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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 11, 2014 7:00am-8:33am PST

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nteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ 7:00. we are on storm watch. a major storm is slamming into the bay area at this moment with heavy rain and strong winds. >> our much advertised system for the last three or four days has arrived. and, boy, has it with torrential rain and warnings and watches. we will have timing and an update on rain totals. we are looking at a commute where traffic is very slow in some areas, but not slow in areas where there are no obstructions. a little bit lighter. we will tell you why we think
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that's happening. complete team coverage as we ride out the strongest storm we have seen in years. "mornings on 2" begins right now. welcome to "mornings on 2". i am tori campbell. >> good morning. i am dave clark. >> we are continuing our storm watch right now. we have a team of crews spanning across the bay area to bring you extensive coverage of this massive, powerful storm. we will bring the latest on what to expect and how your neighborhood is being impacted by this monster storm. >> let's go to steve for the very latest on the steam. i mean, steve -- >> see, we told you. >> you did. >> we told you. >> its living up to the expectations. it is. no doubt about it. moderate to heavy, heavy rain now through san francisco. i have reports from engleside, glen park and dubose triangle.
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i will get to the rain rates in a second. there is a line of very intense rain moving in. let's look at some of those rainfall totals. most have been since 5:00 yesterday. cloverdale 7.25. cazadero 5.25. clear lake and somebody else up there, kelseyville over 4 inches of rain. east santa rosa 4 inches of rain. santa lena 3. forestville 3. novato and petaluma really good rain. south of that maybe not as much. the high wind warning is out. we have all sorts of issues with urban and small stream advisory from mar in. high surf. it goes to 10:00 tonight. 52 half moon bay and roaring winds for some areas in the east bay hills and that flash flood
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watch continues. some areas is where is it? it's on its way. not on that. looks like steady rain parts of western mendocino county. that's just non-stop. it it won't let up. and i can see why areas around cloverdale have had anywhere from 6 to 7 inches of rain. just tremendous enhancement taking place right there over parts of the river and bodega bay. it's letting up a little bit. santa rosa, glen allen, petaluma, that has been the source of very heavy rain. parts of marin county torrential rain. that is really heavy rain coming in. some has not been torrential towards southern marin but novato northward. there has been 2 plus inches of rain there. now extending to napa, vo lay owe, hercules, rodeo, crockett, even out to cordelia and fairfield. it is raining in the oklahoma
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hills. rab made to to san francisco. that will be very heavy rain. 60s for some. 50s for others. 68 livermore. you get that south wind, you name the gusts. i have seen anywhere from 35 to 55 miles per hour. so no wonder we have the high-wind warning out. 52 half moon bay. they are at 46 right now. 41 san jose. the rain will make it eventually to the east bay and south bay but it's going to take a while. then the cold air swings in behind that and that will give us a round of very intense showers, thundershowers. that will start later tonight into tomorrow. maybe a foot of rain for some areas around russian river north. eventually it will get towards the santa cruz mountains. some of these could be rain rates exceeding 1 to 1.5-inch per hour. there is a lot of flooding in some areas of marin and
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sonoma county and a lot of debris all over the place because of the high wind. driving to work was like an obstacle course for me. probably is for you. however, traffic volume itself is lighter. as we go to the bay bridge, this is not what it normally looks like on a thursday in the middle of the week at 7:05 a.m. this is what it looks like now as a lot of people have obviously decided to take the day off. some schools are closed. some businesses have told their employees not to come today. perhaps work from home or make up the work tomorrow. and that's having a positive effect. i do want to remind you it's windy and gusty across all bay area bridges. if you are taking a flight at san francisco airport as we look live at the san mateo bridge, if you are taking a flight at the san francisco airport please call in. there is almost 200 flights canceled already. that number is likely to go up. also, the food workers at sfo,
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the union has called a strike today to protest their working conditions or something that they are not happy with, and that means bring a sandwich. bring something to eat. you probably won't be able to to get anything there to eat as your flight is canceled. that sounds lovely, doesn't it? one of the things i want to mention, the dumbarton bridge is okay. if you are driving too fast for the conditions, no matter what the posted speed limit sign says, you can be pulled over. headlights are required any time you are using your windshield wipers. even during the day. >> we will check in again soon. power outages, threat of flooding, those are some of the concerns from what is shaping up to be the largest storm to hit the bay area in more than six years. ktvu's alex savidge live in the hartsfield-jackson of where some businesses are -- heart of where some businesses are closed because of the storm. >> reporter: we are getting blasted by a pretty heavy band
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of rain here in downtown san ann selmo. at the entrance to this arts studio a pile of sandbags set up. they have a piece of wood here just so the store isn't inundated if the waters begin to rise in this area. it's the same as you walk all up and down the avenue. almost every business has a pile of sandbags in front of it. a couple blocks away early this morning we caught up with a crew from the ross valley sanitation district. this is an area prone to flooding. it's not far away from san anselmo creek which is rising as the rain continues to come down. and this crew told me they are concerned about the possibility of flooding and that's why they have been out there all night just to keep an eye on things.
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>> called the storm patrol. we try to be proactive. we have guys monitoring a pump station just in case things go wrong. we can call in all out being proactive. >> reporter: all hands on deck? >> oh, yeah. going to be a fun morning. >> reporter: and a proactive approach by the central marin police department. we saw a trail of officers walking up and down san anselmo avenue this morning. they were out and about, they said, trying to it keep an eye out, looking to areas that may be flooding and businesses that may be flooding. trying to get ahead of the storm and make sure if there are any issues they know where those issues are and they can report them and deal with them as they come up. as we bring you back out here live, we are getting blasted by a heavy band of rain. obviously, the wind having an impact as well as we bring you back out here live. so the winds is a huge concern along with the heavy rainfall in this area. so the potential for flooding very real here in spring training san anselmo. we, of course, will keep an eye on the situation here and tori
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we will let you know if we see any issues. >> steve told me what you are experiencing is probably that squall which i think of as that purple line on the weather map. he said it could last an hour or so. so hopefully you can find a place to get out of the rain for a little bit. >> reporter: yeah. we'll take cover after we get done here. yeah, i believe him. i mean, the winds just picked up in a real big way all of a sudden. the winds have been pretty light here for most of the morning. the rainfall has been pretty intense. but the winds have been light. and now you see it just calls down all of a sudden. you never know exactly what you are going to get from moment to moment. >> yeah. all right. we will check back with you and hopefully you and your camera operator will not be too wet. 7:09. new this morning more school districts in the bay area are cancelling classes for the day. some san mateo public schools are closed, including redwood city, south san francisco, san mateo, foster city.
