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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 3, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> reporter: it's another wet morning commute on the bay area. we're driving it with you. we'll tell you about some of the problems we've seen this morning. rain, lightning, thunder. some breaks but some areas it won't stop raining. we'll have an update on the incredible totals and see what's in store for the rest of
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the day. >> reporter: we're live in tiburon where several businesses were flooded overnight. once again, we are on stormwatch this morning. if you thought the heavy rain caused problems yesterday, brace yourself. this morning, there's flooding, storm damage and treacherous driving conditions and a lot of flight delays. we have team coverage. sal is focused on the traffic back just and steve is tracking the timing of the storm. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. >> i'm dave clark. let's start with the stormwatch. we're gonna check in with steve. you're in the weather center. >> busy since 2:00 a.m. woke me up. tori, dave, pretty incredible
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system. thunderstorm rumbled through around 2:00, 2:30. might have been sooner up towards lake county. some of the rain rates about 2 inches an hour. heavydownpours. green point, highway 37, opposite of black point, near novato, 4.70. clear clayton, along marsh creek road, 2.52. sleepy hollow, 4.27. cazadero, 2.57. that's probably updated. forestville. lexing on reservoir, los gatos, almost 3 inches. that's really, really good. it looks like there's some areas that are kind of lighting up a little bit in the santa cruz mountains. but a general area of rain now south bay all the way to the peninsula. but the heaviest rain by far has been, if not the santa cruz mountains near novato, also to sears point wrapping back into
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marin county. torrential rain at times. can't even hear the tv. also extending now to yountville, napa county, sonoma county, sonoma proper even near glen ellen. this looks to be the heaviest of the rain. it went until 7:00. i wouldn't be sur friesed if it still goes. these are not that bad. some areas out towards the east bay, there's some rain. but nothing too heavy. there's pocketing around newark and fremont, had a couple of reports of very heavy rain. but the heaviest has been in the north bay. there's still one little system to go that has to punch in here. we're not done yet. but parts of the san mateo, santa cruz coast still to come. it look to be favoring half moon bay. everybody is in on this. 60s for some of the temps. mild and windy as heck. extra hold on the hair spray. 26, gusts to 35 half moon bay
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airport. i've seen gusts to 50 plus some of the higher elevations. coastal hills, we're done yet. it will be rainy off and on. most of this is lifting north but it will be another tough, tough morning commute here. if you are just leaving outside, it's brutal. the rain projections are starting to lift a little bit over the next couple of days. the heavier amounts will be santa rosa northward as we head towards thursday, friday and into saturday. there will be some sunbreaks. beautiful rainbow weather. a lot to talk about that. 60s on the temps. saw some of the rain totals surpassing 4, almost 5 inches. >> it's incredible. it's never good when that starts happening for drivers, steve, as you might imagine. we're looking at some commutes that have improved a little bit. for example, this one on 80 westbound is just kind of normal which is surprising to me. west 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. only taking 32 minutes. it was much worse yesterday. it was raining harder along this commute. when up get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see some
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slow traffic. ktvu news crews are driving around the bay area this morning to get a look at the mess facing drivers. alex savidge is live in the ktvu news van to show us some of the problems he's encountered on the roads. alex? >> reporter: sal, good morning to you. we're taking it slow this morning during the soggy morning commute. let me show you why here's taking it slow. we'll take you outside. this is a live picture. you can see this is the traffic. we're heading west on 80 and we're in pinole still coming up on appian way. you can see the traffic is pretty slow. not raining at all at this moment in time, the windshield wipers are turned off. let me show you video from this morning we shot. this was the scene in hayward. very early this morning. the rain was coming down incredibly hard, a huge downpour. people were almost slowing to a stop because the rain was so heavy there at that point, there was so much of it building up on the roadway. the concern for drivers all of
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that standing water. this video is out of san francisco and the situation here happened on cesar chavez street. this is where a whole bun. of standing water built up there right at the freeway offramp. three cars got stuck. we talked with one of the drivers who had to crawl out of his car in all of that standing water. >> heavy rain, lightning, a lot going on i was trying to avoid getting off the freeway. a sharp turn right there. you can't really see it. before you know it, i was under water. >> reporter: and your car, you just said to me, the car was floating? >> it was floating. it wasn't on the ground. you could feel the water taking control of it. it was coasting. >> reporter: scary situation for him and the other drivers who got stuck there this morning. but thankfully, everyone there is okay. certainly a good lesson to keep an eye eye fought out for -- an eye out for the standing water. we're live heading west on interstate 80. not going anywhere fast. we'll have to wait to see how bad the morning commute turns
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out to be. a lot of drivers hoping it is not like yesterday, when there were just a couple of hundred crashes and major issues all around the bay area. the commute is slow but the rain not coming down right now which is good news for drivers. we're gonna heading west towards the maze. we'll update you later on "mornings on 2." we're live in pinole, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. back to you, sal. ze still have a lot more traffic -- we still have a lot more traffic to talk about. the we'll start off in the east bay with the toll plaza, where westbound 80 is 80 slow coming up to a 20, 25-minute delay. another 15 on the bridge. it makes it almost an hour trip into san francisco. it's not as bad as it was yesterday. it's not raining as hard. 580 is slow and slow is 680. niles canyon road is closed in fremont all the way out to 680. you can't use it because of heavy debris in the lanes. you can't use that as a
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shortcut. a lot of these small roads with trees have had these kind of closures. you can see 880 southbound is also going to be slow this morning as you drive into fremont. southbound 101 at marin city, a couple of lanes remain closed there for flooding and we also have a look at flooding on westbound 92. this is a major problem at 92. traffic is backing up across the san mateo bridge. it's taking almost 45 minutes to cross the san mateo bridge. are you kidding me with that? i would not use the san mateo bridge at this point. 7:08. back to the desk. >> all right. thank you, sal. this morning,'s heavy rain is causing some major flooding all over the bay area. ktvu's tara moriarty continues our stormwatch coverage live in marin county. good morning. >> reporter: all off-duty public works crews as well as from mill valley have been called in to help with the flooding. there's quite a few crews. they've been cleaning up the depre, trying to clean out the storm drains. it's been quite the project
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early this morning. we know that we're here at the center on tiburon. it flooded. came up to about here. the people that received the brunt of the damage, a lot of the businesses here in this strip mall, physical therapy center, restaurant, flower shop and a frame shop next to paradise foods grocery store. we spoke to the owner of the physical therapy shot who said he was concerned about the weather yesterday. >> 3:00, it was coming down in sheets and i thought about this place but i thought about the roof. i didn't think about the ground. >> what are you gonna do now? >> squeegee and vacuum and call the carpet company and see if they will help me out and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: in marin city at the 101 ramp, major flooding. cars, taxis, even emergency vehicles got stranded in more than a feet of water at this one point. right now the situation has
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eased up. but officials are concerned that that area as well as the point where highway 101 meets, high tide is coming in in an hour. we're back here at the physical therapy place. we still have quite a bit of water. you can see the carpets are waterlogged. they will have to bring in the dryers and make sure no mohammed sets in. a lot of work ahead for a lot of the businesses here in the strip mall. there are several homes that have been flooded in tiburon. we'll check that out and we'll make sure to bring the latest for you in the next hour. live from tiburon, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> they may need physical therapy after doing all of the cleanup. thank you. we're getting new numbers about the power outages. pg&e says the biggest power problems are in san francisco where 2600 homes and businesses are without power. 200 are prout power on the --
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are without power on the peninsula. there are no reported outages in the east bay. we'll continue our stormwatch team coverage throughout the morning. you can find more on our website, and mobile ktvu. >> all right, tori. 7:11. san francisco police will be passing out fliers tomorrow at the montgomery street b.a.r.t. station about the search for three people suspected of beating and killing a homeless man. the unprovoked attack last month was captured by sh surveillance video. it's lard to see. the video is grainy. investigators say it shows three young men killing 67-year- old ty lamb, a disabled homeless man. he used to a crutch to get around. he was sleeping on sutter street outside of a building. he was attacked twice by the same people between 11:00 p.m. and midnight. >> this attack is extremely brutal in nature and the fact that they left, came back and
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resumed the attack, i think it speaks volumes about how bad it actually was. >> investigators think the suspects rode on muni or b.a.r.t. to get to this area. they may have been involved in a flash mob event before that deadly attack. 7:11. we're continuing our storm coverage for the next two hours. the heavy rain not only causing problems on the roadways, the major delays we're seeing. the heavy rain is coming with a hefty price tag for some homeowners. up next, the biggest issues that caused leaks and flooding and how you can avoid a soggy mess. and some commutes are still very, very slow. still raining pretty hard. but here on highway 4 in baypoint, doesn't look too bad. we'll tell you more about the east bay commute. everyone in on the lightning and thunder almost overnight. pretty good rain. it has let up for some. yet, for others, it's been relentless. take a look at some of the rain
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♪ >> wind, weather and storm. ♪ wind weather and storm >> we do have thunderstorm activity still possible today. we'll have an update on your forecast which looks very active even this morning. >> all right. thank you. steve. in the meantime, ktvu news contacted a number of home repair businesses in the bay area and they have been swamped with calls since these big storms began. the experts say the trouble for homeowners often begins in the street. >> if the gutters can't get the water away from the house, you get water coming into the house. >> experts say water leaks
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inside walls can destroy homes, and the best time to fix leaks is right now, at the start of the rainy season. right now. >> good advice. >> i'm heading out. but first i have to listen to sal. he's gonna get us to where we need to go. how is highway 24? well, it's slow. steve and i have been telling you, it's changing and 24 right now, let's take a look at it. it's moderately heavy as you drive up to the caldecott tunnel. i believe we have it for you here. there it is. you can see it's about a 15- minute drive. it's a little bit longer than normal but not all that bad. that's because you can see it stopped raining. steve did mention there will be sun spots today. and this isn't exactly sun but it's clearer than it was even a few moments ago. moving along to the bay bridge toll plaza, that is also better. you can see things are drying off. that does a wonder for traffic as you drive through.
