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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  July 16, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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there is not a lot, but there is a little bit there. the possibility will exist if if we can get sprinkles or light showers. you have clod east to partly sunnien if but the lows are up, up, up. you can't cool the house off. the breeze up to 22, gusts at 30 at travis. that is rip roaring. and napa west, oakland west. that tells you the sea breeze is in place. the highs will come down late bit. drizzle, light shower. breeze s to windy. temperatures coming down 80s to the interior. 60s and 70s. very mild and muggy. here is sal. steve, good morning. we are off to a decent start looking at the east shore freeway to start off with right here. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving through.
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there are no major problems as you make it through the commute and it's a 17 minute drive as you drive between the carquinez bridge and the mccarthur maze. bay bridge toll plaza that looks bad. it is light. there are no major problems getting into san francisco and your drive time is eight minutes. if we look at the santa clara valley, traffic is looking good. 4:31 let's go back to the desk. the richmond city council has voted to move forward with a controversial proposal to curb disruptions at meetings. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the council voted to have city staff look at ways to limit disruptive behavior at meetings. this has been an ongoing
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meeting. >> you are out of order. >> reporter: once again during last nights meetings things grew tense after the mayor was forced to call recess several times. this has become an ongoing issue and much of the controversy surrounds jovanka beckles who says she is being harassed at meetings because of her sexual orientation. although some on the council and other members of the public are worried about restricting free speech. >> yeah, you have people here who are believing who are abusers that are now trying to look like the victim. >> they have a constitutional right. even though it's wrong, they shouldn't do that. but you can't take the first
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amendment away from people. >> reporter: opponents of vice mayor beckles says they are simply going after her because they don't like her policies and no other reason. we're life in richmond alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a man is recovering from life threatening injuries after being attacked on a walking trail in san jose. it happened early sunday morning. ever police security officers from a nearby business were the first to resop to the injured man they women. a woman is scheduled to be arraigned in santa cruz this morning. she is accused of meeting forest hayes aboard his yacht,
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injecting him with heroin and leaving him to tie. tickleman who admitted to being a high class call girl was irs many ever a brentwood man will spend 19 lest of his in if prosecutors say he targeted boys who did not have a father figure in their lives. the produce happened in 1990s but blake was not arrested until last year. anyone caught wasting water could soon get fined. this after the california water board made the unprecedented decision to approve new water restrictions. the board made the move after finding out conservation measures has so far failed.
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hail the bay area and sacramento are using less water, parts of southern california and the mono lake area have been using more. >> there are communities on the verge of running out of water all over the state. there are people bathing out of buckets. there are folks that are getting water trucks delivered to them through the office of emergency service is. >> these restrictions begin on august 1st. people face fine up to $500 a day for creating ever wash offs. local law enforcement and water agent cigs will be -- agency will be in charge of the new
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rules. the drought cost more than 17,000 part time farm jobs. final legal arguments over public access to san mateo county beach start today. billionaire landowner put a gate on the road that leads to martin's beach. he then sued to have that road reopened. the judges decision is not expected for several weeks and whoever loses is expected to appeal that decision. san francisco plans to fight a lawsuit challenging a voter approved initiative regulating waterfront development. the lands commission is suing to over turn proposition b which which was passed last november. it requires voter approval to increase height limits for waterfront projects. waterfront land belongs to the state and the port commission manages it, not the cities, not the voters. two last dump plans to keep the medical center from closing are under consideration.
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the west contra costa health care board heard the plans yesterday and says it will take the next two months to explore both option. one plan is to downside the hospital to only 15 beds and emergency department. the other is to make it a free standing emergency department where patients would be stabilized and transported to other hospitals. the medical center is losing money and is currently operating on a loan that will only keep it afloat through october. oakland city council is scheduled to vote on a coliseum lease extension through the oakland a'sen. last week most of oakland city council was against the extension. alameda county supervisors are set to vote on the year ewe in two weeks. francisco lopez and anthony rutger pled not guilty to assault and battery charges. a judge would not allow their faces to be shown.
