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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 9, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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a woman goes into labor while trapped on interstate 80 due to protests. we'll have the latest on her and also the amount of arrests over night. >> we are live in san jose where a fire has sprung up in homeless encampment that is supposed to be cleared out today. we'll tell you what firefighters just told us. >> last week we saw flooding and downed trees. this week it's supposed to be even worse. the steps you are being urged to take ahead of a major storm heading our way. we are live in san jose because you probably remember they have been clearing out the homeless camp known as the jungle. a new homeless camp has been set up nearby and now this. a fire. this is a live picture and it
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looks like it's a pretty wooded area there where that fire is. ktvu tara moriarty also there where that fire is on scene and we'll check in with her in just a couple of minutes. it's tuesday, december 9th i'm pam cook. >> boy what a way to start the day. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson is here keeping an eye on everything. >> a little quiet today but then tomorrow night all eyes on this system coming in. a couple questions on it regarding it. will it stall out or blast through? either way it will be a pretty impressive system. it's thursday. and tuesday we have a lot of cloud cover over us. we will continue to be a cloudy day. looks very gray here. it's on its way and developing.
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the rainfall today won't be a factor but it will start tomorrow and carry into wednesday night and thursday. and there is going to be hefty totals here in some of the higher elevations. i think marin county up to russian river and santa cruz mountains it will be 48 inches. through friday morning it will be a lot of rain. mostly cloudy today. patchy fog. you need a little bit more clearing. but 60s to near 70. so a mild kind of humid day. here's sal with an update to a quiet start to the traffic. it is quiet thousand. one of the things that you may have gone to bed last night. put it up the east shore freeway. this freeway may have been closed. there were protest activities here. and you are waking up wondering if it is open. here is a picture to prove it. the traffic between the bridge and the maze is taking 18 minutes. so what happened last night? we have a reporter that will tell us all about that very
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shortly. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. this commute is light into san francisco as you drive all the way through. now 580 and 680 the traffic has also been good. 680 itself through san jose that is also reopened after police activity shut down 680 at allen rock for a good long portion of the day. that freeway once again is open as well. at 5:03 let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news involving former residents of the jungle who have been ordered to clear out of another homeless camp. tara moriarty is joining us now from san jose to talk about they may have been setting a fire. there is a big fire down there. >> we noticed some flames. if you pan over to the left you can see them still going. firefighters believe this fire was intentionally set in protests by the homeless that were about to be effected from
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here. firefighters tell us this is the third fire in the past four days in this area. many of the people who have lived in the jungle simply moved their things to new locations after being evicted. they have been given notice to leave by 7:00 this morning. we spoke to one man who says there is 40-45 people living at one encampment. people must take all items with them. >> what we are trying to do is we are trying to build a community and give people the wherewithal to help govern and to help control the group themselves and if anybody comes in outside the group they can decide whether that person should stay or not. >> reporter: the jungle is a sprawling 68-acre site that had as many as 100 living there at one time. officials decided to shut it down because they say that the jungle was poisoning nearby coyote creek and crime rates
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were soring. we'll stay on top of this story and let you know how the eviction process goes. live from san jose i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. we will check in with you later on in the morning. protestors blocked a major freeway in berkeley shutting down traffic in both directions. it was wild out there. it happened during the third night of protest over deadly police involved incidents in missouri and new york. ktvu katie utehs is at the berkeley amtrak station where a woman was caught on camera climbing on to a train and interrupted service. katie. >> reporter: good morning, dave. dramatic scenes last night. the good news here though the protests were mostly peaceful as opposed to the weekend demonstration. trains are rolling through here again. that is the good news. a little loud but the trains are rolling. an as we said amtrak service
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shut down last night by people blocking trains. this video shows a woman who climbed on to the train. her face is covered. service was suspended at the university avenue station around 11:00 and it has resumed now that all the tracks have been checked. passengers at the time were taken to bart or other amtrak stations. let me show you video of the protestors taking over the freeway. around 8:30 they entered interstate 80 at aquatic park shutting down both lanes of traffic. police were able to clear them off and make arrests. however at one point an ambulance was brought in while a woman went into labor while she was stuck in traffic. a large group of protestors were detained in an emoryville parking lot. >> they a lot of them want to go home. we have no idea why they are being kept in there.