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680 concord to walnut creek, slow traffic as you drive on 680 and there's been a lot of puddling. also some slow traffic on 880 south getting into freemont. it looks like fremont police is getting ready to reopen niles canyon road in a bit and highway 101, 280 are slow. i do want to mention the san mateo bridge traffic is terrible because of earlier flooding at 92 and 101. and there is a tree down -- there is a tree down on middlefield road near marsh in the atherton area. that will be there all day. 7:17. steve, boy, we're pretty busy today. sal, is there anything going on today? >> no. >> i didn't think so. >> have another cup of coffee. >> wow. i love this. it's fun but i know for some, it can be a ream hassle trying to drive through it. the cats, dogs, the lightning and thunder, put on quite a show. michael in san francisco said
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biblical rains hit us. an inch or two an hour. you can the squaw lines going through, san francisco into marin county, i will tell you, marin county is the leader of the pack as far as the heaviest of the rain, all the way into lake county. some of this rain has just not stopped. it's -- although it looks like it's beginning to weak -- weaken a little bit. we will get some breaks in the clouds. but the rain totals coming in are impressive to say the least. green point near highway 37 across from black point, sonoma county line, 4.70. my guess is probably 5 by now. clayton, 2.50, sleepy hollow, 4.50. cazadero, 2.50. forestville, russian river, 3. ben lomond, 4. and lexington reservoir 3. do i have more? yes. i used petaluma instead of
7:19 am
santa rosa because the sonoma county rain gauge has been having issues. this is petaluma. 2.25. napa, 1.70. fairfield, 1.57. vacaville had 2 something like. concord, 1.64. oakland, 2. san francisco 2. san rafael over 2. but there are reports of a lot more than that in mill valley. fremont, union city, newark, about 1.69. livermore, 1.68. san jose 1.76. mountain view, 2.15. there's ben lomond. just east of morgan hill, 1.22. now we're talking. my goodness. that's the best rain we've seen in a long time. there's still a good line. it looks like things have collapsed in marin county, out to sears point we are seeing good cells developing. yountville back to sonoma, glen ellen, it's pouring there. urban and small stream flood advisory probably still applies
7:20 am
to the north near dublin, pleasanton, decent cells there. not much happening south bay. the rain tapered off in the santa cruz, santa cruz mountains. it's picking up again. there's still another cell offshore that has to swing in. there it is. we're not done. we're getting a line off the san mateo coast. howling breeze along parts of the coast. half moon bay to pacifica and some of the higher elevations as well. 63 half moon bay. the wind will be with us. really, breezy. gusts to 36 or 35. half moon bay. 20 at mountain view. 21 plus at hayward. you get the idea there will be a lot of rain. these warm ocean temps off the chart probably a record feeding off the system. 40 in tahoe. winter storm warning is out there. that will take us into thursday. so be advised even though it's been raining. it looks like the snow level is beginning to inch down. we'll bring it back down. it will be windy. the cooler air is working its way in. stillaways to go. it will be another rainy day. the rainfall isn't going to
7:21 am
start lifting over the next couple of days. yesterday and today were the main days. san jose, santa cruz mountains took the brunt. now it's going to favor areas to the north up to mendocino andlake county. probably rain into saturday morning. rainbow weather today, later on today. not this morning. 60s on the temperatures. very mild. we're sitting at 61, 63 for some. lightning, thunder, waterspouts, possible funnel clouds would not surprise me and unsettled weather into saturday morning. better saturday night, sunday. >> if you are trying to look for a rainbow, have your back to the sun? >> right. if it's rainy and sun nip at -- sunny at the same time. >> it may find you, tori. >> all right. thank you. u.p.s. under fire a former employer claims the company discriminated against there because of her -- discriminated against her because of her pregnancy. i totally froze.
7:22 am
i almost dropped the book. >> this 7-year-old girl didn't like what she found on the back of one of her favorite books and up next, the letter she quote that encouraged the publisher to make a big change.
7:23 am
7:24 am
a 7-year-old girl makes a big statement about gender stereotypes. she took issue with the series of books and then she took some action. heather holmes has more on the letter she wrote and the change it brought about. >> these crickets can't see well -- >> reporter: at the milpitas public library, a life lesson sat on the shelf. in the children's section there is books about princesses butterflies and unikoerns, but all -- unicorns. >> sometimes i like playing
7:25 am
space camp. and my favorite part of the game is when engines are failing because i would panic like crazy. >> reporter: the 7-year-old likes science, too. so when she found a book about bugs, she drove in. tempering her excitement were two words. >> i was like -- i almost froze. i totally froze. i almost dropped the book. >> reporter: why? >> because it said -- it says books for boys on the back. >> reporter: the book the little girl enjoyed reading was actually for boys. parker decided to write the publisher of the book a letter. >> when i saw the cover title, it said book for boys. it made me very unhappy. >> reporter: she asked them to reconsider the title. >> it made me very sad. there's no such thing as a boy book. you should change it that to boys and girls. >> reporter: parker's letter
7:26 am
caught the publisher's attention. >> dear parker, we would like to thank you for your letter. >> reporter: the company responded saying she brought up a very good point. >> we have decided to take your advice. >> reporter: it would be changing the title of its next series which parker received an advanced copy of. >> there is a red cover instead of a blue cover which is a good sign. i like red. and in the book. ta da! >> reporter: a step forward in creating a culture that encourages girls like parker who embrace whatever interests them, including bugs. >> it's good that they changed it. there's no such thing as a boy thing or a girl thing. >> way to go. parker's parents obviously very proud of their daughter. her dad says he hopes to see more changes to encourage girls to get involved in science and explore everything that's available to them. >> very cool. >> 7:26. the u.s. supreme court hears a case today in which a woman working for u.p.s.