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investigators say the fight began when someone thought rutgers daughter was video taping one of them vomiting on the sidewalk. rutger was rushed by a group of people and he was defending himself and his darwin he swung a punch. >> i think when all is said and done, it will not look nearly as seriously as you think. >> generally speaking any time you have video, it really helps the prosecution in this case. it really shows every single thing that occurred and it really helps in preventing the case to a judge and jury. >> rutgers is already on probation for selling marijuana and lopez for firing a gun. emotions at a murder arraignment in sacramento went from the courthouse to the steps of county jail. that fight started yesterday between the families of the 20- year-old victim and the two murder suspects. a witness in court says a relative of one of the
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defendants was laughing during the court hearing. at least two women were detained in the fight and the jail was locked down during the afternoon. g a group of protestors will be coming together to block the eviction of the san francisco community recycle hers center. it will be at 2:00 in front of the safeway store. per court order stemming from neighbor complaints about noise and traffic, the recycling center was supposed to shut down and leave safeway by june 30th but so far it has refused to do so. it's up to the sheriffs department to enforce the eviction. uc berkeley students will be rallying outside of a regents meeting. the protest will be at 9:00 a.m. outside the conference center on owens street. the students will be bringing in fresh vegetables. and remind her success starts with a local food initiative. organizers say their goal is to stop the ten acre development
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of a big box grocery store on the farm. an eight-year-old girl robbed of her money while selling candy. >> it's terrible. especially stealing from kids. also coming up a marvel comic surprise. >> good morning. right few we are looking at a commute that still looks pretty good on highway 4 coming up to the grade. we will tell you why traffic is looking good from antioch to concord. >> well, if you wanted to know what it feels like some parts of the midwest are down in texas. this is kind of a hint of it. there are still clouds streaming off the tropics from the sierra.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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it's 4:43. israel's military warned 120 palestinians to leave their home ahead of more air strikes. more than 200 palestinians have been killed in the nine days of fighting. the first israeli death was committed yesterday. muslims and jews came together last night in oakland for a vigil calling for the end of a fighting in the l east -- in the middle east. they say their focus is the right of families everywhere to live without fear. validating signature is for a proposal to split california into six different states. yesterday silicon valley venture capitalist jim draper dropped off boxes in sacramento. more than 600 signatures are
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needed. draper claims he has more than one million but still has a lot of voters to convince. >> my first thoughts was this is silly. >> well, i don't think it's a good idea. >> now here's a look at how the six states would be split up. a state called jefferson would be up north. los angeles would be in west california. counties east of nevada would be north california. the rest of the bay area would be in silicon valley. happening today congress will examine the mishandling of dangerous bacteria at federal laboratories. the centers for disease control and prevention admits do mismanaging smallpox, anthrax, and the bird flu. in this morning's hearing, lawmakers are also trying to find out why they were not
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notified about a 2016 anthrax case until last week. the resolution was introduced yesterday at the board of supervisors meeting. it urges the fda to change its policy on blood donors. the ban started back in 1983 at the start of the hiv, aids crisis when blood testing was not what it was today. >> it's debrief proving our -- it's depriving our country of a lot of blood that could help save people's lives. >> the board of supervisors is expected to pass the resolution next week. supervisors passed a similar nonbinding resolution in 2010. for the first time since the federal health interview was launched in 1957, the bureau has included questions about sexual orientation.
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1.6% of americans identify as gay in 2013. another .7 call themselves bisexual. and 1.1% wrote something else or i don't know the answer. or would not respond. meantime other estimates have pegged the number of gay americans as high as 5%. big news for marvel comic fans there is a new super hero in town. we all know thor, marvel comic says it's time for a change and this is photo of the new thor and she is a woman. think will be the new forward. she says this is not a temporarily. sal, do you know the apps? >> i don't but we can conjecture. put it on our social media
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sites. >> let's. good morning, everybody. it's hump day. let's go out to interstate 880. traffic is moving along very well in both directions here. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light. i also want to mention going to the san mateo bridge perhaps you are going on 92 heading westbound to the high-rise, t about a ten minute drive from hayward to foster city. when you get to highway 101, it looks good on the peninsula heading south. and looking at the commute in the south bay, it's a very nice start. if you are one of the early birds, you will definitely get the advantage right now on all of the santa valley freeways. and there are no major problems if you are driving on 580. a little sluggish. a little slow but not stop and go just yet as you drive from tracy over to livermore. let's go to steve. thank you. the tropical clouds coming over. pam, our twitter little india
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restaurant says iting feels like he is back in bombay. you can't cool down the house. it's really tough. even though it might be cooler outside. i had to go swimming in the mote last night. any way. the tropical clouds continue to feed off. but they are lifting a little knot. underneath that t maybe around rich and and el cerrito. just went over the golden gate and heading off toward parts of the marin coast. then the lie higher clouds clear out antefog roars back in. it will be a big fog bank. as long as the tropical clouds feed off of the east, southeast it will be a ere ever san jose
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is is in there. oakland as well. everyone is pretty close on the temps. same for walnut creek, pittsburgh, brentwood running a little warm. everyone is in on this cloud cover and light rain. livermore west at 13. that is a cooler breeze. is sfo is west. a little northwest for san jose. that will be slightly cooler. the key is travis. 22 gusts to 30. that is an extra whole day. up above we have clouds going from east to west. underneath it's east to west. but the higher clouds are lifting a little bit. 68 in sacramento. 64 ukiah. a mild 62 down in monterey. the clouds will be with us for one more day. by tomorrow they clear the area. fog is with us or low cloud. maybe some light showers. breezy to windy. especially around san pablo bay. temperatures are coming down but it's still the humidity factor is through the roof.
