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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. good morning. ktvu morning news continues. . rain in the bay area, snow in the sierra. the latest storm came with quite a punch. >> yes. >> you are looking at some of the flooding. we will show you that in just a bit. thank you for joining us on this friday, december 12th. i am pam cook. >> and welcome back. i am dave clark.
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we are not done yet with the team coverage. we have reporters out there and sal is watching the roads. how is it looking right now? well, the rain is picking up, the cold air is working its way in and the cool, unstable air will produce the possibility of a thunder shower again today. a shower is picking up in the north bay and off of the san mateo, santa cruz coast. and more rain lines in the sierra nevada and southern california where they are having all sorts of issues. you can see here near santa rosa the rain is coming on shore. fort bragg and the new point arena a little rain. hayward is quiet, however, it is right offshore heading to santa cruz and the monterey peninsula. in the past 24 hours i have tried to get as many rainfall totals as i can. take a look here. sunnyvale had 4.06.
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fairfax had 4.81. if you have totals send them to me and i will do my best to get them on the air. the snow level is around 5,000 feet. blue canyon is reporting snow. 40s and 50s on the temps. shower activity today then things will calm down tonight. we will have a lot of fog over the weekend. maybe patchy fog and possible thunderstorms here. 50s on the temps. sal, things are getting busy for you already? that is right. southbound 10 is a crash near oyster point, north of oyster point and sierra point parkway after candlestick park as you are driving south toward the airport. there is flooding. there was also a crash involving an overturned vehicle in the area. the crash has been cleared, but the flooding remains and the traffic is going to be busy as you drive south because they closed off one lane. in fact, it seems rather
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suspicious that there is flooding in an area right where a crash occurred, so putting two and two together, i am not positive but this could have led to the crash on 101 at bay shore. please had careful and expect delays. 280 to 380 is a good alternate route or if you know your way around south city, you could do that, as well but i would say use 280 to 380 to save yourself time. northbound 280 traffic is moderately heavy but still looking good driving town highway 17. and there goes caltrain. caltrain is much better today than yesterday after all that flooding. today the traffic on the system is doing well. 6:03. let's go back to the desk. now from the south bay that sal was talking about up to the north bay where more rain is
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falling at this hour. it is easing a bit but flooding remain as big concern up there. alex savage is live in petaluma to show us one neighborhood dealing with significant flooding. alex? >> reporter: yes, pam. good morning to you. this area in petaluma was overwhelmed why the rain it got yesterday and the morning the water levels are beginning to fall, but still you can see behind me on petaluma boulevard north, standing water is still an issue and this roadway is shut down right at the 101 freeway here. we will show you the scene. we have crews on standby. they are essentially waiting for the water to recede in this area. part of the problem is the petaluma river is not far away and it is over running its banks yesterday when things were really coming down. here is what it looked like in the early evening hours. a lot of people that lived close by were caught off guard by the rising floodwaters. many of them trying to get to higher ground or sent to
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shelters nearby. fire crews were checking on people to see if they were okay and needed help. emergency crews had to rescue some folks trapped by rising floodwaters. there were a dozen people working in an industrial part of town who were loaded on to rafts, and others, at the same time, waited for the water to go down. >> we have approximately 30 people sheltered and this place. we are looking at localized stream flooding and basing operations as such. we should be close to peak dependant on weather. >> reporter: this was the scene this morning as the waters rose yesterday. many people were forced to abandon cars and we saw a couple cars sitting along stoney point road, a couple blocks from where we are this morning off of petaluma boulevard north. live, again, petaluma boulevard north remains shut down in both directions at 101.
