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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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here at the amazon facility here in tracy. we will take you behind the scene. >> we are the city of love, acceptance, and tolerance. >> calling for an end to violent and vandalism. the prayer service in oakland. good morning. we are live in san francisco where you can see what is left after the storm moved through. we are moving in on a tree that came crashing down. it also caused some flooding throughout the bay area. alex savidge is going to show us more of the damage as another stronger storm moves in. it is monday, december 1st i'm pam cook. >> it was good to see that rain. >> it was very nice to have and
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hear the rain. >> let's talk about weather and traffic. even though we are talking about rain and fog you are saying not everybody got much. >> not everybody got a lot of rain. some areas got good rain. santa cruz mountains, san jose had some rain to the north. other areas had really good rain over the weekend. tomorrow we get a break. our system is finally moving ever so slowly. and then late tuesday into wednesday we will get the low as it continues to track toward us. and it will. we will get a weak ridge of high pressure over us. next rain will be tuesday. wide spread rain. the breeze will pick up tuesday night into wednesday. heavy rain possible thundershowers as well.
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we'll have another -- very mild though. 61 half-moon bay. but sfo and san francisco 57. but after that it really ramps up. it looks like there could be heavy amounts going wednesday into thursday. i think that is a little over done for santa rosa but it is not to the south. 60s on your temps. here is sal. all right steve, good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be a little slower than usual because of the wet roads. not raining now. at least not in most places. it is wet from the over night rain. traffic is backed up a the toll plaza.
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we are getting brief break until another storm moves into the bay area. alex savidge is live in san francisco where wet weather caused traffic issues. >> reporter: the wet weather the next rain system is expected to cause even more problems. look at issues they had yesterday here. we're at the issue of the -- we're at the corner of oak and broadrick. this is where a tree split and fell down on top of several cars. this happened yesterday. they have a tendency to snap during storms. this tree came down on a a
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couple of parked cars. there was a passenger inside that taxi but the good news is no one was hurt during this close call. >> i just saw some the nissan hit the front windshield. that is about it. i hit the breaks. chp was forced to close parts of southbound 101. crews were called in to clean up from that mud slide. this upcoming storm is expected to dump quite a bit of rain. no one wants to be caught off forward. in contra costa county some people were filling up sandbags. business owners and homeowners
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are worried about the possibility of flooding. several inches of rain expected in some spots. and again this tree still sitting here at the intersection of oak and broadrick this morning. a lot of clean up work to do. there could be a lot more cleanup. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. a six mill stretch still closed. after that mud, rooks, and debris came crashing down. you can see houses were flooded as well. the mud slide is in a former wild fire area. it was triggered by heavy rain yesterday. about 10-15 cars are stuck in that. another storm is expected to move through the area tomorrow. time is 6:05. as you know today is cyber monday. 127million americans expected to shop online. and one of the most shopping sites expected to be amazon.
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tara moriarty is at amazon's distribution center. the workers already busy and they will be busy most of this month tara. >> reporter: 426 items being shipped out every second. this year they definitely plan to top that. you can see all the items coming down the conveyor belt. all the workers are busy putting the tape on the packages. everything is premeasured. it is an exact science. everything is just running so smoothly like clock work. >> this is where we saw all the orders come down. it's very automated. our associates take an item that has been picked, scan it,
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and the computer tells them exactly what size box that these to be used. and when they need to tape a box, they push a button and it dispenses the right size of tape. >> reporter: and you say you are going to break the record. >> last year was our busiest day. we expect today will be busier. we are going -- we expect this to be a busy day. >> a lot of people using those credit cards. this is so amazing the conveyor belts with all of these little yellow boxers. i want to jump on those and grab a ride. these are the two cop say your belts. you were amazed saying they are both so full. >> it's not even six of us. just 6:00 in the morning and
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you can see the volume of packages that are coming down. all of these are winding around and will go down shoots behind us here to trucks to get delivered. >> we have a lot of deals with amazon. these are some of the items you can get same day delivery. >> because we've opened this building and close to san francisco, we have 3.5 million items. if you are ordered before noon they can be delivered. >> photographer jacob was saying this is his box. everything in this box he wants for his family. so there is definitely something for everyone. >> and you can get it today. >> reporter: and it will be at your house by when? >> in the evening. >> reporter: thank you so much
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for being with us. we will come back in another half hour and we will show you some more deals you can get at amazon. live in tracy i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> from the computer to home. we have a list of retailers offering deals for cyber monday. you can find it on our home page at president obama holds a white house meeting focused on the troubles in ferguson, missouri. he will also meet with government and law enforcement officials on strengthening and building neighborhoods. finally the president and cabinet almost exam federal programs that will give military style equipment to law enforcement agencies. the mayor of ferguson, missouri says darren wilson did not get a severance package as he resigned from the ferguson police force. wilson resigned over the weekend and the mayor says steps are being taken to
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improve the community's relationship with the police department. >> it's a time for the city of ferguson to begin its healing process. and the citizens with the city of ferguson and the police department. >> wilson's lawyer says threats have resigned. back here at home city and spiritual leaders in oakland calling for an end to the recent surge in violence and vandalism. >> last night people gathered at a prayer service. talking about last week's protest that left several downtown businesses damaged. a 16-year-old who said he rent lie finished a leadership course says the recent events made him want to become a police officer. >> i don't really like cops but i see them as people too.
