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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 30, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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the drought thirsty area gets pounded with rain. >> this video was shot within the last half hour. steady rain has been falling here in the east bay for the last hour. >> the second rainfall was felt all throughout the area. this is what it looked like in san jose as the city was getting a good soaking. >> mark tamayo is here with
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what we've seen over the last 24 hours. >> waves of rainfall, a steady band of rainfall heading into the west and east. they're adding up. especially in san francisco and oakland. over a half an inch of rain over the last 24 hours. look at ben lomond over the last half hour. this has been very productive especially. the radar over the past three hours you can see that moisture streaming from the south and the west. that is the moisture plume pushing into the region. here's the latest from the radar. up into parts of the north bay. there's a closer look at southern marin county. pushing out toward the east bay and parts of the north bay as
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well toward solano county closer to the fairfield area. and also moving the maps right around san francisco. san francisco downpours between about 8:00 and 10:00 this evening. extending over the east bay into parts of oakland and orinda. there's another system developing offshore. you can extend circulation. that will be the next storm. a stronger one. we'll have the timing of that coming up at 10:35. a big tree branch came tumbling down in san francisco today. right on top of a moving taxi. it happened this morning. it was reportedly a ficus tree branch that stretched all across into the street where it then hit the taxi. the taxi driver said he had a passenger in the car at the time but no one was hurt. >> i just saw some leaves hit the front windshield and yeah,
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that's when i hit the brake. >> the taxi was towed away with a broken windshield. the rain comes in one of the busiest days of the year. the rain here and snow in the sierra complicated the drive back home from the sierra. >> reporter: rain today, and forecast for later this week has sandbag stations in business. >> i don't know if it's going to be worth it, we'll see. >> reporter: it's all work, and a little play. rain started falling overnight in the bay area. in san francisco the soaked ground and gravity were no match for a large tree that toppled and took out phone lines in the presidio. in the north bay, on and off showers made for a lazy sunday drive through calastoga, the
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clouds hugging the hills, competing with breaks of sun through the trees. the same system dropped steady showers in oakland this morning. >> i actually like the rain. i just don't like working in the rain. >> reporter: the sunday forecast was dotted with umbrellas. >> it's perfect when we need the rain. and when it does it does it in the evening and early morning, it's perfect. >> reporter: the christmas tree at jack london square now comes with a mote in a drought it's the perfect holiday gift. for anyone who got out of town for the thanksgiving holiday today was commute time. that commute home could have been slowed a bit than your average sunday. wet roads and in some places rainy conditions. in american canyon. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. let's take a live look at bay area traffic from our traffic computer. you can see right now most of the freeways are showing green although there's a little bit of yellow on the bay bridge in both directions. and you can see some yellow on southbound 101 and a little bit
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on 280 in san francisco. we're also getting word of flooding on the off ramp of southbound 101 at cesar chavez boulevard. but other than that it looks like most of the areas are moving pretty well. >> let's check in now and see if it's the same situation in the east bay. our camera on interstate 80 and emoryville looks to be going in the same direction. >> taking a look at the nimitz freeway. the taillights heading northbound seem to be moving right now. our weather coverage doesn't stop right here. you can look at the bay area radar and the forecast just click on the forecast. clergy and community leaders came together tonight for a prayer vigil. debora villalon was there as calls for unity and healing
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went out, deb. >> reporter: heather the baby cathedral holds 1,300. fewer than 100 game. maybe it was the rain, maybe the late notice, but it didn't lessen the resolve. >> god is here to begin the healing process in our city. >> we want to say to our community that we love oakland. we care about oakland and we want the best for oakland. >> that all of all of this violence and protesting and burning that something good would come out of this. >> reporter: few cities outside of ferguson saw the violence that oakland did. >> i mean how many times do you have to shoot a man.
