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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  December 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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on the drier side. there is a possibility of more hundred dollar earn lightning. for the morning it will be tough.en if it doesn't rain in spots mill valley, san rafael over to richmond. all the way up toward crockett and out toward cordelia. and then there is still some off the marin coast and heading toward san francisco. we are not done yet. in the next couple of hours, most of this will swing through and get a little bit of a break. there is plenty here for the next couple of hours. and then a break late morning or early afternoon. the atmosphere is so juiced up, we will see more scattered wide spread showers. rainfall projections have been really good. they have been spot on thursday into friday. but there is a still a couple that moved through. i am going to say rain,
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showers. lots of clouds. some sun breaks. today will be a rainbow weather kind of day. sal. tough. >> it was very tough in parts of the east bay. other parts of the east bay. plenty of flooding. some of their vehicles are stuck and can't get out of the city. this flooding was taken law enforcement is concerned obviously. and they are also concerned in tiburon where the high tide is expected a little later this morning. so this is actually going to be a big deal here. it looks like a lake out there. out to the east shore freeway
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we go. and you can see traffic is moving along just okay. this is another one of those days where if you can work from home or go a little later, it will be better for you. right now it's still not very crowded. maybe if you have to go, you want to go now when the roads are not completely different. it lasted all that length. all of that time getting into san francisco. and if you are driving this morning, you can see westbound 580 we had a couple of problems as you drive to the livermore valley. give yourself plenty of time. westbound 580 near greenville and westbound 580 near airway.
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alex, it looks like you are behind the wheel. >> yeah we are on the move this morning. sal good morning to you we are in san leandro heading south. right now the rain sort of light but just a couple of minutes ago we had really heavy rain. we saw some really strong downpours coming down. drivers were really taking it slow. let me show you one of the problems. this is out of san francisco where there is some significant street flooding this morning. and that is obviously something that drivers in the city will want to be aware of this morning. obviously the standing water an issue on surface streets and can lead to hydroplaning and spinouts. we talked to the chp about the
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biggest issues they see. >> they lose control and spin out on the road. a lot of times they face the wrong way. we have to stop all the traffic and get them turned around. >> and as we bring you back out here to a live picture, we are heading south on 880 this morning in san leandro. coming up here on marina boulevard. what we really are seeing at this point is drivers really are not taking it easy. which is a good sign yesterday morning you probably got stuck in some sort of backup. the commute was just nasty yesterday with hundreds of crashes. that is what the chp was dealing with. they do not want a repeat performance today. we will keep driving around looking for any problems around the bay area and we will be back here on the morning news. for now back to you sal. >> actually back to me alex. thank you.
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i know i drove 40 miles an hour on parts of the freeway. very slow going. stormy weather also causing delays at bay area airports. the duty manager say that's they are expecting delays as long as three hours because of the rain and wind. the storm has also forced the cancellation of 146 flights at sfo. at last check four flights out of oakland were canceled. 65 delayed. san jose had nine cancellations and 58 weather related delays. if you are heading to the mountains this morning, or later today, you should be prepared for stormy road conditions. last night chain restrictions were lifted on highways 80 and 50 through the leak tahoe area but drivers are still advised to clear chains. >> still coming down but they are keeping the roads pretty clear. >> as much as three feet of snow could fall at the summit by the end of tomorrow.
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now stay with us here at ktvu news for continuing coverage on air and online. you can get the very latest storm watch information any time. bart is looking at big expansion plans in response to a big jump in ridership. it would run from oakland through alameda, across the bay to san francisco. bart is also looking at the possibility of creating a second line in the western part of san francisco along 19th avenue. however bart says both projects are many years away. there is also a new push to provide free muni passes for senior citizens and people with disabilities. supporters rallied outside of san francisco city hall. muni has the funding to provide free bus service. muni's board is scheduled to discuss the plan at a meeting next month. at noon today the alameda county sheriffs office will
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unvail the purchase of two drones. the devices will not be used for surveillance. they will only be used for specific missions such as to help find missing people and assist the swat team. last year the sheriff was unsuccessful in convincing the board of supervisors. so the $97,000 cost comes from the department's own budget. critics including the aclu accuse the sheriff of bypassing the public process and buying the drones in secret. protestors will gather at the federal building in san francisco to demand the names of the police officers involve the in the deadly shooting of alex nieto. police say they shot and killed the 28-year-old back in march when he reached for what appeared to be a gun. it turned out to be a taser. his family has filed a federal lawsuit against the city.
