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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 9, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> reporter: we're live in berkeley, following another night of protests that shut down a freeway and amtrak lines. what some people are saying about these tactics and whether or not they distract from the message. a fire early this morning at an infamous san jose homeless camp. what is expected to happen just minutes from right now that has officials believing this blaze was no accident. well, we do have some drizzle, light rain and fog out there. but it's all quiet before the system arrives. that system will be here on thursday for what looks to be the strongest storm we've had in a long time. >> reporter: ahead of the major
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rain storm, many people from the north bay to the south bay are getting ready. what you need to know as "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. we are live in berkeley, once again, where trains are moving this morning, but it was a much different scene last night. protesters successfully shut down amtrak service by blocking the tracks last night and commuters were not the only ones impacted. protesters also, once again, took over a freeway. this time it was interstate 80 in emeryville and this morning, ktvu's katie utehs is talking with people who see what they think about the protests. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." it's tuesday, december 9th. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. we want to talk about your blfer -- weather and traffic.
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how does it look now? >> this is the quiet before the storm. we still have two days to go. a beautiful sunrise. reds. sky. evelyn from campbell tweeted me out that. i do understand. but again, we're two days away. heavy rainfall started. this will start late wednesday more likely early, early thursday. there could be very intense rainfall. wind advisories are already out, flooding, downed trees power lines, christmas decoration, it all looks like it's taking shape. some of the rainfall could top some 8-inch totals as we head between now and into friday. today is just very light. might be a little more, might be less. there will be rain up on the north coast. there's been some drizzle even from san francisco to marin county and sonoma county. misty, drizzly, very light rain. foggy as well, especially on treat boulevard out by concord,
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buchanan. mostly cloudy, mild, mild temperatures. we're in the low 60s. look for a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. 60 at sfo. 59 san francisco, half moon bay. our system will give us a lot of cloud cover today. mild temps. our system developing does have some cold air with it. that's different from all of the other systems. they've been very mild. but look at the projections on rainfall. they are just going through the roof here. that will be thursday into friday. there will be some isolated areas, i think, between 8 to 10 inches. santa cruz mountains, russian river as well. cloudy and mild. patchy fog. 60s and also 70s. a lot of reports. east bay has very foggy conditions. it was foggy in concord and walnut creek and also pittsburg and baypoint, antioch. we had problems there which may have been associated with that. but first let's go to the eastshore freeway and talk about 80 westbound. it's pretty heavy from the car keen niz bridge -- carquinez
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bridge to the macarthur maze. the fog is not an issue here. one of the slowest commutes, livermore valley. people who drive this say what else is new? it's backed up out of tracy, as you drive into fremont. we talked about highway 4, we had an earlier crash. that traffic is gone. but the traffic is still slow. for the third night in a row, a big crowd of protesters surged through berkeley. people protested last night. around 8:30, they marched onto 880 near ashby avenue and stopped traffic for at least 90 minutes. more than 150 people were arrested in all of this. amtrak service was also stopped as protesters laid down on the tracks and climbed on top of the trains. katie utehs is at the amtrak train on university avenue.
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train service resumed this morning. but katie, some people are questioning the track tick -- tactics of the protest in spreading their message. >> reporter: the issue at hand, emotional, contentious and should be discussed. some are saying the tactics are more distracts from the message than anything else. in all three nights we've seen people take to the freeways to shut it down. this morning amtrak is running as protesters laid down on the train tracks. let me show you some video from the freeway last night. a view from newschopper2 as protesters took over interstate 80. at the peak, 1,000 strong. we're hearing from people who are impressed by the dramatic protests. others are irritated by the inconvenience and some question the effectiveness. >> i don't think they are harming anything. but i don't know if they are helping anything.
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>> reporter: some people are trying to avoid the protests altogether. we spoke with a man who commutes from his job at lawrence livermore labs from his home in sacramento. they received a heads up ahead of the protests. >> i'm gonna probably leave early, you know, before sunset to avoid this. >> reporter: the protesters shut town amtrak service by blocking trains from moving. this is video of a woman with her face covered. she climbed onto the front of a train. service was suspended at university avenue station around 11:00 last night. reopened a little before 4:00 this morning. people are certainly talking about these protests, both online in the national media and at our local coffee shops. but again, the question is are people focusing more on the tactics being disruptive or the message that the protesters are trying to convey. dave? >> katie utehs, thank you. on our ktvu facebook page, we are asking what you think
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about the protests. do you sympathize or are you tired of it? i want to show you some of the responses we've received this morning, one says we have the right to freedom of speech. though i dry the line at looting, breaking story windows and stopping traffic on freeways. stopping trains. with all of this happening, nothing is getting resolved. jessica writes, they are causing more harm than good. innocent people are being caught in the middle who did nothing to deserve it. they are destroying neighborhoods, how is that proving any point? and sheila wright says, mlk did it the right way. these protesters all need a history lesson in the civil rights movement. you can join our conversation by going to our ktvu facebook page and tell us what you think about the demonstrations. let us know if you are one of the people stuck in traffic during last night's freeway shutdown or on the train. we would like to hear from you. >> all right, pam. 7:07. all lanes of interstate 680 in san jose. they are back open again this
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morning after being shut down for almost 11 hours. look at the pictures. the chp shut down all lanes in both directions. this was start -- started at 2:00 yesterday afternoon. a woman threatened to jump from the alum rock avenue overpass. the highway patrol had all of the lanes back open just before 1:00 this morning but it's still not clear how this situation with the suicidal woman was resolved. as steve has been telling us all, a storm headed our way in the next couple of days will be a big one which is why many emergency responders are telling everyone to get ready now. ktvu's brian flores, you are in san rafael. they are preparing out there at this moment, brian. >> reporter: i am, dave. so are several other people in marin county. as you know. marin county certainly gets pounded during any major rain storm. that's gonna be the case in the next couple of days. as steve said, it will be a widespread storm. we're live in one of several
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locations throughout marin where people can come by, get sandbags to help stop flooding. this one off union and flood next to the whole foods. as you can see, with the amount of sand left which is not much. it looks like people have heeded the advisory and are getting ready for the upcoming storm. forecasters say the amount of rain that is expected to tall will be quite a bit. steve mentioned up to 3 inches possibly in urban areas up to 8 inches in the mountain areas which is why the national weather service has issued a storm advisory. we have seen city work crews to downtown clearing out drains. we did speak 0 to some in oakland who are getting ready. >> you want to always be prepared. emergency preparedness, you always want to be ready because of earthquakes, water, et cetera. no one is gonna do it for you except for yourself. >> you have heavy rains probably three years ago. it did damage some stuff in my
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garage. this time i like to be prepared. >> reporter: while some may joke about how this is just rain, emergency responders say this is not a laughing matter. they are telling people to be prepared for possible floods, possible mudslides and likely power outages. some hardware stores from last week when we went up there say they are selling quickly, many of the essential supplies like tarp, rain boots, flashlights and battery. this is one of several locations here in marin where you can pick up sandbags. we're not just talking about the rain. we're talking about the wind as steve mentioned. this is going to be a heavy wind event as well. so people certainly need to get ready. here in marin county. other concern is traffic from talking to people up here. they say during the last rain storm last week, there was a lot of flooding on the freeways. a lot of that traffic went on the side streets. there's definitely concern about that during this upcoming rain storm which is expected to hit late wednesday and into
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thursday. back to you. >> hopefully people will take advantage of it and listen to the advice. some parents are angry about a decision to hire a private investigator to follow a student home. a woman said the controversy started started when her family, including her live-in nanny her daughter was living in the home. she said they were followed home by a private investigator and she was never asked about vivian. >> her bicycle is in the garage. she's so much part of our family, that my toddler cries when she leaves. >> she says the investigator also followed 7-year-old vivian when she visited her grandmother in baypoint on weekends. the district has already said it was wrong in saying vivian didn't live in orinda and that -- and she's being allowed to attend school there. 7:11.