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cal towing a joint unified schools have also canceled classes. those districts are in addition to the dozens of other bay area schools that are closed for today. san francisco schools sent notices home yesterday alerting parents that classes were canceled district wide. while snow days are a regular occurrence in many other parts of the country, it is extremely unusual that local schools cancel klass because of weather. here are some other major school districts that do not have classes today. in addition to san francisco, there is also oakland, pacifica. west contra costa county. also in sonoma county which covers west santa rosa. private catholic schools in san francisco have also canceled classes and some college closures include san francisco state, city college of san francisco, and college of marin. and novato public schools have canceled classes both today and
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tomorrow. and other school districts will decide later today whether to cancel classes tomorrow as well. the full list of school closures is scrolling at the bottom of your screen and you can also find a complete list on our website time is now 7:10. that rain is hitting the golden gate bridge hard this morning. that's' where christina rendon is now on the storm watch. what's it like right now, christina? >> reporter: yeah, this is about 15 seconds -- just about 15 seconds ago this wind hit us. you're right. we are getting hit hard here at the golden gate bridge. a live look now at traffic coming in from marin county and so far things seem to be smooth. but i talked a couple minutes ago with the spokeswoman for the golden gate bridge and she was telling me they have a buffer lane open. that is pretty unusual for the golden gate bridge. it's in the middle lane. they have three southbound lanes and two northbound lanes. the reason for that buffer lane is just in case someone kind of swerves out of their lane.
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they have that buffer there so they don't oncoming traffic. now, we do want to say driving over here to the golden gate bridge from oakland we felt that wind on the bay bridge. those are where the cross winds can get tricky. the wind is going to be an issue here. not so much for the golden gate bridge because the wind is kind of flowing with the direction of the bridge. so there really is no trouble for cross winds there. but so far the commute looking pretty good so far here. just we are seeing a lot of wind and a lot of rain from the golden gate bridge. so, again, plan some extra time this morning if you are headed out for this morning's commute in your area. dave. >> thank you. boy, you can see it coming down. >> yeah, you really can. and as the sun starts coming up and it gets lighter we will be able to see little bit more of the impact. we will continue, of course, our coverage of this storm. up next a live report from marin county where some standing water on highway 101 is creating a hazard for drivers.
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our trains are virtually empty according to some of the tweets i am reading here. some of the roads are not crowded at all. but there are still some hazards. this is a look at the richmond bridge. it's windy and there is debris in many areas of the bay. so we'll tell you what's happening when it comes to the storm and your commute. the twitter comments coming in from petaluma and the north bay. santa rosa, my goodness, wow, it's howling here. we will talk about what looks to be an active day not only today, but also into friday. 22 bucks!
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you'll connect withnte, your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ welcome back to "mornings on 2". time 7:15. we are tracking the storm's impact around the bay area. right now in marin county standing water on highway 101 is causing a major hazard for drivers. brian flores is out there. you have been out there all morning. so how are the drivers dealing with this, brian?
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>> yeah, they are taking it nice and slow at least through here, dave. good morning to you. we are live here. we have been here since 5:00 this morning. as this bus moves by you see what we are talking about. this is lucky drive. this is an area known for standing water and flooding as you see some cars hopefully hearing the word from our newscast this morning and seeing a sign to take it easy. it is pretty flooded this morning. chp reports 6 inches of standing water remains here northbound 101 at lucky drive. again, the chp, going to video now, 6 inches here. lots of flooding throughout marin county here this morning. not just here. we have also seen some standing water off sir francis drake drive going on southbound 101 off the san rafael bridge this morning. a few cars close to hydroplaning we have seen. we saw again flooding in several pockets of marin county. as the sun begins to rise this
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morning a lot of dryers are -- drivers are getting a chance to see where pockets of water are. but here is some advice from chp. >> always plan ahead. so if you lessen your trips to one rather than two, plan ahead and make the trips as infrequent as possible. >> reporter: now, the other issue as has been alluded to all morning long is the wind gusts. we saw it when we were driving over the richmond san rafael bridge this morning on our way to marin county. there is a wind warning advisory to all of the bay area bridges this morning and we also saw it on several other places as well. it continues to be windy. back out here live, other than a live look now again northbound 101 drivers along lucky drive. what i have experienced is that the storm is moving its way south and eastbound. so we have seen actually a lot of flooding and some on-ramps
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closed in santa rosa because of it. as the storm makes its way down south we will see perhaps a lot more flooding and wind as well. i brought my umbrella out here this morning thinking that it would help out, but i can't even put it up sometimes. i am afraid that the wind is going to pick it up. it's useless at this point. again, heavy rain, strong winds at least pounding the north bay this morning. guys, back to you. >> yeah, you don't want to be mary poppins flying off. let me ask you, brian, have you seen anyone hydroplaning? that's always a concern when you have a lot of water on the roads. >> reporter: yeah. we have seen quite a few cars coming close to that. caltrans came out about an hour ago and put up a small sign there. i don't know if you can see it or not. it says flooded. and hopefully maybe perhaps our live trucks are here shining light on this area, perhaps drivers that are known to go through lucky drive are getting the word that you should slow down through here. it has been flooded since we got here at 5:00 this morning. and again we have seen lots of standing water here in marin
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county. it continues to get pounded with that strong rain and heavy winds. >> all right. thank you, brian. obviously, we will continue to check in with you. that's the key. that's one of the reasons that chp tells everyone to slow down to avoid that hydroplaning and keep two hands on the wheel, too, with the wind. >> absolutely. time is 7:18. sal, come on back. it seems like there are fewer cars but it's still dangerous? >> it's dangerous. if you are driving too fast you could get into trouble. i want to mention that the marin county area, as steve mention, is getting pelted with the rain the hardest right now. we go to the golden gate bridge. you can tell it's raining hard. the traffic is lighter though. and as we go to the rest of sonoma and marin county via our maps there are a lot of incidents in this area. even though traffic is lighter, there is a lot of standing water. you saw where brian was. the traffic, though, is moving along at a pretty good clip. so please be careful. if you are driving on the richmond bridge to and from
7:20 am
marin it is windy along that span. please give yourself plenty of extra time as we push in 101 on lucky drive. that's where the standing water was. we are looking at the rest of the east bay commute and the traffic is definitely lighter than usual. heavy winds on the altamonte pass and a lot of trees have come down. nothing major, but a lot of off-ramps and local roads are affected by closures. some power lines have come down in livermore, for example. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's not the volume we are normally used to seeing here. 7:20 in the morning and we have very little traffic. i think a lot of people are staying home. even though it's not as bad as it could be now, a lot of people have been tweeting saying i am worried about getting back home tonight. that afternoon commute could be bad. with that in mind, let's bring steve in. >> i agree 100%. >> worse later, right? >> we talked about that yesterday, we thought this would hold up in the north bay. the morning commute may not be
