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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 6, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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. are more than three weeks after she was declared brain dead, jahi mcmath has left and where she may be headed next. and slamming into a car in oakland, the damage that forced people to evacuate and the repairs are underway right now. plus, the dangerous polar blast in the midwest is prompting many governments to take extreme measures, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are following breaking news in san francisco, i want to take you out to the scene, this is a live look at market, police are investigating a deadly stabbing that happened more than two hours ago, and she will have an update in just a few minutes. it is monday, january 6th, i am
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pam cook. >> welcome back, you look familiar. >> i know, i have not seen you in ages. >> thank you very much, pam and dave. a little bit of a pattern after the record-setting temperatures and we are still getting high pressure giving us dry weather and 30s and 40s to almost 50 degrees and these are some of the current temperatures right now. in bay it probably feels cooler, so if you are traveling 389 below, if you are traveling anywhere in the u.s. temperatures will not be as warm but it seems to be more localized and it is starting to pick up. upper 60s, a few near 70s, here is sal. traffic is moving along
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okay if you are driving around the bay areas you look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is not all that bad and it looks good getting into san francisco. no major problems by the way if you are driving on highway 24, if you are taking the exit watch for police activity of in that area and as the chase ended up, you will see police officers looking for somebody. and also we are looking at the commute in san jose, traffic looks good northbound, let's go back to the desk. we are following breaking news from san francisco, a man was stabbed and killed just about two hours ago. ktvu channel 2 morning news' tara moriarty is at the scene and what are police telling you. they are remaining tight- lipped about what happened here and we do know there is a body right here on the corner of octavia and market streets. it all happened on the 17th
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hundred block of hidden street. we are not sure how many times he was stabbed but we do know it was a man. the motive for the homicide is under investigation and the victim's identity is being is being held once the -- once the family is notified. we noticed the detectives coming in and the coroner, two people with the coroner's office went over with him and they are talking about something and then earlier this morning we saw two men climb down the fire escape and we are not sure if they were being questioned by police or leaving the building because again, nobody is allowed to use the building because it is a live body. we will learn more about the oakland girl. jahi mcmath has been quietly released from oakland and alex savage tells us why she has
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been moved to an undisclosed location. >> reporter: we do know the family's long-term plan is to move her to a long-term care facility and in all likelihood, it is new york who was willing to accept the girl who was declared brain dead more than three weeks ago. we will show you that scene. here is video provided to us by her family and she was taken in a private ambulance and left in a caravan and remains and it is unclear where that ambulance was headed last night. we do know it was the know it was the last month where she had complications following surgery and was declared legally brain dead by doctors here at children's hospital and by a court appointed doctor as well. the hospital released her to the coroner's office and the
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coroner gave the girl to her family but before she can be taken to another hospital she needs feed being tubes inserted and it is clear this traps fern will be complex. >> jahi mcmath is fragile so while we are happy she is out, she is not out of the woods in terms of her own health because right now she is in transit and we ask people still keep her in your thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: they asked them not to tell anybody where she is headed to because they are concerned for her safety but in medford new york, they have indicated they had discussions with the family to move there and this is what the family is hoping will be a new recovery. new beginnings helps people get through this.
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>> she can come through this and she deserves and needs the chance that all of us here at new beginnings have had. >> in a statement about last night's transfer to children's hospital, oakland said, our hearts go out to the family as they grieve for this sad situation and we wish them closure and peace. it is unclear when jahi mcmath will be moved to that long-term care facility and in all likelihood it is in new york but attorneys said she will be set for that that transport and we do expect to get an update, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. this heartbreaking case began when jahi mcmath went in for surgery and suffered serious complications that led to a heart attack.
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on december 12th she was declared brain dead and then they issued a restraining order to keep them from taking her off the ventilator and then the order was extended until tomorrow to give the family time to move her. last night jahi mcmath was quietly released from the hospital and released to her mother. and pg&e crews will be working to repair broken gasoline after a car drove through a fence into the side of a duplex. that happen had on the intersection in oakland. it severed multiple gasoline lines and once it was kept people were allowed to return to their homes. the driver of the car fled the scene after the crash. time now 5:07 happening now, freezing weather moving across most of the nation, temperatures are the coldest in almost 20 years.
