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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 1, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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lakes and the east. patchy fog at best. more favoring the coast today. it will be a little warmer. highs today 60s. 68 in morgan hill. 70 down toward santa cruz. back to pam. >> all right. thank you, steve. we have breaking news to tell you about that is effecting traffic. the chp investigating a deadly new years day crash in oakland. it happened just a few hours ago on 580 near park boulevard. tara moriarty is joining us from the crash scene with information from investigators. tara. >> reporter: the driver of the car that overturned had not been drinking. that is what the chp tells us. it happened on the onramp that is blocked off by the chp. that is because a tow truck is now removing the car. the coroner has removed the body. the chp says the accident unfolded at 2:30 this morning. the driver of the white suv veered off 580 westbound and ended up in the park boulevard
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onramp. the car flipped. the female passenger was killed and the male driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. there are skid marks that go across the dirt barrier that separates the freeway. when we pulled up this morning, an elderly driver sideswiped a chp patrol car. chp told us he had not been drinking either but was just confused and will not be allowed to drive away from the scene. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police have arrested the driver in a deadly new years eve accident that killed a seven-year-old girl. a mother and two children were crossing polk street when the driver of the car turned right and hit them. the mother and four-year-old boy are injured but expected to recover. the seven-year-old girl died
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from her injuries. the driver did stop and is cooperating with police. >> the driver did remain on the scene and had been speaking with police investigators. during the course of the investigation probable cause was developed to arrest the driver on vehicular manslaughter charges. >> police say at this point it does not appear that drugs or alcohol played a role in that accident. in fremont a car slammed into a group of people killing one woman and leaving a baby in critical condition. police say a 19-year-old woman and a 17-year-old girl were walking across the parkway just before 10:00 last night. the 19-year-old was carrying a three-month-old baby investigators say a truck hit them. half an hour ago we learned the 19-year-old died from her injuries. the baby boy remains in the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> we are still investigating the collision. we have not determined if any
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laws were broken or impairment. >> police are still investigating to see who if anyone is at all the. the 17-year-old woman was also hurt but her injuries are not life threatening. the 64-year-old driver did remain at the scene. the road was blocked for about five hours over night though as investigators looked into that crash. also this morning the chp will release the number of arrests it made during the new years eve drunk driving crack down. >> put your feet together. arms downside. this driver was among several pulled over while we were on a ride along with chp. the man took a field sobriety test, was not arrested. last year officers arrested 208 people for drunk driving in the bay area. again we will get numbers this morning. gunfire marred new years eve night in oakland. at about 9:30 a young person
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was shot near 104th avenue and walnut creek. that victim was hit in the chest and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police have not yet released the person's identity or age. there are no suspects at this time. there were two other shootings last night in oakland. the first happened just before 9:00 at 54th street and martin luther king junior way. a man was shot in the leg but he is expected to be okay. but about 9:10 a woman was also shot in the chest. that was on 22nd avenue. she was taken to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead. no, ma'am arrests have been made in any of these cases so- - no arrests have been made in these cases so far. protestors plan a vigil to mark the first anniversary of shooting of -- today's vigil is set to begin at noon at the
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fruitvale station. members of oscar grant's family are expected to be there and the director of fruitvale station the movie based on oscar grant's life and death. and there was a large police presence around oakland city hall last night. police were called in after a occupy protest. but the demonstration never took place. 4:35 is the time. the floats are ready to roll for this years tournament of roses parade. the 125th annual parade begins at 8:00 in pasadena. look at some of the beautiful floats down there. some people have been camping out for days to stake their spot along the parade route. floats are decorated with only natural materials such as flowers, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. live coverage begins at 7:00 a.m.. we will replay the parade until
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7:00 tonight. same sex couple is making history by getting married in the middle of the rose parade. danny and aubrey will be the grooms on the top of the giant cake. when he popped the question they decided to make it a day to remember and came up with the parade idea. the pair will be joined on the float by a lesbian couple who had been together for 42 years and legally married five years ago. the number five cardinals face number four michigan state. this is michigan's first trip to the rose bowl since 1988. stanford is considered a slight favorite. the san francisco 49ers take on the green bay packers on their first playoff matchup. you can watch that game right here on ktvu channel 2. coverage begins at 1:00 p.m..