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crews here tell me they are waiting for the later to we seed but with more rain beginning to fall it -- to recede, but with more rain beginning to fall, it will likely take a couple hours for this area to open back up. >> thank you, alex. scary times for shoppers in a safeway store in san jose, with part of the roof collapsing because of the big storm. tara moriarty is at the safeway near capital expressway at silver creek road where the roof there could cave in again. >> reporter: yes. no one is being allowed inside because of the danger of yet another collapse. this building has been red- tagged and this building will not be opening again any time soon. >> it was loud. it sounded like thunder. >> reporter: that noise sent workers and shoppers scrambling to get out. part of the roof came crumbling down. by ground and air police and fire determined the hole was 50x50 feet with cracks
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extending out another 50 feet. >> it could still collapse. that is why the building is still secured. nobody will be going in there. >> reporter: crews went in looking for people but everyone appeared to get out unscathed except for one person with a minor injury. the building has been red tagged, as well as another store that share as common wall with safeway. as far as what caused this, firefighters say it could have been standing water from the weather we have been having. i am tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. this week's monster storm created incredible scenes you rarely see in the bay area. look at this video from berkeley. that is just the top of one car after the underpass flooded near ashby avenue and i-880. people who live in this area say this section of ashby often has stabbing water, even on dry days. >> this undercrossing is wet
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july 1st. there is always water under it, so i don't know why anybody would try to ride through it. >> highway crews worked until well past midnight to remove the cars and reopen the underpass. the owner of a san francisco dine their flooded is blaming the city rather than mother nature for their misfortune. the stable cafe is located at 17th and folsom street in the mission district. even though it is paved over there, the creek flows when it rains. workers sandbagged the buildings ahead of the storms but yet this place was flooded for the fourth time in the last six years. the stable owners say the city has made the situation worse by repaving folsom street, causing the street to be higher than the homes and businesses. well, sfo say there is are only nine canceled flights this morning, a big improvement after more than 250 flights were canceled yesterday. no major problems expected at
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the oakland and san jose airports, however, if you are flying today, it is pretty wise to check on your flight ahead of time. if you are headed to sfo this morning, you may want to go buy food before you go to the airport. this is day two of a strike by a thousand airport restaurant workers who walked off the job yesterday over concerns about job security and health care. the walkout shut down most of the airport restaurants right at the peak of the storm. the workers are expected to be back on the job tomorrow. alameda police are investigating the death of a pedestrian struck and killed by an ac transit was. it happened yesterday evening at otis drive and grand boulevard. the man who died, investigators say, was walking in a crosswalk when a bus hit him. police are questioning the does driver to determine how it happened. starting this afternoon bart riders and holiday shoppers can ask for safety
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excorts at three oakland stations. it is there to curve crime for people riding back from the city. volunteers and crew will be on hand to walk people back to their cars. it runs from 4:00 to 7:00 at the west oakland, fruitdale and macarthur bart stations. you can identify the escorts because they will be wearing yellow safety vests. that is great. yes. the time is 6:10. we are talking power outages from yesterday, a transformer fire by the san francisco busy union square. and catching waves, where you would least expect it. tahoe is pulling out surfboards. >> at the macarthur maze, we have a little slowing, just around the corner where you get to the bridge it is backed up there. it is now gone there at the bay bridge, but we will tell you
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what happened to make it a little slower. and quieter on the commute but there is an area of rain coming from the san mateo santa cruz coastline.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:13. this is high surf on lake tahoe. >> dude!
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>> yes. >> yes! waves like this on the happen a couple times a year. the water temperature there is only about 50. >> get your board, sal! let's check it out. >> wow! well, the toll plaza is a little slow with a lot more traffic volume. yesterday was an unusual day. all school were closed and a lot of parents stayed home and a lot of office were closed but today in san francisco it is ability back to normal, now backed up to the maze.
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let's talk about the commute on i-880. it looks good in both directions. yesterday at this time i was looking at a lot of wind here. it was windy yesterday at this time but right now it looks much better as you drive through. southbound 101 near sierra point there is flooding in one of the lanes and a little slowdown. you could use 280 to 380 at an alternate route. remember the slow down is in the right lane. if you are driving on the east shore freeway this morning not a lot of slow traffic yet, but it is getting busy in the richmond area and slow traffic on the richmond san family and friends yell bridge into morin county. steve, how about weather center? >> we are the storm brothers! >> that is right. i like that! >> thank you, sal. rain is picking up a little bit. rain has turned to snow in tahoe and tricky. they had light rain and now
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snow. patchy fog and more embedded thundershowers and brief heavy rain forming off the marine coast to the san mateyo and santa cruz area. see the long line there? nothing compared to what we had yesterday at this time. some of the rain beginning in the north bay, cloverdale to lake port. i will have rain totals in a second. hidden valley lake. clear lake is okay. south of that at windsor and petaluma, thank you for all the information there. our observer, gary, said, man, i could not get out of the house yesterday. but today we could see more thundershowers or brief, heavy rain along the coast. within the next hour things could pick up here. i try to get as many rain totals thanks to each of you.