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by wednesday almost 140 million people are expected to be she havering or each dashi verying or even -- very cold and even colder. >> in some cities, temperatures may drop to 50 below zero and the town of embarrass minnesota could set a new record. it is 64 below zero. cities like chicago, st. louis and milwaukee, city oh officials top want to upgrade and it makes it illegal for anybody to drive except for an emergency or to get shelter. they hope businesses stay
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closed today or wait until the later noontime to open. this is the first time these restrictions have been imposed since 1978. and in george why people are -- georgia people are stocking up to get ready for the cold and there is a rush form by space heaters incase of an emergency they put in santals and flares. this morning they are already reporting canceled flights. yesterday 3,000 flights were caps selled nationwide, janine de la vega will be live for an update on the conditions today. time 5:09 well those 49ers now getting ready for the next round after an incredible last second victory over the green
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bay packers. [applauds] it is good! san francisco moves on! >> see he almost blocked it, time is over, 49ers won 23-20 in an ice-cold nfc in green bay, he threw for the yard in a very exciting playoff game. >> we can all agree it is a clutch performance f. >> at kick often the temperatures were choir -- five degrees and and some die hard
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fans adored green bay to watch the game against the packers. we saw a lot of fans in the stands bundled up in red and gold -- several layers of red and gold. here is more on winning green bay. it was awesome. fans who didn't make the trip to the frozen tundra cheered on their teams in the comfort of their own homes but fans were cop victimsed and the final score pre-didn'ted those locations. -- predicted those locations. >> many across the bay area are expected to be packed when the 9ers face the carolina panthers. now on saturday, they defeated the philadelphia eagles and that last second victory raises
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more for candle stick park and panthers have to beat them on sunday and they have to beat the seahawks. sunday kickoffs are at 10:00 a.m. >> i told sal, i heard him scream willing. we are going to shift gears, a three-year-old dies at a dentist's office, what the dentist did not do which could have saved her life. and a huge crop circle, how the stunt was carried out and the company behind it. traffic is moving well if you are driving on the san mateo bridge it looks good headed out to the high-rise. record highs and almost a lot of it, did we find anything
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core north korea is not that bad of a place overwhelm response programs. >> i am not an ambassador or commissioner... >> now the u.s. players will compete against the team as part of the celebration for kim jong il's birthday. dick cheney is ending her bed for the senate seat and in a statement, serious health issues in her family caused her to enter the primary challenge against mike envy and she did not provide anymore details but it led to a dispute with heresies who is a lesbian over the issue of same sex marriage. they got to work with some unfinished business. democrats want to extend
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the emergency unemployment benefits which expired december 28th. republicans want to look at other options including some new job training initiatives but it will take a test vote on the measure which would provide those benefits. california lawmakers are back this week with california slowly coming out of the recession with tax revenues coming up. lawmakers have something different to fight about this year. >> the legislature will be fighting overspending deciding what to cut. >> two hot button issues are expected to be the funding of the high speed rail program and also there is an issue whether to pulled more because of over crowding. the mystery of a crop circle in monterey has been
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solved. now they admit it was a publicity stunt. inside the circle is the number 192 written in braille and that's because of the chip for smart phones includes graphic locations and makes it more powerful than any gaming console. sal t- look like your vacation from a busy commute may be over and people are back to work. >> yes, people will be back to work and we are looking at the commute and so far it looks pretty good but it is early so if you want to get on the early side side it toes look like there are no major problems coming into the city, also the traffic is moving along very nicely. highway 24, the freeway looks good but there could be some police activity of and there
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was a result of a chase and it looks like authorities are looking for people on the roadside of freeway but 24 looks good from walnut creek to oakland but if you take the exit, you might actually see that. let's go to steve. >> sal? >> yes, sir. >> lovette texas has 7 degrees and it is colder in texas than it is in alaska. >> 10 below. record highs, how about that. >> some day the pattern will change. oakland airport was 68 and those are records which will not be as warm today. breaking over the ridge of high pressure, it will be a cooler week 30s, 40s to almost 50 degrees, windchills are about 30 to 50 below, chicago, 15
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below and right now the windchill is 30 below and i will show you the arctic front and you can see some of these anywhere from 20 to 40 and sometimes 50 below. it is raining in new york and the arctic front is moving into ohio right there, that is your arctic front. 17 in tahoe, 33 in ukiah 38 in eureka, 48 in monterey, it will be another hazy day, not as cold as yesterday, some higher clouds and team to yours upper 60s and 07s. for january it feels like spring but breezy for some and it is local iced. a few near 07 in -- 07 in santa cruz and -- 70 in santa cruz
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and it will cool off and again we have systems coming in allowing more of a midwestly breeze and after that, it's really quiet. >> thank you, steve. asianian markets after growth in the sector fell sharply and raising concerns about the world's second largest economy. they fell nearly 20% and nikkei fell almost 2. 5%. future indicate a higher opening for the nasdaq and s&p 500, some big news launching a hospital bid. they are trading right now about 54.5. a new study shows they may not be able to take all of those clicks. they are using something from
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offshore click farm. they are set to generate more clicks and facebook and you tube are pulling videos that have fake clips. a plane crash lands and bursts into flames at a pop march steam declaration and here is more on what what is wrong.