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i have no idea. the chp says they were arrested. more than 100 people arrested last night at its peak. protest came more than 1,000 people strong. and despite the arrest last nights protests were mainful peaceful and there were no reports of vandalism or major injuries. for many of the protestors it was considered incredibly successful. and captured the attention of a lot of people. we are hearing a lot of frustrated notes from viewers. we are seeing some push back on social media from people who have been tangled on i-80 or stuck in the amtrak delay so we want to hear from you. you can hit us up on facebook and twitter and share some of your reactions and discussion in this mornings show. >> it will be interesting to hear what people say. thank you. today the san jose city council will consider signing off on an agreement with air b & b. right now home sharing is
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unregulated in san jose. council is expected to approve a 10% tax on all air b & b rentals in san jose. that would be in line with taxes on hotel rooms. people who share their homes would also have to notify the city and rentals would be limited to 180 days per year. san francisco passed a similar method back in september. preparing for that coming storm. bay area emergency officials now say now is the time to get ready. marin county was flooded during last weeks big rain and steve has been telling you, this next storm will be even bigger. so people are being advised to have sandbags ready. move your cars to higher ground. they are always advised to stock up on food and have flashlights and extra batteries ready in case the power goes out. people are also getting ready in the east bay. now in oakland some stopped by the city's corporate yard to pick up sandbags to protect their property. public works crews are checking to make sure storm drains are
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clear of any leaves or debris before the storm. knowing they are almost certainly will have a lot of work on their hands once the rain starts. >> sometimes mother nature isn't so nice to us. it comes at 3:00 in the morning and then we have to get up and do that work. but that's what we are here today. so we are ready for it. >> san francisco really had its share of problems with last weeks storm. they had the big sink holes and down trees. pg&e is already clearing out brush and trees in areas where the storm is expected to hit the hardest. some parents in the orinda school district are angry about the decision to hire a private investigator to follow a student home. the controversy started when her family including their live in nanny maria and 7-year-old daughter vivian were settling into their new home. she says the girl was followed home by a private investigator. the district never asked them. >> shoes by the front door, and
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home work folder on the kitchen table. her bicycle is in the garage. she is so much a part of our family that my toddler cries when she leaves. >> the investigator also followed 7-year-old vivian when she visited her grandmother in bay point on the weekend. the district had already said it was wrong and saying vivian did not live in orinda and she is being allowed to attend school there. making a statement without saying a word. coming up at 5:30, what lebron james before last nights game in support of the eric garner protest. >> but first it's something the warriors started doing to celebrate a win. why the new tradition is no longer allowed. >> and right now traffic is moving along very nicely on the bay bridge. you can see it for yourself. getting into the city. [ laughter ] oh it's pretty dark. let's go to steve. >> it got dark fast there. we do have mostly cloudy skies. waiting for a system though. it won't be today.
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we'll have an update on watches and warnings and timing on the rain. for
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welcome back to the morning news. new this morning an investigation is under way now into a stabbing. it happened inside a new york city synagogue and ended in a fatal police shooting. it happened early this morning in brooklyn right here. a man with a knife stabbed israeli student in the head before being fatally shot by police when he refused to drop
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his knife. the 22-year-old stabbing victim is expected to survive. u.s. embassies around the world have increased security ahead of the release of the report cia's harsh interrogation techniques after the september 11th terror attacks. the report from the senate intelligence committee details the use of techniques such as sleep deprivation, confinement in small places, humiliation, and water boarding. senator dianne feinstein has been pushing for the report to be released but there is concern about backlash. >> this is a terrible idea. our foreign partners are telling us this will cause violence and death. >> i think there is a little over stating of the issue. a little bit of fear mongering which i would interpret as a way to try and suppress the information. >> the 480 page report is the first public accounting of the cia's alleged use of torture on
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suspected al qaeda detainees held at secret facilities in europe and asia. chuck hagel has arrived in baghdad to meet with iraqi government officials and u.s. commander. this is new video of hagel arriving in baghdad today during a visit to kuwait yesterday he believes iraq security forces has gained new momentum. hagel is on what is expected to be his last overseas trip as defense secretary. time is 5:15. if you ever said there ought to be a law about something, now may be your chance to make it happen. state senator jerry hill is challenging the people in his district who mainly live on the peninsula to set in ideas for new law or recommend getting rid of one they feel shouldn't be there. this is the seventh year for this particular contest. people who live in the 13th district and submit their ideas either online, over the phone,
