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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 21, 2014 7:00am-8:31am PST

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diblasio. two of new york's finest was killed with no warning, no provocation. they were quite simfully assassinated. this morning, president obama unconditionally condemns their murder. we are closely following the story. we will have more on the investigation and the reaction. new contract for sfo restaurant workers. this is for them walking off the job again. we are in st. anthony's
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getting ready for the holiday meals. how you still have time to help out. >> . good morning to you. i am claudine wong. >> i am mike mibach. had a hill drizzle as i trove into oakland. we will turn to rosemary now. 3:03 is the arrival of the winter solstice. we have a drier pattern. we have fog as well. look into san jose. still waiting on the sunshine and all the cloud cover out there. most of us not likely to see the sunrise on the way. move over to storm tracker two and look at all the cloud
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cover. the moisture beneath the beam and not being able to to be picked up. i had it on my way in as well. we have got the cloud cover that we can see here. it is a partly sunny this afternoon. and mention of clouds the second half of the day. they begin to finally nudge in and take the weather pattern. it will leave to a number of fridays for the week ahead. we have a coastal flood advisory in addition to the shoreline from the north bay down to the monterey area. from the bay front areas as well as marshes and sleuz. and it comes -- and sloughs and the king tides are back sunday today, through tuesday. i will have the numbers for you coming up and detail the holiday weekend ahead. back to you. we want to begin with breaking news. a police officer was shot and killed in florida.
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a suspect is in custody. we are still trying to get more information. we will have more coming up at 7:30 much this all comes after the execution-style killing of two new york city police officers. >> they are still trying to put the peases together and they are calling the shootings an assassination. these are the pike tours of the two officers killed. one is wenjian liu and raphael ramos. >> president obama overnight released this statement saying i asked people to reject violence and words that harm and turn to words that heal. prayer, patience, dialogue and sympathy for the friends and family of the fallen. now from jackie ibanez in new york city. >> gunman ambushing two police officers in the bed-stuy section of brooklyn. they sat inside their patrol
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car and they were rushed to a local hospital where they were late err pronounced dead. >> the gunman ran to a nearby unsubway station where he shot himself. >> they were shot and killed with no warning he no provocation. they were quite simply assassinated. >> these officers were shot excuse style, particularly despicable act which goes at the very heart of our society and our democracy. the suspect ismaaiyl brinsley theat to be part of a gang. this comes at a time of increased tensions following the teeth of michael brown and eric garner. >> it is a tragedy for the community overall. no life is worth being taken. someone's family member is not going to go home. >> he boasted about his land
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and referencing the deaths of garner and brown. i am putting wings on pigs today. they take one of ours, let's take two of theirs. fox news. >> we are learning more about the officers killed. >> we show you their position. >> officer liu got married two months ago. on the force for seven months. raphael ramos on the force for two years. leave behind a wife and 13-year-old son. they both lived in blip and assigned to the 84th precinct. new york police officers say a warning came about brinsley, they were investigating the ex girlfriend's' shooting alerting them with brinsley, the two officers were shot and killed minutes later. they are truckling to make sense of the shootings. you have more on department's
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emotional tribute. >> take a look at the video behind me. this is a procession of officers standing in silence as the ambulance there, you can see passes by the ambulance carrying these fallen officers. now the crowd was in the hundreds as they al sh absoluted the ambulances and did including everyone from police officers to first responders to ordinary citizens who wanted to pay respects. today civil rights activelyistless al sharpton will hold a conference with eabout them and said he was outraged that they would kill police officers for the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. any use of the names of michael brown and eric garner in killing of police is reprehensible and against the pursuit of justice in both cases. now, there has been a lot of of unrest over michael brown and eric garner.
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even among officers. look at this video as bill deblast yo made -- bill by blast yo made -- bill deblast yo made his waive to the news conference. and he has faced criticism since the grand jury decided not to indict a white officer in the death of garner. many say the mayor did not do enough to support his department in the aftermath. ante police demonstrators said i can't breathe. that is what pro supporters said. thank you. and held up signs that read blue lives matter. reaction is pouring in on social media. hashtag nypd and nypd lives matter. now over at the big board on more with the comments startling to come in.
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>> here are a few of the tweets. this is from catherine. there should be no rejoicing of innocent lives blos. black, blue, otherwise. thank you, nypd. then we have tara lynn wagner who posted this. and here is a picture memorials where two officers were shot yesterday. saw a grief of officers at flowers and bow heads. tragic. then we have this tweet that said four days until christmas and two brooklyn families are mourning the execution of their loved ones much and uses the hashtag black lives matter hashtag nypd and hashtag stop the silence. this is from jack wheeler who writes. so is anyone going to protest over the two police officers who were killed at close range for sitting in their cruiser. >> so, just a few of the tweets seen coming in. using the hashtags now.
