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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the much talked about system has arrived. really heavy rain for some and windy for others. the system will impact the entire bay area all day. and we are seeing a steady rain here this morning. and we will show you what this businesses around here are doing to protect themselves in an area that's prone to flooding. >> we do have a lot of windy conditions. a wind advisory for all of bay area. and mother nature not messing around this morning as
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rain and wind falling especially here. we'll tell you where the trouble spots are as ktvu morning news continues. well, we are on storm watch this morning. >> look at that camera. >> yes. >> that's a nice way of thinking of it. >> yeah, you can see a lot of rain on the camera. and a lot of cameras are moving with the wind. that's the other big story this morning along with the rain. this is san francisco. looking in. you can see all of the bay area basically getting the rain at this point. it started up north. and still raining up north. so north bay. and then moving in. we will check in with steve specifically about the rain in just a moment. it's thursday, december 11th. >> good morning. we wednesday on the air early for you this morning. and we have been on the air for
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the past two hours letting you know what's going on. and we have crews fanned out all over the bay area. and we are checking out flooded areas already. >> yeah, if you have to be on the roads this morning, sal is watching the commute. and we want to start with steve because everybody wants to know, where is it, how long. >> most of the morning. finally moved into san francisco. thanks for mike. starting to make a move towards oakland as well. and just hammering the north bay. and in fact, getting reports of 3 to 4 inches of rain. east to west. 3 to 4 for some. and some areas not that much. only about .25 and others 2 inches of rain. and the system is making a move. and almost making a move north to south but i think this will move through and you will start to see it do this. it may take a while to get to the east bay. heavy rain in the north bay
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yesterday afternoon actually up towards lake county. and getting reports of 4 inches towards lake port. and thank you for that rick. and some of these totals will be exceeded. and i guarantee it for around the russian river. the time line on the rain, the heaviest will begin to make its march right now. and that's a squall line coming through. that's the front beginning to work through. 8:00, still really hasn't made it to san jose until 9:00. i think that's a little quick but a line moving through. and it will continue most of the morning and maybe a break in the afternoon. at least from intense rain but going to be rain around as the cold or unstable air moves in. and that will take us into tonight and tomorrow a possibility of thunder shower activity. and the system very mild to warm conditions. gusts easily over 40 for many. and a little bit of a back edge to the north. so just to the west, that's an intense line coming in. just moving in right there. and heading into the russian
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river area. so i'm sure there's torrential amounts there. some of the heavier totals have been north. to the east, not that much but it's windy. 66 sfo. and some wind gusts, that's why we have the high wind warning, anywhere from 25 to 50 miles per hour. half moon bay airport 49 miles per hour. sfo was 43 and now 38. and wind to rain. and combination of both. as far as rain totals, 10 inches could fall parts of the north bay. and once in the mountains, 5 to 8. rain and wind heavy at times and highs set this morning and cold air this afternoon. but broad brush it and say 60s. you know, driving today is not advised. >> i agree. i agree. >> and i think people are taking that message to heart. look at the bay bridge toll plaza on a thursday morning at this time, we have more slow traffic.
