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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 17, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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large tree in the south bay. we'll tell you at # dang that was caused and tell you about flooding nearby in this area. >> raging storms have uncovered a long-time problem in one bay area city. >> there we are. last nights intense rain has moved on. we got a little break this morning. >> plus concerns about artificial playing fields. what one lawmaker is doing today to protect children. good morning. thank you for joining us. we are live in santa clara. a very large tree take a look at this. came crashing down on an apartment building. this was during yesterday's
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intense storm. as we have been talking about the ground is over saturated. this is not the only area that saw some trouble yesterday. alex savidge is going to tell us about the problems around the bay area. it's wednesday, december 17th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson is here. where do you begin? >> we get a little break this morning. that is where i begin. but there is more to go dave and pam. last nights intense rain about an inch for some. it came down fast but that has moved off. there is still another system zipping down the old weather highway. it won't take long unless a wave develops and slows down. it will give us more rain later this afternoon and tonight. right now there are breaks in the clouds. still a few showers around. especially up to the marin county area and along the peninsula. they are just moving fast. there are a few breaks in the clouds. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy a few sures some sun. that will fill in rapidly.
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we had some 60s yesterday and then rain develops again. it will not be as intense. san rafael, san pablo bay and western parts. southwest of marin county and coming in on the san mateo coast. you can see some of these quick moving showers but they can give you a brief heavy rain period and just like that it zooms out. 40s on some of the temps. these are cool systems coming through. 44 menlo park. 47 los altos hills. at the surface higher elevations. a little bit of a break, increasing clouds and more rain comes in. but again it won't have the intensity of last nights system. 50s on the temps. sal, we do get a break but there are pockets of rain. >> yesterday was very bad for the afternoon commute, steve. today even if it doesn't rain as bad, i think the afternoon commute all it takes is a little rain to make it tough. so if you dealt with what happened last night and you don't want to do it again, you might want to think about not taking the car to the city at
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least. westbound bay bridge looks good now getting into the city. there are no major problems on the bridge. if you are driving on interstate 880 north and southbound that is a very nice commute in both directions. and the morning commute also looks good on the east shore freeway here driving from the carquinez bridge to the maze probably won't stay that way for much longer. at 5:03 let's go back to the desk. you heard steve more bay area rain is coming. you should prepare for and expect more flooded rooms and there is another big problem trees suddenly toppling over because of weak roots, soggy grounds and strong winds. alex savidge is live in santa clara and man a huge tree crashed down at an apartment complex. good morning, alex. >> reporter: dangerous situation for people living in this apartment complex. take a look at the scene behind us here. the tree is still here. the giant tree came crashing down last night. it damaged part of the building here. it also smashed a car that was
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parked out front and this happened during a period of heavy rain last night. this tree very large tree is here on burbank drive and it was uprooted and gave way last night during the storm. the good news is that no one was hurt out here. in the meantime all that rain last night triggered flooding nearby on a freeway. this is what it looked like on 280 near bird avenue in san jose. one car got stuck in those flood waters. there was a crash involving a number of cars in that area. cal tran crews worked into the night to pump out water from the freeway and we can tell you this morning that all lanes of traffic are now back open and as we bring you back out here live to santa clara, again this large tree still resting against this apartment building and dave, you can imagine this will be an extensive clean up operation throughout the day. >> all right alex, thank you. we'll talk to you later. in the meantime marin county supervisors declaring a state of emergency after a week of
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stormy weather. but yesterday's declaration allows the county to apply for state and federal aid. it is expected to cost $1 million to fix just one levy in novato. roads have been washed out trees and power lines have fallen across marin county. marin now joins these or bay area counties in declaring or either thinking about a state of emergency. all because of the recent storms. >> and the recent storms put a lot of pressure on the aging infrastructure. parts of the city were hit hard with power outages, flooding, and overwhelmed sewage systems. according to the san francisco chronicle the city is moving forward on a sewage plan that will prevent future sewage spills but construction has been stalled because of the approval process required by the board of supervisors. critics say the trouble is caused by the recent storms storms. it has taken ten years but san francisco, daly city, and
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san bruno have agreed on a water sharing program. the $113 million deal will diversify the water deal for the region. san francisco public utility will sell water to san bruno. that will let water build up in the under ground aquifer. >> water customers are not expected to see a change in the taste of their water or the size of their water build. happening today state senator jerry hill will introduce a bill that is aimed at certain athletic playing fields. right now some synthetic turf is made with ground up recycled tires. but there are fears it can