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coming up. how they here in the bay area are reacting to the death of the officers. we will have more on the top stories. thanks, claudine wong. this is a standoff and started before 6:00 on raposo drive. a man came outside with a firearm. police were then called to the scene. waited for them for seven hours to come back out and for everybody's safety they decided not to go in and instead just left. they do know his name and they will return later looking to arrest him. >> tomorrow, restaurant workers at shf international held a two day walk out regarding job security. protections and healthcare coverage. tentative six year deal includes pay raises and more employer's contributions to pensions. happening now at 7:09 this
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morning. volunteers are hard at work in san francisco. what they are doing is preparing to serve thousands of holiday legals to those who immediate. we will go down to christian captain. he has his apron on and knife in hand. what else do they have planned? i have to see you working hard. >> trust me with the big knife. and this is like a mash cheatty. >> watch those fingers. >> working on the meal for today. today, we are making black beans and rice tacos and these are 3,000 people a day and working on the holiday meals as well. all of the holiday work going on and through the building right now. big meal for christmas, they are working on ham and for thanksgiving, that was ham and turkey rather. and so, certainly a lot of need for that. we are joined by rob warren who is trying to mentor me on my
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knife skill diss here. rob, i won't ask how well i am doing. but how big a traffic is to get it ready for 4,000 people. that's what you are anticipating, right. >> this is coming in. >> 3,000, 4,000 people. >> coming in. and preparing the meal. and 500, 600 pounds of meet. and this is vegetables. and we are enjoying. >> 500 pounds of meat. that is a lot of food to prep. they need a lot of donations. i told you about that earlier. they are looking for more hams. >> they have 175 hams. >> they need 500 to get ready for christmas day. and looking for turkey and canned goods. and have the curb side pick up against here at st. anthony's on golden gate avenue.
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you can drop off cans and whatever food you might think would be appropriate for the holiday season and what folks are going to need. accepting curb side donations of clothing items. it has been cold and rainy recently. looking for winter items. >> looking for the 4,000 meals. they can give out a gift bag for teach of the people that chom in. and they will need scarves, socks. and they will hand out 500 pairs of socks. and hadn't knit scarves and speaking of that. i will be trying my hand at knitting a little bit today. >> see how tough it is. i will be trying my skills with the knitting needle later on. they do need volunteers. >> they need them for the 23rd. and 24th. to help collect the curbside donations. >> they have a real need for volume turn tearless between the 26 trd and they will drop
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off after christmas and looking to have people come in and help out. >> it is 2409 a holiday issue as well as a year round issue. >> great point there. >> not meeting this week. and beyond. in january, february. and christian is live. check back with us and the dicing disils there. just a little bit. >> makes you nervous with the knife. >> he was a little tentative. time thousand is 7:13. today is the raiders final home game of the season. will it be the team's last game ever in oakland. we will have the answer from the head of the nfl. high tides headed our way. when they are expected to hit bay area. beaches and beyond. outside the doors this morning. mostly cloudy and still falling outside the doors. >> little peak of the sunshine then. >> drier pattern setting usm and what you can expect for the
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day ahead. and the weekend ahead. coming up. ♪
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. normal ties and from us, power line production out of mavericks yesterday. king tides, two to four times a year and last up to three days. the national weather service has a coastal flood advisory for this morning. flooding in marin county is going to be a problem today. it was off limits for hours yesterday. it is due to the combination of rain and extreme high tides. they affect freeway ramps in sausalito. and that will be the best on record. expected to travel more than 1500 mile as year. it is up from last year and most since triple a started
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keeping records. they said lower gas prices and improving economy are promising -- prompting more people to travel. it could put more money. >> i love it. >> keep it going. >> low gas prices and if you are hitting the road. emulator today, it is actually a pretty good week. people will be out there. we don't want to follow you right now. >> it is a good week now. mainly dry and second half of today. it as trip of the transamerica building there. shrouded in fog. in addition to fog and low visibility this morning. drizzle continues to fall. and it is beneath the radar beam and it is hard to track exactly where it is at. we experienced it and if you are stepping out early. you are likely to get it as
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well. >> fairly guy get out there. >> the only airport reporting delays is sfo, arriving flights. and we will start in the southeast where we continue to see the rain move across fra, georgia. and the -- florida. and georgia. and carolinas. into oregon and cross idaho and slips down into wyoming and utah and colorado. >> for ted, it is the pacific northwest. we will run you through the afternoon hour it is and show you again. we have the rain over the south, and southeast. it is over the northwest if you are traveling this direction where you experience some delays and once again, sfo, some for the arriving flights. >> take a look at what is happening here. >> notice the ridge building in. and the moisture is still moving into the bay area. this ridge will strengthen and we have got drier air moving
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in. for the time being at this hour, clouds are still overhead. still falling and into the second half of the day we will begin to dry out and we will have peaks of sunshine for the afternoon. >> right now outside the door in oakland, redwood city. and most of us in the 50s. this is 60 degrees for the afternoon today. going out to see the raiders play at 1:25 this afternoon. 63 degrees. partly sunny skies and 63 for san rafael and mid city. and 63 for liver more. >> so, awfully soggy out there at this hour. it is going to change as we get into the second half of the day and 3:03 this afternoon. and first week of winter is mostly dry and get into christmas eve and see an increase in clouds. it is expected now on christmas day. and won't necessarily bring us rain. we will continue to track that.