7:27 am
claims she was discriminated against because of her pregnancy. peggy young was a part-time employee who became pregnant eight years ago. her doctor ordered her not to lift any packages heavier than 20 pounds. young claims that although u.p.s. had policies to help employees work around injuries or disabilities, she was simply told to leave without pay and only return after giving birth. advocacy groups say there is a downside if she wins. they believe companies fearing discrimination lawsuits will protect themselves by not hiring women during their child bearing years. 7:27. imagine finding a box with a human skull inside. the mysterious discovery and what some are describing as looking like a time capsule. and a rainy morning making for a messy commute. we're gonna show you the live conditions out here on the roadways in the east bay this morning and we'll also display
7:28 am
to you how standing water left some drivers stranded this morning. we still have a lot going on when it comes to just collisions and flooding closures. right now we're looking at the richmond/san rafael bridge approach. it's pretty slow trying to get over to marin county. looks like things are calming down a little bit but still steady rain. but picking up again towards santa cruz mountains and the south bay. it will be a very rainy day. maybe some more thunderstorms as well. ♪
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we're continuing our stormwatch coverage this morning. many parts of the bay area has been slammed with heavy rain and strong winds. some lightning. our crews have been following flooding and damage and the slick driving conditions all morning. here is a live look right now of alameda. it has cleared up in some parts but this looks pretty stormy there. raindrop s on the lens. more cumming. good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. i just ducked out. it's not raining out the door. but it looks like it will rain any second. steve today? >> we both have experience in the midwest. just wait five mits.
7:32 am
there's areas it's letting up. it does look like things are calming down a little bit up in marin county. a cell along the san mateo coast. some of the 24-hour rain totals are just incredible. we haven't seen this in years. green point near highway 37, 5.50. 2.47 near san anselmo. there's more than this. i know, i -- i try to update as fast as i can. forestville, 3 plus ben lomond 4. lexeston reservoir, probably over 3. morgan hill, highway 17, los gatos, pouring. these coming in fast and furious. also areas to the north. it look like things are finally beginning to slacken up a little bit. but yountville if getting heavy rain, st. helena, glen ellen. union city, hayward, san leandro, kind of a little respite here in the break. here is a line coming along the san mateo coast.
7:33 am
highway 1, half moon bay to pacifica. that's been the very, very heaviest but it does look like things are lightening up a little bit. there's so much more that has to swing in here. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. we'll get a few sunbreaks. windy to downright howling. overall, an active pattern. rain, a lot of clouds. possible waterspouts or funnel clouds and morning thunderstorms. we'll get rainbows today of the 60s on the temperatures. sal, i'm dancing as fast as i can. >> one of these morning where there's so much information. trying to give you the hot spots. we can't give you everything. let's go to the eastshore freeway. i understand that alex savidge and his news truck is somewhere along the stretch. i don't see where he is. i'm trying to look for him. no. it's clearing up now. but it's going to rain more later today. you better make sure you have good windshield wipers and tread on the tires. alex savidge is live in the
7:34 am
news van right now. you are on the east shore. >> reporter: yeah, sal. good morning to you. surprise, surprise. we're getting bogged down here on the eastshore freeway, heading west through berkeley. let me pop you outside and show you what the conditions look like. i have the windshield wipers on. you can see they are on very slow. we're starting to see a few sunbreaks. that doesn't mean drivers want to let their guard down. you can get some of the standing water and some of that water pooling on the sides of the roadway. you want to be extra cautious as you head out the door. it's been a slow ride for us heading from the pinole area down here into berkeley toward the maze right now. all of that standing water caused a major issue in san francisco. let me somehow you some video we shot early this morning. this was the scene. this is on cesar chavez street as it comes underneath highway 101. you can see several cars were stranded in rising floodwaters there. the drivers told us they were
7:35 am
getting off the freeway. and they turned onto cesar chavez street and all of a sudden, they just drove into a huge pool of water. they didn't see it dumbing. one of the drivers involved there describes what happened. >> it was raining pretty bad. i got off the freeway and bigger trouble than i thought. it was actually another car submerged. and then somebody came behind me and, still soaking wet had to climb out of the water. >> reporter: a scary situation for everyone involved there but all of the drivers in all three of the cars that got stuck there this morning. they were all okay which is very good news. back out here to the live picture. as we look across from the eastshore freeway, toward the bay bridge and san francisco in the background, we'll try to make our way into the city. we'll see how long it takes us here. you can see we're coming up on emeryville heading west on interstate 80. things have been real slow.
7:36 am
we've been doing 20, 30 miles an hour the whole way from the pin nome area down here heading toward the maze -- pinole area down here heading to the maze. we'll keep you updated, sal, on our progress this morning on a wet morning here in the bay area. >> all right. alex, gonna try to find you on the camera. guys in the control room, if you can shake the east shore camera. jj, are you -- here we come. i think he's right down there. the traffic is moving along relatively well. we are atrying to look here. >> reporter: i'll wave. >> anyway, the traffic -- we couldn't find it. we kind find him. we'll see. let's talk about more things. we do have slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no major issues as you come through. but it is backed up for a 25, 30-minute delay getting into san francisco. it's been a tough commute these
7:37 am
last two days comparing it to the obvious, the ordinary commutes here. let's move along and take a look at 580 and 680. it's been raining but it stopped. southbound 101 at marin city, we have awful traffic coming out of san rafael. two lanes are closed because of the flooding there. we've been talking about that all morning. the bad traffic continues down to about the sauce lee toy area and this -- sausalito area and this -- everyone is behind schedule. give yourself extra time as you drive through. back to the desk. bay area airports are reporting cancellations and delays this morning because of those storms. check before you head out to the airport. the duty manager at sfo expects delays as long as three hours later today because of rain and wind. 92 flights have been canceled at sfo today. if you are heading to oakland airport or san jose's airport, expect storm-related delays
7:38 am
there as well. drivers heading from the bay area to the sierra mountains should be prepared for stormy road conditions this morning. this video is from a caltrans camera on highway 80 and the road looks mostly clear. traffic moving but it does look very snowy off the roads. chain requirements are in effect for that highway between kingvale and the donner lake interchange. caltrans crews are working around the clock to keep those snowy roadways here. >> still coming down. but they are keeping the roads pretty clear right now. >> as much as three feet of snow could fall at the summit by the end of tomorrow. >> and the storm is also bringing a lot of rain to saferl. that's prompting fears about mudslides and flooding. one area of concern is and glendora near los angeles. that's where a major wildfire burned almost 2,000 acres earlier this year. so far, there are no major problems from the storm but the city is prepared. sandbags are in place. people are also putting up
7:39 am
barriers in front of their homes. we'll continue our stormwatch team coverage throughout the morning. you can find more on our website, and mobile ktvu. >> all right. b.a.r.t. considering big expansion plans because of booming ridership. bart's taking another look at the long-debated plan to build a second transbay tube. this one would run from oakland through alameda across the bay to san francisco. b.a.r.t. is also looking at the possibility of creating a second line in the western part of san francisco. right along 19th avenue. however, b.a.r.t. says either one of those projects they are many years away. there is a new push to give free muni passes to senior citizens an people with disability is. supporters rallied outside of san francisco's city hall yesterday. they say muni has the funds. muni's board of directors, they
7:40 am
are scheduled to talk about that plan in a meeting next month. at noon today, the alameda county sheriff's department will unveil the controversial purchase of two drones. sheriff greg says the devices will not be used for surveillance. he says they will only be used for specific missions, such as helping to find missing people and to assist the s.w.a.t. team during critical incidents. last year, the sheriff was unsuccessful in convincing the alameda county board of supervisors to approve the purchase of a drone using federal funds. so the $97,000 cost comes from the department's own budget. critics, including the aclu, accuse the sheriff of bypassing the public process and buying the drones in secret. the alameda county coroner is investigating a human skull found in oakland inside of a box. a worker at pacific panels on 98th avenue near the oakland airport reportedly found the
7:41 am
skull last week in a wooden box. police say they were only called yesterday. when officers say the box looked like a time capsule. we're following developing news right now out of san francisco. just minutes ago, the san francisco police department confirmed that an attempted robbery suspect was shot by an off-duty police officer. it happened this morning on the 900 block of levenworth in the lower nob hill neighborhood. the would-be robber was shot after confronting the officer. the police spokesperson did not have any more details about the suspect. a ban on bicyclists in the south bay. coming up at 8:00, streets where cyclists will be forced off the sidewalks and into the road. and the list is out. find out if you got one of the worse twists of the year. good morning. northbound 280 traffic is busy in san jose as you drive into
7:42 am
cupertino. we'll tell you more about that commute coming up. well, for a couple of hours, the heaviest rain was marin county, now the south bay is starting to crank up again. we'll take a closer look at that and show you some really impressive rain totals. (mom) when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family.