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the deadline just passed for people in a homeless camp to clear out. coming up at 7:30, the suspicious fires overnight, it's complicating the vction -- evection. overseas embassies have tightened security as the senate prepares to release a report today that some say will destroy the cia. we are looking at a commute getting busier. before belook too far ahead, we -- we look too far ahead to thursday, we have issues. that's fog. a lot of it. from san francisco northward but another beautiful sunrise. there you go.
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investigators are looking for a meetish of a stabbing inside a new york city synagogue that ended in a fatal shooting. >> step away. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> this is new video from a cell phone camera that captured this morning's terrifying scene in brooklyn. police say a man with a knife stabbed an israeli student in the head before being fatally shot by police after he refused to drop his knife. the 22-year-old stabbing victim is expected to survive. well, u.s. embassies around the world. they are tightening security before today's release of a report on the cia's very tough interrogation techniques after the september 11th attacks. the report details how the cia used techniques like sleep deprivation, confinement in small spaces, humiliation and
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waterboarding. dianne feinstein has been pushing for the report to be released. but there are fears about a backlash. >> this is a terrible idea. our foreign partners are telling us this will cause violence and deaths. >> i think there's a little bit of overstating of the issue, a little bit of fearmongerring which i would interpret as a way to try to suppress the information. >> now, the 480-page report is the first public accounting of the cia's alleged use of torture on suspected al qaeda detainees held in secret places in europe and asia in the years after september 11th. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel is in baghdad. he's meeting with iraqi government officials and u.s. commanders. take a look at the video. here's hagel arriving in baghdad. during a visit to kuwait yesterday, he said he believes iraq's security forces have gained new momentum thanks in part to u.s. airstrikes against
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islamic state militants. hagel is on what is expected to be his final overseas trip as secretary of defense. 7:16. and sal, brian touch oned on the -- touched on the problems with flooding on the freeway. i i know several people who turned around around went home. >> that particular day when it happened, i got a response from people because it was way worse than normal. if that happens again on thursday and friday we'll let you know. >> steve will talk about the tide. i think it was more of a high tide. >> you will definitely know about it. it won't make it better but at least knowing about it -- >> sure. >> let's take a look at -- and by the way, in case you are wondering about marin, since we spoke of it, it's a normal backup. people can handle the normal stuff. this is also kind of a normal commute. northbound 101 as you approach the 880 interchange. the traffic is doing well.
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as i bring steve in in a political bit. we are going to talk about thursday and friday which look to be bad commute days coming up. not today. this is a look at highway 4. it's bad on highway 4 because of an earlier crash which is gone. the traffic is still very, very slow. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for about 25, 30 minutes. steve, as we bring you in, thursday and friday, people knowing about it can make plans not to drive, perhaps. >> if you don't have to on thursday, i wouldn't. we're still two days away. and a lot can happen. but everything is pointing towards thursday being very wet and windy. there is a high tide at 3:30 in the morning. about 3:27. the low tide will be at 8:30 a.m. that may help because the front looks like it will be going through right about then. we'll see. it may hang up. it may slow down, stall. there is a lot of ifs. thursday does look like it will be a wild day.
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wind and also with the rain. we do get areas of fog, very, very thick. i know on treat boulevard, concord, ygnacio valley, pleasant hill, sorked in like's soup. drizzle san francisco, marin county and there are some breaks on the clouds. heavy rain looks like thursday. there will be some very hefty totalles here over the -- totals here over the next three, five days. all of this starts not today, not even tomorrow morning but late, late wednesday into thursday. some of the areas, i think santa cruz mountains, russian rivers could easily top the 5 to 8-inch amounts between wednesday night and friday . 30 to 50-mile-an-hour winds. high surf advisory. that starts tonight. that goes through friday. combined seas 15 to 20 feet there could be some higher than 20 feet. the winter stormwatch for the
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sierra is thursday. a few days away. snow will be measured in feet. snow level will start off very high but it will drop by late thursday into friday. this system will have cold air. today it's a lot of cold air, drizzle. rain on the north coast. cloudy this morning to mostly cloudy. fog, drizzle, mostly cloudy. but very mild kind of muggy on these temperatures. could be a almost bit of drizzle. there are some breaks in the clouds. mostly cloudy, maybe even drizzle towards the santa cruz mountains. along the coast also up into the north bay. other system is still taking shape. 50s on the temps to 60. 60 at sfo. the water temp, 62 bodega bay. probably a record in the nonel nino event or year. amazingly warm that has to be feeding into these systems. 30s up in the mountains. 62 eureka, probably a record low minimum. i would think. that's just amazingly warm as well. our system will start to move in but not until late. it will stall out. slow down the heaviest totals will be to the north bay but
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all the way down to monterey, you are seeing inches to maybe 6 plus in some locations. cazadero with drizzle and light rain had two-thirds. can only imagine what can happen when they get to the heavier rain. 60s on the temps to 70. everything will be fine tuned tomorrow as we head into late wednesday. thursday, again, rain and wind. not trying to scare anybody. >> no, of course. >> prepare. >> just be prepared. this looks like the best system we've had in a long time. colder with possible thunderstorms on friday. >> i think people will be more upset if we don't warn them. if you get caught offguard, you need to plan to leave the house early. >> and the dogs outside and the christmas ornaments. >> thank you, steve. 7:21. amazon may move the drone tests to another country. amazon asked for permission to test drones outside the offices in a remote area of washington
7:22 am
state but has not received approval from the faa. amazon said the faa is blocking by not hey louing the test -- allowing tests. the faa does allow seven hollywood production companies to use drones for filming but that's the only private use of drones approved so far. there is another story people are talking about. a controversial arrest. it happened during the pac 12 championship game at levi stadium. coming up in 15 minutes, why santa clara police say their officers had to take aggressive action. a flight delayed because the disagreement over snacks. up next, how a seemingly petty argument escalated into the resignation of an airline executive.
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welcome back.
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7:24. a korean airline executive has resigned over claims that she delayed a flight from new york to south korea because of the way she was served her onboard snack. now, vice president and daughter of korean air chairman heather cho demanded the plane return to the gate and that the chief flight attendant be removed from the plane over in- flight service standards that. was after a junior flight attendant served cho mack dameian nuts -- mack dameian nuts in a bag instead of a plate. well, if you have ever thought there should be a law about something, now may be the chance to make that happen. state senator jerry hill is challenging his constituents who mainly live on the peninsula to submit ideas for a new law or recommend overturning one that there feel should not be a law. -- they feel should not be a law.
7:26 am
people can submit their ideas over the phone or by mail. last year it was mill's parents who suggested a law expanding advanced placement expanding procedures after an incident led to student doors being thrown out. 7:25. it is eviction day for people at san jose's newest homeless camp. up next, the suspicious fires overnight that's complicating today's deadlines. we're having fun behind the scenes at the oakland zoo, hanging out with our best buddies. we'll indro indro dues you -- introduce you. all right. well, this commute is actually doing okay. but we do have some slow traffic out there. right in the heart of the morning commute like on the san mateo bridge. and you see a tow truck going out there to get a stalled car. we'll tell you more about that coming up. if you don't have the fog, and there is a lot of that going around, or drizzle, it's
7:27 am
a beautiful sunrise under mostly cloudy skies. you can see it there. but we have big changes looming for wednesday night into thursday. more on that.
