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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 14, 2014 7:00am-8:31am PST

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test, test, test, test, test, test, . more protests are planned today after demonstrations have thousands of people filling bay area streets. we will tell you about the arrests and to keep it peaceful. the father of michael brown is scheduled to speak in san francisco today. more on the mets san jose he will deliver. >> box the presents and we will have details on when you need to get them in the mail if you want them to arrive in time for the holidays. mornings on two starts right
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now. . it is december 14th. 2014. i am claudine wong. >> good morning, i am mike mibach. it was nice while it lasted, the sunshine, and break from the weather. we will turn to rosemary right now. the break is coming to an end. going to be dry today and mostly cloudy and rain is moving back into the bay area. we will take a look at what is happening outside the door this morning. we have a look at the by bridge. and we have this on the way up and we have again. a lot of overcast sky. >> back to the radar in storm tracker two. and eventually we will see the rain move in. and by about eight, 9:00 this evening and i will show you that in just a bit. >> here is the rain line back here. >> still a few miles off the coast. it is working its way closer to us as we go throughout the day.
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it is going to be about this. partly to mostly cloudy skies. and sweep over the bay area. and ahead of the next rainmaker. in and around the bay area, dealing with fog. not as bad and widespread as yesterday with the stretch to napa and concord and livermore. be aware if you are stepping outdoors this morning. take a look at some of the numbers. 51 in san francisco. and 42 in walnut creek and for santa rosa. >> last one is half moon bay and we have 47 degrees for mountain view and redwood city. >> we get into the afternoon and partly cloudy and mostly cloudy skies. and 60 redwood city. vallejo, checking in. we do have rain on the way. i will have the timeline for you and how long it will last this time around coming up. thanks, rosemary.
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time now is 7:02 much we have the latest on the weekend protests in the area. they did arrest 45 people during yesterday ts marches and ile called the million march. they flew over the demonstration last night and people marched through downtown oakland. they were protesting the killing of unarmed black men by police. despite the large numbers, it did stay relatively peaceful and it started after the crowd dropped down to 500 people several hours later. they were booked on various charges with vandalism. failure to disperse and there were reports of small fires and smashed windows at a couple of businesses. group of protestors blocked traffic and it did prompt police to briefly shut down the tube. this was in stark contrast to the main march which happened hours earl hadier.
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that was peaceful enough to bring children with them. >> i am bringing my girls out and nephew out so i can give them this experience and let them see what is happening in the world. they can build their own voice and have their own power. >> now, the afternoon rally was called a million march. it was also in new york city and washington d.c. >> they plan to walk across the bridge today. they held similar demonstrations in the past. including the last war in iraq. and they wore orange prisoner jump suits to protest guantanamo bay. >> it starts at noon on the san francisco side of bridge. they will hold a rally advocating human rights and calling for the killings of unarmed african-american men by police. they took part in the million march in san francisco. and officers walked right
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alongside demonstrators. they reported no problems. public defender finding the conference saw the march and told ktvu why she joined in on the spur of the moment. >> a ridiculous system with unarmed people can be gunned down. no one held accountable. how is that justice. in america. >> to the march, they were brought in for crowd control and they left on the spot. deputy police chief told us they did not know the overtime they caused for san francisco. oakland has spent more in police overtime due to the recent protests. the death of michael brown did spark many of the recent protests. brown's father will be in san francisco today to speak at the third baptist church. allie rasmus is there. do you know what michael brown
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senior is expected to say? >> he will deliver message about race relations and his perspective on the american justice system and to keep the movement going and to keep it peaceful. michael brown senior is scheduled to speak today in san francisco and scheduled to happen this afternoon. he is flying in to washington d.c. and took part in the rally and took part with the 25,000 people who marched. they are demanding changes to the criminal justice system and the way police officerses are held accountable. michael brown senior is the father of the michael brown junior. the man was unarmed when he was shot and killed by darren wilson, a police officer. the grand jury decision not to indict wilson for his death sparked protests and demonstrations across the country. at the rally, michael brown
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senior thanked the crowd. >> we love you all. we really do. we love you all so much. back out here live is the third baptist church. this is michael brown senior is going to be speaking to congregants. and people coming to the service at 4:00 today. they just turned the light on. and we will go inside. and they turned the lights on in awhile. they will talk to us more about the event and ask them why michael brown decided to come to san francisco and speak to the crowd here. we will have more later on in the show: there will be quite a few people there in the afternoon. thanks for the report. >> about 70 people gathered for the demonstration. and staged die-ins at the shopping center. . >> you are looking at video
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that sparked protests with the this. this included as you can see from the video. protestors lying on the floor of a forever 21. demonstrators did want to express this message during the busy holiday season. in is in ferguson, missouri. and there was a shooting of andy lopez that happened in october of last year. protestors are planning what they call a day of silence. stop posting from noon today until noon tomorrow. organizers say it is a nationwide 24 hour moment of silence for victims of gun violence. new york university culture frof of professor said they have played a popular role and and chants include i can't breathe and social media has not allowed anyone to become a