7:21 am
bad for some. we have a long way to go. i thought the afternoon commute would be a mess, and it will be. some of the rain comments coming in from about santa rosa, petit, novato are just amazing. it's just torrential. now in san francisco rain rates .5 to 1 inch per hour. if you don't have rain, believe me, it's on the way. our system is beginning to move ever so slowly, but it's going to be here, i think, most of the day. the squall line is going through right there. that's the squall line. that's intense heavy rain. behind that there is tremendous enhancement taking place. deep moisture. very strong jetstream. now some colder air coming in over that very warm ocean temperatures. storm prediction center, which does the convective outlooks, has painted most of -- at least california, the bay area south, in a marginal risk for thunderstorm activity today. we don't usually see that here. there is going to be some convective activity later today
7:22 am
and definitely into tomorrow. some areas in the north bay might even double some of these amounts. especially west of santa rosa towards the russian river and north wards. past 24 hours two reports from cloverdale 6 to 7. cazadero 5.25. lake port 4. novato 2 plus. santa rosa 3. sant lena 3. there is a small stream advisory for san francisco and san mateo county. that's been updated by the national weather service. you can see now some areas it just doesn't stop. lake county i am getting reports of 4.5 to 5 inches of rain. you can see why. when it lines up and moves this slowly it continues to stack up. torrential rain right there. parts of marin county, southern marin has not had that much. you move north to novato you can find 2.5. there is a definite fine line. everything is taking shape out to the east bay, parts of the
7:23 am
south bay. this is beginning to move to the inland areas and south. that line moving on the san mateo and santa cruz coast is intense. 68 degrees due to the howling south wind. any area you want to pick, 43 to 55 miles per hour. i have seen 60 plus some of the higher elevations in marin county and east bay hills about 55. half moon bay airport had 52. it's just going to be a wild day. rain amounts could exceed a foot in some areas to the north. 5 to 10 for many locations. 2 to 4 for everybody else. how do you say it other than rain and wind? heavy at times. watches and warnings. there will be a flash flood warning issued here soon. 60s for the temps. am i done? what am i doing? >> toss it back to us. >> i can't believe how mild it is though. i know it's going to get colder. right now is the warmest it's going to be. we are going to be on through at least ten in the morning. extended version of "mornings
7:24 am
on 2". we have some other news we will be covering, including arrests made during a fifth straight night of anti-police protests in berkeley and oakland. the confrontation among students on uc berkeley's campus over the protesters' tactics. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:25. we are on storm watch. want to bring you a live look right now. this is from a car driving along 580 in the castro valley area heading west towards oakland. and you can see, obviously, the windshield wipers on. a few cars on it, but really not backed up traffic or anything. in fact, traffic is fairly light in quite a few areas. many people heeding advice to stay off the roads as we're facing the biggest storm in years. it's slamming the bay area with powerful winds and torrential
7:27 am
rains. a rundown. power outages 200 flights canceled at sfo. there is also a food strike there. some ferries aren't running. cable cars aren't running. flooding has closed northbound 101 in sonoma. we will continue our live team coverage of this storm throughout the day here on ktvu. dave. time is now 7:27. some uc berkeley students clashed with protesters when protesters disrupted an event on the campus. now, the demonstrators protesting the police killings in new york and missouri. they stormed this hall. they intercepted a book signing event featuring the co-founder of paypal. some of the students at the event say they support the demonstrators right to protest but it was disrespectful. >> i believe in the movement. i believe all black lives
7:28 am
matter. i believe in this. but the fact is that the movement has just invaded a space where knowledge is spread for berkeley students. >> the protesters also went to the residence of the chancellor. that's where they confronted campus police. time is 7:27. again we continue our coverage of the storm that is pounding the bay area right now. ktvu crews are spread out across the bay area bringing us the latest on the flooding, damage and treacherous conditions. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! is ending soon! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, free set-up, and free removal of your old mattress, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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time is 7:30. happening now the storm has knocked down a huge tree in san leandro. looks like it brought power lines down with it. it's yard away from homes. looks like it caused damage to a pole as well. this is the scene, live pictures, at taninger avenue in liberty street. a ktvu viewer first told us about the situation there and she says the storm took this down. it's caused a small fire. pg&e crews have been scrambling all over the place to restore electrical services to thousands of homes and businesses. outages reported in north san jose, santa rosa, el cerrito
7:32 am
and daly city. also some in san leandro i imagine as this tree and power pole have come down to the ground. it's an important reminder. if you see this situation call 911 and obviously stay away from those power lines because you never mo if they are live or not. welcome "mornings on 2". let's go to weather and traffic. it's raining all over the place? >> a friend of i mean, dr. will wattenberg, he would say look -- he was serious. >> yeah. >> i am going to say that myself. look, this is serious. flood warning is out now for marin and sonoma county issued by the national weather service. the rain rates that people are talking about coming in around santa rosa, petaluma, the highest they have ever seen. vinnie east of santa rosa is one that's reporting that torrential up to lake county as well. the squall line is what's going through right now and it's
7:33 am
picking up also in san francisco. amazing amounts of rain coming in here really fast because of this squall line. and there is plenty behind it. there are so many warnings and watches. we will try to get to it. flash flood warning for marin, sonoma county. also in urban and small stream flood advisory for napa county and also now san francisco and san mateo county. and you can see why. the system is moving in. we have a long way to go. a long way to go because now we are going to -- there is going to be development, i believe, right back here, which is going to slow this down. but the rain is finally making it to the east. finally making it to the south. the focus has been to the north. not as much parts in mendocino county. this will not let up. that's my fear is it will continue to march in a line that stretches from lake county to marin county. that's what's happening. it's not moving that much. napa county is getting some rain, yes, but not nearly as much as parts of santa rosa
7:34 am
south towards marin county. southern marin county is not in on this as much yet. the heavier east novato to greenpoint. also to the north as well. there looks to be band of very heavy rain moving in. that's that line that went through. i have to believe to the east of santa rosa, talking about one of the heaviest rain rates he has ever seen. some rain moving east. not a lot. hayward hills, oakland hills. even now parts of the peninsula. this line though moving in right there along highway 1. looks like pacifica and half moon bay will be torrential. 60s on the temps for many, including 68 balmy degrees at livermore due to the south wind. we will get the colder air taking place. that will slow the system down. i think a low is forming over us and the rain rates this afternoon, if you think the morning commute is bad, i think the evening commute will be a mess. 60s on the temps. warnings and watches fast and furious. sal, big time issues to the north? >> you know, yeah.