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bubble bath. calendars, most people use their phones or tablets. picture frames, they are most likely to be regifted unless a personal photo is included. any type of holiday decoration. most people have enough already. pam? >> dangerous toys. we talk about gifts. what you should look for, what's often missing from the packaging that makes toys misleading and unsafe for children. this is jenny gregs joining us here. thank you for joining us. she's with calpirg just released your annual list for the year on monday. we wanted to talk about some of these things. a lot of people shop at the dollar stores, you get a lot of party items or things. this is one thing that's on your list, this little badge. it's like a sheriff's badge. and it's -- there's lead. >> yeah.
7:46 am
>> so the acceptive level is 90 parts per million. this one was tested as a central lab and it comes back exceeding that. >> we talk about lead a lot. but what has to happen for the child to be exposed? just holding it? do they have to chew it? >> pretty much any exposure. lead has been panned in paint and gasoline. it's extreme little toxic and can cause neurological disorders. >> so even holding it? >> yes. >> how do these things get into our country and stores? >> so the consumer products safety commission has a lot of power to enforce rules around toy safety but there's still a lot to be done. most of it is left up to manufacturers and suppliers and so if manufacturers aren't hitting their own tests and doing all of the tests for their own products, then things like this are gonna happen. >> so you are working with the consumer products safety commission. this is another toy that has
7:47 am
chromium. is that similar to led, any kind of exposure. >> yes. >> is dangerous. >> and can cause reproductive and developmental problems. >> this one i thought was superinteresting. one of these grocery carts and the toy food. you said technically there's nothing wrong with this, even though there's small foods. you want to see the guidelines changed. >> yeah. pirg believes -- we're particularly concerned about food items mostly because kids already send to put things in their mouth and these are shaped like food. so the current test for small tests is a choke tube. these all passed the small part test but we think they should be held to the small ball test which is biger. >> any kind of -- we'll hold it up this way. any kind of small ball, like a playing ball has to pass this. >> yes. >> these fruits, obviously
7:48 am
clearly go through that. you are trying to get that changed. >> yes. kids under the age of 3 would choke on these. >> that's one of the other things we'll talk about next hour. she will be back to talk about some of the labeling, especially for those who don't have kids. if you are buying for a child and you don't have a kid, you are trusting those labels. we can't always trust those labels. >> correct. >> more on that coming up next hour. >> very helpful information. >> very good information. 7:48. sal has good information about our morning commute. how are we looking out there now, sal? >> a little bit slow, dave and tori. some commutes become very slow because of the rain that was around earlier this morning. there seems to be a break in many parts of the bay. we still have slow traffic. here in san jose, it looks like it's still kind of raining and slowing coming up around the corn ex101 and 280 as well. i want to move over to marin
7:49 am
county. southbound 101 is terrible because of two plains taken away near marin city because of flooding. southbound 101 traffic is backed up well into novato heading south. after you pass marin city, it does get better but that's because you've been held up for so long in the area. bay bridge toll plaza, that is backed up for a 25 to 30-minute delay at the toll plaza along getting there is another matter. our alex savidge is somewhere in that tacoma. he's gonna time it out for us. make sure you know the traffic is going to be busy and it looks like we have a new accident here. there he is. hey, alex. southbound 17 there is a new crash reported with injuries. south of state route number 9, highway 9. so southbound 17 south of highway 9, a brand-new injury accident just came in. let's go to steve. ail length has been in the parking lot all morning long --
7:50 am
alex has been in the parking lot all morning long. we're hiding. he's out there. there is a lot of heavy rain especially down towards the south bay. a steady rain for some. the lightning, the thunder overnight was really incredible. about 2:00, 2:30 a.m., san francisco, daly city, colma, up to fairfax, sane anselmo, lake county. there are a few breaks here. there are some areas that are in between the system but another area of -- heavy downpours moving into the south bay. green point near sonoma county border, highway 37. that's lou reporting 5.50 inches of rain. hy one report in west ma -- i had one report of west marin 3.78. cazadero just came in. only 2.67. i need to fix that.
7:51 am
they have hearier amounts south. forestville picked up more rain. leeing on reservoir over 3. some of the rain totals coming in -- everybody is over an inch or so. i mean, it's been a long time since we can say that. whatever area you want to pick. it's been good. heavy amounts over the santa cruz mountains, santa clara, san jose, campbell. there's still some heavy downpours over san ramon right now. also up to lucas valley, marin county slammed. san mateo, foster city, back over towards san ramon. that's one cell and then the north bay, fairfield, it looks like there's heavy rain t looks like things are decreases in the north bay. look for steady rain here. some of these areas will stack up with more rain. temperatures, 50s and 60s been mild and really windy.
7:52 am
gusts 25, 35 miles an hour. i've seen 50 in some of the higher peaks. the water temps are incredibly warm. we'll get some rain breaks. the heavier rain will start to lift out of the south bay, san francisco, peninsula, east bay, but more now toward the north. so rain, clouds, possibility of funnel clouds. more thunderstorms. rainbow weather with us. it's a rainy, rainy morning. 60s on the temps. snow level coming down a little bit in the sierra nevada. starting to. it's been raining. they are getting some snow. i think there's more rain friday night into saturday morning. not a break until sunday. >> okay. that's quite a bit of rain which we definitely need. thank you, steve. >> all right, steve. eight minutes before 8:00. bay area youth athletes heading to australia. coming up, the standards they must reach to earn a strip down under. an amazing christmas light display. would you look at that? one of the best places,
7:53 am
according to our viewers, here in the bay area to really get into the holiday spirit.
7:54 am
7:55 am
3, 2, 1! [ cheers ] >> hundreds of people huddled under umbrellas as the christmas tree was lit up. organizers flipped the switch shortly after 6:30. nfl hall of maimer ronnie lott and his wife hosted the event. >> i saw roger craig. >> a lot of 49ers, yeah. very exciting. you know, we are searching the entire bay area to see who is all decked out for the holidays. we asked you, our viewers, to share video with us. >> we had a number of people post to our facebook page in
7:56 am
black tick bla was a commune -- practically was a community effort. >> kim says it's not my house. but we visit at least ten times. >> i have to go see this. >> yeah. >> it became quickly obvious a lot you viewers feel the same about this incredible christmas light display. it has its own facebook page. you are looking at video from that page right here. we're right there. for the past 14 years, retired electrician bob taylor and his wife they learned their home into a winter wonderland. there they are. they say it's to honor the memory of their daughter, debra taylor, she died in a plane crash in 1999. >> that really makes it very special. >> yes, it does. >> it takes bob and linda two and a half months to set up the display. each year they seek to improve
7:57 am
it. in past years you might be wondering about the electric bill. for december it's run as high as $2600. bob estimates that 1,000 people visit each year from all across the bay area and so the couple even has a toys for tots drop- off box at the home to help collect toys for needy children. so a good cause. >> i love that. >> i really want to see that myself. the taylors' christmas lights are usually up until the beginning of january and donations are always welcome. >> i was gonna say with the pg&e bill and they are trying to add to it which makes it different. you want to see it every year. >> it's a great place to contribute as well. >> if i or your neighbor is all decked out for the holidays, post your photo to our ktvu facebook page or tweet us your photo using the hashtag 2 deck the halls. >> as we get closer to christmas, we're gonna check outlook the view to check out
7:58 am
the displays. you can vote on your favorite. we will reveal who wins the title and the bragging rights of having the best holiday light display. >> that's very important bragging rights. 7:57. well, moving oofnt other exciting news. you and i are very excited about this. a 10th straight win for the golden state warriors. >> curry for the lead. >> up next, their last-second comeback. going crazy at the oracle arena. . it's been a wet morning commute, although the rain is letting autopsy little bit. we'll show you live conditions here as we drive from the east bay into san francisco. heavy traffic right now here near the toll plaza. we'll show you some of the problems that drivers encountered early this morning when the rain was really coming down. right now we're still looking at closures for the commute, especially in marin and some slow traffic in other parts of the bay. we'll take a look at the toll plaza when we come back.