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leader while feeling connected to the larger movement. today marks two years since the sandy hook school shooting in newtown, connecticut. a memorial is now being constructed to honor the lives lost that day. >> adam lanza shot and killed his mother before driving to the school and killing 20 churn and six educators. san jose, oakland. and san francisco held gun buy backs this weekend. they were collected in san jose yesterday one person dropped off an assault rifle with a bayonet attached to it. the events was a success even though they collected half of what they did last year. >> these are neglected, unused. just sitting around. and the best way to get them out of the community and out of their arms is to come and turn them had into a gun buy back. >> they were given target gift
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cards worth up to $200. >> the weapons will eventually be destroyed. >> poases tall service is gearing up for the busiest day of the season. it will process about 607 million pieces of mail tomorrow. >> i will be adding to the list. >> the mail processing center alone will process close to 4 million pieces of mail. >> they are extending their hours to try to accomodate the rush. tomorrow, is also expected to be a busy day for fed. ex. this is the busiest day in the company's history. it will ship more than 22.6 million packages. they are projecting it will shift 299 million packages between christmas and knew year's alone. 49ers have not put up more than 13 points since november 9th. they dropped one to the oakland raiders and one before to the
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seattle seahawks. this time at century link field and especially colin kaepernick and 0-3 up there in seattle. kaepernick knows he is facing the champions playing the best at their seens son. >> defense is playing well. they do great things. it is good competition out there. you have to raise to the occasions. 49ers lost with the detroit lions win today and it would be mathematically over them. dogs are in missouri hoping to sweep the chiefs. they beat them last month for the first win of the season. silver and black are riding high from the 49er victory. 7-6 chiefs need today's game to improve their playoff chances. alex smith reports that quote. you can't get to the end of the
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line. unless we take the first step. >> that starts sunday. >> mornings on two will end. and stay tuned for the weekend. >> we will bring you fox nfl sunday. and then it is the seahawks and 49ers at 1:10. then the point after. >> you will watch a lot of football. >> not all of them. that game. busy schedule. they are stopping the warriors and their historic run. what their opponents are turning to. hoping to throw them off their game. sex education at a high school in the bay area. how they are using a holiday cookie to teach students about their gender. waking up to clouds and fog as well. by tomorrow morning, it will be scattered showers for most of us. there is timing on the next storm coming up.
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. three people were hurt after they were knocked off a jetty. you can see the conditions. pretty treacherous. it happened at 11:30 yesterday morning. a member of the air force was seriously injured and he was quickly picked up by a passing jet ski and taken to the hospital. campus police at u c berkeley are investigating a disturbing find linked to an ongoing protest about police brutality. cut out effigies who were lynched appeared on campus. i can't breathe were written on them. one depicts a woman, nelson, who was lynched in oklahoma back in 1911. campus police say for now, the vandalism is being treated as a hate crime. we have more kales on a
7:16 am
story we told you last month regarding sex education at a high school this lafayette. this was last month when some parents first spoke out about their disapproval. this is the sex education program. number of parents are expected to speak out again at a public district meeting. they said they are up set that the classes being taught by employees at planned parenthood have requested a preview of the course and the school has yet to respond to those requests. >> other parents say the biggest concerns are the methods and materials being used. one item is a sex checklist that asks students if they are ready for sex. another worksheet works to how to obtain consent. they are gaining ged by a gender diagram. and bread person. a spin on the holiday cookie.
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>> claudine wong, you have have -- claudine you have more. >> mike, we wanted to check in with viewers. so we asked them on the phase book page: do you think the school district is going too far. >> eric said the more informed they are, the less scared they are to talk about it and not hide how they are feeling. they will make better, safer choices when it comes to sex. >> and napa valley wrote it and said it is different than what we were taught in school. it needs to happen. raising open-minded and effective kids starts with raising them to not be fatherful or hateful. maybe more people will get the message that what ever you are, it is okay. less people will feel less normal and not feel ach shaimed. >> three of -- ashamed. >> these are in support of the sex education programs.
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they ended the two day strike. they walked off the job over job security and healthcare. it shuts down the airport restaurants. they have been working without a contractor for more than a year. they will meet with the restaurants to continue negotiations. pampered pets now have a place to go inside dia, denver international. >> parents for pause. and it offers 24 cageless dogs and cat care. they are available at dolphins, chicago and the denver resort. it has enough space to care for 150 dogs and cats. and even offer webcam access. they can keep an eye on their loved ones. >> pretty nice. >> i like the webcams. >> sometimes you drep your dogs off and you don't know what is next. >> so many things are next.
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i noticed today when i woke up at odark hundred. it was freezing in my house. i turned up the thermostat when i was leaving. >> it is beginning to feel like winter out there. we have a colder storm coming in. levels will drop to 4,000 feet. we will take first things first and we will go outside. and look over parts of the east bay. winds are light. and not russelling the tree around at all. >> we have fog -- russelling the tree -- rustling the tree. this is on the cool side and we will be mainly dry for today. can't rule out the possibility of an isolated sprinkle. coming in ahead of the system. this is the line of rain. way back in here and going to take all day. >> you notice we are picking up a bit of moisture ahead of it. >> mainly dry conditions for today much. >> moving in late tonight.
