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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 12, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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gate division flooding continues to be a problem here in the north bay after the huge storm. we'll show you some of the damage around here and we'll tell you about a major roadway. there are scary moments for supermarket shoppers in the south bay. what happened during the big storm. we have live coverage of the powerful storm pounding the sierra. what you need to know as you plan to head to the lake tahoe area. we're live in san jose getting all giddy inside for the san jose tradition for more than 25 years. we'll tell you what christmas in the park is all about.
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mornings on two starts right now. . 7:00. we are live this morning. check this out. a lot of standing water and people assessing the flood damage. allew savage is -- alex savage is there. why people are still worried the flooding may get worse even though the rain has let up. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about wealth and traffic. steve paulson said don't put the umbrella away yet. >> it is coming right in quick. there is a line off san francisco punching in right about now that is punching in heavy rain appeared lightning and thunder. right on the marine coast. looks like it split and go right over the bridge off san francisco toward the san mateo coast and off santa cruz. it is picking up the intensity.
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tibia ron looks like it is stretching back. nothing too heavy yet but the line is just beginning to move on shore and also right santa cruz coast it is moving toward the monterey peninsula dipping south. it has been a lot of dripping rain. just general rain. cloverdale, it has been picking up in coverage. some of the rain totals in the last thishours. incredible amounts. east janet rosa 7.67. heaviest one day total in nine years i think that's what you said kevin. redwood shores, valleo over four. that is incredible. oak mond, cobb mount and lake county have five and a quarter. area rain fall is just the least amount percentage wise is santa rosa at 16. the most is mountain view. 155%. san jose is 200 % of normal with more rain coming in.
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that will go tohundred %. finally dip below 60s but 60-degree water itemps and the cold air coming off is going to feed into possible thunderstorm development right . brief heavy rain coming in. it will be a chilly day today so keep that in mind. snow in the sierra. winter storm warning until 10 a.m.. they'll get pretty good show to 500 feet as well. showers, clouds, possible thunder showers and 50s on your temperatures. things are picking up here. >> we're seeing more slow traffic. today might be a worse traffic day than yesterday even though the stwoorm yesterday because more people are on the road. we'll show you the san mateo bridge is crowded and it will be raining as steve said like a normal rain day and not like storm-mageddon yesterday. the traffic is backed up to a 20-30-minute drive. nothing too bad on the bridge itself. we're looking at contra costa
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county. the road sensors aren't showing a lot of show traffic. it is looking okay on 680. 7:03, let's go back to the desk. the bay area is starting to dry out. we're still seeing some showers however, we're feeling the lingering effects of yesterday's monster storm. alex savage is live where usually busy road near 101 has been closed for hours because of all of the standing water behind us. >> that is the problem. we're still waiting for the waters to recede here in this part. many roads remain closed this morning. you can see someone behind us, here. they just ditched their suv during yesterday's massive storm because of on the going boulevard. north, right behind us remains shut down in both directions this morning morning. this is what two looked like
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this evening people were caught off guard and the river went over the banks many of them were guided by firefighters to nearby shelters where they remain for the night we caught up with one family who's whus swam swamped by the water. >> 45 minutes later, the garage, an hour later, right here. is it in your snous. >> not yet. most likely it wi. >> as the rain kept falling there, were rescues in the area as well. about a dozen people who were working in an industrial part were put into rafts or loaded into high profile trucks in order to get home. they simply could not drive home from work because of all of the standing water. as we bring you back live to a live picture, you're looking at some of the work crews here, they're working, waiting for the water to go down in this area.
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in the meantime. this major though fair remains closed. we'll send it back to you. >> hats off to the crews that have been working extremely long and soggy hours to keep things moving. we'll check back for an update. thank you. it is 7:06. the safe way supermarket is closed indefinitely after the rain caused the roof to collapse. it happened yesterday afternoon at the safe way on east kolt sxresz way near -- east capitol expressway. a section of the roof came crumbling down. fortunately there were very few customers inside the supermarket at the time due to the big storm. there was just one minor injury but the roof collapse caused very dense moments. >> you could hear it. it was wa loud. it just -- it was loud. it just sounded like thunder. i felt a lot of adrenaline going and going and i just had to call
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911 and just freaked out. >> firefighters now fear the whole roof could cave in and san jose safety inspectors red tagged the building until they're certain it is safe. time is 7:06. this week's monster storm caused incredible scenes you rarely see here in the bay area. take a look at this. this is berkley, that is the roof of a car that is barely above water. it is one of three cars that went under water after the under pass flooded along ashby avenue near interstate 80 in berkley. the people who live in this area say this part of ashby often has standing water even on a dry tay. >> this under crossing is wet july 1st. there is always water under it. so i don't know why anybody would try to ride through it. >> boy. the highway crews worked well past midnight to get the cars out of here and reopen that under pass. >> that is an amazing picture. bay area airports are
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getting back to normal after the big problems tied to the big storm. the duty manager at san francisco international tells us there are only nine cancellations this morning. that is a huge improvement over the more than 250 cancellations at sfo yesterday. no major problems are expected at the two airports in oakland and san jose. however, you should still contact your airline ahead of time before heading off to the airport this morning. in the meantime, many travellers heading to sfo may be hungry as they wait for their flight. a strike by 1,000 airport workers. they walked off the job over job security and healthcare. the strike impacted the vast majority of the airports restaurants at the peak of the storm. the workers are expected to be back on the job tom. barts annual safety escort program will be under way tomorrow. it is helping curve crime
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against holiday shoppers riding bart back to oakland from san francisco. there were supposed to be escorts betweenand 7:00 this morning but oakland police say the escort program has been cancelled tonight due to anticipated protests. we are trying to find out when the escort program will begin. time is now 7:09. we can smile because juan of the south bay's -- because one of the south bay's holiday events is christmas in the park and one of my favorite people, ryan flores is live at the park where community groups are invited to perform for the people there. and you're right there. >>reporter: you're one of my favorite people, dave. good morning, everybody, we're live here, christmas at the park, park and market here in san jose. the crown jewels right here. 60-foot tree here at the park this morning. lots of things to do here for the entire family. i have to tell you. i have a 4-year-old and a
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2-year-old. my wife text me saying we are going to this and we are sometime this weekend or next weekend. let's bring in jason miske. executive director for christmas of the park. what is new for the event. >> this is the 35th anniversary. we pulled out all of the stops we brought in a few more displays, new programs, partnership with habitat for humanity where we have company that's build the ginger bred play houses around our tree. we're exited to have it here. >> obviously a lot of people were going through this. was there any damage to any of the rides? were you able to hunker things down. >> we didn't really have any problems. things got wet obviously but for us, rain is a catch 22 in that people don't come out in the rain but it keeps everything nice and shiny and clean and the trees last longer. other than it being wet, we didn't have any problems. >> i have a 4-year-old and a
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2-year-old. what tips do you have for families that want to come out. >> try and arrive kind of late in the afternoon. come about 2, 3:00, look at the park during the day. enjoy everything, all of the displays, the animations during the day go to a local restaurant or visit one of the vendors for dinner and then come back at night and enjoy everything with the lights on and it fully lit up. it is two different experiences. >> give us hours and times and more importantly, how much does it cost. >> sure. we're 9:00 a.m. to midnight every day including christmas eve, christmas day, new year's eve, new year's day and christmas in the park is free for people to come. we have santa here every day. visits are absolutely free. >> lots going on here in san jose this morning. thank you so much for meeting with us and turning on the lights. it looks beautiful out here. open every day including christmas eve, christmas even up to new year's day. 9:00 a.m. to midnight. it will be a wonderful event
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this season. back to you. >> before you go. that is really beautiful, where is that? what is the address? i mean, i want to go. >>reporter: we're on park and market. jason, is there an exact address for where people can go. >> plaza to cesar chavez park. that is where it is located. they're expecting thousands of people. come out it is awesome for the entire family. >> you can't miss that tree. thank you, brian. it is 7:12. we will cover our storm watch coverage of this day after the big storm. you'll see what happens outside a residential care facility just hours ago. up next, we'll take you live to the sierra. it is really snowing. just how much will they get? and how dangerous will the drive up there be? good morning, we're looking at a commute where traffic is getting busier in some areas and beginning to rain. look apt the richmond bridge approach. we're seeing slow traffic get onto the scombroon it is beginning to rain because we have a line moving on shore
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right about over the golden gate and marine county in san francisco. a break today but we're not done with the rain yet. more coming up.