7:28 am
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." we are live in san jose where city officials are once again
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telling homeless people to gather up their belongings and move. this comes days after a massive eviction of that huge nearby camp known as the jungle. tara moriarty has been out there aurl morning -- all morning keeping an eye on fires set, talking to the fire investigators. they've been called in to look at a series of suspicious fires, including one that we showed you this morning. we're gonna check in with her in a little bit. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. i ducked out a moment ago. nice, brisk morning outside. >> i know it. >> i know you know. >> any drizzle? >> i didn't seep any -- see any drizzle. not yet. >> there's drizzle up there, san francisco, pacifica, foggy, around concord, pleasant hill and highway 4 and baypoint. we do have mostly cloudy skies. this system will slow down. i think it will stall a little
7:31 am
bit. i think it will be thursday into friday. cold air won't get here until friday. we still have a couple of days. all signs point to very heavy rainfall coming in on thursday. it may not come in until overnight. but suffice it to say, high wind watches are out. high surf advisory. the winter stormwatch for the serdoesn't start until thursday. that snow level may not come down until friday. a lot of cloud cover over us. cloudy, mild, mostly cloudy. foggy for some. they thick. drizzle being reported. light rain. mostly cloudy. very mild temps. upper 50s to near 60. there are a few breaks. it won't be cloudy all day long. but cloudy to the north. partly cloudy, our system has a ways to go. there is a lot of cold air. it's still two days away. 50s on the temps. a little southeast breeze out ahead of the means very mild conditions. the rainfall projections are hefty. they are impressive. it will be thursday into friday and that's when the colder air
7:32 am
will arrive. 2, maybe 6. that's just on these locations. do not be surprised if 5 to 10 falls. fine tune the details tomorrow. cloudy, mild. patchy fog, 60s to near 70 degrees. with any sunbreaks. here's sal. we have issues on the san mateo bridge. >> we have a stalled vehicle or something out there. i saw the tow truck leave and head out to the span and now suspiciously, there's slow traffic. chp is not reporting it but we do have a lot of slow traffic on the way out there. still not too bad. dumbarton bridge is moderate. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a 25, 30-minute delay. we will show you that right now. you can see it's just backed up beyond macarthur maze. a little built beyond the macarthur maze. 580 begins to slow 2003 the 980 980 -- begins to slow.
7:33 am
24 westbound is moderate. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. happening right now, in san jose, a fire at a homeless camp known as the jungle now another camp nearby is about to be cleared out. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us now from the area. this is near 280 and 680 off tully road at stonegate park. so it could be a busy area. >> reporter: we just received -- we just got off the phone with somebody who has friends inside the homeless camp. we're told this is not going to happen because of a legal issue. we're near the tully community branch library. you can't -- you can't seep -- can't see the camp from where we're standing. a neighbor called police and let them know that they were here. now, around 4:30 this morning, we want to mention we were at the jungle. a fire actually broke out there and some say that that fire was
7:34 am
clearly retaliation against the city. homeless homeless people who are angry. the fire captain said he's not ready to make that call despite the fact that three fires have sprung up in the jungle over the past four days. no one is living there. we spoke to one homeless woman who relocated a few blocks from the jung. . she's been sleeping on the sidewalk with the tarp over her head. she says she has no place to go now. >> i don't know. i guess they must have their reasons. >> did they offer you any services? >> no. >> they didn't say here is a homeless shelter. >> they said pack my stuff in ten minutes or they are gonna take me to jail. >> reporter: the jungle is the 68-acre site that had as many as 300 homeless people living in it at one time. the city has clamped down on it due to high crime, environmental and health reasons. once again, we're out here near the tully community branch
7:35 am
library where quite a distance out there is another -- is the creek where the trees are. that's apparently where the homeless encampment is at the moment. that raid that was supposed to happen at 7:00 has been postponed. we'll let you know if we hear any more information. >> we'll check back in with you. the san jose city council will consider approving an agreement with air bnb. right now home sharing is unregulated in san jose. the council is expected to approve a 10% tax on all air bnb rentals. that would be in line with taxes on hotel rooms. people who share their homes would be required to notify the city and rentals would be limited to 180 days per year. san francisco passed a similar measure back in october. 7:35. that huge fire in downtown los angeles yesterday, that destroyed an apartment building under construction and then shut down part of two major highways, well, it may have
7:36 am
been arson. more than 250 firefighters battled these big flames. it took about 90 minutes to knock down most of it. now, any fire this big it's treated like it's suspicious. federal investigators still have to sift through the scene before an official decision is made. a former petaluma if firefighter is suing the city claiming sexual harassment. the lawsuit by andrea waters claims a loss of wages and other unspecified financial damages. the 35-year-old woman claims she suffered harassment, discrimination and retaliation from the time she was hired until the time she resigned earlier this year. so far the city of petaluma has made no comment on those claims. well, joe montana plans to build a $400 million development near the stadium, those plans are on hold. other business problems caused
7:37 am
a similar delay last year. santa clara city leaders have not lost faith in him despite the setback. the council is expected to give him exclusive rights to the land possibly as early as tonight. santa clara police are defend ing the officers involved in a controversial arrest at levi stadium. >> he's not fighting back! he's not fighting back! >> it happened friday night during the pac 12 championship game. this is cell phone video. it shows officers moving into arrest 44-year-old mark lieden of oregon. many witnesses say the officers overreacted as they took him into custody. but police say they needed to take aggressive action to control a belligerent and possibly dangerous fan. >> at one point, mr. lieden is grabbing onto one of the officer's clothes and is not letting go. so if he would have submitted to the officer's authority a lot of this would not have
7:38 am
happened. >> lieden is facing charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. the santa clara police department's investigation is looking into how officers handle the situation. 7:37. extra police are patrolling union square after a string of thefts at high-end luxury stores by a group of young women. the women with called the rainbow girls because they wear brightly colored clothing. you are looking at video at the arthur barrons store in may. police say the group has struck as recently as last month. the women grab merchandise and rung out the store. business owners say if they see the group in the area, they will alert other stores. many will even lock their doors. ktvu has learned the prosecutors in san francisco charged in a -- charged a former uber driver with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. prosecutors say he hit 6-year-
7:39 am
old sofy lieu and her family -- sophie liu and her family when they were in a crosswalk on new year's eve. the man is due back in court tomorrow. sophie liu's death focused a lot of attention on the safety rules of shows ride sharing companies. all this morning we're getting a look behind a holiday tradition zoo lights at the oakland zoo. alex savidge is at the zoo right now with all of the fun you can expect. >> reporter: pam, good morning. yes, we're hanging out with the apes this morning. check this out guy. we've been keeping an eye on niko. boy, he's active. he -- maybe this is like his morning exercise routine bun he is just swinging all over the place and having a blast. this is niko, one of the two here at the zoo. let me show you his partner here and -- unlike niko, this
7:40 am
is gla dis. she's -- gladys. she's not quite as outgoing. she's been over there munching on breakfast this morning. but these two, kind of a love story, as i understand it. love at the zoo. i want to bring in melinda shuttler. niko lost his previous mate a couple years ago. >> niko lived her with his previous mate. she passed away a few years ago. for a while, he was on his own. but these are highly social animals. as soon as his previous mate passed away, we started to look for someone to come in and keep him company. we're lucky. two years ago we got gladys. they've been a great pair. >> reporter: you can obviously see them here if you one down to the -- come down to the oakland zoo. opposite attracts, i think that's what paula abdul said. niko is outgoing. he's a natural born performer.
7:41 am
they get along real well. >> like all great relationships, they complement each other. they really complement each other perfectly. >> reporter: thank you for introducing us two these two. this time of year is a special time. let me show you video. this is the time of year when they fire up those holiday lights. it's zoo lights here at the oakland zoo until early january. you can come down here and you come down at night. this is what you are in for, a real special treat, a special show. if you bring the families down, they have special light shows and performances. you can ride the rides, the merry go around, the train, enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa. a fun thing to do for the family this time of year. and tell me how long you are running zoo lights. >> it runs every night through january 4th from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. you can check our website from
7:42 am
specs visits and fun activities happening. >> reporter: and just a note here, niko and gladys, they won't be out and about. >> yes that's their resting time. they will be inside sleeping. but there will still be a lot of great stuff to see. >> reporter: i'm sure the lights will be overwhelming, too much for them. >> yes. >> reporter: thank you for having us here today. there's niko, way up high this morning. he's -- i think he's -- >> wow. >> reporter: i think -- >> he's way up there. >> reporter: we'll send it back to you guys. >> he's way up there. >> reporter: now she's showing off. he's been hanging upside down and swinging officer over -- all over the place.