7:20 am
overall, temperatures on the cool side. we will get to the numbers in a moment. >> we all know the overcast conditions. as we get into the cf noons, we see breaks and it is now in sunset and it is continue minutes before the 5:00 hour. >> light scattered hours beginning to move in. and we are still mainly dry. >> daylight hours are going to be mostly cloudy cool. >> rain moving in late. and it begins to move in. it swings through while we sleep and monday morning commute could be a wet one. this is over the north bay. they have pulled back a little bit. and earlier runs had the morning drive just soaked. >> but as we get into monday afternoon, the rain is still falling. monday morning commute. and monday evening. and we have rain in between. you will need umbrella for municipal. >> as far as amounts. looking anywhere from three quarters to an inch.
7:21 am
to an inch and a quarter for urban areas. and pick up 2 inches as well. >> it will turn breezy. >> no advisories in place and not like what we saw on thursday k. >> definitely going to get did you say wet. >> 40 degrees. and 49 for oakland. and for the afternoon today. >> mid- to upper 50s. and 61 for berkeley as well as san francisco. and 61 in fremont. >> 61 san jose. and the expended forecast with the second half of the weekend in view. >> enjoy today. if you haven't put up the holiday lights. plane get the tree. you will be doing it in soggy weather with rain in the forecast for monday. and scattered showers on tuesday and thursday. >> stop. > >> do we see dry after that? >> after the week after
7:22 am
christmas. we will have dry. we will get breaks throughout the week. it is looking little bit more wet than dry. >> i had to redo my holiday decorations. >> so much better now. >> they are locked in. thanks, rosemary. >> you got it. looking for higher ground. they impacted a bay area animal shelter and what they are hoping happens today. >> sea of red in san francisco. how it is designed for drinking and having fun is also helping local children this holiday season.
7:23 am
7:24 am
. the family who lives there has been lighting up the block
7:25 am
since 1999. that is a pretty impressive display. this year. they used. can you guess? 170,000. >> 80 homemade decorations. 11 different breakers. and it took 537 hours to put it all up. it is a little down and out out there. >> hundreds of people dressed and they are in christmas spirits yesterday. and for the pub cruel. >> -- pub crawl. >> it kicked off with some music and little bit of dancing in san francisco's union scare. >> groups big and small went bar to bar and they encouraged them to bring a gift to donate to the san francisco toy drive at union scare. >> santa loves. it is a big part of the city.
7:26 am
it is a mini breakers and brings the city together. >> people are hopeful. >> there are some rules required of the participants. they are not allowed to harass the bartenders. and any children in the area. this marked the 20th anniversary for the san francisco santa con. >> i love the event. people who are not dressed.  >> reaction from tourists down there. >> well, we are searching the bay area. you have heard about the contest. who is decked out for the holidays. we asked you to share your photos and videos with us. >> it is from melissa coburn and one for all you giants fans out there. >> this is the family house in upper lake, california. >> they are celebrating there with the banner there. >> world giants championship. flag, ornaments. and it wouldn't be complete without the bobbleheads.
7:27 am
>> if you are all decked out. post it to the facebook page. and this is hashtag deck the halls. we get closer to christmas. >> we will send crews out there to check the done displays. then we will vee veal who wins the title and bragging rights of the best holiday display. >> my tree is the same. a possibly head. >> i forgot to put the bobblehead out there. >> all right. fans were on the edge of their seats. tense moments for the golden state warriors. they continue their historic run. >> mainly dry cool day for your sunday. i am tracking rain. what you can expect for the afternoon. when the rain is going to arrive coming up.
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another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ . thousands of people march across the bay area calling for justice in the killings of pliek kill brown and eric garner. and why these are different than the ones that broke out last week. good morning, i am mike mibach. >> good morning, i am claudine wong. if you are thinking how nice it was to get a break from the rain, enjoy it while it lasts. we have a couple of hours left. >> i would say 12 to 14 hours. we will see the onset of rain.
7:31 am
it will stick around. giving you a look outside the doors right now. >> cloudy. little foggy and we are dry. i am not going to rule out the possibility of a few sprinkles pulling in. we will wait until tonight with the more substantial rain that moves in. >> storm tracker two. >> here is the rain lying back and brings us widespread showers between now and then. we have the clouds ahead of the system. partly to mostly cloudy sky ses. not as widespread or dense. it is still interest. anywhere from four to seven. 9 miles of visibility. >> napa. concord, livermore. take it easy if you are out and about early this morning. you may need the warmer coat. >> 47 degrees in concord and 46 degrees in livermore. around the area. checking in on 51.
7:32 am
chilly one. and 46 outside your door in san jose. we get into the afternoon temperatures. in and out of clouds. >> 63 in oakland. 68 in san rafael. and -- santa rosa. and for tonight, the rain begins and it is not going to stop for a few days. >> thanks, rosemary. >> we know they are planning to march along the golden gate bridge today. they will gather in the south bridge later today. >> it follows several protests. and we will begin in oakland. this is the scene here in oakland. police estimating 2500 to 3,000 people this the downtown area. for the millions march. protesting the killing of unarmed black men. >> it was very busy throughout the day. what police told us. by 5:00 and 10:00. they are calming down and i don't know if it was going. way to come down and broken windows and some small fires.