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and i think people are taking the advisories. and a lot of schools have not, don't have classes and that means likely a lot of parents also have to stay home and perhaps work from home or just miss the day. and you can see the traffic volume is lighter. all the ferries from the east bay except for one have been canceled into san francisco. and cable cars in san francisco are not running but bus service has replaced those runs. and let's go to 880. and you can see the windy conditions here. and firsthand, the building camera showing that the wind is gusty. and not as bad as it was. and we are starting to see rain as mentioned in the east bay. and let me show you 580. normally this time, a lot of slow traffic. and very windy in the pass. but we don't have a lot of slow traffic on 580 or 680 for that matter. again, people may be taking the weather and storm watch
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warnings to heart. one of the areas receiving the most rain so far, alex is live where flooding is a big concern. >> reporter: good morning to you. businesses are not taking chances with the huge storm. let me show you the front of this art studio. a pile of sandbags and a board along the front of the door in case the waters begin to rise. and that's what is expected later today. a similar scene here as you go all throughout the downtown area. everybody ready for significant rainfall this morning. and the scene a short distance away from here where we caught up with members of the sanitation district. the crew was on stand-by and keeping an eye on the sewer lines in an area that's prone to flooding. not far away from the creek. and keeping an eye on the creek as well. and that crew has been out there all night just to make
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sure there's no flooding. >> called the storm patrol. and we try and be proactive and guys monitoring the pump station just in case things go wrong, we can call in more personnel. so it's all about being proactive. >> reporter: all hands on-deck. >> yeah, fun morning. >> reporter: the crew plans to be here for a longtime. and this piece of machinery, they brought that out with them this morning. and that machine can send a wire down into the sewer lines if they become clogged and there's flooding, that can clear the lines and they are worried about the significant rainfall, several inches of rain expected to come out here throughout the day. and that crew on stand-by. and again, businesses in the area, the sandbag, all ready to go. and the rain coming down, it's a steady rain but nothing too heavy yet at this point. >> thank you. and hopefully they'll let us know, around the corner from you, fairfax can be a bad spot. hopefully -- >> reporter: yeah, a lot of bad
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spots around here. >> yeah, thank you. we're also tracking the storm's impact where some standing water, a lot of standing water actually on highway 101 creating hazards for drivers. and we are out there right now. lucky drive, a familiar spot. how's it going? >> reporter: good morning. well, it's wet. a lot of rain has fallen in the past couple hours that we have been here. and you know this area well. but yeah, lucky drive northbound 101 as you can see p cars slowly going through here. and chp says about 6 inches of water has gathered on this particular part of the freeway. so the good news is aas sal mentioned, a lot of schools are closed this morning so hopefully that means a lot of people will stay home as well. and this area is known for flooding just like other rainstorms the case this morning. the chp reports about 6 inches of water along lucky drive. and we have seen several
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drivers go through here at unsafe speeds so. if you go through here, be very careful. a few have come close to hydroplaning. but this is just one area of pockets of flooding and. we saw some off surf industry drive in the southbound direction going on to 101. and as the storm moves down south, the rain will hit the bay area late they are morning. be aware of that. take it easy on the roadway. >> plan ahead. so if you lessen your trips to one rather than two, make sure you plan ahead and make the trips as infrequent as possible. >> reporter: the other issue is certainly the wind gusts this morning. as we were driving here on the bridge, there would be a wind gusts and certainly felt that in the live truck. and in fact, all the bridges, there's a wind advisory. so all the commuters should know that. and driving in from the east bay as well, very heavy winds into the station. and back out here live. again, the northbound lanes
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along lucky drive known for flooding and as cars make their way through here, you will see there's about 6 inches of water going through here. and some going faster than others. and in the distance, we saw a flash in the distance. not sure if a transformer went out or something like that. but we will keep an eye on that as well. but in terms of the traffic, drivers need to take it easy as the rain is pounding the north bay. back to you. >> yeah, it sure looks like some of the cars are moving too fast for that. >> yeah. certainly. got to take it easy out there. if you know this area, this area is known for this type of flooding so. northbound 101, lucky drive, just take it easy. and especially today. >> all right. hopefully we don't see accidents out there. a rare move, many schools are around the bay area will be closed today because of the storm in san francisco. parents picking up children yesterday got the notice alerting them about the
