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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we are live in menlo park where highway 101 is shut down in both directions due to flooding. we will let you know when it is scheduled to open again. >> while many people are excited about the rain, it is causing problems continuing today across the bay area. a fresh look at the damage and how people are protecting their homes. >> the steady rain is done.
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it has moved off to east and south, but we are not done with the rain. showers and possible thundershowers inches closer. more on the friday forecast. . >> good morning. we are live in menlo park where highway 101 actually shut down in both directions because of yesterday's big storm. coming up in two minutes we will check in with carol carol who is -- kosta karageorge who is out -- carol moriarty with more on when the road will reopen. hopefully that will be soon. it is friday, december 12th. i am pam cook. >> and did you tell steve how good he was yesterday. >> i did. >> it was a long day. you bounced off each other. >> it was. it was a lot of rain. also the wind damage, as well.
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the system is moving into the sierra but it is still a mix of snow and rain up there. we are maybe a half hour or hour away from another line of rain. i would like to say the commute will be fine, but i am not sure it will be. this is a classic set up for showers. some areas will get rain, some won't. embedded in that could be shower activity. the sierra nevada dealing with mix of rain and snow but the cold air will work its way in there later today. blue canyon, truckee and tahoe have a mix of rain-snow. 40s and 50s, a chilly, cool day here today. we will have off and on rain. the many system has moved well
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into southern california. look for temperatures to stay only in the 50s. a stalled front yesterday gave us heavy rain. that is not the case today. it is more instability with shower, cool temps and a possibility of thundershowers. sal, we have an issue already. yes. we have an issue withstanding water already. highway 101 at marsh road has problems because of the low lying area of freeway. that freeway is closed. in a moment we will go to a live report with the scene and find out more about what the progress is there. i can tell you avoid 101 through redwood city and menlo park and use 280 instead. if you want to use the side roads, right now would be a good time to do that. let's go to 880 and north and southbound traffic moving along well in both directions. there is standing water in many of these commutes. in fact, even on my way to work on local streets i use, you had to go around things. it will still be a problem on too many of those roads to
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mention. be careful when you go out there. it is not raining like yesterday. this morning many areas around the bay are feeling the impact of the storm. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty joins us live from menlo park where part of highway 101 is still shut down because of flooding. tara? >> reporter: yes. the north and southbound directions are closed down here at marsh road. look behind me. this is something you don't see often. pitch black and flooded on the roads right now. we have the chp here to tell us what is going on. last night there were three feet of standing water so they had to shut everything down? >> that is exactly right. there were 3 feet of water on both the south and northbound lanes in both directions. >> reporter: who what did you do? >> caltrans started to pump the
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northbound lanes with a crew. this at the history road crossing wasn't siphoning out the amount of water taken in so they brought in additional pumps to pump it out. >> reporter: you can tell it dips in the road here. >> that is correct. >> reporter: it was a dangerous situation there. there was somebody who broke through the barrier, were you here for that? >> i was. >> reporter: do you want to remind people not to do that? >> please, do not do that. >> reporter: and when is the estimated time of reopening. you are minutes away, right? >> yes. a few minutes away. we are wrapping things up, cleaning up things and picking up the cones and traffic should be able to flow through here shortly. >> reporter: and no over problems in the menlo park area? >> no other problems. >> reporter: that is good news. thank you for joining us live. we appreciate that. it looks like momentarily we will have 101 opened in both the north and southbound directions near marsh road,
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again, is where we are. again, a pretty smooth morning hopefully compared to yesterday. back to you, dave. >> that is major, tara. thank you. and we did see incredible scenes you rarely see in the bay area due to all that heavy rain. take a look at this scene on berkeley. this is near ashby avenue near i-80. you can only see if roof of that car. the people in this area say ashby cannot have standing water even on dry days. >> there is always water under it so i don't know why anybody would try to ride through it. >> highway crews worked until well past midnight to try to get the cars out of there and reopen that road. >> that is unbelievable. >> oh, my. the time is 5:06. the bay area airports are slowly recovering for the big storm. the manager for the sfo says
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there are only nine cancellations today after 250 cancellations yesterday. if you are flying today, it is wise to check on your flight ahead of time, regardless. in the meantime many travelers heading to sfo may want to buy food before you go to the airport. this is day two of a strike by a thousand airport restaurant workers. they walked off the job yesterday over concerns about job security and health care. they walked out at the peak of the storm. the strike is expected to end tomorrow with workers back on the job. the north bay was really hit hard by yesterday's storm. it is struggling to recover this morning. petaluma, among other things, are dealing with flooded roads and road closures. ktvu alex savage shows us one major road that is still off limits. >> reporter: still a whole lot of standing water in this petaluma neighborhood. we are just of petaluma boulevard north close to