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or do it in the mail. last years was mill high school parents. they suggested a law expanding advance placement testing procedures after an incident led to student scores being tossed out. the warriors winning streak is at 13 games. they defeated the timber wolves 102-86 yesterday. steph curry and clay thompson led the team with 28 points each. they will look to keep the streak going against the 16-4 houston rockets and that is tomorrow at oracle arena. if you ever wanted to know what it's like inside their plane, the warriors have banned a new team tradition. some players have posted these videos on instagram. sing august long to a song called cocoa after each win. the warriors organization says the signs do not go along with the image they want to present
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to the community because it talks about drugs. tonight they play the houston rockets but we are asking everybody that comes to the game to bring a toy for their toy drive. >> they're not going to throw them out on the court are they? >> no. bring a new unwrapped toy to the warriors game so it can be donated. >> that is really cool. so now that you know if you are going to the game, stop by toys r us or target target. >> or your local toy store. >> pam, you are so good. that is pretty cool the warriors are doing that. let's take a lack at that the -- look at the toll plaza westbound as you come up to the pay gates. the traffic is moving well and there are no major problems into san francisco. if you are getting up early, you are getting the benefits of it right now. steven said it's not going to rain on our commute so you are
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all good. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. there is a little bit of dense fog out there and you might run into it. low beams only. and i have this map kind of zoomed in a little too much. let's move it back. there you go. and now we can see the south bay and the traffic is moving along pretty well on all the freeways here. 101, 280 and 85. so it's off to a good start here and at 5:18 as i bring steve in. >> steve. >> yes, sir. >> those warriors steve cower what is he doing? >> and this is being done with a few players not in the lineup. it's amazing run. >> yeah. so we will be watching. we do have a lot of cloud cover over us. not much in the way of anything today. we are waiting. today is that betweener day. we do have cloud cover on the coast. a cloudy day. very mild on the coast. to days from now we will be very busy. this will be late wednesday more likely thursday. in fact most of thursday. the key is will this system
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blast through or stall out? if it stalls out, some areas might be in deep petunias because it will billion heavy rainfall. expected very windy. we've already had issued with downed trees and power lines and don't forget christmas decorations. if you get a 60 miles an hour wind, santa might end up in a different zone. these could be even higher. and we even have a high surf advisory. that starts tonight. takes us into friday. combined seas 15-20 feet. winter storm watch is out. the snow level will start off pretty high. 7,000 feet. again wednesday night not today. takes us into late wednesday and early friday. there is cold air with this system. the snow level will drop to 5,000 feet. so those are the highlights but again all on thursday. we do getth system coming in right now giving us a lot of cloud cover. but our systems are still back here.
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we still have a ways to go here. 59 sfo. 54 san jose. concord 56. 31-30. 50s from monterey. look at eureka 62 degrees south wind and that cloud cover. that might be a record high minimum temperature. for us we will have a cloudy day and if there is any rain it would be very light and to the north. our system will take shape and the rainfall totals just get ready to go. if you have a rain gauge make sure there is no spider web in it. we almost get a break saturday and sunday. so patchy fog here. mild to warm again. 60s. any breaks in the clouds and near 70 degrees. here comes that colder air. we start to increase the clouds tomorrow. could be some rain out ahead of it. wednesday afternoon evening but really thursday is the day and then here comes the colder air. possible thundershowers on friday. we do get break on saturday. you will notice that chilly air
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setting in. so thursday 19 day. if it stalls, we have a whole new system. >> all right it will be really great. but we will get snow in the sierra. >> we need to get that down below lake level. >> that is good. thank you. time is 5:20. santa claus has a new mission. this mission save st. flower ran. it's a catholic school on the south side. santa says he will stay there on the roof 24/7 until the school raises $56,000 it needs to stay open. school officials say santa claus has to get back to the north pole before christmas but help out. time is of the essence. 5:21 is the time right now. wondering how you can get into the holiday spirit. well in 20 minutes we will tell you an easy way to find out about all the festivities happening in your neighborhood. >> plus prince william and his wife they are wrapping up a quick trip here to the united
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states. the somber outing that is on their schedule this morning. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. crude oil prices down they are at their lowest level in five years. the price has plunged more than 5%. it's below $66 a barrel. and the chief of oil company expects prices to stay near $65 a barrel through the spring.