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students at san jose state university held a quiet vigil for michael brown last night. a few dozen students gathered to remember the 18-year-old who was killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. students say they wanted to pay their respects to brownian pay respect. >> give them a chance to discuss the verdict and matters as to what is going on. >> the event was organized by the black student union. they stress they want it to be peaceful, not a rally or march. simply a vigil. authorities are investigating angry comments made by michael brown's stepfather after it was announced the officer would not be indicted. this is widely is circulated video of lewis. it shows him using profanity,
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calling for fires to be set. a family lawyer said afterward the comments were raw emotion. police are reportedly investigating whether the stepfather intended to incite a riot. a plan to block the university of california from raising tuition. coming up at 5:00 the set back one group of students will still suffer. >> i totally froze. i almost dropped the book. >> a seven-year-old girl does not like what she finds on the back cover of a favorite book. up next the letters she wrote that encourages the publisher to make a few changes. >> good morning. we have a terrible commute already. we have an overturned big rig, we have slow traffic all over the place. we'll tell you a little bit more about what is going on and a lot that has to do with the wet weather. >> it looks like a brutal morning commute. lightning, thunder, you name it. all sorts of heavy rain. we'll have updates coming up.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. bicyclists now banned from some sidewalks in downtown san jose. in early 2016 it will include bans on santa clara century. supporters say the ban is necessary to protect people on the sidewalks from cyclists but cyclists say forcing them to ride in the streets will increase their chances of being hit by a car. nine young bay area athletes are heading to australia to represent oakland in the international childrens games. they also were given gold tree pendants. the team leaves for australia tomorrow night and competition starts on saturday. >> it's to represent oakland,
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california. >> i'm lucky enough to be one of the selected few to travel across the world to do something i love. >> the athletes are hot just skilled at sports they have to earn good grades in school and attend classes. team oakland athletes say it's an honor to show the good that comes from their hometown. a seven-year-old girl made a big statement about gender stereotypes. she took issue with a series of books and took action. >> reporter: at the milpitas public library a life lesson sat on the shelf. in the children's section there is an explosion of books about princesses, butterflies and unify corns. >> sometimes i like playing
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space camp. and my favorite part of the game is when the engines are failing. because i would panic like crazy. >> reporter: tempering her excitement were two words. >> i almost froze. i totally froze. i almost dropped the book. >> reporter: why? >> because it said books for boys on the back. >> reporter: the little book the girl enjoyed reading was actually for boys. >> when i saw the back cover title it said biggest, baddest books for boys. it made me very unhappy. >> reporter: she asked them to reconsider the title. >> there is no such is thing as a boy book.
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>> packers letter caught the publishers attention. >> we'd like to thank you for your letter. >> reporter: the company responded saying she brought up a very goo point. changing the title of its next series. which parker received an advanced copy of. >> there is a red cover instead of a blue cover. which is a good sign. i like red. and look. >> reporter: the words for boys stripped from the cover. a step forward in creating a culture that encourages girls like parker to embrace whatever interests them. including bugs. >> it's good that they changed it. there is no such thing as a boy thing or girl thing. >> parkers parents are obviously very proud of their daughter. her father hopes to see more changes to get girls involved in science and explore all that is available to them. the golden state warriors barely avoided an upset to
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notch their tenth win in a row. steph curry once again hit a three pointer with two seconds left. the game winning shot. they beat the orlando magic 98- 97. >> this is a crazy game that we won even though we probably shouldn't have won. >> warrior is are tied for the best record in the nba at 15-2. they will be back in action tomorrow night hosting the new orleans pelicans. we can't just sit around and talk about warriors. because the weather. my commute was even more horrendous than yesterday. >> yeah it's really bad out there. a lot of flooding out there. one thing you could not drive in standing water but it's
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dark. sometimes you can't really blame people. let's take a look at what we have now. with the morning commute. this is a major problem for the commute. as you move over to westbound 580 you have slow traffic approaching dublin and the traffic is okay so far into castro valley. bay bridge is going to be okay here as you come through. even if you can't mention your area specifically, watch for flooding. 280 looks okay. southbound 280 transition to 87 has to be closed because of
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flooding. that is just when the rain comes some of the drains are not handling it very well. let's go to steve. steve, will it keep raining? >> some advice here. take the old seven philosophy. just take it slow. let it come to you slowly. or as they say in thailand just relax. because i will tell you it's tough out there. thunder though. lightning and thunder. took all last night. a cell and made it all the way up into marin county. had reports of waking up. hardest rain on the roof i've heard in a long time, pam. i mean seriously. i was like wow. so the thunder and lightning will be with us again. we do have an urban and small stream advisory out. that goes until -- that is what
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was happening in san francisco around 2:30 this morning. of biblical proportions. thankfully it doesn't last too long. but in some of these cells, you can get some hefty downpours. we talked about this. it looks like some -- there are breaks in here. it looks like the heavier line has moved out. san rafael and novato. heading toward vallejo. coming right up from the santa cruz mountains. these are close to the radar site. this is really intense right here. that will be with us for the morning. 50s and 60s on the low.
