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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  July 23, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon -- president obama is here in the bay area. what he is doing and the group of protesters who greeted him. we're following developing news out of taiwan where dozens of people are dead but a few survive after a plane crash that's being blamed on the weather. plus, cyber thieves hack into online ticket retailers' stubhub. how many customers were affected after unauthorized transactions were made. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. right now, president obama is
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in the bay area for a quick trip as part of a three-day west coast fund-raising tour for the democratic party. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from where the president was greeted just a short time ago by some protesters. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. yeah, it happened about a half- hour ago, president obama is inside one of the homes on black mountain road. sheriff's deputies have a portion of it blocked off. there are protesters and neighbors here. they are hoping to get the president's attention on his way out. president obama has two fund- raising events to attend today, this morning, he left the intercontinental hotel in san francisco where he stayed overnight and headed to the four season. he's here to raise money for the democratic party ahead of midterm elections. after that event he traveled here to a private home in los altos hills where a luncheon is being held. the money at these events will go to benefit the campaign committee and the house majority political action
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committee. some donors spent more than $30,000 to attend the event. neighbors gathered to catch a glimpse of the commander-in- chief. >> we've missed him the last couple of times he was in the area. so this is literally five minutes walking distance from our home. i thought it would be a nice experience for my son and my friends' children. >> how many kids -- [chanting] >> reporter: protesters touting causes. stoppade to israel group was on hand handing up signs for the president to see. there was a group urging president obama to uphemed net neutrality and establish the internet as a public utility and immigration right rallies for refugee protections for those children crossing the border. their focus was for central america because many of the children are escaping ongoing violence in the country. >> i think that that passion in
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itself gives them the right to be at least sought for asylum and be seen as refugees children if they have crossed all of those borders and risks their lives. >> reporter: once the president leaves, he heads to sfo and board air force one and travel to los angeles for another fund- raising event for the democratic national party. there's still protesters here. there were a lot more about a half-hour ago but these stragglers stayed by because they are hoping to get the president's attention. my colleague will have much more on the president's trip on our later newscast at 5:00 and 6:00. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, janine. now, president obama's visit comes as a new poll is released about how the president's healthcare law is working. and according to most americans, it is. 53% of those polled in the
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cnn/orc international survey believe obamacare has helped their families or others across the u.s. 44% say the affordable care act has not helped anyone in the country. former secretary of state hillary clinton is in the bay area this noontime. she was in poekd this morning help launch an education campaign for children called talking is teaching. talk, read, sing. this is to let parents know about how important it is to talk, read and sing to children every day from birth. studies show that's boost brain development. this is being backed by the clinton family foundation and kaiser permanente. developing news out of taiwan. at least 40 people were killed when a transair shaw airplane flied. it happened about eight hours ago. the 70-seat turboprop plane was making a second emergency
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landing attempt and crashed near the runway on an island west of the mainland. there were 58 passengers and crew on board. 11 people survived but were injured. the typhoon passed through earlier in the day. trans asia had canceled most flights because of the weather. the bodies of some of the victims from the crash of malaysian flight 17 received a somber welcome in the netherlands today. ♪ >> 40 caskets with unidentified bodies were put into hearses. the dutch lost 193 people in the crash which is prompting a national day of mourning in that country. some of the 298 people on board were internationally-known medical researchers on their way to australia for the 2014 a.i.d.s. conference. former president bill clinton
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pay pained tribb -- paid tribute to the victims at thattent event. >> it's important that this group devotes its life to honor those who were lost. >> as for the crash site, pro- russian separatists continue to stifle a comprehensive investigation with members of various countries and organizations gaining only brief access. the militants are suspected of firing a suspect that shot the plane down last thursday. the ukrainian government says separatists shot down two fighter jets. they crashed 20 miles from the debris field froms malaysian plane. there are reports the fighters are ejected and the search party is looking for them. we're learning new details about the security breach at stubhub in which hackers were able to access customers'
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accounts and make unauthorized transactions. tara moriarty joins us live from the newsroom with the announcement just made by the manhattan district attorney. tara? >> reporter: well, one hour ago, manhattan d.a. vance announced that six people have been indicted in an international ring that managed to take over more than a thousand stubhub users accounts. three of the men were arrested in london. cyber thieves swindled about a million dollars by frawd u lently buying tickets to concert events as well as the yankees games an the u.s. open. the san francisco-based said it detected the transactions last year, contacted authorities and gave refunds to customers. the thieves got account holders' log-in and password information from data breaches at other websites or from malware on customers'
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computers. stubhub is owned by bye and it's a problem when hackers get in one site, they try the information on others. the head of global communications says this case unveiled a network of cyber thieves working together. vance says the thieves would get the tickets, resell them and split the proceeds. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. in just the past 30 minutes, one of two men convicted in the shooting death of a 3-year-old oakland boy received a lengthy prison term. our noelle walker reports, a judge just sentenced lawrence denard to 130 years to life in prison plus seven years. we're still waiting to hear the sentence for the codefendant, will le torrence-- willie torrence. they were evacuated of killing 3-year-old carlos nava. a new kind of police officer is being trained in san