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>> reporter: religious leaders understand. >> to take a life, it doesn't make a lot of sense to us. >> reporter: at this service, prayers of healing for the businesses damaged and forgiveness for those who did it. people the pastors say are without hope. >> would you hear our prayer. >> reporter: we have much work to do. >> reporter: oakland's new mayor calls for resilience and tolerance. >> we as a nation have much work to do. we have much work to do to get over the fear of the other. >> and that we would go and look at the elephant in the room. the racism that exists still in this society today. >> the message from the pulpit, embrace unity, work for equality. >> the conscious of not only black america but the conscious of america is now awake. that we're not that far removed 50 years ago from the civil rights movement. >> i want to be a cop now, i want to change what i see.
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>> this teenager has finished a program with the police department. >> it was a good branch out to see who they are as people. >> it's one that's impacting the entire country. >> reporter: as inspiration, both men point to the hug shared by a police officer and a child in portland. a boy who was afraid of the cop until the two started talking. heather it's notable oakland has not had an officer involved shooting in some 18 months. that's the longest stretch anyone can remember. >> yeah, certainly has been a while. thank you so much deb. more details now from ferguson a day after officer wilson resigned from the force. reverend al sharpton spoke at a service there. >> we lost a round but the fight is not over. >> reporter: sharpton said the
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rally was never about darren wilson's job but about the death of michael brown. an investigation into the police department over all traffic record with minorities. sharpton called for a push. >> you won the first round mr. prosecutor but don't cut your gloves off because the fight is not over. justice will come to ferguson. >> officer wilson's attorney said his client felt compelled to resign after learning there had been threats to the department if he stayed on the force. wilson was given no pension, severance package or any other benefits. a man is in in custody after a stand off with police. azenith was there when san jose police moved in for the arrest.
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>> reporter: the suspect held law enforcement at bay for several hours. he's now facing assault, vandalism. the suspect was hit with several rounds of gas as he was perched at a window. it all began at 2:00 this morning when homeowners woke up to a home robbery in progress. the suspect went up into the attic of the home. >> we had pipes thrown at us. he's now assembling the attic to get two by fours. >> it's pretty scary.
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pretty scary to see. he had his hands up and cuts himself. it was just awful. >> reporter: neighbors woke up to the chaotic scene and watched in disbelief throughout the day as the suspect at one point hung on to what appeared to be an attic window. police said he was acting very odd at times and was believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. police closed off several homes throughout the day. at one point 30 san jose police officers were here dealing with the stand off. azenith smith, ktvu news. san francisco police are searching for the shooter who injured a 60-year-old man following an argument. officers responded to a report of a shooting at columbus avenue and vallejo street this afternoon. the victim is known in the neighborhood as roy. the witnesses tell us he was crossing the street. got into a confrontation with a driver, shouted a racial slur slur and hit the car with his cane. the driver then pulled out a
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rifle and shot him. >> if he doesn't take his medication he attacks people all the time. verbally attacks him. with his hands, he attacks cars even on the road. >> reporter: the bullet hit roy on the shoulder. he was taken to san francisco general with nonlethal injuries. the shooter drove away in a gray sedan. i was just told you have until the ends of november. >> many residents left wondering why they're being evicted. what the management company told them and why a bay area mayor's office is stepping in. he still has a year left on his contract. but coach jim harbaugh may not make it that long with the 49ers. the latest speculation that has the coach on the way out. plus for anyone who had to travel today it was a test of patience as bay area storms caused major delays we talk to the people who were trying to make the best of a bad situation. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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the sunday after thanksgiving is known as one of the nation's busiest travel days and travelers had problems throughout the nation today. in denver, 60 planes were diverted to other cities because of fog. a cold front caused temperatures to drop 16 degrees in just a half hour.
