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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 4, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. >> reporter: the sun is up and crews are cleaning out the area known as the jungle. we'll bring you the very latest. we recommend we scrub for
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today's operation based on issues. >> disappointing news from kennedy space center in florida. the difficulties that caused that's nasa to scrub the oib. >> reporter: an an vig sent out to doctors to stock up on an type viral medication. the warning from the cdc sayth the flu vaccine may not be effect effective. "mornings on 2" begins right now. good morning. thank you for joining us. we are live in san jose this morning. it is eviction day at san jose's notorious homeless camp known as the jungle. it's said to be the largest homeless camp in the united states. people living there have been told to pack up their things
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and leave. as you can see, boy, a lot of cleanup work has to be done. ktvu's christien kafton is out there as well. we'll check in with him in a couple of minutes about exactly what's going on hout there this -- out there this morning. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is here. you are saying, you can take an umbrella. we're not quite through. >> we're not quite through. there's still some rain, napa, san jose, also fog. plenty of reports of pretty thick fog. morgan hill can barely see across the street. scattered showers, fog, moisture streaming in from the west-southwest. it doesn't take much to tricker in a few showers. been some in marin county. napa had a lot of reports there. browns valley, napa downtown, napa airport as well. pars of the east bay.
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there's been a little bit of rain out to oakley, brentwood, discovery bay, danville, san ramon, walnut creek, concord, fremont, newark, union city, san jose to the santa cruz mountains over highway 17. not a lot. but a little bit. 50s, 60s on the temperatures. very mild. we'll see a break a little bit this afternoon and then our next system is not as strong. it will give some rain, not a lot to the south bay peninsula. but a little bit more. more than this in 12 minutes. 60s on the temps. here's my good friend, sal. we're looking at a commute that does look pretty good around the bay area compared to yesterday. we do have some slow traffic though on 80 westbound as you drive in from the carquinez bridge, it's taking about a half-hour to do this drive but a half-hour for this time of the morning is not too bad. you can tell by looking at out pictures what a much better drive it is today than yesterday. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see the traffic here is doing pretty well.
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there are no major problems here as you are driving into san francisco. it's about a 25-minute delay. westbound 580 as you drive through livermore, very slow traffic there but again more on the normal side. as we look at contra costa county, 680 is slow from 242 as you drive to highway 24. it's 7:04. back to the desk. we've been following this since 4:30 this morning. it's eviction day. just a short time ago, san jose police arrived at one of the biggest homeless camps in the country. ktvu's christien kafton is out there this morning with what is happening right now to the hundreds of people who have been living in what's called the jungle. >> reporter: san jose police are on scene, have shut down one lane of traffic in both directions on story lane. let's give you some of the -- a view of the latest developments. some homeless advocates have arrived out here in the last half-hour. now as the sun has come up, we're starting to get a sense of the scope the crews will be
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work facing today. this is the area known as the jungle. now that the sun is up, you can see the area that the -- the areas the city crews need to clean u the crews could be here between now and 8:00 to begin the process of removing all of this -- all of these items here in the area known as the jungle. we've seen streams of people leaving the area. some have left quietly but some say this is a major disruption and the city has tried to clear the area several times in the past. this time they will be installing a 1,000-foot long fence along story road and restricting vehicle access to discourage the homeless community from returning. they have to clear the area, they say, because they say it presents a health and safety hazard. >> we'll go into the site and begin to remove major structures, debris, hazardous waste and biowaste. >> we've gone fought city and -- to the city and asked the
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city for campgrounds to set up, some place where we can guarantee everybody's security. >> reporter: homeless advocates say there's not enough beds in shelters to serve the homeless. there were 100, 200 people out here still morning. folks are still trying to remove their items from their encampment. police said they could cite those who have not left for trespassing. one of the big issues that we need to talk with the city homeless outreach leaders is what happens to the homeless people who are out here, one of the questions, could they possibly move to another location if, as they are saying, there are not enough beds ford the homeless communities. where do the people go, that's something we'll be talking with them about later this morning. the cleanup expected to take about two weeks. we'll continue to stay on scene and monitor the developments here at the jungle as they develop this morning.
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for now, we're live in san jose, back to you. >> all right. it seems pretty peaceful, though, out there but a lot of work to be done. 7:06. meantime, the bay area still cleaning up after the biggest, strongest storm since 2012. the wet weather was really dangerous for one family in antioch. look. the roof of their apartment was under repair, partially fell down yesterday afternoon. a woman was in the house at the time but she wasn't hurt. her husband works nearby. he came rushing home to find that big hole in the living room ceiling. >> i'm just glad my kids weren't around when the roof fell in because, you know, it would have been a bad thing to have something like that to happen to him. >> firefighters say the water just pooled. a tarp gave way and then a plank crashed through the rooch. despite that damage you see there, the family they can still stay in their home.
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as a lot of people start making repairs from the damage caused by the storm, california homeowners, you are being warned. watch out for scams by unlicensed contractors. the state licensing board says only hire licensed contractors for storm repair work because they are bonded and they have to carry workers' compensation insurance coverage for their employees. tree trimmers who work on trees taller than 15 feet, they also have to have a license. meanwhile, san francisco city crews hope to finish repair work on a massive sinkhole sometime today. it opened up yesterday morning at 6th avenue and lake street in the richmond district. the sink home quickly through to a 20 bay 20-foot crater. ten feet deep. city inspectors are checking to see if it's connected to another one in the same neighborhood last year. >> a lot of it is da to aging infrastructure. some of these pipes are 100 years old. >> now, it's still unclear if the old pipe burst before or after the road caved in
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yesterday. people living in the area are still without water this morning, though, they are waiting for the repairs to be complete. one person posted this ad on craigslist to have a little fun with the sinkhole. the aerial shot shows how big the sinkhole is. but the sign says, sinkhole for rent. the ad says, it just opened up and it's one of the best deals in san francisco close to mass transit, coffee shops and golden gate park. it also points out the sinkhole already has a sunroof which makes it a great spot for entertaining. if you are planning to get a flu shot or you already have, here's something to think about -- the centers for disease control says the vaccine not be as affective this year. brian flores is in alameda with the reasons why. this will be alarming to a lot of people. >> reporter: it might be. you go to any pharmacy in the bay area just like this one here in alameda and you see the signs saying you should get your flu shot. some promoting no cost flu
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shots. while that still may be the case, the cdc did a sampling of those who got the flu from october to november, what they found was that the flu vaccine for this year may not be a good match to combat this current strain. this was through an vig sent out by the cdc earlier to doctors across the country. again, they sampled those who got the flew. what they found was that the vaccine was only good for half of the cases suggesting that the virus is different than what was planned for. they say the vaccine is typically created based on which storms of the flu spread the year previous. now, the cdc says, however, it appears it may not effect this year's flu, they still recommend getting the flu shot because it will offer severe protections from severe complications like hospitalization and death. it will be effective against the strain that did not change or mutate. the drdz is warning doctors to stock up on tamiflu and relenza
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just in case the season gets doctor worse, especially women who are pregnant, kids and the elderly get a flu shot. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:10. the palo alto city council passed an ordinance that allows neighborhoods to have residential parking permit programs. now, the first will cover much of the downtown area. it's in response to complaints from people who live in the area who cannot find places to park on the street. the city will provide permits to residents for free and will sell permits to people who work downtown. parking downtown will be limited to two hours, though, for anyone without a permit. a high school in tracy is set to old and anti-bullying event in honor of you any pot. she submitted suicide in 2012 after three teenaged boys sexually assaulted her and took pictures of the incident and shared them. she just -- just recently the