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highway 101. this is what you can see behind us here. this is a car left abandoned. as the waters began to rise yesterday, this area got an incredible amount of rain and all that water had nowhere to go. this is what things looked like in the early evening hours of high tide. many people caught off guard. people and pets trying to get to higher ground and guided to a nearby community center to take shelter for the night. firefighters drove through the neighborhood trying to see if anybody needed help. we caught up with one family that told us the high water left them with a huge mess. >> the backyard was flooded and 45 minutes later the garage and an hour later right here. >> is it in your house? >> not yet. it is most likely moving. >> reporter: and the relentless rain yesterday led to rescues in the area. about a dozen people working in a industrial part of petaluma were put on to rafts or loaded into high profile trucks to get
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home yesterday. the water is beginning to recede this morning, but there is still flooding in this area and petaluma boulevard north just off of highway 101 is still closed and could remain closed for several more hours. in petaluma, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. 5:09 is the time. an owner of a san francisco diner that flooded is blaming the city rather than mother nature for their misfortune. the stable cafe is located on 17th and folsom street in the mission district. that is the original location of mission creek. even hoe though it is paved -- even though it is paved over, the street still floods when it is raining. this place was flooded for the fourth time in the last six years. the stable owners say the city made the situation worse by repaving folsom street, causing the road to it is higher than the homes and business that is line up. a pedestrian was hit and
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killed yesterday by an ac transit drive at otis drive and grand boulevard. the man was walking in the crosswalk when the bus hit him. police have been talking to the bus driver to determine what led you have to this deadly accident. starting this afternoon bart riders and holiday shoppers can ask for safety escorts at three bart stations, aimed to help curve crime for holiday shoppers riding back from the city. cadets and volunteers will be on hand to walk people back to their cars. it runs from 4:00 to 7:00 in the evening at the west oakland bart stations. the escorts are wearing yellow safety vests. because of weather concerns the location of tomorrow's holiday toy drive in napa has been moved. it was supposed to take place at the south napa marketplace but the toy drive has been moved to the napa salvation
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army on franklin street. it will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. right now it is 5:10. a transformer fire by the san francisco union square, and coming up, the outages we are still seeing around the bay area following yesterday's big storm. >> also, triggering outrage. how the california highway patrol and bay area is defending what this undercover officer did during a recent rally in oakland. >> and right now it looks pretty good but a lot of standing water on the north bay, especially, and peninsula. we will let you know what is going on. >> and the drive is looking good compared to yesterday, but we are not done with the rain. there is shower activity very close to us. we will take a closer look at it, coming up.
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officers,. welcome back to ktvu morning news. two people were killed in separate incidents involving toppled trees in the wake of all the rain we got yesterday. and in downtown portland wind gusts shattered windows in high- rise buildings there. people said it felt like a tornado with glass and paper flying area. the head of the california highway patrol in the bay area is defending what an undercover officer did when he pointed his gone at protestors in oakland. take a look.
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a photo taken wednesday night by a bay city news officer shows the undercover chp officer holding a handgun sideways. they mixed in with a crowd of protestors, but when someone outed them protestors started attacking them. at one point one of the officers pulled out his gun. >> he drew the weapon because he felt his life was in jeopardy. he told me this morning, steve, i didn't think i would live through this. >> when you take police who are not accustomed to situations like this, bad things will happen. >> the chp says the mission of the officers was to keep protestors off the highways. the alameda county district attorney is reviewing the incident now. a large group of african- american congressional staffers in washington, d.c. staged a protest on the steps of the u.s. capitol. it was a reaction to the police killing in missouri and new
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york. they raised their arms in the hand's up, don't shoot gesture. the staffers wanted to do something in support of the national protestor protestor protest against police aggression. a $1.1 trillion spending bill to avoid the government shut down was approved just before midnight last night. this was supposed to be the deadline but since house approval came so late, the senate was given a 48 hour extension to take up the measure. republican add ons were suggested in the spending bill but no one want toes see the government shutdown. the bill will fund most government agencies through next september. i know it is early in the morning and you are still probably in pajamas, but i wanted to remind you today is national ugly christmas sweater day. it is okay to pick your absolute worst looking clothing and wear them.
