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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  December 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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southward looks like marin county getting the heaviest rainfall. this is kind of it will up a little bit. so if i was to say getting rain there. and all the way down to the san to cruz mountains. probably breezy to windy at times. nothing too out ragous yet. yet it's 16 in fairfield. you can see how the moisture is streaming upwards. we have a long way to go. it will be a rainy cool day. if you are under the weather or fighting that flu bug because i know it's going around. a lot of 50s and 60s. sal, i hope you're not going anywhere. >> i know, we're going to be busy. i'm ready to go. let's go out and take a look at this on 80 westbound. the traffic looks pretty good as we have been seseying there is plenty of roadway flooding on the way to work. just give yourself an extra 15-
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20 maybe a half an hour if you can to negotiate this morning's commute. we're looking at the toll plaza as pam mentioned. it's pretty wet there. and also looking at the commute if you are driving on the 580 freeway. that looks okay from livermore to dublin but it is early. this morning's rain could cause problems for the commute. ktvu tara moriarty is in san francisco where flooding has already been reported. tara. >> reporter: yeah it has been raining steadily over night. when we drove in, we noticed a lot of spot flooding on the roadways. too dangerous to pull over and get video. we did get video of our drive from inside of the news van. we've got some shots. there is more than a dozen accidents on the chp log. here are some spots that are currently flooded. 101 northbound just north of
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fell be. we have six inches of water in the road way. the national weather service predicts up to five inches in the mountains today. mainly santa cruz. 1-2 inches in our major cities. could approach normal for the season. for the first time if a long time. but remember the last three years has been well below average. we still have a lot top look out for. we will also see gusty winds. thunderstorms as steve mentioned. we'll keep an eye on the commute for you this morning and let you know of any accidents that may happen. we are live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you we'll check in with you throughout the morning. this rain is certainly a
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welcome sight. but the rain is also creating problems. especially when it comes down so hard for us for a short amount of time. nervous workers have been placing sandbags outside of a cafe. business owners say that when the rain comes down hard, this area floods. >> water will come up from the drain that is here out in the street and start to raise. >> this is the same area of san francisco where mission creek used to run years ago. during heavy rain. parts of the sierra bracing for major snow. the snow will start this morning and stick around for wednesday night and thursday. that is a pretty shot. this is twice the amount of snow that fell over the weekend. many ski resorts say they got a
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foot of fresh powder. cal tran is warning people the highways and passes could be dangerous. if you are heading up to the sierra, make sure do carry your chains or four wheel drives. they are reminding everyone to conserve despite this wet weather. >> a normal year we get 50 inches of rain. right now we are under 7 inches. there is lot of room in the reservoirs. >> the critical water shortage could still mean a rate hike. the water agency says it will see how much rain we get this week before making a final decision. and later today we will get an update on california's campaign to save water during this record breaking drought. they will announce the latest water statistic. figures released earlier this year found water use ranged
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from $49 a gallon a day to 580 gallons a day. 4:34 is the time right now. online campaign is asking people to donate to nonprofits. the day was started back in 2012. as an alternative to black friday and cyber monday shopping. they are of iing a free app with a virtual tower. each brick represents a donation. several corporations are matching gifts made on matching tuesday. a familiar holiday site and sound may not be as common this year as the salvation army has a shortage of volunteer bell ringers.
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>> we found just two bell ringers. the salvation army has dozens of kettles in the office that could be taking in money if there were more bell ringers. >> if we can have volunteers come in. i think that would be great help to us. >> the red kettle tradition started in san francisco. more than 100 years ago. andth crab pots were the original red kettles used. and our website we are posting information about volunteering for the salvation army. just listen for the web link section on our front page.
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scheduled to vote. the plan would postpone a $3 million property tax payment owed by the hospital. $9million in future payments would be permanently waved. the proposal is part of plan that would help restore emergency services at the hospital and keep it open for at least five years. the hospital filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and has received more than $35 million in funding from contra costa county since 2006. three men have been charged in a burglary in oakland in connection with a protest against the grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri. tony kasey, and 25-year-old devon they smith appeared in court yesterday. police say under cover offices spotted them forcing their way into the store in downtown oakland early last tuesday morning. and leaving with stolen goods. at least 135 people were arrested during protests last week. and so far the three men are
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the only people charged with felonies. they are due back in court next week to enter pleas. san francisco police say they arrested 19 people during friday's protest in the city. police say hundreds of people tried to disrupt the tree lighting ceremony in union square. some people began arguing with police officers while others started smashing windows. then the crowd headed to the mission district where things became even more violent. at a news conference yesterday, police chief greg suhr said five officers were injured badly enough to need medical treatment. >> he was struck in the face with the tequila bottle that came through the window of the vehicle. struck him just under the nose and causing a laceration that required four stitches to close.
