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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  December 17, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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sierra. they are getting snow but we are taking the brunt or the bulk of the systems. we still get scattered owers around. system will get more cloud cover in here so we will get morning sun and cloud it up and get more rain again. these look like fast movers. still scattered showers scooting through. south san francisco peninsula marin county back over to the east bay. not a lot of that is doing too much but the cool air is coming no. once you set the stage they zoom on in. so they are not expected to stall out or slow down. they are expected to keep right on moving along. 40s and 50s out of a cold damp pattern here. you get clearing. a lot of 40s here as well. higher elevations in the 40s. it will be a day we get a little bit of a break in the morning. cloud, showers, some sun this morning. almost similar to what we had yesterday. we did get low 60s. rain moves in later this afternoon and evening. 50s for your temps. sal, thankfully the morning commute will be okay here.
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>> hope so. >> yeah i told that evening commute would be a bear. >> i had people texting will me why is traffic so slow? but just because it was raining so hard. let's take a look at these pictures we have for you. on the east shore freeway it looks pretty good. interstate 80 between the carquinez bridge and mccarthur maze. 17 minutes. it probably won't stay this way. right now is a good opportunity for you to get out there at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. you can see traffic is light. we don't have anything major. there is still plenty of standing water out there from last nights intense rain. i ran into puddles myself. in the south bay the traffic continues to look pretty good here as you drive on 101, 280 and 85. let's go back to the desk. with more rain headed our way a hazardous weather outlook is in effect this morning for the bay area. one owner in the -- one
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homeowner is feeling the brunt of the earlier storm. a giant tree fell on a house. alex, how bad is the damage? >> you know pam, good morning to you. real close call out here for the folks in this apartment complex. this is is where this giant tree came crash down and it did damage part of this building out here. it also smashed a car that was parked here as well. this happened last night it was during a period of heavy rain as you can imagine. this is what the scene looked like here on burbank drive. this tree simply gave way and then toppled over. the good news is though that no one was hurt out here. meantime, all that rain last night triggered flooding on a nearby freeway. we'll show you what the scene looked like on 280 near bird avenue in san jose. that is where one car got stuck in flood waters. and water had to be pumped out. there was a car that got stuck and a crash in that area as well. cal trans crews were out there and worked into the night to pump water out of the freeway.
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and we should tell you that traffic is now back open in that area this morning. as we bring you back out here live in santa clara, the large tree resting against the side of the building. and you can imagine it could take quite a bit of work to clear this tree. >> i know we have seen that happen before when it was crossing the road. it does take quite a few hours to get that out of the way. >> yeah. >> thank you alex. time is 4:33. the bay area getting a brief break from the heavy rain before another storm system moves in on friday. a steady rain pounded the bay area yesterday afternoon and evening as we talked about bad commutes flooding many of the roads. this is video from highway 121 in sonoma county. the chp reminding drivers be careful when driving on the slick roads during this morning's commute. >> be careful, slow down and pay attention to the roads. other vehicles. and drive cautious.
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>> yeah the standing water can certainly surprise you especially when it's dark. the chp responded to a huge number of crashes and fender benders. tom bathes is calling for -- tom bates is calling for a special meeting focusing on police tactics in the city. that is after getting an earful from protestors. more than 100 people attended the city council meeting which was moved from city hall to long fellow middle school to handle what was expected to be a large crowd. speakers representing a wide range of groups including students, parents, and civic leaders criticize berkeley police for using tear gas to break up a crowd of protestors. >> i was arrested for having a peaceful protest and charged with a felony. >> we have the best police force in the united states.
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i think they are resting properly. they used the right amount of force for the situation. >> the speakers demanded an independent prosecutor to investigate police actions. meantime san francisco supervisors have backed off supporting a resolution in support of the nationwide protests in the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. that is after the police officers association blasted the resolution saying it characterized some officers as being racist or trigger happy. supervisor john avalos coulded it a commitment to equal justice. but san francisco police should hot be come mared to ferguson, missouri. the santa clara county board of supervisors proposed a proposal. supporters say given recent allegations of police misconduct, the cameras would provide a record of a confrontation between a deputy and suspect. now supervisors have proposed cruising funds from a sales tax to pay for the body cameras.
