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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  December 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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yesterday. we have low clouds in some areas. we have patchy fog back. and it is dense in areas like san jose. quarter mile visibility outside of your door. meanwhile at sfo visibility looking good at least at the moment this could change as you get through the next few hours. napa reporting three miles of visibility. when it is patchy and dense, it could be a little bit more dangerous because it could be clear and you could have that wall of fog in front of you very quickly. 45 degrees at walnut creek. 49 in concord. we have 40s in areas like santa rosa and napa. these numbers slightly cooler than we had yesterday morning because we have clear skies in many areas. as we get into the afternoon, wide spread 60s back in the forecast. 63 for pacifica today. mid 60s san francisco. upper 60s for oakland as well as concord, livermore. san jose you will go to 66. napa you're looking at 66 as
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well. today will be the warmest day of the next several days. we even have rain to talk about on christmas eve. i have a look at what you can expect for your holiday and your week ahead. all the way into the weekend. good morning, sal. rosemary, good morning. we are looking at a decent start for this tuesday. you can see for yourself that the traffic is doing well. this is about the standard time that we have driving from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze. and the traffic continues to look good. also been checking with chp and chp is not giving us a lot to go with which is good. the traffic is nice through this area. and really throughout the entire bay area as we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light. essentially visibility this morning is better than it was the other day. or yesterday. you can see all the way out to the east shore here from this camera. the traffic looks good into san francisco. if you are looking at the marin county area. southbound 101 traffic looks
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good from novato to san rafael. no trouble on the richmond san rafael bridge. right now it's 4:31 let's go back to the desk. happening today it is one of the busiest travel days of the year. getting home for the holidays could be a challenge. alex savidge is joining us now. sfo where there are going to be some delays. >> reporter: yeah potentially. so far this morning on this busy travel day no weather issues impacting flights into and out of sfo but that could change as we close in on christmas. over the next couple of days a potent storm system is expected to slide in. now it won't bring a white christmas per se. just lots of rain and strong winds which could trigger delays at some major airports. online some have dubbed this system that is moving in santa bomb. airport officials are keeping an eye on the weather of course. they are warning people about
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the possibility for delays as they try to get home for the holidays. we caught up with the perez family they are heading down to mexico. they hope the bad weather doesn't mess up their plans. >> usually when there is bad weather they don't let you fly out. but today seems like a nice day. hopefully it will be good. >> of course it doesn't take a whole lot in the way of weather to snarl holiday travel for a lot of people. and there will be a lot of people hitting the airports. aaa predicts 98.6 million americans will travel this holiday season. and that is up 4%. >> thank you, alex. we will check back in. i know you will keep up on any problems out there. firefighters at a station in the south bay have been told to relocate after being told it could be a hazard to their
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health. last night they packed up their things and headed to two nearby fire houses. >> we are very thinly staffed already. we can't afford to have stations out for a long period of time. we have to get this fixed. >> the captain says while fire house number 16 under goes cleanup and repairs, there will be no disruption to service in the area. the planned implosion of candle stick park is raising health concerns for those living in the bay yaw area. it is expected to be blown up early next year. many people living near candle stick are worried about the dust plume that could come from that implosion. the 54-year-old stadium has a
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large amount of hazardous materials that include asbestos and pcp. it happened yesterday morning when the girl was out jogging near the intersection of park lane and kamics no. a man followed her for several blocks and took pictures of being charged with two felonies for revealing photos of young women from their cell phones. he took the photos when the women were arrested for dui.
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continuing coverage this morning of the deadly shooting of two new york city police officers. we are now hearing from the widow of one of the officers and protestors are refusing to honor her request. officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were sitting in their patrol car saturday afternoon when they were shot by ismaaiyl brinsley. brinsley later took his own life. a funeral for ramos is being planned for saturday morning. officer liu's family is on their way from china and will make his final arrangements when they arrive. >> this is a difficult time for both of our families. >> in the meantime new york mayor bill de blasio asked protestors to stop demonstrating until after the officers funerals but they say that is an attempt to stop free speech and they are going ahead
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with the protests. brinsley's sister says he was astranged from them. >> this has nothing to do with police retaliation. this was a troubled, emotionally troubled kid. he needed help, he didn't get it. >> brinsley's sister and aunt say they found out about the shooting through the media. he was the father of two children an infant and five- year-old. he had been arrested multiple times. the question people keep asking, why did he get released? they provide fresh evidence of back channel communications between the utility and state regulators
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have a merrier christmas this year. they will continue to hand out donated toys to families who signed up. they will give it more than 200,000 toys this year. that makes this the oldest program of its kind in the country. in the south bay sacred heart community services wrapped up its toy drive. the charity is completely out of gifts for teenagers. suggested items include watches, curling irons, gift cards and movies. they will help 5500 preapproved families with food and gifts for the holiday season. the oakland raiders are still helping to collect toys for kids in need. they lined up to meet four players. they were signing autographs
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for anyone who donated toys for tots. the players say it shows the good side of the team and its fans. >> it's a great feeling knowing that you have this great support and this great fan base behind you. i'm blessed to be here. >> they are very excited and guess what in two hours the players collected more than 500 toys. that will be given to children in foster care tomorrow night. time is 4:39. coming up new information about an alleged assault involving ray mcdonald. coming up at 5:00 the text message exchange between him and police that he could have used against him. >> and for more than 50 years if you wanted to track santa's journey on christmas eve you would have turned to norad but this year, there is competition. what google is doing to track his flight across the globe. >> we are looking at a commute here where 880 is looking good. yesterday was so foggy we
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couldn't see this. but now i can tell you by looking at it the traffic is looking good in both directions. >> minor changes in the forecast for today. bigger ones coming by tomorrow. i will detail your tuesday pattern and transition back to wet weather coming up. the holiday season is here,
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welcome back everybody. the two victims of a 16 hour hostage stand off in sydney australia have been laid to rest. the funeral for tori johnson has been laid to rest. a gunman took 17 people hostage. there are reports johnson tried to grab the hostage takers gun when it went off. the gunman was killed when police stormed the building. a public memorial for katrina dawson was held today. she died when shielding her pregnant friend from gun tire.