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jose to help fill the ranks of the department. police chief tweeted this photo yesterday of the first academy class of community service officers or csos. they will be in training for the next five weeks. the aim is to free up sworn officers to handle active crimes in a severe department with severely low staffing levels. they will handle calls for crimes that have already happened without criminals on the scene. >> so the community service officers will be able to respond to the low priority calls, go out there, take a police report, do some investigative work and file that report with the police department. >> the department says the civilian officers will not be able to write citations or make arrests and will be armed only with pepper spray. some people living in antioch are not impressed with statistics showing violent
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crime is down. the police department released its midyear report last night. police say as of july 21st, there were 50 shootings and four homicides. during the same time last year, there were 51 shootings and seven homicides. but long-time antioch residents told the council violence is getting worse and they urge city leaders to take immediate action. police blame drugs and gangs for most of the crimes. daly city police are looking for two women wanted in connection with a home-invasion robbery that happened two weeks ago. they say 29-year-old herrera and king broke into a home in the early hours of july 9th. police say the two robbed a 54- year-old man later found suffering from a head injury. both women may be staying in the sunnyvale neighborhood or the bayview district. a gas main leak in the south bay interrupted light- rail service this morning. the san jose fire department tweeted these photos of the
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scene. the leak started at about 9:25 in san jose on south cap tam avenue between alum rock avenue and capitol expressway. a valley transit spokesperson said service was closed from the mckee station and a bus bridge carried riders until service was restored about 10:30 this morning. the front door sheaterred and part of a brick wall -- shattered and part of a brick wall taken out. warmer weather is on the way. mark tamayo will be here to tell you when we may be seeing triple-digit temperatures.
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a pickup truck slammed into an east bay liquor store overnight doing considerable damage. it happened at 10:30 at the house of liquors store in san leandro on manor boulevard. firefighters say a truck with a camper shell on top plowed into the front of the business, tearing through the front windows and the structural support. >> it will be evaluated by the building inspector later on.
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>> the truck driver was taken to a hospital as a precaution. the store was opened at the time. but no one inside was hurt. a san francisco cab company is considering a big change to the way it does business. according to reports, the desoto cab company may stop paying for its taxi economy -- medallions. the medallion fee is required to operate a taxi fee in san francisco. now they are considering to have them operate like the ride share companies and only pick up prearranged rides. google wants to fund electric shuttles in mountain view to provide free transportation for residents in that city. the city council is expected to approve the proposed plan in september and if it passes, google hopes to have buses running by late october. the pilot program would run for two years but it could be extended. so far the proposed route for the four shuttles have not been disclosed. enrollment growth at
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california state university will be cut by half this fall. this comes after state funding fell short of expectations. csu officials say that means instead of a growth of 20,000 students, the system will only be able to accommodate 10,000 additional students. meanwhile officials have the university of california system say the number of new students from other states and nations will continue to increase this fall. in pinole, the first day of school is more than three weeks away, it's looking unlikely the high school will be ready. pin nome valley high is still a construction zone. the west contra costa school board president says seismic upgrades are taking longer than expected. but there are other problems, too. >> there's execution in making sure that all of the safety security system works, the alarm, the school bell, making sure you have access to the campus. >> some of the other work that still needs to be done is in the kitchen, that includes
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installing sinks and checking the drains are working. today, the school board is expected to discuss the delays. san francisco a new hotel is going up near at&t park. a developer just bought the mcdonald's on third street and now the stonebridge corporation plans to knock it down and build a 225-room hotel. right now, there's only one hotel under construction in the city. city leaders say demand for hotel rooms is at an all-time high, at nearly 80% occupancy. it's now official. water cops are coming to the santa clara water district. the county board of supervisors plans to hire ten temporary workers sob so-called water cops. they will respond to complaints about people who waste water including washing down sidewalks, driveways and yoef watering gardens and landscapes. >> some of it has been not as snitchy as you would put it. a lot of it is, hey, my neighbor doesn't realize that
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they are leaving it on at night. >> the water cops will not issue citations or impose fines. instead, their job will be to educate customers on how they are wasting water and what they can do to conserve. better weather is helping fire crews in washington state in their battle to contain that state's largest wildfire ever. these photos were taken by a -- by a firefighter working on the fire lines. so far 400 from square miles have burned. cooler and wetter weather has helped crews contain 16% of the fire. a stormy day forecast for today could bring thunderstorms to the eastern part of the state which is raising concerns of new lightning sparking wildfires. we still have stubborn clouds out there. i was looking outside. it looks cool. you just step outside for a second, it feels warm and
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muckgy, once again. so you can't shake the warm weather pattern. lingering clouds out toward san francisco. there's the sue tower. you can -- sutro tower. we have more sunshine, increased sunshine for the south bay, east bay, lingering clouds over san francisco, oaks beach up in parts -- ocean beach up a parts. it's warm out there. we had a warm start this morning. temperatures right now, you can see livermore election 75. santa rosa, currently 74. and san francisco downtown checking in right around 70 degrees. for today, we do have this -- partly sunny and warm. tomorrow, another warmer forecast and then into the weekend for friday and saturday, that trend will continue. in fact, by friday we're thinking upper 90s, 97, 98. there's one weak system that will scoot out to the north.