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organizers said wear an ugly christmas sweater anywhere you have to go today, school, work or even if you are going to a wedding. pam, you are supposed to wear it all day long! >> oh, no! >> yes. well the san jose sharks are jumping on the ugly christmas sweater trend, taking things to a whole new level. >> the holidays are here and i want to look sharp, sharp as cheddar. that is why i got me a holiday sweater! >> sharp as cheddar? >> holiday sweater! >> they released a new song about holiday sweaters! [ laughing ] it features both players and the sharks broadcasters there. they are selling ugly holiday sweaters, including one for the sharks which has really become a hit with the fans. come on! >> i did get the message from our producers to try to dig out
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an ugly christmas sweater. i don't have one. i could have borrowed one from her. >> i have been so traumatized by holiday sweaters that i don't wear sweaters at all all. >> traumatized. >> absolutely! good morning, everyone. i hope you are having a better day today than yesterday when it comes to commuting. i think that yesterday a lot of people staying home saved us from what could have been horrible because all that traffic -- if the traffic would have been normal we would have had much, much bigger problems. it was very light yesterday but people will be back today. not everyone can stay home. there is work to be dub and traffic right now is begin -- done and traffic is getting busier at the bay bridge toll plaza. the volume of traffic seems to be more than it was yesterday. there is plenty of standing water. highway 101 at marsh is slowly
5:19 am
reopening but there is still a back up as they start picking up cones. you can use 280 for the time being. once the cones are gone, throw, i have a feeling the traffic will disappear and become normal traffic for this time of the morning. at 5:18, let's go to steve in the weather center. >> you look at sharp at cheddar this morning! >> why, thank you, steve. a great line! [ laughing ] >> thank you, sal. seriously now, things have calmed down. i am putting together graphics on rain totals. to each and every one of you, whether it was on twitter, facebook or email, thank you the information. vinny from east santa rosa had great information on how the rain rates were jest incredible. people said i have never seen it rain this hard all the way down to sunny vail. i am getting to those as fast as i can. in southern california, you would think the weather guys would be busy today! oh, my goodness.
5:20 am
they will be very busy down there. and we still have an area of thunder shower activity approaching the coast. here comes the cold unstable air. yesterday all the parameters were in place. there was more of a rain on that than wind event. if you had to pick one it was the rain. some areas got almost 10 inches of rain. just incredible! you get a little instability and development and that will drinking shower activity again today. the rainfall is very, very good for everybody. santa rosa is 146% of normal. san francisco is 155%. 3 inches of rain there, i think. i am getting to the information as quick as i can. san jose is nearly 200% of rain. there is still more to come. the weekend looks okay. look how this is developing right there. the last few images. up in the sierra it is turning to snow slowly, but not all. rain in booth canyon.
5:21 am
40s and 50s on the temps. will it be a cool, chilly day. 35 in lake tahoe. reno 46. the cold air working its way up there late this afternoon and tonight. the cold air is arriving in the form of instability and possible thundershowers. it could be brief and heavy and lightning strikes have been observed offshorement yesterday was the front that stalled out. it moved really, really slow with the squall line. today will it be more of hit and miss in nature. generally a mostly cloudy day and cool. patchy fog. it is itching, raring to go, but today probably won't be that day with too much in the atmosphere, but tonight and tomorrow it will move out and we will have fog as thick as we have seen in a long time. that is coming in in calm conditions. saturday morning to sunday there will be fog that could be really brutal. the rain returns monday and tuesday, but it will not be as
5:22 am
strong. >> anywhere close? >> no. >> okay. a regular storm. >> yes. a system. >> okay. >> thank you. 5:21 is the time. for the first time in years crude oil prices fell, predicting crude oil prices could fall another $10 by next year as the u.s. , iraq and libya increase production. bay area prices are currently averaging $3 a gallon. keep an eye on a san francisco-based lending club that went public yesterday, finishing its first day of trading at $20 a share. they connect borrowers with lenders on an online marketplace. all right. the time is 5:22. one of hollywood's most
5:23 am
powerful executives really under fire. in 22 minute, the hacked private emails targeting the biggest stars and even president obama, plus, the movie that may have sparked this whole scandal. and catching waves where you least expect it. what has people in tahoe, yes, tahoe, pulling tout surfboards instead of snow boards?