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ee. >> welcome back. the aspen colorado is still closed after a deadly plane crash. one person was killed when the small plane tried to land yesterday afternoon. according to the recording, the pilot reported high winds as the plane approached the airport. witnesses said the plane flipped over and burst into flames. >> they were able to put the flames out, quickly enough so the flames didn't make it inside the cabin. >> two other people inside are being treated for injuries and they are investigating the accident. our winter is another sign of global warming. forecasters say bay area temperatures are likely to stay warm and dry for the middle of
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the month and that follows the dryest year here on record and they say this is not the first time we have had this winter pattern, the first time was in 1977 which provided one of the most severe routes in history. >> the global warming shows patterns occurring more likely however it's not proof of global warming. >> the professor points out, the forecaster said there was a possibility of a powerful storm hitting hawaii and it could happen but we should not count on it. and keeping invasive species out of lake tahoe, it appears to be continuing and they are keeping out 36 who had muscles and snails.
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some are being contaminated with hot water and officials say there have been improvements ever since. >> and a suspicious device taped to the wall of a plane's bathroom, we will tell you the details we are finding out about and what that device turned out to be. live in san francisco, at the scene of a deadly stabbing, we will tell you why there is such a large police presence here. good morning, we are looking at a commute which is waking up and also in parts of antioch are beginning to slow. we are talking about record highs and we had some of those and we'll see if that continues today.
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. welcome back, these are pictures of market and octavia streets in san francisco and you can see the police lines and they are investigating a deadly stabbing which happened inside of lobby of an apartment building. tara moriarty is there and she will have an update for us in just a couple of minutes. it is january 6th right now it is 5:30 i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, right now no rain in sight?
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>> no. above average temperatures and yessed we had more record highs a good 10 to 15 degrees and it looks like a slight offshore just because of the high clouds and still 30s and 40s but it is downright warm compared to the rest of the country and it is just unbelievably cold around the rest of the country and these higher clouds are and coming through today partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, hazy skies, a little breezy for some, hit and miss still a few upper 60s to around 70s, here is sal. good morning, right now we are looking at a commute that looks really good around the bay area and as we start off, traffic looks good and there is police activity which made a circle here and it is not
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affecting the traffic at all and freeway traffic does look good but if you are trying to get off that off ramp, you will see some slow traffic but between orinda and oakland it has been a very nice drive. let's move to san mateo bridge and they are off to a good start as you drive through. now let's go back to the desk. we continue to cover that breaking news out of san francisco, a deadly stabbing at the corner of market and octavia. tara moriarty is on the scene getting more information out there from investigators, tara? >> reporter: well, there is a very large police presence and i counted 11 patrol cars just in front of this apartment building and we now know the coroner is out there and they are in the lobby of this building and we saw some investigators on the stairwell trying to piece together what happened. this all unfolded shortly
5:33 am
before 3:30 a.m. this morning and we are on the corner of market and octavia street. they found a man stabbed to death who was pronounced dead when they arrived and the motive remains under investigation. the victim's identity is being held. and they climbed town and nobody is being allowed to move the body. the office he have told me this is a very large building and police want to make sure if the suspect is inside he does not have a chance to escape. it appears officers and homicide detectives are going door to door and we noticed an officer is stationed in the apartment connected to this fire escape and it is not clear if that is where the two people are being questioned but we
5:34 am
will keep you posted as we go through this morning. a 13-year-old girl is making international news after being declared brain dead a month ago. last night jahi mcmath was quietly released from children's hospital in oakland. you are looking at a caravan leaving that hospital. she is now in an undisclosed location. the lawyer for the family held a news conference and christopher dolan said why the family is not saying where jahi mcmath is being moved. >> people who are crazy said she ought to die and because the people who are helping her don't want criticism or praise. that is why they are keeping it a secret. >> one place in new york is ready to accept jahi mcmath.
5:35 am
>> and we are expect being more on the news conference later on today. >> children's hospital in oakland said in a statement quote, our hearts go out to the family as they grieve for this sad situation and we wish them closure and peace. the family of a three-year- old girl in hawaii is filing a lawsuit after the little girl died. her daughter was given an overdose of stives during four root cap unless and the girl went into cardiac arrest. according to the dentist he did not monitor the child appropriately. she suffered brain damage and went into a coma and she died over the weekend. an arctic blast is moving into ohio and wisconsin is bringing in the coldest weather the area has seen since 1996.