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for today, a sun cloud mix. still humid. the conditions beginning to improve. you will notice that humidity once again. that's still basically over northern california. high pressure returns over the next few days. this will be the source of some warming really for thursday, friday and into saturday. by friday, antioch could be flirting with 100 degrees so with the increase in heat. of course, fire danger will be bumping up as well. beginning tomorrow and friday and saturday. even the bayside locations, you will notice the change up in the upper 70s or 80s by friday. here's our forecast model showing you basically a few lingering clouds. the eventual temperature range will be 60s for the coast and then the warmest locations inland on track to reach the low to mid-80s. once again, partly sunny skies. some scattered low clouds an fog near the coast and near the bay. temperatures inland talking about more 80s out towards brentwood and antioch. san jose, 81 degrees and san
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francisco, 74. very warm in san francisco for this afternoon. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast with temperatures coming up a bit into yours thursday and look at friday, we bumped up the numbers to 98 degrees. saturday, not too much change. maybe cooling for sunday for the second half of the weekend. but tori, numerically, i can prove it's a little bit less humid today. i just took a walk outside. >> it's still humid. a newly released report says people in marin county face a 60% chance of developing the most dangerous type of skin cancer. melanoma ranks third in marin county behind breast cancer and prostate cancer. researchers say there is because there are more people with light skin who spend a lot of time outdoors. the study found the rate for melanoma was 52 cases per 100,000 people. that's nearly double the rest of the state. tech giant apple getting ready to face another class-
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action lawsuit. why thousands of apple employees claim the company has violated labor laws.
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stocks are mixed this afternoon on wall street as traders weigh positive earnings from the technology industry, including apple and microsoft against disappointing news from boeing. facebook will report quarterly results. taking a live look at the bigg
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board, the dow is down 21. the nasdaq is up 19. s&p up 4. just a day after apple reported quarterly earnings, a groo up reported a crass action lawsuit against the company. the lawsuit represents 20,000 current and former employees who claim they were denied timely meal and rest breaks. sometimes working for five hours without a break. some former employees claim they were given their final paychecks two days late. after 43 straight days of rowing, there is a winner in the great pacific rowing race. the four-man team uniting nations was first to reach the shores of oahu yesterday. the race started in monterey and traveled 2400 miles to hawaii. 13 boats started out in the race but six teams had to be rescued or dropped out. but the winning team says despite the grueling aspect of the race, they were not prepared for the mental illness. >> you have so much time on your hands in a sense, you are
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rowing. you sleep for 15 minutes. you get ready, you row. you sleep. you really go through everything which can get dark and very happy. "fat chance" a husbanded and wife team from the bay area is currently in nicket place. an oakland man is much richer thanks to a $2 lottery ticket et was buying groceries at gazalli's and decided to buy three scratchers. the last one was a 1.3 million winner. the lump sum payment is $750,000 before taxes. he says he plans to buy his first home and possibly start a laundromat business. trains carrying highly explosive material crisscrossed the bay area. we've seen 5 series of fiery crashes elsewhere in the past year. now there is a new push to make those ram cars safer -- rail cars safer as they travel
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through our communities, how soon we could see improvements tonight on the news at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we are always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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