7:20 am
and bring some sierra snow. and if you have plans on heading to the eye era. for your holiday. >> something to keep an eye on. >> upper 60s as we get into monday and tuesday. >> it was drizzling and i thought. it will be nice. >> yes, it is going to get better. >> thank you, appreciate it. more fallout from the sony pictures hacking scandal and now president obama subpoena now responding. >> as part of the special, our photographs have this. they capture the holiday spirit. up next, they introduce us to a young girl with the help of people at oakland hospital will make it home for christmas. the holiday season is here,
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feon brand name mattress sets. years interest-free financing plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . they have been putting together stories that capture the spirit of holiday stories. they are so talented and so great. yesterday, we did bring you the
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story about a man who taught himself to play the piano and uses his talent at the oakland airport. photojournalist yost se querta shows us. they will be home in time for the holiday. >> we got the play bells so. >> we will hear the bells. >> we try to create opportunities to bring some of the holiday spirit. >> play bells ring are you listening. >> not feeling well and receiving treatment. >> ♪ the house is quiet. we notice that a, they were
7:24 am
turning a little bit. it is difficult to have slow movements. >> you have to get to wear braces. >> effect it most notably and get up and stand up and walk. >> it is hard. the kids wanting to play. >> we will put you right here. >> she has an incredible spirit and now, her imagination is
7:25 am
wild. it is just, they fall in love with her. >> yes, she is a really a people person. >> let's go. >> talkative here. >> as soon as you talk to her. >> this is where i sleep and i face this way. i get a good view of ariana and that's where sleigh sleeps in her bed. i don't want her to feel like she is by herself. >> talk about the ultimate big christmas present. >> ready. it is a going away party. >> it as going away party. >> yes. >> today is ariana's last day. >> you did awesome.
7:26 am
>> this is what ariana's family brought. >> we get up every day to give them back their lives. >> here ray. >> it is all for christmas and can't wait for them to come home and start the next chapter in our life. >> good-bye. >> good-bye. > >> it is a great feeling for her to leave the hospital. tough being in the hospital no matter your age or any time of the year and especially during the christmas season and for a child to get out. >> glad she could wake up at her house on christmas morning. >> she said let's go. >> let's roll. >> and then to be a big sister on top of that. >> infectious smile that little girl has. >> thanks to our photojournalist about that.
7:27 am
>> you can watch more on christmas day. we will give you a new chances to watch it. >> noon, and at five and 10:30 tonight and at our sister station seven and 10:30 p.m. well, it is being called the play of the day. up next, the 90-yard scramble from colin kaepernick. that was a nice highlight. wasn't enough to scare the victory. >> new report reveals crime statistics for bart. which stations are the safest and which ones you may want to be careful at. >> drier weather moving in. outside the doors at this hour. we have fog and drizzle. still falling. how much longer you can expect the foggy pattern to last coming up .
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brews from mendocino, and the finest wines from around the world. at raley's, we're really into craft, so we enjoy and are excited about carrying those products in the store. ♪ share your ideas, tell us on facebook. . we ask everyone in the city toe bow thundershower heads and ray tore the families. the families of the lost police officers and the livers who are on patrol today who are this danger. >> two new york city police officers shot and killed while sitting this the patrol car. details on what happened and the motive behind the shooting and how bay area is now responding. i am mike mibach.
7:31 am
>> i am claudine wong. >> we will have more in just a minute. we will head over to rosemary. and look at the weather. viewer asking about rain tolds. >> you know we didn't. >> we will give you an update on that. and just put up the new numbers now. and look here. we have mostly cloudy skies. and we have drizzle out there this morning. and we had a viewer send us a message. i don't know if it is twitter or facebook. >> thank you for the question. >> take a look at some of the updated numbers. we are well above the seasonal average. back to july 1st. and you can see santa rosa, 172% above an average and 102% for san francisco. >> san jose, normally, this time of year. we have reached 4 inches of rain and they have reached continue. >> so, 249% of normal. this doesn't of course solve
7:32 am
the drought. the reservoirs are still well above average. this is the 10 to 20% average of rain. it is nice to get a break. most of us resist looking forward to a little bit of sunshine. that's what we are going to get. live look here and storm tracker two. and live look is gone. drizzle still falling this morning. low level moisture. just lingering and for the second half of the day. we have improving weather. and tryer weather. this is walnut creek and 57 in oakland. for the afternoon. san jose, you are expected to go to 75 for the afternoon. second and half of the day not looking bad at all. temperatures turn to climb and the try pattern is going to last. we have the coast tall issues and they are coming back. more on that coming up in just a little bit. time now is 7:32. another police officer is
7:33 am
shot and killed in the lane of duty. that officer was killed around three eastern time in the city on the west coast of florida. now, we are hearing that a suspect has been arrested and there is not a lot of details. a news conference is going to be held this morning. >> the shooting happened 12 hours after the execution drk style killing of two new york city police officers. this morning, we are learning more about the gunman and his victims. officers wenjian liu and raphael ramos were in their car as part of an anti-terror drill this brooklyn when ismaaiyl brinsley shot them dead. liu was married two months ago and on the force for seven months. ramos leaves behind a wife and one year old son. >> they tell braced to keep the
7:34 am
people of the city safe. brinsley had shot his ex-girlfriend in the stomach. she is alive. he wanted to avenge the teeth of michael brown and eric garner. >> oakland prifers are wearing black bands and flags are at half staff at the police department. oakland community leaders spoke with high schoolers at the youth center on issues including safety and nonviolence and improving communications with police. >> every police officer i know wants the same thing every citizen in the protestors want. a safe oakland and with everyone doing their job correctly. >> officers are worried that outside the bay area, they are stoking public anger and provoking some people who highway be unstable or are prone to violence already.
