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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 18, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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an armed bandit terrorizes two bikers. >> some of the most dramatic footage i've ever seen. >> these are global travelers who made it out of argentina alive. >> in the situation, there was no thinking involved. just get out of there. >> flood water plows down a street carrying fallen trees, debris. even a car hitched a ride. no need to search for sea creatures here. >> they come next to you. >> we'll take a dip in jelly fish lake. >> the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini.
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what if someone were interrupting your performance or laughing at you? >> the little singer frozen with rage. >> they are called global degree. what they are doing is traveling the world, 195 countries in 60 months and taking a camera with them. they are on a bike tour in argentina. you'll see a bike comes out of the left-hand side and crosses the street and boxes him. pulls up alongside, pulls a gun and asks for the backpack. >> alex is clearly terrified. can't understand what this guy is saying. he assumes he is asking for the
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bike and he backs off. he gets off the bike and chases him down. >> look at all those other people around. i would be screaming bloody murder at this point. mike joined up here. there are two of them. they do what any sensible person should do and run away. >> all of this in broad daylight on a bike tour in a busy area of town. >> right this minute we have both of them joining us on skype. >> i'm so glad you're safe. >> how did that field? that was an intense video to watch. >> the whole thing happened so quickly. you get into survival mode. it was full adrenalin. >> what did you have in your backpack? >> we were filming a travel
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legendary. i didn't think in broad daylight someone would try to get you. >> when did you notice something was up with your friend? >> i saw a little confrontation between alex and the guy on his bike. he got off his bike and started chasing after him. i thought it was going to be a fight. as i'm running towards, somebody said he's got a gun. i see a pistol. by that point, i was already in the heat of things. >> do you wish you handed the bag over? he had a pistol. >> i would never recommend somebody resist a robbery. your life is not worth a backpack. it was me trying to remove alex from the situation. at the time he still had the backpack on. there was no thinking involved. it was just get out of there as fast as you can. >> what happened to the robber? >> i was told by the tour guide
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two days later they had begin the footage to the authorities and he had been caught. recent floods in serbia led to this. >> holy mackerel. >> this water is rushing down this street carrying mud, falling trees and debris. in just a few seconds, also a car. >> go find high ground. >> right. this person is inches away from the water and could easily lose footing and get swept away by this. >> it's okay. he has a gate in front of him with holes in the middle. i would have been running up the hill. >> hundreds were evacuated. they used helicopter in shifts. there were no land routes they could safely take. unfortunately, one elderly woman did end up dying. three people are missing. the flooding ended up causing no
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electricity, no water, they have no phones, no land lines, obviously. everybody was in a pretty serious emergency. >> can you imagine knowing your home is in the past of this? knowing there is nothing you can do? >> there is no stopping that. no amot of sandbags will slow that down. >> we are about to drop in slope style. boom. starts off with a big leap of faith. erin chase taking us through verbally what it's like to ride this course. >> so huge. >> this makes you clinch right up, right? >> just throwing down a back flip like it's nobody's business. >> this person is really doing this.
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>> this is a job. >> and he's riding. he's not in competition right now. he's out to show us what this course is like. you think this might be the end, but no. it gets even cooler from here. slow down and they ride through this building and into the elevator. this isn't just for show. this is part of the course. they get out of the elevator. get up on to this platform and out the window they go for the finale. aaron chase giving us a nice back lift to finish off the flourish at the end of this video. >> honestly, this is insane. they had enough before this part. it was already crazy. it was already insane. this wasn't necessary but totally awesome. >> we've got another winner in the rtm ipad give away. he is grant from california. congratulations. we are giving away another ipad mini in a little while.
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you're going to need thursday's buzz word, be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. stand by, everyone. for the rtm ipad mini give away. they don't call it wildlife for no reason. somebody is on their motor bike in thailand. those would be elephants. the elephants, not happy. >> this biker turns and gets out of there. they are not exactly slow. you can hear them screaming, hey, we are after you next. >> let's go freak some people out.
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>> in this video, a nicer experience of wildlife. this is jelly fish lake. this guy has no protective gear. a go-pro, snorkel, goggles and a swimsuit. >> how is this nicer? >> they haven't developed their stingers. they come up right next to you. >> i wonder what that feels like? does it feel like you are swimming in thicker water? >> you know jelly balls people have for stress? maybe it's like that touching you. >> like swimming in soup. >> owners at an antique shop get a spooky surprise. >> that cabinet bursts on its own. >> he thought he saw two faces appear and then the cabinet busted. how other camera angles are backing up his story. >> a road trip to vegas led a bunch of misfits to our studio to clean out our fridge.