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governor signed audrey's law which increases penalties for teenagers convicted of certain sex crimes. today's rally is in celebration of that bill and audrey's parents, state and some city officials are expected to attend the event. 7:12. it was supposed to be an exciting party this thursday morning. the reason this morning's highly-anticipated nasa launch was a bust. al qaeda terrorists are threatening to kill an american. what we've learned about this developing story. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is moderately heavy approaching the richmond/san rafael bridge. we'll tell you more about marin. had a new problem just pop up on highway 101. still some scattered showers. a little cool. mind -- mild conditions. one more system for friday.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 "mornings on 2." this is an incredible story. surveillance video inside a san francisco cafe, it should play a major role in the investigate of a shooting involving an officer-involved shooting and a homeless man. that man wrapped in the blanket in the video was seen harassing a female customer in the coffee shop when another customer intervened, the homelessman picked up her coffee and threw it at her. he chased her around the table and threw more coffee. then a worker eventually chased that man out of the shop. now, minutes later, that same man confronted an off-duty san francisco police officer. somehow the homeless man made his way in the lobby of an apartment building on levinworth. police say he was armed with a chair leg and tried to rob the officer who was coming out of
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an apartment. >> the officer draws his weapon, identifies himself as a police officer to beat back the robbery. the suspect telling the officer, you are gonna have to shoot me. >> police say the officer holstered his weapon think he could subdue the suspect. they say a fight ensued. during the struggle, the gun went off. the suspect was shot in the upper body. he's in the hospital this morning in stable condition. investigators say they will need to conduct more tests to determine who actually fired that gun. >> all right, pam. 7:16. al qaeda's affiliate in yemen threatening to kill an american photojournalist who was kidnapped more than a year ago. 33-year-old luke summers is shown in a video released by that group. >> basically, i'm looking for any help that can get me out of this situation. i'm certain that my life is in danger. >> now, last week, u.s. commandos launched a rescue operation trying to get him free but it didn't work. in the video, an al qaeda
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official threatens to kill summers in three days if the united states doesn't meet their demands. those demands are not outlined in this video. tonight, military veterans are invited to share their opinions on how the v.a. healthcare system in the south bay is meeting their needs. a town hall meeting will be held at the v.a. san jose clinic on great oaks boulevard. it will start at 6:00 tonight. now, any veterans with questions benefits, you can go out at 5:30, talk with agency workers. all veterans are welcomed to attend. 7:17. unfortunately, a new crash in marin county sal will tell us about. >> that's right, pam and dave. southbound 101 near the truck scales, in the -- in the vicinity of lucas valley road. a pickup truck is on top of a car which is not good. the injuries don't appear to be major. southbound 101 is backing up
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into novato, as it normally is. usually slow traffic here but this might make it worse. as i read on chp's list here, it does say that they are on the right hand shoulder. you know how things are. people tend to look at things. on the peninsula, southbound 101 traffic is a little busy approaching san mateo. 280 is much better. it's a little bit slow. but again, all of these commutes are much better than there were yesterday. as you look at the golden gate bridge, southbound 101 traffic looks good. you can see up to the marin headlands. yesterday, you couldn't. but today it looks pretty good. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up for 20, 25 minutes. now here's steve paulson. thank you, sal castanedo. we are still getting some rain here. scotts valley, it's pouring down there. browns valley and napa reports as well. it's not done yet. everybody in on the rain. it's scattered. it will be a partly cloudy to
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mostly cloudy day. still plenty of cloud cover streaming in. low level stuff coming in from the west-southwest. occasionally that gives us rain. not a lot. there will be a little bit today. thanks to greg, he sent me a picture of the russian river. it came up 6 feet since tuesday. wow. yes, i know. it's receding a little bit. still rain in marin county. not a lot. haven't had too many reports. are they awake? what's going on? yesterday it was nonstop. they had tremendous rainfall for some. napa up to yountville, parts of the east bay, not a lot. it's hit and miss. san ramon, danville. this is scattered. union city, fremont, milpitas, newark getting a little bit and then milpitas south to san jose into the santa cruz mountains, highway 17. there's still some shower activity moving in. 50s and 60s on the temps. this is a tweener day or a break day. there will be another system on friday. that does look stronger for the
7:20 am
north bay but far less for areas to the south but still look for a lot of cloud cover today. maybe a little break this afternoon. the next system is coming in. it does not look that strong. some of the rainfall projections have been tapered off a little bit. i believe it but i still think they will get .50 to an 1. the rain will linger into early saturday morning. we're seeing a decrease in the amounts as we go into friday. santa rosa north to ukiah. a little bit of rain on friday. sun and clouds, scattered showers, patchy fog out there. some of that is very thick around morgan hill. a couple reports coming in. willie, also ptz on twitter sent some really cool pictures up above the fog in morgan hill. kind of a blanket there and concord. discovery bay and maybe where you are as well. scattered showers, some fog out there. rain will return, not a lot. on friday, it will be out of
7:21 am
there on saturday. another weak system on monday of the signs of another strong system. >> has it made a dent? >> it's helping. >> we need a lot more but yes, the pattern looks wet going into mid-december. it's a snowpack. the snow has been very high, 7,000 feet. >> i was asking about chains yesterday and you said it's raining -- >> then it went back to raining. >> up to 7,000. >> we're encouraged. we're encouraged. all right. stu -- thank you, steve. >> thank you. a well-known bay area fire chief accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars. coming up in 15 minute, the elaborate credit card scheme that he and his wife are accused of running. plus, football fans are getting ready for the battle of the bay and so are police.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." the warriors are giving a boost to the richmond high school basketball team whose captain was killed in a shooting. 16-year-old rodney frazier was shot and killed last month. the chronicle reports that warriors' head coach steve kerr and several players visited the team yesterday to offer their support. richmond's coach says rodney was not only the leader but the heart and soul of the team. >> good story, pam. 7:24. well, the rivalry of the 49ers and the raiders really heats up this weekend when they play at the oakland coliseum. it's the first matchup between the two since 2011 and that game was marred by violence. heather holmes takes a look at the extra security just announced for sunday's game. >> reporter: the raging football rivalry between the 49ers and oakland raiders exploded into violence at the preseason game in 2011.
7:25 am
multiple fights an brawls broke out amongst fans, both inside and outside candlestick. a pan was beaten unconscious inside a restroom and two people were shot in the parking lot. >> by that time, his friend was on the ground. >> reporter: we talked to the father of a shooting victim at the hospital the next day. >> they were kicking him in the face and the head. they with pulling the guys -- they were pulling the guys off of him. my son took two steps and someone shot him. >> reporter: but this time, when they face off at the coliseum, there will be more men and women in blue. the raiders announcing today, there will be a substantial increase of uniformed officers from the oakland police and alameda county sheriff's office as well as extra undercover officers and private security staff. >> it's the battle of the bay. bragging rights. >> reporter: he knows the importance of this game. a rivalry that still simmers and sometimes boils over. >> i play for the raiders for
7:26 am
15 years. there was a rivalry back in those days. it's always gonna be a rivalry. >> reporter: hopefully not a battle of the fans. the teams used to meet once a year in the preseason but the violence in 2011 ended their annual series. now that the game is back, no one is taking any chances. the raiders saying "public safety is a top priority for the team at the coliseum, and local law enforcement and all are working to ensure that fans enjoy a safe and secure environment. ". >> have fun. enjoy it. >> 50,000 people are expected to be atle the game. in addition to the uniformed police officers, they will have a lot of undercover officers in the crowd. more anger after another grand jury decides not to indict a white police officer for the death of an african- american man. >> do your job! >> coming up next, the protests across the country including here in the bay area. >> reporter: disappointment for
7:27 am
space enthusiasts this morning as nasa scraps the launch of the orion spacecraft. we'll tell you what caused the problems and we'll tell you when they are give it another go -- coming up. the commute today is better than yesterday. we still have slow traffic. a little bit of slowing on 280s 280 -- on 280. still some rain out there. but some of the five-day totals coming in. ben lomond, santa cruz mountains over 10 inches. more coming up. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
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net 1. we are scrubbed for today. >> yep. instead of a historic liftoff, it was a letdown. postponed until tomorrow at this point. we've been live in florida taking a look at that. we're also live in moffett at moffett field, where a large group of people gathered this morning hoping to witness space history. the launch fizzled out. coming up in two minutes, we'll tell you reason for the delay and the significance for the mission. alex savidge is in mountain view. i'm pam cook in for it -- in for tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. i ducked outside. a little nippy. steve, i beat you.