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cause cancer. this proposed bill would require a new study examing possible health risks. schools and local governments would be banned from installing new synthetic turf before that study is completed. >> you are not allowed to burn them or bury them. you are not allowed to do a lot of things because they are deemed unsafe first. firs -- unsafe yet. a former police commander pled guilty to stolen gun charges. former peak grove officer john nyant admitted to stealing shotguns and semi automatic pistols. they still had the weapons on campus after closing the police
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academy. a richmond police officer found with marijuana inside his home earlier this year likely will not be charged. prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to convict joe ray see la. he said he used the marijuana to help train his police dogs. he's been on paid administrative leave since september. his future with the richmond police department remains uncertain. this holiday season is especially hard one for a san jose woman who's son was killed almost a year ago. anthony lee thompson was stabbed to death in january outside his mothers home in the willow glen neighborhood. groceries for his mom were right next to his body. 11 months later police still have no leads in this case. thompson's mother says the death of her son leaves a big void in her life this christmas. >> it's hard to believe he's not coming through that door anymore. and those -- and that is the thing that is the hardest for
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me. >> detectives are stumped as to the motive in the killing. thompson was a navy veteran. he was honored for value untiering at -- volunteering at the jail ministry. his mother hopes that telling his story will generate tips for the police. san francisco mayor ed lee says the city is taking another step to improve the service of muni while protecting the environment. the mayor has announced that the purchase of 61 additional hybrid diesel buses. they run on less fuel and emit less pollution. it costs $68 million. they do help replace an aging fleet. the money comes from federal grants bridge tolls and a voter approved proposition. several people were hurt after hitting severe turbulence shortly after taking off from south korea. the jet was headed to dallas, fort worth but it made an emergency landing in tokyo after getting caught in a powerful winter storm. the passengers say the
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turbulence didn't last long but there was no warning. >> it lasted for about 30-45 seconds and it was very sudden. >> some people walking around might have hit their head. >> four of the passengers as well as the crew member had to go to the hospital. nine others were treated right there at the scene. those passengers spent the night in japan but they will be put on another flight from dallas later today. it is the longest running musical review in theater history. coming up at 5:30 we all take you behind the sens of the very entertaining beach blanket back listen. >> you are right i'm from down south. and i'm your mother. >> yeah a live tv surprise for these two brothers with very, very different political decisions. up next what their mother did in hopes for a peaceful christmas. >> all right good morning.
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traffic is doing pretty well in many areas here. highway 4 still doesn't look too bad coming up to the grade. we'll tell you a little bit more about the east bay commute. >> a december to remember rainfall wise. that is for sure. we are seeing a little break now. it's not completely done. there is is another system on the way. we'll talk about that and what is in store. san jose not bad right now.
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welcome back. it's 5:13. pakistan is mourning as the nation prepares for mass funerals of 142 people. most of them children. a three-day official mourning period started today a day after seven taliban gunmen stormed the school. students were gunned dunks some of the female teachers were burned alive. army commandos fought the taliban in a day long battle until the school was cleared and all of the attackers were dead. the attack was in revenge for a military offensive against their safe haven in the area of pakistan that borders afghanistan. some students at uc berkeley came together last night to take a stand against the taliban's war on education. many of those who turned out have ties to pakistan. they say they are heartbroken hearing about the attack on the school and seeing the images of small coffins. >> the least we can do is acknowledge that we are here and that we are getting an
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education which is something the kids will now never be able to do. >>ly be going back home on saturday andly be going back home to a nation which is mourning. >> the students say coming together helps them get through the emotions they are feeling following that attack. >> time is 5:15. former florida governor jeb bush says he is taking steps toward running for president. bush said on twitter and i'm quoting i'm excited to announce i will actively explore the possibility of running for president of the united states. jeb bush said he made the decision after talking with his family which of course includes two former presidents. his father george h.w. bush and his broke george w. bush. it seems you are never too old to billion scolded by mom. two brothers found that out even appearing on live tv can't save you. now watch for a second when
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they took a phone call from north carolina while they were making an appearance on c-span. >> you are right i'm from down south. >> oh god it's mom. >> and i'm your mother. and i disagree that all families are like ours. i don't know many families that are fighting at thanksgiving. >> is this really your mother? >> yeah, that is mom. dallas woodhouse he is a conservative republican and his brother brad who is a liberal democrat they were surprised when their mom called up. she told them she had enough of their arguing and she expects pam a peaceful christmas. >> as all of us do. >> but it wasn't all tough love. she did end the call by saying she was proud of them both and loved them both. but look at their faces. >> i just love that. [ laughter ] >> mom. >> classic. every mom has said that. >> pam, you have met my mom.