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the faa director expected there be more than a dozen flights cancelled today. >> it will be a very, very busy day. >> at chicago's mid-way airport, passengers arriving for morning flights were confronted with a line more than a mile long to get through security checkpoints. heading home turns into a headache here in the bay area too. ktvu's cristina rendon went to the airport and talked to travelers trying to make the best of it. >> reporter: travelers packing up and rolling through sfo, found themselves stuck a little longer in the bay area. >> i was supposed to leave at 1:30. >> now i get in at 1:00 a.m. instead of 10:00 p.m. >> reporter: greg's flight to washington, d.c. delayed the three hours. >> i'm a little tired. >> i'm actually holding on to my bag just in case they do cancel it. >> reporter: a few flights to
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the bay area was cancelled too. >> they cancelled it so i'm sitting here for my parents to pick me up so i can go to amtrak. >> better than here. >> i know better than the plane. >> reporter: certainly the weather caused delays. it means college student edmond will have extra time with his parents. >> i'm waiting for my parents to come back. three hours. >> reporter: they are finding a day full of hellos and goodbyes. >> it's part of the travel. it was good having him. we want to show you a look at san jose airport. where delays are minimal. that's looking right at the runway. delays in san francisco are also low. they were longer today when
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they had delays between an hour and three hours at sfo earlier today. pope francis wrapped up his trip to turkey with a plea for justice and peace. the pope joined leaders of the orthodox church to call for peace. pope francis finished the day with prayer. grief on the ohio state campus tonight when police confirm that the body found in a dumpster was that of a football player. costa george died from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. he had been missing since wednesday.
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cara wilson's, george's mother said that she received a text message from her. saying that he was sorry if he was an embarrassment but that the concussions were affecting his head drastically. the iraqi prime minister told the parliament that the white house could find more ghost soldiers. often manufactured by officers who then pocket the salaries. the u.s. has been pushing the new prime minister to address widespread corruption and graft in the government. the pentagon is requesting $1.2 million to train and equip if iraqi army next year. the u.s. spent more than $20 million on the iraqi military. a new wave of air strikes were carried out this weekend. against the self-proclaimed capital of the islamic state.
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they say they now control 60% of that city. u.s. jets have dropped hundreds of bombs in the effort to drive the militants out of both iraq and syria. also today israeli media today say a woman in dual citizenship in canada and israel was captured by islamic state militants. rosenburg was fighting with kurdish forces. and in india, this weekend students helped get the word out about aids by making posters to display at a rail way station. these type of events helped raise awareness about the disease. >> they're getting support from the schools and colleges. and we're working i'm sure, with all your support we can do. we can eliminate the decide
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from our country. >> reporter: the indian government reports 2 million people are living with aids in india and about 172,000 people died of the disease in 2009. and new at 10:00, services for world aids day began at san francisco's golden gate park. the aids memorial grove was illuminated with candles and sculptures for those who have died of aids and live with the disease. nancy pelosi was among the many people gathered at today's gathering. 1.2million americans are infected and just one in seven people don't know. >> tonight we've had a gathering of over 600 individuals who have come together to remember those lost and to share their hope for a future without aids. >> during tomorrow's observances names from the circle of friends will be read aloud. actress judith light will receive an award for her work
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against aids. well maybe you don't like shopping malls or you're waiting for those online deals to kick in. the experts weigh in on the best areas to snag those cyber monday deals. and a bay area holiday tradition returns. the thousands of ingredients needed to put together this giant ginger bread house and the secret is already under construction. we'll break down monday shower chances, the timing of another storm, a stronger storm approaching the bay area coastline.
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it is the largest house of its kind in california. the fairmont hotel in san francisco opened its two story life size gingerbread house. >> we get a tour and how you can make one of your own. >> actual gingerbread cookies,
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i had no idea. >> reporter: 1,000 pounds of candy make one spectacular display. >> my mom kept saying it was one of the coolest things she's ever seen. >> reporter: enjoyed by kids of all ages. >> the effort that goes into it, this is what makes it so exciting. >> reporter: kimberly tyde knows all about that effort. she baked every gingerbread brick in the hotel kitchen. the life size gingerbread house is larger than some apartments you will find in san francisco. engineers and carpenters assembled the frame and then the bakers went to town. we found out the secret to sturdy construction is all in the icing. >> royal icing as your frosting. that's basically powdered sugar and egg whites.
