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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  December 19, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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morning or early afternoon and already returns are showing up in many locations. 50s on the temps. i don't think they will get much cooler than a degree or two. oakland 15 miles an hour. santa rosa 14 miles an hour. south, southeast. a little stronger gusts on the coast and also in the higher elevations. san jose east. 30-24. gusts at half-moon bay. the system will give us another round of rain but then after that it does look like the next system will start to go a little farther to the authority as we go into the weekend. another one on saturday. but woman thirds to an inch for some. here is sal. when is the rain going to return? will it effect the morning commute? >> yes. >> okay. >> yes, sir. >> is it going to be dad -- yes. okay, thank you steve. let's take a look at that. you heard the man. you are going to be driving today in the morning perhaps in
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the day you might be hit by rain. that could change everything. here's the look to the mccarthur maze. everything is doing okay. bay bridge toll plaza, everything is light. the commute continues to look good all the way into the city and there have been no problems by the way if you are driving on the lower deck. on the peninsula, 101 northbound and 280 northbound still look good into the city. let's go back to the desk. we are learning more about the huge flairup at the chevron refinery that it will up the sky last night. the big flames and billowing smoke could be seen for miles creating a big deal of concern. brian flores is joining us from richmond with chevron's response. >> reporter: chevron says what many people saw and those concerns for many people. it was normal operations what chevron is saying.
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it had no impact in the surrounding neighborhood. but if you didn't know that, certainly raised concerns and many responders got many phone calls. this happened just after 7:00 last night. many in the community and commuters very concerned after seeing that larger than normal flair come out of the refinery. refinery fire a few years ago. still on the minds of many. but according to chevron, officials with the account and they called this normal saying we had a processed unit that needed to be depressurize. the flair is part of a safety system. >> we were monitoring the community. we are making sure we are downwind. making sure there were no odors off site. there were no chemicals reaching the fence line. >> what did you find? >> we didn't find anything. >> reporter: even though the flame and the white smoke that appeared, it was actually steam and water vapor released as part of the flairing. we also contacted a chevron firefighter late last night who said no one was injured inside and no alarms went off
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indicating a chemical leak. while this may be considered normal operations, the hazmat team is asking chevron for a 72 hour report on what caused that larger than normal flair last night. pam, back to you. time is 4:32. as brian mentioned last nights flairup brings back memories of the last major fire. it happened in august, 2012. the massive fire led to one of the largest shelter in place orders in bay area history. you can see the size of the smoke cloud. more than 10,000 people sought treatment at hospitals. last year chevron pled no contest to a half a dozen charges. company also afreed to pay $2 million in fines and restitution. cal tran crews have been busy by catching up potholes. the recent heavy rain has opened up potholes all over the
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roads. cal tran has been using the break between storms to fix some of the damage. it's a problem that caused a hit to many pocketbook owners. cost u.s. drivers $6.4 billion. >> obviously they were never able to stop in time. jobs like this come in more  often than the rainy season. >> damage to wheels while the rims on your tires. crews have said they used two tons of pothole mix over the last two weeks alone. 11 families living in a flooded mobile home park will be getting help today. a community relief drive has raised more than $30,000 to help out those families who's homes were badly damage the. that money will allow them to buy food and replace some things that were ruined in the flood waters. all of this wet weather has
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forced the closure of angel island state park. yesterday park rangers found treated waste water floating in the park. the island will be closed to recover from the excess storm water. ferry service has also been canceled to the park this weekend. unwanted pets have been left to fend for themselves. that is what the east bay spca says is happening all too often in one oakland parking lot. it's happening near the coliseum where a closed pack and save sits. the area has been a hot spot for illegal dumping. people are leaving unwanted pets. sometimes in cardboard boxes with a blanket, and other times in bad times. the problem is, they have a
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shelter right around the corner from the lot. police in australia are trying to figure out who killed eight children. their bodies were found inside a home early this morning. the mother of seven of the children was found suffering serious injuries after being stabbed several times. the victims range in age from 18 months to 15 years old. >> eight children gone. >> police are expected to remain at the scene for the next couple of days. prime minister tony abbott is speaking out about the incident saying quote the news is heartbreaking. this is an unspeakable crime. the incident comes just as australia is still reeling from the shocking deadly take over from that cafe in sydney earlier this week.