5:36 am
freezing temperatures are causing problems for travelers and 3,000 flights had to be caps selled yesterday -- canceled yesterday. we are also dealing with cancellations and delays and that's expected to continue today. janine de la vega is at san jose airport where passengers just started arriving, janine? >> reporter: it is not too bad as far as delays and cancellations and for the day out, in san francisco, according to, 16 flights have been canceled already. >> reporter: 21 are canceled and there are also numerous delays. nationally there is 2600 flights canceled and the problems started when the storm
5:37 am
hit last thursday and friday and then over the weekend, snow in the midwest worse ended the condition -- worsened the condition. we spoke to one passenger here in san jose who is heading to new york about her flight this morning. >> i was constantly checking over the weekend to see if any changes would happen to my flight just because i heard about it. i town loaded the happen and am hoping that is all good. >> reporter: passengers are reporting they are having a difficult time getting ahold of the airlines because it is so busy. airlines are recommending to see flight status before coming to the airport so again to recab, it is -- recap, just two flights canceled in oakland and
5:38 am
so far nothing has been canceled and in san francisco, this is where we are seeing the bulk of the problems and of course back east, jfk, la guardia, ktvu channel 2 morning news and it left fso bound for new york and they are inside of a secure waiting area and that's where american airlines flight was diverted to after somebody found what looked like a flash drive taped to the one of one of the bathrooms. we now hear it is actually a small camera disguised to look like a flash drive and the case is still being investigated. police in petaluma are searching for the person who stabbed a man in denny's parking lot and it happened at
5:39 am
denny's petaluma north. he was stabbed after a man came to a parked car and starting yelling at him. he drove himself to the hospital and is expected to be okay. an 84-year-old activist was fatally hit pie a car in chinatown. he is renewing the safety concerns about the streets of china up to. they have the highest rate of pedestrian injuries in san francisco. also a woman is recovering after she lost control of her car and ended up in the water. it happened on interstate 880 near high street in oakland and she lost control, went threw a ball rail, flashed and the driver escaped not got out. they are still looking for the cause of a fire and an
5:40 am
abandoned warehouse -- in an abandoned warehouse. this is expected to help if that investigation and the fire started near embarcadero and oak street. they spoke to a man who captured the flames just moments after the fire started. >> i heard somebody talking and when i looked over homeless people have been sleeping inside of the abandoned warehouse. >> we are still talking about the 49ers this morning and they want a thriller in green bay, what all of this means for the 49ers chance for playing one more game at candle stick park. his credit card was stolen after he went shopping at best by and -- best buy and he was
5:41 am
surprised after what the manager told him. and there is some police activity on the road, we will tell you about that coming up. and there is a deep freeze all the way to the south and can we find any cooler pattern near us or rain? stay tuned and we will have more on news weather and traffic.
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. 5:43 police are releasing information, two men wearing a surgical mask busted in sunday night. the janitor saw the two men and called police. they searched the property but did not find the suspects and they did not say what, if
5:44 am
anything was taken. he feels betrayed by his favorite store after his credit card information was stolen. his credit card was declined and a total of 1,500 had shown up on his credit card and he was not the only victim. >> he told me there were several other cases and pending the same associate. >> the manager told him a store employee stole personal information and they only released a statement saying quote, we are working with local law enforcement and we cannot comment further given that there is an ongoing investigation. senate is said to pick the federal reserve. janet was the president of the
5:45 am
san francisco federal reserve bank from 2004 to 2010. she would replace ben bernanke at the end of the month. nancy pelosi is due to speak at san francisco column as that school fights to stay open. will allow the school to keep its accreditation until a trial can be held. this is due to financial mismanagement and they could force a school to close which would affect about 80,000 students. >> sanford medical school will be allowed to work on some tough to beat cancers. cancer stem cells are not killed off by most therapies and the new grant is coming
5:46 am
from the ludwig fund to stem from the cancer research programs. the california lottery is booming according to the l.a. times. the jack pots are blooming and bash booming and it is being pumped into local schools. the lottery wrote a check for $1.3 billion for california public education but that number has grown. right now the warriors are the hottest team in the nba. oh, my off the glass. .. >> warriors continue against the wizards, stefan curry put on a show and they went on to win, they had 5 consecutive
5:47 am
programs. >> he has been on fire for the last few games. >> you know what i think, dave, he actually made a layup because mostly he is shooting 3s. he is the real thing, i am telling you. >> enough about that, i will get all excited and start breathing hard and you don't want that. i saw on the internet, remember what you read on the internet has to be true .$♪this could be an impressive day, we are here to help you, highway 24 still looks good and there is some police activity, and it is not affecting traffic. we have brian flores checking out what is going on there and we will have a report coming up. still remember for the last 3 or 4 weeks we have a backup at the toll plaza and there will definitely be a change. if you are driving on the
5:48 am
peninsular, traffic on 208 northbound -- 280 northbound, no major problems, a little bit of slow traffic on highway 92, 5:47 let's go to steve. yes. okay. record highs yesterday, what? yes, record highs yesterday and that's springtime. fso was 66 and you get the idea, closer to the bay, closer to the water, we are at all record highs that will take the edge off and it looks like we will be turning more westerly above average temperatures will come down and we are getting near seasonal average. it is still a mild pattern and 30s and 40s for some, to near 50s for others.