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district-wide closure. and snow days are regular occurrences in other parts of the country but it's extremely rare that schools here would cancel class because of the weather. and here is a partial list of the school districts canceling classes today. most school districts in the area, san francisco, oakland, pacifica, there are also some closures oak grove union which covers west santa rosa. private catholic schools in san francisco have also canceled classes and some college closures as well include san francisco state and city college of san francisco. so no classes there today. and nevado public schools have canceled classes today and tomorrow but others are letting us know that they'll decide later today if classes will be canceled tomorrow. >> a big deal. and people have been getting ready for a couple days
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trying to protect their homes from flooding. our camera captured this crowd at a sandbag station. and at one point, the city opened a second sand distribution center just to meet the demand. and on our website, we posted links to sandbag information for other cities and counties. check it out and look for it in the web link section. san francisco's emergency operations center has been gearing up for this storm since early yesterday. and it's considered the nerve center for coordinating all emergency responses throughout the city. and it does work with all city departments as well as the red cross and the power company. expected to be very busy as they work to resolve problems. the center will stay open as long as emergency teams are out responding to the storm emergencies and damage. and we are keeping an eye on their twitter account as well because we are getting good information. i just want to state again, just looked and they say, please move over if you see
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emergency vehicles. >> yeah. >> coming up. because they're trying to respond to emergencies. and road problems. we're following other news as well. an amber alert issued in southern california. the gruesome discovery that was made and why the police are now searching for a man and his four sons. and we continue to track major storm hitting right now. boy, this tells you a big story. the flags are blowing. pretty bad. you can see the flags blowing there and the strong wind. and the wind is really making for tough driving across all bay area bridges. chp issued an advisory for drivers. and also on the pass. and what traffic volume is coming up. and rainfall has been rather impressive around santa rosa, east and west about 3 to 4 inches of rain and finally some of the stronger cells moving on shore. gusts to 50 miles per hour.
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welcome back. authorities in southern california say they have found the car that belonged to a missing california family of six and the body of a woman was in the trunk. the honda accord belonging to daniel and erica feriz was found in the valley. they say they want to talk to
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daniel. an amber alert has been issued for another car connected to the family. the cup and will their four sons have not been seen since friday. some uc berkeley students disrupted an event on campus. now people protesting the police killings in new york and missouri stormed a lecture hall and interrupted a book signing event featuring the co-founder of paypal. and some students say they support the right to protest but thought the disruption was inappropriate and disrespectful. >> the iron ring leader of this is that i believe in the movement and believe that all black lives matter. but the fact is, that the movement has just invaded a space where knowledge is spread to students. >> protesters all went to the residents of the chancellor as well where they squared off
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with campus police. sal, i don't even know where you start this morning. i know you're watching the east shore but you're watching everything. >> yeah, one of the things we're noticing is traffic volume is lighter and all the warnings have put some people off from driving at all. and also some schools have shut down. and when your kid stays home, you probably do too unless you have like short-term care, right? and some offices have closed. one of the companies in san francisco that i know for sure is sales force, they advised its employees not to go because of the storm. and other smaller firms, people are taking heed. however, there's still slow traffic from if the bridge to the maze. it's 23 minute drive. which is not so bad. the speed about 50 miles per hour. considering what the conditions are, that's not bad. east 80, that tree has been picked up and all lanes are open. and to the bay bridge toll plaza. and there's a back-up, about a 10 minute delay.
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very windy on all bridges and the pass. chp issued a wind advisory for drivers across all spans. so please give yourself extraffic lights time. and here, where we normally have slow traffic, this is one of the slowest commutes normally. it's light and tells you a lot. i think people are just not driving on 580. and debris everywhere. so take it easy and take it slow. 6:19. a man whose been very busy, steve. >> reminds me when i forecasted in denver. >> i see. >> because the radar is showing things that we don't usually see out here and that will be a squall line. but on its way. so much to get too. some of the rain, up to santa rosa and even into lake county, two, three reports of over 4 inches of rain. kelseyville, that's a lot of rain. that system is moving in. and there are breaks in parts of the county but still a steadier, heavier rain. and some 2 to 8 inches.