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a customs officer is now awaiting sentencing for mild pornology -- for child pornography crime. he was found possessing 49 videos of children. some of the victims were as young as ten years old. they found the video of lambs home computer. san francisco police released pictures of a man who robbed a bank dressed as santa claus. he walked into the wells fargo last saturday and handed the teller a note demanding money. the teller gave him cash and the man ran right off. the robbery happened in santa
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con. at this point police say they do not have a timeline on when they plan to submit the case to the county district attorneys office. on wednesday the 49ers cut mcdonald less than an hour after police announced this latest criminal investigation. a five-year-old girl who has had three heart surgeries was the center of attention at a special holiday celebration in belmont. that is darling little jane morgan. she was born with a heart condition. she told us she had never been to an ice rink before but she loved the experience arranged by a family friend. it was a skate-a-thon. all the money raised went toward jane's medical bill. >> it takes you off guard. you are not used to this much
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support and love. even though it's around you. >> there is also a chance the little girl can do things other kids get to do. they hope their daughter is done with surgery. 4:38 is the time. it is bigger than black friday. coming up at 5:00, how businesses around the bay area are getting ready for tomorrow's busy shopping day of the year. >> and a helping hand for the holidays from a bay area water district. what workers chose to give up to bring joy to families in need. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing well on highway 4 coming up to the grade. we'll tell you a little more about the east bay commute. >> our next system is arriving although it's cloudy and mild for some. there are areas reporting light rain or drizzle. the rain that will pick up
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later this afternoon into the evening.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. a mother is now under investigation this morning after deputies found the remains of two babies in a colfax storage locker. the woman who purchased the contents of a storage unit became suspicious when she noticed a bad odor coming from a container. when they opened the container with the word fragile written on it they found something wrapped in layers of plastic bags. >> when ier to up another bag and there was a little puppy dog stuffed toy. >> they noticed dried blood and decided to call police. detectives found the body of two babies. they say they are possibly fetuses. sheriffs officials say they have tracked down a woman they believe is the mother but no, ma'am charges will be filed until they are able to determine how the babies died.
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a chp officer in humboldt county shot and killed a man he says attacked him. the officer went to the scene of a crash in willow creek yesterday and the driver attacked him with a deadly weapon. they did not say what kind of weapon. the officer shot the driver and the man died at the scene. the officer was hospitalized with major gyres. a federal judge has set a date for leland yee. opening statements will begin three weeks later. yee faces a long list of felony charges including bribery, corruption, and gun trafficking. he's among 28 people tied to this massive corruption case. michael peevy presided over his final meeting. many thanked him for his years of service but his critics also
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showed up. they claimed peevey had became way too comfy with those involved in the san bruno disaster. >> i want you to go away. because really you belong in jail. >> thank you for your service to california and to planet earth. >> private e-mails that became public earlier this year shows pg&e went judge shopping in a critical race setting case and the state puc under peevey's leadership seemed to oblige. some bay area families got a helping hand. >> reporter: for three families, christmas came early and to a most unlikely place. the main offices of the west
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contra costa county they were greeted by willy waste water. and then enter san to. >> can owe give me a hug? >> reporter: the three families that include 12 children are on hard times. >> i got an mp3 player which i really wanted. and more gifts. >> reporter: most have been living at the bay area rescue mission with mothers trying to turn their lives around. >> i've been in for a year clean and sober. >> reporter: they say christmas may have been bleak this year if not for the employees of the west county water district. they decided instead of throwing an office holiday party, they would adopt the three families and chip in for presents and a buffet lunch.
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>> i think we all feel really good about it. >> reporter: how can he not feel good when you hear this especially from an eight-year- old. >> people give us the opportunity to do this and if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have any presents. >> reporter: the workers say they want to do this again next year. rob ross ktvu channel 2 news. >> that is a wonderful story. 4:47 is the time. sal, how is traffic? >> it's actually pretty good. so far. >> there are wet roads out there. >> they are all wet. there is not a lot going on. we will see you know hopefully people told me this is something i'm not sure. but we will see. yesterday was one of the last big days of commute. people were saying yes. be people will not be going in as much as much as yesterday. already for the christmas holiday. we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens in two
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hours when the freeways are up -- should be up to peak commute. this is 880. speaking of 880 if you are driving from hayward to fremont, this traffic is moderate. and no problems on the san mateo bridge. it's 4:47. steve. >> sal. >> when it starts to rain, things will slow down. >> yes. i think we will get through most of the morning commute without anything heavy. the heaviest will be to the north. breezy, mild conditions. rain line moves north over the weekend. and then after that sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday it looks like things are ready to go. so some light rain. the system is still offshore. so for some san jose it might be a cloudy, mild, breezy pattern. heaviest rain will be to the north. after that we are hard pressed
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to find much. you can see a lot of cloud cover streaming in here. this system is taking over to the north. that will be from saturday to sunday morning. farther north there will be rain. 50s on the temps. the breeze is the bigger deal. south, southeast 15 at oakland airport. 14 at santa rosa. gusts to 24 at half-moon bay. it was 18 now out of the due south. also toward hayward to south and sfo. 39 up in tahoe. there is a winter weather advisory that goes until 10:00 tonight. generally for later in the day. it's above 6,000 feet. could be 5-10 inches. so rather warm sector on this system. so that is why the snow levels has gone up on this and it will be late arriving. if you need to go now, it will be time. all of this is swinging in toward us. look for a cloudy day, breezy to windy at times.