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>> yes. she doesn't tolerate fighting. >> she has been on this very station a long time ago. and she will not hesitate to say fix your tie. your hair is too long. >> i'm sure she doesn't tolerate fighting among the household either. >> exactly. good morning, everybody. but she loves steve. she loves her some steve. we'll get away from that for a moment. let's take a look at that for a moment. let's take a look at the westbound traffic. the traffic is looking good getting into san francisco. there are no major problems on the bridge taking about ten minutes. a lot of standing water from last nights rain. it is raining hard. as you might expect the drains didn't handle it. there is a look at 880 north and south. highway 92 near interstate 880. traffic looks pretty good. there are no major problems. we don't have a lot going on as
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you drive through. san jose and the south bay the traffic here is looking good. >> when we went to your 29th birthday, i sat and talked to your folks. for a half an hour? we do have a little bit of a break. but look at right here. she is at horse hill. they get a little bit more rain. 1.75 on the rainfall.
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the wettest ever in san francisco. now i know it's good to get rain but we need more snow for some of the inland areas. most of the bay areas have been slammed here this month and the beat goes on here. there is still rain moving through parts of marin county and san francisco. it looks like i will get to that in a second. some of the rainfall totals over an inch of rain. last night thankfully that system didn't stall out because we would have had a lot more. or slow down. but still about a half an inch of rain to over an inch of rain. ben leo man an inch of rain. redwood city about two-thirds. livermore half. concord i thought they had more than that. so for the morning commute not bad. there is a few showers around. some of these can be brief and intense. i will show that over the peninsula. sun breaks but it won't last very long. the next system will sweep in and the rain will develop. things have calmed down up in mendocino county and lake
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county. a couple hours ago they had sun go through. over toward oakland and a little toward emeryville and just kind of scattered out toward highway 4. but the peninsula right here watch this. san mateo heading toward right over redwood city and wood side. that seems to be the strongest cell. that could be a burst of moderate rain. system is zooming down from the northwest. thankfully it won't stick around long. as bonnie said she said it's cold. my goodness it's cold. 40s on the temps. 42 los gatos and it is. 32 up in tahoe. 49 ukiah. 49 in redding. a little bit of snow shower activity up there so you are good to go if you are heading up to the sierra.
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we are taking the majority of these systems are unloading the rain on us. next system will not have a lot. i think we will get over a quarter of an inch to a half an inch. but clouds, showers and then increasing clouds turning cloudy. 50s on the temps and we will get one more system after tonight. we will get one more system coming in. that will be on friday. it will still give us rain. people saying it's weaker and it will go north. we will still get rain in this kind of a pattern. believe me, you don't want to kick things out of here too fast. >> so an umbrella this morning. >> absolutely. i would take it on friday and then you can put it in the trunk of the cars. >> or dry it out. and then get it ready for the next one. president obama addressed racism in a recent interview. coming up in 15 minutes the troubling experience that he says he and his wife had before he became president. >> and did they or didn't they? the new evidence that three inmates could have survived
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the light installation on the bay bridge has become a tourist attraction in san francisco. now another spectacular light sculpture may be coming to the city soon. amber lee looks at the first of its kind project that will be linked to light rail trains that run underneath market
5:25 am
street. >> the city by the bay has long emphasized public art in various forms. now it hopes to show public transit in a new light. >> wanting to reimagine the every day. and take everything we all experienced on a daily basis and help transform it into a moment of wonder and a moment of awe. >> each time a muni light rail vehicle travels beneath market street the new led lights will flash on. >> we want to create something as elegant and playful. >> market street was chosen for its diversity. the artist behind the property says it's the perfect canvas. >> market street is notorious for being fragmented in its different section. >> 124,000 led lights will be strung for 24 miles.