7:33 am
that is mostly after the main march was over. >> like in previous marches, it happened after the peaceful stuff occurred. we did learn that there were 45 people arrested for charges of failing to disperse and for vandalism. again, for oakland here. take you over to san francisco and show you what went over in san francisco today. very peaceful march here in the city by the bay. the plr from the ferry building. went down market street. all the way to city hall. >> take a look at this video. this is one other tactic they used to keep it peaceful. there are police officers franking boat said. you see the one line there. and now, you can see from this shot. a better view of both sides. they were brought in on overtime to make sure that happened. they still don't know how much that is all going to cost. and oakland has already spent
7:34 am
3 million on ot. >> it is walking with them. and seen them in different streets and alleys. i hadn't seen them walking with them. side by side. >> one the officers said they will take a look. and they are analyzing the best way to do this. and work with their partner agencies and determine if this is a good strategy and other agencies can employ and there is mutual aid going on. >> they centered around the desks of eric garner and michael brown. >> there are others that have drawn criticism. >> this is a protest on you tube. >> staging a die in in santa rosa. and this is the floor of the forever 21 store. >> they were protesting. ferguson and new york city. also 13-year-old lopez was shot and killed by police in santa rosa in october of last year. that was definitely a part of their protests.
7:35 am
in oakland, we saw the mother of officer grant. black lives matter, brown lives matter. white lives matter. >> there is a picture of officer grant. she said we have to work together and the protests like this are necessary. she called the system open. he was shot and killed after the they said they mistook his taser for a gun. there will be more today starting at the golden gate bridge and -- michael brown
7:36 am
senior is scheduled to speak. >> he is going to speak at the third baptist church. hi, allie. >> hi, claudine: this is 30 minutes ago. >> reporter: they are getting the sanctuary ready. michael brown senior will speak at 4:00. and the church is expecting a fairly large crowd. and there is a lot of preparations underway and michael brown senior is on his way from washington d.c., that's where he was yesterday at a rally and demonstration at the nation's capitol. and he spoke to a crowd of 25,000 people who attended. across the country, they are demanding changes to the criminal justice system and the way they are held accountable in ways that they are killed. >> michael brown senior is the father of michael brown junior. >> he was shot and killed by an
7:37 am
officer. the grand jury's decision not to indict wilson for his death sparked demonstrations and protests across the country. in washington d crrks, it was organized by reverend al sharpton. and you will hear from him. it is followed by michael brown senior. of thanking the crowd in d.c. >> we don't all agree. and we don't all have the same tactics. but we have the same goals. that is equal protection understand the law. >> man, i kept it alive for all the families. we love you all. we really do. we love you all so much. >> reporter: now again, this is the third baptist church in san francisco. they will be hosting michael brown senior, the father of michael brown junior. who is speaking to the crowd here. s expected to talk about his perspective on race relations and the criminal justice system
7:38 am
and he is expected to tip to encourage supporters and demonstrators to keep them going t and to keep them peaceful. little later on in the show. we are speaking with amos brown of third baptist church to tell us more about michael brown's speech expected today and ask him why michael brown senior was going to come here. >> we will have that in a few minutes. >> from the east coast to the west coast, this is what he has to say. >> allie mass must, thank you tore the report. >> two people were hospitalized after a stave way truck crashed into a building. >> it went through the 21st street of guerrero. you could see the there. it hit one car and hit three more parked cars. the truck flipped on its side and they were taken to the
7:39 am
hospital. at this point we don't know their conditions. you may have noticed the bell-ringers outside the store across the bay area. and despite being readily available. >> donations are down. decrease is coming at a time when they are in need of help. >> they are down 55% nationwide when you compare it to last year. >> despite the low numbers. they are still optimistic. that more cone thaitions will come in as we get closer to christmas. >> it is like this next one that keeps hopes high. >> tracy ridgeway is director of the salvation army on friday. she was counting donations and found a check. for guess how much? >> a check for $10,000. >> thatd goal was 20,000. and the kindness of one person made it easier to hit the mark. >> i sat there for a second. and boy, we just started
7:40 am
crying. >> the biggest donation that coim in from the area was $500. the mystery donor is proof that despite all the bad stories you hear, there are good people out there. they are asking for help. the el cerrito toy program needs donations to provide food baskets to families. >> food donation it is are way down this year. and the program. in 27 years. organizers say. they have never seen food donation levels this low. >> we have eight to 10 pallets of food stacked all the way through. to make food baskets for 1300 families. and that is not going to be enough. >> giveaway is scheduled before next saturday. >> it is running so short. and they are asking them to donate 20 or $15 gift cars so they will not go hungry this
7:41 am
christmas. they are being accepted here as well as on line. >> goal den state warriors go for the 16th stra win tonight against new orleans. >> they were against the dolphins maverick tion -- the dallas mavericks. and clay thompson. draining in 25. and steph curry had the nifty reverse lay up after a steal. >> we started out as prepared as we could be. >> he lost his left shoe. curry had to clear it away. during the next warrior's possession. he tried to toss it back and he swatted it out of mid air. warriors thought it was unsportsmanlike. no technical was called. battle of the shoe. state of hawaii has its
7:42 am
first ever heisman award winner. >> the winner of the 2014 heisman memorial trophy is marcus mariota of the university of oregon. >> marcus mariota won the top individual award while leading them to a championship and a place in the final four playoff. >> fareota received one of the highest votes. and then it is wis consib running back and then wide receiver amare cooper. >> congrats to the quarterback. >> time is 7:42. how gun protestors are planning to use twitter today for a moment of silence. >> it is a busy couple of days. after recent rains flooded their facility. >> more on the damage and what is happening happen -- happening today.