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take a look at these totals. redwood shores hat 6.90 by a observer patrick. chris kimball over 5.75. and santa rosa spectacular. 7.68 there. some of the areas there that picked up rain in the last 24 hours are really good. santa rosa 5 inches of rain. anywhere you want to look it is at least 3 to 4. look at that. fremont 3. livermore 3. fairfield 3. napa 3.75. san family and friends yell 4.5 inches of rain. 4-plus for redwood city. sunnyvale 4. there is a line that goes along the coast moving in. this it will colder air moving its way in. it looks like snow on the go
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beginning to pick up in the sierra so a winter storm warning goes until 10:00. i mean if you have to go now, good luck on that. 40s and 50s on the temps. a cool day. the main bulk of the system in southern california and town the sierra, kind of a showery, cold day with brief, heavy downpours and possible thunderstorms. any breaks in the clouds would help. i think we are in line for thunder shower activity today and even patches of fog out there, but more likely late tonight and tomorrow. one more day of active weather today and a lot of fog in the nights and mornings over the weekend. the system on monday will not be as strong. >> all right, steve. time now 6:18. new snow in the sierra the morning. 2 feet of snow fell in the higher elevations and tahoe got almost a foot of snow. our favorite reporter brine hickey live in new canyon now. it is really -- brian hickey live in new can don now. did you build your shelter --
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in new canyon now. did you build your shelter yet? >> reporter: well, i am sad to report the christmas lights hanging are have come down! i have to look up the maker on those. the lights worked 24/7 for years but now they have expired! well, up here this morning the wind has died down to next to nothing. at blue canyon it is 32 degrees with a good, steady snowfall. very light traffic up here. caltrans did a great job overnight, i will not say clearing the roads but grooming the roads because they are still covered in snow but it is easy travel if you are prepared for the wintery conditions up here. what a sight. this is more snow than we had all of last year here at blue
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canyon so hopefully this will be the norm for the season. last year it was mostly sand here, so the good news is we have snow here and hopefully it will keep oncoming. and this is just a foot-and-a- half at the base. i can't wait to hear the snowfall totals at the top. will it be great. >> thank you. >> brian, steve paulson has to talk to you about the snow up there. >> brian, the blizzard warning was canceled but winter storm warning until 10:00 a.m. >> reporter: excellent. i saw we will see clearing tomorrow. it may be a great weekend to come here and do a little snow play, or bring the surfboards as you saw yesterday. >> that was incredible. >> i will bring you some lights. >> reporter: leds!
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let's go green. >> thank you, brian hickey live at blue canyon. appreciate it. >> the blue canyon newsroom. >> right! at 6:30 a look at the increasingly dangerous conditions at a major river in the north bay and when people could be forced out of their homes there. >> yes. and is it better to buy or rent. a big question and the result of the study that may actually surprise you. >> this is the nicholas family out of guam. we would like too say happy new year to all the nicholass in oakland and san francisco, california. happy christmas. merry christmas. >> happy new year!
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. welcome back to the morning news. time 6:24. the head of the california highway patrol in the bay area is defending what an undercover officer did when he pointed his gun as protestors in oakland. this photo taken by a bay city news photographer shows the chp officer holding the gun sideways. the chp says two undercover officers mixed in with a crowd of protestors, but when someone outed them as police, protestors started attacking them. at one point one of the officers pulled out his gun.
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>> he drew the weapon to identify himself. >> it was excessive. when you take police who are not accustomed to the situations like this, bad things are going to happen. >> now the chp says the mission of those officers was to keep protestors off the highways. the alameda county district attorney is reviewing the incident now. in washington, d.c. a large group of african-american congressional staffers staged a protest right on the steps of the u.s. capitol about the police killing in missouri and new york. they raised their arms in the hands up, don't shoot gesture used by demonstrators around the country. the organizers say the congressional staffers wanted to do something in support of the national protest against police aggression. well, the senate is expected to vote today on a $1.1 trillion spending bill to avoid a government shutdown after the house approved the bill just before midnight last night.