7:31 am
>> no. >> oh, you beat me? >> it was damp and cool. >> i like the clouds. >> pam, i need those pictures. >> all right. i have to send those out. we do have a couple of breaks. it's cool, damp. some of the pain in the past five days, ben lomond, 10 inches. 7.34. mt. diablo had 5. santa rosa, 4.30. redwood citi over 4. there are so many. you can show ten minutes of rain totals. marin county, napa rain still falling. this has been parked over there. i've not had any reports if there's been anything significant. but it looks like it's been steady for some. heads back over to snow may and napa. i did have a report of browns valley getting heavy rain. napa reporting rain. that was about an hour ago. not a lot in the east bay. but there a little bit.
7:32 am
there's nothing being reported. i know that. watch out. pockets of that can be thick. the thickest seems to be in morgan hill. fremont, newark, light rain, the sul noel grade and coming out of the -- sunol grade and coming out of santa cruz mountains. 50s and 60s on the temps. been rain up in the lake level. we'll have a mostly cloudy day. a few sunbreaks. scattered showers could be another rainbow day. patchy fog. kind of mild. temperatures in the 60s. we had one issue, i didn't hear where it was. that's right. southbound 101, you are talking about that crash at the truck scales in marinwood area. that's on the shoulder, it could be causing slow traffic. we'll start with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza which is very normal westbound as you come up to the pay gates. 25 to 30-minute wait at the tone if you are in the cash lanes. no problems on the actual span. moving along to contra costa. concord to walnut creek, it's
7:33 am
slow from 242 to highway 24. westbound 24 is a little bit slow in la fayette and then we do have traffic on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. better than yesterday. still a slowdown trying to get on both of those spans. out to one more live picture. that would be 280 northbound, getting up to highway 17. you will see some slow traffic in the downtown area on northbound 2 -- northbound 280. back to you. disappointment for nasa and they are feeling it from florida all the way to mountain view. a scheduled launch was canceled about an hour ago. one that's critical of plans to send astronauts to mars. alex savidge, joining us live now the you are at moffett field. you were out there for a big watch party. people went home disappointed. >> reporter: there was certain lay feeling of frustration pong some of the spectators who dame to this early-morning viewing party here at the aims research
7:34 am
center. everybody seems to understand that nasa doesn't want to take any chances. they understand why the launch was scrubbed this morning. let me show you the scene here inside the visitors' center. there were about 100 people who gathered here hoping to watch orion blastoff. there were a series of setbacks in florida. first a boat strayed into the launch area, and then the wind and then a valve issue. that's when the decision was made to scrap the launch today. >> very disappointed. i understand that there's safety concerns. i hope that they will figure out what was wrong and it will go off and -- it was still a fun experience to come out here. >> reporter: and this test flight when it happens will be the first step in nasa's journey to mars. the hope is that orion could carry humans to the red planet. when it launches, eventually when it happens, orion will be
7:35 am
taking two test orbits. after that, orion will re-enter the earth's atmosphere and that's when the capsule will get the trial by fire. orion will endure temperatures of 4,000 degrees fahrenheit putting the high-tech heat shield to the test. it's the heat shield that was developed here at the research center. >> once it enters, reenters the atmosphere, the heat shield will compress the air in front of it, generate a very strong shock and that create as lot of heat transfer to the heat shield. >> reporter: this whole test flight is only expected to take four and a half hours and orion will be splashing down they hope into the pacific about 600 miles southwest of san diego. nasa will be giving it another shot tomorrow. the launch window for orion will open at 4:00 a.m. our time and by the way here at the research center, they will not have another launch viewing party tomorrow morning.
7:36 am
we're live this morning in mountain view, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. 7:35. more protests planned around the country today after another grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer for the death of an african- american man. now, while this latest case is similar to what happened in ferguson, missouri, this one involves new york city police officers taking down 350-eric garner back in july. it was captured on cell phone video. it shows a plain clothes officer putting garner in a chokehold, even though choke holds have been banned by the new york police department for more than two decades. on the video, garner is heard screaming, i can't breathe. the grand jury made up of 23 people decided that the police officer should not face criminal charges. >> you guys do your job! >> last night in oakland, about 300 people protested against
7:37 am
that grand jury decision. they marched toward the oakland police headquarters but they were turned away by a line of riot police. protesters marched through downtown and the piedmont business district. >> i can't believe i have to be out here -- yes. it seems black lives don't matter. people are being killed without due process. >> that march ended at city hall. police report no problems. the demonstration last night was a lot more peaceful than the ferguson protest last month. that one led to 169 arrests and several businesses were vandalized. the protests over what happened in new york are scheduled for today at uc berkeley at noontime and at oakland's frank ogawa plaza at 5:00 p.m. a group of stanford students protested last night in palo alto. photos of the demonstrations were posted on twitter. the group consisted of 100 protesters. they briefly shut down both directions of highway 101 at
7:38 am
university avenue. the demonstrators held up their arms to symbolize people who reportedly have been shot by police even while surrendering. now, during rush hour last night in san francisco. a small group of people staged what they call a die-in at the cable car turnaround at powell and market street. one demonstrator told ktvu it was important for him to be there. he says he wanted to show that "black lives matter." after wards, several protesters blocked traffic on market street. the largest demonstrations last night happened at some of the most famous landmarks in new york city. thousands of protesters gathered across the city to voice their anger. they blocked access to the lincoln tunnel, stopped traffic at a major highway and marched across the brooklyn bridged a midnight. they also demonstrated at times square and tried to disrupt the tree lighting ceremony at rockefeller cemetery. protesters chanted no justice, no tree. new york police arrested 83 people throughout the night. president obama at a
7:39 am
washington, d.c. event honoring native-american tribes also talked about the chokehold case. he said there's a bigger issue of minorities not trusting the police. >> the concern on the part of too many minority communities that law enforcement is not working with them and dealing with them in a fair way. >> now, u.s. attorney eric holder has ordered a federal civil rights investigation into the death of garner. although the police officer who applied that chokehold is legally cleared for now, he may still lose his job for violating the police department's ban on choke holds. and then barbara lee tweeted out this photo of her hands up in the air. she says, she's disgusted with the new york grand jury's decision and says the senseless murders of african-american men cannot continue. she's calling for peaceful demonstrations and for the police to uphold first
7:40 am
amendment rights. our time now 7:39. in other news, a san mateo county fire chief is due in court today. he's accused of stealing at least $35,000 through an elaborate credit card scheme. investigators say chief mark ladas ran the scheme with his wife. they are accused of using fake credit cards to set up fake businesses. investigators say the proceeds from those businesses were then funneled into the couple's bank accounts. the fire chief is now on paid leave. his wife we're told fled the country but she's facing similar charges if she is found. the current stoems are helping with concerns over a water shortage in california but not enough to solve our drought problem. the east bay municipal water district says total water levels for a dry resser vore are slightly above half of total capacity. so district staff is recommending the board of directors buy more federal water from the sacramento
7:41 am
river. if the plan is approved, the average customer would pay had .37 more a -- would pay 4.37 more a month to cover that cost. >> if that has to happen, that has to happen. i can figure out how to take shorter showers. >> the east bay m.u.d. board is scheduled to make a decision on buying more water at the meeting next tuesday night. the bay area is not alone in dealing with severe weather problems. this week's powerful storm has battered cities all across california. this is the scene in santa barbara. a lot of cleanup there. downtown businesses, days -- they are cleaning up from days of pounding rain and flooding. some people are excited to see the stormy weather. >> dancing in ecstasy. haven't seen water like this in two years. i think we have enough rain
7:42 am
that the trees and shrubs are happy. >> there's relief that rain has put a small dent in california's record-breaking would would -- drought. if you are a great skier like pam cook, it's a great weekend to go skiing. more than two feet has fallen in squaw valley. they sent us this video as more snow was falling. an extra foot or more is expected over the next couple of days. this is shaping up to be a busy tease in the sierra with another nine resorts due to open including sierra at tahoe tomorrow. and then a couple of days of heavy rains and yosemite's water falls have come back to life and they are beautiful. park officials say grand yosemite, bridle vail and cascade falls are flowing again. they took the photos showing them in full force. peak flow happens in may or june.