7:35 am
there is a lot of anger happening and the power of the police. and there is a lot of fear. i could moanlly imagine how crazy it is -- i could only imagine how crazy it is. fear at a time when trust is eroding between the police and the public. the shootings in the city will make the situation even worse. tomorrow, they will honor an officer killed eight years ago. 28-year-old officer bryant tavera was gunned down on the night of december 22, 19 19 -- 2006. >> he was serving an arrest warrant when the suspect shot and killed him. second officer returned fire and killed the suspect. >> there is a room dedicated to him at the police station. the public can visit a memorial garden for tavera across from the police station. which bart stations have
7:36 am
the most crimes and which are the safest. they conducted the analysis. based on 10 months of crime statistics from the bart police department. violent crimes like assaults went up and robberies went down. top five stations with the most violent crime include the bay fair station. heward. and civic -- heyward and civic station. the least amentd of crime is the glenn park orinda, south san francisco and the merit station in oakland. turning thousand to sports. riders game at the coliseum will not be the last one in oakland. there is speculation that the raiders might relocate back to los angeles. but espn is reporting that roger goodell told the raiders with the chargers and the st. louis rams that no team will move to l.a. next season. he did tell the teams to look at 26 instead. >> silver and black face the
7:37 am
buffalo bills. and the raiders final home game of the season. programming note for you. we will end eerldly as the mercedes-benz show will air at 8:30. then it is fox nfl sunday at 9:00 a.m. and followed by chicago to take on the bears at 10:00 a.m. they woke up from its season long hibernation last night. 49ers once again lost at home. blowing a 21-point lead to the san diego chargers. >> frank gore barreled his way of dwepsz scoring on the 52-yard touchdown. later, it was the 49er dwepsz getting on the board. and then with al whrot of grass between them and gpg anything for the score and making it 21-0. they storm back in the 4th quarter. down 25-21. two late touchdowns to send the game in overtime and in over time after a quentin patton
7:38 am
fumble, they won on a 40-yard field goal. >> not much to say other than keep fighting. get our last regular season win and it is a goal. that is a tough one. >> everybody feels it. >> 49ers got this one. >> final score of 38-35. and more players are nursing injuries. and 49ers wrap up the disappointing season next sunday at levi stadium against the cardinals. one write to spot is this play. >> 90-yard touchdown run. right through the heart of the chargers defense. it is the second longest run by a quarterback. longest belongs to terrell prior. and for the raiders against the pittsburgh steelers. 7:38. we will talk about volunteers who are hard at work at st. anthony foundation in san francisco. on christmas hundreds of people
7:39 am
will be knitting for people in need. joining them, he put the knife down in the kitchen and now he is knitting. how far are the lessons going. >> she taught me to knit and told me i could be good enough to do this while watching tv, i have my doubts. >> i promise, christian. this will happen. there is a real reason for this. the scarves and hats are going to folks in the tend doar loin that will be -- denier loin and -- tender loin and and going to our guests front to back. and little bit of warmth on christmas day is important from the heart and also important for people's health.