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they have a hard job. so i have to respect that. it was a good time to branch out. >> oakland mayor elect libby schaaf was there. she says the problem is a national problem and we have to get over being afraid of each other. san francisco school cafeterias are finding an effort to serve up healthier foods and attracting rats. the school district stopped serving frozen food as part of a fresh food program. according to a report by the board of education, the cafeterias are struggling to store and refrigerate the large amounts of fresh food. school officials say the district is working on the problem they say schools nationwide are dealing with the very same issue. a mysterious discovery made at aquatic park in berkeley. coming up at 6:30 the help police need as they investigate
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a man's suspicious death. >> but first long lines and flight delays. what you can expect today if you are going to the airport. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a crash crash on the dumbarton bridge. that is effecting traffic westbound. it looks like we have something going on eastbound. >> kind of a quiet pattern here today. some fog out there. some can be very thick.
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welcome back. a man is facing assault, vandalism, and arson charges in san jose after a bizarre 13 hour stand off with police. it started around 2:00 yesterday morning. homeowners on south 2nd street woke up to find a strange man in their house. they called the police. the man ran to the home next door, climbed up four stories and went into the attic window. police tried to negotiate. he started throwing bricks and pipes at them. he started breaking apart the roof and set fire to the attic. >> it was pretty scary. pretty scary thing to see. he was leveling his hands up and cutting himself. it was just awful. >> police say the man eventually surrendered. he did climb down using a fire truck ladder.
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they think he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. thanksgiving weekend may be over but many people in the bay area are still trying to get home. yesterday was one of the busiest travel days of the year. the crowds combined with the winter weather triggered a domino effect of delays. one flight from sfo to washington, d.c. was delayed for three hours. a few flights to los angeles and bakers field was canceled. so far five departing flights have been canceled at sfo. there are no major issues to report at this point. not the story of chicago's midway airport. it appeared to be one of the worst spots to fly through yesterday. hundreds of travelers stood in unusually long lines.
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one line was over a mile long. while the long lines were unusual, they were simply caused by the big holiday crowd. time is 6:16. it leads us right to sal. we have a crash on the dumbarton bridge right? >> the chp has issued a sig alert. the delays are way off the bridge. all the way back into newark. you might want to think about using the san mateo bridge instead. san mateo bridge traffic doesn't look that bad. let me get rid of this. san mateo bridge doesn't look that bad at all. as i move it down, you can tell the traffic on the san mateo bridge a little slow getting on it. again avoid the dumbarton bridge. let's take a look at bay bridge
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approach. about 20-25 minutes. we are full strength on this monday. and also looking at interstate 880 this traffic here is moderate. 6:17 let's go back to steve in the weather center. thank you, sal. good morning. well some rainfall totals that have been pretty good for some and really not that good for others. i say that because san jose southwards had really good rain over the weekends. others not this much. we get a break today.