7:43 am
the water falls typically slow to a trickle by august. a generous donation from a home builder means there's more room for hikers and bikers to enjoy the outdoors. a development group donated 90 achers to expand dry creek. that is the second largest conservation. the ad added acre age allows a hiking and riding trail to be extended by three and a half miles. 7:436789 it's been a week of delays and cancellations at bay area airports. coming up in our next hour, what travelers can expect this morning after two very stormy days. but up next, the big announcement today for sports fans in the south bay. good morning. we are looking at traffic that is going to be busy this morning in san jose on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. it's been a lot slower in the last few minutes. we'll tell you about a new problem in the east pay.
7:44 am
some breaks. still rain and areas of fog. scattered showers will persist. we'll talk about today's weather and what's in store for the weekend.
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and cold cut combo. always made fresh from the bread up with whatever your taste buds wish. so let subway treat you with these two delicious $2 sandwiches this holiday season during our customer appreciation celebration. subway. eat fresh. ♪ >> won't go away. so many people have watched this that the view count stopped working. it was programmed to max out at 2.1 billion views. youtube announced this week that the software has now been updated so video can register more than 9 quintillion views if necessary. today we'll learn more about a major sporting event
7:47 am
coming to san jose. sam liccardo will be one of the officials onhand this afternoon at the center. our sports department said the u.s. gymnastics championships will be returning to san jose. today's event, 4:00. they call it the most wonderful time of the year. but it's also the most expensive. financial experts say there are things you can do now better to manage your money in the year to come. the most important thing they say check your spending for the last 12 months. then get your credit score and set up a payment plan to get your credit card balances down. also they are recommending rebalancing your investment portfolio. and they say you need to use the rest of your flexible health savings account and make any charitable contributions before december 31st. well, a man in san bruno is more than $409,000 rich there morning. the california lottery says
7:48 am
peter murty won the money in a daily derby quick pick drawing. he correctly matched three winning horses with their first, second and third-place finishes. and he selected the final race time. 7:47. let's check in with sal. everybody behaving for you out there on the roads, sal? >> well, some. >> some. >> for the most part, it's better today, dave, than it was yesterday. as we take a live look at 24 if you are driving from la fayette over to the caldecott, it's been moderate. 11 minutes from pleasant hill road to the tunnel. when you get to the toll plaza, you will be waiting for about a 25 to 30-minute drive which is not unusual. we're also looking at the commute here in oakland. i want to mention that westbound 580 at 980 we had a crash there a little while ago, that's messed up traffic. it's backed up all the way to highway 13. so today, 580 is slower than it normally is. 880 might be a good option for
7:49 am
you. as we push into san jose, all of a sudden, 85, 280 and 101 are also very slow. so it's not a great day but if you are comparing it to yesterday, i think you will like today better. 7:48. let's go to steve in the weather center. it's a great day, sal. >> yes, sir. >> better than yesterday, by far. no kidding. we still get some rain, though, and a lot of fog reports, especially down too morgan hill. we do get a couple of breaks in the clouds. we could use the break. tom in blossom hill said i went outside the ground -- i thought it would be soggy and it's not. it's not. the ground sucks it right up. for good reason. it needs the rain. and we got it. some of the past five-day totals, ben lomond, 10 inches. cazadero, 7.30. mount tam 7.30. thank you to karla and terra linda and bonnie anderson for the rain reports. they said we're not sleeping here. mt. diablo, 5 inches.
7:50 am
san jose, 3.67. santa cruz almost 4. redwood city over 4 and santa rosa 4.30. i know gary up in calistoga had 5.30 but there were a lot of reports. san francisco, 4.33. that now puts the season total 6.79. 137% of normal. last year at this time, 1.69. only 34%. we should be 4.94 july 1st to december 3rd. we're doing very well. the season totele is 23.65 on average. oakland -- oakland 5.5. everybody looking good. some rain and in marin county, it's kind of been parked there. very foggy in parts of mill valley as well. a little bit up towards novato but also into napa. had reports back to american canyon, maybe up to st. helena, also around yountville and then to the east, not a lot in the east bay but i've had a couple of reports very foggy discovery
7:51 am
bay, around moraga. around fremont, los altos, mountain view, sunnyvale, coming out of the santa cruz mountains. scotts valley had reports dumbing down. ben lomond over into san jose. 50s on the temps to 60s. very mild air mass. 40 in tahoe. snow level is up mainly about 7,000 feet. warm system here. you can see the moisture just keeps streaming in off the west- southwest. some areas will continue to get some scattered rain today. our next system coming in will be weaker. it will give us rain but the heavier amounts will be to the north. there will be far less to the south. probably start friday afternoon and go into early, early saturday. but the hear -- heavier amounts will be to the north. there's the rain tomorrow, about 1:00. this is probably about right. we'll get the warm sector, and then the front comes in all the way into saturday morning and this looks better saturday morning. another system comes in on monday. so i mean, as you can see, things are starked up, there could be a significant system
7:52 am
in about a week's time. sun and clouds, scattered showers, patchy fog. we do get some breaks. a mix of sun and clouds. out there today, upper 60s for some. a lot of mid-60s. rain returns friday, ends saturday night and then we get a break. there will be a lot of fog. another system on monday. >> all right. we can handle it. >> yes, sir. mystery involve solved. well, kinds of. the strange twist of the story in texas of 100 missing brains. we'll tell you what we know now. but first, our search for the best holiday display in the bay area. look at this. the driving force behind this over the top house in san ramon. ♪
7:53 am
there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree.
7:54 am
(man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
7:55 am
♪ i love christmas music. >> gene autry. sacramento getting into the holiday spirit. that's the christmas tree outside of the state capitol all lit up. governor jerry brown, his wife, ann and the first dog, sutter, were owl on hand for the ceremony held inside because of the intense rain we've been having. the this is the 83rd annual christmas tree lighting ceremony. the tree is covered in 12,000 lights and 900 ornaments made by children and adults with develop mental disabilities. families are heading to pick out their holiday trees. but a new study shows more people want artificial trees. analysts say the best time to buy the artificial trees from now until december 14th. you will get good deals.
7:56 am
>> i'm almost about ready to think about shopping for a tree. >> we're searching all over the bay area. we want to find out who is decked for the holidays. we've been asking your viewers to share your photos and videos with us. today's entry is a home in san ramon. take a look at this. melissa, posted it on our facebook page. it might be melissa rabella. this is her sister's house. wow, i hope -- >> this is huge. she said this is spearheaded by the family's 18-year-old son jamie. jamie, you are the man. every year he planned it all. he goes out and buys all of the supplies, then dad works as his right hand main to make it all happen. >> we're told that he worked on a tight deadline this year, too. since he's attending college in los angeles. he put it all up over his thanksgiving break. each year he tries to top the last and come up with new scenes. >> jamie, you did it.
7:57 am
you really did it. apparently there is a lot more to it that you can't see in the pictures we showed you, including, pam, they have a tunnel of lights. it leads to the front door and a projected moving santa claus. >> wow. >> i need to get out. there are some homes in novato, there's one where you get to go inside. >> have to take the pictures. >> maybe i will get there this weekend. if you and your neighbors are decked out, post your photo or tweet us your foe foe or video using the -- photo or video using the hashtag. >> as we get closer to christmas, we'll send out the top displays. viewers you will get a chance to vote on your favorite, we'll tell you who wins the title and the bragging rights of the best holiday display. we just posted on the facebook page. if you want to vote for the home. you can log on and like the entry. if you have an entry you want
7:58 am
us to consider, post your picture or video. >> go for it. >> 7:57. did you get your flu shot. coming up next, disappointing news about this year's flu vaccine that may put some people at risk of getting the flu. packing up and cleaning out. the eviction taking place right now at san jose's biggest homeless camp. good morning. we have a look at traffic now that is going to be a little bit busier than it was in some areas. but san francisco remains good. we'll tell you more about getting to the city, via the bay bridge. a lot quieter today. some sunbreaks there. still scattered showers around and some fog. we'll talk about the friday forecast. there will be rain returning. we'll show you where the heaviest amounts will be.