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. it is 7:14. yesterday's storm created some unusually big waves at lake tahoe and some surfers didn't hesitate to take advantage. this is video of surfers actually riding waves on the lake. you see that picture there. the huge waves. high winds turned the normally calm water into ocean like swells. some as big as seven feet. waves only happen like this every few years or so. the water temperature, about 50 degrees. >> that is wild. bay area skiers. you may want to head to the sierra. a lot of of snow on the ground, two feet of snow fell in the
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higher elevations. tahoe got about a foot. our reporter brian hickey live in blue canyon. it is coming down where you are, man. >>reporter: it is coming down here. that surf video makes me kind of cold. the snow here this morning, absolutely awesome. we're at the 5,000-foot level. you can see where cal tran has done a good job of grooming the road. good travel after the blizzard warning expired. the snow is falling straight down. we have a couple mile visibility here looking up interstate 880. the drive over the mountain, if you're comfortable with winter driving conditions, not bad at all. we haven't seen any major problems. it is going to be a great day to get up to the resort especially this weekend with sun in the forecast. i've been looking around the some of the web cameras kirk wood, i saw ski parole getting on to lift six. sugar bowl has a foot and a half at the base.
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i haven't seen the upper model numbers yet. looking around here, you can see the snow here. blue canyon, 8-10 inches. this is more snow than we had all of last year out of any storm at blue canyon. this is a good start. i don't want to jinx it. everything looking good here at blue canyon. we could ski here. we can ski at the resort and the blue canyon newsroom has survived another season. i built this thing eight years ago. we're trying to do the math on that. it is still here but my christmas lights aren't working this year. they finally gave up. >> i'm promising you, led lights for the news tloom. >> all right. i'll get to work in here. i'll take the old ones out. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. it looks warm in there. >> it does. it looks koezty. is good to see all -- cozy. it is good to see all of the snow. that will make a dent in the snow. let's check in with sal who is
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hard at work. it was an interesting day yesterday with traffic, such a heavy rain but not a lot of cars on the road. >> yesterday there weren't. today we're back in business as we speak. there are a lot more vehicles on the road and i was just thankful that yesterday a lot of people did stay home because if we were to get these conditions with people in the usual crowds we would have seen a lot more dangerous, possibly deadly situations. today, not quite as bad. people are on the road. westbound 24, pleasant hill road, yesterday it was like, well, virtual tumble weeds. today there are cars on lafayette to the way to the tunnel. same things goes when you get to the toll. there were four cars in the picture and it was raining hard. it is not raining there now and the trafks is moderate into san francisco. i do want to mention in the east bay. traffic on 880 and 580 looking good as you drive-thru. we did have a couple of minor things going on in the east bay but nothing major just yet.
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there was a minor accident here on 580 to 980. 7:18. let's go back to steve in the weather center. i want to mention that chains are required if you're thinking of making a drive to tahoe on 80 and 50. it is cheaper if you get them here and it is also cheaper if you know how to install them yourself. >> if you have a good job, make a lot of money, pay somebody. >> i agree. >> if you want to. i understand. although i should add that up in bridge port, our observer kelly at 7,100 feet said what snow? it is getting there but yesterday was our turn. it was a very warm sector. the cold air is just now arriving. jim just wrote me and said where is our thunderstorms the cold air is arriving now. i try to answer each and every one. it is on its way. cold, unstable air and motion
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sense will help. we're getting rain here right over san francisco now. right around sunset district. richmond and toward marina and over the golden gate bridge. look at the line right off of south san francisco down along the san mateo coast. there is a line if you're getting heavy rain, sunset district. there is moderate rain when you see that over the golden gate. that line is moving in right there. also, off the santa cruz coast it is taking aim but it wasn't to favor the monterey rather than the coast. you're standing right in front of it. three and a half inches of rain. some of the areas around guerneville look like they're lighting up. wind sore, clover -- windsor, cdale. guerneville.
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88 and a half. nevada, 8.50. our observer said he knew an observer who had 11 inches of rain. nevado seemed to be the mother ship for the rain yesterday. adjacent cruz mountains, four and a half. san bruno eight and a half and sunny vale had over four inches of rain. whatever location you are, you can take a look and see how much you probably had. they were all around 3-4-5. santa rosa five. santa cruz didn't get as much. r. north bay took the honors fremont. three, livermore three. san jose 3.39. everyone was close. water temperatures are warm. 59. the colder air coming over the relatively warmer water and a little sheer, lift, could trigger thunderstorm activity. a lot itself will probably collapse but it is still there. 40 is's 50's on your temps. it will be a cold day for
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december. cold day. cold in the seeair yes for some. winter storm warning is out until 10:00. we'll get a line of thunder shower activity. we'll get bright. this afternoon we'll see it popping up. we need a little bit of sun even though we don't get much. after tonight things will favor the monterey area. things will call down tonight into tomorrow. there will be a lot of fog tomorrow. possible thunderstorms today, especially if we get a few sun brakes. it is under -- sun breaks. it is under 50. fog will be the main story for today and the weekend. it will not hold a candle to what we just had. >> it will just be plain old. >> and the rain we had yesterday is now in southern california. >> it is flooding down there. >> they're getting the power outages too. >> thanks. a transformer fire right by san francisco's busy union square during yesterday's big storm. we talked about it. coming up in 20 minutes, the power outages we are still
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seeing this morning around the bay area. how the head of the california highway patrol in the bay area is defend whaeg this undercover officer -- what this undercover officer did during a protest in oakland.
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. the head of the california highway patrol in the bay area is defending the actions of an undercover officer who pointed his gun at protesters in oakland. a photo, taken by a bay city news photographer shows the undercover chp officer holding a silver gun side ways. two undercover officers mixed in with a crowd of protesters wednesday night but when someone outed them as police. protesters began attacking them. at 1 point, 1 of the officers drew hi. >> his life was in jeopardy. he said chief, i don't know if
7:26 am
i'm going to live through this. >> when you take police who are not accustomed to situations like this, bad things are going to happen. >> the krefk hp says the mission of -- chp says the mission of the officers was to keep the protesters off the highways. the alameda district attorney is reviewing the incident. time is now 7:two. the u.s. senate expected to vote today on a $1.1 trillion spending bill to avoid a government shut down. the house approved the bill just before midnight last night. that was supposed to be the deadline, but since the house approval came so late, the senate has been given a 48-hour extension to go over. the democrats oppose some of the republican add ones in the spending bill but no one wants to see a government shut down. the final passage will pay for most government agencies through next september. one of hollywood's most powerful executives now apologizing for remarks she made in e-mails that were hacked and then made public.