7:43 am
they are certainly -- they are different in many ways. >> very -- >> reporter: hi, niko. do you like being on tv? i don't know if he knows he's on tv. >> he doesn't care about that. >> reporter: these two apes are a lot of fun. i know. >> all right. alex is having a lot of fun out there, too. thank you and thanks to the zoo because they came in early for us and turned on the lights. it's such a great event. i've been out there. it starts at 5:30 in the evening. the lights are on all the way until 9:00 and up can visit every night from now until january 4th. the only exception is this saturday, december 13th and then christmas eve and christmas day. the rest of the times head out there, grab hot chocolate and enjoy the lights. 7:43 is the time right now. federal autopsy results in the ferguson police shooting are in. and coming up in the next hour of "mornings on 2," the conclusion that was reached and whether the results differed
7:44 am
from those of local officials and a private examiner. also, new surveillance video in the stabbing death of a 14-year-old high school student in san francisco. up next, how it may help clear a teenaged suspect. if you are driving out to the east bait freeways, so far -- east bay freeways, it's not all that bad. but you are seeing slowdowns. coming up we'll take a look at marin and some of the east bay commutes. cloudy to mostly cloudy. but enough drizzle in san francisco to click the old rain gauge over to a .01. a lot of fog. we have updates on a system due thursday into friday. more on that coming up.
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at least nine people were killed in a bomb explosion hon a bus in the philippines. police are still trying to determine the source of the explosion. 20 other people were injured. a 17-year-old student said he was sitting at the pack of the bus when the explosion happened. he says he was hurt by shrapnel and debris. muslim rebels and extortion gang have been blamed for bus bombings in the past. back here at home, there's a new video raising new questions about the killing of a 14-year-old boy in san francisco's mission district. yesterday, san francisco's public defenders's office released this surveillance video of the deadly stabbing of ra shawn williams in pt is. the public defender said the video clearly shows the 14-year- old boy accused in the stabbing is not the one who dealt that
7:48 am
fatal blow. they say their client is a teenager circled in blue in khakis and a shortsleeve shifrt. they also say the young man wearing dark pants circled in the red. he's the one that actually stabbed williams. >> they begin to turn the corner. the decredant comes out -- decedent comes out. you will see on the left side in the darker pants, that's the individual that we say is responsible for this. my client is standing behind him. now, watch the hand. >> the public defender's office is hoping to all charges dropped against its client. sal has been keeping an eye -- a little bit of slow traffic. >> we're looking at the eastshore freeway, dave and pam -- or pam and dave, as pam was just talking there. the east shore to the carquinez, 45 minutes. as you drive down to the
7:49 am
macarthur maze at the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see some slow traffic. driving through the area has been slow. contra costa county, highway 4 is not in good shape. this started off because of an earlier crash near highway 242. now 680 is slow near pleasant hill. we're looking at sonoma and santa rosa. santa rosa looks good today. both directions. not all that bad. northbound and southbound but further south in marin between novato and san rafael. you do have slow traffic. time for today's forecast. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a lot of fog report, even some drizzle. san francisco, the fog mainly, mainly east bay. the drizzle from san francisco actual -- actually pacifica along the coast, sonoma county. a lot of mostly cloudy skies over us. there are a few breaks in the clouds. we're waiting for the system to move in. it's still two days away. i think it will slow down and stall out which would be a bad sign. but thursday and friday will be the days that we have to focus
7:50 am
on. today is the tweener day. heavy rainfall is expected. high wind watch already posted. there's gonna be heavy totals over the next five days. again, let's ease into this as we get closer to wednesday night. nothing will happen. light drizzle. flash flood watch out wednesday night into thursday. might even be extended into friday morning. some of the rainfall projections, 1 to 3. lower elevations 5 to 8 maybe 10. into friday afternoon and evening and marin county and russian river. flood stage, guerneville, 31. predinthed flood stage is -- preen -- predicted flood stage is 32. the wind advisory will kick in thursday night, take us into thursday. could be easily, 60, 70-mile-an- hour gusts. we're not trying to scare you. we just want to give you a heads up. high surf advisory starts tonight. takes us into friday. some of this cold air for the
7:51 am
seer may not arrive until friday. so thursday into friday is when the winter stormwatch, snowfall will be measured in feet. snow level goes way up at first and then come down as we head towards friday and into friday night. today it's cloudy to mostly cloudy. a lot of fog, rain up on the north coast. there are a few breaks. it won't be cloudy to the north, we get more cloud cover. our system is still developing. what's going to happen, there will be a wave developing on that. the water temps are so warm. one would think it would feed into the system. 30s in the mountains. 30 to 62 eureka. that's warm. that's warmer than san diego. don't see that all of the time. that's the system coming in. rainfall will start late wednesday to the north and go all the way into friday. you can take your pick from monterey to ukiah, those are really heavy totals and some of that might be heavier. here's the one i want to show you. this the rainfall projection on timing. everything is fine until we get towards late thursday or late wednesday. the system comes into the north bay at 6:00. then it stalls out there.
7:52 am
the reason being. that's a wave forming. that's a change in wind direction on the front. it does a couple of things. it slows it down. it can intense fine. i think that will -- intensify. i think that's what will happen on thursday. we'll ease into it. fine tune it on wednesday for your thursday. cloudy to mostly cloudy. 60s to near 70. extremely warm air mass. the water temps helped by the coast. you are sitting at 62-degree water temps. everything starts to increase on the clouds beadz and then rain starts late wednesday in the north bay. it may take a while to get here. >> you were talking about the tide -- >> 3:30 in the morning is the high and then there is a low at 8:30. that may help. >> and that's when the bulk of the -- >> i think it's slowing down.
7:53 am
>> all right. he will keep an eye on it for us. big changes for amazon starting today. coming up next, the new options. this may help you save money and even make money. we're also searching for the best holiday displays around the bay area. up next, we'll show you what these lights do that make this house truly all decked out. 22 bucks! these guys should've gone to my place, cuz right now, i have two breakfast croissants for just four bucks. they're both made with a freshly cracked egg
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and melting cheese on a buttery, flaky croissant. try the supreme with bacon and ham, or the sausage. they'll fill you up for - whoa hey! what are you doing? you can't make a commercial for your restaurant at my restaurant! not if you keep interrupting me, i can't.
7:55 am
♪jingle bell rock >> shopping bonanza. a group of elves busy at work helping to bring clear to children in need. right now a network of professionals are at a target store in san francisco. they are hand picking hundreds of toys. then later this morning, they will gonna deliver those toys to the salvation army, the
7:56 am
annual shopping spree is funded pie the group dig deep sf. if you are looking to get into the holiday spirit there is an app for that. yesterday launched the holiday cheer map. it lets people post locations of holiday light displays and other holiday related festive tivities. >> that's good stuff. >> we're searching the bay area. we're gonna find who is all decked out for the holidays. we've asked you our viewers send us our photos, send us your videos. >> today's entry is in danville. it is of the calhoun family's light show. this is on lovers lane. >> lovers lane. you know what makes this really cool, the way the lights are synchronized to the music. here's a tiny sample of home
7:57 am
video. ♪ >> they use mariah carey. >> that's nice. >> that's great. there are five songs coordinated with 50,000 lights. the show starts at 5:30 every night. it repeats every 15 minutes until 9:30 at night. i wonder how the neighbors feel about that. hopefully they are enjoying it. i would enjoy it. the family has set up bins in front of the house to collect canned goods for the contra costa food bank. they say that last year they collected 2,000 pounds of food by the end of the holiday season. 2,000 pounds. those people combined. >> i have to find that house. >> yeah, you do. >> if you or your neighbor, you are all decked out for the holiday, post your photo or your video to our facebook page. or tweet us using the hashtag 2deckthehalls. and we'll send the crews to
7:58 am
check out all of the top displays and the viewers will get a chance to vote on your favorite. we'll tell you who wins the title and the bragging rights of having the best holiday display. coming up next in our 8:00 hour, a big storm is headed our way. are you prepared? coming up in the next hour, the information you need to know before that system strikes. >> reporter: we're live in berkeley where amtrak is running again after protesters shut it down last night. what people are saying about the effectiveness of the protesters' tactics. right now, we're looking at a couple of new incidents. i just spied on my computer. i will let you know what they are and also show you some of the slow traffic and the fog here on the golden gate bridge. that fog has been creeping around a little built for some. mainly the east bay, drizzle northward. a lot of cloud cover waitth on a system which looks to be strong -- waiting on a system which looks to be very strong. details -- coming up.