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oakland 86. and livermore a half an inch of rain. that is it. antioch had .35. san jose 2.54. san jose 88% of normal. usually it's a flip-flop. usually the north bay gets more than the south bay. unless that is the pattern and it's not going to change. partly to so think rain returns tomorrow. 50s on a lot of these. mid 50s for some. because of the cloud cover and fog seems to favor the water
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temps are amazingly warm. from half-moon bay to monterey they are still 60-65 degrees. bodega bay at 59. may be a record. possibly a record. 50s on the temps. bookends 53. things have calmed down in the sierra nevada. winter storm watch starts tomorrow morning and impose through wednesday night -- and goes through wednesday night. for us we are looking for a break today. could be a few little showers. and then we will start that rain again. look where the focus is.
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that will carry us all the way to the sierra nevada. rainfall could be very significant for some. coastal hills, santa cruz mountains. this is taking us into thursday as well. it looks good expect for up toward eureka. mostly cloudy. 60s on your temps. could be one little system late thursday and friday. tech industry analysts say this holiday season is a major test for apples new payment system. apple pay launched late last month. it allows shotters to pay for things by waving their phones in front of scanners instead of reaching for their wallets. customers seem to be having
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problems that will cloud other people's perception of apple pay. for the first time the girl scouts will offer their cookies using a mobile app or personalized website. each scout may have her own website which customers can gain access to. the scout sends them an e- mailed inveighation. only the girls first names will be juiced. a bizarre story. a man shot in broad daylight at a busy san francisco neighborhood. in our next half hour the confrontation that police say led a driver to shoot a man crossing the street.
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welcome back. 6:25. today north bay assembly men mark lavigne plans to introduce a legislation to rename a local landmark. lavigne's proposal will change the name of the waldo tunnel to the robin williams tunnel. it connects to san francisco
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where robin williams started his comedy career. 57,000 people had signed the online petition supporting the change. he died in his home in august. time is 6:25. people all over the world are marking world aids day today. last night in san francisco there were observances held. the cdc says an estimated 34 million people live with hiv around the world. there will be another ceremony at the aids memorial grove in golden gate park later this morning. oakland's aids health care foundation is hosting a health fair and free hiv testing today. and then there is a big red ribbon at the white house symbolizing aids awareness. in honor of world aids day. in
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a 3,000-year-old bronze rhinoceroses in need of a name. the top three names will go up for vote until january. if you'd like to submit a name, head on o over to our website. we have posted a link to the museum. that is under a and web links. a 72 hour notice to clear out. coming up the plan to close san jose's largest homeless camp for good. >> and a controversial plan that would ban sidewalk bicycling here on some downtown san jose streets. >> good morning. we have a problem on the dumbarton bridge in case you haven't heard. it's kind of a big problem
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trying to get over to east palo alto. recommendation for 237 or san mateo bridge. >> a little bit of a break today for some of that rain which has been good for some, not so great for others. we do have a system approaching for tuesday. it looks very good for all.
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good morning. we are up, it's busy, it is cyber monday. we have taken you live inside the amazon fulfillment center in tracy. look at the pictures. they are busy. coming up in two minutes ktvu tara moriarty is there. she will show you what goes on behind the scenes as the employees and even some robots are working to get your packages out and out to you. good morning. thank you for joining us ktvu channel 2 morning news monday, the first day of december i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:30.
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let's check in with steve for a little weather. >> a little weather today. >> a little weather. >> a lot. >> we have our system pushing farther toward us. we do get a break today. with a lot of fog mainly east bay. some of the system has moved out and left behind a lot of moisture. we will have partly to mostly cloudy skies today. we will get the front tomorrow. you can see there could billion light showers. 50s and low 60s. doesn't take much to be on the warm side with these lows. mostly cloudy. thick morning fog. some showers are possible. very mild on the temps. upper 60s to near 70.
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update on the traffic with sal. it is a crash that has been there for a bit and the traffic will be busy. the alternate routes i can suggest are the san mateo bridge or the 237 freeway. you will see slow traffic from newark getting out to this area. san mateo bridge is not all that bad. i would say it's actually looking pretty good in comparison. don't use the dumbarton bridge. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic here is moderate. there are no major problems. this is a 20 minute delay. this is is interstate 880 in oakland. you can see traffic here is looking good. 6:32, let's go back to the desk.