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several other bay area law enforcement agencies are already using them. los angeles will become the first city to equip officers with body cameras. the city will buy 7,000 uniformed cameras for officer. l.a.'s mayor says the devices that can help restore trust. officers seen tampering with the cameras will face charges. the police department says the footage will not be released to the public but would be available for court proceedings. chuck reed's final term is winding down. yesterday he presided over his last city council meeting. reed leaves office in about two weeks after spending the past eight years as mayor of the bay area's biggest city. san jose city councilman sam liccardo will be sworn in as the new mayor next month. petaluma police are investigating the death of a man found lying on a sidewalk.
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he was discovered at 7:30 last night. he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. investigators say he was a transient and had a visible head injury and now try to figure out how he was hurt. today is a sad anniversary and tragedy that hits close to home. 16 years ago today a hit and run driver intentionally ran over and killed 37-year-old rick in berkeley. investigators say it happened while they were walking in front of the family owned trucking company on 2nd street. police are still looking for the driver who was behind the wheel of a light colored cadillac. his brother randy is a long- time ktvu photographer. happening today glide memorial church in vein is handing out free bags of groceries to people in need. now each bag contains everything needed for a holiday meal including turkey or chicken, oranges, bread, pasta, rice, and vegetables. volunteers will begin filling
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the bags at 6:00 this morning. the giveaway begins at 7:30 and end at 11:30 this morning. the line for free groceries is expected as usual every year to wrap around several blocks. after 16 straight wins, the golden state warriors streak is over. the warriors kept it close though but lost to the grizzlies 105-98. despite the loss, the warriors still have the best record in the nba at 21-3. they hope to start a new streak tomorrow. 4:38 is the time. power outages, flooding overwhelmed sewage systems. one of the main reasons why the recent storms have caused so many problems for some people in the bay area. >> the sony hackers are threatening another attack and this time their targets are movie theaters.
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up next the precautions being taken to protect movie goers. >> good morning. we are looking at the commute here and it starts pretty good on highway 101 at 580 in san rafael. it's pretty good here as you drive through marin county. >> we're at the stage where we need a break. we've had a lot of rain here this month. there is still 1.5 systems to go.
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welcome back. time is 4:42. and this morning people in australia continue to deal with the aftermath of a deadly hostage situation. as a memorial grows for the victims, australian authorities are now being asked why the man responsible was not being closely monitored. during the monday morning rush hour, man monis took 17 people hostage inside a cafe. at the end of the siege two hostages and the gunman were
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dead. monis had an extensive background. but despite that, he was not on any government watch list. >> we are well prepared in many ways but we were not well prepared enough for this particular man in this particular place and that will require an investigation. >> prime minister tony abbott wants to know why monis was not being monitored. he said the system did not adequately deal with the situation. we are hearing from one of the survivors. 83-year-old john o'brien was one of the first people to escape from the cafe. he is offering his condolences to the friends and families of the victims. 34-year-old tori johnson died when he tried to grab the gunman's weapon and it went off. and 38-year-old katrina dawson was killed. >> my thoughts and prayers are also with my fellow hostages and everyone effected by this terrible event as we try to come to terms with it.