5:26 am
the prompt will cost millions but will be funded solely by private donations. fund raising will start next month. supporters say the lights will transform market street into a destination rather than a passage way. >> just radically accessible art. you don't have to buy a ticket. it's free and available for everyone. >> that will be very cool. san francisco supervisors prove approved -- supervisors approved the project yesterday. we're getting some new information about one of san francisco's great mysteries. it's this. did tree men who broke out and escaped alcatraz in 1962 survive? frank lee morris, clarence, and john they made it out of their jail cells but their bodies were never found. a team of dutch researchers say there is a chance they made it safely to shore. but only if the men left at the right time and road in the right direction in their
5:27 am
makeshift raft made out of 50 raincoats. the researchers originally designed -- originally -- so they tweaked it and built this. each of those dots there represents a different time of departure. it shows if they left between 11:00 p.m. and midnight and paddled north, hay could have made it from alcatraz to the shore on the north side of the golden gate bridge. but if they left any time after midnight, the tide reverses and their raft would have been pushed back into the bay. which would mean almost certain death from hyperthermia. later today the federal reserve wraps up its policy meeting of the year. announce any policy changes around 11:00 our time. this could be the most crucial moment of her term.
5:28 am
berkeley protestors want the city to hold police accountable. >> inside a rocket city council hearing, the demands from protestors and the response from berkeley's mayor. >> if you have never seen san francisco's beach blanket babylon show now is your opportunity. we will take you behind the scenes and introduce you to some of the actors and the shows creators.
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good morning. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are backstage. we are live right now inside san francisco's club where backstage at beach blanket babylon. i'm the only person in the bay i still haven't been there. >> no. dave. >> i'm going this morning. steve, i'm sorry. ktvu tara moriarty is is there. she is giving us a behind the scenes look at beach blanket babylon. she will be here in a few minutes. we're there. it is wednesday morning december 17th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 5:31. i think they are going to be calling you specifically to come. steve and i went together one time. >> well, as friends. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> we were the last ones there and they are waiting for us to get there.
5:32 am
they are the nicest media friendly folks. >> it is such a great show. >> you have to go. >> i'm going. let's take a look at the rain totals. sis system is intense. mill valley 1.75. novato as if you need more rain in novato. petaluma had 1.81. yountville 1.14. and sfo three quarters of an inch. san francisco two-thirds. and san jose a half an inch of rain. it was coming down pretty hard for awhile. the system was moving and not sticking around too long. we get somewhat of a break. next system is already in the picture and it won't take long to get here. so showers, clouds, and some sun breaks in the morning. but already zooming down out of the northwest in advance of this system which will be here pretty quick. showers and some sun. rain develops again. concord also back again toward
5:33 am
novato. san rafael and right off of san francisco coming in again. here on the peninsula redwood city and woodside mountain view palo alto right over the dumbarton bridge. san rafael some rain moving through. 40s on the temps. it is cold out there for many. lake port 48. healdsburg 48. if it wasn't for the clouds and breeze it would be even colder. we have a day of increasing clouds after the morning showers and rain moves back in this evening after friday well have one more system on friday. and highs today only in the 50s. there he is an update on his traffic. my good friend sal. click on your mic there sal. [ laughter ] you went to get coffee didn't you. >> that is all right. >> he needs a nelson won. >> battery problem. >> we all take it from there. >> we which check in with sal in a little bit. the bay area is getting a brief break from the heavy
5:34 am
rain. before another storm system moves in on friday. steady rain pounded the bay area most of yesterday afternoon and evening causing flooding on many of the roads. this is video from highway 121 in sonoma county. you can see the amount of water out there. chp is reminding drivers to be careful when driving on the slick highways especially during the morning commute. >> be careful, slow down and pay attention to the roads, other vehicles, and drive cautious. >> and watch out for standing water. the chp says it responded to a huge number of crashes and fender benders during last nights storm. the heavy rain also caused flooding on interstate 280 in san jose last night. one car actually got stuck in the flood waters. look at that. need bird avenue. that was after a crash involving about six cars. cal tran crews used pumps to remove the water. berkeley mayor tom bates has now scheduled a special public meeting january 17th focusing on police tactics in