7:59 am
as a toddler, i enjoy three activities. breaking things... spilling things... and just general destruction, in the abstract sense. so i, for one, am not a big fan of nest. you see, the dropcam is always watching... even when my folks are in another room. i rue the day that this product was invented. but i'm not 100% sure what rue means. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful
8:00 am
you can see activities going on but you can -- there is a lot to be done to be moved, to be taken out. it's quite a day. and christien kafton is out there now. the police are out there. you can zee what they've gotta
8:01 am
pick up and move out. christien kafton will have a live report coming up in two minutes. all that's happening there in san jose at the place that's known as the jungle. stay tuned. good morning. thank you for joining us for "mornings on 2." thursday, december 4th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell today. want to check in with steve. >> it's a nice break for most of the bay area. all day into the evening commute as well? >> there will be some light rain. >> okay. >> scotts valley, napa had reports of moderate to heavy rain. kind of a break here today. we're getting some also a little bit of returns over marin county from mill valley, looks like green bray, san rafael, terra linda, over towards snee ma highway 37, napa, highway 121. nothing too heavy. there could be bursts where it's a little bit. milpitas, fremont, back to the peninsula. but not too much. it looks like a little bit around mountain view.
8:02 am
ben lomond, 10 inches in the last five days over highway 17 back to santa cruz. there's still a few pockets here. 50s, 60s on the temperatures. today is the in-between day. there will be mostly cloudy skies. our next system is taking a more to the north, we'll get rain here. take us into saturday. but the heavier amounts probably marin county, far less to the soft. wouldn't take much to get more rain. sun and clouds, scattered showers. patchy fog, very thick fog but a lot of 60s on the highs. here's sal. we do have a couple of new things that have popped up. i want to mention the bay bridge which is backed up for a 30, 35-minute delay. it's improving it's nowhere near as bad as it was when the backup stretched well beyond 9:00. we have a look at also the freeway on 880. we are getting some of that traditional slow traffic. 880 northbound which you see on the screen getting up to
8:03 am
downtown oakland. peninsula, southbound 101 at third offramp, there is a crash. there is a new crash reported northbound 101 near millbrae avenue. that's said to be blocking a lane. it could slow your trip down to the san francisco airport. back to the desk. all right. thank you, sal. happening right now, we've been following this all morning long, it's eviction day. san jose police have arrived at one of the biggest homeless camps in the entire country. it's in san jose. christien kafton is there to tell us what's happening right now. >> reporter: you might be able to see that the situation has changed. there's now some heavy equipment here in front of the area known as the jungle. crews are starting to move in and begin the work of removing some of the items in the area. you can see that a group of several dozen homeless advocates have arrived here on scene to advocate for the homeless people who are being moved out of this area today. as we look down, you can see the scope of the work that they are actually going to need to
8:04 am
do today. this is the area known as the jungle. the area that crews will be moving into later to actually remove the people who live here and the waste in the area here. crews, again, on scene preparing to move this area out. we've seen streams of people leaving the area this morning. some quietly, some have been angry saying this is a major disruption and they are being removed from the only home they have. they've tried to clear the area several times. this time we'll be installing a thousand feet of fencing along story road and restricting vehicle access to try to discourage them from returning. they have to clear the area they say because it presents a health and safety hazard. >> this encampment represents an unsafe, unstable place. we don't want people coming back here. this site will be closed going forward. >> if they have facilities to use, it wouldn't be this mess.
8:05 am
look at. it wouldn't be like this. there are some that are really clean. there are. they are not dirty or anything. they are clean but where is the utilities to use to keep it clean? >> reporter: the homeless advocates here say there are not enough belds in shelt -- beds in the shelters. it's estimated there's 100 to 200 people out here. san jose police will be out here trying to remove anyone out here. this is expected to take about two weeks. back to you. >> christien kafton live in san jose. thank you. 8:05. meantime, crews in san francisco hope to finish the repair work on that giant sinkhole sometime today. it opened up yesterday morning right there at 6th avenue and lake street in the richmond district. it quickly grew to a 20 by 20- foot crater ten feet deep. city inspectors are checking to see now if the sinkhole is --
8:06 am
is linked to another one in this same neighborhood last year. >> a lot of it is da to aging infrastructure -- due to aging infrastructure. some of these pipes are 100 years old. >> we don't know if the pipe burst before or after the road caved in. people in the area still don't have water and are waiting for repairs to be completed. >> someone posted this ad on craigslist. having a little fun with the sinkhole there in san francisco. it says, sinkhole for rent. the ad says it just opened up and is one of the best deals in san francisco. it's close to mass transit, coffee shops and golden gate park. it also points out the sinkhole already has a sunroof that makes it a great spot for entertaining. this year's flu vaccine is not as effective as it has been in the past. that's according to the cdc. health officials say the virus has mutated. experts decided on the three
8:07 am
strains of virus to include in this year's vaccine based on information they had last february. the cdc says even though the current vaccine doesn't protect as well as in years past, it can still decrease the severity of this year's most common strains of flu. 8:07. this week's heavy rains have caughted some of the worst flooding in years. take a look at petaluma yesterday. heavy rains pounded this neighborhood near the petaluma river. the rain overwhelmed the storm drains. this man had to push his car through the floodwaters. another drive her to call in a tow truck to get his car out of the waters. the torrential rains caused flooding across marin county. you heard pam talking about that. the downpour flooded the shopping center in tiburon. up to two and a half feet of water flooded several stores. bay area airports slowly getting back to normal after two days of the stormy weather. the duty manager at sfo said there are only expecting about
8:08 am
eight storm-related cancellations this morning. that's a big improvement over 150 cancellations at sfo yesterday. flights are expected to go smoothly at oakland and san jose airports. it's probably still a good idea to call ahead before you head off to the airport. a massachusetts man is facing assault charges this morning. he's accused of attacking a 74- year-old female security agent at boston's logan airport. police say it started when a tsa agent told him his carry-on was too big. now, according to the police report, he swung his backpack into the woman's face and knocked her off her feet. surveillance cameras show he then quickly walked away but he was immediately tackled and was arrested by a nearby state trooper. he's identified as a 53-year- old financial analyst. police say he told them he was aggravated and made a mistake. house republicans are
8:09 am
prepared to pass a bill blocking president obama's executive actions on immigration. even supporters acknowledge that the bill is mostly symbolic. it stands little chance in the democratic-controlled senate and president obama would veto it. the real showdown will come next week with a december 11th deadline to pass a spending bill to keep the government running. conservatives want language in the spending bill that would strip funding for the immigration reforms. but house gop leaders fear, including such language in the spending bill could lead to a shutdown. a new dmv opened primarily to help undocumented imy grants get drivers' licenses. it's on center near tully road. januarynd offices will start to allow those people to apply for
8:10 am
licenses. they will not be allowed to open a bank account, board a plane or receive public benefits. fast-forward workers in oakland will join a nationwide strike as they fight to increase their pay to $15 an hour. fast-food workers have been tolding demonstrations for two years. there will be strikes in 160 cities. the oakland strike starts at 3:00 this afternoon at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. 8:10. a california appeals court struck down a controversial state law, one that requires dna to be collected from anyone arrested on suspicion of a felony. yesterday the court said collecting dna violates the state's constitutional ban on unreasonable search and seizure. the court also noted that when dna is collected after an arrest, some of those people are never charged, let alone convicted. that law was passed back in
8:11 am
2004. attorney general harris's office said they haven't decided yet if they will appeal. are there more victims? that's the question police in morgan hill want to answer about an elementary schoolteacher accused of molesting his students. 52-year-old john arthur lloyd was arrested in october after police received reports he molested a female student during class. now, lloyd taught at morgan hill's paraties elementary. previously he taught at elementary schools in hollister. police say they have identified four possible victims. investigators are asking anyone who may have been a victim to contact morgan hill police. right now, it is 11 minutes after 8:00 t was disappointing news from kennedy space center in florida and here at the -- at the that's research center -- nasa research center.