7:59 am
and we'll take a look at what's been a very rainy pattern. we're not done. even though you might be getting a break. hold on. there's more on the way. this holiday. what these kids want, your kids have. at st. jude children's research hospital,
8:00 am
we're fighting for the health of kids who aren't as lucky as yours. our treatments are used in hospitals all across america. and no family ever pays st. jude for anything. give thanks for the healthy kids in your life. and give to those who are not. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo. well, we're still getting some rain. it looks like some of that
8:01 am
thunderstorm has died up. but picking up toward the san jose air -- san jose area and south bay. we'll take a look at the totals coming up later. it's not over yet. the early-morning downpour flooded several bay area roads. there was a lot of that. this is video from marin county. we're show you san francisco, some cars were stranded in marin county off-duty public works crews were told to come on in early to help clear the roads. it was a mess. wednesday, december 3rd. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clak. >> the rain is lightening up. let's start this hour checking in with steve to see what we can expect as the day continues. >> there's still heavy downpours. but the focus is more south. when the rain decide to stack up and you get the steady rain
8:02 am
it can do that, in the santa cruz mountains, marin county. there's cells around the santa cruz mountains, san jose. look at sunnyvale. it looks like it's really coming down there over to milpitas, alum rock, east san jose over to los gatos. on the peninsula had a good cell over san mateo and foster city. looks like that's collapsed. we're still getting rain to blackhawk and danville. maybe you where you are. vacaville has had a lot of rain here over -- over 2.50. there's still steadily, moderate rain. it does not look to be as heavy as it was but there's amounts coming in at 4 to 5 inches in marin county and near novato. there's still plenty out there. you might get a break. it's halling on the wind, especially pacifica, 37 miles an hour. half moon bay, 35. even oakland airport, it's going to be a windy day for some higher elevations. i've seen 35, 50 miles an hour.
8:03 am
still if you are not getting rain, there's rain all oefrt place, rain, clouds, some sunbreaks. had a nice rainbow picture, a double rainbow from brentwood. it will be a rainbow kind of day. sal, you are there. i know you are. see there. see there. he's coming. >> i'm right here. >> i'm right here. >> thank you, steve. >> we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and i want to take a look at it here because the traffic has been a little bit slow coming up to the pay gates. you can see that it's -- traffic is not moving that well at all. in fact, i know that our very own alex savidge is somewhere in the mess. we'll have a live report from him in just a moment here at the toll plaza. we're gonna come back to him in a moment. southbound 101 is a mess in marin county. two lanes closed because of flooding at marin city so please give yourself extra time if you are driving in marin. if you are driving into marin county, it's also kind of slow
8:04 am
on the richmond bridge. and this morning's commute is going to be improving a little bit in san jose. that's northbound 280. but you can still it's slow. too many closures to mention. there goes caltrain. caltrain has been pretty good. alex savidge has been driving around the bay area this morning to show us the wet and treacherous conditions. ail let's check in -- let's check in with himmant the bay -- check in with him at the toll plaza. >> reporter: we are stuck at the toll plaza. we're barely moving. it's been a slow ride through the east bay and trying to get into san francisco this morning. i'm sure all of the folks around us here have experienced something similar to this morning. i think many people left pretty early to get to work this morning, given what happened yesterday. we'll show you what things look like out here. you can see, a few sunbreaks right now. not raining actively as we speak. but boy, oh, boy it was a different story in the morning.
8:05 am
i want to show you video we shot in the east bay. this is as we were driving down interstate 880 heading through hayward. we encountered a huge storm cell. we got dumped on and traffic began to crawl because the rain was coming down so hard in the area. it was filling up the roadway and making for dangerous driving conditions. that's what a lot of folks encountered this morning. let me show you another piece of video. it created a lot of standing water. this is the scene in san francisco. this was on cesar chavez street as it comes underneath highway 101. they a whole bun. of standing water in the area -- bunch of standing water and cars got stucked. it was a carry moment for some drivers. we talked with one of them. >> it was heavy rain, lightning. a lot going on. i was trying to avoid getting off the freeway. a sharp turn. a blind spot. you can't see it and before i knew it, i was under water.
8:06 am
>> reporter: and your car was floating? >> it was floating. it wasn't on the ground. you could feel the water taking control of it. it was coasting. >> reporter: that gentleman and the other people in those cars were forced to just crawl out of their cars into all of that standing water. they did not have to be rescued this morning. everyone okay. but certainly a good reminder about the dangers of standing water on the roadways when we get this kind of wet weather. we bring you to a live picture at the toll plaza, we're trying to get into san francisco. we are not going anywhere fast. i must say we have not encountered much rain on our drive through the east bay heading to the toll plaza. and that's probably benefiting commuters just a little bit. it could be a whole lot worse. we saw a lot of crashes. people with long, long commutes but fairly good situation today for folks. the rain not actively coming down right now. back to you in the studio. >> before you go, how are you
8:07 am
holding up? you've within all over the bay area. now you are in a parking lot. how are you holding up? >> reporter: i'm good. i'm good. you know, i feel bad for all of these folks around me. they are trying to make it to work on time and luckily for me, i'm already at work. >> they are going nowhere fast. all right. alex savidge -- >> reporter: a lot of frustrated people. >> i know. >> all right. take it easy, man. well there's new numbers out about the power outages around the bay area caused by the storm. pg&e says the biggest power problems are in san francisco. 3400 homes and businesses have no power. in the south bay, 1500 customers have no power. in the north bay, 600 power outages reported. 300 reported on the peninsula. only 40 reported in the east bay. now, ktvu news contacted several bay area home repair businesses and boy have they been swamped with calls since the big storm started. they say often the trouble for
8:08 am
homeowners starts out in the street. >> if the gutters and downspouts can't get the water away from the house, you get water coming into the house. >> yeah, and the experts say those water leaks inside of a wall, that can destroy a house. the best time to fix the leak right now at the beginning of the rainy season. san francisco police will hand out fliers at the montgomery b.a.r.t. station in the search for three people suspected of beating and killing a homeless man. the unprovoked attack last month was captured by a surveillance video but the video is grainy. investigators say it shows three young men killing 67-year- old ty lamb, a disabled homeless man who used a crutch to get around. lamb was sleeping outside of a building on sutter street and was attacked twice by the same people between 11:00 p.m. and midnight. >> this attack is extremely brutal in nature and the fact that they left, came back and resumed the attack, i think it's it speaks volumeses about
8:09 am
how bad it was. >> investigators believe the suspects came into the area on muni or b.a.r.t. and may have been involved in a san francisco flash mob event before the deadly attack. a santa cruz county oh, that helps families during the holidays is now in need of some help itself. volunteers with toys for tots say thieves took two entire bins of toys from two separate donation sites last week. they are not sure if the thieves -- how the thieves managed to get pay way. the toys were supposed to be distributed in less than two weeks. toys for tots is hoping people will come forward with more donations and help them make up for the toys that are stolen. democrats in the senate state unveiled their new plan for more funding for the uc system and also a plan to block a controversial tuition hike that regents approved last month. now, this proposal includes a 17% tuition hike for out of state students. it would also eliminate a
8:10 am
middle-class scholarship program that averages about $900 a year. the democrats' plan would take more money out of the general fund than governor brown has been willing to give. bicycles banned from some sidewalks in downtown san jose. last night the city council voted unanimously to keep bikes off sidewalks on san fernando, first, second, third, and fourth streets. now, in early 2016, this ban will expand to include sidewalks on santa clara streets. there are some exceptions for children under the age of 12 and for police officers. now, supporters say the ban is needed to protect people on sidewalks from bikes. but cyclists say forcing them to ride out in the streets would just increase their chance of being hit by a car. 8:10. it looked like the winning streak mighting over for the golden state warriors but they managed to avoid an upset and notched their 10th win in a row.