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that is a sign that gulf oil producers led by saudi arabia are ready to ride out dropping prices and that could mean gas prices could stay low into the summer. new survey indicates companies plan to add more workers in the first three months of the new year. manpower reports 19% of u.s. employers plan to expand their staff between now and the end of mor. now just 6% plan to make job cuts. survey shows it will be among the most in demand. this is a last day of a two- day visit for prince william and his wife kate in the u.s.. and the royal couple are packing in as much as they can. today the duke and duchess of cambridge will visit those. tonight the couple is expected to be at a black tie fundraiser
5:26 am
at the university of st. andrew where is they both received their degrees. now while prince william was meeting with the president, his wife kate was in harlem. she toured this child development center with the first lady of new york city. the duchess, the first lady of new york city on your left there. the duchess spent time talking with students and teachers and helped them wrap christmas presents. the mothers of several of the students said she is as friendly in person as she appears to be in the media. british lawmakers apologizing after being caught on camera playing the candy crush video game during a parliament meeting. now an investigation is being launch into how the picture of the lawmaker was taken. trough few inside parliament is not allowed. this is the picture in question from sun magazine. shows conservative legislate chore nie goal mills playing. if you play you might recognize that song there.
5:27 am
mills has apologized and says it won't happen again. fellow legislatures says mills was trying to keep himself awake because parliament meetings can be very boring. i've heard that game is very addictive. 5:26 is the time. we are following a developing situation out of san jose. fires this morning at a homeless camp that is supposed to be cleared out today. coming up we'll have a live report on that fire fight. >> and the oakland zoo all it will up as you can see this morning. zoo lights returns for the holidays. it's a really special tradition. we'll take you behind the scenes coming up. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing well approaching the richmond bridge. >> we don't want to candy coat it, but we have a pretty good system on the way. it won't be here today. it will be here late wednesday and more likely on thursday.
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♪ [instrumental music] ♪ good morning. welcome back ktvu channel 2 morning news. bringing you some live pictures right now. activity on your screen. we're in san jose. a fire still burning. this is a homeless encampment that is supposed to be cleared out today but this is raging really good in a wooded area. this is not good. ktvu tara moriarty has been keeping an eye on this and it's a developing situation as you can see. tara will have a live report for you in two minutes from
5:31 am
now. stay tuned. tuesday morning it's december 9th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. it is 5:30. and i guess we have a little more break today. >> we do have a break today. it's cloudy but tomorrow night. >> i should look around the yard and decide if i need to clean up. >> you should. not today. winds are calm right now but they will pick up. we have all sorts of watches, no warnings yet. warnings means it's happening. watches mean it's we think it's going to happen. high wind watch has been posted. easily gusts to 70 miles an hour. higher elevations 40-50. the heaviest will be up in russian river and marin county. there could be areas that only get 1-2 but some of the favorable areas especially when you get the lifting effect. the flash flood watch takes us wednesday night into thursday. high surf advisory is out. and winter storm watch out for
5:32 am
the sierra. let's not jump too far ahead. city though ma county airport means light rain. it must be really light. i can't find any. otherwise it looks cloudy. 50s on the temps.