8:12 am
>> we recommend we scrub. >> coming up, the difficulties that caused nasa to scrub the planned launch. but first unwanted guests at this prestigious bay area college. the problem with pests that forced students out of their dorms. still looking at a bunch of slow traffic around the bay area. it seems to be getting heavier in some places. we'll tell you more about the east bay commute. a little chill out there. very damp as you might imagine after about 3 to 10 inches of rain the past few days. we're getting a little bit of a break. ♪ at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier.
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welcome back. stanford university says a problem with bedbugs in one of the dorms is now under control. the bugs that can draw blood were found in the hall starting last month. dorm residents say since then they've seen mattresses wrapped in plastic in the first floor hallways. they also report seeing pest control people around. >> i didn't know what was going on and then eventually i heard it was bedbugs. i was like oh, my gosh. this better not get to the second floor. >> students who live in the rooms that had the bed bachs were given other housing temporarily. the school paid to have all of the clothing of those students actually washed and dry cleaned as well. all of the mattresses, carpets and drapes in the rooms have been replaced. we have some new information on that story about the 100 brains of mental
8:16 am
patients that went missing from the university of texas. some school officials now say the brains were disposed of 12 years ago. now, earlier, other university officials said that the brains disappeared from a storage area. the brains had been used as teaching schools but the school says their condition had deteriorated over the years. the university now says it will look into how the decision was made to dispose of the brains. we're getting more details about the next james bond movie. today, the producers announced that the 24th james bond movie will be called investigator. in the bond world, that's a fictional terrorist organization. the filming starts monday. daniel craig, right there, will, once again, play james bond. movie is due to be released in november of next year. i never told you, pam. i always wanted to be james bond. >> did you? >> i dreampt of being james bond and i grew up and then i wanted to be sal castanedo. [laughter] >> i just switched.
8:17 am
>> now i know you are pulling someone's leg. watch out, pam. >> but he's dave clark. >> he's dave clark. >> dave clark. good morning. let's -- and i love james bond movies. it's a guilty plesh our for me. let's take a look at 880 northbound. you see slow traffic here. more people may be on 880, 580 was a mess. we go to the maps and i will do that in a moment. i will show you the east bay. let's go to the toll plaza first. i think a lot of you are wondering what's going on. it's about a 30-minute delay. nothing out of the ordinary. better than yesterday. getting back to why we saw 880 so slow, 580 is backed up out of san leandro all the way up to the meadz. that's because. earlier issues. we're looking at slow traffic in san jose. 101 has been sold out. 208 and 85 and ordinarily this would be terrible traffic but compared to what we've had the last few days, i would say this is okay. you can deal with it. it will be slow but it's better
8:18 am
than yesterday. 8:17. back to steve in the weather center. >> i hope it's better than yesterday, sal. >> much beter. >> that was a crazy day. still some rain out there. not a lot. there is a little bit. marin county, napa, down towards santa cruz mountains. kind of -- more mostly cloudy to partly cloudies out there. we do get a couple of breaks. the hills will turn green. the grass will be flying off now. we see another system on friday. and then monday. possibility of a stronger system by the end of next week. ben lomond, the past five days, 10 inches. mount tam, 7.30. mt. diablo had over 5. san jose, 3.67. santa cruz almost 4. redwood city over 4 and santa rosa 4.30. still a little bit of rain around san rafael. partses of marin county. it's been parked there for a while. i had a couple of reports of heavy rain for a brief period of time in napa. it looks like that's winding down, now. but there will still be
8:19 am
scattered showers. looks like the coverage has been decreasing. still around santa cruz mountains, back to ben lomond, scotts valley, boulder creek, there will be some rain towards vuz. not a lot. but there's still some that can be steady in the mountains. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. the moisture streams in off the west-southwest. that keeps a lot of mostly cloudies in. the next system is here on friday afternoon. heavier amounts will be focused to the north. far less to the north. i think there will be more than a .09 in san jose. it will be a system that lifts northward. some that fog is very thick. sun and clouds, kind of a couple sunbreaks. 60s on the temps. look for a better day. even though there will be some scattered showers around. we do get a muggy pattern. even though it's cool, damp. rain returns friday into early saturday. looks good. another system on monday. will that be pretty big? >> not as bad as we had.
8:20 am
>> watching things getting green. >> like fast. >> fast. >> i no longer have to water my plants dying. >> all right, steve. 8:19 is the time right now. another potential weather catastrophe. coming up in 25 minute, the familiar fears that have people in the philippines lining up for food and water. and call it a christmas emergency. see these two little boys? they wanted to talk to the big man, the one in the red suit with the long white beard. instead, they ended up answering to the police.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
♪ this is beautiful. the san francisco ballet held a very unusual performance at the nutcracker for kids who might otherwise miss this holiday tradition. it happens every year. the nutcracker himself along with a sugarplum fairy and six other dance, went to ucf bennyoff hospital in san francisco. they loved sharing the music and the movement. >> being able to come here and share that means a lot. up don't get the opportunity so often. so this once a year opportunity, when it comes around is something that we really cherish. >> how about that? after all. dancing, the performers got down and talked with the young patient, signed autographs, took pictures, the kids had a chance to get a real closeup
8:24 am
look at the elaborate costumes the dancers wear. well, speaking of kids, a couple of them they were hoping to get on santa claus's good list. what these two little boys did ended up getting them a visit from the police. here's a 6-year-old boy from wisconsin and his 3-year-old brother, they dialed 911. they wanted to contact santa claus. they wanted to make sure santa knew what they wanted for christmas. >> i didn't realize my husband's phone was unlocked. >> the north pole is out of jurisdiction. not much we can do with helping them connect with santa claus. >> police also had a serious conversation with these little boys you, just reminding them you only call 911 in case of an emergency. well, the oakland post office is now accepting letters to santa and they are acting as santa's official mailbox. >> happy hoyles!
8:25 am
merry christmas! >> look at these kids. they helped launch this year's letter-writing campaign. the letters are from the east bay, san jose and king city. they will all go to the main post office in oakland. now, if you want to adopt a letter, you can visit a participating post office and meet with one of santa's helpers. the alameda county sheriff's office is showing off one of its two new drones. it's a $97,000 purchase that's ignited a controversy. the american civil liberties union and other groups are worried that the drones could be used for spying. the sheriff says the drones will not be used for surveillance. >> this system is specifically for search and rescue, edo missions and other events that occur. >> the sheriff had side stepped what was clearly supervisor concern and widespread community concern about buying drones and had secretly bought
8:26 am
drones without net public debate -- any public debate. >> the sheriff decided to use the county's own money after being told he could not use federal homeland security money. nate miley says he will support the sheriff's decision to buy the drones but he also added i know the sheriff knows this is a sensitive issue. so i wish he had come to the board of supervisors public protection committee to be more transparent. >> thank you. 8:26. woi -- wow a stroller with a toddler inside rolls on the tracks of a train station. all of it caught on video. look at this. coming up in 20 minutes, the scramble that followed to save that little girl. and nasa scrub as launch set for earlier this morning hours ago. the problems that prepare vented that historic liftoff. plus the local watch party ended in disappointment. seeing scattered showers in the forecast. we do have some breaks in the clouds. temperatures today in the 60s but we do have another system
8:27 am
that's poised to make a move in here on friday. more on that coming up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. we have breaking news in alameda county. a source with the san leandro police department is telling us as you look at this live picture, one of its officers was run over by a car driven by a robbery suspect this morning. it happened on broad moore boulevard in san leandro just a short time ago. you can see all of the police presence out there right now. now, oakland police have confirmed to us they are helping out with this investigation. the officer was hurt trying to stop the suspect described as an armed robbery suspect. we don't have any word on the
8:30 am
condition of the police officer hit by the car. this is still a fluid situation. again, you are looking at the live pictures. ktvu's brian flores is there, just got there. brian will be -- we'll talk to him in a couple of minutes to find out what he has found out so far. stay tuned on this breaking story. thursday morning, december 4th. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic. we're going back to steve paulson with the latest forecast. >> you stepped outside. >> i did. >> i stepped outside. it's not bad. >> it's not bad. >> a little chill and damp because of the rain. we still have some rain. not a lot. marin county up to napa for a while had some. a lot of fog being reported as well. it looks like things are winding down for the most part. but many south of napa, hidden brook, american canyon, crockett, benicia, vallejo. a lot of this is kind of hit and miss, seems to be falling apart towards from matte, still coming out of the santa cruz mountains. but gerntion the coverage seems to be less than an hour or two
8:31 am
ago. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. they continue to be mild. we'll get a break today. the next system comes in friday afternoon, takes us into early saturday. we'll get rain out of it. a mix of sun and clouds. a lot of 60s. here's sal. we're looking a commute, steve, where the traffic is better than it has been. someone just asked me how is marin? yesterday was so terrible. today it's just normal backing up out of novato to central san rafael. that's about all. this is a look at the toll plaza of the bay bridge. seeing some improvement. 25, 30 minutes to get into san francisco. looking at 880, i've seen a little improvement here. it's a little slow getting up to the high street exit and getting up to the brick wall. 580 just in case you are wondering is not going. it's backed up out of san leandro all the way to the 980 interchange. the south bay we've had very slow traffic on 101, 280 and 85. yeah, it's not as bad as
8:32 am
yesterday but still no picnic as you drive. on the pill, we -- peninsula we had an accident at millbrae. they cleared that. traffic will be busy on 101. 280 southbound is slow through san bruno on the way down to crystal springs area. back to the desk. all right. thank you. again, we're following breaking news right now. an active police investigation is happening in san leandro as we speak. a police officer reportedly was hit and hurt by a car driven by an armed robbery suspect. ktvu's brian flores is there at the scene now and brian, you just learned some new details from eyewitnesses about what may have happened out there. >> reporter: we did, dave. good morning. some eyewitnesses say they heard several gunshots this morning. possibly up to nine this morning. we're here on the corner of kennelworth and broad moore in san leandro. as you mentioned, very active situation. as you can see, there's a san leandro police cruiser, possibly involved in what happened this morning.
