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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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rainfall totals and because of that rain we have some clearing and some colder temperatures. 30s novato and napa is in there and lots of low 30s and 40s before everything is said and done and it has been a while before we talked about fog from rain. it will favor the north bay, but 39 in monterey, ukiah 30s and this is a system for us in sierra nevada and it is passed that area. it is already cooler and temperatures will be in the 50s and these will be below average and i have not said that in months. here is tara. >> thanks, steve. we did have a high wind advisory on the venetia bridge but that was canceled and right now we will take a live look as you take the drive towards
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mcarthur maze. not too many cars just yet and that will be changing around 6:00 but so far so good. finally traffic is flowing nicely in both directions. let's head back to the desk. you are looking at an early morning house fire which started 2:00 a.m. at one of the two homes on 34th street. when firefighters arrived, the people inside already made it out safely and red cross had to be called in to shelter the displaced residence. they are trying to figure out what may have caused the fire. they are investigating the killing of a three-year-old girl found dead in her apartment over the weekend. the child's mother and her boyfriend are accused of the crime. alex savage is where a community is joined together by this tragedy.
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>> reporter: this girl's body showed signs of blunt force trauma and an autopsy will tell us more today. balloons and candles, a memorial for this little girl and many are saddened by this disturbing crime. here was the scene as friends and neighbors lit candles in honor of kale lee slusher. she was found dead in her bed inside one of the units after police responded to an anonymous tip. they began serving for her boyfriend who were seen leaving with luggage just hours earlier. on sunday, 26-year-old ryan warner and 23-year-old kroger were arrested and both are facing homicide and assault charges accused of the beating caylee to death.
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there were also scenes she was sexually assaulted. the girl's grandfather fought back tears at the vigil. >> you can't imagine what i am going through and the proudest home of my life is gone forever. >> they both have prior drug offenses and they visited here before, for domestic violence calls. they were here as recently as last week, but officers had no reason to believe during any of those visits that that little girl was in trouble. and again, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are looking in to an attempted kidnapping. it happened on jackson street. police say a man in a large
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black suv pulled over and tried to force a 15-year-old boy on crutches into the vehicle. the boy fought back and was able to avoid him without being hurt. he was a white lat teen know whale, has a beard and it approximately six feet tall, was last seen wearing a black baseball cap, and construction work boots. happening today, a san jose man is accused of killing a san jose state student. 18-year-old duke tong stabbed richard fan to death at a birth day party two weeks ago. he is expected it reach a plea and his twin is also being investigated with the murder. they are continuing to investigate this case. mean tile, a 14-year-old boy is due in court for a tee tension hearing -- detention hearing.
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he killed his sister over the type of bleach she used to do their laundry. he is currently being charged as a juvenile. oakland police are offering a $20,000 reward leading to an arrest in a shooting over the weekend. a 35-year-old family friend were shot and killed sunday night as they stood outside the boys and girls club. the grieving mother was held as she struggled with the loss of her son. >> my baby was a good boy, he didn't deserve this, my heart is hurting so bad. >> witnesses are urged to come forward as they continue to look for suspects. the biggest rainfall of the year by the end of the day they got about a half inch of rain
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and the east bay a quarter of an inch and it did little to help. >> another weak storm wetter storm by the weekend. yesterday's storm brought snow to the area and it was enough to shut down the road and that did not stop people to enjoy hiking the rest of the way to enjoy a little snow. light snow fell in mendocino, this morning it is it was much needed and this is what it looked leak and some big rig had to show up. they should it bible to because
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you can cape an eye online and post together the outbreak. they are nfl champions answer they never ran it over on fan reaction. they wake up as super bowl champions for the first time. seahawks are crying as the team's signature blue and green while fireworks lit up the night sky. eggs is celebrating the sports aim championship in
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years. >> we won our selves the super bowl, number one in the nfl. >> the hawk preparing himself, 43-8 recommend have i. >> we knee we would want them too upset to talk will. game and the loss is quote, not an easy pill 0 swallow. >> like i said if we can celebrations in seattle, will take place on wednesday.