7:43 am
7:44 am
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. >> it looked like you were basically flooded out. what kind of happened.
7:46 am
you guys had to evacuate your animals. >> yes, we evacuated 28 dogs and a rooster. >> we are looking at a picture of what is this? >> our little makeshift bridge to get into our cat cottage. >> it was about 10 inches with water. >> a lot of our kennels are inside. >> all of our dogs are outdoors. >> so, i money. >> i know you said. it went in there. and guys were stuck. >> you have these adoptions and you were excited that you are open for two days. >> it is constitutional in. >> luckily. most of the dogs are in foster care and some are considering adopting. >> it is a blessing in disguise. >> moxy came back. and she is a great dog.
7:47 am
>> she is two and loves people. good with dogs and cat ses. >> ignores cats. and loves her people. >> come on. >> come here. >> up, up. >> okay. >> lucy is over there. >> and tell me about lucy. >> she is a terrier. and she is an adventure girl. loves to go on hikes and still very young. >> still 8-months-old. full of energy and very sweet. >> then we have fog here. >> i will show fog. moxy was saying hi to her. >> there you go. >> she is a a.m. i saying cat. >> you wanted to have all animals back for the adoption today. >> a lot of them.
7:48 am
>> pardon. >> how big and they have the holiday events. >> we would love them to go home. and we want to also make clear that animals are not gifts. >> they are part of a family. >> that's what we really stress during the holidays. we have done them before. we had a recent one. talking about the holiday dumping. where people are dropping off a ton of animals. and people who get them. and return them. >> right. >> for christmas. >> so, we have really do a lot of educating around the holidays. and that is dogs. they are part of the family and they are family members. >> claudine, are you going to take lucy home? >> she is not giving me a choice, right. >> what time are the adoption hours today. if someone is like. that dog has to come home with me. >> we are open 11 to five and
7:49 am
we do find ourselves open to 11:00. >> this is in vallejo. >> 21 sonoma. and on the corner. >> perfect. >> thanks for coming in. and thank you for having us. >> they are obviously very, very loving. and these aren't the only ones. >> we have many, many more and lots of kittens. lucy, moxy and fog. >> the troublesome trio here. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, claudine. they found their forever homes after a story we first brought to thank you on friday. show you some pictures of the dogs we featured on the holiday pet dumping. >> more than 15 pumps were pared up with the new owners after the story aired. and there are hundreds of
7:50 am
animals needed. and 20 dog as day get dropped off at the contra costa shelter. >> they are good at helping to make the matches. and of the animals. and the people in their lifestyles. and all of these animals need to find homes. they are not going to fit into the right kind of home. >> get a new pet for the holidays. there are 400 animals at the animal shelter and hundreds more at other shelters around the bay area. >> time now is 2750: and before that, new system comes n and speaking of fog. look at that behind you. >> we have cloudy skies. outside the doors. and widespread fog. and between five and 7 miles. you may find few isolated areas. an we have it a little bit thicker. >> not as dense or widespread as yesterday. >> if you are stepping out this morning. the clouds overhead and you can see them here. we have the system on the
7:51 am
backside right in here. so, this is what we will be working towards our area as we get in through today. rain will hold off for the most part through sunset. then we get into the evening hours and will fill in. and here gloomy skies overhead. notice on the backside. we have in line now and on the horizon. sunset is right before 5:00. mostly cloudy skies. rain moving in. along the california coastline. takes until eight, nine, 10:00. before it moves through. >> parts of the northway. you may have sprinkles for today and from the future cast model, the brunt of the system will hold off tonight. moves through while we sleep. wake up tomorrow morning. you can count on it for the morning drive. and picking up for monday afternoon. we get into five, 6:00. and the scattered showers
7:52 am
continue. it could be a wet evening drive. and the umbrella. the entire day. this is the first round. and we have it for the week ahead. >> anywhere from a three quarters of an inch to an inch and a quarter. and hillless one to 2 inches for sunday night into monday night and in our hills. it as breezy one. and pick up to 40 miles an hour. no advisories in place. this could cause nuisance flooding and it is going to be a wet ride. 53-degree. 48 for novato and for san jose. and in addition to the cloudy conditions. it as chilly one out there this morning. >> 46 in livermore. >> upper 50s to low 60s. looking at 58. 58 for concord. >> low 60s.