7:40 am
this gets a double meaning. >> absolutely. >> always a welcome donation for folks if they want to drop off a hand knit scarf. there is an incredible need for it. >> we run this program. 12 months a year. >> they were helping those to knit. >> and help them to wrap them. >> every scarf gets wrapped with a rob upon and manned made tag. >> for a lot of folks we serve, the only christmas they will celebrate is right here in st. anthony's. we want the day to be really special. if we can come on back here. you are hoping to have 5,000. and the need is there for socks as well. and there are donations for food. and we are in the kitchen a half hour ago. and it is over there to my right and left over there. and that's what the food prep
7:41 am
is ready on christmas day and we are talking about scaive assist and weather gore and collecting food. that curbside pick up is going to start at 9:15 this morning at the intersection of golden gate and jones here. in a half hour we will show you where to drop off the goods. what they are looking for. hams. >> they had one # five last checked this morning. there is a need for ham. turkey. food. and cold weather gear. >> especially when the weather is cold, having warm, dry feet is a health issue. and we use a lot of socks. so we are really hoping that people turn out and that we collect 5,000 pairs of socks. >> can you tell me. i think i messed it up again. >> no, you are perfect. >> right there. >> that's it. >> keep knitting. >> we only have until 8:30 on
7:42 am
the show. you mentioned it before, christuen, they -- christien, for the 24th. the holiday season doesn't end with the holidays. they need a lot of people. to volunteer between the 26th and the first of the year as well. >> volume unteers tend to drop off at that time and drop off at that time and there is a need between the 26th and the first. >> good for people to know. get back to work. thank you so much t we will check in with you in a little bit. 7:42. president obama said the united states is reviewing whether to put north korea back onto the list of terrorism. the hacking attack of sony pictures is an example of cyber vandalism. they have already determined
7:43 am
that north korea hacked into the computer system and they stopped with the mo vee "the interview." president obama believeless sony made a mistake. the ceo said they are exploring other options for releasing the film. >> we experienced the worse cyber attack in mesh history. and per self veered veered -- persevered under even more must stress and we have persevered and we have not backed down. >> while north korea is denying hacking into the system, they could being met with serious consequences if it refuses to work together. >> to help ebola victims in after frick ks candlestick, he is back home under quarantine. what he witnessed during his trip to an ebola epicenter. and it is right here in the bay area. snow is coming down in the
7:44 am
sierra. and tell me not. we will talk to liz about the deals available if you are headed to the mountains.
7:45 am
7:46 am
. good morning. thank you for joining us at this hour. what a beautiful look in lake tahoe this morning. snow showers have begun to taper off. we have cloudy conditions and it looks like the tahoe airport not too bad. no weather restrictions in the area. if you plan on criewting up over the passes, you are in good shape this morning.
7:47 am
>> joining me now. if you are headed out there. everyone is excited to ski. and the plan is. the deals. and trying to get the best. >> and it give it is people tips on the whole thing. just playing it in advance. >> sure. >> >> you have the folks this that say it looks great. why buy before you go. > >> they are. and it allows people to buy in advance and save to get on the mountain more quickly. what we do is not hoanlly have the largest tickets.
7:48 am
they experience the need. >> people go up. >> they are looking for a different experience in terms of how long they go. are they just at resorts. what are they doing now maybe they don't do in the past? >> well, it is interesting this year. they move over and turning the amount in. >> it tion great in living in the bay area. and it is so nice. in the backyard. it is interesting. and you say ski on christmas day and that is something people traditionally avoided. and it is smaller mountains. >> they have a lot of graduate
7:49 am
skiing and new year's day and sign super bowl sunday. we don't have them with the mountain. the lift lines are shorter. they are wide open and you can have great times with other skier. >> trying something new. >> and it is the first time. it be to be a little bit more. >> not too much people to run into. >> not too sure. >> any other tips this terms of versus right now. people tonight know and they have spring breaks and the vacations and they are going to go now. >> anything specifically. and seeing it on the holiday. >> they are looking to see them and the best thing is buy the tickets as soon as possible. >> it is further in advance to pie and they are rewarding
7:50 am
people to do that. and buying lift tickets with rentals and sometimes you can get free bloody marys and they are all experiences available for folks. >> then you are also in good shape. >> that's exactly right. over the past few days. >> rosemary is working on everything for us. >> yes. >> thanks for the good tips and you are working on making sure the weather is good up there. they are improving and we have had new snow and look at some of these totals i updated for you. >> 5 inches reported at heavenly. and almost 2 feet. we will talk about what is
7:51 am
happening there. we are waking up with drizzle. you can't see it. falling below the radar. it is arriving flight and you have someone flying into town and check on that before you head into the airport. take it way back and take a look at the ridge. it will be strengthening over the course of the next couple of days. it will continue. we have dry weather moving in and we will continue with dry weather for the next few days. >> they are coming back. and that means we have coastal flooding to consider. and the next high tide. it includes the coast from the north bay all the way down to monterey. and also includes the shore line right around the bay.
7:52 am
it includes marshes and sloughs and we experienced that before and the king tides, you may of course consider it again. we will have high tides roling in. >> giving you a look here. >> right now. >> 57 at oakland. and novato vado ton 57 for half moon bay. >> relatively little mild. it is soggy and cloudy and going to feel cool. we have a lot of 60s. >> mid-60s. in san jose and for liver more and fairfield. >> again, improving conditions. we are a little damp. but we will have dry weather moving in for the afternoon. as well as the winter solstice. >> winter arrive it is and we will will clearing. afternoon fog. >> monday, tuesday, wednesday. they are climbing for first part of the week.
7:53 am
we do have a system and we do remain dry and little bit of snow in the sierra. >> mike? >> thanks, rosemary. >> he is under car ran teen and helping them in africa. and they tell them in the independent journal. and after six weeks in liberia, he is a former paramedic a work in disaster areas. like cambodia. he wore a contam nice suit and three pairs of rubbinger gloves. there were chlorine containers everywhere. he has no symptoms and should be fine. but the quarantine extends to his wife. man and woman caught on camera stealing christmas presents. what they are doing for the take down. and they go missing and found with a different color fur.