7:27 am
the last year sony executive amy pascal was e-mailing a producer when she wrote racially charged statements about bama. she called angelina jolie a minimally talented spoiled brat. 7:27. there is a new app that lets you wake up to the voice of a complete stranger. the wakie app was created back in 2011 but now it is finally making its way to apple app store. the craters call it the social alarm clock. here is how it works. you set an alarm through the app. you get a call from another user and if you're in the mood to be the waker and not the wakie. you can do that too. the length of the call is limited to one minute and callers will not have access to
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your phone number. the theory behind it is you're more likely to get up out of bed when a stranger tells dwru do it rather -- you to do it rather than when you have a friend too do it. police are investigating a homicide. who tle believe is -- who they believe is responsible for killing a man in his house. we're live in union city where a 90-foot tall tree collapses in this residential facility. a little bit of wet weather is hitting the golden gate bridge. traffic is looking good as you drive-thru. we'll tell you more about the bay area bridges when we come back. well, rain is moving in. a possibility of heavier showers, maybe thunder showers later today. you can see a system moving in. some scattered showers bit not the widespread rain we had yesterday. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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eucalyptus eucalyptus ub limb dis. 7:31. we're live in union city. that is an enormous tree that toppled on to an elderly care facility nearly killing some people inside and as you can see it has done a lot of damage. ktvu tara moriarty is there. she will tell us about the harrowing moments when the tree came crashing down and somebody has a big project ahead of them cleaning that up. it will become more of a problem
7:32 am
even though the rain subsided. the roots are weak. there might be more of this to come. welcome back to mornings on two. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic real quick. it is chilly. it looks like it will rain any minute now. >> it is on its way. real quick here. let's look at river levels. this is on the russian river they just sent me a picture. 17 feet. i saw 19, forecasted 20. i think it hit 20 but it is receding a little bit. see the debris up above. flood stages 23. russian river at guerneville. expected to hit 3.7. that is above -- 34.7. that is above flood level. thanks greg for the information. thanks to each and every one of you that sent us information here. look at that line over san
7:33 am
francisco. christie field, looks like north beach, over the golden gate bridge and san mateo coast. some of that can be brief heavy. no reports of lightning or thunder but the potential is there today. up to the north over guerneville things are lighting up. up to oxy, and parts of santa rosa. kathy wrote me and said why don't you mention pen grove. if you send me information i'll be happy to mention it but bengrove by the way, maybe getting rain. there is another line headed toward santa cruz. looks like the monterey bay. amazing amounts for anywhere around the area today. yesterday was just incredible. cobb mountain over nine inches of rain. east santa redwood shore is seven inches of rain. vallejo for pacifica.
7:34 am
5.75. half of that fell in an hour. oakmont which is kenwood highway 12. 6.30. incredible amounts. we're getting a break but the coverage is expected to pick up a little bit. if we get sun breaks. that would help development of thunder showers. 40's, 50s. it will be a cool, raw day. snow in parts of the sierra but a winter storm warning goes until 10 a.m.. some areas are getting slow. others are not. we don't have anything, or not much at all. we'll get a few thunder showers and things will wind down. tomorrow looks fine except for fog. there will be a lot of fog. showers, clouds, pochy cloud -- patchy fogs. here is sal. >> and right now, we're looking, steve, at still some slow traffic. i was trying to say storm activity. but it is a little bit of rain moving through. this is 80 westbound at the
7:35 am
mcarthur maze. a 25-minute drive. when you get to the toll pinellasa. the traffic is better than it was awhile ago. there is a lot more room and friday some people are not going and yesterday a lot of people didn't go. but traffic is still slow on the span. on 101, the bay shore freeway. x from san francisco and into south city it is slow. we had flood inning some of the outside lanes. the problem is 280 is slow out of daily city out of san bruino. both heading south are not really good. if you know some other ways, perhaps el comino, you might want to think about that. at 7:35, let's go back to the desk. we are still on storm watch. in fact it was a close call this morning for people living in an elderly care facility in the east bay. ktvu tara moriarty joins us live from union city where a big tree came crashing down on their facilitys. >>reporter: this was a miracle actually and i don't know which is more dramatic. the video that we have from
7:36 am
inside or the video outside. you can see this massive eucalyptus tree came crashing down on the residential facility a little after 4:00 this morning. it narrowly missed two elderly folks who were sound asleep at the tiechlt you can see that the tree was lit -- at the time. you can see that that the tree was literally inches from two sleeps people. you can see the sheetrock crumbled. it is an absolute mess inside. 5 or 6 people living inside at the time made it out safely and one of the elderly people were taken to the hospital for observation. the other transported across the street but we're told that they really didn't have a scratch on them. caretakers say they heard what sounded like a bomb. >> he said like when they sleep, he heard a big sound, like a bomb, suddenly, when he came out, he saw it fall down in the
7:37 am
. >> now crews told that you say this tree is probably about nine stories high and it sits on a creek bank that has been known to flood before. in fact, the tree next to the one that fell appears to be leaning. if we can pan over to it it is leaning to the right. there crews arrived on scene to take a look. they'll be cleaning up this tree and perhaps trying to decide if this other one is stable. now, none of the neighbors we noticed have evacuated yet but that could obviously change if this other tree is in danger of coming down. live from union city, i'm tara moriarty. back to you. 7:37. many bay area school district that's cancelled classes yesterday are open this morning. but several school districts will remain closed today. they include nevado, santa rosa and heels burg. other areas in hard hit sonoma will be closed.
7:38 am
school is in session in san francisco and oakland. we just received an update from pg and e on updates on outages. they went to 500 right now. there is one hz homes and businesses in -- 1,000 homes and businesses in the north bay. 800 in the east bay. 400 in the peninsula. 300 in the south bay and all service has been restored in san francisco. a ktvu viewer took this video of a fire sparked by a blown transformer in san francisco yesterday and also this youtube video shows a plume of smoke rising near union square. more than 90,000 homes abdomen businesss in san francisco did -- and businesses in san francisco did not have power. dozens of traffic lights went out including union square. the financial district, peer 39, the marina and richmond district. many shops mroon opening this morning after losing a day of
7:39 am
business. a man is in jail accused of killing his landlord. police found the landlord's body yesterday afternoon inside a home on nevada street. they arrested his tenant who lived in the garage of the house after a stand off that lasted into the night. homicide detectives believe the two men had a big argument the day before. today is marking a solemn anniversary for the famil jahah mcman. she had ton sill surgery. her family fought with the hospital in the court trying to keep her on a ventilator. a year later, she is still connected to feeding tubes. in what her family is calling a home environment in new jersey. she is watched around the clock by her mom and her stepfather. her situation is still heavily debated. the doctors say there is no evidence that patients who are brain dead could ever recover.
7:40 am
however, a brain research foundation says researchers found electrical activity in her brain and they say blood is still flowing to it. monday is the deadline for people without health insurance to sign up through covered california and avoid paying a penalty. anyone who signs up by monday will have coverage starting january 1st. the penalty goes up next year for people who don't have health insurance. this year, the penalty was $95. next year it goes up to $325. covered california is a market place in california for health insurance under the affordable care act. open enrollment continues through february 15th but to avoid a penalty, you have to sign up by monday. it is 7:40, 12, 13, 14. that is tomorrow's date and it is significant for some people because it is the last consequential date we'll have
7:41 am
for the next decades. we spoke with one couple looking forward to the unique dates she picked the date because it sounds really cool. 12/13/14 and i should never forget that date. it made perfect sense. >> daniellea and cesar have been planning their wedding on a yacht since last september. they had to pick a date that cesar's sun could be with them. when they figured that 12, 13, 14 would work they had to work fast to book it. >> we had to pay an additional fee because of this date. we wanted this date so i said we were going to pay this fee. >> the date falls on a saturday is also adding to the popularity. one venue says it expects to perform well over 100 ceremonies tomorrow. and if you're wondering when the next consecutive date is it will be january 2nd. 2034 or 1, 2, 3, 4.
7:42 am
7:one. we've all thought about it and wonder why it hasn't been added yet. a facebook dislike button. coming up in the next hour of mornings on two, the answer right from mark zucke. ♪ [ music ] ♪ . >> all right. well, the song is one thing but it is actually national ugly christmas sweater family day. how the janet fe sharks and some of the viewers are getting into the spirit. we're looking at a commute where traffic is still pretty heavy in some areas including the approach to the richmond bridge. coming up. we'll look at that and the rest of the commute. it is sweater weather. temperatures in the 40s and we'll have 50s for a high. we have more rain coming in. we'll show you that on radar coming up on friday forecast.