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that was supposed to be the deadline, but since house approval came so late the senate was given a 48 hour extension to take up the measure. democrats object to some republican add-ons in the spending bill, but no one wants to see a government shutdown. the pass many would fund most government agencies through next september. the american dream shows owning a home is more affordable but not because house prices are still falling. zillow says homeowners earning an average monthly income will spent 15% on their monthly mortgage but renters spend on average 3330% of their mcon -- average 30% of their income on rent. and business pages called call to action help facebook users. there are as many as seven buttons on each page that make it faster for users to play a game, watch a video, use an
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app or contact a company. it will start showing up on business pages in the next few weeks. it is now 6:26. a trip to grocery store turns to the worst. what forced people to turn back when trying to shop in the east bay. >> and steady water continues to be an issue after yesterday's storm. a major thoroughfare in petaluma closed in both directions. we will tell you how long it may take before the road will reopen. >> weather related problems now persist especially because of standing water. we will tell you more as the gait gait traffic looks -- golden gate traffic looks good. >> and look at the rain off the morin san francisco area. we will have a closer look at that coming up #
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. well, good morning and welcome back. we are live in petaluma. people are still dealing with flooding there after huge flooding from yesterday's storm. we have ktvu's alex savage live from petaluma showing us some of the damage they are waking up to this morning. welcome to ktvu morning news on 2 on this friday, december december 12th. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. welcome. things are looking better this morning than yesterday. >> yes. but in windsor and petaluma, well, raining there again. let's get right to it. thank you for all the rainfall information. i can't show too many this time but i will in 12 minutes. look at the line there. i would say 20 minutes to a half hour away continuing to
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march east from san francisco to south san francisco, pacifica, and over the golden gate bridge. the general rain is also here with the colder air moving over the warm ocean temps, showing a little sheer of instability and thunderstorms are beginning to form or at least try to off of the san mateyo santa cruz coast and san francisco. a lighter rain to the north picking up in intensity. cloverdale to windsor and lake county, as well. south of that not too much but a little around petaluma and parts of morin county seeing some moving in. in the past 24 hours quite the rainfall totals. take a look at these numbers. redwood shores had 7. vallejo 4. oakmont and kenwood 6.35 and cobb mountain 9.25. we are keeping an eye on the
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snow line there. it will be a chilly day. not too much in the way of sun breaks. showers and possible thundershowers. will it be a chilly day with highs in the 50s. i think the thunderstorms bear watching. they are already forming there and it is still very early. things are changing fast here. >> is there a difference between thunderstorms and thundershowers? if i want to know. >> well, no. >> good. good. i learned something. >> when you say a shower that sounds like it is not that bad. when you say a thunderstorm then you have lightning, thunder, possible hail, you can get more severe weather. >> thank you, steve. always an education working with that fellow there. let's go out and take a look at the commute now starting with the east shore. 80 westbound not a bad commute. more cars on the road and looking more like a normal commute than yesterday when it
6:33 am
because ghost town but for good reason. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with an earlier stall. things are finally recovered. the drive time is 30 minutes to san francisco with no rage issues. on the peninsula the flooding southbound 101 near the sierra point parkway may have led to an earlier crash in the area that is gone. being the careful driver that you are, you will stay out of the right lane or use 280 to 380. 63:003. back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. many bay area roads are still dealing with standing water this morning. while conditions are getting better from yesterday's storm, it is still affecting a lot of things. ktvu's alex savage is joining us now live in petaluma where one roadway along highway 101 is still a mess. >> reporter: good morning. we have rain still falling here in petaluma. at the height of the storm yesterday the water was at least a couple feet deep in this neighborhood behind us.