7:35 am
steve, you said it. i think a lot of people aren't going this morning because they are worried about getting back home this evening. we just found out, by the way, that the bart station in san francisco, the montgomery station there, is shut down because of a power outage. and i am getting texts from my friends who live in the richmond district and the marina district that their power is out. i also got a text from someone who said that the power at the marina safeway is out. power is out in many parts of san francisco. if you come upon signal lights not working, treat it as a four way stop. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see that people are just not going, a lot of them aren't. this is not what it usually looks like. that's good news because people just didn't want to deal with this and huge traffic jams. and we don't have a lot of huge traffic jams right now. we have windy conditions on all the bay area bridges the san mateo bridge the traffic has lightened up. but the wind gusts are a concern to chp. they have issued warnings for
7:36 am
drivers along the bridges. all the bay area bridges and the altamonte pass and bay area cause ways. 580 is lighter than normal. i look at all these commutes. in san jose we have some slow traffic out there on 85, 280 at 17. but it's just not like it normally is. i want to take a driving look. we do have someone who is driving in, one of our employees, and i think we are with to get that picture here. but driving everywhere is going to be slow. this is 580 traffic in oakland as you drive through. you can see people are driving slowly and the rain is beginning to come down in the east bay. now it's getting here. steve and i will be very busy. please drive carefully. you might be hydroplaning if you are driving too fast for conditions. let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. the storm is really rolling through san francisco right now. one of our colleagues, ktvu's david stevenson, is live near mccovey cove trying to hold on
7:37 am
to that umbrella. it's really coming down there? >> reporter: yeah. i am holding this umbrella so you get a sense of how the wind has picked up just in the last 15 minutes here. we have seen it really increase in terms of the strength of the wind. now, we are at mccovey cove because we want to show you what the waves look like on the cove. you can see those big swells. we have been seeing the pier over there really go up and down. again, really picking up in the last 15 minutes or so that we have been out here. it's no wonder that there is some concern about ferry rides around the bay area all day today. now, elsewhere we have learned that about 14 trees have come down so far in san francisco damaging a number of cars. a number of those trees have already been cleared away because dpw, department of public works, crews were standing by just for that problem. on treasure island i am told a tree came down and actually blocked the entrance to a home keeping that resident inside for a while. they were able to remove that
7:38 am
tree. but it's still going to be a concern. we have seen a number of trees come down in san francisco in the last storm. those ficus trees where the roots are already a little bit weakened and the ground is already a little bit welt. that's going to be a big concern through the city all day today. again we are also hearing about a number of picture outages around the city. we are going to be driving around and checking some of those out. earlier we got a report about a possible water main break on the mission bay campus not far from mccovey cove. we drove by and checked that out. no problem with that so far. we didn't see any water gushing out of a water main at that point. we are going to be looking around elsewhere around the city. but the wind is really picked up within the last 15 to 20 minutes or so. the risk seems to be increasing and it's going to be increasingly dangerous for people driving out in the city, dave. >> david stevenson live in san francisco. we can see from your picture, thank you for showing us. it is 7:38. throughout the morning look at the bottom of your tv screen and see a running list of bay area
7:39 am
schools. those are the ones that are closed for today. we also have that list on our website right now. we are looking at some weather information. in a rare move, several dozen school districts in the north bay, san francisco, peninsula and the east bay have canceled classes today. they are concerned about students and teachers get to go schools safely during the brunt of the storm. schools informed families about today's closure through notices and automatic messaging. >> it's very up usual. i have been a parent and a principal and i am a graduate of oakland unified school district and i have never known for schools to close because of the weather. >> we are closed tomorrow. >> the last time san francisco schools closed unexpectedly was on 9/11. novato has already decided to cancel classes tomorrow as well. san jose schools are open today, but administrators say they are monitoring the situation to see if they need to make any
7:40 am
changes. we also want to let you know that oakland parks and recreation department has some help for parents whose kids are out of school today. it's offering affordable daycare at recreation centers across the city. oakland parents can check with the recreation centers for details of the schools out recs in programs. a complete list are on our website at just look under web links. time is now 7:40. power outages becoming a problem in the bay area. there are outages right now in san francisco's richmond and marina district along with the montgomery bright station. the last word we had about 7,000 homes and businesses have no electricity. that number is changing by the minute. now, take a look at this pg&e power outage map. the power outages have been reported around the bay area from the wine country all the way south to santa clara county. we will stay on top of this and
7:41 am
keep you updated as the morning goes on. now, today's huge storm is causing big problems at bay area airports. the duty manager at sfo says there now been more than 200 flights canceled because of the stormy weather. that's expected to go up dramatically. now, adding to the problems at sfo hundreds of airport restaurant workers are on strike, which means you may be stuck at the airport with no night and may not have any food. long delays are expected at all three major bay area airports. make sure you double check with your airline before you head out to the airport. >> yeah, i heard 55 restaurants at sfo are closed. bring your own food supply. all right. 7:41. are you commuting during this morning's huge storm? a lot of people are not hitting the roads. but there are some people who are trying to get around. up next what the bay area's major transit agencies want you
7:42 am
to know about getting around today. and we do have lighter than usual conditions. however, power outages are taking some of the signs out in some of the cities here. you might be driving into areas that have no power signals and a lot of debris on the road. we will sort it out for you in the next traffic update. it took a while but the rain has made it to the east san jose foothills, parts of the east bay towards anitoch as well. all attention and focus is on the north bay, and rightfully so. we will talk about warnings, watches, and torrential rain rates. (vo) nourished.
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7:45 am
are now up and running and there are no changes in the schedule for now. >> we are going to have extra personnel out on the street to make sure that there isn't any flooding. if we have flooding, we will reroute around that area. so, you know, throughout the city we will have transit inspectors out there. eyesen -- eyes on the street. >> san francisco does not have the cable cars this morning. they are not running because of the storm. shuttle buss, though, are running instead. and the storm has shut down ferry service between the east bay and san francisco. however, ferries are still running between marin county and san francisco. and i also want to mention, sal told us earlier that the montgomery station for bart is closed right now because of a power outage. sal will have more on the storm and other mass transit situations in a few minutes. >> that's a big deal. time now 7:45. we are also tracking how this storm is really hitting marin county.
7:46 am
standing water on highway 101 is causing a very dangerous situation for drivers. ktvu's brian flores has been out there for hours. you are back now with some advice from the chp, brian, on how to drive and how to deal with hydroplaning? >> reporter: good morning. yeah. bottom line when it comes from the advice to the chp, slow down, take it easy. now that daylight has come upon us here now you could probably see the standing water much better than you did maybe a couple of hours ago. we are here along lucky drive. we have been here since 5:00 this morning taking a look at the traffic along here. this area is known for flooding. as you can see, several cars coming through at this point, they are experiencing several inches of standing water. this is just one of a couple areas in marin county from this torrential rain and wind affecting commuters this morning. the chp reports actually about 6 inches of water have flooded the northbound lanes of 101. looks like crews may have helped that out a little bit. seems to be less water now.