5:33 am
and now it's open. it did open late last night/early this morning. right now the traffic is looking normal. the traffic is backed up from the toll plaza into san francisco for just a little bit. 80 is open again by the way as i was trying to say before i got the frog in my throat. if you are driving into san francisco it's not all that bad. i want you to notice all of a sudden we have slow traffic on the altamont pass here on westbound 580 just past 205. 205 itself is backed up into tracy and highway 84 in livermore which is partially a road there and not a freeway is
5:34 am
very slow as well. 5:33 let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. we begin with developing news from san jose. a fire has started up at a homeless camp right near the area known as the jungle. and it's the third fire in four days. firefighters believe it is not a coincidence. ktvu tara moriarty is joining us now from near the spot where the city just cleared out two days ago. tara. >> reporter: firefighters believe this fie was intentionally set. we don't see the flames as we were rolling up to the cover the story. it happened just down the hill and firefighters just snuffed out the last of the flames there. crews believe that it was intentionally set by homeless who were angry the city of san jose kicked them out a couple days ago. we know many of the people who lived in the jungle simply moved their things to new locations along coyote creek and elsewhere. they have also been given notice to leave by 7:00 this morning. we spoke to one man who says people have been asked to take all items with them or they
5:35 am
could face trespassing charges. >> what this is a group of people we were able to pull together from the jungle when the jungle closed. and we've got about 40-45 people here that are all living together as a community. >> reporter: the jungle is the sprawling 68-acre site that had as many as three homeless people living in pit. it's just minutes away from downtown high-rise. and one of the largest homeless encampments in the country. [ inaudible ] >> we'll see what happens. 5:35 is the time. more than 100 people were arrested after another protest
5:36 am
in berkeley. more than 1,000 people marched for hours through city streets last night demonstrating against deadly police involved incidents. about 8:30 they entered interstate 80 shutting down both lanes of traffic. police were able to clear them off and began making arrests about 90 minutes later. by the end of the night a small group of people were being detained by police. >> what we did on the freeway was very effective. we stopped traffic. we stopped the whole city. we got you guys. we got you guys out here. what else can we do to be seen? what else can we do to be heard? >> the chp says the people arrested were taken to santa rita jail and booked on a number of charges. despite the arrests, last nights protest tests were main -- protests were mainly peaceful. i want to show you video. this is from news chopper 2
5:37 am
when the protestors took over the freeway. at one point an ambulance had to move in when a woman went into labor while she was stuck in that traffic jam. the chp says people have a right to protest but that the freeway is not the place to do it. time is 5:36. with the nation rocked by the continuing protests over the deaths of michael brown and eric garner, president obama is calling for patience. during an interview on black entertainment television, the president talked about the issue of race in america. >> when you are dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism and violence, you have to have individual lens but you have top recognize it will take -- you have to recognize it will take some time. so you don't give up when we don't get all the way there. >> president obama also said it's important to acknowledge the progress that has been made
5:38 am
in the country because that gives hope that even more progress can be made. nba star lebron james and several other players on the cleveland cavaliers and brooklyn nets wore these t- shirts last night that said i can't breathe. during their warmups of their game in new york. lebron said he wore it to support the family of eric garner. eric garner died after a police officer put him in a choke hold during his arrest. lebron james says the shirt was meant to make a statement that we as a society are going through. 49er legend joe montana's plan to build a $400 million development project near levi stadium are on hold once again. other business problems caused similar delays last year. however santa clara city leaders have not lost faith in montana despite the set back. the council is expected to give them exclusive rights to the
5:39 am
land possibly as early as tonight. time is 5:38. we have clouds because it's morning we are getting inside information on the oakland seases popular zoo lights holiday celebration. in fact that is where ktvu alex savidge is live right now. alex, you used your cloud. you convinced the zoo to turn the lights on just for us. >> i pulled some strings. and they ranked up all the lights. isn't it incredible? this will put you in the mood here around the holidays. hundreds of thousands of lights here at the oakland zoo. everything decked out. check them all out here. imagine how much work goes into this. they have to string up hundreds of these led lights. energy efficient so using as little power as possible. let me show you what to expect. a little taste of what you will get if you come down here to zoo lights. this is one of the shows that they put on. it's all set to music.