6:34 am
now you can see it has receded quite a bit overnight, but still enough standing water that petaluma boulevard north is shut down still in both directions right at 101. the concern, obviously, is the hazardous driving condition that is this poses for people who would be passing through this area so the road remains closed right now. this area got overwhelmed by the rain yesterday and on top of that, the petaluma river not far away overran its banks, as well. this is what things looked like in the early evening hours at high tide. many people were caught off guard by the rising floodwaters and how quickly they rose. people and their pet are with seen wading, trying to get to higher ground. we saw firefighter driving through the neighborhoods, as well, checking on people and seeing if they needed to be rescued. one people tell me their house was swamped by rising flood waters. >> around christmas time, all our presents and trees were
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getting wet. it was frustrating and scary. we can't go home and have to find somewhere to live. >> reporter: all the rain led to a number of rescues in this area. a dozen people working in a industrial part of petaluma were put on to rafts and some of them were loaded into high profile trucks in order to get home because the waters rose so fast. again, petaluma north off of 101 remains shut down in both directions because of all the standing water in this area. crews tell me it could be several more hours here before the roadways reopen. live to you in the studio, i am alex savage. and the russian liver's bridge there, the guerneville bridge, expected to overflow today after a day of all the rain. flood stage is 32 feet but water levels are expected to
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hit 35 feet, probably flooding homes and businesss in the low lying areas. people in that area have been advised to leave that area. a safeway store in san jose is closed indefinitely after part of the roof collapse from the all the rain. it happened yesterday afternoon at the safeway at east capitol expressway near silver creek road. a 50 square foot section of the roof came crashing down. fortunately there were very few customers inside the grocery store because of the big storm and there was just one minor injury but the roof collapsing caused tense moments. >> you could hear it. it was loud. it sounded like thunder. i felt a lot of adrenaline going and going. i just had to call 9-1-1 and freaked out. >> well, firefighters fear the roof now could cave in and san jose safety inspectors have red- tagged the building until they are certain it is safe. in oakland two, families are wondering what to do next
6:37 am
after a retaining wall collapsed and damaged their home. yesterday's unrelenting rain caused the ground to shift on blandon road. a retaining wall collapsed and slid right into the side of the house below. the uphill neighbor who owns the wall says she has been concerned about its stability for about a year. >> you could tell it was shifting and moving. i had been telling the city i believe there is water coming from somewhere with all this pressure. >> city inspectors yellow- tagged both of the homes and are trying to figure out what to do next. pg&e shut off natural gas service to one of the homes because debris is crushing the gas meter. for now the homeowners have been told to find other places to stay. in wine country, soggy but trying to dry out. look at this in the napa area,
6:38 am
the napa river reaching the 16- foot flood stage, but we are told the water levels there are now falling. in santa cruz a boy suffered a broken arm after a huge tree crashed down outside his school. a photographer for the santa cruz sentinel took this image of the firefighters. they had to use chain saws to get the boy out. this happened at gateway elementary school. a worker says the wind blew over an 80-foot tall cyprus just before school started yesterday. the 11-year-old boy was pinned for 15 minutes and rushed to the hospital as soon as he was free. a young girl was hit by the tree and suffered scrapes. after the incident the school was shut down for the day. time is 6:38. many bay area school districts canceled classes yesterday but will reopen this morning. several school districts will stay closed today, including novato, santa rosa and healdsburg. many other districts in hard- hit sonoma county will be closed, too. sonoma and south san francisco
6:39 am
have also canceled classes, however school is opened in san francisco and oakland. this morning the power is still out to how thousands of people in the bay area. right now 3,400 homes and businesses are without power, including 1,400 in the north bay. there is also about a thousand in the east bay that have no power. about 500 in the peninsula and the south bay. only 10 customers have no power right now in san francisco. these numbers have dramatically gone down. at the peak, 151,000 customers in the bay area had no electricity. now, we will keep an eye on things and have update the preallottage numbers for you all -- updated power outage numbers for you all throughout this ktvu forecast. a viewer took a picture of this fire sparked by a blown transformer yesterday in san francisco. youtube video shows a plume of smoke rising near union square. 90,000 homes and businesses at
6:40 am
one time had no power. dozens of traffic lights went out along with power in stores and hotels around the city including union square, the financial district, pier 39, the marina and richmond districts. many shops are planning to reopen this morning after losing a day of business. fire crews in san leandro worked under a steady stream of rain as they battled a fire at a building on williams street not far from i-880. crews were able to put out the fire in only 30 minutes and not much damage has been done to the building, but there is still no word on how the fire started. police found the body of the owner of a home yesterday afternoon around 4:00.