5:35 am
berkeley. that was after getting an earful last night from protestors at the city council meeting. more than 100 people went to that city council meeting which was moved out of city hall to long fellow middle school to handle what was expected to be a big crowd. the speakers represented a wide range of groups including students, parents, and civic leaders ankerite seeked police for using a tear gas to break up a crowd of demonstrators on december 6th. >> you want to be subjected to being harassed and shied at. we are not animals. >> you can't take away a thing like tear gas. it may be a situation like the highway patrol. had to use tear gas to keep people off the freeways. >> the speakers last night demanded an independent prosecutor to investigate police actions. meantime san francisco supervisors have backed off supporting a resolution,
5:36 am
supporting the nationwide protest against the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. that is after the san francisco police officers association blasted that resolution. they said it characterized some police officers as being racist or trigger happy. supervisor john avalos who introduced the resolution called it a commitment to equal justice. but another one said san francisco police should not be compared to ferguson, missouri. president obama is the most powerful person in the free world but he says in the past he was mistaken for a restaurant valet. the president tells people magazine that every african american professional male his age has had someone hand over their keys to them. before becoming president he said he also had trouble flagging down cabs. first lady michelle obama said when she went to target as a first lady a shopper mistook her for a store clerk.
5:37 am
time is 5:36. happening now as promised ktvu tara moriarty is behind the scenes of the popular san francisco musical beach blanket babylon. all morning she will be showing us what goes on into putting that big show together. let's join ktvu tara moriarty in san francisco. tara, you are going to show us the musical special holiday show. >> i sure a. i can't believe you have never seen this show before. shame on you. they are known of course for their -- this is a hilarious show with lots to see and of course these iconic hats. these are what beach blanket babylon is known for. this show has been around for 40 years. they have had more than 15,000 performances. it is the longest running musical review in theater history.
5:38 am
you are seeing clips from the normal show but right now beach blanket babylon has the special holiday show and throughout the morning you will see the costumes they wear. you will meet the actors and hear some of the numbers. what we really want to show you is behind the scenes. back here live. if we can take a sneak peek. these are some of the holiday sparkling outfits. the hats they will be wearing out here. we have some of the costumes. these are some of the things that you can see little cowgirl here. and behind you these are the wigs you can see there is miley cyrus. sarah palin is out here. we have nick nicki minaj. the holiday show features the regular show with snow white going through her journey around the world. and along the way she meets the president, miley cyrus, the san
5:39 am
francisco giants. and the holiday show is a little different. it features a holiday -- but you know what would a show be without that? the holiday show runs through new years and have two special performances on new years eve and we are going to tell you a little bit more about that. coming up in one hour where you will meet the shows producer joe shoeman. we have a lot of exciting things so stay with us throughout the morning. >> what is so cool i'm glad you are showing the nicki minaj wig something will happen today and they get it for tonight's show. >> they were talking about that. when the royals you know had their baby that they incorporated that into the show. when princess diana died they took their royal number out of the show at a moments notice. sometimes they will stay up until 2:00 in the morning
5:40 am
designing halts and doing different things to incorporate i'm just noticing now the 50 shades of grey over here. they are definitely keeping up with the times and implementing all of the things. >> tara, i need you to use your pull. i need to see pam dressed up as nicki minaj. [ laughter ] >> that's not happening. >> reporter: pam, i have a couple outfits i can have you try on. i think we have madonna over here. we have a lot of options for you. >> eyes are open this morning. tara moriarty beach blanket babylon. we will talk to you later. time is 5:40. a lot to talk about this morning and there are new questions about the death of a teenage boy during last weeks storm. now coming up for you at 6:00, why a lake tahoe family says the police could have done a lot more after their son was reported missing. >> and a pretty scary story the
5:41 am
sony hacker is threatening another attack. this time targeting movie theaters. up next the precautions being taken to protect people heading to the theaters. >> the winter solstice is still four days away. and the outlook for the winter area is above normal precip for central california. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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welcome back to the morning news. people in australia still dealing with the aftermath of that deadly hostage situation as a memorial there is growing for the victims, australian authorities are being asked why the man responsible is not being closely watched. during the monday morning rush hour, man monis took 17 people