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. 7:four. if you're still in your jackies or have time to quickly change. we want to let you know that today is national ugly christmas sweater day. this is the day to pull out the holiday sweater you got from your grandma or aunt or it might be an excuse to buy the christmas sweater. sam cook is in the studio to show some of our viewers who are embracing national ugly sweater day. i have a couple of these. >> i didn't want to call them ugly. they're very crazy sweaters or, yeah, they're loud. why do we have national ugly sweater day. you may be asking. well, i was researching it a bit. it was started to bring the fun back into the holidays especially for people who have turned into very serious grown ups. this is the day to be a silly
7:46 am
kid again. we want to show you some of our silly kid viewers. quite a sweater. i just want you to pay attention to the detail. there is little ginger bread. lights on the sweater, you turn around. she completes the ensemble with a bow and clara from the nut cracker ringlets to complete the look. >> kendra sent us this. the whole family went to see santa in their crazy christmas sweaters, crazy cat. check out the kids pants and bow tie. one day he will say why did you dress me up like that. and mckayla sent us this. she has a friend, the jeweler, makes awesome custom sweaters complete with lights and the sports name with the san francisco 49ers, the san jose sharks are silly kids. they jumped onto the trend and are taking things to a whole new
7:47 am
level. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ the sharks released a new song. the whole video features players and sharks broadcasters. the nhl is selling ugly holiday sweaters this year, including one for the sharks which has become a very big hit with the fans. i'm so glad that ugly christmas sweater day was not yesterday. they would be covered up by raincoats. you can see many new photos on the facebook post. i want to see you actually out and about. you have to go public with it. not just hiding. >> don't just jump in front of the camera. >> if i am going to work christmas morning i'm going to wear an object knoxous sweater. -- obnoxious sweater. we want to check in with sal who has been watching the commute
7:48 am
the east shore freeway is getting more crowded. it is not raining hard nd you can tell by looking at this picture it is looking pretty good here in emoriville and berkley. and you can tell it is kind of drying off but there is a little bit of a delay. more of a delay today than yesterday even though it was raining harder. more people on the road today. also at the the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic here has lightened up since we went on the air. it was very slow earlier and now things are lightening up. take a look at the peninsula where there is heavy traffic out of san francisco heading down to the airport but if you think 280 is an alternative, not so much. it is back all the way down to san bruno. perhaps to the airport is allow an extra 20-30 minutes if you can. 7:48. let's go back to steve in the weather center. >> i want to give nevada and petaluma an award for not rain. >> they really got slammed up
7:49 am
there. gary, who i know, sent me pictures. he said this is a farmer's field. it is flooded. people are sending me pictures. there is a lot of rain. 5-11, some reports from pet petaluma. i know the russian river as well but i continue to get a lot of information about how much rain they had and believe me. they had a lot of rain. we do have some rain moving on right there over the golden gate. san francisco looks more ominous than it is but there is more rain wrapping in. so some of this could in fact be moderate ralt to heavy. occasionally -- moderate to heavy. occasion cleechl get thunderstorms embedded in that. you can see that there, kind of light stretching towards alameda and oakland and up towards guerneville. rush river over to windsor. i mean, rain totals, anywhere from 5-9 to the county lake. lake koichl got hit really hard
7:50 am
as well. i should add that as well. nine and a half inches of rain and off santa cruz coast you can see the line moving in as well. over towards monterey peninsula and even highway 17 so things are still very active here. we have this cold unsettled air moving in. guerneville. eight and a half. nevado, eight and a half and there were reports of 11 inches of rain from our observer lou. catastoga five. there were totals higher than this. san bruino. chris richardson,.50. antioch, and sunnyville.06. any area you pick had 3-5 inches of rain. 4.45. concord, livermore, san jose. three, morgan hill three,
7:51 am
redwood city, four and a quarter. i didn't get a report of 3.33 up at highway 29. salvador. a % of normal. they're 146%. san francisco, 155. san jose is almost 200 % of normal. most of yit is 222. -- moffitt is 222. near 60 degrees which is unseasonably warm and you take a cold pool of air and lift and that is providing the emphasize for the shower activity. maybe thunder shower activity. it is cold out there. 40s. cool air finally arriving. we'll see how the winter storm warning goes but all areas aren't getting all of the snow. things will pick up a little bit later this afternoon. there will be one more band and then after that we'll see things turn more to the northwest which can favor san mateo but that will be tonight into early
7:52 am
tomorrow. showers, clouds, patchy fog. possible thunder showers. 50s on your temps. very cool on the temps. today we get some of the cooler air spilling in today. it will be a chilly, chilly day. fog will be an issue on the weekend and we'll deal with another system on monday. not as strong or windy but it looks like more rain. >> we need all we can get. >> all right, steve. time is 7:51. triggering outrage. coming up in the next hour on mornings on two. how the head of the california highway patrol in the bay area is defending what an undercover officer did at a recent protest in oakland. we're searching for the best holiday displays. livermore home that people volunteer to help decorate. we'll find out how it was impacted by yesterday's storm.
7:53 am
♪ at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ female announcer: sleep train's is ending soon!or 3 event! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, free set-up, and free removal of your old mattress, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ...guaranteed!
7:54 am
♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . this little girl from michigan wants the huffington post to check its list twice. this is 7-year-old ella.