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but the heavier rain rates will be to the north. 50s and 60s on your temps. this is a last in the series. it will be a far cry from those we have seen in the last few weeks as we go into saturday and then expect for fog it will be very nice to warm. down right warm for the coast. pamela. >> thank you, steven. more fallout from the sony hacking scandal. coming up in 20 minutes how the u.s. may punish north korea and the warning for other big companies around the world. >> it's a painkiller you probably have taken for headaches. but up next the new evidence that suggests it may also help you live a longer life.
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my son, aden, has asthma. secondhand smoke has triggered his asthma so bad to the point where he has to end up in the emergency room. and he has spent multiple nights in intensive care. now he's on a whole bunch of medications.
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my tip to you is: don't be shy to tell people not to smoke around your kids. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. it's 4:52. a man angry with a government crashed his car right into the headquarters of the countries ruling party and claimed he had explosives set to go off. streets were closed around the building and bomb experts examed the car. no explosives were found but there were two propane tanks in the trunk. fire investigators have determined that a massive fire last week that gutted an apartment complex under construction in downtown los
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angeles was deliberately set. now that fire on december 8th destroyed the seven-story complex, destroyed three buildings and a local highway. they sifted through 73,000 square foot of debris and they recovered evidence of arson. the fire caused up to $30 million in damage to the apartment complex alone. some firefighters will be responding to emergencies in san francisco. the san francisco fire department will be graduating 52 new firefighters. in may the department had 39 graduates. and san francisco mayor ed lee is scheduled to attend this morning's event. time 4:53. bay area medical researchers say the over the counter pain
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medicine eastbound pro fin. >> this is kind of a revolution if it happens. what it means instead of picking on one disease at a time and rying to cure it, we are going to target the common thing behind all of the diseases which is aging. >> researchers say alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and cancer are some of the diseases that set in as we grow older so they are seeing that aging is the common link. but ibuprofen has side effects if it's taken too long and without medical supervision. some people living in san carlos are upset about a plan to add a high school next to park. the school would be located next to loreala park. a petition is circulating online. a little more than an hour
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from now, the dui trial for michael phelps will begin in maryland. they pulled him over for speeding after he left a casino back in september. officers say phelps had a blood alcohol content of .14 which monday. coming up next in our 5:00 hour, another rainstorm impacting the morning commute. we are covering the problem spots this morning. we'll let you know where and when you can expect to see the
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worst of it. >> overwhelming call for change. after the break the way thousands are asking the police chief to fire the cop. >> traffic is okay if you are driving on the golden gate bridge. we'll tell tell you more straight ahead. >> it looks to be the last of wide spread rain. but those rain rates will pick up later in the day. we'll have your friday weekend forecast coming up.
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another round of rain head into the bay area after nearly a week of wet weather. we'll tell you how this rain is making a difference when it comes to the drought. >> we have made a dent. we will make a little more today. the heavier rain will be to the north. what about weekend? >> we are live in front of the richmond refinery where a larger than normal flair last night concerned a lot of people here. what chevron is saying about it. >> if you haven't finished your christmas shopping yet and i'm looking in the mirror, you're not alone. how businesses are gearing up for what is supposed to be the busiest shopping day of the year tomorrow. all ahead on ktvu challenge 2
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news. good morning. we are on storm watch on this friday morning because steve has told us it would rain on friday and sure enough. this is a live picture in tiburon where earlier this week we did show a lot of flooding in tiburon. the ground is already soaked. we could see flooding. definitely having potholes. we will check with our reporters out in the field. it is friday, december 19th i'm pam cook. >> just be careful driving. i came through spurts through downtown oakland. steve never gets it wrong. >> today cloudy rain. >> the storm moves around and fools you.
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>> you are fine. >> the forecast is always right. sometimes the date is wrong. thank you. we do have our system producing rain up to the north. light drizzle. and right around all of those. picking up a little bit. there were pockets of standing water. cloudy and mild for others. the rain will increase not only in coverage. it looks like lake county getting some rain. so it's only a matter of time here. some of this is low level stuff as we say. it doesn't show up with light rain or drizzle. we will give way to more moderate rain. breezy to windy. the southeast breeze starting to crank up here. not the most organized system i had ever seen. there is plenty up here and it will continue to paint us a cloudy, breezy, rainy day. rain returns.


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