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kickoff is set for 1:40. we will take a look back at the 49ers regular season and preview sunday's matchup with the packers. and you can watch that show friday night right after the cotton bowl and again on saturday morning. 4:36. people around the world welcomed the new year with fire works. more than a million people rang in the new year on times square last night. sonya sotomayor helped lead the countdown. thousands packed san francisco's waterfront to ring in the new year as well. this is a picture of what it looked like down there. the annual fire works show it will up the sky at the embarcadero. no fog so we could see it clearly. an estimated 200,000 people showed up to see that. and in dubai the fire works
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show was so big it set a new world record. 400,000 fire works it will up the sky in just six minutes near the world's tallest building. it was the largest display ever. now on our website you can find a special feature bidding farewell to 2013. its the year in review with popular topics, videos, and slide shows. the new year is bringing in a hike of natural gas and electricity cost. pg&e says average residential natural gas bills will increase about 7%. that means an increase of more than $3 a month. as for electric rates the company says those rates will continue a little more than a half of a percent. that will add just about 23 cents more to an average customers bill. your pg&e bill may be going up but it could cost you less for gas in 2014. aaa says drivers can expect to
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spend five cents less per gallant. that is because the united states is producing more of its crude oil. nation-wide output is up 19% in the last year. the new year is also bringing changes to how much people pay for bart and muni. on average bart passengers will pay an extra 19 cents per ride. fares will be going up again in 2016, 2018, and 2020. muni prices will also increase to $15 for a one day pass. $23 for two days, and $29 for seven days. the rocky mountain state is making history on this new years day. colorado is the first state in the nation to allow the sale of marijuana for recreational use. retail pot sales officially begin this morning. starting today anyone over the age of 21 can buy an ounce of
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miles per hour at a license the-- an ounce of marijuana at a licensed store. >> everyone has been working hard to make sure everything is done in a precise manner that accommodates everybodies needs. >> there are now posters and fliers posted across the state spelling out the new rules in colorado. you can't smoke pot in public. you can't drive while under the influence of marijuana, you can't give the marijuana to anyone under the age of 21, and you cannot take the pot out of state. new york city waking up this morning to a new mayor. democrat bill took the oath of office just after midnight right in front of his brooklyn home. he is the city's 109th mayor. at 9:00 this morning pacific time he will take part in a much larger outdoor ceremony that will be presided by former
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president bill clinton. you can barely see out going mayor michael bloomberg as he was surrounded by family and friends. one of his last acts was hosting an interface breakfast at new york city public library. its now 4:40. today is the day new health care reforms under the affordable care act kick in. so far more than two million people have signed up for insurance through the state and health care exchanges. in california 400,000 people have signed up through covered california. under the law all americans must have health care coverage by march 31st or face a fine. and no one can be denied coverage for precysting conditions and mandates equal rates for women and men. its 4:41. 2014 brings a historic day for
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the boy scouts. the big change taking effect today and their policies toward gays. new developments in the case of jahi mcmath. the facility that is willing to help the 13-year-old girl declared brain dead by doctors. well its a new year so we have a new forecast. we'll see about any fog coming back. there is some near the coast. but any rain? that is the big question.
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welcome back to the morning news. happy new year. time now 4:45. former first lady barbara bush remains in the hospital this morning. the 88-year-old is being treated for early signs of pneumonia. she was admitted to the methodist hospital. the hospital says she is in good spirits and has been visited by her husband and other family members. peel in a small north dakota -- people from a small
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north dakota town investigators say a train carrying grain derailed. knocked several cars from a separate train that was hauling crude oil off its tracks. monday's accident sent a giant fire ball and plumes of smoke a mile high. the 2400 people in the town of castleton were asked to voluntarily evacuate. the ntsb is investigating the crash by examing the train's data recorder. >> you can't show up at a town hall meeting when you don't have a car. you can't send in a fema application when you don't have a computer and internet access. >> survivors of tornadoes thatter to through illinois in november disrupted a news conference yesterday to announce disaster relief. they are blaming local and state leaders for communication break downs and a slow response in assistance. about two dozen tornadoes touched down in one central illinois community. a medical facility until new york says it is willing to
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accept 13-year-old jahi mcmath if her family can get her there. jahi's family wants breathing and feeding tubes surgically implanted to allow her to be france planted. but oakland children's hospital says its ethically wrong to perform surgery on a body. >> they are setting up roadblocks at every road we try to go down to save jahi. because imagine this, if jahi does come back as we hope, imagine what children's is going to have to face. >> the court and three physicians have ruled this young lady dead. she is not coming back under any circumstances and that is the sad, sad truth. >> a judge ordered children's hospital to maintain jahi's body on a vent lay -- body on a ventilator at least until a court hearing next week. the family of late terry are working with the mcmath
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family. now after are long legal battle, her feeding tube was removed in 2005 and she died. the facility in new york where jahi may be transferred is called new beginnings. there has been an outpouring of support for a little girl from livermore who is fighting brain cancer and now her family is giving back. yesterday the parents of two- year-old delaney newton held a blood drive at the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. her family says the blood drive is their way of helping other children and families going through the same thing. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife made the largest donation in the u.s. in 2013. in december the couple gave $1 million shares -- 18 million
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shares of facebook stock. facebook stock is worth far more this year. they are the first under 30 years to top that list. under 30 years old that is. a michigan university is releasing its 39th annual list of words that could be banished. this year the words that people hope will leave include selfie. twerking. which i agree with that. time is 4:49. sal is off today but we are keeping an eye on the roads. so if anything major happens,
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steve, we will let everyone know. >> i know right. can we get rid of that one? we have a little bit of fog near the coast. that about it. i will tell you the driest years ever there is a long, long list. calistoga all the way down to gilroy. for december san francisco had .39. that is the sixth driest ever. its also usually our wettest month. far cry from that. the max temp was right where it should be. 57 degrees. but the minimum temp 43.9 was 2.2 below. 29 santa rosa. that is cold. 36 half-moon bay. 32 napa. fairfield is in there. 29 up in ukiah. 33 sacramento. so a little chill in the morning air. 21 up in tahoe. a lot of moisture streams into the deep south and gulf.