7:55 am
she is upset because her name ended up on the top of the website's list of children's first names that most often appear on the naughty list. ella says hey, i'm not a trouble maker. she never got coal for christmas. she wrote a name demanding her name be taken off that list. >> hi, i'm el la. i would like to tell you that the bad behavior child that s lying. number one on that list was my name. >> she has -- >> she is wait to hear back from the huffington post. those publisher people. it was supposed to be a light hearted people. it was put together by the educator people. they looked at the names that were the most and least rewarded at school for good behavior. >> i'm glad i didn't see tori on that list. >> i'm sure david was. 7:55. well, we, we're still searching
7:56 am
for the bay, searching the entire bay area to see who is decked out for the holidays. we asked our viewers to share photos and video with us you have to see today's entry from livermore. this photo was posted to the ktvu facebook page. this is an extravagenza. it is the deacon daves house of the christmas. >> he has been decorating his home for 32 years. he used to decorate saint michael's church but not everyone approved so he decided to start decorating his own home instead. >> i'm loving deacon dave. here is video of the breathtaking display from his website. every year he chooses a different theme. this year the theme is childhood christmas memories. it takes you back. 15 volunteers help him plan it and put up this display and they warn you, if you only drive by, you won't even begin to see what
7:57 am
is inside the gates. >> it is just like light anywhere. >> the display it was actually closed last night due to damage from yesterday's huge storm. we were wondering about that. but they hope to get it all repairs and back open tonight. >> there is something else. there is a coin toss on the property. all of the money collected by the coin toss it goes to a nondenominational charity. >> it looks like disneyland or something like. that this is an interesting question. if you're wondering how much the bill is, he never tells a soul, but he always makes sure he is sitting down when he opens the bill. not a small one i'm sure. >> surprisingly, we have not received many entries from our viewers in the south bay. so i'm officially calling you out. janet clara county wlshgs is your holiday -- where is your holiday spirit. >> post your photo or video to the facebook page or tweet us
7:58 am
using the #todeckthehalls. >> we'll send our crews out to check out the top displays. then you'll get a chance to vote on your favorites. we'll tell you who wins the title and the bragging rights of having the bay area's best holiday display. >> looking forward to seeing more of those. at 7:58. more news coming up. putting the brakes on a crime deterrent tradition for bart riders. the special holiday service that will not be on schedule tonight. we're looking at traffic that is still very slow if you're driving in some areas but it has improved in many others like here, 280 at 17. we'll tell you more about the commute coming up. getting reports of rain picking up around pet luma. there is more coming in. a widely scattered shower day but maybe a few thunderstorms updates coming up.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. welcome back. live pictures, talk about drowning in a sea of concern. these are live pictures of a north bay community swamped with lots of problems. major problems after that big storm yesterday. flooding, roads closed. just part of the story of what is happening i petalum
8:01 am
petaluma. why things may get worse here even though the rain let up. steve is watching petaluma again. stay student tuned. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. quick look at weather and traffic joining steve once again and there is rain out there. >> there is still rain and it is starting to pick up. there are a few breaks in there. mark sent us breaks in clouds from pleasant hill. let's look at what is going on here. there are areas of rain on san francisco, marina district. it looks like the financial district. a little bit of rain stretching back towards kensington. point richmond and richmond as well. it is a sign of things to come. but some of the heavier rain is out of the north. things are starting to pick up just south of hills burg north of santa rosa and saint elena
8:02 am
things are picking up. some of these could pop up heavy rain. there are breaks there but plenty rain to the west and i think things are on the way. some of the rain fall totals i'm trying to get as many of you in on the totals. i have to update a few of those. i'm trying to get them as fast as i can. anywhere from three and a half to nine inches of rain. incredible. i still say they had some of the heaviest totals i've had. anywhere had from 3-5. concord, three, livermore, three. mountain view three. redwood city. three and a quarter. the rain fall performanceage, the least amount but 145 point is santa rosa. 155 and 195% for san jose. we're doing fine for now. the water temps and cold air coming over will continue to give us more rouds of scattered showers and a possibility of thunder showers. rain popping up again so it
8:03 am
looks like things are starting it get active again. >> yes. i figured out there right now that that crash we're talking about there on highway 24 is gone. i want to put the map up there. 24 there, was a crash there. and the, it is, you can see, well, the crash icon is gone but the slow traffic has become really bad all of a sudden. on westbound 24 coming up getting up to the tunnel and i asked joe to dial u highway 24 to see if we can see anything on the camera. 24 is not -- there it is. you can see for yourself. 24 is not doing well here because of that earlier crash. again, the crash reported gone but the back up remains. if this is your drive, give yourself plenty of extra time. next report, i'll figure out a drive time for you if you're driving this way. this is a look now at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is emptyle. some of you on 2may be coming to the toll plaza it is friday and some of you might de i'm
8:04 am
going to work from home. getting to highway 17, that traffic is light. let's go back to the desk. >> all right. thank you. there is still some rain this morning and many parts of the bay area are still feeling the lingering effects of yesterday's monster storm. ktvu alex savage is live in petaluma where a busy road has been closed for hours because of the standing water behind you. good morning, alex. >> good morning to you. there is a lot of flooding is a major issue in th petaluma. they're trying to clear the storm drains and get the standing water out of the. was as we push behind him there, is an suv just sitting right there in the flood waters. the driver just ditched it during yesterday's down pour. nearby, beyond us, a main
8:05 am
thorough fair. that is petaluma closed still because of the standing water. here is the problem they had yesterday. this is what things looked like in the early evening hours around high tide. many caught of guard as wears rose quickly in this area. people and pets waded through the water and many bream taken to shelters. firefighters drove through this community checking to make sure everyone was okay. we caught up with one family who told us the rising flood waters left them with a giant mess. >> all of our stuff is ruined around christmas time. our christmas, trees wet. it is frustrating and scary. now we don't know when we'll be able to come home or find somewhere to live. >> and all of that rain yesterday led also to rescues in this area. this was the scene in an industrial part of petaluma. an or so people had to be taken home from work on rafts or high profile trucks yesterday. they just simply couldn't drive
8:06 am
out on their own. as we bring you back out here to a live picture, you're looking at work crews working this morning along 101, excuse me, along petaluma boulevard which is closed again in both directions because of all of the flood waters in this area the waters receded quite a bit since last night. there was several feet of water last night. the waters are falling at this point. but i'm still told it could be another couple hours before this road is back open to traffic. we're live this morning. we'll send it back to you in the studio. all right. we'll check in for an update. thank you. 8:06, a safe way supermarket in san jose is closed indefinitely after the incessant rain caused the roof to complaps. it happened yesterday afternoon at -- to collapse. it happened yesterday afternoon at the safe way near silver creek road. a 50-square foot section of the roof came crumbling down. you can see it in the pictures. fortunately there were few customers inside the supermarket due to the big storm that was
8:07 am
just minor injury but the roof collapsed caused tense moments. >> you could hear it. it was loud. it just sounded like thunder, just boom! i felt a lot of adrenaline going and going and i just had to call 911 and just freaked out. >> firefighters now fear the whole roof could cave in and san jose and safety inspectors red tagged the building until they're certain it is safe. bay area airports are slowly recovering from that big storm. the duty manager says there are only nine cancelled flights this morning. that is a big improvement after more than 250 flights were cancelled yesterday. no major problems expected at the oakland or san jose airports but if you plan to fly today it is wise to check on your flight ahead of time. many travellers heading to sfo this morning. you may want to buy food before you go to the airport.
8:08 am
this is day two of a strike bythousand airport restaurant workers. they walked off the job yesterday after concerns about job security and healthcare. that walk out shut down most of the airport's restaurants right at the peak of the storm. the strike is expected to end tomorrow. well, bart's annual safety escort program won't be in effect tonight as was scheduled. the program is aimed at helping curb crime against holiday shoppers riding bart back to oakland from san francisco. there were supposed to be escorts like these men here from 44-7 this evening at the west oakland bart stations. it has been cancelled for tonight because of anticipated protests. we're trying to find out when the escort program will begin again. it is 8:08. facebook is considering giving users more options than just the
8:09 am
like button. ceo mark zuckerberg mentioned it during an online town hall meeting. he stressed there will not be a dislike key but he knows there are other emotions users want to share like sadness over the death of a loved one. when clearly a like button is not appropriate. an original apple computer that steve jobs built in his parents loss altos garage sold for $365,000 at an auction. that price fell short of the up to $600,000 they estimated it would sell for but it is a lot more than the $600 he sold the apple one computer for back in 1976. fewer than 50 original apple one's are believed to still be around out of the 300 originally produced. time is 8:09. if you're not in the christmas spirit yet, this will help. it is a san jose tradition for the past 35 years, christmas in the park has been entertaining families during the holidays.
8:10 am
they're doing it again. ktvu brian flores in san jose right now to show us and tell what is new out there this year. good morning, brian. >>reporter: good morning to you. yes, i have two kids, a 4-year-old an a 2-year-old and i can tell you that their eyes will light up when they see here. they have never been here. so excited too take them over the weekend they are live here. cesar chavez park in downtown san jose. you're looking at the christmas tree here at the park. there are quite a few things new here this year. these are just a few of the sights and sounds. it is more than a san jose tradition. this is a bay area tradition. they were gracious enough to turn on the lights for us, give us a tour. several new displays including a gender bread house and a pet adoption display for larger
8:11 am
animals to be showcase for adoption. it is all about keeping with tradition. something that bay area families have been doing for years. >> i would suggest come early afternoon, enjoy everything during the daylight. go have dinner at a vendors or a local restaurant and then later on, come back after dinner and enjoy the whole event at night. >>reporter: and as you recall and we've been talking about, talking about yesterday's rain and windstorm. they didn't have any problems with yesterday's event. in fact, if anything it made the displays shiny and bright. christmas in the park is also voted last year as one of the top 10 christmas displays in the world by essential travel magazine as you take it back here live, you can definitely see why. christmas in the park is free fort entire family except for the cost of rides and food. there is plenty of parking but organizers say if you come this weekend, it might be packed because the weather is starting to dry out. there is a five k santa run that -- 5k santa run
8:12 am
that will be around the park. definitely come out. it will be a lot of fun for the entire family. back to you. >> that is beautiful. now, you talked about a 5k in the area. i can't let you get off tv without you saying you're running in a marathon tomorrow, right? >> yes. i am. >> very proud of you. >> thank you. thank you very much. it means a lot to me. i'm doing the walnut creek half marathon, 13.1 miles. >> wow. >> i've been training the past two months. the furtherest i've run is the 10 and a half miles. i'll be exhausted when i reach the finish line but i'm doing it tomorrow. >> get the strength back to take the kids back to the san jose christmas. >> thank you. it is 8:12. the troubles aren't over following the bray monster rain fall. 2 minutes away. an elderly care facility became the target of mother nature's
8:13 am
wrath this morning. one of hollywood's most powerful executives under fire. the hacked private e-mails targeting big star president obama. the movie that may have sparked this whole scandal. . we're looking at slow traffic on highway 24 because of an earlier crash near the tunnel. coming up, we'll give you the drive time here and also look at alternatives. cloudy, some breaks in the clouds, very few but more rain is moving through. we'll have a closer look at that and an update on the friday forecast and see what is in store for early next week for the next system.