7:59 am
every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
8:00 am
well, good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." we're live in berkeley this morning. we can tell you amtrak trains are running smoothly. however, last night the situation was a lot different than this. that's when protesters
8:01 am
successfully shut down amtrak service. they blocked the tracks. some of them even climbed on top of a train. they took over a freeway as well. this time it was interstate 80 in emeryville. you can see the police lined up out there t was a wild night. ktvu's katie utehs will join nus three minutes. she's been talking to people to see what they think about all of the protests and what may happen next. stay tuned for that. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2." it's tuesday, december 9th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell. today we want to check in with steve. we don't want people to get mad at you. the storm could change between now and then. >> all signs point between very heavy rain. for thursday, i do think it will slow down a little bit. we've had a lot of drizzle. fog reports. there are breaks in the clouds. it's mild. 50s, 60s. warm ocean temperatures are playing into a much warmer forecast. heavy rain, several inches
8:02 am
expected. there could be 5 to 10. again this, won't come in until -- if not late, late wednesday, probably early thursday. there are high wind watches posted. flooding, downed trees. there will be travel delays. thursday could be a mess. could be very intense rain. still two days away. but everything is pointing in that direction. today it's pointing in into a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. we do have some drizzle. it looks like breaks in the clouds. that drizzle should end. measure -- measurables along the coast. but the system that we're waiting for is still developing. it's coming out of the gulf of alaska. it's right there. it will slow down. i think it will slow down. suffice it so say, i got two days to deal with t the water temps, 60s. 30s up inspect mountains. the winter stormwatch doesn't start there until thursday. highs 60s and 70s. i will have more coming up in 12 minutes. here's sal with an update on.
8:03 am
traffic. better on the san mateo bridge. it is better there, steve. you are absolutely right. i'm glad you are paying attention. but the traffic is getting slower in some other areas. let's go out 0880 northbound where the slowdown has become thick in front of the coliseum. it does begin to slow right in san leandro. so you will see slow traffic there. some of the slowest traffic has been approaching the bay bridge from 580. it's backed up from 98 to -- not too much out of the ordinary. it's slow. there is a lot of slow traffic on 880. this qualifies for me as a moderate commute. this has been very slow. highway 4 westbound. we've had a lot of fender- benders and a lot of slow traffic on 680. we've had slow traffic and now 680 is slow all the way into danville. we mentioned santa rosa is not bad. and marin county is slow from novato to san rafael. 8:03. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. more than a thousand people hit the streets of berkeley in a third straight night of
8:04 am
protests. last night's demonstration began peacefully, it took a turn when a large crowd of people marched onto interstate 80. take a look. blocked traffic in both directions. more than 150 people were arrested. now, amtrak service was also shut down when protesters laid down on the tracks. katie utehs is at the university yam track station. with more from protesters and people who are being affected by this. >> reporter: pam, yam track didn't open until early this morning, a little before 4:00, the tracks were cleared. great news for folks who rely on that system. now, all three of the berkeley protests have been in the cover of darkness. over of the weekend, that led to vandalism possibly, people being able to hide in the darkness. because it's in the evening, there's also issues with this snarling people's evening commute. let me show you some video from newschopper2 of the protesters as they took over interstate 80
8:05 am
last night. at its peak, the protest was more than 1,000 strong. >> what we did on the freeway was very effective. we stopped traffic. we stopped the whole city. we got you guys out here. >> it takes a lot of people to shut down a freeway. there has to be something behind what they are trying to show. so more power to them. [laughter] >> reporter: some people are trying to avoid the protests all together. we spoke with a man who commutes from his job at lawrence livermore labs to his home in sacramento. he said they received a heads up ahead of the protest and he plans to leave early as well. >> i think it irritates people more than anything especially people that have been working all day. you are trying to get home. i don't think it helps their cause at all. >> reporter: the protesters also got in front of an amtrak
8:06 am
train at the university stakes. it laid down on the tracks. the video shows a woman with her face covered as she climbed on the front of a train. service was suspended around 11:00 last night and reopened a little before 4:00 this morning. we are getting mixed reactions from people this morning. some are in support of the protests and say it does bring more people to the dialogue. others say it distracts from the message and ultimately just irritates people. but altogether, some protesters will say it's effective because we're here talking about it. people are talking about it nationally and people are talking about it online. we would love to hear what you have to say. head to our facebook page. hit us up on twitter. there's interesting discussions taking place there. pam? dave? >> people are talking about it. you are right. 8:06. well, berkeley mayor tom bates talked to ktvu about the protests. he says while he supports the cause, he is disappointed things turned violent and protesters broke the law.
8:07 am
>> to have it deteriorate into a violent situation is not acceptable. >> he's urging support for berkeley police. he says the protesters should work with the city to find a way to get their message heard. nba star lebron james and several players on the nets and cavaliers wore t-shirts that said i can't breathe. when pron said he wore it to -- lebron said he wore it to support the family of eric garner. lebron james said the shirt was meant to make a statement about what we as a society are going through right now. also new, 18-year-old michael brown's autopsy has been released. it was conducted by the armed forces medical examiner. it came to the same conclusions as the autopsies performed by local officials and a private examiner hired by brown's
8:08 am
family. it found that brown dined from multiple -- died from multiple gunshot wounds and had severe head and chest injuries. it also found evidence that he had been shot at close range. brown died on august 89th after being shot by officer darren wilson in furs, missouri. some parents in the orinda school district they are angry about a decision by the school district to hire a private investigator to follow a student home. torch says the controversy started when her family, including their live-in nanny maria and her daughter vivian were settling into their new house. she said her daughter was followed home by a private investigator. she says the school district never asked them about vivian. >> she said her homework is on the kitchen table. her bicycle is in the garage. and she's so much part of our family my toddler cries when she leaves. >> the investigator also
8:09 am
followed 7-year-old vivian when she visited her grand mother in baypoint on the weekends. the school district said it was wrong in saying that vivian did not live in orinda. she's been allowed to live there. a storm coming into town in the next couple of days will be a big one, which is why emergency responders are telling people to get ready. brian flores is in san ratch fell with some of the preparations underway. >> reporter: the storm will be a big one, as you mentioned expected up to 3 to 8 inches depending upon where you live in the bay area. we're live in front of the marin ace hardware store in san rafael located off-- off 101. hardware stores are getting ready. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: we are -- we've gating ready for the storm. you've had to stock up on items. what have you stork -- stocked
8:10 am
up on. >> batteries, sump pumps, pipe for drainage. rain gear, boots. >> reporter: and we're looking at some of the video from how you guys are getting ready. from the last storm, what did people get and we're talking about how people tend to reeb hacket more as opposed to prepare. talk more about that. >> the last storm wasn't that big. people are basically coming in for tarps. no real emergency supplies like flashlights or batteries. but i recommend people be prepared rather than waiting until thursday. come out today and tomorrow. pick up what you need. if you have areas that are prone to flooding get pumps. get drainage going now. think about the different things. >> reporter: we're over in san rafael earlier this morning. we were at a place where you could get sandbags. recommend people getting sandbags as well. flood prone areas. >> if your house floods or where you are living floods or
8:11 am
the garage floods, this is the time to think about it. have sandbags ready to go. be proactive. >> reporter: obviously, the advice that you have been hearing any time there is a rain storm. but this one sounds like it will be different in terms of the rain amounts that will be falling. again, 3 to 8 inches. if you are listening to this, be prepared out there. it could be a lot of major problems out there. not just around the households around the burn areas. could be a lot of major problems on the freeways as well. pam, you can attest to that from the storm from last week. back to you. >> you are right. we'll gotta get ready. thank you. 8:11. the deadline it just passed for the people in a new san jose homeless camp. coming up at 8:30, suspicious overnight fires that are complicating the eviction. you've employed a lot of people mostlily as secretary of defense. >> well --
8:12 am
>> joking around. how president obama did as comedian in chief. good morning. we're still looking at traffic that is very slow in many areas as we can see on 280 northbound. it's still slow getting up to the west valley. we'll tell you more about this commute. it's no joke. but it looks like bedo have a system coming in. it could be rather impressive but not until thursday or friday. we'll have more on that. it looks to be a quiet day before the system arrives.