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. welcome back. the time now is 5:25. we have been getting a lot of rain here in the bay area. and you would think it was a lot of help after all the drought we has been getting, but the utility commission says the rain that falls here doesn't necessarily mean there is more water available for the bay area. >> what we are really looking for -- no. i mean the majority of water in california comes from snow pack held in the sierra nevada mountains, so we really need to build up the snow pack vastly depleted over the last three years in drought. >> the water systems in san francisco are now 57% full of normal levels for this time of year. the normal level would be 80%. it is looking a lot like winter in the sierra, the fresh powder creating dangerous conditions for drivers, though. i want to take you live to the sierra where the snow is coming down. you can see there in the picture in front of that light where a sacramento reporter is
5:27 am
reporting from up there, roads are completely covered with snow. several spinouts have been reported. there is the road again. you can see fresh tracks on the road. if you are planning to head town the sierra today make sure to bring your chains. right now we are checking in on that. chains are required on i-80 from plasser county to truckee. on highway 50 chains are required starting on el dorado county roads. and take a look at video of surfers riding waves on lake tahoe. high winds turned calm waves into ocean-like swells, some as big at 7 feet. waves like this only happen every couple years or so. by the way, the water temperature this time of year is about 50 degrees. the time is 5:27. the roof of a safe way store crashed down while shoppers were inside. >> you hear loud noises,
5:28 am
crashing -- it was just real scary. >> we will tell you why there could be more danger ahead. >> and the storm has moved on but flooding is still a big concern in many parts of the bay area. this is the scene here in petaluma this morning with a lot of standing water here on this roadway. the roadway is still shut down this morning. we will tell you how long it may be before it reopened. >> and the roads are still wet from yesterday's event and overnight rain, as well. highway 24 looks okay. i noticed a lot more people are on the road today than yesterday. we also have a new crash that just came in. >> and the morning commute will be a little better today than yesterday, but we are not done with the rain. more showers and lightning strikes observed off shore. coming up, a closer look at them. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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. good morning and welcome back. it is 5:30. it has been so great hearing from everyone, just great pictures, as well. >> yes. thank you, everybody. >> but we are not done yet with the weather. the rain is pushing up to the sierra nevada. there are a few lightning strikes detected. it makes sense as we get the colder, cool air going over the warm ocean are ocean temps. this will move on shore. some of it has. a line is forming from santa rosa toward san pablo bay and oakland. some of the rain will pick up in intensity pretty quick. 19 years to the date for some
5:33 am
of those rain records. the rainfall in santa rosa had over 5 inches of rain, napa 3. morgan hill 2. concord 2. that is good rain for concord. livermore, come on, i know they had more than that. but 2 to 4 for most everybody. i saw a bunch of 3s. the line is picking up. the sierra nevada has snow for some but still on the mild side. 35 in tahoe. 40s and 50s on the temps here back home. a cool day with more showers. things will calm down overnight tonight and there will be pockets of thick fog more tonight and tomorrow. and the winds will pick up in the next hour or so. yes. and we have an overturned vehicle on southbound 101 at sierra parkway, a sedan, heading south. there is a big pickup on southbound 101 getting out of san francisco. a couple of right lanes are
5:34 am
taken away. you should use 280 to 380 if you are trying to get to the airport. the last time we spoke to the manager as opposed to yesterday when there were more than 250. it is a better day so far but we will keep watching the airport situation. southbound 101, the sierra parkway two right lanes taken away because of an injury crash on the way to south san francisco. let's move along and take a look at the live picture of the bay bridge. more people today than yesterday. i have feeling today we will see a lot more traffic. will it be raining for part of this commute. you may want to think about leaving yourself a extra few minutes as we look at 280 and san jose. it still looks okay there. and my friend alex savage is on one of the monitors here. he is looking sharp but getting wet. we will talk to him in a few minutes. >> yes. but right now the heavy rain is gone and the bay area is feeling the lingering affects with people dealing with the road closure, power