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today is cyber monday. more than 100 million people expected to be on their computers doing holiday shopping online. tara moriarty is joining us live now in tracy. getting a look at the busy distribution center. >> reporter: you know when you are getting ready to send out those holiday items, i know when i'm just wrapping a present i have to figure out what box it goes in. here at amazon it is free calculated. it is a science here. down here on the floor you can see the conveyor belts and there is a big group that is getting ready for their shift change. they are pretty fired up. joining me live is dave clark with amazon. same name sake as our anchor dave clark but looks a little different. we are going to talk to you briefly about how items get. i know are you excited dave?
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>> yes, i am. >> reporter: we wanted to talk about how the items get to your doorstep. it all starts here with the computers once you get the represently from people. >> that is right. we are out here at santa's workshop in tracy. fulfilling orders. there is about 4,000 people in here helping to fulfill orders for customers and another 3,000 robots. and you are right, we are using technology to support those people whether through keeva or the pack tools. once an item comes into this area and we get the items come in, we now have the robots that drive the inventory up to the picker. >> that is the little orange thing. >> that is is right. the orange robots driving around the pods. are going around bringing
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inventory up. it will tell them what box to put it in and it will be on a box. so today in san francisco in the bay area you can order up until noon and get as many as 3.5 million items of selection from this site delivered locally. massive location here. >> reporter: it's like 28 football fields put together here. >> that is right. >> reporter: and you have another facility in patterson. >> this site holds 21.5 million units with our smaller items. down the street we have a facility carrying consumable objects. >> reporter: the frozen item that is a big thing this year. >> thank you so much for
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joining us live. i appreciate it. pam, i know you had a question about gift wrap and the answer is yes, they do do the holiday gift wrap. you will have to pay a little extra for that. >> do the robots do the wrapping or the people do the wrapping? >> reporter: do the robots do the wrapping or the people? >> wrap is not automated. we do it all by hand. because you can wrap by machine, but it's not the same. a person wrapping a gift you know it's not perfect. it looks like somebody wrapped it. that's what people want. and we get lots of feed back about how much customers appreciate that. we take a lot of care in it. we take a responsibility to wrap people's gifts very seriously because people trust us to not only send them the right things but to have it wrapped. they don't know if we sent them
6:37 am
the right thing unless we wrapped it. >> reporter: thank you very much. to answer the question it is hand wrapped. >> awesome. thank you, tara. >> and i absolutely trust dave clark. >> of course you do. >> today is cyber monday. tomorrow is giving tuesday. more than 10,000 organizations are taking part in the annual online campaign raising money for charities. lasteer on giving tuesdays online donations reached more than $19 million. a controversial vote is happening tomorrow in san jose. kara lou has more. >> reporter: we are seeing a few more pedestrians out here. one cyclist told us he understands why folks are trying to keep cyclists off the sidewalks. the san jose city council is
6:38 am
set to vote on whether to ban bicycle riding on downtown sidewalks. the ordnance is to make it safer for downtown pedestrians. especially seniors, shoppers, residents and those using public transit. they do not believe the police department has adequate resources to enforce a ban that applies to a larger area. supporters say the plan would keep pedestrians from being blind sided. the ban would be dangerous for cyclists who would be forced to share the road with cars in an area where there is not enough bike lanes. >> my opinion bikes shouldn't be on the sidewalk. san jose is pretty good getting a lot more bicycle lanes. i think the motorails need to learn how -- i think motorists need to learn how to share the road with cyclists. i was hit three times in the
6:39 am
past two years. because motorists are not paying attention. >> reporter: there are different plans on how and exactly which streets in the downtown area a ban like this might be implemented. the city council could be taking a vote as early as tuesday afternoon. live in downtown san jose kara lou ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:president. berkeley police are investigating a body as a possible homicide. a man in his 50s lying on his back late yesterday amp. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police are asking for the public's help as they look for answers in this mysterious case. >> if any members of the public did see this white male in his