6:41 am
the ten understand has been arrested. police believe the two had a heated argument before the shooting occurred. a woman was found unconscious wednesday at the livermore mall parking lot, suffering a major head injury. police are now asking anyone that may have seen what happened to please come forward. investigators say the woman is from arizona and that she came here to the bay area on business. they don't know how she was hurt, but witnesses reported seeing a white, four-door sedan leaving the scene about the same time she was discovered. 6:41 is the time right now. it has become a bit of a crime tradition. but bart is offering holiday shoppers to feel safe with something new, coming up. >> and more damage from yesterday's big storm. now we are getting word a tree fell down on to a building in union city. ktvu's tara moriarty is on her way there now. she will bring us a live report
6:42 am
of the damage as soon as she can get it to us. >> and we are looking at a commute that is okay in the pleasanton area. we will tell you more about 580 and other east bay commutes when we come back. >> and we are seeing rain picking up here in intensity and coverage. look at the line off of morin county? san francisco. more coming up. ♪
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. i said wake up, wake up, and nothing happened. >> yes. you saw it. a car drove off the road, crashed into a tree and then went down into the lake. a man off to the side of the road saw what happened. he went into the water, got a hammer and started pounding and smashing the window. >> i broke the window, popped the lock, opened the door -- that is when the water started rushing in. i acted fast, popped his seatbelt off and put my arm under my shoulder and swam and got him out of the car. >> he got the 92-year-old man out but he wasn't done yet. the man wasn't breathing, so he had him on shore and started doing cpr and brought the man
6:46 am
back. he revived him. he says he doesn't want people to call him a hero. he says he was just in the right place at the right time. the time is 64:005. speaking of being in the right place at the right time, our storm watch coverage in the bay area continues. ktvu tara moriarty is in the east bay. you just arrived in union city where a tree crashed down on a residential facility. tara? >> reporter: yes. this is an incredible sight. it is so dramatic. a huge eucalyptus tree came crashing down on this care facility. this was over in the creek bed, sort of a flood area. i guess this soil simply could not support this large of a tree. it came crashing down into two bedrooms, narrowly missing two elderly people who are living here. the tree went doo two different bedrooms at the same time. we are trying to get inside a little bit better to show you just how close it came to the
6:47 am
bed, but luckily the people inside were okay. there are about five to six people we are told that are in this residential care facility. they are all fine. one is across the street at another residential care facility. alameda fire responded to the scene and say another tree is in danger of collapsing. it is kind of leaning to the right. everybody here is safe and sound but a dramatic morning here in union city. >> we will talk to you later. tara moriarty live in union city. thank you. >> day mazing. >> yes. wow! well, now, what is going on on "mornings on 2"? >> a new embarrassment from sony stemming from the hacking scandal . private emails screen between the company's co- chair and big time producer have gone public and more on
6:48 am
the inappropriate comments about president obama and what was said. >> and if you are having a tough time waking up, a lot of us working this early shift do. this is a new app called the social alarm clock. it gets you woken up by a complete stranger. we will explain how it works. sound as little odd. those are stories we are working on for "mornings on 2". now back to you for the morning news. >> thank you, we will see you then! we are wide awake. and sal is right here. you are watching highway 24 and everything else? >> that is right. we are noticing more people on the road, dave and pam, than yesterday. with good reason yesterday because people just didn't want to go. but today is a normal stormy day or whatever. i don't know if it is stormy -- we will ask steve about that. but more rain expected but still a better commute than yesterday. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza there is a pickup
6:49 am
there of 20 to 30 minutes. on the bridge itself it looks good get into san francisco. into the rest of contra costa county it looks light. not a lot of slow traffic. remember, the maps turn red on the roots where -- routes where there is stop and go traffic. the only red i see is in richmond in west contra costa county. 6:49. sal, you said do you want to do -- do what? what do you want me to do? >> a live picture of blue canyon. thank you in the control room. i appreciate that. look at the snow there,. >> yes, sal? >> while you are doing this i will figure out if there are chain requirements. i should have done this earlier. >> there are, pam? >> yes. in el dorado county and 80 middle class tore truck you. >> yes. and down to 4,500 feet. >> it is a team effort, sal. team effort! >> right.
