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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 23, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we are live in san jose a health scare forces forecasts to move out. we'll tell you what is inside the building and how the problem is going to billion addressed. >> antigun violence ad shot in oakland urges students to take weapons from their homes and turn them in at school. the video and push back against the san francisco based production company that made it. >> planes infested with germs. the dirtiest part overlains you may want to avoid this holiday season. >> and jim harbaugh will not talk publicly about his future with the 49ers. good morning. we are live at a fire station
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in san jose where firefighters have been forced to move out. ktvu janine de la vega will have more on the dangerous discovery inside and what is being done about it today. again that is down in san jose this morning. it is tuesday, december 23rd i'm pam cook. >> only two more days left. >> that is right. are you done? >> i'm done. i'm done. good morning, everybody i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's go to traffic. rosemary is here. foggy in parts. >> it is. it's really thick this some areas. >> is it as bad as it was yesterday? it was still foggy when we got off the air. >> the low clouds not as wide spread. we are seeing clear skies. that is the recipe for the patchy dense fog. we have the light winds, the clearing, over night lows sneaking to their dew point. so just be on your guard. it is out there. and sometimes when it's very patchy in nature, it's a little bit more hazardous because we are not expecting it.
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45-degrees in napa right now. 45 at walnut creek. the other story the chill in the air. santa rosa you are starting the day at 46. upper 40s in redwood city. we have 51 in san jose. so afternoon highs for today well above the seasonal norm once again. 65 in vallejo. 67 in santa rosa. 65 in mountain view. 67-degrees in livermore. 66 in morgan hill. so above the seasonal average i should say. i will get an e-mail from somebody that says not the norm but the average. we begin a cooling trend as early as tomorrow and the models are consistent with the possibility of rain coming our way for christmas eve. i will lay that out for you coming up. good morning, sal. >> that was me e-mailing you. under an anonymous. i'm the one trolling you. >> oh you troublemaker. [ laughter ] let's go out and take a look at the commute now. the traffic is doing very well
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today. december 23rd. yeah it's here. gentlemen, start your shopping. 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze it looks pretty good. bay bridge toll plaza is a nice drive get into san francisco. we are not expecting a huge commute but i have been surprised before. let's just hope it's not a huge commute getting into san francisco. it will be a huge commute to them all but perhaps not to the office today as you can see traffic is doing very well. we are looking at 580 where we don't see a lot of truck traffic now on the altamont pass which is already the first sign that things might be a little lighter than usual. 580 looks good from livermore to dublin to castro valley. let's go back to the desk. firefighters had to move out because of a health hazard. they have been dealing with mold. janine de la vega is joying us from san ho -- is joining us now from san jose.
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>> reporter: we are here at fire station 16. this is in east san jose. right at king and cunningham. the command staff came here yesterday and determined it is unsafe for firefighters to live here because of the mold. last night the firefighters moved out and went to two nearby fire houses. these photos show how crews moved their furniture from the living room to the kitchen into the garage because they say the mold problem got so bad. firefighters tell ktvu news there has been mold problems here for four years. in the kitchen and bathroom areas. they claim they complained before but nothing has been done to permanently fix it. yesterday fire chiefs determined all 24 firefighters needed to move out. >> our thoughts are again you know we want to protect the citizens of that area and we also want to make sure our firefighters are in an environment that is not hastous to -- hazardous to their health. >> reporter: even though firefighters have moved, they will be patrolling their area of the city here during peak
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hours so they are not far from their neighborhood that they normally work in. the captain says there should be no disruption to service. mayor elect sam liccardo has spoken to the fire chief and has been told inspectors will be out sometime today to evaluate how the building should be treated. and you are going to hear from him about that coming up at 6:00. reporting live from zap jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> you know before we let you go. i'm curious to know six we know this has been going on for four years, did officials say it was a financial issue that they couldn't pay for it? have we heard from them? >> reporter: we heard that off camera from firefighters. but again, that is something that needs to be delved into a little bit longer. the captain you heard from in that story he had said it was unaware it had been as bad of a problem for the past four years. he said there has been mold problems at two other stations
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but apparently they didn't know it had gotten this bad. so again something that we need to ask more about as the morning goes on. >> all right janine de la vega reporting live from zap jose. thank you. a public service announcement taped at an oakland school urges children to take their parents guns and turn them into teachers. ktvu katie utehs is live in the newsroom with the video and the push back it's receiving from both sides of the gun control debate. >> reporter: the nearly three minute psa is unsettling to watch. and the san francisco based company that produced it may have missed the mark. set to piano music, it shows a teenage boy sneak into a bedroom and take a handgun from a dresser drawer. shoving it into his backpack he
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then takes it to school the scenes you are about to see was shot at the north oakland community charter school according to the video credits and after students leave the classroom, the teen approaches his teacher. >> can you take this away? i don't feel safe with a gun in my house. >> reporter: the words are children deserve a safe world run on the screen followed by stop gun violence now. as of last check the video had more than 12,000 dislikes and only 90 likes on youtube. as you can see on your screen it of course raises all sorts of questions untrained children handing potentially loaded guns. the legality of bringing guns to school preponderate director of the charter school told the washington times officials granted the production company permission to shoot the video on campus but were not aware of
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the message beforehand. they are success in the sense that people are talking about it. but the backlash against the director has been strong. retweeting the negative and positive reactions. we have posted the video on our social media channels and encouraged you to join the conversation. >> i think we will get a lot of comments about that. that will be a talker. thank you. 5:08 is the time right now. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. extreme weather across the country could lead to delays and cancellations. with a mix of rain, snow and high winds expected along the east coast and parts of the midwest today and tomorrow. the storm has been dubbed santa bomb. major airport hubs like new york, city, chicago, detroit, and washington, d.c. are expected to see big delays. right now we are not seeing any problems here at the bay area airports but that could change throughout the morning. the roads will also be busy.