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she says if there is one thing we can learn from dawson's example, it's how to love and how to show love. u.s. officials are not saying they had anything to do with a u.s. outage in north korea. the disruption of internet service in north korea yesterday came amid an escalating war of words between the united states and north korea over the cyber attack on sony pictures. president obama said that the u.s. would respond porportionately to the attack on sony without giving any specifics. a state department spokeswoman would not confirm or deny if the u.s. had anything to do with the internet outage in north korea. >> it could be anyone. that is part of the problem. and it could be mismanagement. it's very possible that this is a bad day to be an it administrator. >> there is very little internet access in north korea in the first place. it is mostly restricted to government and military use. california attorney general has a warning for people who use location services on mobile
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apps. kamala harris says most people don't realize that most apps report your location all the time. imcolludeing when you are not ewing that app. the attorney general says that can be dangerous especially for victims of domestic abuse or stalking. the countdown to the start of santa's christmas eve flight is now a battle between google and the military to track his flights. the mountain view tech giant says google map santa tracker showcases santa's dash board and lets them know when santa might be in their neighborhood. they have been tracking santa since the 1950s. and they will stick with their world famous satellite and radar systems. in the meantime, the two competitors are making sure everyone knows that they will be keeping a close eye on santa's location tomorrow night. >> and santa will have a gps
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system in his sleigh. >> there should be an app so he can send us direct notification when he is in our neighborhood. right sal? santa is busy. >> here's the thing. >> what's the thing? >> are they going to be in sync? is the google app going to be showing. >> it should be if they are accurate. >> it should be interesting to see. >> what i'm going to say is they might be a little off. you know how like a game on tv is off a little, the radio. you know. >> could be. good morning, everybody. i will be watching for santa claus myself. he might bring me some gifts. you may never know. let's take a look at what we have. at this point it's a surprise to me. i kid. this is 880 north and southbound the traffic is moving along okay if you are driving in both directions. yesterday we couldn't see anything. it was really foggy. today it's much better than that. traffic continues to look good if you are driving through the
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areas. and the traffic might be slighter. this is december 23rd already. holy smokes. it's getting close. westbound guys. westbound 24, westbound 580, southbound 680 all looking good as you drive in the east bay. right now it's an early start and we will see if today will be a full strength commute day. i don't think tomorrow which is christmas eve will. but today you may have people that are going to the office. what do you think? you think people will be going to the the office or will they be shopping or staying home? >> there is one thing i definitely hope is they are not going to the office. i know people are already celebrating and it will be a great day to be outdoors. good morning to you. we are with partly cloudy skies. as sal mentioned a lot better out there in terms of the fog. it is patchy and dense. we will see if that continues to be the trend. as our temperatures continue to cool and sink a little closer to the dew point. wide spread 60s in the forecast
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once again for the afternoon with mostly sunny skies. again today it should be a lot like yesterday for most of us. ridge of high pressure still in control of our weather pattern for one more day. on the backside of this ridge we have a storm that is beginning to form and we are expecting the possibility of some rain coming our way by wednesday and the models are bringing it in sooner than what they had just yesterday. let's take a look as we roll through your tuesday morning. we are with mostly sunny skies for the afternoon. by sunset just before 5:00, notice the clouds beginning to form and bank up against the coastline as we get into the over night hours these clouds will move in and by wednesday morning take a look, we are partly to mostly cloudy as we start the day. there is the rain line already moving into northern california. by lunchtime, it wants to swing into the north bay. we're talking the lunch hour by 1:00. it's beginning to move into the central bay. and by 2:00 it's starting to move boom the south bay. this is light rain. it looks like the possibility of winds picking up with this
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system but it's a quick mover. it's about sunset on wednesday afternoon and we are already drying out. it's moving on. it will bring sierra snow as well. this will be your destination for christmas eve. giving you a look at your temperatures. 45 degrees at walnut creek. 45 in napa. 54 san francisco. 48 in redwood city. san jose you are checking in at 51. san jose is one of the areas where we are tracking patchy dense fog. afternoon highs very similar to yesterday. upper 60s for oakland. 65 for vallejo. 65 in san rafael. the extended forecast here again chance for rain now looking more and more likely as we get into christmas eve. not going to last too long. we are dry by christmas day. good time for everybody to be out and enjoying their new toys. temperatures on the cooler side. today is going to be the warmest day before we begin that bit of a cooling trend. >> so it's a heat wave in pam's
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eyes. >> out walking with the sun in the afternoon. it's a couple days before christmas. >> i left with a jacket on and quickly removed it. especially inside the car. >> all right, thank you. 4:40. 4:50 is the time right now. for the past few weeks our photo journalists have been putting together stories that have captured the spirit of the holiday season. chris pac ton looks at a one of a kind production in san francisco. it uses the music of the nutcracker to tell the story of hanukkah.