8:33 am
i want to bring in lit mcmanus about what -- in lieutenant mcmanus about what we know so far. >> today at about 7:20 a.m., officers were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle parked here. when the officers arrived, they found two occupants in the car not known to the area. as the first officer approached the car, the passenger got out and tried to flee. he was apprehended. and then a second officer arrived. as he was exiting his patrol car and walking up to the vehicle, the driver immediately accelerated, striking the officer, knocking him to the ground and fled. officers did fire in self- defense. i do not know if the officers fired prior to or after the officer was struck. but the vehicle that was involved in this has fled the scene. we have teams of officers and detectives from san leandro and other east bay cities out look for the vehicle. our officer is in a hospital
8:34 am
with non-life-threatening injuries. expected to be okay. >> reporter: do we have a description of the suspect vehicle? >> right now we're not releasing those vehicles because we are still actively investigating and talking to witnesses. >> reporter: some sources say this was an armed robbery suspect. can you confirm those vehicles? >> i do not have that information. >> reporter: so one officer in the hospital, non-life- threatening injuries. suspect still on the loose this morning from what you can tell me. >> yes, that's correct. >> thank you. do you know how long the streets will be closed or will be blocked off? >> i anticipate a few hours. we'll have our crime scene evidence technicians come out to process the scene, taking photographs, interviewing witnesses and make sure we can do everything to try to reconstruct what happened. >> reporter: one resident i spoke with said there is a child care building facility out there. are those kids safe? do you know of any information? >> i don't know of any child care facility on this street. there's one a few blocks over.
8:35 am
>> reporter: are they being told to shelter in place? >> nothing like that. >> reporter: again, one officer in the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. as you heard from the lieutenant, those suspects involved in this type of crime are still on the loose this morning. we'll continue to be updated throughout the morning on "mornings on 2." brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:35. new this morning, nasa's plan to launch, it'sen-- it's on hold. it was scrubbed. we're live at the that's ames research center where a watch party ended in disappointment. >> reporter: a lot of the -- this is what the scene looked like inside the visitors'
8:36 am
center here at the ames research center in mountain view. at least 100 or so people gathered to watch orion blast off into space this morning, but there was a series of setbacks at the kennedy space center in florida. at first it was a boat that strayed into the launch area. then the kids that were the problem and finally nasa was troubled by a valve issue. that's when the decision was made to scrap the launch for today. >> very disappointed but i understand that there's safety concerns i hope they will figure out what was wrong and it will go off. >> reporter: this test flight will be the first step in nasa's yurnny to mars. the hope is orion could one daycarery humans to -- could carry humans to the red planet. orion will make an important re- entry through the earth's atmosphere. that's when the capsule will get the trial by fire. orion will endure temperatures
8:37 am
of about 4,000 degrees fahrenheit. that will put the high-tech heat shield to the test. it's a heat shield developed at the ames research senter. >> once it reepters the atmosphere, the heat shield will compress the air in front of it, generate a very strong shock and that create as lot of heat transfer to the heat shield. >> reporter: this whole test flik will take about four and a half hours and orion will splash down into the pacific oath about 600 miles -- ocean about 600 miles southwest of san diego. the launch window opens at 4:00 in the morning our time. by the way, here, they tell me they will not be having another viewing party tomorrow morning. in mountain view, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:37. well, the oakland raiders are tightening security for this sunday's big battle of the bay. the raiders and 49ers will play at the oakland coliseum.
8:38 am
their first meeting since a preseason game in 2011 at candle still park. that's when two people were shot. two others were seriously beaten and there were all kinds of fights. former raider cliff branch says the rivalry between the two teams often gets out of hand. >> i played for the raiders for 15 years. there was a rivalry pack in those days. always gonna be a rivalry because it's the battle of the bay. >> the raiders say there will be a lot of uniformed as well as undercover police officers at this game. and there will be more private security out there as well. the rain in southern california washed out a road in riverside county and overnight forcing firefighters -- look at this. >> wow. >> oh, my government they had to rescue 14 -- oh, my. they had to rescue 14 people in the rush of mud that came crashing down. this is new video from minutes ago that we want to show you. that's the car right there in the mud.
8:39 am
>> incredible. >> you can see it in the bushes. that rescue began around 1:30 in gilman springs. again, riverside county in southern california, the area received heavy rain overnight. flash flooding washed out the road. rain in about four feet of mud trapped five cars and 14 people. we're happy to say they got out safely. bay area residents are still cleaning up after the strongest storm nins 2012. the wet weather proved specifically dangerous for one family in antioch. this is their apartment. the roof was under repair and partially gave way yesterday afternoon with all of the rain. one woman was inside at the time but she was not hurt. her husband works nearby. he came home to find that gaping hole in the living room ceiling. >> i'm just glad my kids weren't around when the roof fell in because, you know, it had been a pretty bad thing to put -- to have something like that happen to him.
8:40 am
>> firefighters say water pooled and a tarp gave way and then a plank crashed through the roof despite the damage, the family can actually still stay in the home. well, as people start to repair damage from the storm, california homeowners are being warned to watch out for scams by unlicensed contractors. the state licensing board says only hire licensed contractors to repair work in your home or business because they are bonded and they have to carry workers' compensation insurance to cover their employees. also tree trimmers you should know working on trees taller than 15 feet, they also have to be licensed and that will protect you if somebody gets hurt on your property. >> that one i didn't know. still ahead, surveillance video, a bizarre attack, it happened inside a san francisco coffee shop up next how moments late erblg the same man ended up in what police say was a -- late, the same man ended up in what police say was a life-or-
8:41 am
death situation.