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and forestville, 3 inches of rain. and vinny east of santa rosa, approaching 4 inches as well. and windy, gusts higher elevations could exceed hurricane strength. urban and small stream advisory until 11:30 this morning. and 52 in tahoe. the pressure bottomed out at 29.136789 there's been a gust at 96 miles per hour. and what we're seeing, a line here. i will focus tighter here. and some is heavier. and looks like there's a back edge moving in. but that's torrential rain. and that's moving over into lake port and clear lake and back to hidden valley. just getting slammed. i'm sure probably over 4 inches of rain by now. they have taken the brunt of this. and some areas have had heavy duty rain. and others not so much. and i think i saw one inch but
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last i saw was a third of an inch. and looks like the system is beginning to move in. and up into napa county, american canyon, as well as toward hidden brook. and some areas beginning to finally at 5:37 made to it the mountains and san francisco. and now moving over the peninsula. and here's what i'm -- there's a line forming. that's a squall line forming and. that's going to move in. and that could be very intense and produce thunderstorm activity. and remember this is feeding off extremely warm ocean temperatures and that's going to help boost precipitation rates here. 60s on the temperatures. and been howling all night. and hopefully you still have power. anywhere from 25 to 50 miles per hour on the gusts. and focus on the area closest to you and you can see 38 san jose. and 52 half moon bay at the airport. and 38 sfo. and 41 hayward. and out testify south, southeast. and there's the area of low pressure responsible for our
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wind right there. and our systems lifting a little bit. and that's why people are saying, i'm out here in brentwood or oakly, where's the rain, that's because the system is slowing down and stalling. where it stops and shows down, hold on a minute, i have so many buttons to press here, 4 to 10-inches in the north bay, 5 to 8 for many. and rain and win, that's going to cover it. the warnings and watches, actually a storm warning north of the golden gate. that's not something we see often here. and flash flood watch out. and high surf, 60s on the accidents the rain will continue tomorrow. and the cold air tomorrow. and there will be thunderstorms. i just -- no way around it. and i think even an area of low pressure might be forming over us as the system moves in. i just, you know, how can you
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say any rain or wind or both? >> it's everywhere. >> and thunder and lightning all over. >> yes, widespread. >> yes. okay. go ahead -- >> still concerned about it being stalled? >> looks like it's finally moving a little bit. that was the fear last night. it's been over the north bay all morning. >> yeah. >> but moving a little bit. and that's good. >> i have people asking me about tahoe because if the weekend is clear -- >> well, going to go, now is the time to go. it's 52 in tahoe but gusts up to 46 to 50 miles per hour. and over the ridge, 100 miles per hour. and blizzard warning starts, but it's not knowing now, it's warm. the cold air arrives thunderstorms and then down to 4500 feet. >> and then the roads will get worse. >> brutal. >> thank you. >> okay. the storm causing problems at airports as you can imagine this morning. we're checking in with san francisco, oakland and san jose. and we will see how flights are doing right now. and gearing up for award
6:24 am
season in holiday. the golden globe nominations just announced within the last 45 minutes.
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welcome back to the channel 2 morning news. we are on storm watch. we've been here since 4:00 this morning and keeping an eye on
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the trouble spots. and a live look at the bay bridge. and you can see not only is our camera clouded because there's a significant amount of rain but you can see boy, traffic very slow moving along the new part of the bridge there. so traffic is an issue. there are fewer cars out in spots because the schools have been closed so that's good news but it's the biggest storm in years and we will continue with the live team coverage throughout the morning. new this morning, the golden globe awards nominations just came out. >> best motion picture, comedy or musical, bird man. >> that is a movie everybody is talking about, bird man. it had the most nominations of any movie. it earned seven of them including one for best actor in a comedy. and as well as best director
6:28 am
and best screen play. and now other nominations for best comedy or musical, bird man, grand hotel, into the woods, pride and st. vincent. that's bill murray's movie. and best pictures for a trauma are boyhood, fox catcher, selma and the theory of everything. the winners of the golden globes will be announced during ceremonies on january 119. the nominations are similar to the screen actor guild award nomination which is came out yesterday. and bird man again earned four of those nominations. that was the most of any movie. and boy hood, the imitation game and the theory of everything also earned three of the sag nominations. >> i feel very behind. i have a lot of movies. >> yeah. people in santa kruz, they
6:29 am
are waiting for the heavy rain but there's problems and the items flying off shelves as people get ready. the river continues to climb at this hour. we will tell you just how close we are to flood stage. good morning. still looking at a lot of hazardous driving conditions and you can see that there are lights on the bay bridge. and looks like there was something on the span. they were moving off the exit. but it's windy. we will tell you more about the drive times into san francisco. aye been waiting for this. 5.25 inches of rain. i told you, i knew west was going to be heavy totals and a squall line forming to the west. just coming in. more coming up. this holiday season,
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well good morning to you. welcome back.