8:14 am
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8:16 am
. the head of the california highway patrol in the bay area is defending the actions of an undercover officer who points his gun at protesters in oakland. a photo taken by a bay city news photographer right here shows the undercover chp officer holding a gun side ways. two undercover officers mixed in with a crowd of protesters wednesday night but when someone outed them as police, protest yefrs began attacking them. at 1 point, 1 of the officers dr. >> i support his decision to draw a weapon. he said chief, i didn't know if i was going to live through this. >> it was excessive. when you take police who are not accustomed to situations like this, bad things are going to
8:17 am
happen. >> the chp says the mission of the officers was to keep protesters off the highways. the alameda county district attorney is reviewing the incident. time is 8:16. one of hollywoods most powerful executives apologizing for remarks she made in private e-mails that went public after somebody hacked sony. amy pascel was e-mailing a film producer. she wrote rashlily charged statements about president obama asking if he liked african-american movies like "12 years a slave." it is expected that the company was hacked by north korea in response to the up coming comedy the interview. questions are being raised in hollywood about whether power couple brad pitt and angelina jolie may be falling out of favor. neither were nominated for the
8:18 am
golden globe awards. pitt starred in a warld war two movie furry. the golden globe snub might indicate jolie might not receive an oscar nomination either. it is important for they are to get it based on the tree life of a world war ii pow. >> it is a dramatic story. >> it is. >> and it is unusual that they both didn't get nominated. you're most likely to get a golden globe nod than an oscar. let's check in with sal. are you watching highway 24. >> that's right. highway 24. we do have, and i'm wondering if my camera is up here oc highway 24 westbound. but i don't think it is. we'll talk about how highway 24 traffic is slow approaching the lafayette because of the el earlier crash we had near the tunnel. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and the commute here is not all that bad.
8:19 am
it seems to have lightened up quite a bit. slow traffic on 880 northbound. look at the slow traffic coming up to the coliseum because of an earlier accident at 23rd. 580 is slow from before highway 13. as i go to steve here at 8:18. steve, there was storm damage to pebble beach but not just any storm damage. >> exactly. down on pebble on the 18th hole. right? >> that's right. check this out. look at that tree there. >> off in the distance. top left. this is a live shot here. one of those tree seas down. >> top left. >> i think we'll zoom in or take a closer look. one of the cypress trees. to the left. >> it came down in the storm and a lot of golfers including jack nicholas. they all know that tree that came down and there it is. this is a picture from someone who tweeted it out. i'm wondering if they'll fix the tree. golfers want to.
8:20 am
>> can you take a drop, that's all. it is a par five at 5:43. the boss, by the way, has played this course two times because he is a big time executive. that's all i'm going to say about. that let's move along. >> well, you know, the wind gusts, let's face it. the ground is saturated. i'm surprised there weren't more of it. boy, i'll tell you, the retweet read going through the roof. thank you. again, some areas getting rain again. it looks like today will be the last day. the system on monday might split so i wouldn't worry about that right now. right along the san mateo coast. pacifica. half moon bay as the cell moves on shore. it could be embedded thunderstorms. oakland, berkley over the golden gate bridge. san francisco, you can see heading over toward alameda as well. some things, maybe pockets aren't so bad but right around windsor. that is moderate to maybe heavy
8:21 am
as well back towards parts of the russian river. things are developing rapidly. there are brief heavy downpours embedded and lightning and thunder and off of marin. we're not done yet. you get this cold, unstable air moving in. pedaluma, the last place that needs more rain. they're still in line for some. i tried to get as many reports as i could. thank you for sending me the information. castro valley 56789.47. -- 5.47. redwood shores almost seven. pacifica, 5.75. that is incredible. thank you jenny in pleasanton four and a quarter and martinez had over three. three. there is one report of 11 inches of rain. this is more of a general rainers. see the cold air filtering. we get a few sun breaks it could provide a lift here. thunderstorms are in the mix
8:22 am
today. 40s and 50s on on the temps. very cool here. some areas will be hard pressed to get above 54 degrees. the system is forming a line here. maybe thunderstorm activity picking up along the peninsula here in the next hour. some snow here but i'll tell you it wasn't a whopper or anything for them. we took the bulk of the system and if i had to say between rain or the wind. i would go with the rain. it was an impressive rain system. here are 50s on the temps. 50s, cool for some and i don't see much change in the temps for awhile. after the thunderstorm activity, tomorrow, there will be a lot of fog. >> yeah. >> when that sets up it could be awful. i'm not sold on the system monday. we'll get a little bit but i think it could split or be light rain near the . >> flight delays because of the fog. >> maybe on the weekend. this is more of the inland fog. not so much sfo. maybe san jose.
8:23 am
>. >> you feel it out there. >> thank you. 8:22. southern california feeling the force of the storm that hit us in the bray yesterday. many people from los angeles to san diego have sand bagged their homes to prepare but this morning, mandatory evacuations were ordered for a community in the santa anna mountains because of a flash flood warning. more than a dozen homes from been damaged or destroyed. looking at amazing pictures here. a section of the pacific coast highway is closed because of a foot and a half of mud on the roadway and also, we found out about 50,000 customers in so cal are without power. the concern is where there have been wildfires because they have the mudslides and damage from that areas like landora that were hit. they made the people evacuate. no choice. >> all right. time is 8:three. i know you know fine wines. >> i know a thing or two. >> we're talking about wining and dining. advice for you live here on
8:24 am
mornings on two. to hopefully take some of the stress out of your holiday party planning. hillary clinton and a gay hook up app? after the break. we'll explain the unlikely connection. there's a legacy at raley's about having the best meat and the best produce. it's my job to start a new legacy, the best wine beer and spirits. we travel all over california and the world to find all sorts of new craft spirits, craft beers, small production wines. ♪ brews from mendocino, and the finest wines from around the world. at raley's, we're really into craft, so we enjoy and are excited about carrying those products in the store. ♪
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sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . time is 8:26. leaders of the gay hook up app
8:27 am
voted for the sympathier of the year. they hope that clinton will announce the hillary campaign. her camp by the way, has not responded to this vote. time is 8:26. ahead there, are a lot of engaged couples they have been looking forward to waiting for tomorrow's date for a long time. coming up in 12 minutes, the important behind someone's date. what they had to do to secure it as their bi. >> we're live in union city where a 90-foot tree comes crashing down on top of residential care facility nearly killing two elderly patients. we'll tell you how two firefighters were able to rescue them and you'll hear from neighbors next. we're looking at frank the richmond san rafel bridge. it is moderate. it is raining. that makes slow traffic. rain is picking up again.
