras. that's after filing legal documents yesterday asking a judge to order the release. the 16-year-old was run over by one or more fire trucks in the wake of july 6th plane crash. san francisco fire chief jo ann hayes white said she couldn't give up information because of investigation by san francisco police and ntsb. with the new year come new benefit under the affordable care act. today the obama administration confirmed that two million people enrolled. critics say it could be a bumpy road ahead. >> reporter: the obamacare enrollees will see new benefits starting january 1st. medicaid is expanding and there's mandatory coverage for
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preexisting condition. >> it changes my life. >> reporter: lauren suffers from crohn's disease. in 2014 her premium is dropping from $1300 a month to $400. >> it gives me the option to possibly finally move out of my parent's house at age 27. >> reporter: some fear problems with the flip of the calendar. the administration said it's working to make sure the shoppers are covered. >> reporter: website problem could mean insurance companies won't get paid on time by the government. there's a deadline that's not in the spot light. in late spring, insurance providers start to deciding whether or not they'll provide coverage for 2015. >> that will be a sign this they think the lot of the problems have been sorted out. report if they back out, he said that's a sign problems are significant and the administration would have more work to do.
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in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. >> has a special section to help you navigate the affordable care act. just look for it under the new tab on our home page. you'll find more information about the cover california plans available. republican beliefs on the theory of evolution appear to be changing according to a newly released pew poll. just 43% believe humans and human beings evolved over time. meantime, 67% of democrats said they do believe in evolution of species as for independents, 65% of them said they too believe in evolution over time. 2013 has been very good for the u.s. economy. so just how good? >> on the stock market, it was a year for the record books just how much. still ahead. . firefighters on the patrol
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tonight. while illegal fireworks is especially dangerous. hewlett packard is cutting thousands of jobs again. two factors the company said it's forcing its hand.
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>> fire danger is high tonight even though we're just hour away from ringing in 2014. in fact, the new year's eve celebrations have firefighters on high alert. >> it's hard to believe, firefighters were called to a glass fire in santa clara. >> inside grant county park, a burned out car was found. now investigators are looking into arson as the possible cause. no matter what the cause, firefighters had to react quickly. >> the dry conditions all around the bay area are a big concern. ktvu rob roth is live in oakland where firefighters will be on patrol to make shower fireworks don't spark another brush fire. >> reporter: those patrols will be getting stepped up the closer we get to midnight. here is doctor. -- why. it's almost january.
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residents the oakland hills a happy new year's eve will be one without illegal fireworks going off neighbors know it doesn't take much for a wildfire to start up here. that's why the sound of illegal fireworks going off is a scary one. >> when you here the explosions, what are you going to do? >> pray. there's not much i can do. >> reporter: illegal fireworks in oakland are no small problem. this was last fourth of july. it liked like a pyrotechnic show. that's why oakland firefighters planned to patrol the hills. they'll be driving through neighborhoods keeping a presence. they say illegal fireworks are not always harmless. >> might get something that lands on dry vegetation. spark a vegetation fire. >> reporter: patrols takes place during the summer and fall which a is considered fire season. with the lack of rain, fire
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season has continued through the holidays. >> people think that with the summer months we're just being hot, that's what the main reason you would have a wildlife fire. really it's the dryness. this vegetation is dry. >> reporter: they'll be keeping their eyes and ears open. >> we have a lot of kids in the area. i'm sure there's going to be some road fireworks going off. hopefully people can use some common sense. >> reporter: firefighters are urging residents to call them or police if they see anyone setting off fireworks no matter how small. it doesn't take much for trouble to spread. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. fire officials say a lit cigarette may have sparked early morning fire in san francisco. the fire started 5:45 a.m. is it started on -- it started on the second floor unit.
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fire crews managed to put out the flame quickly. >> we had one woman transported for minor smoke inhilllation. >> the man, woman and two children who lived in that apartment are being helped out by the red cross. apple said today it had no part in the national security agency to hack the iphone. the company said it works to defend customers from security attacks and has never worked with the n.s.a. to weaken its devices. well known security expert told hacker conference in germany that the n.s.a. can use iphone to listen on conversations. optical company is said to be getting ready to debut digital high definition prescription lenses for google glass. the ecompany, rochester optical is said to begin preorders on
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prescription lenses for good glass. google said it is not partnering with rochester optical. 2013 will go down as a record setting year on wall street. trading was light today at the last day of the year. the s&p 500 ended the day with a new record. making 2013 its best since 1997. all three major indecks ended the day up. dow jones gained 72 points. it's been a good year on wall street. that means possibly a good year for you. >> reporter: many experts say the market simply catching up after the devastating losses during the recession. for many folks it boils down to one sue pearl -- sue pearlive -- >> i seen my 401k gain and lose
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some dividends this last quarter. now it's on the rise. >> reporter: today 's finish is almost 3100 points. if the 401k account which had about $70,000 in it was invested in the dow then, today it would have more than 38,000. 70 invested then will be 177,000 now. >> people who have investment in the stock market and the 401k certainly it's been the best increase with respect to the turn around. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> there are a lot of people who are out of work. who are struggling. actually today is my official last day of employment. >> reporter: how big is big? consider this, you have to go
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back to 1995. 18 years ago to see gains certainly -- see gains similar. >> do we expect markets will be 30% return? not really. do we expect double didn't return? sure. sanford football team is gearing up for the 100th rose bowl tomorrow. it also held practices to get ready to face michigan state. the san francisco 49ers go up against the green bay packers. kickoff is at 1:40. ktvu will be airing special road trip to a championship. we'll look back on the 49ers regular season and break down match up with the packers. we're airing it twice after the
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cotton bowl and then saturday morning 10:00 a.m. tonight we're learning things are getting better. we break down the year end trend two cities count the lives lost in 2013. japan is paying $35 billion to clean up the fukushima disaster. it's more than the price tag people are talking about. homeless men are being tapped to do the dirty work. silicone valley giant is slashing more jobs. we'll tell you how many employees is getting cut.