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60s and 70s and 80s. even though it might be cooler, it feels kind of warm and muggy. tomorrow the higher clouds work their way out and we settle in with a cool pattern here. 4:50 is the time. using his star power for a good cause. the growing problem being addressed by jim harbaugh. but first twitter smacked with a lawsuit. the reason why a former worker says his age played a role in his termination.
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welcome back everybody. time is 4:52. the 49ers will cut the ribbon to levi stadium tomorrow. while the team's new home will be ready for the preseason game next month, parking and traffic remain a concern. santa clara city leaders believe they have come up with a solution. last night they approved a measure to add extra parking spaces around the stadium through new parking structures and more street parking as well. there is a traffic plan squinniesing traffic lights, altering roads, and having workers and police direct cars to and from the stadium to ease congestion. >> we have a very good plan to get them to their spaces. but we are just asking them for patience. >> let's hope it works. there will be close to 30,000
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parking spaces spanning 28 lots. fans will also be encouraged to take taxis. tech company shuttle buses will pay more than three times as much than originally thought. san francisco's municipal transportation agency approved increasing the fee from $1 to $3.55 per stop. mta says corporate shuttle buses are making fewer stops than originally estimated. the pilot ram of having private buses using public bus stops starts on august 1st. muni approves spending $1.2 billion. the german company will build them and be released -- they release these images of three design and color schemes. they look pretty slick. the new cars have more room and muni hopes it will offer more reliability.
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employers can no longer force pregnant workers take leave from work. employers must face reasonable accommodations if a pregnant woman is not able to follow her job. and lactation is covered as a pregnancy related condition. california law already included these guidelines. a former twitter worker is suing the micro blogging site for computer discrimination. he always received good employee evaluations until six weeks before he was fired. that is when a supervisor commented on his age. shortly after that he was away from work for surgery. his lawsuit claims he was replaced by several workers in their 20s and 30s. twitter says the lawsuit is
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without merit. from politics to high-tech, there are reports that former white house press secretary jay carney is considered for top public relations positions at apple. carney is also being considered for a top job at san francisco based uber. google building a team of bug hunting hackers. they are known as project zero. the sole mission is tracking down and getting rid of the security flaws. one member of the team is george hot. at 17 he became the world's first hacker to crack at & t's lock on the iphone. the u.s. senate now gets its say at whether internet access will remain free. right now there is a temporary ban on taxing internet access but it expires on november 1st. the house of representatives
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voted to stop state from adding the tax. coming up next a tragic e. to a popular summertime activity. the accident that led to the death of a nine-year-old girl in the south bay. >> good morning. northbound 280 san jose it looks good getting up through downtown san jose. i will tell you more about the developing morning commute. >> cloudy skies. combination of low. a few showers. we'll see if there is any more coming across.
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tragedy in the south bay. how a community is reacting after a little girl lost her life during a popular summertime activity. >> it's terrible. especially stealing from kids. >> plus a woman accused of stealing cash from a little girl selling candy. what happened inside of a store just moments before that may explain why she did it.
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all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. busy wednesday morning already it is july 16th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve is right over there. >> he said he got a little rain. you got a little rain on yourself? >> a little bit. right around orinda. not much but it was there. tropical clouds continue to feed in from the east or sierra. but they are lifting a little knotward. underneath that there are plenty of low clouds. mostly cloudy. drizzle. light showers here. partly sunny and partly cloudy. but still muggy. there is so much moisture in the air. the breeze s cranking up here. san francisco. yesterday inland temps came down. coast and bay warmed up. starting off almost everybody in the 60s. you can see the moisture continuing to stream in. there will be big


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