5:44 am
hostage inside a cafe in downtown sydney. at the end of the siege, two hostages and the gunman were dead. monis had a long criminal background. he was known to police through public displays of his radical beliefs but despite that, he was not on a government watch list. >> we are well prepared in many ways but we were not well prepared enough for this particular man n this particular place. and that will require an investigation. >> prime minister tony abbott wants to know why monis was not being monitored. he said a system did not adequately deal with the situation. and we are hearing from survivors. 83-year-old john o'brien was the first to escape. he is offering his condolences to the friends and family of the victims. tori johnson he died and he tried to grab a gunman's gun and it went off. 38-year-old katrina dawson was
5:45 am
killed. she was shielding her pregnant friend from the gunfire. o'brien says he wants to thank the police officers and everyone who helped to end that siege. he can't talk about what happened inside the cafe because the investigation is still going on. the hackers who broke into sony pictures computer system are threatening a real attack on movie theaters and many people are taking the threats seriously. the hackers made references to the september 11th terrorist attacks in a warning to feeder -- in a warning to theater owners about showing the new comedy. the warning appears to come from hackers in north korea. the u.s. department of homeland security says there is is no credible evidence that the threat is real but tomorrow's new york city premier of the interview has been canceled. you ever wonder how many
5:46 am
calories are in the drinks you record never a restaurant? some help is on the way. the food and drug administration now requiring chain restaurants with 20 or more outlets to list the calories and alcoholic drinks on the menu. the new rule does not apply to drinks you order at the bar or any drinks that are not listed on the main menus. the rules take effect next november. >> the board of supervisors voted unanimously yesterday. they will put new restrictions on how they will advertise sugary alcoholic beverages. restrictions also dictate where the owners can display the drinks within their stores. now the goal is to curb under age drinking and aggressive marketing aimed at young people. those rules take effect january 1st. those of you who watch mornings on 2 know we have chatted with samuel about his stint on foxes master chef junior. we have talked to him a couple
5:47 am
of times. i tried to get him to give us a hint about this seasons winner but of course he couldn't. well now we know. >> logan. >> not samuel logan the 11-year- old from memphis, tennessee took home the $100,000 grand prize during last nights finale. samuel says he is proud of both the meal he prepared and proud of finishing second. he absolutely should be. >> way to go samuel. >> he is just a charming young man. fabulous chef. >> with great chicks still to come. >> bright future for sure. >> time is 5:47. >> and very polite. >> yes. >> one of the most poised 13- year-olds i have ever met. >> later on in my life when he is my boss, i hope he watches this. >> sal how are you looking out there? good, dave. the traffic is moving along very nicely. if you are driving in many
5:48 am
areas. let's start off with a look at the the sunol grade. southbound 680. we had a truck that hit the center divide and traffic is a little bit slow coming down for a mile and a half. if you want to avoid that, now is a good time. 880 and canyon road would be decent alternates for you. we also have a crash reported westbound 580 on the connect ramp to eastbound 80. and that would be if you are going from oakland up to the berkeley area. that might effect your drive. it's not -- it might also effect your bay bridge drive because people slowing down they slow down in all the lanes there. so please give yourself extra time. this is a look at the toll plaza. and the traffic is backed up for a 15-20 minute delay with no major problems. and if you are driving into san francisco, it looks okay. at 5:48, let's bring in steve. thank you, sal. good morning, everybody. we do have a little bit of break. there is still some scattered
5:49 am
showers around. the rain will pick up later tonight. san francisco rainfall data so far for the month. for the month. a wet month. 9.98. almost 10 inches of rain. the first through the 16th has been the wettest. from july 1st to december 16th 13.37. that is 194% of normal. i would say we are doing very well with the wettest months january and february on tap. not far away. we still get two more systems. there will be one coming in here tonight and another one on friday. the one on friday will make it. everyone is down playing it. and then we will see a little pattern change. some rain moving through ma rain county not a lot. the past 24 hours there has
5:50 am