7:47 am
we have seen several drivers go through at unsafe speeds. we have seen a few come close to hydroplaning. as we mentioned, this is just one area where we have seen pockets of flooding. also pockets of flooding on sir francis drake drive on the 101 when we were arriving here close to 5:00 this morning. as this storm moves south and into the east bay rain will be hitting the bay area later this morning. be aware of that. if you are headed out on the roadways, especially now before sunrise, definitely take it easy on the roadway. >> you know you will get that lift off, that hydroplaning. don't put on the brakes. i know that's the initial feeling that you have as a reaction, but you're going to want to let your foot off the accelerator and glide through that water. >> reporter: the other issue certainly the wind gusts, as we mentioned. we certainly felt it going across the richmond san rafael bridge earlier this morning. in fact, all the bay area bridges are under a wind advisory this morning. when i was driving from my home
7:48 am
in the east bay there are high winds as well. back out live again, highway 101 the northbound direction several cars going through this area, going through several inches of rain. the chp also reports that the other area where there is potential flooding is highway -- actually westbound 37 towards the 101 here in marin county. that was just reported moments ago. so definitely pockets of rain and just moments ago we also felt heavy wind. if felt like the truck was moving back and forth because of that squall that steve was talking about. so definitely pretty hazardous conditions out there if you are heading out this morning. back to you. >> brian, i know this is no joke what you are experiencing out there, but both pam and tori were saying traffic is light. this is not normal for lucky drive in that area? >> reporter: you are right. i mean, you're taking a look at northbound and southbound traffic. usually, on a typical thursday morning, both sides would be full of cars.
7:49 am
but maybe perhaps people taking the day off of work. we know about the school closures from this morning. and maybe some people taking the advantage of working from home. but definitely there are less cars out here on the roadway. >> brian flores, always great information. thank you. >> very soggy brian out there. 7:48. a lot of people dealing with a number of problems on the roads and also in their homes. ktvu's pam cook joins us now with what people are saying about the storm on social media this morning. what a picture. >> i know. if you look closely, this is a car right here. and this is a tree that came crashing down. this is in hayward. so that's from cindy. thank you so much for sending us that picture. and keep them coming in because it's great to hear from all of you. we want to show you another one. this is in a bath a poll. what is not a river. that is my driveway. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's intense. you can see a car right there and obviously the homes right there. and there are a lot of leaves
7:50 am
out there. this is causing some of that flooding. here's another one we have been talking about. we have been talking about power outages. the lights went out twice in east san jose. still out. so much wind is what she is saying. you can see they have luckily a lantern. and from pg&e they are also out and about. we are checking in with them on the storm outages. pg&e crews throughout the service area, they are working around the clock to respond to the outages and they tweeted out this picture, sent it out of some of their crews. you see a number of trucks heading out in the area. again, we are checking in on our facebook page and twitter, our personal twitter and facebook pages and ktvu. so send us pictures. we love to give better coverage to show everyone how it looks out there. >> really interesting information. our viewers, you know, can kind of serve as some of our quasi reporters as well. >> exactly. >> thank you, pam. right now we want to go to
7:51 am
sal, though. sal, it's interesting. traffic is fairly light. we just saw brian on 101. but it also made me think about how important it is to have good tires. you don't want to have bald tires. and your windshield wipers need to be working well too. >> across the bay bridge right now, a driver says visibility was so bad she was watching other drivers kind of slow down to a crawl on the bay bridge. now, it's really light out there, as tori mentioned. and brian did, too, because people have been staying home. some schools are closed. however, don't be driving fast. this is just not the day to say, well, great, it's light out there. i am going to -- no. that's just not what to do. let's go to the east shore freeway. westbound you can see the commute is about 48 miles an hour. carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze 24 minutes. if you have to go, at least it's not all that bad traffic-wise or volume-wise. driving is going to be an adventure. chp issued a warning for all
7:52 am
drivers across all bay area bridges and the altamonte pass. now, we cannot see the toll plaza right now. it's there. but the heavy rain just coming through and we can't see it. we can move to something else. i want to show you the road sensors. normally, we show you a lot of red on this livermore 580 map. there is not a lot of red at all. 80 is not red through here. marin county is lot of standing water in sonoma and marin county and novato. already a lot of reports of flooding in many of these areas. too many to detail all of them. give yourself plenty of extra time as you drive through. that area at lucky drive is near where brian was. it's standing water there. richmond, san rafael bridge windy. again, about 200 flights have been canceled at san francisco airport. bring your own food. concessions are closed because of a labor dispute. so just if you are going to the airport bring your own food. you won't be able to buy some there, apparently, because of that labor dispute. steve is in the weather center right now.
7:53 am
steve, i wanted to go outside to get something from my car. i thought twice about that. >> i had a couple people say they made from the trip from fremont over the dumbo and it was fine. >> right. >> there is no traffic. other people are saying you cannot believe how hard it's raining. i would want to show the east bay and south bay as much as possible. you cannot believe the rainfall from this squall line that has gone through. our observer michael in san francisco says in ten minutes between 7:30 and 7:40 he picked up .28 or over a quarter inch of rain. that's a rainfall rate of 1.68 per hour. it's all associated with the squall line which is moving through. barreling, slamming into parts of the san mateo coast. heavy rain north bay. observer, his name is vinnie, has been texting me all morning long, tweeting me, east of santa rosa the heaviest rainfall rate i have seen here. over 5 inches of rain. some will exceed 6 to 7 inches
7:54 am
of rain. a report of a mudslide near duncans mills. so keep an eye on that. some of the rainfall totals, i cannot update these fast enough. cazadero 7. lake port 4.75. east of santa rosa 5. novato 2.5. santa rosa three and two- thirds. also up in the middle town lake port kelseyville and clear like four to five. incredible. flash flood warning out until 10:15. that's where most of the warnings and watches are. urban and small stream flood advisory for san francisco and san mateo county where that system is moving in right now. rain is making its way east. also to the south. there is going to be unbelievable instability coming in later on as that cold air moves in. it won't stop. up in lake county, that was my fear, this would pick an area and barely move. that's what's happening. why we are getting so much
7:55 am
rain. some rain hasn't had as much. that is for sure. it looks like things are beginning to pick up out there. there is the line moving through oakland and towards half moon bay slicing right through sfo and the peninsula. torrential rain around daly city off the san mateo coast, sand a cruise. not a lot of rain yet east bay. san ramon, livermore has been waiting for it. towards the south bay things are picking up towards the peninsula. san jose, santa cruz mountains. that's close to the radar site. incredible amounts of rain here. some of the wind gusts. take your pick. i see 40 to 60 miles an hour for some. for others not as bad. 53 at half moon bay. 41 san jose. livermore 372. not only do we get the front, we will get the secondary system behind that. colder air associated with that and that will sweep in later today. the parameters, the ingredients for severe weather are very good for us later today. rain and wind. heavy rain. 60s on your temps. am i tossing to sal or back to the desk? >> back to me.