8:13 am
8:14 am
welcome back to "mornings
8:15 am
on 2." happening right now, california senator dianne feinstein about to speak on the floor of the u.s. senate. we are live there waiting for her comments this morning. she's defending her push to release that report we've been telling you about. it's on the cia's harsh intergation techniques -- interrogation techniques. finestein said these it's important to release -- feinstein said it's important to release this report. but critics say it could put lives in danger, particularly overseas. security has been increased at u.s. embassies. but again, we're watching live in washington, d.c. senator dianne feinstein is about ready to speak and we'll bring you her comments as soon as those come in. 8:15. president obama, he made his final appearance on the colbert report. stephen colbert, you know who
8:16 am
is he, he plays the conner iser is vative -- conservative. he says creating the jobs was due in part to hiring all of those he has for secretary of defense. he also tried to get the president to reveal one of the biggest secrets. >> you have the nuclear launch codes, right? [laughter] >> right. >> i'm not gonna ask for them. [laughter] >> can you tell me if there is a 5 in there? [laughter] >> no. >> he tried. the colbert report wraps up the nine-year run at the end of the month and colbert will take over the cbs late news next year. there is a new way starting today if you want to buy things on amazon. amazon has a new make an offer option. it's for sales in the fine arts, sports and entertainment collectibles and the coin
8:17 am
markets. a seller can mark their items that are open to bids. buyers and sellers can then negotiate a price but only for sales over $100. 8:16 is the time right now. let's check back in with sal. people getting ready to head out the door. what should they know? >> it's still vef out there. we don't have any rain. the fog seems to be lifting and the traffic is still at its peak. let's take a look at the toll plaza, you can see there is a little bit of an empty spot. for the most part, it's backed up from the macarthur maze to the metering lights and if you are driving on 580, it's slow from highway 13 to lakeshore. let's move to the east shore and you can see traffic here is backed up from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. 580 is very slow in livermore. and on the peninsula, northbound 101 is kind of a mess from the airport all the way up to san francisco. report of a new crash, northbound 101 at cesar chavez. this is 280 in san jose.
8:18 am
that's moderately heavy. northbound and southbound. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sir. a very good morning. a very cloudy to mostly cloudy morning. there's been drizzle. foggy conditions. don't want to forget the good folks out in oakley, brentwood. drizzle, pacifica, san francisco, marin county. light rain up to se-- sebastopol, healdsburg. where is the cold air? it will get here on friday. we're looking out two days here. been doing this a long time. i don't try to scare anyone. i just tell the facts. the facts are it looks like heavy rain thursday and friday and in fact, i think it will stall out. high wind watches posted. flash flood watches are posted wednesday night into thursday. it will probably go into friday. some of the rainfall projections are very serious. 5 to 8 suz mountains.
8:19 am
maybe more than that. i know ben lomond and boulder creek can get more than that. marin county into the russian river. we'll keep an eye on things at hopland and guerneville. wind advisory or high wind watch will kick in late wednesday into thursday. could easily besome of the higher elevations. 60 to 75-mile-an-hour winds. high surf advisory kicks in tonight. that takes news friday. combined seas 15 to 20 feet. the winter storm watch for the sierra is thursday evening and the cold air may not get here until friday. the snow levels start off high and then drop 5,000 feet. rain already on the north coast. already developing. but for us, the system will lift a little bit. that will take a lot of the cloud cover over the south bay. the fog and drizzle will end and lift and we'll have mostly cloudy and mild, muggy conditions. i would not be surprised a few 70 degrees once the low clouds
8:20 am
burn off. there are already some breaks. our system is developing. it's right here. right there is the development. i guarantee you, it will form what's called a little wave on it which will slow it down it might intensify the rain and keep it around a lot longer. two days away. the water temps inspect 60s will feed into the system. they are so warm for so late in the season. 30s in the mountains. 50s for almost everybody else. some of the rain totals again, this is just from monterey, san jose, san francisco, santa rosa, ukiah and that's a lot of rain between thursday and friday. friday could be really kicked. i think a low will form right over us. that's three days away. the timing on this shows nothing until wednesday evening. then it slows down and kind of stalls out over north bay. it doesn't advance past santa rosa until early thursday. that's the line right there. that's extremely intense rain.
8:21 am
then at 10:00 -- again, the timing on this could change. maybe even afternoon by the time it arrives in san jose. look at that. it paints extremely heavy rain over san jose. i think we'll get a little bit of a break. there will be more rain on friday as that low forms over us and we start to get lift. patchy fog, drizzle to the north. 60s on the temps to near 70. very mild, muggy. tomorrow we start to increase the clouds. the breeze will pick up. you are all right. there could be light rain. right now we'll paint a very windy pattern and take it tomorrow. >> thanks can change. >> in the weather, they sure can. >> it's good information to have. >> it looks serious. steve i know you like the cooking shows and -- >> there's one inspect house. >> that's right. he has world-class cooking talent. he's just 13 years old. he's working right now in our studio and coming up in 30
8:22 am
minutes we'll introduce you to him. >> great too see him. you are looking to dump your significant other during the holidays? the right way to break up before christmas. a korean airlines executive resigned after a dispute on a main, coming up after the break, the snack that caused the controversy.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's now 8:24. it is the last day of a two-day visit for prince william and his wife kate middleton in the u.s. the royal come is packing in as much as they can. today, the duke and duchess will visit the september 11th memorial and museum. 67 british sit stens were thong those who died in the attack. that's the most of any foreign country. tonight the couple is expected at a black tie fund-raiser at the university where they both received degrees. yesterday, prince william was at the white house to meet with president obama. while prince william was meeting with the president, his wife was in harlem, new york. she toured a child development developer with the first lady of new york city. and the duchess spent some time talking with students and teachers. they helped wrap presents as well. the mother said she's as friendly in person as she appears to be in the media. holding courtside, the
8:26 am
royal couple ended their night with a bang. they attended their first ever nba game and got to watch inc. king lebron james. they also got to meet beyonce and jay-z. don't we all get to meet them? the couples chatted it up a little bit. and kate middleton had a tori burch coast, skinny jeans and heels. a korean airlines executive has resigned over claims she delayed a flight because she didn't mike the way they served her onboard snack. heather cho, the vice president and daughter of the korean air chairman demanded the plane go back to the date and she wanted the chief flight attendant taken often the plane because of the in-flight service standards that. was after a june your flight attendant served her macadamia nuts in a bag, not on a plate. the airline says checking quality of service, that was
8:27 am
one of her jobs. but south korea's transport authorities are investigating whether her actions were actually against aviation regulations. 8:26. well, it's huge. it's hairy and you are about to see it live. what is that? alex savidge will join us live and introduce this rare breed of a pig. you can see it at the oakland zoo this holiday season. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where a sweep of a homeless encampment has been postponed. we'll also tell you about a fire that broke out at another encampment that was abandoned a couple of days ago. south bay traffic, northbound 101 is moderately heavy coming up on the 880 interchange. we'll see slow traffic up to sunnyvale. coming up we'll take a look at some of the east bay slowdowns. a little bit of drizzle out there. a lot of fog. but partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. but eyes are on a system that's developing in the pacific. it's two days away.