8:11 am
check it out. >> curry for the lead. good! [ cheers ] >> what was that? >> that was stupid. >> that was stupid. >> curry hit as three-pointer with two seconds left in what was the game-winning shot. they beat the magic, 98-97. curry and klay thompson combined for 19 of the warriors' final 20 points. >> this is a crazy game, one we probably shouldn't have won the way we were playing and the way they were executing on offense. >> i love watching the whole crowd jump to their feet. the warriors are tied for the best record in the nba. they are 15-2. it's amazing. they will be back in action tomorrow night hosting new orleans. let's see the shot one more time, can we? there it is, up in the air. three points. awesome. >> way to go. >> yeah. 8:11. speaking of playing games, high
8:12 am
school students are teaming up in a game where they take each other out. >> to get them out, you shoot them with a nerf gun or use a sharpie. >> the game that has some police asking students to lay down your fake weapons. emotions run high at the university of alabama birmingham, the dire situation that caused the school's football program to shut down. good morning. right now, we're still looking at slow traffic all over the place as we look at 24 westbound. it's moderately heavy getting up to the tunnel. well, a couple of reports coming in in the last -- since saturday of about 7, 8 inches of rain. west marin, near one. and sebastopol, another one.
8:13 am
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authorities in ferguson, missouri are investigating angry comments made by michael brown's stepfather after the grand jury announced that the police officer who shot michael brown would not be indicted. [bleep] >> this video of lie wis head shows him using profanity and urging protesters to burn the city down. a family lawyer says the comments were just raw emotion. the police reportedly are investigating whether he intended to start a riot. now, just a little while ago
8:16 am
this morning, lewis had issued an apology for the statements saying "my emotions admittedly got the best of me. this is my family. i was so angry and full of raw emotions as so many others were and granted, i screamed out words i shouldn't have." but lewis head also says to blame him for all of the angry responses to the grand jury decision is wrong. 8:16. and new this morning, honda will expand a recall of cars with flawed air bags made by tekata corporation to include all 50 states. the air bags can explode and shoot out shrapnel. 14million vehicles worldwide have been recalled. but yesterday, they refused to comply with the demand that it expand the recall beyond states with high humidity saying there's no evidence an expanded recall is needed. at least five deaths have been linked to the air bags all in
8:17 am
honda vehicles. representatives will appear at a u.s. house subcommit eet hearing. for the first time in almost 20 years, a major koch college football program is being shut down. students at the university of alabama booed as police led the university president off the campus yesterday to protect him. uab made the decision after a study conducted over the past year. uab's president said it will save the school tens of millions of dollars and that he had to make this tough decision. >> as a native of birmingham and a supporter of tune athlete -- student athletes, i'm saddened by the necessity of this decision as well. >> uab is eligible for a bowl game for the first time since 2004. the university of stockton was the last to disband a program
8:18 am
and that was in 1995. nine young bay area athletes are headed for australia. they are gonna represent oakland in the international children's games. these are elite athletes and they receive commendations from alameda county and the city of oakland last night. the team led by coach nola leaves for australia tomorrow night. the competition starts saturday. these young athletes have to earn young grades in school and go to special classes to learn about health, nutrition and nonviolence and they are ready to represent oakland. >> very, very cool. 8:18. we have to check in with sal and he has breaking news. major b.a.r.t. delays through the transbay tube. that's not good news. >> there is a small fire on the tracks at the embarcadero station. it is impairing trains getting into and out of san francisco. so the embarcadero station obviously is the first station
8:19 am
in san francisco and there was a fire here on the tracks. it was a small fire but trains are single tracking on the way in and out. some trains are leaving as well. we have major delays on b.a.r.t. into san francisco. they did say it was a small fire and that they -- they made it seem as if they were going to get it under control rather soon bun the delays will be longer than that. major delays reported on trains into and out of san francisco. again, because of a small fire on the tracks at the embarcadero station in san francisco. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up for a 25, 30-minute wait. just at the toll plaza alone and then you will be waiting to get into san francisco alone. the east bay is just a mess. this is 880 northbound and southbound, you can see traffic is slow. but almost everywhere you look in the east bay is slow. in fact, i'm looking at a map that i have here at my studio
8:20 am
and you can see just red everywhere. please, give yourself extra time as you drive through the east bay. some of the rain has stopped but the traffic certainly hasn't. let's go to steve. we're seeing some breaks here. a couple of rainbow pictures coming in. brentwood, double rainbow out there. still area, some areas rain has tapered off. for others, it continues to be steady to heavy to downpours. we're not done yet. but it looks like the widespread rain that we had overnight has turned to more of a showery nature. might as well call it rain. still pretty good. earlier today was marin county, green point, a couple of people said where is it, it's east of novato on highway 37 near the sonoma county border. 5.5 inches of rain. there's some reports coming in since saturday of about 7 to 8 inches of rain from people. most of these are 24 hours. danville, this is not.
8:21 am
but 3.78. san an mel so, probably more than that. 4.27. some of these are about an hour old. cobb mt., 2.80. forestville had more rain than cazadero. 3 ben lomond. doesn't matter if it's morgan hill, santa clara valley, take your pick. that's petaluma rainfall. 2.32. anywhere from 1 to 4. it's been good, the best we've had in a long time. it looks like boulder creek, los gatos, highway 17. probably been really tough here. highway 9 and then over to saratoga, campbell, san jose's had a real steady rain. some did slip towards the sunol grade. there are a few breaks. i mean some areas get heavy rain. the urban and small stream advisory has been extended until 9:00. there is a bunch out towards
8:22 am
sacramento and the sierra nevada as well. south san francisco over towards burlingame, had a couple of reports. it looks like that's fallen apart. there was heavy rain around san mateo. san ramon, pleasanton, antioch, brentwood. you are all in there. cordelia, american canyon and there was heavy rain around yountville, name. but again, it was marin county, but rohnert park, santa rosa, all the way back to sonoma and west marin. it was absolutely lit up here for a while, from about san rafael mill valley to novato. i think novato will be the leadert of the attack after everything comes out. some isolated areas get more. i've seen 5 inches. it will be a windy day for some. oakland airport, 24. but i've seen 35, 37, half moon bay airport to pacifica. 36 right there. just roaring. mountain view, 22, 26 san jose. 28 at hayward airport. a windy day. 39 tahoe. snow level will be coming down. it went up. now it's coming down.