6:40 am
50s, prez. time is 6:39. happening today people until san jose's biggest homeless encampment is getting a 72 hour notice to clear out. about 300 people live in the camp known as the jungle. this is near coyote creek. for moms they have been -- for months they have been telling the people they have to leave in december. cold weather shelters are opening in the south bay tonight. every night the san jose based nonprofit group home first will offer 100 beds at the national bed armory. visitors will get two meals and a hot shower. survey last year found more
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than 7600 homeless people living in santa clara county. five st. louis rams players used the pregame introductions for what they call a show of support for ferguson protestors. ferguson is about 11 miles away from the stadium where the rams play. the team's tight end and wide receivers stopped near the tunnel, raised their arms in a hands up don't shoot gesture. now some witnesses say michael brown had his hands raised when she was shot to death by officer darren wilson. the st. louis police officer association called it offensive and in-- they just won their first game of the season but -- meantime there are reports that the raiders may be interested in a trade for jim harbaugh. the new york jets are also
6:42 am
reportedly interested. harbaugh has one year left on his contract and would have to agree to any trade according to espn though the 49ers won't make a decision until after the season. still ahead there is a new problem for san francisco's school cafeterias. reports that a new fresh food menu is attracting more than hungry kids. coming up in 20 minutes, why rodents find it so irresistible. >> and cleanup is under way this morning after a wet weekend here in the bay area. we'll show you some of the problems the downed trees and mud slides in this area. and we'll tell you how people are preparing for the next round of rain. >> and if you are driving out there, it's getting a little bit slower. the sunol grade a couple scattered brake lights heading south. and the dumbarton bridge is a mess. >> for some it's fog. but for the north bay light
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rain is picking up. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut. mom? dad? big uncle wayne?
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hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0.
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new nestlé© toll houser for delightfulls morsels. in honor of our 75th anniversary, we're bringing you nestlé© toll house chocolate filled with caramel, peanut butter, cherry and mint. so peanut butter up some blondies and brownies. caramel-ify those chocolate chip cookies. and give that thing a hint-y of something cherry or minty! it's time to bake the world a better place with new nestlé© toll house delightfulls. bake some love™ nestlé©. good food, good life. welcome back. we are on storm watch this week. we are getting a little break today before another storm moves into the bay area. ktvu alex savidge is in san francisco this morning where the weekend rain caused some problems on the roads and trees
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down. >> reporter: we saw downed trees, we saw mud slides until parts of the bay area this weekend and we're expecting even more problems with this next round of rain. this morning let me give you a live look at the mess we have here at the intersection of oak and broad rick. this is where we can see a downed tree is sitting on several carps. carp we watched as city crews pulled up here and got to work slicing up this tree that is still sitting on cars this morning. this is a ficus tree. the tree came down on top of several parked cars. it also happened to fall on a taxi that was driving by at the time but thankfully there was no one hurt inside that cab. there was a driver and passenger. last night this was the scene up in marin county as the
6:47 am
soaking rain sent mud and rocks toppling down. there were no accidents reported as a result of that debris. disspite some of those problems, many people we talked to said bring on the rain. >> i like the rain. i just don't like working in the rain. >> it is perfect when we need it. >> this upcoming storm is expected to dump quite a bit more rain over the next few days. this is in contra costa county as people went to fill up sandbags. business owners and homeowners alike all worried about the possibility of flooding with this next round of rain. we can expect quite a few rain related issues.
6:48 am
and city crews just arrived a north. >> it will be a busy week. thank you alex. let's check in with tori campbell see what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> coming up on mornings on 2, putting babies in danger. find out the basic advice for new parents that still being largely ignored. this is according to a new report out today. >> after black friday of course comes cyber monday. but not everything is a great deal online today. find out the five gifts you should not buy on your computer this time of year. those are the stories we are work on for mornings on 2. now back to you. >> thank you. we'll see you then.