5:49 am
34 in novato, finding another breeze and it is bone-chilling. 27 below up at international falls and winds are about 50 below. the arctic front is out ahead of that but with the arctic front you get a good look ahead of that and just going through cincinnati, there will be about three. back here in uke coo, they are warm and it is warmer in fairbanks, for us high clouds, hazy to mild skies, temperatures and a lot more high cloud even with a breeze.
5:50 am
a lot more 60s on the coast or on the peninsular including palo alto. it will be a little cooler here for the rest of the week upper 60s partly cloudy, mostly sunny and it goes dry for a while. the international consumer show kicks off on thursday. wearable technology is a huge sector and that includes everything from smart watches to ahead ban which -- a headband. 3d printing hd televisions are expected to draw a lot of attention. general motors are teaming up and they are bringing 4g technology, most of it chevrolets, most can web surf throughout on data limits on their phone plans, model year
5:51 am
impala animal beau, -- and malibu, no pricing plans have been announced yet. hello, this this is adorable. they reclaimed the top spot, frozen was released before thanksgiving and they have pulled in nearly 3,000 since then. it is a most popular weekend movie, the hobbit and the wolf of wall street and american hustle round out the top 5. all right, pam. sex trafficking and the super bowl, law enforcement will happen during the big game and how they are training people to prevent it. plus the bay area animal fight as they took plans to the bay area zoo.
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5:54 am
. a deadly high-rise fire broke out yesterday morning in new york city. one person was killed several others were hurt in that apartment building fire and this is in midtown manhattan. one person talked about it as dozens ran to get away from the flames. dozens of firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation
5:55 am
from battling the flames and they will be there all day trying to figure out the cause. >> [inaudible] it got worse as we went down, i was really scared. i don't know if i could make it. >> several firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation. >> a u.s. ice breaker is now headed to help with the two boats currently stuck in the ice there. now the coast guards and ships left sidney australia and they are expected to leave there for two days and it's also about icy conditions. from china they were able to have more than one truck. they are getting a lot of attention from some groups here in the bay area. >> i don't want to pay to see
5:56 am
animals in cages. >> people protested outside of the zoo and they are working towards a new program. this they have taken years to obtain the proper permits and approvals but opponents say it will destroy an important wildlife corridor in new york. >> it makes no sense to payment over an existing wildlife habitat to teach people about conservation. they had their fair share and have been grandstanding in front of the public agencies. >> plans call for a 50-acre expansion and there are new animal exhibits. the 6 month old panda was unveiled to the public, she
5:57 am
showed no nerves at all, she was very active before taking a knap with her mom and they are expecting 19 people to visit that new exhibit every single day.. >> all right, jahi mcmath finally leaves children's hospital but where is she now. the secret decision to move the 13-year-old girl declared brain dead and what her family is saying about what is next. plus, it is too cold for school, where school doors will stay shut because of that icy winter weather. good morning, we are still looking at traffic on 880, find out what other spots are slowing down. it is warm for others, record highs yesterday say that trend continues and will it be
5:58 am
cooler or warmer? we will return after these messages.
5:59 am
. good morning, developing news we have been following for the past 90 minutes, what we learned about a deadly stabbing
6:00 am
in san francisco. and significant results for jahi mcmath, the girl declared brain dead has left oakland and where she is headed now. plus a search in contra costa, we will explain what is going on now. the snow and icy conditions in the midwest and back east are cause being problems for travelers by air nationwide, we will tell you why it is impacting the bay area. >> reporter: complete media, here is more. >> reporter: this is a life -- this is a live picture and overnight jahi mcmath has been moved from the hospital and where she is right now is being kept a secret. alex savage has mon


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