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you can see a series of fast moving systems and a line of snow is twinning to form here. you can see stretching from chicago all the way back to omaha. and back to denver. so somebody is getting active weather. just not us. very dry here. all the way in parts of southern oregon as well. for us it will be a sunny day. a little bit of fog near the coast. but it will be slightly warmer today. some haze fog could form inland. so highs today 60s to near 70 proposal we will go 70 for you good folks down there in santa cruz. morgan hill 68. don ford 64. san mateo 63. i will tell you it looks really quiet. pam i have seen out to the 17th of january. no rain. >> oh no. not good news. thank you. breaking down violence
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crimes specific in the bay area. a look at some of the cities showing marked improvement and the one place where the homicide rate went up dramatically. the mystery in monterey county is now gone. the reason a former decided that his out of the world attraction had to go.
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welcome back to this morning news. its 4:53. san francisco police have identified the man they say led officers on a chase through the stay. 29-year-old jacques samuel started it just before 9:00. the chase went on to interstate 280, 19th avenue and into golden gate park. it ended when the parolee crashed into a concrete barrier. one officer was hit by samuel's car. he was treated and released. another officer opened fire hitting the suspects car. a brentwoodman has been charged with lying to police about the death of two dogs. prosecutors accused jonathan christ of protecting his father who shot and killed his neighbors dog. christ first told animal control he had killed the dogs. he now faces a demeanor obstruction count. his father will not be charged
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because it is legal to kill dogs in california while protecting poultry. despite last nights shootings we reported earlier in oakland along with richmond showed significant drops in deadly violence in 2013. there were 89 crosses on display signifying all those killed in oakland last year up until yesterday afternoon. 125 people were killed in 2012 so that is nearly a 30% drop. >> i got more loved ones that are up here. people that i know and grew up with. i know they are family and its hard. >> the city of richmond has experienced a large drop in violent crime as well. there were 43 homicides in 2009. 18 in 2012. 16 last year. police credit more resources including several dozen detectives who are working in specialized units from homicide
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to narcotics. more details now. vallejo was one bay area city where the homicide rate went up. there were 25 homicides in that city compared to 16 the previous year. san jose saw a slight improvement in 2013. there were 43 homicides compared to 46 in 2012. some unemployed californians are waiting on backlogged checks. the backlog started at the employment development department back in september when a computer system um grade over labor day weekend caused delays in benefit payments. apparently the problems are not over. one employed man tells us they are waying for -- they are waiting for money owed to him. the edd says it has solved the vast majority of the problem but says some issues do remain effecting less than 1% of the
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people. a mysterious crop circle in monterey county has been mowed down. all the attention had become a nuance so he decided to get rid of it. hundreds flocked to see that elaborate design. it sparked a lot of talk about aliens after they posted a youtube video of what looked like green flashes of light. coming up next in our 5:00 hour. unfortunately a new years eve tragedy. a baby and two young women hit by a truck in fremont. we have a reporter on the scene. we'll tell you about the new information we just received about one of the victims. and a first of its kind law involving transgender students take effect today. we will see if we can come up with a new forecast besides one that says dry.
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we're live in oakland where a deadly car crash shut down a freeway onramp for two hours. we'll tell you who the chp says is responsible. a 19-year-old woman is dead. a baby fighting for his life.
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we'll tell you what we have learned this morning about the accident at this intersection here at fremont. it was a spectacular fire works show over the san francisco bay. as tens of thousands of people welcomed 2014. and the new laws taking effect in the new year. including some that deal with teen drivers and the boy scouts. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. we want to take you out live to interstate 580 in oakland where officers just cleared a deadly crash. that is the good news. at least it has been clear out there. it has been a very busy new years eve though and new years morning for the highway patrol. i definitely saw a lot more cars out there on my way in. tara moriarty will have an update for us in just a few minutes. its wednesday, january 1st new years day 2014 i'm


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