8:28 am
we'll give you updates.
8:29 am
8:30 am
well, good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." we're live in san jose. city officials are telling homeless people out there. get your belongings and move. all of this comes days after that massive eviction of the huge nearby camp called the jungle. now, tara moriarty is out there right now besides the cleanup out there, fire investigators are out there investigating several suspicious fires including a big one we showed you live this morning. coming up in minutes, tara will tell us how those fires is complicating the clean june that was supposed to take place
8:31 am
this morning. stay tuned. tuesday morning, december 9th. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve ballson has your forecast -- paulson has your forecast. >> it's mc. a lot of fog reports especially east bay. drizzle reports from the city and pacifica and northward into marin county. we do have breaks in the clouds. all oils are focused on a system that is showing every sign of arriving with just a bang, if you will, on thursday. maybe even late wednesday night. i think it will slow down. heavy rain is expected. it will be very windy around here. we had flooding issues from the last system. the ground has takessen in a lot of water. don't forget your pets. there will be travel delays. and also your christmas ornaments outside. plan b, take precautions. not today. not even tomorrow but there's already a system, one system developing here ta will slow it down. we'll get a very mild pattern today with temperatures upper 60s to near 70 degrees. mild temps but that fog and drizzle it will start to let up. mostly cloudy to the north.
8:32 am
partly cloudy to the south as everything begins to develop. it will develop rapidly. it will slow down and take its time. one system moving to the north. our system will look much better starting tomorrow. my concern is i think it will stall out over us. we could see very heavy totals. not until thursday or friday. it will carry into thursday and friday. some of the totals are as high as we've seen. that does not include the santa cruz mountains, also into marin county and parts of the russian river. more to come. tomorrow we'll fine tune all of this. clowty to mostly cloudy. some -- cloudy to mostly cloudy. 60s to near 70. busy for a while, sal. but are things better? they are getting a little better. we're seeing the tail end of this commute. we're still seeing some slow traffic in many areas like 280 -- like 80 westbound coming into san francisco. they are clearing an accident northbound 101 at cesar cesar
8:33 am
chavez. this is 880. it's slowing down. you can look at the picture. if we go to the map, you can also see that that traffic is backing up from hayward all the way up to the coliseum. but 580 is not much better. as i pull back on the maps here, i will bring up the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. very heavy traffic getting over to the peninsula. it's 8:33. back to the desk. >> thank you. in san jose, this morning, firefighters snuffed out flames at a homeless camp known as the jungle after it was cleared out days ago. it now -- now another camp nearby it's in danger of getting bulldozed. tara moriarty joining us live from the area. now, you are near 280 and 680 off tully road. you are near the tully community branch library. >> reporter: the homeless encampment cannot be seen. it's about a ten-mient hike where a bunch of sleeping bags and tents are set up. earlier this morning, just down the road, we want to mention, we spotted a fire as we were
8:34 am
coming in. a lot of the people at that homeless encampment that are the ones that have moved over here. here is a look at some of the flames that we saw as we were driving there near that freeway intersection that you were talking about. many believe it was intentionally set by homeless. the fire captain says it could have ignited from garbage bulldozed three fires have popped up over the last four days. no one is living there. the city tell us it found housing for 144 people before this week's sweep. it offered shelter services. only 14 people took them up on the offer. >> there's a lot of barriers that you face when you are homeless. the safety net system has failed you. you are putting your trust in the people providing services. things have to work -- you have to work through things, whether it's bad credit history or a lack of experience living in an
8:35 am
apartment. >> for him to stand there and say, well, we've offered people things, it's like, okay. if you were to offer 20 people to move into your van, is that realistic? come on. >> reporter: now the junctionle is a 68 -- jungle is a 68-acre site that has as many as 300 people living in it, at one point. the city has cracked down on this. the sweep that was rumored to have happened this morning was postponed. that will be happening friday from bla we are -- dash from what we're told. city crews will come in and rid of the enrampment. it's just a hike down. we'll have more on that coming up on our noon news. in san jose, i'm tara moriarty, back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you. 8:35. police in santa clara, they are defending the officers who were involved in a very controversial arrest last week at levi stadium. >> he's not fighting back!
8:36 am
>> take a look. this happened friday night during the pac 12 clip game -- championship game. this is cell phone video showing mark lieden being arrested. many witnesses say the officers overreacted as they took him in custody. but the police say they had to take aggressive action to control a possibly dangerous fan. >> at bun point, mr. lieden -- one point, mr. lieden is grabbing onto one of the officer's clothing and is not letting go. if he would have submitted to the officer's authority, a lot of this would not have happened. >> lieden is facing charges of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. the santa clara police department is looking into how their officers handled the situation. well, today, b.a.r.t. and ac transit will announce a new all-night bus service. b.a.r.t. would pay for the system that would have them increase the late night bus service between san francisco and the east bay. details will be revealed during
8:37 am
faud's news conference. many b.a.r.t. riders have complained they have no way to get home when b.a.r.t. starts to run at night. b.a.r.t. considered running its own train but they said b.a.r.t. needs the overtime track time for maintenance. >> reporter: alex savidge is at the zoo this morning. this time, us have the largest species of pig -- you have the largest species of pig in the world. >> reporter: pam, good morning. we are pigging out, i guess you could say. at the oakland zoo. check out sara. how beautiful. >> good morning, sara. >> reporter: 300-pound guinea forest hog. and sara is enjoying breakfast right now. what's on the menu here this morning? let's see. carrots, she's got -- i got an apple right here for sara. she almost had some finger, too. sorry about that. let me give it one more shot. here you go. this is a special treat.
8:38 am
a biscuit. here. there we go. i got that right. >> a little slobber. >> reporter: and i have still have my fingers. i want to bring in melinda shuttler. and by the way, you are working the hardest here trying to co tral sara -- corral sara. >> she's a very smart pig. she just weighs more than i do. [laughter] >> reporter: 300 pounds. why is she show rare? >> she's a rare domesticated breed of pig. she's the not bred for food -- she's bred to be a rooter on a farm. if you look at her nose, her nose bone is shaped like a shovel and so that's why pigs are so good and rooting up and tearing up the dirt and getting down to things on the ground. >> reporter: and she was used by farmers and would get the dirt all ready.
8:39 am
>> yes getting the dirt all ready for planting. >> reporter: we're here hanging out at the oakland zoo. this time of year is a specs time. we want to show you what they will be offering. it's time for zoo lights. this is a special time where you come down at night here to the oakland zoo and they have this place just wired. hundreds of thousands of lights on display. they have special shows all set to music. me linda tell me what else did people enjoy? >> you can see the light show, you go ride our rides, including the outback express train. there's special appearances by santa. check our calendar. >> reporter: it's a nice tradition that you guys have been doing for a number of years. you come down on a nice chilly night. >> it's great for families. it's also good -- it's also good for the young at heart.
8:40 am
everything can come out and have a great time. >> reporter: let's check in on sara here as we come back out live. is sara done with breakfast? sara is having one more snack if you don't mind here. wait. she's -- is she -- has she been gaining weight? when she's little, how big is she? >> most piglets are about 2 pounds when they are born and they keep growing. she was full grown at about 1 and a half, 2 years old. >> reporter: is she gonna get bigger? >> no,. >> reporter: she's all done. her hair here, it's very -- it's kind of rough, kind of wiry. not what i expected. just beautiful. >> alex, say hi to felicia for me. i met her -- >> reporter: pam says hello. >> they have a walk on the wild side. >> reporter: okay. we --
8:41 am
>> all right. >> reporter: all right. great. well, she -- felicia is doing a fantastic job. she's working harder than anybody out there. imagine corralling a 300-pound pig. >> that's right. alex savidge, thank you, at the oakland zoo. appreciate it. speaking. that, we're gonna talk about restoring fun and magic as wellals the hanukkah season -- as well as the hanna hanukkah season. coming up how lawmakers in texas are making shurl kids are enjoying the holidays. we're dishing out behind the scenes. this is happening right now in ure our -- in our studio. i was looking at the food. sorry. the traffic is doing okay. we do have slowing in marin county. northbound 101 approaching the 880 interchange.