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we are on storm watch. we're tracking the major rain coming down around the bay area. on the left of the screen, this say live picture of the river. if you were wondering what it was doing this morning, it's busy this morning. a lot of people keeping a close eye on it because it's prone to flooding. and then on the right side of the screen, this is live storm tracker 2. this is what steve is following for you all morning. the heaviest rain hitting the north bay. this storm is major. good morning. thank you for joining us. ktvu channel 2 morning news thursday december 119. i'm dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. 6:32 is the time. how are the rivers doing? >> russian river supposed to peak out at 31-32 which is right at flood stage. and just had a report, 5.25. >> wow. >> that's the one russian river. that's the one i've been wondering because i've seen 4-
6:33 am
plus. so not surprised by that. and he said power is off. and then about 4 inches many locations up into lake county. and system is moving. thank goodness. it was a creepy crawlly for a while. but finally moving. and there is, looks like a squall line forming to me. and not only, well, right back here. the departure right there, but it's still raining. it's not stop and relentless on the rain. and many reports to over 4-inch of rain there. and up to 3 to 4 as well. and santa rosa and back over towards the russian river, 4 to 5 inches of rain. that's incredibly intense rain which is beginning to move onshore. and i have seen reports around .25 to .30. yet nevado over 2.5. just unbelievable. there's a fine line on where
6:34 am
it's pouring and other areas where it's just raining. not as heavy but still steady rain there. and south of that, waiting for it. and east bay, some areas not getting that. some now finally san francisco. south san francisco, parts of the peninsula. and half moon bay and gusts to 52. and one acre at 1400 feet and gusts to 63 miles per hour. and our system is making a move. amazingly warm temperatures. and 66 sfo. if you're like my goodness, it's warm. it's also very windy in the hills and gusts to 55. right above as well. and 43 oakland airport. and you know there's going to be travel delays and water temperatures are warm. and there's that 52 at the half moon bay airport. and our system will be with us today. and it will be us tomorrow. and the rainfall will exceed 10 inches, maybe a foot in some locations and other areas 2 to 4. rain and wind, heavy at times and mild temperatures for a while q. tomorrow the temperatures will plunge. and highs only in the 50s.
6:35 am
today in the mid-60s. and i can't dance fast enough but that rain in the north bay, urban and small stream flood advisory until 11:30. >> and getting worse and looking at the computer here. and they're lighting up with incidents and we have lighter than usual traffic today. and i think a lot of people are staying home. and at least for now. and things are beginning to get more crowded anyway. and let's start off with 880. i want to show you the wind here and the traffic is going to be busy. but not stop and go as you drive-thru. and now if you are driving, please give yourself plenty of time to get to your location because it's going to be a rough ride. and the traffic is going to be very, very slow. and i want to mention that the bay bridge toll plaza, the delays have been not as robust as usual because i think a lot of people are staying home. i want to mention that in the
6:36 am
north bay, we've had a couple accidents and flooding and. the most severe northbound 101. the lane is blocked with an accident and flooding reported in that area. and we've had slow traffic of course highway 101 at lucky drive or at least slowing traffic because of standing water in that location. so please, give yourself plenty of time. and we have reporters all over the bay area covering the morning's huge storm. and we go now live. what's the weather like? >> reporter: yes, we just passed the high tide about an hour ago. and so an hour, we're in good shape here. and not very close to flood stage. behind me is the river. and take a look, right now about 5 feet below the drawbridge. and if it were at 1.8 feet, that would be considered flood stage. and we ran into a local here who calls himself the flood guy. he got up very early this morning so he could drive to all of the spots to check
6:37 am
levels and posts that information on social media q. the last time a storm caused flooding informs 2005. but 98 and 82 were worse. >> when i see the yellows and reds on the weather because i've been flooded twice where it's came in. close to my house. and 82 it got 30-inches in my house. >> reporter: we believe we may see some street flooding in the neighbors close to the river but no homes he says. that's because the high tide is dissipating. it was at 5:38 this morning. so unless it really starts pouring rain, we're in good shape here. not that close to flood stage. and now as sal mentioned, there's some flooding on the roadway on up in windsor. we're going the head there and we will let you know how that's looking. back to you. >> all right. a lot of good information.