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>> o'brien says he wants to thank the police officers and everyone who helped end the siege. he says he cannot talk about what happened inside the cafe however because of the ongoing investigation. >> the hackers that broke into sony pictures computer system are now threatening a real attack on movie theaters and many people are taking the threats seriously. the hackers made references to the september 11th terrorist attacks in a warning to theater owners about showing the film. the warning appears to come from hackers in north korea. now 9 u.s. department of homeland security says there is no credible evidence the threat is real at this point but tomorrow's new york city premier of the interview has been canceled. president obama has signed the massive $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep most of the government funded through september. they passed the measure saturday night after bitter debate. the bill provides funding for the department of homeland
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security through february. that gives republicans another opportunity to try and block president obama's executive actions on immigration. republicans take control of both houses of congress in january. and the president is also expected to sign a bill that extends 55 temporary tax breaks for another year. those tax breaks cover everything from teachers who pay for supplies out of their own pockets to perks for the wind energy industry and people who sold their homes in short sales. taxpayers will be able to claim the breaks in their 2014 tax returns. so those of you who watch mornings on 2 know i chatted with marin county native samuel about his stint on master chef junior. the most recent interview was yesterday. i tried to get him to give me a hint about the winner but he wouldn't. now we know. it turns out logan the 11-year- old from memphis, tennessee took home the $100,000 grand
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prize during last nights finale. samuel said he was proud of both the meal he prepared and he is proud of finishing second and he absolutely should be and after talking to samuel in person for quite some time even after mornings on 2 went off the air, he is just engaging and charming and i think he has a bright future. >> he is a really good chef. >> he is a very good chef. i wonder if he is going to the tropical island. that is what he told me. i asked him what is the first thing you want to spend the money on? he said he wants to to to the tropical island. >> it must be nice, pam. >> $100,000. >> when you are older than 12 it's nice. >> oh yeah. we're looking at a commute here that is off to a good start but there is a lot of standing water out there so give yourself extra time. let's take a look at these pictures that we have for you. traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on the golden gate bridge.
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it's not a bad drive. so almost everywhere you look it will be a nice commute. pardon me my throat. something is stuck there which usually doesn't matter unless you are on television. this is a look at westbound bay bridge coming up to the toll plaza. it does look okay. no major problems getting in and the san mateo bridge traffic also looks good. we're off to a good start. i want to mention there is plenty of standing water out there. i ran into some of it mideast on the way to work. it's kind of hard to see. not the major but just slow down. if you see a puddle, don't drive into it. why am i saying that? because a lot of people do and they get stuck. let's go to steve. it rained so hard last night it interrupted my hockey game. >> really? >> that is an outrage. >> it was coming down. >> so you warrant playing hockey.
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back in the day i played pond hockey. >> although our observer john borali said paulson it's pouring down here and that was last night. i would say about 5:00, 6:00. we do get a little bit of a break. to nelson in the control room i hear that. i hear that myself. something is going on so we will get through this. we get a break but there is still scattered showers around. let's take a look at what is going on. not a lot. also coming in on the san mateo coast. these are zipping right along. rainfall over the next 24 hours does not look to be that heavy. but we will keep an eye on it. not just focusing on the north bay but a quartier of an inch to a third of an inch. not much going on northward toward lake county and mendocino county. a little bit around glen allen. but this looks really, really light. picking up a little bit. highway 37 back over toward san
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rafael. and over toward point rays. a couple cells. it's coming in right along the san mateo coast. you can see that from about half-moon bay pacifica and then going right along skyline heading toward santa cruz mountains. they don't last long but they are coming down over the northwest. they have a little bit of cold air with them. 40s on the temps and 50s and 40s from orinda, lafayette, alamo. everybody is close. 33 up in tahoe. 36 reno. yes, they are getting some snow but they take the bulk of the system. if not us, they go down to southern california. you will see some snow showers continue up there. over all it's not that bad. we will get break here in the morning. and then the next system slides through to bring us race this evening. so kind of split the difference here. some breaks in the morning. a few scattered showers. and then we will cloud it up again. very similar to yesterday. it will not be as intense as
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last night. radar was it will up like a christmas tree. i was at home watching that. partly sunny, partly cloudy on thursday. one more rainer in this pattern friday and then get a break saturday and sunday. >> and then you sent out a tweet talking about the amount of rain. this is record breaking rain. >> the first through the 16th of december. the wettest ever in san francisco. this month, yes. >> i believe it. >> it feels like it. >> we need a break. >> yeah, we do. thank you, steve. 4:50 is the time right now. it's a christmas display with an interesting spin called row bow lights. it's set up at a home in palm springs. it features eight giant robots and sculptures. they are made from recycled goods. it also has more than 300 different pieces of art and 8
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million lights. >> there is over 300 monumental art works that people will see and when they experience robo lights. robo lights is a fantasy wonderland that is completely out of this world. >> and that artist is a practicing muslim. he doesn't even celebrate christmas. new york time square is getting ready to ring in the new year. the giant number 15 was delivered. more than one million pack time square to watch the ball drop. millions more will watch on tv. as for our family we will be celebrating with the folks in no, city. we will be doing the early. two kids. yeah. >> get to bed before midnight. >> yeah. 4:51 is the time. first it was the bay bridge lights. coming up in 20 minutes the spectacular new light installation in the works along
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a major corridor in san francisco. >> and big changes in store for your favorite restaurants. also after the break the new government rules that may make you think before you drink.