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. that was brian reporting and after the final seconds went off the clock, thousands took to the streets to celebrate, we wanted to you a video as they used car seen to stoke the flames. celebrations continued into the early morning hours. vast majority took the train put both were complaining about huge delays and still a air inside the packed train. >> it is 110 back there. >> it is jersey, they could
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have done better. >> however police say the crowds were mostly ordalian it cost millions of dollars for 30 seconds of a carry mall -- and they were invited to choose their favorite super bowl ad and they featured a little puppy who kept running away from home, to visit his friend, a collides dale horse and the horse kept running away last time to find his training and if you want to watch them a again, what was the commercial that was good for me? >> doritos . coming up at
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5:00, the new challenges from space that could bring a targeted opening date in jersey. >> plus president barack obama, topics raised, bill o'reilly. we have traffic flowing niecely and we will tell you about heavy fog coming up
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. welcome back time now 6:44 people are expected to arrive in sochi but not everybody has a place to stay. 6 of the nine hotels are still under construction and a pee dee
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spokesperson said people will be accommodated. they left houston on saturday and they are now on their way to another area, but the centers for disease control monitored a detailed clean up and most passengers are not concerned about the germs. >> they did a fantastic job, i think we actually are lucky now to having a very clean ship. >> however passengers say they are going to keep their hand sanitizers close and hope they don't get sick. >> and they are one of their half shift critics -- harshest critics, they are ranking from the new healthcare law, they
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claimed that the internal revenue service targeted the organization. they directed most of their questioning about the healthcare dot go website. >> i don't think anybody anticipated the degree, the good news is the right-of-way and decided how we would fix it, it got fixed and it was up and running the way we were supposed to and now we have accepted 3 million people. >> and every year he has been in office with the network that has broadcast rates to the game. andand edward snowden is about to hit the stores. the inside story of the world's most wanted man and the book comes out in britain. it is scheduled to be released on february 11th and they were written by the reporter, the guardian. and from honk congress to hush why -- hong kong to russia he
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reported where he is currently living. it happened around several cities around the country but around the international airport they are also on the compromised list. a security expert said the common link said they are all managed by white lodging and they are investigating cases of debit and credit card information being stolen. . american airlines is now charging you as much as $450 for an over packed bag. they also charge 100 on top of the fair for any booked flight within 6 days of the departure. there is a little bit of a
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hassle for caldecott tunnel? >> yes, witnesses say it is completely engulfed and they did not say if it was blocking a lane but hopefully it is on the shoulder. this little arrow i have, this is an area of heavy, heavy fog and this is 280 southbound at 92 and it starts at hills dale and goes to the top of skyline and the fog clears on the northbound side after bunker hill. all right up next you can strafer on the -- traffic on the far right-hand side of your screen. highway 4 through the bay point pittsburgh area, you can see as you make your way towards concord. they are visiting towards san diego, it is there not before they gave some much needed rain and this one thankfully made it.
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>> fso, .85, two-thirds of an inch in hayward and i did see about a half inch in half-moon bay, generally about a quarter, it's it's very, very dry, things are trying to change, i would like to see a little bit more. there is one forecast model that is very cold and the other two are just cold. a lot of upper 30s and some patchy fog, so far on the peninsular as well, mainly just cool and there are reports of a windchill from napa to a puff of a breeze and there will be a little bit for some. ukiah is 31, and you can see there is cool air to the north, no doubt about it and our system is on its way out of the picture and it brushes maybe some rain on wednesday. partly sunny skies, cooler, a
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northwest direction in the 50s and this will be below average, a far cry from anything that has been way above, and we pay for it and we are now so it will be a cooler pattern, cooler lows and afternoon highs a little below average, they clouded up some light rain and there is a real diversion and it looks like a lot of clouds and we will fine tune any rain as we get closer to it. and on actor phillip hoffman, had the latest in the hunger game series. hundreds of pieces of male, the plan by police and the arrests made.
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. time now 4:52 they will determine his exact cause of death. he won an oscar for his role as truman capote. he died of a heroin overdose.
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they remember him in his role for money ball. >> he really seemed to go for challenging roles. now the 46-year-old had a history of addiction and had checked himself in to a rehabilitation center and he had three children with his girlfriend. he reportedly had 7 days of filming left for part two and it is unclear how they will work around his absence but his death will not affect the movie's release date. it is scheduled to be released this november. he claimed the life of a 33- year-old man. police received a call about a man who was not breathing. police say when they arrived on san antonio way they found the victim had been shot to death.
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several search warrants had been out there to find but the actual killing of a fellow police officer could lead to changes by bart police. sergeant smith was killed during the search of somebody's apartment last month. it was the 4th shooting and some critics are now renewing their call for bart police officers to be disarmed and they are asking that they be disbanded and have local police and sheriff patrol stations. and they are trying to deal with rent controlled units and they will introduce legislation to impose tough legislations at the ellis act. it allows property owners to take a building off the rental market. theythey are the city's latest
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attempt to stay in the city. police will be sending out more than 250 letters to people in the south bay who are victims of male theft. they arrested these two men for possession of drugs and stolen property. police found hundreds of stolen mail in their possession and they will be receiving a letter on instruction on how to claim their mail but police say they will have to claim it by february 7th. a plastic bag ban goes into effect and shoppers who do not have bags with them, if you want a bag you will have to pay 10 cents for reusable plastic bags for most bay areas and city and counties. they are already talking about the 2014 season which is expected in santa clara. now we had a sneak peak and found some big differences in the new and old stadium.
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the city project manager said he has a personality that fits northern california. we have our environmental green initiative. we have such beautiful weather here and we have all of the technology features that fans would expect to see. >> it includes two high definition score boards and they are two times as big as the one as candle stick and we have a green area on top of the roof up to 1,000 fans where they are allowed to stand. >> the giant charity shootout will begin at pebble beach. this is video of last year's events and they have yet to be named to represent the players and a half year lopez and j.t. snow will pay for the giants. >> this is holding for the top
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spot at the box office. the comedy has been number one since his record opening. it was released 11 weeks ago. they rounded out the top 5. >> i had the frozen sound track in my car. >> that is a nice sound track. >> coming up, a house in oakland goes up in flames overnight. challenges firefighter are close, but they could have major jobs across the stage. and they show traffic is moving nicely at this hour and we have more traffic coming up. much rain is needed in southern california, is there more coming across the old river highway, we will take a look at it coming up.
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s he
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. a community is paying tribute to a three-year-old girl found dead over the weekend inside of her napa
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apartment. the mother and the mother's boyfriend are accused of the crime and we will tell you what brought police to their home in the past. why the targeted opening day may be in jeopardy. fire lights up the sky in downtown seattle following the super bowl turned a bit rowdy, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. there goes our low down in southern california, good rain, first one to admit it, even snow snow, mt. diablo, mendocino lake, it is gone with that system and we'll see some clearing


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