5:40 am
you can see reindeer and christmas trees and santa claus and all the rest. a really festive atmosphere. also too they come rides as well. and so if you bring the family down here, you ken joy the light show and a lot of rides, trains, carousels, melinda you are with the oakland zoo. what will people enjoy if they come down with the family? >> not only can you walk around the zoo and see all of our lights around, you can also come here to adventureland inn which is rides and activities. you ride on our conservation carousel or riding on our outback express train ride which is it will up. >> reporter: and maybe a santa sighting or two. >> yeah our head honcho will be here. >> reporter: okay that sounds like a fun. you brought a friend along. because as you know you are an education specialist you always have animals like sort of just
5:41 am
somewhere on your person. >> yes. >> reporter: who do we have here? >> this is megan. megan is a leopard again koa. she is one of our education animals who comes out on our zoo mobile program. so to schools, birthday parties, senior centers. she is one of the animals. >> reporter: and playing to the camera. >> megan really is. [ laughter ] >> yes, she is. extremely photogenic. i want to show you you something that is pretty cool. if megan doesn't mind turning around here. look at that tail. that was the first thing that struck me when i first met megan is that tail. why is her tail as chunky as it is? >> reporter: she comes from desert climate. when you live in a desert area there might not be as much food around. so you want to have that extra storage of fat. here at the zoo you don't have to worry about that but she stores it any way. >> so you deck out the zoo.
5:42 am
i feel like megan has a festive holiday outfit all the time. >> reporter: yeah pretty much. she is pretty beautiful. >> reporter: always in the holiday mood. okay. give me the particulars if people want to come down to zoo lights it runs until january 4th. >> reporter: january 4th from 5:30 to 8:00. >> okay it begins at 5:30 obviously after sun down because you want to see all the lights. and just a quick note for folks too, the animals are not out and about during zoo lights. if you come during the evening hours, you won't be able toasted animals but you will be able to see a spectacular light show. >> i have taken my kids to this a few times. you have to ride the train. >> gotta ride the train. >> and you stroll around with your hot cocoa. >> reporter: yeah the hot cocoa yes is a must. i'm sure. and i'm going to try to get them to crank up some of the
5:43 am
rides. maybe the train. dave, i have a lot of pull as you all know. we'll see if we can crank up the merry go round. >> thank you for getting those lights on for us. >> sure, sure. time is 5:43. if you are looking to get into the spirit of the holiday, there is an app for that. of course. next door launched an app called the holiday cheer map it lets people post holiday related festivities. the app is available for android and iphone. fabulous. time is 5:43. there is anger this morning about a school district's use of private investigators. coming up at 6:00s heated meeting that happened in orinda after a young girl was followed home to confirm where she lived. >> new surveillance video in the stabbing death of a 14-year- old high school student in san
5:44 am
francisco. up next how it may help clear a teenage suspect. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be slightly busy on the san mateo bridge as you head out to the high-rise. another update is straight ahead. >> cloudy skies out there. patchy thick fog but drizzle from about novato to santa rosa.
5:45 am
5:46 am
circled in red is the one who actually stabbed williams. >> if you turn the corper, he
5:47 am
comes out. two boys turn around and try to come back. you can see on the left side in the darker pants that is the individual that we see is responsible for this. my client is standing just behind him. now watch the hand. >> the public defenders office is hoping to have all of the charges dropped against its client. >> happening today president obama travels to tennessee where he will continue to rally support for his executive action on immigration. the president will speak at an immigrant community center in nashville. last month president obama took executive action to offer deportation relief and work permits to an estimated four million immigrants in the u.s. illegally. republicans are hoping they can use their funding leverage to force the president to roll back his decision. time is 5:47. some young sports fans have something to tell their classmates today. they spent an evening with several of the bay areas best known athletes. >> i met at a 49er. his name is dennis brown.
5:48 am
>> the kids are treated to toy making, face painting, and holiday treats at at & t park last night. a lot of kids are from low income families. they have never seen the ballpark before. last night they talked with and taking photos with olympic skier johnny mosley there and members of the 49ers, raiders. >> in fact they are able to get here and embrace and see what the holidays are about. it's nice to know they will have a little fun out here. >> it's nice. fun. >> not a bad night. this was the fifth year of the holiday heros event. some of the athletes admitted that they probably had more fun at the party than the kids. 5:48 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> all right and we have a new crash that popped up in contra costa county. but this time we will start out
5:49 am
with the bay bridge because so many people want to see that right away. what is the bridge looking like? here it is. about a 15-20 minute delay getting into san francisco. the metering lights have been switched on own the traffic is going to be okay. it's not really a bad commute. it will be okay as you drive through. i do want to mention traffic on 880 is looking good and interstate 80 and by the way 880 is open. it was closed for protest activity and has been reopened quickly. a big back up in the deposition fog on highway 4. speaking of fog let's go to steve. north bay getting a little bit of drizzle. a steady mist drizzle. still looking for this system coming in. it won't really bode late
5:50 am
wednesday and thursday. the colder air arrives late thursday into friday. already high wind watches out. there is going to be very heavy totals in some of the higher elevations. rainfall will be heaviest thursday. we are still two days away but all the projections look pretty impressive here. some areas may get 1-3 inches of rain. others will get between 5-8. there will be gusts along the coast. some of the higher elevations. 60 plus. that is wednesday night into thursday. so again we are still a ways away. there is also high surf advisory. combined seas could be 15-20 feet. that starts tonight and goes into friday. that is not until thursday into friday. still two days away. snow level starts off around 7,000 feet and goes down five. that is good because the systems that have been coming in is very warm. snow level has been high. this will have cold air with it. today we get a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. the rain or drizzle is so light it doesn't even show up on radar.