5:35 am
outages and flooding. ktvu alex savage is not soaking wet out in petaluma, but still busy roads out there. >> reporter: yes. the rain picked up where we are in petaluma. thank you for watching, by the way, sal. we appreciate that. standing water behind us. check out the scene at petaluma boulevard north at highway 101. this was a major area of concern yesterday and they are still waiting for the water to recede this morning. they just got a ton of rain and the nearby petaluma river overflowed its banked and that caused the problems here. look at what it looked like in the evening hours here yesterday. many people were caught off guard by the rising floodwaters. people and their pets waded through the water to higher ground and put up in community centers for the night. firefighters have been checking on people to make sure they were okay overnight. one family we talked to told us their house was swamped by rising flood waters. >> all of our stuff was getting
5:36 am
ruined. it is christmas time. our presents and tree is wet. it is frustrating and scary. we will have to find somewhere to live. >> reporter: and the relentless rain yesterday led to a number of rescues. take a look at this scene in petaluma. a dozen people who went off to work in a industrial part of town were not able to drive out on their own. they had to get a lift either on a raft or high profile truck. that is the only way they could get home. and back here to a live picture. petaluma boulevard north closed at highway 101. right now the city street sweepers are making their way here through the streets. probably i would guess to clear some of the debris here and make sure the storm drains don't continue to get clogged up here. they are hoping for the flood waters to recede some time soon, although as the rain picks back up, it is a setback for them.
5:37 am
the rain really heavy as we speak right now and flooding near the petaluma area. we will keep an eye on the situation here and let you know how it progressed. back to you for now. >> all right, alex. let us know if the rain continue there is. steve will be watching it, as well. 5:36 is the time 9 now. the russian river in guerneville protect parade to overflow -- predicted to overflow its banks by midday today. swollen and muddy. flood stage. it will flood homes and businesses there along the river and in the low lying areas. people have been adviced to evacuate. the time now 5:37. the heavy rains caused the roof of a san jose safeway store to collapse. it fell yesterday afternoon at the safeway on east capitol expressway near silver creek road. firefighters say a 50 square food section of the roof fell. here are the pictures. fortunately there were just a few customers inside the store
5:38 am
because of the big storm, but there was one minor injury. >> you could hear it. it was loud. it sounded like thunder. i felt a lot of adrenaline going and going. i had to call 9-1-1 and just freaked out. >> that collapse also caused a 75-foot crack in the roof. we will have live reports on the efforts to reopen the safe way store coming up in 30 minutes. and in oakland two families are wondering what to do next after a retaining wall collapsed and damaged their homes. yesterday's unrelenting rain caused the ground to shift on blandon road in oakland. a retaining wall gave way and slid into the side of the house below. the uphill neighbor who owns the wall said she has been concerned about its stability for about a year. >> you could tell it was shifting and moving. i had been telling the city i believe there is water coming
5:39 am
from somewhere with all this pressure. >> city inspectors yellow tagged both of the homes. they are trying to figure out what to do next. pg&e shut off natural gas service to one of the homes because of the debris crushing the gas meter. for now home owners have been told to find other places to stay. time now 5:39. this is an unforgettable story from yesterday. a boy's arm was injuried after a giant tree fell down on top of the school. look at this photo of firefighters using chain saw on the huge tree to rescue the boy. this happened at gateway elementary school. the wind blew over an 80-foot tall cyprus tree just before school started. the 11-year-old boy was pinned under there for 15 minutes. he was rushed to the hospital as soon as they got him out. a young girl was also hit by the tree and suffered some scrapes. after that school was closed
