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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 11, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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is the rub and some are really kicking up their heals and others are saying what breeze. it will be sunny but that's not a problem and breezy and windy for some, cool in the morning and then it will start warming up. but a lot more low 70s, here is sal. good morning, we are looking at a commute that is very nice as you drive to 880 westshore freeway, that it is on your left coming down to the mcarthur maze redding to to -- heading to oakland to the dalles. and there is no problems on the
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sunole grade and westbound sunole grade it is looking good let's go back to the desk. in richmond, talk about how a spike strip and a light pole helped to bring this to edwin encarnacion. off of answer westbound 80, you can see the skid marks right here and they go all the way across this sidewalk and you can see where the car knocked the traffic pole sheer off and now caltrans is trying to fix the problem because it is the second traffic lights at this insert text. what is so odd is that it stuck straight out of the car police
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pulled over a driver and the chase spanned 7 counties long. when vallejo pulled out a speak strip, things started to wind down. >> they were driving over 100 miles per hour due to the safety for the public and officers we had destined the pursuit. >> so just when police had given up, they saw he had crashed, the man got out of the car and started running but he was caught by police. meanwhile they were trying to fix the lights. you can see the pole that came toppling down actually has a traffic light on it and obviously that will have to be replaced as well. live in richmond ktvu channel 2 morning news. a suspected drunk driver
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crashed into a power pole. it happened shortly before midnight. live wires coveraged the road and energy -- power was knocked out to about 40,000 people. most will not have power until noon today. the driver is in custody on suspicious of dui. continuing coverage of that missing militia why airlines jet -- malaysia airlines jet. crews from so countries a lock with helicopters and airplanes have found nothing. we are learning more about the two passengers on the flight who boarded with stolen passports. >> we know that once these two individuals arrived there on the 20th of february they
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boarded flight 07 using different -- 70 using different identities. >> upper poll, the international criminal police organization released these images -- images and they have found no terror links to the men. one, a 19-year-old is looking for asylum in germany and his mother contacted authorities. the retired airline captain from denville, from everything he learned must have been something which is catastrophic and we will not know for sure until flight coverage is reported. >> we will know what the flight
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perfect parameters were but the pilot did not signal authorities he was changing course. a five-year-old baby and his baby-sitter are recovering after being hit by a car. it happen add -- it happened at the intersection and fulton. a car hit the boy and the woman while they were walking in the crosswalk. they were not seriously hurt. the car was kept at the scene. they were looking for them in the street and they found them lying in the street suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. testimony is still continuing
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familiar who who am shot it, and they have not been found. 28-year-old shaw is recovering in the hospital. he was shot after he and his partner pulled over jeffery. police said shaw's partner opened fire and he was there because they can't fine the bullet. fine of hours later, he was arrested in san jose and police said he had a .38 caliber bullet and the bullets police officer used are filled with women. the body of very ron can was found in 1976. she had been raped and stabbed
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and over the next four months, the body of of four more women were found. and they had leads connected to a murder in reno. greg are you jacobs was known as the bush man. he was a fixture there. jake cons would high kind him. grieving family members described just what happened before an oakland mother was killed by a falling tree. it happened sunday afternoon on vacaville. she had just visited her husband at oakland state prison and her mother was driving ahead of her and saw the tree
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leaning over her. >> i saw it, there was a stick back, nothing on it and it was old like it was rot on it and she never did come through and we went back down the freeway. >> her devastated family learned that the tree had come crashing down on the 22-year- old and her car killing her instantly. and police are getting an early start, officers from burlingame teamed up looking for intoxicated drivers. last year on st. patrick's' day officers how a -- they saw it just days before.
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mona was hit head on and killed by a drunk driver, driving the wrong way five years ago with no headlights. now she among many mad act visits and a story i you will only seen at school. two balboa high school students took a photo of them with a loaded gun they had brought to campus. ktvu news spoke to one senior, he was in the boys bathroom. i heard the gun click being like that. >> we have no evidence that they intended to do anything with the photo other than take
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a folk -- photo which will likely lead to the he can umings of the two boys. they are hoping up california roads to skate boards. right now they are banned to them. the assembly will allow them in bike lanes and bike paths. >> it is not about tricks or anything like that, you are actually on a skateboard, they allowed them to go uphill. president barack obama will
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designate more than 1600 acres as a national monument. mel add the point arena to the california coastal national monument. it is once slated to house a nuclear power plan and now he becomes a tourist attraction. chrysler says the recall includes jeep grant cherokee from 2012 and 2013. the recall is because drivers have reported the break pedal can feel plunge if i and approved the brake pedal. it is an earthquake that could be felt hundreds of miles away. and it left at least one
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critter run for tiety. good morning right now san mateo traffic looks good as you head out to the high-rise. we will tell you what the other bridge looks like. we'll see if it is this kicking up any news. when i was living without insurance, it was very scary.