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everything is attached with royal icing. the reason you want to do that is because it will dry very hard. >> just like you were laying ties. >> reporter: just as hard as concrete. the gingerbread house will be on display until january 2nd, after that, it will all be taken down and composted. getting your hands on a christmas tree may require some wet shopping. it's a family run business out of redding that delivers fresh trees from northern california and southern oregon. >> the rain dampened the buying spirit. sunny days are always better. but you know, regardless people still come out and get a tree.
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>> the owner says the most popular tree this year is the silver tip. he expects a surge of customers next weekend. and says weekday shopping may be a lot less crowded. there's been an awful lot of speculation about john harbaugh's future. and a couple now struggling to find a place to live. we question why they're being evicted and ask about the timing of it all.
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every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at some east bacon -- some east bay condo residents are struggling to find a place to live after they were told to leave their homes.
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some are not only wondering why, but why now. >> reporter: the resident of this unit is being forced out. >> she's trying to find a place it's been difficult right now. we're in the middle of the worse housing crisis in the bay area history. >> reporter: luke vanderdrift took us inside a unit and showed us some of the problems, mold. they have to leave by the end of sunday. >> i was just told you have until the end of november. >> reporter: kevin ellis doesn't want to leave. he says his unit doesn't even have mold. >> i can't just get up and find another place like that. i'm disabled. i can't move this stuff. it's thanksgiving you wait until the holidays to tell me to get out. >> we actually called the front office and they just said, everybody has to evacuate because the building over here h building has mold.
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>> reporter: creek view management advertises the property as being in el cebrante when richmond officials say it's in their city. mayor mclaughlin said because this property claims el sobrante we did not have them come up in our data base for inspections. now that our workers know this property is in our county, we will start doing inspections asap. >> they are being forced to move in the middle of season during a housing crisis. >> i stopped by the office to find more information. office workers there referred to a company in beverly hills. we're still waiting to hear back from that company and let you know how this eviction turns out. petaluma police arrested a teenager for allegedly hitting
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a person with his car on purpose. moses hunt was driving recklessly when the victim asked him to slow down, he hit the victim. every night there will be 100 beds at the national guard armory in gill roadway and 79 beds in san jose at the ricardo reception center. visitors will receive two meals and a hot shower. a survey found 176 homeless persons live in santa clara
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county. 176,000 shoppers are expected for cyber monday. experts have some advise. >> thanks to an internet that's always open for business, cyber monday is a litt easier on shoppers than black friday. but that doesn't mean it's a breeze. >> there is so much noise around cyber monday and of course we're sitting at home but we have access to millions of websites. my advise would be find a couple of trusted resources and go from there. >> reporter: trey boge recommends researching websites first. official sales may also be found on facebook and twitter feeds. another place to snag deals. >> lots of retail, apparel, consumer electronics. >> reporter: a big day for
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retailers and consumers and hackers too. >> they're going to try anything they can. >> reporter: michael keiser of the national cyber alliance says consumers must be proactive and take precautions. >> they take those common sense measures, they update their software. they put in two step verification or multi factor notification. those are things that are under their control. >> reporter: people should consider using cellular data instead of wifi for a safer connection. >> shoppers spent more than $12 billion at stores on black friday. this figure does not include online shopping. the national retailers federation believes retail sales will rise about 4% this holiday season compared to last year. what would you name a 3,000-
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year-old bronze rhino. it's one of the oldest bronze pieces. it may have been used to hold wine or maybe food. anyone who wishes to submit a name can go to the museum's website. the top three names will be up for a vote in january. we posted the link to the asian art museum website so you can submit your name to the contest. we haven't really come up with one. >> we have not but i asked a couple of twitter followers. jade came up. there were other pretty good names but i'm not sold on just one just yet. >> i was thinking something to do with the big horn on its nose. but the name i came up with probably wouldn't work. >> i don't think it's appropriate. i will leave it to ken to come up with that.
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details on why next weekend could be the perfect time to head to the mountains. >> and we are tracking your morning travel as you get ready to head back to work tomorrow. hey! welcome home! woah, this kitchen looks beautiful. hey mom! it's bigger! it's great, right? give him the tour. let me show you! quartz countertop, soft-close drawers, farm sink, under cabinet lighting, look at this spice rack. um... where's my room?