7:56 am
>> back to dave. let's go there now. >> steve, thank you. a lot to tell you. we will keep you posted all morning long. 7:55. the bay area's biggest storm in years as steve just laid it out for you. it's here on schedule. we will continue live team coverage for you. plus, a lot of snow expected in the sierra. fast and heavy. the rare weather warning now in effect in the sierra.
7:57 am
7:58 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". 7 we are continuing storm watch coverage from the bay area it the sierra. this picture was taken a couple of minutes ago. this is interstate 80 at crystalle springs. it's not snowing there yet, but it is wet, very windy there. it is also going through a rare blizzard warning. if you are driving you may soon face whiteout conditions there. steve says snow will fall later today. they could get two feet of new
7:59 am
snow. >> and that is certainly good news for the drought. absolutely. and skiers as well. we are going to continue our storm watch for at least two more hours on ktvu, including all the school closures. classes canceled. schools closed all over the bay area. and up next we'll tell you about the decision -- there is one school district that is going to be closed tomorrow. a steady rain in marin county all morning long is leading to a lot of this. standing water in many years. we are here in fairfax this morning. we will show you what work crews are doing to try to alleviate the flooding issue here. and there is flooding everywhere. peninsula. san francisco a lot of power is out. driving right now not recommended. if you can put it off, i would advise that. we will have another update straight ahead. >> i would not either. this system is making it east and south. torrential rain for many. winds at 71 miles per hour in baker county. that's at 1400 feet. (vo) nourished.
8:00 am
rescued. protected.
8:01 am
given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. 8:01. we are on storm watch. a major storm is slamming into the bay area as we speak. welcome to "mornings on 2". right now we have a team of crews spanning across the bay area to bring you extensive coverage of this massive
8:02 am
powerful storm. along with steve and sal, we will continue to bring the latest on what to expect and how your neighborhood is being impacted by this really monster system. >> good morning. i am pam cook. in now for dave clark so he can take a bit of a break. we have been on it since 4:00 for our extended this morning of today's storm. >> a little extra coffee for the crews today. i am tori campbell. good morning. right to weather and traffic. steve and sal working overtime today. steve, you said this reminds you when you covered weather in denver? >> on the radar. nice to have you two. what a pleasure. all right. let's get to it because we have some serious issues here. sal will be problem bely echoing the same sentiments. there are areas of torrential rain. the squall line is moving through. it's kind of the key here. not only that. we are in for, i think, rain most the day. this system not moving. it's enhancing. there are so many ingredients in place for what looks to be a torrential rain for some today. gushville 7.28. thank you for that update.
8:03 am
cazadero over 6. lake port 5. east santa rosa 5. novato 2.5. santa rosa 4. anglin 4. the heaviest in the north. some of the strongest gusts, numerous power outages san francisco. 43 miles per hour. rainfall amounts of 1.68 per hour. the wind continues. high-wind warning out. i saw a gust of 71 miles per hour at wood acre in marin county at 6:51 this morning. flash flood warning for marin. also samsung. you can see why. this so system is not moving that far. what's embedded within that is torrential rain. now, some areas are not getting as much. but to the north they still are, especially towards -- look, i mean, these areas are incredibly intense. it looks like it's letting up a little bit and then other amounts come in. the people say you cannot believe it. i believe it.
8:04 am
southern marin county the not as much, but it is heading over and out of parts of napa county. also solano. the east bay as well. that's the line moving through right now. san mateo, half moon bay towards redwood city, some of these areas could have torrential rain and thunder lightning. heavy rain. daly city. thunder and lightning, i think 1.25 fell in an hour's time. finally making it from vallejo wills to concord getting close. richmond. oakland and san francisco. that's the intense line. so it's on its way to walnut creek and concord and making towards parts of the south bay peninsula as well. it took it's time getting there, but it's there. 60s or 50s on the temps. and the wind is also a huge factor for some. gusts 40 to 50, even 60 miles per hour. so it is going to be a windy and wet day. and if you don't have the rain yet, believe me, it is on the way and there is going to be, i think, a foot, 10 to 12 inches of rain on some of these locations. russian river and towards the santa cruz mountains later. sal.
8:05 am
>> where to begin? i just got an incredible picture of a street flooded from c2 trey. but he didn't tell me where it is. a car submerged up to its door in water. i just tweeted him. he is going to tweet me back and tell me where he is. we are going to use that picture. let's look at 880. not a lot of cars out there. i think a lot of people are not going to work or to school today. but it's very, very windy and the rain has moved in. i just got a tweet -- i am sorry, a text from a friend of mine that one of her -- the buildings down in the media gulch, no power. there people are stuck in the elevator. that's what we're dealing with in san francisco. a lot of signal lights are out in san francisco. at the marina safeway, for example. at the montgomery barge station. it's treacherous driving. let's take look at the south bay commute. traffic is going to be busy on some of these roads. 880 is a little bit slow. the peninsula a huge mess.
8:06 am
101 people are slowing way down. this is the slowest traffic we have seen in the bay area on 101 and 280 through daly city and 101. it's coming down hard. you shouldn't be driving through the area if you can avoid it. 200 flights have been canceled san francisco airport. and the food concessions are closed because of a labor dispute. now, the gentleman who i just tweeted said this is flooding in daly city, california. now i have to tweet him. okay, dude, what street? please. northbound 280 as you get up to highway 17, that traffic is a little bit slow. send me your pictures. i am going to try to use them here. but it is not all that great out there when it comes to driving. so please don't drive. this is probably someone telling me more stuff. back to you in the studio. >> sal, thank you. 280 near colma that looks like a river. tara just tweeted it out. not tara moriarty, but another tara. we will send that out.