8:23 am
there was rain but it looks like the cold air is beginning to work its way in. quintar storm warn something out. that will take us to thursday. snow level up, back down. suffice it to say it's been okay. now we're starting to get some snow. it looks like a rainy day. if not, the one message it's starting to lift northward. most of the rain will be focused from about san francisco north. hearier as up towards mendocino koing. we're still getting rain today. rain, clouds, some sun detectivebreak -- some sunbreaks. this was just the best rain in -- years for some. one more system late friday and saturday that will give us another round of rain but it looks weaker as we go into sunday. >> the storm door is open. >> and then it opens again on
8:24 am
sunday. a 7-year-old girl, we have to talk too her. she teaches a lesson to a book publisher. >> it made me very sad. there's no such thing as a boys' book. >> there you go. the phrase on the back of a book that encouraged here to take action. a major fail in arizona after a teenager gets stuck in a chimney. the operation to get him out and what was trying to accomplish -- what he was trying to accomplish in the first place.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." time is 8:26. would you believe online sales for cyber monday hit a record $2 billion in year. that's up 17% from last year according to com score. it makes monday the busiest internet shopping day so far this year. this comes after black friday sales were not as strong as they expected. the experts say that's a sign more shopping is moving out of the real stores and into digital transactions. a 7-year-old girl from milpitas is rewriting the rules when it comes to stereotypes about boys and girls. >> i saw the cover. i was like -- i almost froze. i totally froze. i almost dropped the book. >> reporter: why? >> because it said -- because it said, book for boys on the back. >> parker was enjoying a book about bugs when she noticed the
8:28 am
back cover said the book was about boys. she wrote a letter to the publisher saying there's no such thing as a boy booker a girl book. the publisher agreed and sent her an advanced copy of the next week. >> there's a red cover and a blue cover. the red cover, i like that. that's a good sign. >> this time the phrase for boys was nowhere to be found and parker said she's glad they changed it, especially for girls like her who are interested in all kinds of different things. dave? >> all right, tori. 8:28. there's a young man to tell you about, an arizona teen now safe after he got stuck in his chimney. he climbed down the chimney because he was locked out of the house, he said. when he got to the bottom, that's when he realized, he was stuck in there. luckily he was able to call 911. it took officials an hour and a half to get him out of there. the rescuers say he wasn't hurt
8:29 am
but he was dirty and pretty scared, too. 8:38. fighting ebola with thousands of personal computers all over the world. how you can help out by letting researchers figure out some complex problems on your computer. >> reporter: we're live in tiburon where several homes and businesses got flooded out overnight. we'll talk to one homeowner who had about three inches of water in his house. we'll update you on the conditions on highway 101. and we're still looking at slow traffic all over the place. we have a new problem on the bay bridge. but we also have slow traffic in san jose along northbound 101. we'll tell you more about all of the traffic mum. mum -- coming up. some of the rain light, some tapering off. over 5 inches for some. there's more on the way later this week.
8:30 am
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we've taken you to tiburon where some people woke up to water in their house. there's one particular house out there, the house is for sale. bad timing. coming up, tara moriarty will talk to one person who said the water came up to the middle -- past their ankg ooles up to the thins -- past their ankles up to their shins. a lot to talk about.
8:33 am
incredible rainfall rates. we're not done yet. still moving un. some areas getting significant rain. others hardly any but there are some breaks in the clouds. looks like things have calmed down in the santa cruz mountains. also had a report near clayton. urban and small stream flood advisory until 9:00. south san francisco, pacifica. the wind has been roaring up to daly city. had a report that the sun is out. there's been some heavy rain to clayton, mt. diablo and highway 4 and pittsburg. and yountville, it's been raining a lot there up to angwin there. 3 plus inches amount. windsor, santa rosa starting to pick up there. rohnert park. good old oxy. guerneville out to bodega bay. and marin county which was slammed a couple of hours ago.
8:34 am
it looks like things are better. roaring wind from half moon bay. also hayward, san jose, mountain view has been strong. more rain moving onshore. look for a rainy day. california projections here will be less to the south. there will be another rain day as we get towards friday. rain and clouds. some sunbreaks. rainbow weather. the pictures are pouring in. highs will be in the 60s. sal, i didn't even move over to the chrome. i just stood right here. it's been a big morning for both of us. major b.a.r.t. delays getting into san francisco. there was a small fire at embarcadero station on the track. all of the trains coming across the tube which is really all -- most of the lines here are delayed. there's single tracking in and out of san francisco. causing major delays through the system. again, most people do take the system into the city or down to the airport at this point of the morning. we also have people who have
8:35 am
been waiting, some people at -- on twitter have been -- look at these platforms. these -- is a platform near west oakland or at west oakland. there's also one at hegenberger road at the station. the coliseum station, i should say. people just waiting for trains that will be severely delayed because of this situation in san francisco. i do want to mention we do have major flooding in marin county along southbound 101. this is a live picture of the marin city exit. obviously it's no good. we also have the freeway blocked on southbound 101. that's causing a huge mess for traffic heading south on 101 coming out of san rafael. it's all narrowing down to two lanes on the redwood city highway. it's backed up big time into san rafael. i want to show it to you on the map as we. you can see the traffic is
8:36 am
backed up for -- the red goes -- stretches all the way up into sonoma county. this is ridiculous. look at all of this. look at all of this red. it was completely backed up from novato all the way down to marin city because of the closure. back to the desk. >> that's a lot, sal. we continue our stormwatch drig. this morning's heavy rain has flooded several homes in marin county. tara moriarty is live from tiburon. tara? >> reporter: it's been a crazy morning for a lot of folks who live here in marin. the rain was letting up and now it just started to come down again. we're on sesealia way. a lot of businesses flooded out earlier. behind me, take a look at this house. it's for sale. it got 3 inches of water last night. you can kind of tell by the levels on the garage and the house next door, well, that
8:37 am
family suffered the same fate. pablo castro took us inside the home where he said water came gushing in around 3:30 this morning. cass wrote is upset because all of his hardwood floors have to be replaced. they have sentimental val -- val u. they were the homes inside jerry garcia's home where he worked. >> we tried to save things that were on the floor and lift them from the floor. the chairs, the -- the sofas we couldn't do anything about it. after an hour, an hour and a half, the water started going the other way. >> reporter: behind castro's house, more flooding. a physical therapy center, restaurant, flower shop and frame shop next door to paradise grocery store received the brunt of the damage. about 2.50 feet of water got inside. the high tide has come in. as we've been mentioning all
8:38 am
morning long, the area where highway 1 and 101 meet is 5 to 6 feet underwater. the offramp is closed now in the northbound direction. live from tiburon, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we will continue our stormwatch. team coverage. you can also find more on our channel 2 website, and mobile ktvu. we're following developing news from san francisco. an attempted robbery suspect is in the hospital after being shot by an off-duty police officer. it hatched on levins it worth street in the -- happened on levinworth street. police say the officer was forced to shoot the would-be robber after some type of confrontation. no other information is available about the shooting or the condition of the suspect. new information about a suspected case of ebola in boston. cnn cites a government says that says a patient who was admitted to a hospital
8:39 am
yesterday has tested negative for the deadly virus. instead, it turns out the person has malaria. well, doctors will not reveal the person's identity. they say the person traveled to an area where ebola is present. if you have a computer, could you join the fight against ebola. ibm is offering a way to donate processing time on their personal computers, phones or tablets to ebola researchers. it's called distributed computing. it's been used before to tackle complex problems. you choose when your computer should connect to the grid network. the grid exuting program breaks down large problems into thousands of smaller tasks assigns them to individual computers and compiles the results. one researcher said it could let them do in months what would otherwise take years. at noon, the alameda county sheriff's department will unveil the controversial
8:40 am
purchase of two drones. sheriff greg says the devices will not be used for swins a surveillance -- for surveillance. only to help find missing people or to assist the s.w.a.t. team during critical incidents. last year, the sheriff was unsuccessful in convincing the board of supervisors to approve the purchase of a drone using federal funds. so the $97,000 cost comes from the department's own budget. critics, including the aclu, accuse the sheriff of bypassing the public process and buying the drones in secret. police in livermore warning high school students don't take part in a popular game called assassin. to play this game, students break up, separate into teams of two, they are trying to knock off their classmates. each player pays $5 to get into it. the winners get the pot. this year it's about $100.
8:41 am
to get -- $100. to get them out, they shoot them with a nerf gun or mark their neck with a sharpie. >> there is a ton of different ways to do it. probably the best way, waiting at someone ahouse for them to come out -- someone's house waiting for them to come out. >> neighbors reported armed kids hiding in bushes. another high school student crashed her car into a house trying to get away from her would-be assassin. police say this game is just dangerous. students should not take part in t the game started on monday at the grenada high school. it's expected to begin soon at livermore high. their music often takes the top spot on the charts. what about their bank accounts. >> coming up in 15 minutes how some of the biggest stars in music stack up. and you've heard the warning about toxic toys.