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sfo is 50. these are warm systems. and you get that strong southerly breeze in advance of it. 41 warm degrees up in tahoe. we have morning rain and then we will get a break. but any sun breaks which will make for nice rainbow weather today. then kind of juice up the atmosphere. tremendous lift here provided by this low coming in. it's kind of like a spoken wheel. these little systems coming. rainfall amounts still look great all the way into friday. i think we get more rain late friday into saturday. they will be weaker than what we had yesterday and today. some sun breaks.
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some sun breaks. i know. that and wet roads. 60s on the temps. maybe some upper 60s as well. we're sitting at 60-61 for some. a little bit better as we head toward saturday afternoon and sunday. but there is off and on rain here. we were like 30-40%. and now boom. just like that. we're over. >> the rain is a welcome site. unfortunately the stormy weather has hardly put a dent in california's historic drought. the state's water agency says california has a long way to go to recover from a record breaking dry weather. california's reservoirs remain at historic lows. and it will take record rains over the next few years to get those reservoirs back to normal. 4:52 is the time. a warning for high school seniors.
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>> we don't want anybody to get hurt. >> coming up at 5:15, the game that involves fake weapons, a pot of money, and hunting down your opponent. >> snapshot that police say is a smoking gun. the reason officers went to talk with a man behind what they are calling an incriminating selfie. over a million californians have a gotten something that's beend. out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. family sleeping inside their home in sacramento experienced a rude awakening. a woman plowed her suv right into the house. the crash left a gaping hole. sparked a small fire in the living room. investigators think the driver may have been drunk. neighbors also say speeding is a common problem in the area. >> we are sick and tired of it. this is a 25 miles an hour zone. i'm yelling at them all the time to slow down. >> no one in the home was hurt but the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. investigators did not find any skid marks that would indicate the driver tried to stop. police in stockton are turning to social media to find a man that took selfies with a stolen iphone. a man's iphone was stolen last month when his car was broken
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into. shortly after the victim saw a man's picture being up loaded to his icloud account. they poeed the picture yesterday and they have received several tips. a california woman is claiming that cost by molested her when she was just 15 years old. judy huss says back in 1974 cost by gave her alcohol, took her to the playboy mansion and molested her. 20 other women have come forward to accuse cosby of sexual assault. doctors are testing a patient for the ebola virus. now the patient is in stable condition and said to be in good spirits. doctors won't reveal why they suspect ebola expect that the person had been to an area where the virus is present.
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they are monitoring 1400 people in 44 states that recently returned from effected african countries. time now 4:56. the university of texas missing part of a collection of brains. the school says the brains were preserved in jars of formaldehyde and used as a teaching tool. they were stored in a basement nearly 30 years ago but university officials can't say when the organs were last seen. they say it's possible someone took them for halloween pranks. coming up next, the rain is definitely causing problems. especially in marin county. this morning some sheriffs vehicles are even stranded. the extra help now being called in. >> savages is the only word that appropriately describes this. >> disturbing new details on the beating death of a bay area homeless man. the visit owe that could -- the video that could help investigators. >> we have pretty heavy rain coming down in parts of marin. or it has come down. and now we have heavy flooding.
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golden gate bridge looks good. we'll tell you more about this. >> some of the wide spread rain is tapered off a little bit but still pockets of moderate to very heavy rain and more thunderstorms right offshore. we'll have your updated forecast.
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we are live until marin city where major fire has paralyzed a city. >> we are heading out on the road to check out the bay area conditions. >> getting a little break but there is more on the way. time for the ktvu morning news. good morning. here is a live look at marin county. this is not far from sausalito. it looks like a lake out there. major flooding in this area. it even stranded emergency crews. tara moriarty is out


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