7:54 am
>> and technology helps identify the dog despite her change in appearance.
7:55 am
7:56 am
. don't steal people's christmas packages. get the word out about packaging thieves targeting christmas gifts. it is a grinch alert. it shows a man and woman. and taking packages right from their front door. that comes at a time when deliveries are increasing. and people are expect being packages in time for the holidays. >> it is not just happening in this neighborhood. it is happening all over the neighborhood. >> i would like to bust them. >> at the same time. bless leave this neighborhood. it has got to stop. >> it has got to stop. one neighbor believes he had a
7:57 am
run in with the same man outside of his house on friday. he had several boxes with him and was in a hurry to leave. the upside to this is everyone has cameras. you take them and you will be on video. >> that is a gad picture. >> recognize police. reddish-brown pit bull who went missing is back home with the owners and slightly different look. at least the hair do. >> there is coco. he is adopted by a riverside couple on thanksgiving and she went missing. and looks a little different. >> that's right. >> the animal county services found her and that's when they found out that someone had dyed her fur black. other than her changed appearance. cocois happy and healthy. >> that's a very dramatic difference. >> very aggressive to hide the appearance of the dog. you got caught.
7:58 am
>> you got caught. >> cocois back home. >> 7:57. children in vallejo will have a much brighter christmas because of the police department. >> you're welcome and merry christmas. > >> they happened out toys to children in need. santa came out and police said it would not have been possible without the donations from people living in the community. always great to see again. >> stokes doing what they can for a couple of toys. >> great to see the smile on the kids' faces when they get a gift. it is pretty awesome and it is great for the community. >> good-looking teddy bear. we will be right back.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. two police officers killed. >> they say this holiday season will be the busiest ones on record. how long they will travel. >> we are in st. anthony's where they are getting ready for the holiday. how you still have time to help
8:01 am
out. "mornings on 2" continues. this is "mornings on 2". good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2". it is the first day of winter coming up. i am claudine wong. >> i am mike mibach. just about seven hour it is away from the official start of winter. we will turn it over to rosemary. just to see all the precipitation is out of here. >> as we speak it is moving out. beautiful shot for you. take a live look where we have and beautiful glow there. >> good morning, sunshine. you are a sight for sore eyes. we will have partly sunny to partly crowd did i skies. we are waking up with fog and still -- partly cloudy skies. and moving in for the afternoon. giving you a look here at the water vapor and they are moving through the area. we will show you where the clouds are coming from.
8:02 am
the writing over the ridge is beginning to strengthen in our direction. do you see the curvature there. and push the storm track further to the north as we get into monday, tuesday. dry diagnose out for the afternoon today and dry for a few days. >> followed by afternoon sunshine. in the 60s for today. and show you what happens here. we get into the second half of the morning. we will not stick around. and by the afternoon. again, a little bit more sunshine in the forecast. widespread 60s in the forecast. when i come back. i will put numbers on the screen for you. look at the current conditions. warm upcoming our way for the holiday week ahead and they are back. we have advisories to talk about as well as the way. coming up. we wants to begin this morning with developing news of another police officer who has been shot and killed in the line of duty. >> we just received the first pictures of the scream scene in the city of tarpon springs.
8:03 am
it is on the western coast of florida. it happened 3:00 eastern time. they are still there collecting the evidence. the suspect tried to flee the scene and crashed his vehicle into a power pole and then a pickup truck. the suspect right now is in custody. the shooting happened couple of hours after two new york city prifers were ambushed inside their patrol car. the police commissioner said there was no warning, no provocation, they were simply assassinated. wenjian liu, and raphael ramos were working as part of a drill and ismaaiyl brinsley shot them in the heads. he killed himself. officer liu was march rid two months ago and officer ramos leaves behind two sons.
