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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 16, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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more rain on the way. we're tracking the next system to hit the bay area. how much can you expect? people in australia mourn the deaths of two hostages killed, we're learning more about the gunman and his bay area connections. plus, giants farce may remember him for a clutch home run during the team's journey to the world series. the reason the giants are now parting ways with michael morse. good afternoon.
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i'm tori campbell. so far it's dry across the bay area. you can see from the live camera looking towards the golden gate bridge, but that is about to change. account's rosemary orozco is tracking the next round of rain to move into the bay area. good afternoon. already on its way, a brief break now at least for most of us. a skew scattered showers over parts of the north bay. in the central bay we're enjoying sunshine at this hour. so blue skies overhead with a mix of clouds out there. we'll shift to the north and look where some of the sprinkles are in and around the north bay coastline from bodega bay stretching to santa rosa, along highway 101, maybe a few sprinkles as well. i don't have to go far to show you the next storm already on its heels. we've got 82 miles out, that line of rain there, that will be moderate to heavy as we go into the second half of the afternoon. in fact i'll time it out. at the lunch hour notice mainly dry, north bay sprinkles at the moment. as we get into 2:00 though the
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scattered showers will become a little more widespread. but that main band of rain still off-shore. as we get into 4:00, 5:00, just in time for the evening drive moderate, perhaps heavy rain begins to fall and it's very widespread, from santa rosa down into areas like san mateo, fremont, even san jose will get in on there th. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and scattered showers continue. again a brief break now. the second half of the afternoon and it will become widespread, could be heavy for some. we'll see how much rain i expect to fall the next 24 hours and finally when we'll see a drier pattern move in. the rain follows another night of heavy rain which triggered serious flooding, even mudslides in one town overnight. alex shows us what is being done now. >> reporter: standing water filled this busy intersection in downtown tiburon this morning after a strong storm
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blasted the area overnight. the heavy downpour sent runoff rubbing down hillsides. at one point the water outside the town hall was almost two feet deep, all had flowed from the nearby marsh >> typically it drains naturally but with the rainfall from last night from 11:30 on until 2:00 this morning it is overwhelmed. we've just had a massive amount of rainfall and it's all coming off the hills and going into the marsh and there's really no place for it to go other than the street. >> reporter: several businesses along tiburon boulevard were flooded this morning including this nursery and the camino nail salon. this morning fred rose, the property owner here, was out dealing with all that water and he told me he was surprised by the massive amount rain that hit this area. >> 45 years, never saw this. worried about the nail salon. that looks like the only place that had damage. >> reporter: the rain also triggered this mudslide.
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the oversaturated soil gave way sending a wall of mud and debris into the backyard of this home. the homeowner didn't want to talk on camera this morning but told me his place was badly damaged. several city officials told me they've never seen the flooding this bad in the downtown area before. and as the water slowly recedes tiburon is now bracing for another round of rain later today. alex savidge, account channel 2 news. highway 17 is open after a tree fell and took out power lines blocking traffic in both directions this morning. it happened highway 17 north of glenwood. crews cleared the trees around 6:00 a.m. and traffic freely flowing by 7:30. the tree also took out power to nearby homes. >> i was in bed and i -- it woke me up. i thought i heard it on my roof but it was not. my neighbor down the driveway from me called to let me know
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the tree was down and he was alarmed because it had crossed both lanes of the highway as far as i know. >> reporter: power still out to your husband? >> yes, i anticipate it being out, i don't know how long. it happens all the time, that is life in the mountains. >> she adds she's thankful the tree didn't fall on her roof. if you're flying out of sfo expect more cancellations and delays today due to the the incoming rain. this is a live look at sfo now. the airport tells us there are 48 cancellations so far today. they are also expecting delays of up to 2 hours and 40 minutes on some flights until 11:00 tonight. yesterday 145 flights were cancelled due to rain. so far no major delays are being reported at oakland or san jose airports. don't forget the ktvu weather team is always here for you, on facebook and twitter. and on, for conditions in the area where you live. a sad discovery off the side of highway 9 in the hills
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above saratoga. human remains. the santa clara county sheriff's office is recovering them now and investigating how they got there. the remains were found sunday near booker creek road. authorities say it appears the remains have been there for about a year but didn't have more information on the person's age, gender or cause of death. happening now -- a bomb threat at an east bay school, was called in this morning to el cerrito high school on the 500 block of ashby avenue in el cerrito. everyone has been evacuated and a robocall went to nearby residents telling them to stay in their homes. police say they are not yet sure if the threat is credible but they are exercising caution. tonight in berkeley a protest and march is scheduled ahead of the city council meeting. this comes after last week's meeting was cancelled to deter hundreds of demonstrators who
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were expected to attend. protesters are upset about the berkeley police response to recent demonstrations over the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. tonight's meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at longfellow middle school auditorium on derby street and protests scheduled to begin at 5:00. richmond's police chief is under fire for taking part in a peaceful demonstration against police brutality. we showed you chris magnus last week holding a sign that read "black lives matter." the police officers association now says magnus should not have taken a part in what they call a political action while in uniform. magnus wrote a letter to the p.o.a. develop news in that manhunt in pennsylvania. police found a body.