5:51 am
the beam goes right over it. from novato and petaluma and healdsburg. jeff said no drizzle here so thank you for that. cloudy to mostly cloudy today. 50s on the temps to near 60. san francisco and sfo so a very mild air mass. a lot of this cloud cover is lifting north so there might with be a couple sun breaks. but the rain forecast through thursday you can take anything you can take. 2-6 inches of rain. that set the surface. that is not coastal hills or higher elevation. patchy fog cloudy to mostly cloudy. drizzle and light rain. 60s to 70s. sfo and san francisco are already at 59. it wouldn't take much to get upper 60s to upper 70s for some. increase the clouds. breeze picks up. everything starts to change. and cold air arrives on friday. and then we get a break on saturday. >> thank you. a korean airlines executive resigned after a dispute
5:52 am
happened on a plane. coming up in the next half hour the snack behind that controversy. >> and a controversial arrest at levi stadium. it was all caught on camera. the reason police say this video does not tell the whole story.
5:53 am
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welcome back to the morning new. today bart and ac transit they will announce an all new night
5:55 am
bus service. bart reportedly would pay for the one-year test program. it would give ac transit and have them increase their late night bus service between san francisco and the east bay. the details are coming out later today. many bart riders have complained a lot. they have no way to get home when bart stops running at night. bart considered running its own trains but the board said bart needs the over night down time for track maintenance. santa clara police are defending their officers involved in a controversial arrest. it happened at levi stadium. this happened friday night during the pack 12 championship game. now this cell phone video you're looking at shows the officers moving in to arrest 44- year-old mark of oregon. a lot of witnesses say the officers over reacted as they were taking him into custody. police say they needed to take aggressive action to control this man who they call
5:56 am
belligerent and possibly dangerous. >> at one point mr. lieden is grabbing on to the officers clothing and not letting go. so if he would have submitted to the officers authority, a lot of this would not have happened. >> lieden is facing charges of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. the santa claire ram police department -- santa clara police officer's decision on handling this situation. the japanese auto maker plans to replace the driver side air bags in 2.6 million vehicles. honda the the only car maker to comply with demands to make repairs to all air bags. other car makers are recalled vehicles only in states with high humidity. honda says it is responding to consumer concern. amazon testing a new delivery service. it's referred to as amazon prime now.
5:57 am
and it would use bike messengers in new york city. reportedly amazon is currently holding time trials with bicycle cure your companies to see who is fastest. we are talking about how freeways were blocked and a track was shut down. coming up at 6:00 the arrests made during another massive protests in berkeley. >> we're also following developing news out of san jose. take a look. a string of suspicious fires being tied to the homeless camp known as the jungle. >> we are looking at a commute that is beginning to become crowded and dense fog is an issue in some areas and now there is a crash. we'll tell you more about that. >> dense fog and also some light mist drizzle. but we have a pretty good system that looks to be still on track for late wednesday and
5:58 am
thursday. we'll have updates on the rain and expected wind gusts.
5:59 am
you are live in berkeley where protestors were accused
6:00 am
of shutting down amtrak and a highway. good morning. thank you for joining us. it is tuesday, december 9th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. we are ready. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson is right over there. >> i am indeed. right here. you guys are right there. cloudy out there. some fog. as far as i know sal will give you an update on that. especially around concord and highway 4. it has been misty drizzle. but t


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