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this is at the barclay antique center in the uk. the owners were trying to figure out who busted the cabinet. they went to the surveillance videos? that cabinet burst on its own. nobody is there. danny parker said he thought he saw two faces appear, then the cabinet busted. you see it from a different angle. >> there are a lot of cameras on this cabinet. >> if i had an antique store, i would have a lot of surveillance cameras. >> do you see anything? >> no. >> see again? nobody is seeing the faces. however, once they got to a different camera, watch what happens when the camera pans over. see that? watch that corner. >> that was a mouse. >> they think that was a small figure. they said at the same time this
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orb appeared on this video. >> that is a piece of dust. >> no. >> let's think about this from a supernatural standpoint. people who do believe in things like ghosts and spirits, experts would tell you that antiques are the most likely things to attract this kind of energy and behavior. >> or it's a rickety old antique cabinet that settles and moves over time and the stresses on that glass popped it. >> i would like to think there's something out there. >> every day across the country, radio morning shows do crazy stuff to get their listeners involved. the ace and t.j. show is called the ace and t.j. show misfits, one of the hosts t.j. and listeners traveling across the country in a limo, no money, no way to get across the country except for the goodwill of other people. they've been stopping in places
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and working for money. making handles. they also worked in a warehouse to make a little extra cash. they worked in restaurants to get free meals. they have slept on people's floors. they have slept inside the limo. all this while, they've been posting about it on social media. people are loving it. >> are they raising awareness or something? >> yes, they are. all for a charity called grin kids. this is a charity that keeps enrich the lives of terminally ill children and children with chronic disabilities. they've been all across the country and even came through our area. we decided to bring them into the "right this minute" studio and put them to work. t.j. and the misfits are all here. come on. this is t.j. >> i bet you all are tired of hearing about me. >> did you know any of these people before you jumped in a limo? >> no. they volunteered to do it.
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they wanted to do it. we have no money, no credit cards. we are hoboing across the nation. my partner ace and i have a charity for kids terminally ill and chronically disabled. we take them to disney world with a paid vacations so they don't have to worry about doctors and surgery and have a nice family vacation. >> their final destination is las vegas trying to get into the i-heart radio concert. out of the kindness of our hearts, we want to help you get whatever you need. we have random tasks to put you through. >> i think the fridge needs to be cleaned out. >> let's take you in the kitchen. >> it's not that bad today. >> no. this is bad. >> cleaning supplies under the sink. >> the cleaning supplies look
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unused. >> all right, guys. for all your hard work, we just cleaned out wallets in the breakfast room. here is some cash for you guys. >> thank you very much. looks like dude's enjoying a nice day on the lake. buddy says, can you get me a drink out of the cooler? >> see how they are really in deep trouble. >> oh, no. >> get thursday's buzz word for a chance to win an ipad mini.
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the waning days of summer. final days to get out and enjoy the lake. that's what these guys are doing in germany. just looking out, talking to his buddy. really just reflecting on their time out on the lake. then his buddy says, can you get me a drink out of the cooler? >> that's gross. >> that's a car. >> they are not in a boat. they are stranded in flood water and doing their best to make the best of it. >> there are rescue crews, other vehicles stranded in the waters. these two goes had a great sense of humor. what else are you going to do,
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right? >> i love these dudes. that is an amazing perspective. some people are angry on the phone with their insurance companies. these guys are like, whatever. we are just going to have a nice day on the water. >> this next video, russian dash cam like you've never seen before. this dude gets down, goes inside to pay. moments later this woman comes out, takes the black nozzle out of the car and puts in the red one. then walks away and goes inside to pay. >> what? >> soon after that, the guy comes back and is like, who? what? i don't want the red kind. >> are you serious. >> moments after that, here comes the lady to take out the black pump. in the meantime, people with the dash cam are snickering away. >> i don't understand why she is doing this. >> you'll see when the owner of the car comes back and makes her realize that this is not your
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car. they had the same exact car, same color. he has to point it out to her, look. this is my license plate. she is like, oh, sorry. >> that is great. thank god for this dash cam. i never would have believed that story. if you are in the middle of a performance, the worst that can happen? somebody might interrupt you. somebody interrupting you. >> or worse, laughing at you. >> this little 2-year-old and she is trying to perform songs from disney's "frozen." mom and dad are chuckling. specifically mom over there.
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you hear mom laughing. >> that's naughty. >> mom starts giggling again. you know when you get the giggles and you're not supposed to be laughing, that's the hardest thing to stop. >> this makes her angry. >> i just don't like that. >> sounds like she needs to let it go. >> all right, everybody. it's ipad mini give away time. you need the buzz word. you need to be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. head over to and click on the win ipad
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button. enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both. enter on each every day. ready to reveal thursday's buzz word? >> it is travel. get on over to, click on win ipad button and enter thursday's buzz word travel. >> joe is making a dealership ad. he has to go on top of the ladder to do it. >> this is the scary part. >> how it's one small step for the average joe. one giant leap for this joe. for the pizza,
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but the show and he's not disappointing. >> hey, up here. up here. way on top of the m&m auto building at 601 rucker street in east utica where we finance
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everyone. >> we joe is here to tell us some cars. there is another story to this. >> this is behind the scenes. his friend goes up first. joe decides he, too, is going to go up. fear takes hold. >> he gets to the top, but it's the step-off joe is not cool with. >> show me that one more time. my whole body is on this side of the ladder. >> you know i just -- big guys weren't meant to be on roofs. >> this should have been their commercial. >> oh, jesus. okay. oh, jesus. >> eventually, he does get up on the roof, does the commercial and it's great. but we know what goes up must come down. >> jim, this is going to be nearly impossible.
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>> 20 minutes later. >> we come back to the situation. >> swing the leg. >> oh, jesus. >> i feel so bad laughing at this man's drama. >> basically, it takes somewhere in the region of 25, 30 minutes before he finally comes down. >> he made it up, he made it down. he made it. good for him. >> whoa. i feel like i don't want to do that ever again. fat people are supposed to be on the ground always. fat people on the ground. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody.
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