8:07 am
in the last hour a squall also moved in through marin county, especially in the areas of fairfax and san san anselmo. there is a lot of concern in those areas. they have seen a lot of flooding in. >> reporter: good morning to you. the rain has been steady and it has been strong here this morning over the last couple of hours really. it hasn't let up. this is the concern. you see behind us all of this standing water. we are here at the intersection of park road and balinas road. this is the issue here as we come across the street. i want to show you over there across the way. it's the storm drain. when we pulled up here you could see a work crew was right there working on that particular storm drain. he had a rake and was trying to clear that debris so the water could flow down. as you can see, you know, he did the best job he could but he had to move on because there are other areas of concern. a lot of standing water around
8:08 am
here and flooding a real concern. the situation next door in san anselmo. we saw a crew from the ross valley sanitation district. and this crew was on what they call storm patrol this morning and they have been sitting out all night keeping an eye on the creek levels. they told me that over the last few hours they have seen the creek rise a couple of feet, is what they believe. and that's an area where they are that is prone to flooding. i talked with one of the workers about his concerns a short time ago. >> what happens is when the storm drains can't dump into the creek, all that stormwater goes into the sewer system and basically creates a problem for the pump station. so that's why we have crews all over the place right now. >> reporter: and he is thinking they may have to call in more people as well this morning if flooding gets rain. and the rain continuing to fall. this is along san an is -- san
8:09 am
anselmo avenue. they have boards in front of the doors and piles of sandbags near the front entrances, obviously bracing for the possibility of flooding and as the rain continues to fall flooding is a major concern in this area, pam. >> i was just there, actually, yesterday, visiting a business there in fairfax. and there is a creek behind some of those businesses. so if you get a chance you might want to check the creek and see how high it is back there. >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. you know, the real concern is the creeks. and they are rising, obviously, when you are getting this kind of steady rainfall. they are keeping a close eye, a lot of these workers in this area, trying to keep up with the rising waters and rain continuing to fall here. >> all right. thank you, alex. we will check in in a little bit. meantime, school districts around the bay area decided to close to keep students, parents and teachers safe. it's also taking more cars off the roads today. in san francisco parents picking up their children from school yesterday received notices
8:10 am
alerting them about the district-wide closure. same thing happened in marin county. even though it's extremely rare for local schools to cancel class because of the weather. on the screen the list is the closures. there are also some closures in sonoma county, including gushville and oak grove union which covers west santa rosa. some college closures also include san francisco state, city college of san francisco, and college of marin. now, novato public schools have canceled classes both today and tomorrow. i know other school districts have decided to wait until later today to decide whether or not to cancel classes for tomorrow. school is in session in santa
8:11 am
clara county. the san jose unified school district has classes. we will have a running list of the school closures at the bottom of the screen throughout "mornings on 2". you can also get a complete list on our website ktvu. >> it's the kids who are probably checking that list. we now continue our storm watch coverage. there is a flash flood warning until 9:30 this morning and in marin and sonoma counties. there is also been some serious flooding actually closed northbound 101 in sonoma. ktvu's tara moriarty is there to let us know what is happening. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. there was a flash flood right through this area. we are standing underneath 101 on arado lane. you can see he where the water came rushing through here. it's like a lake behind us. if we pan down over here you can see where the water kind of pushed all of this grass and
8:12 am
carried the debris over here. these folks are able to make it through. some of them going a bit fast here. especially the cars that are a little bit higher than the rest. around the corner is the off-ramp and at least one person was stranded over there because the car is still there and there is no one in. there are emergency crews that are blocking that off-ramp. had they are allowing some people through. the water has definitely recede the. so i think it's pretty safe now. it gets better by the minute and the rain seems to have let up since earlier this morning. so we will keep an eye on this for you. here is a city crew right now. on the other side they unclogged the storm drains. if we take a look you can see this is the sidewalk right here that i am standing on. and it disappears when you walk over here. so clearly pretty deep. people again are able to get through. so that's the situation here. 101 underneath on arado lane. live in santa rosa in windsor.
8:13 am
back to you. >> thank you, tara. a lot of water out there. it's all over the place. >> it's dangerous to sometimes drive through that area. the big storm of course hitting. that's not the only dangerous road and conditions out there. we are keeping an eye on the freeways. we are going to show you the areas that are flooded right now. good morning. on the golden gate bridge there is a lot of flooding. unfortunately, that's not where it's limited to. you can see the span itself is looking okay. we will tell you where all the traffic trouble is because of the wet weather. pacifica, antonio, daly city. 2.67 inches in an hour and a half. 70 miles per hour wind. we will have more coming up. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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happening now we want to update you about a large pole and a tree that was knocked down by the storm. these are live pictures right now from san leandro. you can see the trees on the left and there is the power pole across the street. this again is tanager avenue and liberty street. 48 units in a nearby apartment building do not have electricity. residents say when the pole went down it actually caused a small fire. someone there stopping their car to check it out. we have not heard when crews will arrive to remove the debris and restore electricity. the area is just one place without you power right now. pg&e says at the moment about 21,000 homes and businesses do not have electricity.
8:17 am
at one point, in fact, 77,000 customers throughout northern california it the central valley did not have power. well, the storm is also dropping a lot of rain right now in peninsula freeways. we have been talking about 280. ktvu's christina rendon is in a neighborhood in san bruno where there is a lot of flooding there as well. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we were on our way to sfo on southbound 280 and decided to stop and pull over because this area in san bruno was pretty much getting completely flooded. it's cleared up just a little bit. but if you see where the road kind of goes down, that's where all of the water is starting to collect. and on our way here we saw a couple of manhole covers that have already been lifted up because of in the water. one of the residents told me this is the rolling wood subdivision, that this area does not flood at all. so it this is unusual for them. they are not used to seeing something like this. 280, because it is so flooded,
8:18 am
that water is gushing towards their area and causing problems. a lot of traffic is being diverted by police officers. they are trying to get it cleared out right now. only, you see this couple trying to clear some debris from the drains just to do anything they can because there was so much debris at one point it was causing a major flooding issue that cars had to turn around. right now residents not sure really how to react to this because they haven't really seen something like this. people like this doing whatever they can to help clear out the storm drains. we do want to say, though, that within the last 30 minutes the rain and wind has slowed down for now. so that is a good sign. but still a lot of flooding issues here in san bruno. >> thank you, christina. that's certainly the leaves in the gutter, a big problem. >> exactly. you want to clear those and let the water go through. let's check in with sal. interesting because i think in the north and parts of the east bay traffic was light, but the south bay and peninsula traffic looked heavy? >> absolutely. you know that you have seen
8:19 am
that people have not been going in the same volume. a lot of schools and businesses are closed. people have been showing up and work and saying i have no power. why am i here? some power has started to be restored. let me pull up eastshore freeway. eastshore freeway camera is showing traffic lighter than usual, but driving is an adventure, to say the least. it has been very windy and rainy all over the place. so we are going to show you the bay bridge toll plaza in a second. there it is. there is the bay bridge toll plaza and the traffic is busy. now, if we can go back to max three, i want to show you this picture i got on twitter from one. this is in daly city on 89th street. some apartments there. look at the cars. the water is up to the door covering the tires of these cars in daly city. again, i got these pictures off of twitter. a lot of flooding going on. i ask for pictures on twitter and facebook and all of a sudden i am getting a lot of them. i will do my best to put them
8:20 am
all up. this was one that i thought was unusual, to say the least. the traffic volume in the livermore valley and 680 so much lighter. lighter around 80 as well. please, even though it is lighter, don't go fast. and if you don't have to go, please don't go. do we have that -- no, we're going to steve. sal, same thing here. flooding guerneville. pacifica, daly city, some of the comments coming in are just incredible. 2 and two-thirds of rain fell in pacifica in an hour and a half along with gusts 73 miles per hour. hurricane strength is 74. and maybe where you are as well. heavy rain is making it out to vallejo right now and other areas where some of the rainfall rates to the north have been just off the charts. i mean, just amazing. we have all sorts of warnings and watches. the rain is making it south. some areas to thette -- east have not had the rain yet.