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right there where it's always been! we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. just slide right in! ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens.
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fresh snow is falling in the sierra with about a half dozen resorts already open for business. this is squall valley resort. there's more snow on the way. forecasters say higher elevations could get up to 3 feet of snow by thursday. boreal, snow summit. heavenly, mammoth and north star are open. more will open over the next week. >> that's good to see. over the last few winters it's
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dry up there. >> it's always exciting the first trip up there to test of the your equipment. more snow in the sierra and more rain here in the bay area. we definitely need it we know that. as far as live storm tracker, still lingering snow showers in the sierra. also some rain showers still in the bay area. we had downpours earlier this evening. right now the main focus on the northern side of the region. out toward the richmond san rafael bridge, steady downpours to millvalely and san rafael. as you can see up in vallejo and fairfield a few scattered showers out in the concord region. once again san francisco we had more development here out toward ocean beach and also right around the embarcadero. speaks of the bay bridge here is our live camera looking out
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toward the toll plaza. we're going to add more rain in the short term. the chance of a shower tomorrow especial little for the morning hours then a stronger storm is approaching our coastline. so this has been the overall weather headline over the past few days, a rainy pattern developing. system number one, second one for today, next one is going to be moving in on tuesday. and it will be stronger packing more winds around 40 miles per hour. the possibility of thunderstorms, and rainfall expectations tuesday through wednesday. easily a good one to 2-inches in the coastal hills an additional two to three inches. and here's the over all weather story, the time line of today's system moving out to the north and to the east. here's the next guy developing offshore. more clouds for tomorrow. the chance of scattered showers
10:40 pm
especially for tomorrow. that moves in, you're going to know that's here. that moves in first thing tuesday morning. the stronger storms, gusty winds, and as we mentioned the chance of a thunderstorm. this forecast model does generate scattered showers at 8:00 around the region. still clouds for the afternoon hours. look what happened to the tuesday. look at these bright yellows and reds showing up here. this was a tuesday morning commute. rainfall rates picking up and still scattered rainfalls into the afternoon hours. we're going to keep things going into wednesday as well with off and on rainfall. get ready for stronger storms to approach the region. temperatures mainly in the 50s for afternoon highs for your monday afternoon. san jose 67. half-moon bay 62. look at all these rain clouds and one that draws my attention, tuesday, tuesday morning and into wednesday. showers likely into thursday and possibly some more showers into friday. if you want a break it'll be into next weekend for saturday and sunday with partly cloudy skies but get ready.
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this is just the beginning of what will be a very active weekend. >> i don't remember seeing a forecast like that in which we've seen all those rain clouds. >> usually just one will excite me. but we're seeing several. >> john harbaugh may be on the move. the two teams rumors to be interested in him. we hear in the warriors as they continue their best start in franchise history. joe fonzi in sports next.
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good evening everyone, welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the best start in franchise
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history just keeps getting better. today the warriors finished off a sweep. the first time they've done that since november of 1978. 36 years ago. green back in his michigan roots as the warriors met the pistons to finish the trip. this is green's day. he was five of eight from three point range. better numbers than the guys who normally lead the warriors at that range. green brings another three. green led the warriors with 30 points in all. green was everywhere. this time he gets an unlikely assist making an acrobatic save to thompson. and andrew bogut with a nice assist to clay this time down five warriors in double figures. including space and livingston off the bench as golden state wins all five on the road.
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ninthstraight the pistons are just three and 14 but nobody is down playing the significance of finishing the sweep. >> anybody can beat you. to come out here and win five games in a row that says a lot about the team. it wasn't easy, we struggled a bit at charlotte. we struggled a bit in miami but we got it to go. >> i figured some of the offensive stuff would take some time but i can feel a good run coming. i can't expect 14-2 but i knew we would get off to a good start. >> reporter: the warriors had to be thinking they would get a bump off their big win. it didn't take the st. louis rams long to blow up that line of thinking. the rams stayed


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