8:42 am
we'll tell you more about the south bay. mother nature looks to be cooking back an impressive storm. it will be here not until thursday. it might slow down. we'll have an update on your forecast and what could be a very wild day. to help make life better
8:43 am
right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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8:45 am
he makes it look so easy. i know it won't be that simple. >> all right. that is marin county native and master chef junior, season 2 contestant san um getting a lesson on filleting a -- samuel getting a lesson on filleting a salmon. to find out how he does with the salmon, you will have to watch tonight. we're lucky enough to have- right here in the studio. he's dishing out on the competition. >> thank you for having me. >> he's such a professional. during the commercial break, he's cleaning up his area and making sure everything is presentable. i watched a little bit of the show here and there. my first question, how does a kid get involved in cooking at
8:46 am
this level? >> well, i started -- at one point, i had some other hobby. i just started reading cookbooks an watching tv. i started by watching other people cook. there was always something new out there to discover. that's what drives me to be creative every day. >> you said -- someone was telling me in the newsroom that you said you will put anything that's fresh in your mouth. you will try it. >> i will try again. as long as it's fresh. >> are your goals to work at a restaurant, have your own restaurant? >> i would love to work at a restaurant. it would definitely be really hard with the whole 18-hour day and such. but i definitely want to do something in cooking. maybe open up a supper club or do some sort of thing that really interacts with a lot of people. >> okay. and you are plating.
8:47 am
>> i'm cooking. >> you are putting together a salad. this is one of your favorites? this. >> this is the dish that got me on the show. that's why i decided to share it with you guys. this is going to be a roast beet salad over an arugula walnut and chive lettuce bed. okay. and the -- do you have a event ingredient that you like to put in recipes? >> i will take something like a normal side like this and add something like walnut oil or -- something that adds a little spice or a little -- a little pop to the dish. something that's new and interesting. >> plate it for us. and if you don't mind, while you are doing that, i'm gonna ask you, i have to -- don't we all need to know what, is it like to work with gordon ramsey? i know he's easier on you guys than he is on the grownups.
8:48 am
what's that like? >> he's nice. pardon me. >> spicy? >> does it need something? >> a little more pepper. we're working under him, when he yells at you or gets angry or he's like you have to do better than that! it's not because he wants you to feel bad. it's because he wants you to be a better chef and a better person. you have to learn that approach. when you do, it's great to work around him. >> what do the kids at school think about this? >> they are very low key about the whole experience. i think they are very proud of me and very excited to see how the show goes on. >> and mom and dad are in here, too. i asked do you own a restaurant? his mom said, no. he just came up with this. it's your own thing. >> i taught myself. i didn't go to any culinary classes. i hadn't had any culinary
8:49 am
experience prior to the show or -- well, prior to starting cooking about four years ago and it was really just this show. it -- i was so glad to be able to work with other chefs. it's nice to have other kids that you can talk to about food with and they are all still great friends. that was one of the best parts of the show was meeting all of the kids and getting to work with them. they are really great people. >> we'll show your dish when it's all done probably after we get back when we come back. but i just want to remind everybody, the four contestants on tonight. you will learn how to fillet a salmon. and then the winner will be announced at the next show next week. >> yeah. >> right here on fox. it will be very interesting to see. i know you already know what happens. >> oh, yes. >> you can't tell us. >> i can't tell you anything. >> all right, samuel from marin county county. congratulations. >> ku. >> i look forward -- thank you.
8:50 am
>> i look forward to eating at your restaurant one day. back to dave. we're gonna check in with sal right now. my mouth is watering, sal. but i still want to hear what's happening in the south bay. >> that's right. well, we are looking at slow traffic on 280 northbound. it's still pretty slow, dave, coming up to highway 17. 101 is slow and 85. it's still kind of slow in a normal way. we don't have any major incidents. moving along and taking a look at the sunol grade. that's also show as you pass mission boulevard. it's kind of heavy. when up get to the bay bridge, i do want to mention the traffic is slow. san mateo and dumbarton bridge also particularly slow today. let's go back to steve -- here's the bay bridge. it is backed up -- i foregot. i put -- i for -- i forgot.
8:51 am
>> we have fog out there. we're waiting for the system to get here. it has two days to go. the fog, also not get too far ahead of ourselves. the drizzle is not causing too many issues. some of the strets are wet. that fog can cause travel delays and it can cause visibility problems. can't see your hand in front of your face. that goes until friday. the winter storm watch for those of you heading to the mountains, it could be shasta lassen, we're focusing on the sierra. the fold air may not get here until friday. the cold air will get down there. you have a couple of days maybe three. now it will get extremely windy over the passes. if you could leave today or tomorrow, that would be a great idea. rain is visiting the north coast. if you folks -- you can see how the system, there is a low forming. that are take a lot of this --
8:52 am
that will take a lot of this cloud cover. mild. temperatures in the upper upper 60s to near 70. some of the lows as george mccray said in el cerrito, what we get in july for highs. no kidding. there's gonna be a lot taking place the next couple of days. our system is still back here. it has aways to go. 61 in san francisco. look at the water temps, the lows can't cool down near the coast because the water temps are balmy. get out the mr. bubble. that's absolutely beyond warm for this time of year. el nino type of event. that's not the case. this just a south wind along the coast. a lot of cloud cover, landfill will -- rainfall will be heavy. if you don't have to go to work, i wouldn't. the projections are just literally the most we've seen in a long, long time. the timing on this looks to be late wednesday in the north bay. i will try to go quick. it will stall out a little bit. there's wednesday night. maybe north bay. after that, we'll have to wait
8:53 am
until early thursday morning before it starts to slide, san francisco, oakland, concord. it waits until later in the afternoon. i buy that. i think it will slow down. it will move ever so slowly. again, we got a couple of days to iron it out. cloudy, 60s to near 70 degrees. this really warm here due to this -- there's no cold air. it's on its way. it won't get here until friday. then maybe some thunderstorms. i do think we get a break. there will be another system sunday/monday. let's deal with the first one first. >> we'll get to samuel's finished plate. hang on. >> okay. san taupe clauses joining forces to raise awareness about the merry christmas law. it was signed by governor rick perry. >> it bans schools from from
8:54 am
censuring. it allows them to display decorations and menorahs. they decided to bring in santa to remind people of the law because of an incident last year. one school banned christmas trees, the colors red and green, and any reference to a we lidgeous holiday -- religious holiday. while some people are being encouraged to celebrate the holidays, others are looking at a way to -- >> there are a lot of people on facebook that change their status from in a relationship to single. some people actually say they don't want to spend money on a gift. that's why they break up. others say having to buy a twist, too much of an emotional investment. if you are planning on ending your relationship, dating experts say -- do we need an expert? >> good dating etiquette says this is not a good time to break up. >> it's just rough.
8:55 am
well, the broadway musical is coming to san francisco. after the break, do not miss your chance to go see it for free. hello. we're the hooker family. we would like to send a seasons greetings out to other family in san francisco. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas.
8:56 am
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♪ time for this week's ticket tuesday. three winners will receive two tickets to disney's knewcies. on wednesday, february 18th. to -- to enter go to fill out the form. enter the secret word, paper. entrips are seasmed until 11:59 -- entries are accepted until 11:59 tonight. you have to be 18 years old. winser are selected by random on wednesday, december 18th. you can see the official rules at we wanted to speed through that because we wanted to see samuel's final presentation. >> you are the man. >> thank you. >> this is -- >> this is a beet salad over a walnut and chive addressed arugula salad with toasted walnuts and goat cheese.
8:59 am
>> dig in. you ka watch samuel tonight -- you can watch samuel tonight. the last four contestants. there's down to four and then next week they will choose the finalists. >> two finalists. >> and then the winner. >> he already knows. thank thank you for watching. >> thank you for joining us. way to go. >> this is really good.
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