6:50 am
thank you, sal! there was a little rain there in the tahoe, truckee line. this is called banding. we don't see this often. you can see that sometimes you are getting very cold air over the warm sea surface temperatures. the unstable air mass is beginning to work its way in and the possibility of thundershowers is associated with that, not only with that line but later today. to the north we are seeing rain begin to pickup. this looks like rain, or as we say a general area of rain, nothing too heavy. cloverdale, 101 to healdsburg and windsor with rain. around morin county it looks like a cell there is beginning
6:51 am
to work its way in, as well. kind of hit and miss here. 24-hour rainfall totals, take the area most interest to yourself. novato 8.5. in greenpoint an observer had a friendality the western edge of novato with 11 inches of rain. i believe that. novato was right there -- i mean it poured. that was the main area with the heaviest rain there. antioch and sunnyvale had 4.06, which beat mountainview and moffett which doesn't happen all the time. i mean, you don't see 3 to 4 -- look at all the consistency on these rainfall totals. incredible. when was the last time it rained all day and half the night. i couldn't tell you that.
6:52 am
40s on the temps in the sierra right now. look at these temps. brentwood and pittsburg all in the 40s. a cool, cool pattern. will it be a cool day. 49 in sacramento. 47 up in eureka. the coolest lows we have seen in a long time. here comes is cool air sweeping in. it is lifting, lifting over the coastal hills and they will see more brief, heavy rain. but these will be more of a showery nature. but there is still the possibility of thunderstorms coming in. 50s on the temps. very cool. some areas near average but below for most. showers possible, thundershowers. if we see the rain get heavier, they could look to be bereave heavy downpours and thunderstorms. >> but dying down for the weekend. >> you got it!
6:53 am
microsoft, the latest big tech company to start accepting bitcoin. it can be used to pay for apps and other digital content for windows as well as games for xbox. >> all right. the time is 6:52. a heartbreaking story, one that ignited a big debate about the definition of death. a year ago today jeremiah mcmath was declared brain dead. now more on the update of the 13-year-old in oakland and the struggle for her family. >> and up next. 12-13-14. more than just consecutive numbers. the troubles couples across the bay area will have this weekend. ♪
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. welcome back. the time now is 6:56. you are looking at video of the pacifica pier where high winds and waves have been battling the area since yesterday morning. >> and a couple of california high school students who skipped school to go jumping off of cliffs are lucky to be alive. the two teenagers were part of a group that went to the sunset cliff in san diego yesterday. they jumped off cliffs into the
6:57 am
water but the strong waves pushed them back over the rocks and actually left them stranded. lifeguards used a crain to rescue them. one boy was -- used a crane do rescue them. one of the boy us was placed in handcuffs. we are not sure why, but they were returned to school eventually. well, 12-13-14 is last sequential date we will see for all of 20 years. as you may imagine, it is a big date for weddings. ktvu spoke to one couple looking forward to this unique date. >> she picked the date because it sounds really cool, 12-13- 14, and i should never forget that date, so it made perfect sense. >> daniella and caesar have been planning their wedding on board a luxury yacht on the san francisco bay since last september. they picked a date that caesar's son could be with them and when they figured out 12-13- 14 would work, they jumped to
6:58 am
book it. the fact that the date falls on a saturday also adding to its popularity. i guess a hundred or so couples are getting marryed in vegas tomorrow. >> their wedding will be a perfect 10. >> awe! coming up next, team coverage after the big storm. the rain and wind has finally let up, but flood problems are not over yet. >> also, scary moments at a grocery store in the south bay. find out what happened after the big storm. stay with us. we will be right back. price gu. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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gate division flooding continues to be a problem here in the north bay after the huge storm. we'll show you some of the damage around here and we'll tell you about a major roadway. there are scary moments for supermarket shoppers in the south bay. what happened during the big storm. we have live coverage of the powerful storm pounding the sierra. what you need to know as you plan to head to the lake tahoe area. we're live in san jose getting all giddy inside for the san jose tradition for more than 25 years. we'll tell you what christmas in the park is all


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