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>> i am the first lady of helm. so i get to go from being a nice california girl who is an opera singer to being one of the theater players in the theater of helm. i get to be jewish tonight. it's a show that has never really been done before. we are setting the stories of hanukkah to the music offish cough key nutcracker. if you are a jew in the bay area you know wherever you go it's all christmas all the time. and we love it and it's beautiful but it's so nice to have something that is just for us. you get to experience hanukkah the way everyone experiences christmas.
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>> it's always the best thing. >> a lot of fun inside jokes. >> no matter what religion you are, no matter what type of holiday you celebrate this time of year. >> something bright and illuminating.
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5:30 in the morning. noon 5:30 in the evening. and 10:30 p.m. right here on ktvu. and 7:00 p.m. and 11:30:00 p.m.. >> i just love seeing the talented photographers. they put together some really good work. >> really, really amazing. >> yeah they are really nice stories. coming up a bride and groom robbed of all of their wedding photos. how a sentimental stop ended at the point of a gun. >> put it in reverse. >> up next the case of road rage on interstate 80. video of a scary encounter that landed one driver in handcuffs.
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police until san leandro shot and killed two pit bulls after the dogs attacked people and pets. police say two unleashed pit bulls first attacked a jogger and his dog at the marina on sunday morning. the dog attacked had to be euthanized. the pit bulls attacked another man and his two small dogs. after the second attack, officers say they were forced to shoot and kill the animals. >> i tried to corral the dogs and wait for animal control to possibly put a tranquilizer to the dogs. they became very aggressive
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toward our officers. >> police are looking for the driver of a blue toyota pickup who was seen dropping off the pit bulls. a san francisco sheriffs deputy is set to appear in court later this week to face charges after he reportedly attacked a hospital patient. the attack happened at san francisco general hospital early this last month. 33-year-old deputy michael lou elleing is accused of choking a patient and lying about it. after suspicions were raised, they looked at surveillance videos provided by the hospital. >> they look at all the evidence that was provided including the surveillance video that we obtained which helped build our case. >> the video shows lou elleing knocking the cane away. lou elleing is on administrative leave without pay. a woman is facing several charges after a road rejoins accidents and one of the
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victims caught the whole thing on camera. >> she is pushing us off of the road. she is come for us. put it in reverse. >> on saturday afternoon a passenger in a white mazda called police to report that a woman in a ford explorer was tailgating them between auburn and colfax. at one point they hit the mazda and pulled in front. they advised the people in the mazda to keep driving and met up with all of them at the dutch plat. the woman was charged with reckless driving and obstructing an officer. >> very scary. coming up next in our 5:00 hour, flying anywhere for the holidays? coming up in 20 minutes the results for testing for dangerous bacteria. the eye opening results and expert advise about how to stay healthy when you fly. >> i don't feel safe with a gun in my house. >> and a controversial antigun
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psa filmed at a school in oakland is getting national attention. the provocative attention that some are applauding while some say it encourages teens to commit a felony. >> unseasonably warm weather will continue this afternoon. one item of note this morning the patchy dense fog. we will check in on your current conditions coming up.
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we are live in san jose a health scare forces forecasts to move out. we'll tell you what is inside the building and how the problem is going to billion addressed. >> antigun violence ad shot in oakland urges students to take weapons from their homes and turn them in at school. the video and push back against the san francisco based production company that made it. >> planes infested with germs. the dirtiest part overlains you may want to avoid this holiday season. >> and jim harbaugh will not talk publicly about his future with the 49ers. good morning. we are live


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