8:42 am
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8:had 3. let's bring you -- 8:43. let's bring up to date on some of the top stories we're following for you -- it's eviction day at the homeless camp called the jungle. police are there clearing out the camp near zoir road-- story road. people were given a 72-hour notice to pack up and leave. they cited unsanitary as well as unsafe conditions. right now, the space ship orion, it's still sitting on the launchpad at the kennedy space center in florida. the launch that was planned for this morning was scrapped. now, nasa's hoping to try again and launch orion tomorrow after calling off this morning's
8:45 am
operation mainly because of technical problems and also because of the winds were pretty strong down there. engineers at nasa ames helped to develop the project which researchers say will one day take astronauts to mars. and in san francisco, crews hope to finish the repair work on that giant sinkhole in san francisco sometime today. it hoped up yesterday morning at 6th avenue and lake street in the richmond district. it quickly grew to 20 by 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep. the people living right near that sinkhole still have no running water. san francisco police will conduct more tests to determine who fired a gun in an incident involving an off-duty police officer and a homeless man t began yesterday morning when the man going into a cafe on nob hill. surveillance video shows him wrapped in a blanket walking up to a female customer when another customer intervenes, the homeless man is shown
8:46 am
grabbing the woman's hot coffee and throwing it at her. he then chased the woman around a table before throwing coffee on the other customer and was eventually chased out. you can see there by a worker in the cafe holding a baseball bat. minutes later, that man somehow made his way into the lobby of an apartment building on levinworth street. police say that homeless man was armed with a chair leg and tried to rob a man who just happened to be an off-duty san francisco police officer leaving his apartment. >> the officer draws his weapon, identifies himself as a police officer to beat back the robbery. the suspect tells the officer, you are gonna have to shoot me. >> police say the officer then holstered his weapon think he could subdue the suspect. they say a fight ensued and during the struggle, the gun went off. the suspect was shot in the upper body. he's in the hospital this morning in stable condition. 8:46. this is wild. this is from australia, dramatic surveillance video of
8:47 am
a little child, a little girl in a stroller rolling off a train platform and down on the tracks. now, look at this. you can see the video show as man believed to be the child tea grandfather looking away -- child's grandmother looking away and then the stroller rolls onto the platform. the grandmother jumps down to rescue the little girl. his 4-year-old grandson is on the platform watching. other bystanders come to help and they rescue her. that's hard to watch. she had cuts on her face but is expected to be okay. a spokeswoman for the trancy agency says thankfully no trains were coming in either direction arthe stroller went down on the -- after the stroller went down the tracks. >> that's moving a little too slowly for me. >> i know. >> sal, did you watch the video? >> i was just thinking the same
8:48 am
thing. he's a grandmother. >> he is but i'm -- you know when something happens that's scary involving your kid, it's like slow motion. >> i would have been out there like superman. good morning, everybody. >> let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is going to be busy if you are driving still in the east bay. 24, 13 minutes, kind of late for this slow traffic here. but it's not affected by any crashes. bay bridge toll plaza, that is backed up for about a 25-minute delay getting into san francisco. i want to mention that 580 and 880 are still very slow in oakland. 580 itself is slow from san leandro and 880 is slow as you saw. it's not really great. it's better than yesterday which is the only bright spot. at 8:48. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sal. we do have fog and light rain. just went through san francisco. continues to kind of paint a little picture into marin county. it's rainbow weather again today. some rain towards american canyon.
8:49 am
not done yet. there's more streaming right into marin county. i will tell you. not a lot. but there is a little bit. over oakland, south san francisco looks back towards millbrae, san bruno right there. a nice tweet from we built this city, one of my favorites. people were scrambling around pretty quick. doesn't last long. that's the nature of the systems. continues to move through, right offshore, marin county, maybe over the golden gatebridge up towards san rafael and then up towards highway 37 and towards sonoma, american canyon. just clipping there. up to napa again. so we're not done yet. a little bit in the east bay around pleasanton, livermore 6 80/580 split toward the sunol grade. not too much on the peninsula. there is a little bit. belmont redwood city. highway 1, maybe towards pacifica and also towards santa cruz mountains. this looks like it's lightening up a little bit. there's still some to go. 50s and 60s on the temps.
8:50 am
the next system will roll right in here tomorrow afternoon. that will give us more rain and then not as much as we had, a far cry from what we had. it will give more rain to the north bay and a little bit to the south. 60s on the temps. we have a rainbow here. can we take that shot in the control room looking out over the bay? that's gorgeous. >> can we do that? >> look at that. >> okay. so the pot of gold is in the bay. at the bottom of the bay. >> at the bottom of the bay. thank you, dave, ken, nelson. >> that's beautiful. >> there will be more rain on friday. another one on monday. >> more rainbows. >> we'll look for the rainbows. time now is 8:50. and people in the philippines unfortunately scrambling to get supplies as another supertyphoon is heading their way. the powerful storm is aimed for the same region devastated by the typhoon last year. that storm leveled entire villages and left more than 7,000 people either killed or
8:51 am
missing. many people now leaving their homes and taking shelter at a sports stadium in the philippines, long lines are also forming at stores as people try to stock up on food, water and gasoline. >> wow. that's tough. 8:50. still ahead -- a possible criminal investigation involving sexual assault allegations involving bill cosby. why l.a.p.d. detectives may look into the claims of a woman even though the statute of limitations ran out years ago. (mom) when our little girl was born,
8:52 am
we got a subaru.
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if you are looking for fresh tracks in tahoe, this is the first great weekend to go. more than 20 feet has fallen on squaw valley, alpine meadows in the past week. more snow still falling. pretty hey day. an additional foot or more is expected. shaping up to be a busy december in the sierra with another nine resorts set to open. we'll check in with steve on the driving conditions. a few days and yosemite's water falls have come back to live. grand yosemite bridle vail and cascade falls are flowing again. the park took the pictures showing they are in full force. beautiful shots. peak flow happens in may or june and the water falls typically flow to a trickle by august but they stay dry a
8:55 am
little longer. new this morning, the los angeles police department reportedly is ready and willing to investigate sexual assault claims against bill cosby. that's according to tmz. now, this week a woman filed a lawsuit against bill cosby claiming in 1974 he got her drunk and sexually assaulted her at at playboy mansion and she was 15 at the time. earlier i talked to harvey levin from tmz. harvey was about to break the story. >> even though they acknowledged the statute of limitations has run decades ago but they have still gonna investigate. there's a lot to talk about with that. that's one of the things we would talk about on the show. >> harvey was here with us here at ktvu making that statement. law enforcement source says it would be irresponsible to reject an investigation based on the date of the crime because there's always twists and turns and one allegation can lead to another.
8:56 am
now, you can get more stories like this on tmz live, the nut show. it airs -- the new show. it airs every weekday starting on monday right here. a viral music video remains so popular, youtube could not count the number of views anymore. ♪ >> i'm gonna have to sneak a little video. >> i'm not doing anything. >> yes, he is. so many people have watched this that the view count stopped working t was programmed to max out at 2.1 billion. youtube announced that the software has been updated that the video can register more than 79 quintillion. >> that's incredible. they can't count anymore. >> the rest of them are
8:57 am
watching sal. he's watching our commute. that kind of music can put a smile on our face. >> sometimes i put music on when the weather is -- >> i will show you where. >> okay. >> let's go to the eastshore freeway, a little bit of happy music might help some peer. westbound 80 traffic is backed up for about a 40-minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. gonna see a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's not as bad as yesterday, we still had slow traffic here as you drive through. contra costa outlook has become a lot better. 680 is a little bit slow through walnut creek. in marin county, it's slow from novato to about central san rafael. we had an earlier crash but nowhere near any of the problems that we had yesterday in marin county. we didn't have any flooding. it's 8:57. let's go to steve. some breaks, but some scattered showers especially parts of san francisco into marin county. napa county down towards a little bit on the peninsula.
8:58 am
it will be one of those day, sun, cloud, showers. sun, cloud, showers. lane on friday -- rain on friday. a break and then another system sunday/monday. we're rolling right -- right along. >> driving conditions for tahoe? >> they are warm systems. the snow level is high. >> okay. that's ure our report for this morning. >> be sure to watch the noon news more more on the breaking news from the east bay. police officer hit and hurt by a car. thanks for watching. start a revolution a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology with unique centrifusion.
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it's the amazing reunion of a tiger shark and diver. >> had given her some love. >> the man behind the scuba mask reveals the secret behind their friendship. >> trying to get a little bit of air. >> what happens when he gets a little too much? >> an angry mob surrounds a man and wraps him in plastic wrap. street justice saran style. >> a


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