8:28 am
not for everybody but for some and there is a really strong cell right off of el grenada. we'll show you that coming up. every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
8:29 am
8:30 am
. good morning to you. welcome back. we're live for a picture that is an eye popping picture. we're in union city. this tree toppled down on to this elderly care facility and almost killed people. it did a lot of damage. it will take a long time to clear this out. tara moriarty is there. she has been out there for a couple of hours. she will tell you about the harrowing moments when that tree came crashing down. good morning, thank you for joining us. friday, december 12th. i'm dave clark.
8:31 am
let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson is here. you're watching things develop again. >> off the san mateo coast. there are a few breaks in the clouds. some rain is picking up on radar. take a break from the rain totals. due west, seems to be retro grading or backtracking. we'll keep an eye on the line see if it makes the move off of the san mateo coast. something to keep in mind for later. general rain right over san francisco or over the bay bridge over to oakland, berkley. san leandro as well. linings seem to be form alleging here toward saint aleana. some could be rather intense and heavy. another area of concern will be that. the last thing we need is heavy torrential rain. but it could happen.
8:32 am
you can things popping up as well. petaluma, we're not done yet. the main core of the system is pushing towards the east now but this line forming off the coast will favor santa coast as well. we took the bulk of this which is down in southern california patchy fog out there. possible thunderstorms out there. highs will be cool, very cool with only 50s. rain is showing up already. >> it is raining hard where you just said. santa rosea. petaluma. there is a crash in the middle of all of. that driving south, not very good. as you know it is raping hard if you're watching us at home there. if you don't have to go right now, you probably shouldn't go. . lafayette to oakland, there was an earlier crash. it is clear but traffic is still
8:33 am
very slow getting up to the tanl. toll plaza of the bay bridge is not all that bad as you get there. traffic is going to be busy. san francisco, a little bit of rain northbound leaving the city. it is a mess in the south city because of flooding in some of the right lanes but 280 is not much better. we can look at the 880 freeway north and southbound. northbound is slow out of san leandro all the way downtown because of an earlier crash. it is slow at the bay bridge toll plaza as well. it is 8:33. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. we're back on storm watch and it was a really close call this morning for some people living in an elderly care facility in the east bay. ktvu tara moriarty joining us live from union city. a big tree came crashing down on their home. >>reporter: people who live here say that it sounded like a bomb went off. this tree was massive. crews tell me it was probably about 90 feet tall and there are
8:34 am
crews on top of the roof removing it branch by branch after all of this rain we had over the past 24 hours. the tree came crashing down on top of the home. it happened after 4:00 this morning on tree court. the tree was literally inches from killing two people who were both sleep inning separate bedrooms at the back of the residential care facility. alameda fire responded to the scene. firefighters were actually the ones who carried out the two victims. both are across the street at another care facility without a scratch. neighbors were jolted awake by the loud noise. >> i heard a large, like, thud sound, and then seconds later, the ground shook and my whole room shook. >> pretty scary. we were right next door. we're lucky. they were very . >> eight people, five patients, and three caretakers were inside the home at the time.
8:35 am
everyone again is safe. the eucalyptus tree sits on a creek bank that is known to flood before there is another one leaning there towards the right. the clean up crews are now on scene. getting ready to remove the tree and assess the other one. live from union city, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu, channel two news. thank you for the update. time is now 8:35. in the meantime, pg and e is making progress in getting the power back on to ooment of people -- on to get the power back on for a number of people. it is now 2,500. there are about 1,000 homes or businesses in the north bay without power. 800 in the east bay, 400 in the peninsula, 300 in the south bay, all power is back in san francisco. now, a ktvu viewer took this photo of a fire. this was yesterday sparked by a blown transfumer -- transformer in san francisco. youtube video, you can see a
8:36 am
plume of smoke. this was rising near union square. more than 90,000 homes and businesss in san francisco had no power yesterday. dozens traffic lights were out along with the power at stores and hotels around the city including union square. the financial district. pier 39, the marina and richmond district. many plan to be open this morning after losing a day of business. this week's big storm caused incredible scenes that you rarely see here in the bay area. look at this. this is from berkley, can you see the top of that car? it is one of three cars that were under water after the under pass flooded along ashby avenue right near interstate 80. people who live in the area say that this part of ashby often has standing water, even on a dry day. >> this under crossing is wet july 1st. there is always water under it. so i don't know why anybody would try to ride through it. >> the highway crews worked
8:37 am
until well after midnight to get those cars out and reopen that under pass. 8:36. alameda police are investigating the death of a pedestrian who was struck and killed by an ac transit bus. it happened yesterday evening at otis drive and grand boulevard. investigators say the man who died was walking in the crosswalk when the bus hit him. police have been talking to the bus driver to try to determine how it happened. today marks a solemn anniversary for the family of jahia mcmass. she was declared brain dead on this date last year after she had tonsil surgery at children's hospital in oakland. the family sudz the hospital to keep -- sued the hospital to keep her on a ventilator. she is hooked to feeding tubes. her situation is heavily debated. doctors say there is no evidence the patient who are brain dead
8:38 am
can ever recover. but a brain research foundation says researchers found electrical activity in her brain and that blood is still flowing to it. time is 8:37. several gun buy back events are planned arn the bay area this weekend. gun buy backs are scheduled in san jose, oakland, and san francisco tomorrow morning. gift cards will be exchanged for guns. now, you'll get a $100 gift card for handguns, rifles and shotguns, $200 for assault weapons. the buy back event started at 9:00 tomorrow morning. one will be held at pal stadium. in oakland it will be taking place at the youth up rising on mcarthur boulevard. in san francisco, at the san francisco police department, southern station, right there on howard street. 12/13/14. that is tomorrow's date and it is significant for some people because it is the last se kweshl
8:39 am
date we'll see for almost -- sequential date that we'll see for two de. >> she picked the date because it sounds really cool. and i should never forget that date. so it made perfect sense. >> she is a smart woman. daniellea and cesar have been planning their wedding on the san francisco bay since last december. they say they had to pick a date that cesar's son could be with them. when they figured out that 12/13/1 would work, they had to -- 14, would work, they had to jump on it. we had to pay an additional fee because of the date because it is so popular. the fact that the date falls on a saturday is adding to the popularity. one venue in las vegas says it expects to perform well o00 ceremonies tomorrow and in case you're wondering, because i was
8:40 am
wondering, what is the next? it is january 2nd, 2034. or 1, 2, 34. >> i have no idea what day of the week that is. >> so what if he forgets the day. >> he won't. >> okay. i'm just saying. time now, 8:39. boy -- he go off on his teammates. coming up, the rant filled with profanity and it was captured on video. we'll tell you why he was so angry. i broke that window, popped the lock, opened the door. >> they're calling him a hero, the dramatic rescue that saved the life of a 92-year-old man. ♪
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ [instrumental music] ♪ . it is 8:43. a large group of african-american congressional staffers stapled a protest on the steps of the u.s. capitol in reaction to the police killings in missouri and north bay. they raised their arms in the hands up, don't shoot gets picture used by protesters across the country. the staffers wanted to do something in support of the national protest against police aggression. time is 8:43. the u.s. senate expected to vote today on a $1.1 trillion spending bill to avoid a
8:44 am
government shut down. the house approved a bill just before midnight last night. that was supposed to be the deadline but since house approval came so late, the senate has been given a 48-hour extension to go over it. democrats, they oppose some of the republican add ones in the spending bill but nobody wants to see a government shut down. the final passage will pay for most government agencies through next september. nba super star kobe bryant had some really harsh words for his teammates on the la lakers. the lakers who were once mighty now have one of the worst records in the nba and kobe was captured on video calling his teammates weak and unmotivated. his rant was filled with profanity during this practice. at one point he called them soft like charmin. they responded. the popular toilet paper brand. they tweeted out and i'm quoting, you know in terms of
8:45 am
toilet paper, saying you're as soft at charmin is a good thing, in basketball, not so much. today is national ugly christmas sweater day. it is a day where it is okay to do your absolute worst when it comes to picking out what to wear. organizers encourage people to wear an ugly christmas sweater anywhere you have to today whether it is at school, work, a wedding or a party nd you're supposed to wear it all day long. the santa fey sharks are jump on the ugly christmas sweater trend and they're taking it to a whole new level. . >> okay. i was wondering, i think i think he said he looks sharp as cheddar. >> they released a new song about holiday sweaters and it
8:46 am
features the players and broadcasters. . nhl is selling holiday sweaters including one for the sharks which is a big hit with the wonderful shark fans. they love to wear teal. good color. you know what else is fun and popular during the holidays, food and wine. >> yeah. and for those of you stressing what to do or serve, troubles are over. pam cook joins us from the studio. >> how do you choose which wine to serve with which dish and how not to spend a for tune. sarah schneider joins us from new york. thank you for being here. >> good morning. it is great to be here. so tell me, i'm always wondering when i'm serving wine or bringing wine to somebody's house. should i bring red, should i bring white. does it matter what the meal is in bringing red or white. >> you know, there are rules for it, but throes old. you can break the rules now.