7:53 am
in hayward and for san jose. you will go to 61. in the extended forecast, which is the second half of the weekend in view, showers arriving late. lasting through monday. >> tuesday. showers in the forecast. >> wednesday, showers in the forecast. >> we will get a break on thursday. we may see another system roll in for friday and saturday. >> getting ready for winter. >> keep the rain gear handy. >> thanks, rosemary. well your time is 7:53. upset over a toy. what he received when he put money into a toy vending machine. >> vegas wedding. not on any day. they are saying their vows hundreds of feet in the sky.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
. we decided to try something a little different. guess where? las vegas. this is for couples ready to tie the knot. the new attraction in las vegas offered this from 11:00 a.m. until 12:13 p.m. why wait. and this big thing on the special day. and tons of other people celebrating around us. >> cool orange vest. >> wedding planners say dates like 12-1-14 is popular. because it is unique and couples think the numbers are lucky. they included 11 shall 11-11 and 7-7-77.
7:57 am
and 11-11-11. balm garner may be the biggest drk-balm garner may be the biggest deal. it goes through 2017 with club options to 2019. it is doubtful they will tear it up. but the chronicle, the team appears open to giving him an ex tngs. he was named madison bumgarner sportsman of the year. >> check them out. >> they were taken. he is a cutie on the steps of kensington palace t that's where the prince lives with his parents. the prince and -- duke and duchess of windsor. >> she is expected to have another baby in late april. the protests taking place on the golden gate bridge and
7:58 am
socialia. >> -- social media. >> catch a glimpse if you missed the first performance.
7:59 am
. father of michael brown will be in the bay area. this is the millions march in the capitol.
8:00 am
we have the latest on the arrest and demonstrations that will take place today. >> the rangers and 49ers and one of the loud eses msst in the world. "mornings on 2" starts now. . welcome to "mornings on 2". thank you for waking up with us. i am claudine wong. >> i am mike mibach. we go over to rosemary. we have rain in the bay area. not that we haven't had enough. >> one more dry day. get outdoors and do what you need to do. get the holiday tree and maybe the outdoor lights. we have changes coming. >> wet changes. >> giving you a look at what is happening. we have clouds covering the bay area. >> we will be in and out of clouds. this is ahead of the system that will start to bring us rain as early as tonight. we will talk about the here and now. >> we have visibility issues in
8:01 am
santa rosa. and down to half mile list sibilityd there. and -- advice sibilityd there. and -- advicability. and it is -- advise and builtity. and we get into the second half of the day. it will remain on the full side and remain dry. >> one last look here into areas like san a.m. money and lafayette. how about the afternoon. 58 in concord. 57 for napa and will antioch with dry conditions. rain is on the move. when we expect it on our doorsteps coming up. >> from new york to washington d.c. they joined forces yesterday. of they are pushing for changes to the criminal justice system. in light of the recent decisions with michael brown
8:02 am
and eric garner. and tonight, the father of michael brown will be in san francisco. he will be part of the service at third baptist church. allie rasmus is there talking with the pastor. allie? >> reporter: well, we stepped out of the sanctuary here in san francisco. this is where you mentioned michael brown senior will be speaking to church goers. they are open to the public. effecting after fairly large crowd. we spoke with sir amos brown and a minister from islam from st. louis. it is that minister who invited michael brown senior and encouraged him to come here to speak. he is flying in from washington d.c. this afternoon. this is where he spoke yesterday at a rally and large demonstration there. the crowd numbered 25,000 people and demonstrators across
8:03 am
the country. and the way they were held accountable and civilians are killed. we spoke with the nation of islam and he invited michael brown to speak at the time third baptist church. one of the reasons is because of all the protests. there has been a very good turnout with some of the demonstration here. and michael brown senior was impressed and wanted to come and thank supporters and demonstrator here in the area. >> -- demonstrators here in the area. >> they talked about the goals moving forward. >> community base policing. more inclusive force here in san francisco that includes blacks and sensitive to training. not just for dmu officers, in the academy, but then these to
8:04 am
be on the job training and continuing education for all law enforcement in the city. >> that is part the lawng waj that he will deliver here and anyone in the public who wants to attend in san francisco. again, it is open to the public and expected to take place at 4:00 this afternoon. this is mcallister street in san francisco. back to you guys. >> thanks, allie. >> more protests are in the area. and this happened in oak and berkeley and alameda. >> in oakland, 45 people were arrested on charges that included vandalism and failure to the spurs and resisting arrest. >> they received reports of demonstrators starting. and with a couple of businesses as well. >> group of protestors did block traffic to alameda. and did prompt police to briefly shut down that tube. also, in the millions march in san francisco, they went
8:05 am
from the ferry building to market street and on over to city hall. officers in riot gear did walk along them and police reported no problems. public defender saw the march and hold ktvu reporter why she just joined in. >> ridiculous system. where unarmed people can be gunned down and no one is accountable. how is that justice in america. >> now, after the march,s officers who were brute in for the crowd control. they boarded some buses. >> some were the sheriff's deputies buses. he didn't know the overtime costs and we do know that oakland has spent $1.3 million on police overtime with the recent protests. >> todayest demonstration include a march across the golden gate. we will go to mike at the desk.