8:04 am
>> they never had the opportunity to introduce weapons. they didn't see their assailant, their murderer. they will have a ceremony at st. patrick's category threat dral. he earlier shot his girlfriend in the stomach. brinsley went to her instagram page and filled it with threats against police to avenge the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. now condole lenses are coming in. police officers are wearing black armband and lowering flags at the police department. president obama said i asked people to reject violence and that harm and turn to words that heal and sympathy for the friends and family of the
8:05 am
fallen. new york city police said a warning came too late. yesterday afternoon eastern time, maryland detectives investigating his ex-girlfriend's shooting send a fax to the nypd alerting them about brinsley. they were shot and killed minutes later. they struggle to make sense of the shootings. here is the department's emotional tribute. >> this is the procession of officers standing in silence as the ambulances carry tion the fallen officers pass on by. a crowd of hundreds saluted the ambulances and included citizens of new york city who wanted to pay respects. al sharpton plans to hole a news conference with the family of eric garner sharpton said he is outraged by the suspects. and said he would kill them for the retaliation for the deaths of eric garner and michael brown. he said any use of their name
8:06 am
it is with any killing of police is represent rehensz sibl and against the purr siewft of justice in both cases. this video shot as mayor bill by blast yo -- bill di blasio was making a press conference. the police officers turned their backs to him. garner died after being put in a choke hold by a new york city police officer. many people say mayor di blasio did not do enough to support his police department during the aftermath. he was wanted in a stand off and it start td before six last night on raposo drive. he came outside with a firearm. police were then called to the scene and waited for seven hours for him to come back out again. for everyone's safety, they decided not to go in and left. they tell us they know his name and will go back later to
8:07 am
arrest him. yesterday restaurants workers are expected to ratify a new contract. they talk about security protections and it does include pay raises and employer contributions to pensions. well, let's talk about travel now. triple a is predicting that the holiday season will be the busiest on record with millions of americans expected to travel more than 50 miles. that is up 4% from last year and it is the most since triple a started keeping it records in 2,001. lower gas prices and improving economy are promentding more presume to travel. they can see them drop another 10 to 20-cent it is over the next week. volume turn tears are hard at work in san francisco. christien is live with how they are preparing for the holidays. >> you yourself are pretty
8:08 am
busy. i have seen you cook, knit. i can't say i have seen you knit before. >> i started out in the kitchen. i learned how to knit. my knitting instructor delores said i would be doing it and watching tv. take a look here. the kitchen inside st. anthony's and see how active it is. it is prepping the meal today. and they are going to be feeding today. other kitchens in the building though and particularly down stair it is where they are starting work on the christmas meal. they have to get ready for 5,000 people, 4,000 people and they are still looking for donations. you can see a lot of volunteers working on some of the knitting projects and the cars they will need here. >> you can see the product of all the hard work. knitting hats, golf gloves, scarves. and dropping off donations of
8:09 am
knitted goods and food that they are going to be needing for the big holiday meal. they are looking to serve 4,000 holiday meals. they need a lot of food. they will be doing it today. starting at 9:15. one of the things they are looking for. >> ham. >> if you take a look behind us. see behind us the holiday ham count is at 137. their goal for today is 500 hams. they are hoping to get 500 hams in time for the christmas holiday and if you are still looking to donate a ham or any other kind of turkey canned goods. come out this way and see where the donations will be taking place. >> those are here at the intersection of golden gate and jones in san francisco. >> we are blocking the white zone right now. >> when they start rolling in. >> we will be gone and there will be plenty of room for the donation it is here. at 9:15. they are lacking for donations
8:10 am
of ham, turkey. canned goods. >> durable items and hoping to get them out to the clients who need them for the cold and wet weather we have been seeing. keep in mind that they need volunteers to help with the collections out here. they need volume you untears for the 23rd and fourth. it is here year round. they have a real need for volunteerless after the christmas holiday and the number of volunteerless tends to drop off and they need them for the 26 trd through the first of this year. lots of ways to come out or you can drop off your donation here at golden gate and here in san francisco. >> 500 hams they need and on the sign k 137, that's another 350 plus they need. did they say anything about the donation it is being down this year. compared to previous years. they are not far off. >> they still have quite a ways to go. they didn't say anything bg donations being down.
8:11 am
they hope they can roll in today. this is the crunch time and we have donations today. twenty-third and fourth and make up the number of hams in time. certainly, you can see by the board. and they need 500 and the need is there. hopefully that will spur people to donate. it is important, tion too. you guys were nitding and doing a great job of knitting and drop off stuff. they can do that as well. >> that is just a part of the process. >> that is the whole point of the curbside pick up. talk about food and you saw all the hand knit items. they need, again, cold wearmt gear is what they are looking for. >> wool socks in particular. and gloves. hats. and rain gear. and it has been a cold and dreary season so far. >> it has. >> it is good for people to know there is still a need out there. >> it is memorable. and memorable year for the best
8:12 am
high school football team in the year. we have the championship performance. plus violent crimeon the rise at bart stations. we will tell you which are the safest and which has the most crime. >> drier weather is on the way for the afternoon. outside the doors this morning. little peeks of sunshine beginning to pour through as we say good-bye to the soggy, foggy weather. what you can expect outdoors right now and through the afternoon coming up. ♪
8:13 am
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8:15 am
. this is the bay fair station and heyward, civic center and the pal station in san francisco. this is san francisco international airport, orindo, south san francisco. roadway flooding. we have seen it in marin county and it is again today in one section of roadways. we are talking about highway 101. and it is off limits for hours yesterday and you can see the pictures and pretty easy to see why. flooding is do you to a combination of the rain and extreme high tide. >> flooding affects this and in