8:42 am
but what about the danger you don't expect? and this commute is very slow in many areas still as you are driving along the south bay. you can see 208 northbound is slow getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you about a problem on the bay bridge when we come back. start a revolution a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee.
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♪the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful ♪ >> bing crosby? >> i don't think it is. >> okay. >> frank sinatra. >> okay. >> weather is a little frightful. rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra. our crew shot this video at dopper summit at 7 -- donner summit at7200 feet. as much as three feet of snow could fall by tomorrow. there are chain restrictions in place on 80 and no restrictions on highway 50. pretty drive but gotta take it slow and easy. sal? i don't even know where to ask you to start. >> how about taking a deep breath and if you are gonna be driving out there.
8:46 am
bring a good attitude. it won't be pretty. let's take a look at what we have now with highway 101. this is a look at highway 101 as you drive in san jose. the traffic is going to be busy as you drive through. i do believe that we have a picture of highway 101 flooding in ma rip -- marin county. this is flooding in marin county on highway 101. southbound at marin city. and the traffic is going to be really messed up. these are live pictures in case you were wondering. southbound 101 is backed up into novato because of this closure in marin county. it's down to twoop lanes and that big puddle is one of the reasons. we've had tara nearby talking about how the ponding is affecting this area but look at the map. all of it is deep stop-and-go traffic heading south out of marin county. marin county is something to
8:47 am
avoid this morning on southbound 101. it's just terrible driving through there. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. i will just tell you, steve, we're here with you. but the toll plaza is still a little bit slow. there's a pothole on the bridge that's causing more cars to slow. we're in bad shape. >> and gary in petaluma said tell sal 101 petaluma southbound is drawling. >> it's all related to this marin city thing. it's incredibly slow up there. >> there's been incredible rain totals up there. some areas getting moderate rain. others are getting a break. there's rainbow weather. some areas of fog. the rain, it started at 2:00. lightning, thunder right over san francisco, daly city, colma, up into marin and lake county. there's still some but there are noticeable brakes -- breaks. some of the totals are amazing. it's been a long, long time. green point, east of novato,
8:48 am
5.5. danville, 3.78. sleepy hollow, 4.27. my guess is probably 5.27 by now. some these are an hour and a half old. lexington had over over 3. forestville, 3. had more than cazadero. some of the rainfall totals maybe where you are, it doesn't matter. over to gilroy, it looks like it's really pouring over there. there are breaks in san jose. it lets up. but picks up over palo alto. seeing decent downpours between the dumbo and the san mateo bridge. redwood city. the aur ban and small stream flooding advisory continues until 9:00. you can see even right here, coming right over san francisco
8:49 am
and by the bay bridge, it looks like a good downpour right by t.i. and brentwood, oakley, discovery bay, night yountville looks it's been slam. st. helena, moderate to heavy rain. windsor, healdsburg, burnville, santa rosa back too sebastopol. really took -- just slammed earlier this morning which is why there have been reports of 5 to 7 inches. windy, windy. gusts 30, 40 miles an hour. half moon bay to pacific cau. i've seen some incredible amounts wind 1350ed. the rain line will be lifting in the next couple of days. there will be heavier amounts. there will be a rain day. it looks like we'll see heavier amounts to the north especially know spa county to lake county -- sonoma county to take
8:50 am
county. 60s on the temperatures today. back to the desk. >> thank you, steve. 8:49. are the toys you are buying this holiday season safe? the annual list of dangerous toys, they may surprise. >> you pam cook is in the studio right now with some examples. >> we had great things to show last hour. this hour we're back. jen nip greg is with calpirg. this year's list was just released. most of us rely on labels, particularly if we don't have kids or before you have kids to tell us the age appropriateness for a toy. but you are saying some of these things -- like this toy, things that are made outside of the united states don't have the appropriate labeling for the age. >> yes, this product we bought off amazon. we didn't have any label on it. here's a choke tube test. any object that has a part or a toy itself that fits in here, should be banned for children under the age of 3. so you can see this little piece fits
8:51 am
right in there. >> and you were saying -- most of us don't have that. but take a toilet paper roll. >> yes. this is a perfectly fine substitute. >> you can see sitting here there are some small pieces and not properly marked. same thing for this. this is the tisny toy. you think it's good for kids. there's a tiny three plus. we probably can't see that. but that little bit part is a three plus. you are saying that's not enough. >> anything targeted for kids for the ages of 3 and 6 that has small parts, these can actually fit in the choke tube. it must have the consumer products safety commission small parts warning label -- >> they seem like they would be too big for the kids to choke on but they can. >> they can totally choke hon them. >> and during the commercial break, we -- some of the things -- some of the toys, parents might think about it but toys are too loud.
8:52 am
one of these things we couldn't get it to top making noise. these things we've seen these at very big stores. too loud. how dangerous? >> well, just to be clear, these do not violate the noise rules but we do agree with hearing groups that the measurements for noisy toys have to be stronger. the distance that most toys are measured is longer than the length of a child's arm. they would be closer to the kids' head. >> you are saying -- your organization -- some of these standards are in place. you are working with the consumer products safety group. is we have a complete report with your specific toys. things to watch out for, some helpful tips for parents. there's the guide. all of that information is on your website, you were saying there's important tips things to look for out for like the toilet
8:53 am
paper roll. that's on scroll down the right-hand side. we'll be back right after this.
8:54 am
8:55 am
the university of texas is missing about 100 brains. the school says that's about half of its collection of brains preserved in jars of formaldehyde. they were stored in a basement nearly 30 years ago but university officials can not say when they were last seen.
8:56 am
school officials say it's possible someone took the brains for halloween pranks. you may have your own suggestions on this, but experts just released this year's list of the worst gifts for the hoyles. near are the top five things not to give anyone as a gift. anything that's scented whether it's a candle or a bubble bath. leather accessories for men. these things last a long time so they don't need to be replaced every year. calendars, most people use a phone or tablets now. picture frames, most likely to  be regifted because -- unless a personal photo is included. and any kind of holiday decoration. most people say they have enough. proof that madonna really is a material girl. a new survey lifts her as the -- lists her as the wealthiest popstar in the world. she's worth $800 million. paul mccartney is in second,
8:57 am
followed by dr. dre. much of his money coming from his beats headphones. fourth is diddy followed by cre lien dion -- celine dion. we have major breaking news in san francisco. a sinkhole and a gas leak. >> that's right. 6th and lake. it opened up as a sinkhole. now a gas leak. san francisco police asking you to say away from the area. pg&e is on the scene. they have to cap off the gas leak and they've stopped traffic on lake street for a couple of blocks. not allowing you to get close to the area for the time being. let's take a look at the pothole here on the bay bridge. it was causing people to slow down just before the island. traffic is superstole getting into the city. at the macarthur maze, you can see traffic is slow coming around the corner. just trying to get to the bay bridge. here's steve. all right, sal. thank you. normally here i show a five-day outlook but i thought what the heck. the main story is -- a lot of
8:58 am
rain. there are some breaks there. it's going to be a cluedy, mostly cloudy day. some rain, could be another round of thundershowers. hang in there for another day. rain again on friday. >> been quite a morning. >> thank you. that's our report for this morning. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> be sure to watch the news at noon. we'll continue our like -- our live storm. we'll have updates at ktvu news and at -- and at 5:00 and 6:00. thank you for joining us. e firm not the best student. i got into my back-up college, but on the acceptance letter it did say, please be aware, you barely squeaked in." which is why our new thermostat is the last thing i need. it's called the nest "learning" thermostat. it learns the temperature you like and programs itself to save you money. now my parents keep saying, "why can't you be more like the thermostat."
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not a confidence booster. the nest learning thermostat. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
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caught in the crack. a little boy is trapped between -- >> seriously a rock and a hard place. >> the magic ingredient helps slide him out. >> looks like a spotted elephant. >> this is coming from that baby's body. >> a thermal camera captured a miracle in the bush. >> trying to rob a clerk. >> refuses their demand for cash. >> what made him so brave is about to walk through that door. >> some daredevils try to


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