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police say 35-year-old bradley stone broke into his ex-wife's apartment yesterday morning, shot and killed her, then went on to kill five of her relatives. police haven't identified the body, just found as stone, stone was a marine veteran and there are reports he and his ex- wife were involved in a bitter custody battle over their daughters. australia is mourning the two hostages killed as police ended a 16-hour long standoff in sydney. we're also learning more about the gunman who died during the police operation. and his bay area ties. doug luzater reports some experts worry this could encourage other lone wolf attacks. >> reporter: the stun grenades followed by gunfire, how the 16- hour hostage drama ended. australian police watched through the day and night as one men held 17 hostages in a chocolate shop. forcing some to press an
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islamic flag against the window. with negotiations going nowhere police moved in after hearing gunfire. >> they made the call because they believed at that time if they didn't enter there would have been many more lives lost, >> reporter: two hostages were killed. identified as 4-year-old tori johnson and 38-year-old katrina dawson. so was the gunmen identified as 50-year-old man haron monis, well known to police, out on bail after being accused of being an accessory to his ex- wife's murder. also responsible for sending disturbing letters to the families of fallen australian soldiers. outside the chocolate shop flowers and messages of condolence. the australian prime minister visited the scene. >> how can someone like that be entirely at large in the community? >> reporter: there's no indication he was working in coordination with a terror group but the fear is individuals like monis may be especially receptive to the lone wolf scenarios encouraged
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by groups like isis. >> it's the jihadists that are watching him. saw he was successful, drew attention. all the continent of australia focused on what he was doing at the chocolate shop, three people killed this. is one case. i'm concerned about the copycat. >> reporter: in washington, doug lazater, fox news. we're learning more about monis, the iranian-born man that allegedly carried out the attacks. charged with accessory ex- wife's murder. she was stabbed more than a dozen times and set on fire in april 202013. her cousin and godfather who lives in hayward says he cannot understand why monis was released on bail. >> if he was still in jail those innocent victims wouldn't have died. they should have just locked him up and throw the key away. >> he says the family had concerns about monis' behavior for a long team.
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the family says he was controlling, jealous and became abusive toward their goddaughter. could there soon be another bush running for president? the big announcement made today by a man whose father and brother have already occupied the white house. he came up big in the playoffs. why the san francisco giants are parting ways with michael morse. the bid to host the olympics in the bay area. what are the names behind the push? ?.=(=pcpcpcpcpcpcpcpcpc2h
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former florida governor jeb bush announced today he's taking steps toward a run for the white house. this morning he wrote on twitter -- >> bush said he made the decision after talking with his family which includes two former presidents, his father, george hw bush and brother, george w bush. other potential republican candidates include fellow floridian senator marco rubio and new jersey governor chris christie. happening today -- san francisco is presenting its proposal to bring the summer olympic games to the bay area. in 2024 it will compete with three other u.s. cities and might be up against rome, paris and melbourne if it reaches the
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next level. sal castaneka has an update on the city's bid. >> reporter: good afternoon. san francisco mayor ed lee, giants president larry baer and bay area olympic committee members are in redwood city today to present their proposal to bring the summer olympics to the bay area in 2024. four u.s. cities are in the running, san francisco, los angeles, boston and washington, dc. this up to the u.s. committee to select a city that will enter the national competition. in 2016 they will narrow it to four cities and make a final decision in 2017. the last time an american city hosted the summer olympics was 1996 in atlanta. recently the international committee changed rules and reduced the cost of submitting a bid. it also encouraged cities to use existing or temporary facilities instead of building new ones. the committee also voted to allow the host city to use regional facilities outside
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city limits. analysts say this gives the bay area an advantage since san francisco bid will also include venues in oakland, santa clara, berkeley and palo alto. the bay area's reputation for political activism, however, might put that bid at a disadvantage especially with all we've had going on lately as some olympic committee members would shy away from any possible disruption of the games and tori, one of the things i noticed is when we were growing up building new facilities for the olympics was just what we expected and obviously that has changed. >> very much so. thank you. the city pittsburg paved its way for two electronic signs. the city council voted to lift the ban but there are restrictions, billboards cannot be more than 55 feet tall, only static images can be displayed and there will be limits on brightness. the goal is to prevent drivers
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from being distracted. >> i just think though that the bright lights -- i don't think it's good on the freeway personally it throws my attention away from the traffic. there's enough traffic on highway 4, it's the last thing you need is people getting in wrecks because of the pretty sign. >> the city reports say the billboards could generate $100,000 in revenue for the city. the council would have final approval on locations. a bar? san jose has been busted for bad behavior. agents in the california department of alcoholic beverage control posted an indefinite suspension order on the door of the eltarasco bar in san jose, near the corner of east 13th street and east mission street north of downtown. investigators say the bar has multiple violations including illegal drug sales and they followed up on complaints from the neighborhood. >> when we get complaints from neighbors we will try to follow up on it as soon as we can.