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. >> netflix is testing out a new pricing model based on how many screens households use. the new subscription plan is for new customers and it will allow access to programming on up to four screens. analyst say the move suggest the company may be trying to curve account sharing and limiting the number of screens. hewlett packard is slashing another 5000 jobs. the move would bring the total number of layoffs to 34,000 by next october. that's 11% of the company workforce. the layoffs is part of a
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restructuring plan. many americans will pay more taxes in the new year. our washington d.c. bureau examined a list of tax hikes you may see in 2014. under the changes, wealthy americans will pay more with the increase in the top marginal tax rates and anyone earning a paycheck can see an increase in payroll taxes. because of the affordable care act, tax filers will have to spend more money on medical expenses to qualify for deductions. the tax hike comes as part of efforts by congress to help reign in the debt. goodwill wrapped up its annual donate-a-thon. it filled 55 trucks. they had hoped to fill 50 trucks. >> it's really great way to sort of give your things and
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move them forward. make sure they get in the hands of people who need them. also create amazing jobs for folks getting back in the workplace. >> nothing feels better than emptying that car trunk. december31st is their biggest day to receive donations. things are getting better in two bay area cities. notorious for street violence. we take a look at this positive year end trend and what may be behind it. final hours of 2013. i'll have what you can expect for tonight and the first day of the new year coming up.
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. >> new, two bay area cities known as hot beds for homicide. tonight we're learning things are getting better. at least two east bay cities are showing an improvement in their homicide rates. >> i'm a native of richmond all my life. >> reporter: erik white remembers when things were different in his hometown. >> sense of danger and unsafety. >> reporter: in 2009 there were 43 homicides in the city. last four years the murder rates declined. police record the 16 homicides in 2013 down from 18 last year. >> things in richmond are better. they are better.
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hopefully it keeps progressing. >> reporter: in richmond violent crime over all has dropped by 35% this year. >> shootings, robberies, any type of sexual assault. >> reporter: police credit their resources. they have more than 40 detectives working in specialized units. they noticed an improvement in police community relations. >> the public has been a lot more forthcoming with information. >> reporter: a few miles south in oakland, close to 200 people gathered to pay their respects to oakland's homicide victim. this year there are 89 crosses on display. the jame of jerel jackson best friend is on one of them. >> those memories i can never get back. >> reporter: oakland also seen a number of drops. 89 compared to 125 last year.
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for grieving friends and family members, it's little consollation. >> its not getting better. >> reporter: when the crime hits close to home, one homicide victim is one too many. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. we also spoke to police departments in other bay areas to see where things stand. some have seen an increase in homicides. most noticeably vallejo. in san jose there has been a slight improvement. last year there were 46 homicides, this year there has been 43. millions of people around the world already welcomed in 2014. here to look at the new year's celebration in moscow red square. china great wall service in the capital city of beijing.
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singers and dancers and large crowds of people filled the streets to celebrate 2014. another spectacular new year's fireworks show, this one in sydney, australia. 1.5million people gathered making this one of the world's largest new year celebration. 2014 is now just five hours and 15 minutes away for us. send us photos of your new year's celebration. you can post them directly on our facebook or twitter page or e-mail them. what's the fireworks weather going to be like around here. let's check in with rosemary orozco. >> mostly clear skies. we will have a winter chill. bring along your jacket even though the afternoon high continue to run warm for this time of year. the overnight slow sure do bottom out. 59degrees this afternoon 60 in oakland 59 more san francisco,
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60 in fremont today, 61 in antioch, 60 in napa. temperatures are already beginning to fall off. most of us in the 50s. 54 antioch, 59 outside in livermore and 55 in oakland, along the peninsula here widespread 50s as well 54 for san jose. if you are going to be getting out this evening, expect the mostly clear skies and the cool condition. right now we're in the 50s by tonight. temperatures cooling back into the 40s. for tomorrow slightly warmer weather and a spare of the air alert in store already. if you're going to be out celebrating in san francisco, low 50s in the forecast for 7:00. we'll have dinner time into the evening hours, 49 degrees by 9:00 and 47 degrees at mid night. if you're going to be out with the fireworks, it's gong to be a cool one. we are dealing with mostly clear skies. bit of an offshore breeze.