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welcome back. there is sharky. the san jose sharks making the holidays happier for 40
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families last night. kids skated, created some art projects, and feasted on treats at the annual holiday assist program and all of the children were given wrapped presents to take home to open on christmas day. san francisco's making a pitch to the u.s. olympic committee to be the host city for the 2024 summer game. besides san francisco, the other u.s. contenders are los angeles, boston, and washington, d.c.. noel walker tells us what san francisco has going for it and what could be held against it. >> big news is that our board voted unanimously today to move forward with a bit b.i.d. from the united states for the 2024 summer oolithic game -- olympic games. >> reporter: san francisco is one of four cities being considered for the 2024 summer games. >> they have described their vision. so we can look at how the olympic games might fit into those plans and help accelerate some of the plans.
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>> reporter: this isn't the first time the city by the bay has tossed its hat in the ring. >> think the olympics would be extraordinary for the region and san francisco. >> reporter: in 2006 then mayor gavin newsom spoke about a village and causeds city to withdraw its name and wait for better timing. if that time is now, the 49ers would go from playing a controversial role in past efforts to a key role this time around. the committee now likes existing venues. >> what they are trying to do is is make this process more cost effective, more efficient, and they want to see bids that harmonize the long-term plans of the city with the olympic games. >> reporter: one thing san francisco could have going against it the political climate recent protests could be seen as a negative. if the committee is leaning toward one city it's not
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tipping its hand. the u.s. olympic committee is expected to announce its decision in january. the chair said the international olympic committee is encolonelling them to put forward a bid because the last time the u.s. hosted a summer game was 1996 in atlanta. in redwood city noel walker ktvu channel 2 news. time is 4:55. you ever wonder how many calories are in the drinks you record never a restaurant well help is on the way. requiring chain restaurants with 20 or more. the new rules don't apply to drinks ordered at the ball or any drinks mentioned on the main menu. and the contra costa county board of supervisors voted unanimously to place more restrictions on how liquor stores can advertise sugary beverages. restrictions also dictate where owners can display the drinks within their stores. the goal is to curb under age
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drinking and aggressive marketing to young people. those rules go into effect on january 1st. stanford university has received a big donation to open a first of its kind center to study allergies. the $24 million gift will go to establish the sean parker center for allergy research. park wore is the first president of facebook suffers from severe allergies and definitely not alone. between 30-40% of the world population has one or more allergies. coming up in our 5:00 hour it is a place where children play but some say it could be bad for their health. up next the legislation being introduced today focusing on sports fields with synthetic turf. >> passengers say it was something that came out of the blue. the emergency situation on board an american airlines flight that sent several people to the hospital. >> we're looking at a commute where traffic is moving along pretty well on highway 24 on the way to the tunnel. we'll check out the commute in the east bay when we come back.
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>> a little bit of a break. we're not completely out of the woods if you will. there is still some scattered showers and another system is rolling in. it will not be as intense as last night but it will give us more rain.
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heavy rain toppled this
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large tree in the south bay. we'll tell you at # dang that was caused and tell you about flooding nearby in this area. >> raging storms have uncovered a long-time problem in one bay area city. >> there we are. last nights intense rain has moved on. we got a little break this morning. >> plus concerns about artificial playing fields. what one lawmaker is doing today to protect children. good morning. thank you for joining us. we are live in santa clara. a very large tree take a look at this. came crashing down on an apartment building. this was during yesterday's


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