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>> that suspension means no alcohol can be served or sold by the bar for at least a year and the owner has to transfer the liquor license to someone else at a different location. outside our doors this afternoon a nice break in the rain. at least for most of us. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. you can see the skyline of san francisco there way in the backdrop. another storm is coming, in fact it's already knocking on the door. it's right off the coast. less than 100 miles away. look at what is happening now, so we have a mix of sun and clouds here around the central bay into the south bay. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies in and around san jose. gilroy is partly cloudy to mostly sunny at the moment. we head to the north bay where we have mostly cloudy skies and even a few scattered showers could be falling in and around santa rosa as well as petaluma. as we shift over closer to the coast we continue to see light scattered showers in and around
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bodega bay and inverneness. as we get into the sierra it's also tapered off here. going to pick back up with the next system already moving in. the storm level elevation has actually pushed back up, yesterday at this hour it was all the way down to pollock pines. it's expected to fall again as we get into the evening hours. so we'll be tracking that. the winter weather advisory has been allowed to expire for the sierra but expect another one to actually be issued fairly soon. here's the rain line back here. it's going to be moving in, in time for the second half of our afternoon. showed you this at the top of the hour but we'll show it again and take it out a little farther. here we are at the lunch hour, notice still off-shore. by 3:00, 4:00 it pulls in, and it's moderate to perhaps heavy over parts of the north bay. we have it along the peninsula here. by 4:00 and 5:00 it becomes more widespread and this is just in time for the evening drive. another model that we're tracking actually holds it back just a little bit but we will go with this one and err on the
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side of caution in the event it's going to be a very soggy evening commute. as we get into the overnight hours the scattered showers will continue and i have you now all the way into tomorrow morning. notice the scattered showers are going to continue. so wednesday, not going to be steady rain but we will have spotty showers that will continue into your mid-week wednesday. with this next storm anywhere from half-inch to inch of rain in the urban hills. could be a little gusty when the rain line moves through. you can expect the minor flooding, nuisance flooding and the small mudslides as well. temperatures right now in to the mid to upper 50s. even a few low 60s, we're getting that sunshine this afternoon. temperature not going to warm much above where we are now. in fact an increase in the clouds and rain moving in. we'll hold temperatures about where we're at. maybe even drop a bit. as we get into the extended forecast scattered showers on wednesday, mainly dry on thursday. one last system moves in friday. your bay area weekend looks
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dry. >> thank you. another giant is leaving the world champs, free agent michael morse has agreed to a two-year deal with the miami marlins pending a physical. he's expected to start at first base. one of his most memorable moments, this, the giants, he hit a game-tying pinch hit home run. the giants would win the pennant. the next inning on a travis ishikawa walkoff california lottery prizes will soon include more than just cash. it will include eventually a free meal at a world famous california restaurant.
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crude oil prices stedied and that has given a lift to energy stocks. chevron is up over 2.5%. that's the biggest gain of the 30 big companies in the dow. live look at the big board now, the dow you see is currently up 40, nasdaq though is down 18 and the s&p 500 is flat. a major victory for apple today in a class action antitrust lawsuit over i-pod music. after deliberating for only a few hours a federal jury in oakland rejected a claim that apple tried to suppress competition and secure a monopoly over the digital music industry with its i-tunes 7.0. companies cannot be penalized
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for enhancing their products and the jury came to the conclusion that apple's i-tunes 7.0 was a genuine improvement over previous versions of the software. had the jury sided with the playoff the lawsuit could have cost apple as much as $1 billion. in the next few weeks california lottery players can try for a chance for dinner at the french laundry. starting january a 5th people who buy emerald 10 scratchers can enter a contest to win an 18-course meal with wine pairings at the world famous restaurant in yountville. there will only be one winner. the lowery says it will release more details by new year's day. google says the tragic death of robin williams was its fastest growing search request of 2014. williams' suicide in august set off global reaction making it the top trending topic for the
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year. the internet giant released its list of top searches this morning. the company says lots of people also googled the world cup, ebola, disappearance of the malaysia airlines flight 370, ice bucket challenge for als and the smartphone game flappy bird. tonight marks the first night of hanukkah, the jewish festival of lights. 5:00 in san francisco mayor ed lee will join in the celebration to light the union square menorah. hanukkah comem rates the victory of jewish tribes over the syrians in jerusalem in 165 bc. it said a one-day of supply for the lamp in the jerusalem holy temple lasted eight days. so the celebration includes a lighting each night of eight candles. as we mentioned the berkeley city council moved its weekly meeting to allow for enough space as protesters promise to attend. coming up tonight at 5:00 -- ktvu crews will be there as demonstrators gather and plan
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to march together to the meeting. they are angry about how police responded to recent protests over police killings of unarmed black men. we'll be with the protesters and keep you protestified on the meeting throughout the night. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always on, and follow us on twitter and facebook.
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