5:40 am
for the day. many bay area school districts canceled classes yesterday, but will reopen this morning. several school districts will stay closed today. they include nova doe, santa rosa and healdsburg. and many other districts in sonoma county will be closed. school is opened in san francisco and in oakland county, however. this morning power is out to thousands of people in the bay area. 3,400 homes and businesses right now are in the dark, including 1,400 in the north bay, a thousand in the east bay, 500 along the peninsula and south bay and 10 customers without power at this hour in san francisco. these numbers have democratically decreased. at its peak 151,000 customers in the bay area did not have electricity. we will have updated outage numbers throughout the morning. a ktvu viewer took a photo of the fire sparked by a blown
5:41 am
transformer in san francisco. look at the flames there. youtube video shows a plume of smoke rising near union square. at one time more than 90,000 homes and businesses in san francisco did not have power. dozens of traffic lights went out along with power in stores and hotels across the city, along with union square, pier 39, the in a rina and -- and the marina district. on williams street not far from i-880 a building caught on fire. the crews were able to put out the flames in 30 minutes but still no word on how the fire started. and there is an impact on food service at sfo. what some airport food workers
5:42 am
are saying about possibly walking off the job today. >> and you have to see this. they are calling these guys heros. the dramatic rescue by a college student that saved the life of a 92-year-old man. >> and right now we are looking at a commute where we saw spots where photographic will be slow because of standing water. this is highway 4 coming into concord. definitely more people on the road and we will tell you about the commute. it is much drier this morning but the rain is picking up in parts of the north bay and offshore. it is not done yet. more on the thunderstorms in your friday forecast, coming up. ♪
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♪ [instrumental music] ♪ . welcome back to the morning news. wine country is trying to dry
5:45 am
out. vineyards like this one under water. as you can imagine, pretty anxious moments for people that live near this river. >> it gets pretty scary. the currents are really something out there. and there was quite the current right here that came all the way up. >> the national weather service says in a 24-hour period saint helena got more than 5.5 inches of rain. the flash-flood watch expired at 4:00 this morning. monday is the deadline for people who sign up for coverage avoiding a penalty. the penalty goes up for people that do not have health insurance. this year the permit was $95. next year it increased -- the
5:46 am
penalty was $95. next year it goes up to $395. to avoid a penalty you have to sign up, again, by monday. time now is 54:005. one of hollywood's most powerful executives apologizing for remarks made in emails hacked and made public. the sony executive, amy haskel, was emails a movie producer when she made racially charged statements about president obama and called actress angelina jolie a minimally talented spoiled brad. a hacker stole the emails to try to pressure sony not to release an up coming comedy calls the interview, about a plot to assassinate north korean leader kim jong un. well, 12-13-14 tomorrow is the last sequential date we will see for almost 20 years.
5:47 am
we spoke to one couple looking forward to this unique dade. >> she picked the date because it sounds pretty cool and i should never forget that date. it made perfect sense. >> daniella and they are fiance have been planning their wedding on board a yacht on the san francisco bay since september. when they figured out 12-13-14 would work with their son, they had to jump fast. >> we had to pay an additional fee because of this date. >> it was so popular. >> yes, but i really want this had date so i said we will pay that fee. >> the fact that the date fall on a saturday is also adding to its popularity for weddings. one venue in las vegas says it expects to perform more than 100 ceremonies tomorrow. >> howl? >> more than 1 -- how many? >> more than 100 on 12-13-14. >> a great choice.