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palo alto police are thanking -- yesterday hundreds of students walked out of class. some of them with their hands up. similar walk outs took place at schools across the country. it has been more than a week since the grand jury decided not to indict officer darren wilson for the deadly shooting of 18-year-old michael brown. in response to what happened in ferguson, president obama says he wants more police officers to wear body cameras. the president is asking congress for funding to buy more than 50,000 body cameras. he says she looking for ways to build trust and confidence between police and minority communities across the country. here in the bay area 14 police departments have or will soon be getting body cameras.
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all 80 officers started wearing body cameras. uc berkeley professor of criminal law says it's human nature to be on your best behavior when there is a camera present. >> so the fact that a camera is on it simply means that the department of human nature is operating at full incentive at ways that may very well improve things. >> bay area police officers say they like having another eye looking out for them. they say it's only a matter of time before every officer in the country has a body cam ray. a federal grand jury is due to start deliberating the case of police officers accused of corruption.
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people living in single occupancy hotels say they were roughed up and had items stolen. one officer pled guilty and testified for the prosecution. falling trees have created a dangerous hazard until san francisco. coming up at 5:00, the preus coos the city is taking as the next round of storms moves in. >> rain caused a roof of an auto shop to collapse. two people were working inside. coming up next the piece of equipment that saved their lives. >> and we're looking at 880 in oakland. you can see traffic is okay. there was a crash near 23rd being cleared. windy and rainy. you're going to need extra time for this commute. >> i want to thank all of you for doing your rain dance.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. you're looking at what happened when heavy rain caused the roof of an auto repair shop to collapse. two people were working inside add the time of the collapse. firefighters say a pool of water collected on the roof causing a 20-foot section to come crashing down. the owner and an employee were working on a car directly underneath and they say the collapse came without any warning. >> it sounded like something falling off a shelf. i'm looking around and then the next thing you know water like a title wave is coming down. >> the owner says a small hydraulic lift happened to be in the right place and kept a massive beam from crushing them. firefighters say dry rod also contributed to the collapse. the building is now off limits because of the loose roof and the debris. a stockton mother is behind
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bars after her baby was found outside in the rain near a dumpster. it all happened early saturday morning when a big rainstorm moved through the bay area. the 33-year-old mother now faces child endangerment charges. officers found her passed out and under the influence. >> the citizen realized it was raining and very cold outside and heard a baby crying. found a baby next to the dumpster. >> the baby was taken to a local childrens shelter and is expected to be okay. temple university is responding after bill cost by resigned as a trustee in the wake of sexual assault allegations. the comedian announced his resignation after 17 women accused him of drugging and molesting them. cost by has served on temple university's board since 1982 and one of the schools well known donators.
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temple student body president says the allegations were harming the schools reputation. happening today muni's board of directors is scheduled to consider a plan to lower fees far taxi drivers. this comes after a complaint that they are struggling to compete with wide sharing companies like uber and lift. that allows riders to board buses through any doors. the meeting is scheduled to get under way at 1:00 this african. . also happening today the san jose city council will vote on a proposal that will ban cyclists from city sidewalks. cyclists will have to stay on the road. this will keep people on the sidewalks safe from being hit. critics say it puts cyclists in danger by forcing them to ride in traffic.
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4:47 is the time right now. i do not think a lot of people will be riding their bike today. i just want to tell people the freeways are just incredibly dangerous. there is a lot of water on the roads. >> yeah i ran into it myself, pam. and you can't see it. >> no. i'm just surprised they are not draining better. >> i think there is probably going to be growing pains if you will when it comes to the drains out there. they are clogged up from whatever. and we'll have crews that will have to be called. this is a look a the westbound bay bridge toll plaza. and there are no major problems coming into san francisco. also looking at the commute on 880 we talked about standing water. there is plenty of it along this stretch. if you are driving on the pins l101 and 280 is still looking pretty good. it will be raining steady.
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many of these commits please now there is 20s there but the winter storm warning doesn't kick in until noon for as the system fronts move n it will push a lot of this right here. that is very warm tongue of air. we have this system setting up and then the low has to move through. all signs point to et. the ever so today into it is a steady rain since midnight. that has totaled about ever half an inch of rain in jeans.