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. welcome back, it is 4:45, japan is marking the deadly earthquake of tune that left -- tsunami that left main missing. they will mourning the victims and since the disaster, japan has struggled to rebuild in the melt town to the second edge
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den in -- incident in just the month. it is the second incident where the acid splashed on to their next. it splashed happened in february after a similar accident spilled on them and there is a new increase dollars video. somebody fired 150 rounds sock knock out this thing and requiring facility at such supplement substance. >> it is within our who i am hproof it is no longer an act a
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act -- an attack fromtive target. >> -- an attractive target. time with g and e. they got a call involving an angry cat. >> he is at our bedroom door. >> do you hear him? >> keep the door shut, okay. >> police say a couple called 911 after their 22-pound cat scratched their baby. when they gave him a light kick, they waited until police arrived. >> maybe something could be worked out between some mediation and the cat. >> well, the baby was not seriously hurt. the cat has been put in a
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kennel for the child's safety and it may be time to give their pet to somebody else. >> 4:47 is the time. let's check in with sal. crazy cat. >> i like stories like that. it does put a little smile on your face. happy tuesday, let's go out and see what we have. the roads, 880 and southbound near the coliseum, it looks good in potential directions and that's south 80 on your left and you can see it is moving along nicely. less than 10 minutes on the upper deck, we can see traffic on 101 and the road centers are green and that means everything is nice. oakland and 280 here, it is a nice looking drive also looking very good, as we push on to the
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south bay, 101 not a bad commute and look at the drive time, long tree to love on, let's go -- lovage, let's go to steve. >> sal, the cat is 22-pounds, he needs to be on a diet. we are bouncing between some areas and some areas are warm and much, much cooler depending on the breeze. sunshine and plenties 55 and off and it will be down there towards monterey peninsular and it is just high clouds.
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58 fso, 57 half-moon bay and walnut creek and 23 miles per hour in fairfield. concord says calm, so again, it is not car a way and generally, it will be an easterly or northerly breeze. ukiah, that is why they dipped that there. high pressure wins out for a while and not much is going to change. forecast models will still be nice and clear skies breezy to windy up by saturday. two very good friends of mean, to cool and warm, there are come areas and it is across the
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board and if you do that you are a winner every time. them warmest day looks to be sunday. the national security agency may debe destroying those records collected five years agent. all of them will be helped until the deadline. the recordthis morning it -- several organizations will continuing prior evaluate timing the they are families. they are being forced out of their home pause new program.
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larry bonds was back in arizona in, spring steal saddam if but the cop petition evacuation is hitting at testimony and it goes back to the game up lunch and i will have a lot of fun doing this. >> when mark mcguire went back, he admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs. bonds said he already went to court and leave it as the family. how a far corn and in san
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francisco, just how big of a dent could the new price put in your well lit.
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. welcome back. police are looking for the suspect of an attempted kidnapping. a woman was walking home in
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albany. she noticed a man following her and she changed her route several times. she eventually pulled out her phone to call for help and that's when he grabbed her. a person driving by stopped and honked his horn and the man let her go. he is described as hispanic. 5 feet 5 to 5 feet 7 with a thin build and thin facial hair. he was last seen wearing a san francisco style baseball hat. anybody with information is asked to call police. people living near a troubled bus stop finally got their wish. they moved near international and 85th. it becomes a magnet for street deals. it was right in front much a
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boys and girls club. >> here they will have to find something else to do and it will make it safer for people coming to our church for worship service. >> last nape a mother attacked a point who was there. the city has increased minimum wage. labor supporters are the state usual very tis cushion. you could doctor critical. it is one of several raising proposals that the m. the s is raising and tab -- that is mta
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is raising. apple download fans can see if it is straight high the wheel. it puts iphone content there. they can use it and expects to be available by the end of the summer. they also have a new and more accurate touch i.d. coming up next, a high speed run. also working here since the deadly japanese tsunami what one man is searching for and what he hopes to find. and it looks like getting up to highway 17 and another commute is straight ahead.
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>> others we are talking is the possibility of advisories.
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. live in richmond where they spanned ahigh speed church.
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the search continues for that missing malaysia airlines flight, what we learned about the two men who boarded with stolen passports. and following a major earthquake sunday night, for the first time we are seeing what happened the moment it struck. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. we want to take you live to richmond, taking a look at the after marijuana of a crash, that chase spanned 75 miles where the crash came to an end and we will check in with her in just a couple of minutes. it is tuesday, brian cook. >> i love the hair by the way. >> i


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