8:47 am
i would say the main thing to know now is that you don't have to break the bank to do this. there are affordable wines. we have wine competition every year at sunset magazine. sunset international wine competition and it sorts through aboutthousand wines and -- 3,000 wines and the affordable ones pop to the top. we have gold and silver medal winners that are u$25 and they are fabulous holiday wines and especially with pairings that we've done here. >> tell us -- show us your favorites. >> yeah. >> that is what i've got here. you always need a brunch wine. everybody needs a breakfast wine, don't you? here we have a poached eggs with smoked trout and potato hash. that is a wine killer with the smoke and the sulfer in the eggs but the breast wine going is
8:48 am
reesling from washington state. it has the sulfury side itself and links right in with the eggs and my other go to sparkler. it is one to bring to any holiday party because it is a good food wine. some think is it is only fo toast but this is an sonomo brute. it is a mix of charlotte nay and pinot noir. it goes with the beef filling in the empanadas we have here. and the little yeastiness and a good sparkler goes with pastry really well. i love that kind of combination. >> before you go, i know we have to let you go. i know all of this is in the sunset magazine. before you go, a lot of us here in the bray have crab instead of turkey or ham. what is your favorite for crab? >> crab, i have a new favorite.
8:49 am
it is el dorino from spain. it is from the northwest corner of the country surrounded by water and it is just a fabulous crab wine. a little brianiness in the wine -- brininess in the wine. crab is my go to family feast for the hospital days. >> and all of your wines -- for the holidays. >> and all of your wines are under $266. sarah schneider, wine editor of sunset magazine. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. i'm getting hungry now. >> i'm thinking of crab and wine. >> i'm still trying to get over a breakfast wine. i hadn't thought of that before. >> mimosa sometimes. >> time is 8:49. let's bring sal back. you're watching our commute this morning. everybody behaving for you? >> yeah. it is raining. it made it kind of hard in some areas it is raining and made it harder but nothing like yesterday. let's take a look at some of the
8:50 am
live pictures, pardon me, 880 is slow from 238 all the way up into downtown oakland. we had an earlier crash. 580 is slow from highway 13. looking at the toll plaza it hasn't been full strength. you can approach from 880 if you're a fast track user and not wait at all. it is moderate on the brinl. not especially -- on the bridge. not especially rainy on there. traffic will be slow on 24 leaving walnut creek because of problems near the tunnel. some of the rain and run off has really effecth russian river as we bring steve in here. you and i have been looking at this photo over the russian river, correct? >> first of all, we'll get to that quick. want to mention it is dumping in petaluma. this was taken 15 minutes ago from the camera now we'll take you back to november 1st from the exact same location. you can see, look at that. >> that is a big difference. >> a huge difference. so, and i think things are fine. but guerneville, flood warning,
8:51 am
it is going to get about 3.a seven feet and flood stage is 32. that was november 1st and you saw from 20 minutes ago. with more rain in the area. we have to keep an eye on this because of the last couple of places that need more rain is the russian river and near petaluma. i have to zip through this really quick. looks like rain is kind of picking up so let's get right to it. that is the information. watch this line that is forming here. right off of half moon bay. it stretches over parts of the peninsula around shellville. this is heavy rain also up to the north and right over the peninsula back over towards san leandro and oakland. and even up towards clover detail up toward saint aleana and toward the marin coast things are picking up over probably over montana as well. i'll show you the rain totals
8:52 am
you can take a pic wherever you want. absolutely amazing totals in the last 24-36 hours. north napa, six inches which is closer to town. hayward hills four. guerneville. eight and a half. five and a half. janet cause. oops -- santa cause. oops 2.23 in san jose. a record rain fall for the day. thank you. i can't remember your name but it was great information. that was on the san jose campbell border. antioch had 3-5. one last look and i'll toss it back to you. possibility of thunder showers. we have to keep an eye on that especially on half moon bay and near petaluma and russian river and parts in napa county. things seem to be popping up for you. all right. >> we'll keep an eye on. that we'll have more on two right after this. stay with us. the holiday season is here,
8:53 am
which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment
8:54 am
on select new volkswagen models.
8:55 am
. i was banging on the window. wake up, wake up. >> alton reacted quickly after seeing a car drive into a florida lake. he saw an older man unconscious inside, pulled the man out. the man wasn't breathing so he started cpr and revived him. he is not a hero, he was just in the right place at the right
8:56 am
time. that sounds pretty heroic . >> sal going to talk about traffic. i'm going to mention about the salvation armle. i heard from captain dan williams. the salvation army. they have 600 of the angels for the holidays to be adopted. they're doing good work and feeding and helping the neey. hayward and the salvation armle. they need your support so we just want to mention the good work that they're doing absolutely. >> and you are too. >> absolutely. they do great work. >> yes, they do. i want to mention something before we go off the air. there is a new crash on san mateo crash. that area has been messy anyway. a lot of standing water. someone just tweeted me saying it is very rainy in petaluma. let's go to some of the cameras we have to show you. northbound 880 traffic is slow coming up past the coliseum. we had an earlier accident there in downtown oakland. 580. i'm sorry. 80 at the toll plaza is
8:57 am
moderately heavy and 24 is heavy. you drive from walnut creek toward the tunnel because of earlier problems. dicey driving up there especially if you're in the north bay. let's go to steve. all right. thank you. some reports of pouring in petalum april. they had enough -- petaluma. they had enough flood issues. it seems to be drifting south but rain will pick up. possibility of thunder shower showers. more likely rain likely early afternoon. we aren't getting the widespread rain. there is more rain in areas that really don't need it. up to the russian river. guerneville. rain there. and saint a leana. . >> and the sierra. >> this was not a big deal for them. there was more rain here. some had 3, 4 inches of rain. it was a big deal for us, not them. >> and you said tomorrow, we'll keep an eye out for fog.
8:58 am
>> fog. the system on monday will be weaker but not -- it won't do as much but it might bring us rain. >> this isn't ove. >> thank you. that is our report for this morning. we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> watch channel two news at noon for all of the rain that is now falling on the day after the big monster storm. here is a live look at the bay bridge. a wet camera there. we'll ton follow the story. we'll have updates at 5 and 6. thanks for watching. have a wonderful weekend.
8:59 am
9:00 am
an entertainer decides to switch up his act. >> let me give it a shot. >> this time it was definitely a show stopper. >> dude tries to reach a cat struck in a tree for two very cool days. how sweet sugar finally got down. >> it's a mother/son debate over a big mess. mom can barely keep a straight face. >> give her credit. >> a seafood counter


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