6:38 am
thank you. steve, you heard him, parts of the county already has received 1.5 so far. and it's not letting up. and flooding is a big concern. we are live. people are hoping sandbags will protect their homes and businesses from flooding. >> reporter: good morning to you. the rain is picking up here in downtown where we are this morning. right on the main drag. the downtown area. and this is what you see as you move throughout the area. sandbags are piled up near the entrances to the businesses. this is business you can see, they also have the place boarded up as well. and then take a look here, this is what you will see a lot today, it says, due to mother nature, we will be closed today. and a lot of businesses closing. and the scene, this is what we saw a short time ago, close by. members of the ross valley sanitation district. they were on what they call storm patrol. these two crew members, they were out all night and they're
6:39 am
keeping an eye on the sue wear lines and the storm drains and were in an area that's prone to flooding with where the lines tend to converge and they want to make sure that ifed inning happen, they're ready for it. -- that if flooding happens, they're ready for it. >> it will come up about three, four, five, six feet. so that's why we're monitoring. >> reporter: and we also saw this morning, a couple police officers, a trio of police officers walking up and down the main drag here in downtown. and they told me, they were just keeping an eye out for any problems, any signs of flooding and they say so far, they have not seen any issues here in the area. and as we bring you back out live here, you can see sandbags stacked up everywhere you look. and that's because just on the other side of the buildings, you're looking at the creek. and i was told by the members of the sanitation district, they have been watching that
6:40 am
creek, the levels have been rising here of course throughout the morning. and they're worried about flooding as a result of that rain we expect to get in the area. again, no major flooding issues us this far. all the businesses ready to go. >> all right. before you go, what's the intensity of the rain right now? >> reporter: you know, right as we're speaking,s for starting to pick up. it comes in waves. it was sort of a moderate rain about an hour ago and it's starting to get more intense and that obviously is the big concern. and right we speak, push up to the sky and maybe you can get a sense, getting some good sized raindrops and you see the car coming by here, we're starting to see the water pooling on the roadways. and obviously that's going to be a big concern in terms of flooding in the area. we will certainly keep an eye on the situation here and keep in contact with members of the city and the police department and let you know if we see
6:41 am
issues here. >> all right. thank you. thank you. time is 640:67:89 all the eastbound lanes of interstate 80, they're open again after a big tree fell down on to a big rig. and this happened about 3:00 this morning at athe valley road off-ramp. chp shut down the area for about three hours as they removed the tree and the degree d bee. and although it fell on the noncommute direction, it still caused a slow down and a lot of problems out there. and by the way, the truck driver was not hurt. well throughout the morning, you can look at the bottom of the television screen there and see a running list of bay area school closures and we have a list on our website. most school districts are closed today. it was a rare move that several dozen school districts in the north bay and peninsula and in the east bay, many of all canceled classes. and mostly as a precaution because they're concerned about students, teachers and parents getting to and from the
6:42 am
schools. so they are taking cars off the road during the brunt of the storm. and nevado has canceled classes for tomorrow as well. and san jose schools are scheduled to be own today at this point. but administrators are saying that they are monitoring the situation. i know our school district are going to wait till later today to decide if they close again tomorrow. and there are big delays at bay area airports and the duty manager tells us that there are already now nearly 200 flight cancellations. that's about 60 more than we reported in the last hour that's due to stormy weather. and that number is expected to continue to climb this morning. long delays are expected all day today at sfo and san jose as well. and so be sure to check in with your airplane before you head to the airport. >> good advise. the storms really dangerous for people who are homeless. in san francisco, the dining room, they opened their doors to the homeless last night and