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dark green is goo. that is steady rain. all the way out to discovery bay and bethel island and san ramon. fremont, sunol grade will probably be a mess today along the peninsula as well. a little heavier coming in. 50s on your temps. they will not budge i think another degree. i think they are stuck here. it will be a cooler day. lows in the 50s. highs in the upper 50s or low 60s. not an outrageous breeze but it will pick up. we've already had hints of that. 27 in tahoe. nothing yet. fog being reported around truckee. again that winter storm warning starts at noon today and goes all the way into tomorrow. last check i saw there wasn't too much precip yet. winter storm warning. we will measure feet.
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snow level around 62-65. and then it will come down. there is a lot here to like if you like rain. if you don't like thunderstorms then you might want to take a flight out of the area because it looks like they will start to move in later this morning. rainfall looks good for everybody. and it's been a long time since we've said that. so everybody in on a really good rain event here and it's about time we need it. rain cooler. windy at times. possible thunderstorms in the afternoon. some of the parameters here on the severe for us look really good later today. 60s on your temps and the extended outlook is pretty wet today and tomorrow. clouds, showers and we'll keep it unsettled all the way into saturday and sunday. >> thank you, steve. 4:51 is the time. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in washington, d.c..
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the u.s. capitol christmas tree will be it will tonight. house speaker john boehner will host the ceremony on the west front of the capitol. the 88-foot tall white spruce from minnesota will remain it will from dusk until 11:00 p.m. each night through january 1st. the tree at 555 california street will also be it will tonight. american idol winner phillip phillips will perform at that ceremony. ronny lock is the events honorary chair. 4:52 is the time right now. almost 100 people just might go over the edge in san jose today. coming up in 208 minutes why people are able to dangle from the marriott hotel 26 stories high. >> a teacher author and grandfather shot dead new details about the miser to use case and the efforts to catch his killer.
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a high speed chase came to a strange ending after a suspected car thief try to escape police on a skate board. the pursuit ended after a driver realized what was going on, drove on to the sidewalk and blocked the skate border and that gave police a few extra seconds to catch up and capture him. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest after a man was found shot to death on a hiking
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trail in the oakland hills. police say a hiker found david's body tuesday afternoon at the huck l berry regional premier. investigators say it appears he was shot several times during an attempted robbery. >> it is an unusual crime for that location. so we are obviously urging people to take precaution wherever they are. >> police are reviewing surveillance video and interviewed several witnesses that reported seeing two men in a parking lot just before the shooting. anyone with information is asked to contact east bay regional park police. also this morning three men suspected of kidnapping and robbing a couple in berkeley are in police custody. officers say they attacked a couple last week as they sat at the popular look out point on grizzly peak boulevard. the robbers forced the couple to drive to an atm and withdraw
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cash. the victims were not hurt. the same men may be responsible for other crimes in the area and they are asking anyone with information about this incident or similar ones to contact them. today is the deadline the u.s. government set for a japanese company to admit its air bags are defective. they are demanding tacata expand its retail to a national one. if it doesn't, the government is threatening to fine tacata and could take legal action. fine deaths are blamed on the air bags that deflate with too much force. a nationwide recall could triple the number. and this morning homeland security secretary jay johnson will appear before a congressional committee to defend president obama's executive actions. in written testimony prepared for the white house homeland security committee johnson calls the president's plan simple common sense. but republicans have vowed to
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do what they can to block the president. one option they are considering is to withhold funding for immigration in a government spending bill. that means there could be a show down ahead of a december 11th deadline to pass the spending bill to keep the government running. coming up next in our 5:00 hour from sandbags to tarps. preparations are under way across the bay area just how much rain is expected from this latest storm and what has people so concerned. >> and it has taken tour weeks but san jose will declare its new mayor. >> and right now we are looking at the golden gate bridge. you can see the lane workers are out there reconfiguring the lanes so be careful if you are going there any time soon. it's wet and we'll tell you where the delays are. >> nearly half an inch of rain already. mill valley, sfo, redwood city and san francisco and there is a lot more to go.
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good morning. we are talking about the storm preparations. steve says we will get another
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1-2 inches of rain. driving conditions pretty horrendous. >> sometimes just be careful what you wish for. we've been wishing for rain. we'll talk about amounts and how long this will last. >> if the storm is causing new threats in the areas burned by a major wild fire near the sierra, we'll tell you the two things crews have done to prevent mud slides. >> and it's a national day of giving back. the best way you can donate to bay area charities on this giving tuesday. it's all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. we are facing the rain in san francisco and now we are in san leandro where you can see there is a live picture coming down pretty hard. alex savidge is out there this morning. he's going to have more on the road conditions. we are checking the road conditions all over the bay area. it is


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