8:06 am
>> they plan to walk across in support of the protestors. and code pink has held several in the past. and they are set at noon on the san francisco side of the bridge. they will hold a rally calling for end of the killing for african-american men by police. >> protestors are calling what they call a day of zeile lensz. they want everybody to stop posting on all social media sites from noon to noon tomorrow. >> it is a nationwide 24 hour moment of silence for victims of gun violence. >> 70 people gathered for another one. by staging die ins at the shopping center.
8:07 am
this included protestors lying on the floor of the store forever 21. they wanted to send their message. this is the recent deaths in ferguson, missouri. and new york city. along with the shooting of andy lopez in santa rose save last year. this marks two year consist since the shooting in sandy hook. 27 people were killed by a lone gunman. a memorial is being constructed for the lives lost. adam lanza shot and killed his mother before driving to the school and killing 20 children and six educators. san jose, oakland. and san francisco held back this weekend. 200 weapons were collected along with bb guns. they say it was a success even though they collected half of what they did last year. they were given target gift cards for up to $200. >> in exchange, the weapons are
8:08 am
going to be destroyed. >> they have ended their two day strike at the international airport. they walked off the job with job security and healthcare. it shuts down most of the airports restaurants. they say they have been working without a contract for more than a year. the union plans to meet and continue negotiations. >> space lovers who did not wake up before dawn catch a glimpse of the meteor shower. we will get a second chance tonight. it is before dawn and what appeared to be 100 shooting stars per hour. >> despite their appearance, the shooting stars are commented debris. you don't need telescope or binoculars. but your best bet is to get away from city lights as far as possible. it is a must win for the niners and they need to start scoring. they haven't scored nor more in a game than a month. they lost to the riders. and today, they will take on
8:09 am
the seattle seahawks. same team that hounded them on thanksgiving night. >> this has not been a happy place for the 49ers or their quarterback colin kaepernick. >> and 49ers loss coupled with a detroit lie on's win today -- detroit lion's win today. raiders are in missouri hoping to sweep the kansas city chiefs. they were there last month for the first win of the season. silver and black are still riding high from the victory. the chiefs need today's game to improve playoff chances. >> current chief's quarterback alex smith. you can't get to the understand of the line. that starts sunday. >> "mornings on 2" is ending early today to bring you nfl coverage. just stay tuned to the sport weekend. we will bring did you fox nfl sunday followed by the ben gallons and browns.
8:10 am
and seattle seahawks followed by the pibt after. >> i went up to sses for the 49er game. i don't think i got account invietd back. >> i had a little bietd. >> would you want to be up there today. >> it is gra it. fans are fantastic. >> it is a nice feel. >> i wish we could win at the field. >> we will today. >> . tomorrow, it is an important day. that is our cue. if you are mailing letters or gift consist. in 10 minutes, we will tell you about the mad rush at post offices everywhere. the amount of mail that will be processed in one bay area city. an unexpected surprise from a vending machine. a rick a boy got in exchange for a quarter.
8:11 am
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8:13 am
♪ charlie brown fans know the song. it is from a droab -- drone. it is an interest video. it is focused on this. from richmond, virginia. he used a drone to capture this incredible lights display. >> beautiful video and very steady. the family responsible has been lighting up the neighborhood since 1999. i love that shot right there as
8:14 am
the rest of the neighborhood is dark. >> they took 170,000 lights. almost 800 homemade decorations. >> rosemary said he took all the power. >> they can't put on their lights. >> how many electrical breakers and 100 outlets. >> which, in action. they blow every so often and it took a long, long time. 537 hours. >> he probably starts in march. >> some of those cases, leave them up all year. >> you can't. >> don't turn them on. have them up. >> look at his driveway. >> if you are going to start in march. >> how much do you think he pays in power. >> a lot. >> 500. >> bucks. >> to a thousand probably a month. >> two or more.