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back over top sal to check in on traffic. >> that dumbarton bridge is a mess getting over to the east palo alto area. it is an over turned vehicle blocking one of the right lanes and chp keeps saying this will be awhile. one of the reasons they have trouble getting a flat bed tow truck. this car is completely ruined and they have to get it off. meanwhile the san mateo bridge is a little busier now as people have worried about that crash. this is still the better alternates. i would not use the dumbarton bridge right now. you almost just be caught in a bunch of slow traffic. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. that is backed up for a 20-25 minute delay. a little slowing on southbound 101 in the city. southbound 101 near the 80 split it is a little slow there. 6:49 let's go to steve. we do have some rain picking up on the north bay
6:50 am
from m rain county northward there is fog for others. nothing too heavy on the rain. but santa rosa up to ukiah. tomorrow looks like a rain day. almost all day. and carry it into late wednesday into early thursday. a lot of moisture coming up from the south and west. but still rain is there. marin county not a lot but a little bit of rain popping up here. mill valley. and up toward santa rosa and healdsburg. past two days has been really good rain for some and not much for others. antioch .35. that is it for two days. ben leo ma over three. forestville almost 2. for some it has been pretty good.
6:51 am
santa rosa 2.99. next heavy rain will be tuesday. and there could be very heavy rain and steady rain. 50s and 60s on the temps. 40s up in the mountains. sierra nevada will deal with a winter storm watch that starts tomorrow. goes into wednesday night and thursday morning. snow levels start off high. a little bit of light rain in
6:52 am
advance of that. there is a lot of light rain. we will get the front and the warm oaf running. that starts later today into tomorrow. there is not a lot of rain until tuesday and really begins to pick up. some of the totals are impressive here. showing more heavy rain toward the north bay. i think that is a little over done. mostly cloudy. thick morning fog. some rain here this morning. not a lot. 60s on the temps. very mild system. there is a few breaks in the clouds. a lot of cloud cover. mostly cloudy day with some light rain. rain tuesday takes us into wednesday. possibility of thundershowers lingering into thursday. does look a little better by the weekend. >> so not today. >> north bay today. parts of it. >> you've got to time when you let the dogs out. i've learned that. >> who let the dogs out.
6:53 am
[ laughter ] oil prices continue to fall after they i.eed not to cut protection. right now crude oil is selling for $65 a barrel. that is the lowest price in five years. some antists say it could fall another $20 a barrel. that is -- the the average price is $3.22. around the rest of the bay the average is $3.05. that is a drop of nearly $0.50 in the last month. quite a few places you can find where the price is lower than $3. can you imagine my favorite girl scout cookies thin mints anisi moe as delivered on demand? >> and coming up next the new plan for the old eastern span of the bay bridge. the reason they are
6:54 am
reconsidering the fuel demolition.
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welcome back. time is 6:56. police in san francisco out there searching for a driver who shot and wounded a 60-year- old man during an argument in north beach. it happened on columbus avenue yesterday afternoon. now witnesses say a man crossing the street got into a
6:57 am
confrontation with a driver, he shouted a racial slur and then hit the car with his cane. that driver reportedly pulled out a gun and shot him. the victim is known in the neighborhood as roy. >> if he doesn't take his medication, then he attacks people. all the time. verbally attacks them. with his cane. he attacks cars too. in the middle of the road. >> now the wounded man is expected to survive. by the way one of the bullets fired by the driver also shattered a restaurant window. we're learning more about a plan to leave parts of the old eastern span of the bay bridge in place. metropolitan transportation commission is considering leaving several of the old piers near the oakland shoreline. now the idea would help save on demolition costs. the piers could be repurposed into a walkway or left as historical harks. >> the idea isn't to leave some ruin or relic there. the idea is to neck it look
6:58 am
nice. >> several agencies would have to approve of the change including the coast guard and the u.s. army corp of engineers. we are going to talk about the golden state warriors. heading home after their ninth straight win. five of the warriors scored in double figures and they won 104- 93. warriors by the way host the orlando magic tomorrow at oracle arena. coming up next on mornings on 2, we are on storm watch. the weekend rain and wind just a warmup for what is ahead this week. >> also millions of holiday shoppers are logging on from coast to coast. and we're going to take you behind the scenes of a very busy warehouse on this cyber monday. and just general destruction, in the abstract sense. so i, for one, am not a big fan of nest.
6:59 am
you see, the dropcam is always watching... even when my folks are in another room. i rue the day that this product was invented. but i'm not 100% sure what rue means. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful
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downed trees, highway crashes and mudslides. the weekend rain and wind caused some big problems in the bay area and an even bigger storm is on the way. that bigger storm will be here tuesday. some breaks in the clouds. we're getting some rain in marin county. we'll take a look at that


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