5:48 am
time now is 5:47. let's check in with sal. is everything under control on the eastern span? >> well, we had something pop up yet. not yet on the chp list, but westbound on the bridge it looks like there is slow traffic. we saw flashing lights but i don't see why, what is going on westbound, but traffic is slow coming up. as a matter of fact, i was going to try to see if i could find it. maybe joe and i will work on it. joe will pan to the right and we will look for it. in fact, i think joe is listening. see if we can see something there. there is something right there. see something there, joe? there is something going on on the bridge that is holding up traffic. i see flashing lights. i think a tow truck is pushing off a stalled vehicle that is holding apotrophic on the bridge. that is exact -- that is holding up traffic on the bridge. that is exactly what it is. a toe rush is pushing on pull
5:49 am
-- a tow truck is pushing or pulling something off there. traffic there will be slow get into san francisco, but still, a huge difference from yesterday. a lot more people on the roads than yesterday. a lot of people yesterday took the day off. southbound 101 near the oyster point area there is a crash there. traffic will be a little slow there as you drive south. you may want to use 280 to 380 instead. let's go back to steve. hello, steve. the rain is picking up a little bit in spots, but nothing compared to what we had yesterday. this is more showers in nature. the front is barely east and south, but here comes instability. cold air over the warm ocean temps will trigger a line. a fie lightning strikes observed offshore, as well. could be sun breaks later on. on the north bay over parts of lake county, southern lake county to cloverdale,
5:50 am
healdsburg to the russian river, santa rosa to highway 101 to napa county to parts of morin county and a little line wants to form here in oakland. very light but offshore in the last few frames. a little line forming there. you have to keep an eye on that. i tried to do the best i could on a lot of the rainfall totals. 7.68 inspect of rain in san mateo yesterday. kemp field had 4 inches of rain. brodey who runs cattle, i know him, said 3.27, thank you. oakmont and kenwood 6.30 and cobb mountain in lake county up to 9.25. these are updated now. santa rosa had 5 inches of
5:51 am
rain, san rafael 4.5. 4-plus for redwood city. look at all the 3s and 4s, incredible how consistent this was for everybody. napa 3.24 and highway 29 at salvador road had 3.33. the rainfall as you might imagine yesterday zoom, through the roof now. we are doing well for everyone; top to bottom. san jose 195% of normal. i have seen a couple that are 200%. moffett is 222%. snow in the sierra today. snow around 4,500 feet to the north and 5,000 feet or a little lower for tahoe. this is the line you have to keep an eye on. this could develop into thunderstorm activity later on. some areas are reporting rain. a mix that could turn to snow as the cold air gets there in the next couple of hours. 40s and 50s if temps for us, a cool day. southern california dealing with intense rain. they could use it. but we could have sun-cloud-
5:52 am
showers, wash, rinse, repeat. shower, pane patchy fog and -- showers and patchy fog and 50s for the temps. yes, that is it. shower, possible thundershowers and cool today. fog will be a big issue over the weekend. some rain returns monday and tuesday. >> okay. the time now is 5:52. it is something you do not see everyday. >> oh, no. >> i have never seen it in tahoe, but coming up at 6:15, the unusual event that has many people pulling out their surfboards instead of their snow boards and skis.
5:53 am
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. welcome back. an incredible story from southern california. a 292-year-old man lucky to be alive after his car drove off the road, into bushes and down into the lake. a young man saw that happen and jumped into the lake to rescue him after seeing the driver was unconscious and trapped inside. >> i was banging on the wind saying wake up, wake up, and nothing happened. >> he saw the water pouring into the car and was afraid the car would sink. he grabbed a hammer and started
5:56 am
pounding on the window. >> i broke the window, popped the lock, opened the door and that is when the water started rushing in. i acted fast, popped his seatbelt off and put my arm under his shoulder and swam and got him out of the car. >> i am not making this up. he is wasn't done yet. the elderly man was not breathing. he pulled him out, got him to shore and gave him cpr which brought him back. he said don't call him a hero. he was just in the right place at the right time he says. >> still, a brave man. >> yes. ten marriage car makers are working together to investigate airbag safety. takata has been ordered to issue a nationwide recall of driver's side airbags but takata refuse saying that can be -- refused saying that can
5:57 am
be done by inspect automakers. ford is hoping the third time is the charm for its in- car connectivity system. it is dropping microsoft and teaming up with blackberry for a sync system that is easier and more intuitive to use with buttons and knobs and a 4-inch screen. it will be offered in cars sold in the u.s. by the of 2016. we have been keeping an eye on big delay that is hit bay area airports impacted by the storm. we will tell you whether there will be more delays today. >> a person hit and killed by a strand it was in alameda and now the question -- by a transit was in alameda and now the answers police are hoping to get answered there as they look into the investigate. >> and i am updating rainfall totals from yesterday. a couple panels to show you. some coming in were amazing. rain is moving back into the
5:58 am
picture and even fog. it could be a wet and wild friday. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee.
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. good morning. ktvu morning news continues. . rain in the bay area, snow in the sierra. the latest storm came with quite a punch. >> yes. >> you are looking at some of the flooding. we will show you that in just a bit. thank you for joining us on this friday, december 12th. i am pam cook. >> and welcome back. i am dave


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