6:43 am
gave them temporary shelter through the night and a hot meal. and now the temporary shelter closed about 40 minutes ago. however, the church next door opened their doors so the homeless at least have a place to stay sheltered during the day. right now, it's 6:43. and as the north bay has been getting hammered all morning from the storm, it is heading towards san francisco, oversan francisco now. and we want to take you live to the golden gate bridge and you can see as the cars travel through, a lot of water on the bridge. and we know it's also windy on the bridges. coming up in 20 minutes, a live report from the city as the high wins and heavy rain moves in. and a rare event in the mountains all because of the storm. the dangerous conditions facing drivers who want to get up to the snow. good morning. looking at a commute that is going to be really rough. a lot of debris on the roads and lighter than usual traffic as schools are closed. and the volume is down and what
6:44 am
is happening with the commutes. well, i knew somebody would come in with hefty totals 5 . -plus. mike fell cloverdale, 7 inches of rain. is this our parking lot? ktvu, the mother ship, my goodness. wins and advisories.
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channel 2 morning news. we are on storm watch this morning. with the rain and up in the mountains with the snow. it's under a rare lizard warning. this is arabic -- a rare blizzard warning. and it's going to be bad tomorrow. the roads. if you are thinking of heading up, this is interstate 80. both interstate 80 and highway 50 from what we hear are still clear at this point. because it is a warmer storm. so mostly rain maybe on the roads there. but tomorrow could be snow. and that storm is expected to bring about 2 feet of snow. >> wow. >> and i'm sure more than that to the higher elevations to the top of the mountains. and let's talk about traffic now. sal, start. we have problems this morning. all over. >> did you just -- >> go on. >> the little hour glass went off on dave. go ahead. let's take a look at what we
6:48 am
have. one of the things i want to mention is that traffic volume is lighter. so if you do have to go, take a deep breath and we don't want to panic you. and this is the commute if the bridge to the maze, about 50 miles per hour. but there's a lot of debris. and not unusual. you lived through a storm before. and a lot of standing water. and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will notice that traffic volume is light. and chp issued a warning for drivers on all bay area bridges to be careful out there because of gusty winds. that's one of the things that is also in play on the pass as you drive-thru. but again, this is the valley, one of the busiest commutes. every day i show you red and slow traffic here. and today it's just not that way. and move over here to the rest of the valley, the rest of the area here, hayward, not bad. but slow on the san mateo bridge because people are slowing down because of the winds. not so bad on the bridge.
6:49 am
yesterday a lot of the branches had come down already. so hopefully, you know, i'll be okay. but everyone is nervous about the winds. >> and a couple reports from the oakland hills, very windy, no rain yet but the rain is coming in. i was this close, i missed it by this much on a rainfall graphic. so i'll have that next in the six, seven minutes. but just east of santa rosa, 4. san jose airport, i'm sure they changed the flight pattern. but flightings are leaving san jose. i would think there's probably delays at oakland or sfo but haven't heard much yet. but when the system begins to barrel through, maybe issues as well. and a squall line forming. that's an intense area of rain helped along by the very warm ocean temperatures still in the 60s. and did see a gust to 63 miles per hour.