been hefty totals again. mill valley inch and three quarters. james vail close to that. 1.14. sfo three quarters. san francisco two-thirds. san jose over a half an inch of rain. other areas take your pick about a half an inch to over an inch from santa rosa to napa to fairfield. and mountain view only a third. san jose a little bit more. livermore .52. so it wasn't bad. thankfully it did not stick around. it was very heavy but it didn't last too long. showers this morning. some sun breaks they won't last long but the clouds roll back in. rain develops by the evening commute. over parts offals sorrow toe and richmond. and from novato, san rafael, sausalito, right off san francisco. some rain. palo alto is in on that. right off the san mateo. a little bit up on skyline as well. 40s on the temps. cold out there for some. 40s and 50s and even to the
5:51 am
north you can find some 40s. if it wasn't for the cloud cover, we would be even colder. temperatures we've only had one freezing temperature near freezing. one day or something like that. back in november. these have been warmer systems. each one is bringing in a little shot of colder air. we will cloud it up again and bring more rain in. it looks like the afternoon and evening commute could be a little tough. not as tough as yesterday. it looks like rain moves back in. we will get a little break on thursday. one more system on friday. they will give us rain and then we see a break on saturday and sunday. >> i just ran outside. light rain and it's chilly outside. >> it is cold out. >> it has been very cold lately. cold storm. >> and clear weather to start your shopping. >> i'm working on it. there is a french fry crisis. the contract dispute on the west coast that is causing mcdonalds restaurants in japan
5:52 am
to ration. >> but first an unbelievable example how the holidays bring out the best in people. after the break how one man hoped to make christmas very merry for almost 100 families. ♪
5:53 am
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with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. welcome back. it's 5:54. it took a federal jury just three hours to declare apple in
5:55 am
a lawsuit. focused on ipods that only allows owners to down load music from apples itune store. that let apple hike prices but the jury decided that updates made itunes more significant improvements and not an attempt to shut out competition. attorneys say they are already working on aale poop expect to pay less for wireless plans next year. a price war between carriers will continue and intensify next year as the four big companies cut prices and try to steal market share from each other. one of them t-mobile is introducing the new data feature. lets them roll over unused -- other carriers talk people into buying huge data plans and then basically confiscate the unused portion at the end of each billing cycle. t-mobile is kicking off the plan by giving customers 10 mega bites free. christmas came early for
5:56 am
families that had their gifts on layaway. a secret santa paid their layaway bills. he wrote a check for $50,000. >> very grateful for whoever did it. we don't know who. >> i feel like a million pounds of stress off my shoulders right now. >> santa apparently knew exactly how much the outstanding layaway bills would be when he walked in. walmart insists this was not an inside job. >> i love stories like that. >> so do i. coming up next in our 6:00 hour we are getting a brief break from the recent record breaking rainfall but the storm problems are far from over. we will continue our storm watch coverage. >> synthetic fields where grass used to grow. 2 investigates looks at concerns at water saving artificial turf may cause a
5:57 am
serious health risk. >> we are looking at a couple problems we have in the south bay and east by that might make your drive to work a little better. >> another .01 is falling in san francisco. we are this close from ten inches of rain already which put them at 425% of normal. and 1338 for the season which is 194% from normal.
5:58 am
5:59 am
heavy rain over night toppled this tree in the south bay. we'll tell you about the damage that was caused here and tell you about flooding that happened as well in this area. >> it's hard to believe that he's not coming through that door anymore. >> holidays will be somber for a san jose woman who's son was killed. how she is hoping to generate leads. >> and thousands of bags full of groceries. the giveaway this morning that will have people lining up for hours. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. we are live until santa clara this morning where it was a close call for people living in
6:00 am
this apartment complex. you can see a huge tree came crashing down and coming up in just about two minutes alex savidge is out there. he will show us more of the damaged cause by this and another problem because of the rain and the very saturated ground at this point. good morning, it's wednesday, december 17th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve, i know san francisco is piling up the water. >> almost ten inches of rain for the month. almost. they will get it today. wettest ever. dave is right, still raining out there. for some. it looks like the rain is really picking up in parts of marin county and east bay. and another system is just flying down here. it won't take long. it's already knocking on the door if you will. [knocking] come on in and there it is. this will not be as strong as last night but it will give us


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