8:16 am
sausalito and this is at the foot of the grade and they need a parking lot. always a spot that floods there in mill valley and if you leave your car, you have a nice meal. and just avoid the area all together. >> it is the people who park there all the time. >> bring rosemary in and we have the king ties starting to roll in here. >> once or twice a year. they are going to be with us. today, tomorrow and tuesday. you can expect some minor coastal flooding. here of video sent to us. and this is the mavericks just yesterday. >> they were out there and started rolling on the video and pretty solid beafs that lined up out there and stacked up into the civic and made their way into the san mateo coast. they hit two to four times a year and last for a few days. three days and that does cause excitement among surfers. >> i don't want to talk about
8:17 am
advisory. >> it is for the shore lieb all the way down to monterey and includes the bay area shoreline as well. including marshes and sloughs and through the delta area as well. i have a this to show you and where it is going to be tomorrow. and take the advisory until 3:00 on tuesday afternoon. primarily coming to the morning hours. you can expect that to actually add to the possibility of flooding those high tides will be exceptionally high for today, tomorrow and tuesday. we will talk about what is happening outside the door at this hour. i will show you where this is. we tried to show you where it depicts exactly what i am talking about. san mateo coastline all the way down into monterey and we have the shoreline here. right around the bay as well and alameda. you are included in this and
8:18 am
the marshes and the sloughs where the water comes in and creates a little bit of flooding. we will talk about what is happening outside the doors. this ridge of high pressure is gaining strength and pushing the storm track further to the north t patchy fog and as bell as drizzle and by the afternoon. we will be with partly cloudy skies and drier air will pull m to the bay area and for the next few days, we have dry weather in the forecast. we will look at what is happening. not completely cloudless as we get into the afternoon. we will stop it here at lunchtime. we have cloud cover out there. second half of the day and begins to break up a little bit more and partly sunny and cloudy as we call for the afternoon. 57 in oakland. and we have 57 in napa and mountain view. and 56 for smg s and half moon bay. you are checking in at nine. numbers are slightly warmer where we have been and 65 san
8:19 am
jose. and find our neighborhood. chances are you are going to be in the low to mid-60s for today and 62 in antioch. the extended forecast here with the second half of the forecast and we have been talking about it first day of winter. today. winter solstice arrives today and we have dry weather in the forecast for the holiday week ahead. >> we will continue to blame. monday, tuesday. and begin to slide a bit come christmas eve. increasing clouds are a possibility as we watch the system by pascal cal and moch into the sierra and bring the possibility of snow to the sierra to have fun christmas day. we will be tracking it for you between now and then. i will be sending it back to claudine and mike. instead of handing out tickets. reaction from driverwho got pulled over and got this. plus the raiders team up with the marines to get toys. and how some players are going
8:20 am
the extra mile to get last minute donations. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. . high school football has turned into a movie this year. called when the game stands tall. this morning, the spartans are standing tall over every california high school football team. they did win the state
8:23 am
championship open division last night. they beat the core rope no centennial and the final score. decisive 42-34. >> that's true. they end their perfect season with 14-0 record. congrat consist to them. all right. well, the raiders have teamed up with the u.s. marine corps. to get days for the bay area children in need. it will go until 1:45. marines will be stationed and collecting new unwrapped toys and monitory don't nations before they take on the buffalo bills. they have been teaming up with the marines and the toys for tots campaign. it is a lot more areas donating more. and very surprising to see how many people have gone out to help us out. >> so nice to hear that people
8:24 am
are responding to the needs and players are signing ought graph consist in exchange for last minute donations. this is at the sharper image. this is from six to 8:00 p.m. at night. this next story. a 4-year-old boy decides to have santa's back by taking on the grinch. up next how the change of heart will teach us a lesson in forgive nsz. -- forgive psz. forgiveness.
8:25 am
8:26 am
. well some police officers in oklahoma are spreading christmas cheer instead of giving people tickets which is not a fun thing to do. they are handing out cash. so, this is how it all worked on friday. they turned on their sirens and pulled people over. >> they surprised driverby giving them cash instead of a ticket. they each got 20 bucks. not to change the view on police. but help out and spread the christmas spirit. >> they handed out a thousand dollars and to overall 50 people. can you imagine. if you have gotten pulled over and the sound and the lights
8:27 am
and you are like so embarrassing. >> worse part of the day and getting 20 bucks. that would be great. here is another good story. a boy in idaho learned about forgiveness thanks to the help of the grinch w. >> i would beat up the grinch. >> 4-year-old jacob met the grinch on the journey to the north pole. jacob is one of santa's biggest fans. he did not like the grinch taunting santa. this is what he did. writes a letter to santa asking him to beat up the grinch and mailed a letter and then he felt bad about it and he had to write another letter. >> this time to the grinch. that letter said i was mad at you for being naughty to santa. and now, you need some love. >> what a sweet boy. how wise is that little boy at such a young age.
8:28 am
>> so crummey. >> santa is watching. >> good for him taking on the grinch. i have a 4-year-old, if there is weather in the area, santa might have to be delayed. >> wow. >> his eyes went. >> what can i tell him tonight. clear skies. >> we are going to have fog out there and we are going to be dry for the next several days and temperatures today in the 60s. not so bad. sound good. that will do it for us today and this morning. thanks for this on the last weekend before christmas. >> have a great sunday, everyone
8:29 am
8:30 am
hello, again. welcome to the mercedes benz sports weekend. coming up on today's show, game effort by the 49ers in seattle. but for the first time in four years, san francisco will not be in the post-season. >> for the better part of almost two decades, the point after has followed virtually every 49ers game on fox. we take


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