6:50 am
that's 1400 feet, half moon bay airport, 52 miles per hour. and urban and small stream flood advisory until 11:30. and going to be over 10 inches of rain for some. the russian river northward as well. 40, maybe gusts to 80. and roaring. so i saw 55 miles per hour winds there. and flash flood watches out and high wind warning until 10:00 tonight. and high surf. and there's going to be multiple bands within this main system. and that's the low up there. 29.13 for those who follow pressure. and i think it bottomed out there and is rising the. system is finally moving but slowly. and a couple people, where's our rain? it will get there. the cold air is coming in behind that. and once that cold air comes over, i think we will get a round of thunderstorm activity. very heavy rain in lake county, over 4 inches of rain for three locations. and more of a steady rain decreasing a little bit. and now i mean, anywhere russian river, that's
6:51 am
torrential when you see something of that nature coming in. heavy rain. some areas, mill valley, nod not as much but the line moving in, that's intense and right over the bay. and by the way, we have a storm warning out for north of the golden gate. that is not something we see often around here. and napa county, and american canyon, looks active. and after that, rain but nothing too heavy. and more of a steady rain to the east. and not even down to the mountains yet. and hasn't been too heavy. that's a squall line right there. and that's very intense rain. and would not be surprised if we get activity out of that. and the temperatures are warm for some. and dropping for others. so the highs been set for many into the north bay. and 37 gusts. 43 oakland airport. and 24 santa rosa.
6:52 am
and 47 napa airport. and half moon bay 52 and now 44. these are the gusts south or southeast at 38 miles per hour. so the system will move in slowly. and that's the key here. and you can get a lot of rain as the system stalls out a little bit. and cold air behind that. andal take us into tomorrow. and there's going to be a low over the bay area as well. and anywhere from 4 to 10 inches of rain. and again, the mountains probably in there as well. and rain and wind heavy rain, sometimes sheets of rain. mild temperatures for a while. and then tonight that cold air begins to move in. and notice a huge difference on the temperatures tomorrow. coldest air in a longtime. and a lot of systems have not had cold air. and this one does. and thunderstorm activity, if not today tonight into tomorrow. and another system monday, not as strong but more rain and snow. >> just a doctor 9 maic temperature change. >> i think tomorrow yes. sitting at 67. and some areas now, tomorrow 57 but that time of year. >> but still snow. >> finally. i mean, snow level is high.
6:53 am
and wind the main event. and tomorrow that's when it will get down to 4500 feet. >> is that -- >> that's the key. we need the know for the snow melt. that's the key for reservoirs. the snow melt is the big issue. >> so the snow about lake level? >> 65 today. and to 45 tomorrow. >> all right. thank you. our live team coverage cops all morning for you. in fact, we're live out here looking in the area. we will check in with all of our reporters and live crews in san francisco.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
good morning to you. welcome back. we have been on storm watch for you all morning. these are live pictures of the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks empty for this time of the morning. very unusual. but very wet out there. a lot of companies just told their employees stay home because of this morning's storm. a lot of the school districts all over the bay area, they have already canceled classes. san francisco general hospital looking for help in identifying a man who was admitted but has not been able to tell hospital staff his name. anyone who knows this man here, take a look at the picture. you are asked to call the number at the bottom of the screen there. the man appears to be a latino.
6:57 am
he is in his 80s. he was entered into the hospital with a medical condition. the battle over a south bay project is escalating. they gave approval for expanding the newby island landfill. they are begging them to have the project stopped. some of them wore garbage bags and held up signs that said "we want fresh air " they say smells from the current landfill is already overwhelming. >> milpitas stinks. everybody knows it. >> please stop the odor. i can smell it from my hope, my school, and my school playground. i do not like it. >> the city of san jose says garbage produced in the santa clara valley has to go
6:58 am
somewhere. putting it on a truck to take it out of the county would mean higher garbage rates. they have a state-of-the-art odor mitigation system to limit that smell, they say, but the people in milpitas say it's not enough. a court may have to decide if that landfill will be expanded or not. all right. coming up next on "mornings on 2", the bay area's biggest storm in years has arrived right on schedule. we are looking at some of the problems right there. the pounding rain and howling winds. we are going to continue our live team coverage. stay with us. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ 7:00. we are on storm watch. a major storm is slamming into the bay area at this moment with heavy rain and strong winds. >> our much advertised system for the last three or four days has arrived. and, boy, has it with torrential rain and warnings and watches. we will have timing and an update on rain totals. we are looking at a commute where traffic is very slow in some areas, but not slow in areas where there are no obstructions. a little bit lighter. we will tell you why we think that's happening. complete team cove


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