8:15 am
>> three or five. >> that was a big house. >> that was not a small house. >> it is true. >> we want to show pictures. >> it is one of my favorite days. >> or things to do. >> few of them in san francisco. where you have them and if a fewer happens to be in san francisco. they are looking around. >> you like pub crawls. >> no. follow some street fair. >> or santa con. >> if you didn't know this was going on. wouldn't you be a little freaked outs by all the santas going bar to bar. >> this is video from when i did it. >> this is you in the back. >> union square for those of you who don't know where the video is from. >> occupy the north pole. >> this is where they started. what do they do? >> they head to bars. and they start tilting them back as the day moves along. but it is a great events. they are encouraged to bring a gift and donate to the
8:16 am
firefighters toy drive and this is the 20th anniversary actually of santa con. always a good party. >> they are turning into bad santas. >> yes, if it is a noon start. >> excellent point. >> you can't harass police officers. and you can't harass the stores and you shouldn't talk to children. >> or visitors. >> well. >> at least they were nice and dry, right, rosemary. >> i am sorry. you want to transition to weather real quick. >> you said you participated. >> back in the day. >> i didn't go 110% with it. >> but he, he wore the -- he wore the hat. >> if you are going to do it, do it. big boots. i wore flip flops. and beards. hat. little mix and match. >> we see how thank you roll, mike. twice a day. and talk about the rain moving in. and we will have this starting
8:17 am
right now. >> covered in clouds this morning. little bit of fog out there. and not too bad. >> santa rosa. it has it in your area. and talking about half mile visibility. it could be an electrical tough. >> here is the system. >> still back here. over the pacific. and moving ng our direction. >> we get into tonight t it will begin to move in. >> now the next graphic shows accumulation and it will give did you say the onset ever the rain. i pushed us all the way ahead. and we are still mainly dry and we have a little bit of rain moving in to the california coastline after dark. >> by about nine, 10:00. >> begins to move in. and now we are in the is 1:00 hour. >> -- 11:00 hour. and then we sleep and it begins to push further inland. we wake up with wet roadways. we will have scattered showers for the morning drive. may pick up for the afternoon
8:18 am
and then for the evening drive. it looks like scattered showers. by monday night. anywhere from half inch to an inch of rain. maybe little bit more than that. and we are expected to pick up one to two dinchs of additional rain. it is a great break cment and wet weather is coming back. >> and 46 in redwood city. and in oakland. >> for the afternoon today. >> 61 in berkeley and low 60s at oakland. and antioch. >> mainly dry day. >> partly to mostly sunny skies in account forecast. 70 degrees for santa cruz. and this is the second half of the weekend in view. we are dry and we do have a transition going on by later today. rain and showers in the forecast for monday. showers likely on tuesday. >> chance for shower it is on wednesday. >> keep the umbrella handy. >> cool condition. we are back in the forecast.
8:19 am
>> thank you, rosemary. >> next story is from tulsa, oklahoma. not very happy or amused by the toy her son got from one of the vending machines. >> her son put in a quarter. and return. and received the plastic rick. >> it had a swastika right there on the front of it. >> it is on the bottom w. >> she said thankfully her 4-year-old son has no idea what the symbol means and when they looked deeper into the actual machine. they found 10 or 15 more of the same rings. >> this is all the dollar store shopping. >> controversial. lesson plan. >> up next. method is being used to teach students. and including how it is being tie dd. and into the holidays.
8:20 am
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8:22 am
you. welcome back. thank you for joining us this morning. live look there. san jose, mostly sunny skies. it is 66 degrees. it is 8:22. we have more details on a story we brought to you last month. it is sex education at a high school in lafayette. it is from last month. the parents showed up there and we are speaking out about the disapproval of the sex education program. number of parents are expected to speak out again at a public district meeting. they are upset the class is
8:23 am
being taught from employees from nt planned parenthood. they wanted a preview of the course and the school has yet to respond to their requests. >> other parents say they are upset about something else. it is the messes and material ses being used and one of the items is a checklist. and you can see if they are ready for soaks, it shows how to obtain consent. some parents are angered by a gender identity diagram. it is called the gender bred person. we have a picture on the screen. it is a spin on the holiday cookie. >> reaction is mixed. >> some say kids have to use sex education elsewhere. we asked them where they will leave them and what they have been saying and take you over to the big board here. we say big board because it is a big board. saiki april wrote in and said are they the same parents not talking to kids about sex or in
8:24 am
denial about the facts that their kids may be having sex. >> richelle gatula, this is too much. it is the parent's job not the school's. i am sorry. that is how i feel. john hernandez chiming in, this is not something the government should teach to children. but i realize there are parents that don't teach kids. how about mandatory parenting classes for a change. >> a lot of different reaction on the hot topic. >> i think back to it. >> i did get sex ed and i went to a parochial school and it was sixth grade for me. i wasn't in the public school system. but i remember getting it at an early age. >> there are some. the ones i am familiar with and it goes out. certainly, a lot of people have strong opinion it is on how it should be done. >> time now is 8:24.
8:25 am
the salvation army said donations are down this year. even though demand is up. up next, the surprise they found in one donation bucket. that is renewing their hope in holiday charity. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! is ending soon get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, free set-up, and free removal of your old mattress, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
8:26 am
crrks they said donations are down and stories like the
8:27 am
next one that keeps hopes high. tracy ridgeway is the director of the salvation army in alabama. >> she was counting donations from the red kettle and found a check for $10,000. she said the goal for that day was $20,000 and the kindness of one person made it easier to hit the mark. if you are heading to the post office tomorrow. you won't be the only one. i haven't been there because i haven't gotten the gifts to go to the story. they are gearing up for the busiest shipping day this holiday season. >> i was at the post office. they were lined up before it hoped. in total, 600 or 7 million pieces of mall. 400 alone will be processed in san jose. tomorrow is a busy day for fed. ex. it expects to ship 22.6 million packages. if you are worried and you are wondering when to get your
8:28 am
packaged shipped. second day air on sunday. it should arrive on christmas. >> not a fan of lines. >> me neither. >> rain? >> it is coming back. >> like it or not. it is on its way. and showers moving in. and on and off. monday, tuesday. wednesday and thursday. >> be prepared. >> thanks for joining us. we have a great sufn -- great sunday. it is followed by the point after with sports director mark ibanez and the this is the 6:00 following the show the point after. thanks for watching. have a great day.
8:29 am
8:30 am
0001 hello again, welcome to the ktvu mercedes-benz sports weekend. coming up on this week's


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