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it pushes away the clouds and that's what we are expecting. tomorrow morning mostly clear skies, few patches of fog. not as thick as we saw in the san jose this morning. 38degrees as you get going tomorrow morning. 40 for hayward and 42 in oakland, mid-30s from san rosa, mid-30s in livermore. closer to the bay temperatures in the 40s, 36 redwood city, 45 in pacifica. we're going to bump these up for a few degrees. mid-60s in oakland. low 60s if you have the day off. 63 for hayward. how about the south bay, 65 san jose, 66 for gilroy as well as morgan hill. the extended forecast here the bay area weekend always in view showing out start of 2014 is
5:51 pm
going to be a dry one. through the weekend dry mild and warm weather in the forecast. >> i remember you rosemary, bill and mark and everyone, in the beginning of december, i didn't see rain for christmas and new year. here we are. efforts continue in japan to clean up that radio active fall out in fukushima. the clean up is running behind schedule. organized criminal groups have infiltrated the government backed reports. those groups are recruiting homeless men and paying them less than minimum wage. one man being paid $10 for a full month of work. it was a bay area vision to build a playground.
5:52 pm
that vision will come to life at the tournament of rose parade. we'll show you what mateo's dream will look like. back with more on what we're working on today. 2-year-old girl fighting brain cancer. how her story is bringing strangers together to help other sick children. another black eye for the bulls eye. why target gift cards may not work at the register. these stories coming up less than 10 minutes.
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. >> firefighters in southern california calling this fire the bacon alley this morning suspicious. the five alarm fire erupted shorting after 11:30 a.m. in san bernardino. crews were forced fight the flames outside. it took more than 100 firefighters an hour. police in southern california are investigating the death of four family members as a triple murder and suicide. it happened last night in the city of fontana. that's in san bernardino county. investigators say a 16-year-old boy called and told them he found four family members dead. the victims are a 12-year-old girl, a 10-year-old boy and man
5:56 pm
and woman. >> there is some amount of blood in different areas of the house. there was a couple weapons seen by the detectives. >> neighbors say they heard arguing come from the home earlier in the evening. keeping your cholesterol in check may be beneficial for more than heart health. new study show it maybe good for your brain. high levels of good, hdl cholesterol means there is less risk of developing alzheimer's disease. researchers say the study is the first to look at the relationship between specific cholesterol levels and brain plaques. dreams come true and that is the theme for the rose parade. pam cook show us how mateo's
5:57 pm
dream will come true. >> reporter: mateo, his family and about 3000 volunteers created mateo's playground ground in concord. for mateo who was blind and in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy. it was for children who cannot walk, see or hear can play alongside children who can. it was built and funded mostly by volunteers. >> we wouldn't have mateo's dream -- >> reporter: sadly mateo has passed away. his mom said this is a wonderful way for his dream continue for other children. she will be riding on the float. >> i can't tell you how honored i am to represent the playground and my son mateo in
5:58 pm
that parade. it is beyond words. >> reporter: we got a peek of what the float would look like. it's a colorful rendition of the playground mateo inspired. other children with disabilities will be on the float. >> one of our biggest dreams is now becoming a reality. people are going to learn about playgrounds for children with disabilities and the importance of play with other children and to have that message spread and have mateo's vision around the world is just -- the dream lives on. that's exactly it. >> reporter: the lions club helped raise $500,000 and the city of concord donated the land and another $200, 000 to make mateo's dream a reality. the playground was finished in 2007. ma take toe did -- pam cook
5:59 pm
ktvu channel 2 news. barricades are going up. fireworks are ready to blow. the new year's eve party is set to begin. the one thing that means bigger crowds this year in san francisco. there's been a late legal move in the case of jahi mcmath. more trouble for target. this time it's a problem with gift cards. . >> usually on this night, new year's eve it's all about fireworks but tonight we're also talking about fires. some firefighters are spending their new year's eve on the fire line in the south bay. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm julie haener. with begin with the new year's eve celebration in san francisco. police say they expect a bigger crowd this year because of the weather. ktvu david stevenson is there now with other options to ring
6:00 pm
in the new year. >> reporter: you can see some of the barricades that were just dragged out here within the last 25 minutes. more than 200,000 people are expected out here along the streets and sidewalks. businesses away are telling us they expect a big business boost as well. here's why. take a look at the restaurant at fisherman's war of it's getting a lot of last minute calls from folks who want to see the fireworks on the third floor. it's the same story at the marines memorial hotel. crews today prepped a ballroom balloon drop set for after the dinner and dancing. $50 a seat, this fisherman is renting out his boat on new year's eve. >> i don't like huge crowds. i don't know, i can see it from our house. we go up on the roof and that's what everybody does. >> reporter: one a number of


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