8:21 am
on theiak, it will get there. here is the squall line right there. that is pushing east. we have all day. this is an all-day event. there is no way around it. this system, do you see any breaks there? i don't. there is colder air behind that feeding in on the very warm ocean temps. great jetstream support. you take a parcel of air above average, you lift it, enhance it over the coastal hills and it's going to be torrential. guerneville 7 plus. cazadero 7. 5.5 in lake county. santa rosa 5. i would not be surprised to see about a foot of rain in some of these areas. wind gusts in san francisco to 43 miles per hour. looks like things are calming down for some. not for all. i'll try to get to some of the warnings and watches as fast as we can. flash flood warning out san mateo, san francisco, parts of the east bay. also up in marin county. that goes to 10:45. flood advisory for everyone
8:22 am
else. these will be marching east and south as this mess moves in as well. up in the sierra a blizzard warning starts. the cold air doesn't arrive until tomorrow. it won't stop. other areas to the west not as bad. southern marin not much as. areas to the northern part of marin county where to won't stop raining. also sonoma county. there is our squall line. hayward, redwood city, moving through samsung. gusts to 43, i think, at sfo. that's what went through pacifica and daly city. it will get there in anitoch, discovery bay, oak wood, brant more. that's a line of pretty intense rain. you can see some of that. that's the area of low pressure. the colder air is on the way and convective activity or thunderstorms are in the mix. no doubt about it. rain and wind heavy duty at times. mild terms tonight and tomorrow when that starts to come in. 60s on the temps. it will not stop most of the
8:23 am
day here, tori and pam. >> yeah. we have got the two of us here with dave taking a little break right now. >> yes. well, if you are planning to catch a flight this morning, you are going to definitely want to check ahead with your airline. coming up in a couple of minutes, the cancellations and delays at bay area airports because of the extreme weather and the workers strike that is also making life extra difficult for stranded passengers. (vo) nourished.
8:24 am
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time is 8:25. this morning a huge storm is causing big problems at bay area airports. the duty manager at sfo tells us there been 212 flight cancellations due to the stormy weather. most are regional flights, but some are to east coast locations. the delays at sfo are expected to be three hours or longer. and adding to the troubles at sfo about a thousand airport restaurant workers are on strike. 55 restaurants are closed. now, long delays are expected all day today. in fact, at the other two major bay area airports as well. oakland and san jose. it's due not just to the rain, but the strong winds can make it tough for pilots. make sure to check with your airline before heading off to the airport. >> right. absolutely. all right. when we come back we are going to continue with our team coverage on the marriageler winter storm -- major winter storm moving over the bay area. i just checked with steve. the heaviest is over oakland
8:27 am
and the peninsula. right now -- i am getting something off of twitter. someone says that all the signal lights are out, including the gearian park presidio. that's a really busy intersection. if you are coming up upon it, don't just blow through. come to a four-way stop. we have as much information i can give you coming up in my next report. i am hearing 70,000 people without power in san francisco. the warnings, watches, the rain fast and furious. this is a major storm. i don't say that very often, but this is living up to everything we said.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
take a quick look at your television set. all of those colors you are looking at on live stormtracker 2, they represent the rain coming down right now around the bay area. in the last 20 minutes flash flood warns are in -- warnings in effect until 11:00 this morning. lots of developing stories from one of the biggest storms we have seen in years, tori. i am dave clock. >> i am tori campbell. we continue our live team coverage. . >> let's start with steve paulson. you are watching all of this. you are mystified by all of this? >> put this in performance. december 11, 1995, major storm. december 11 -- >> 19 years ago.
8:31 am
let's see if we can pick it up. right now you can see vacaville, fairfield over to east bay by livermore, across the san mateo bridge over to the dumbarton and then over towards half moon bay and parts of the peninsula. federal highway flash flood flash flood warnings out. if it's not that, you are under a flood advisory. petaluma, santa rosa, parts of marin county. i cannot emphasize some of the rainfall rates. also stretch interesting that squall line pardons pacifica and daily -- squall line through parts of pacifica and daly city. this is an all day event. some will not let up for others. you will get a break maybe on the wind but it cranks back up. we have had gusts almost to hurricane strength. 71, 73 miles per hour. anything if the red like that is just absolutely just pouring on some. that's the one line that's
8:32 am
heading towards parts of the east bay. over redwood city it's dumping in san leandro and highway 101. pushing closer to anitoch, livermore, parts of the east bay. that's the line moving through right there. when you see the purple, that is very intense. cold air will follow in on this. it will be a rainy, windy day and some of these warnings and watches will be updated constantly. not only that, but i think we will see a foot of rain in some locations. sal, you asked and you shall receive. >> i asked for pictures, steve, on twitter. and i am just getting all sorts of pictures. i am also getting -- i follow twitter very closely. chp oakland tweeted after serious problem with as many as eight collisions at the connector ramp from 580 to eastbound 24. i want to show you video of driving on 980. would you want to be driving in this? this is where the chp reported
8:33 am
those eight collisions. this video was taken right before this of driving in this area. please be careful. a lot of standing water and it is just terrible out there. if you don't have to drive, don't. again, this is 980 heading out towards jack london square. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. very busy. as steve mentioned, the rain is coming through. it's really hard. it's very windy. chp is advising drivers to be very careful on all bay area bridges and on the altamonte pass. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the traffic is actually moving along okay. it's very light. some people decided, obviously, to stay home. a lot of schools are closed. traffic is going to be slow in parts of novato and marin county, sonoma county here, down to san rafael. there is a lot


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