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millions are expected to hit the roads this holiday season. how germy is your flight? not really something you want to think about as you head to your holiday destination today. germ expert dr. charles gerba collected his own samples on a flight from san francisco to phoenix. he swabbed the bathroom door, faucet, handle, toilet, sink, and tray table. results show the sink was by far the dirtiest with almost half a million bacteria present. the second dirtiest the tray table. >> tray tables often have a large number of bacteria. we found influenza virus. >> pam cook is currently horrified right now. any way the faucets handle ranked third followed by the toilet seat and door handle.
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and use common sense when you travel. sanitize surfaces you come in contact with and wash your hands. the search warrant says the victim and mcdonald ended up at his house after a night of drinking on december 14th. the woman says she woke up naked the next morning and couldn't remember a thing. she says mcdonald eventually admitted to having sex with her and that is when she contacted police and gave them permission to use her cell phone. in a series of text messages between police and mcdonald, mcdonald wrote quote i don't understand why you are bothered. you chose to stay with me for another day. i didn't do anything wrong. i felt like we had a real connection and we actually like each other. now the victim admits that the next day she stayed with mcdonald and went to the store with him to buy alcohol. legal analysts say these cases can be hard to prosecute. >> she may have consented but the question is was she too
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impaired to give consent. >> legal analyst will down with how drunk she is. fox sports is reporting that the niners would cut ties with harbaugh. that report came up several times during harbaugh's regularly scheduled news conference yesterday and at one point a reporter asked harbaugh if he was ready to finally speak publicly about his reported battles with the 49ers front office. >> it's a good question. it's a very good question. [ laughter ] >> go ahead if you want to. >> the high road is the only road i know. >> harbaugh is almost certain to break ties with the 49ers despite his largely successful four years as the team's head coach. he reportedly considered offers
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from the university of michigan, the oakland raiders and even the chicago bears. we'll see. >> i just know one thing, i don't think he will be out of a job for awhile. >> no. 5:11 is the time. local charities continue to ask for christmas donations. coming up at 5:30 the reason the spirit of giving may be lacking in the bay area. >> this is the first time i have had a direct intervention from santa claus himself. >> hotel manager put on the spot. what a grandchild of one of his employees asked for and how he responded. >> and you know you might see today be one of those da days where traffic isn't going to be as busy. it's already looking good on highway 4.
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the family of a santa cruz woman who died from listeria has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against safeway. 80-year-old shirley green bought the as around halloween. she died a month later. the cdc says the listeria outbreak has effected 29 people in ten states. trey's family members say that
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health officials have confirmed she had the same strain as listeria as four other people who's deaths were linked to prepackaged caramel apples. in the meantime it's urging anyone with caramel apples at home to throw them out. police in oakland are searching for three men who robbed a group of wedding photographers at gunpoint leaving a bride and groom without any photos of their special day. it happened saturday afternoon. the shoot had just wrapped when three men approached and stole their equipment at gunpoint. the stolen equipment is worth more than $13,000 but one of the photographers said all they want is to get the pictures from the bride and groom. police are offering a $25,000 reward in the case. a grandfather is getting a gift from santa that both he and his boss will likely never forget. loiterer row is getting christmas day off from his job.
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it's all because his grandson julian wrote a letter to santa. my greatest wish is that you talk to my grandfather's boss mr. john mathers and asked him if he could give my grandfather christmas day off. his daughter saw the note and shared it with him. >> it's real touching. and being that he is my only grandson i had to do something. >> once you hear from santa that is the final word. the hotel manager responded with his own letter saying quote i think it would be best if he planned to take the day off and spend it with your family. work can wait until after christmas. julian did make one more request. ps i would also love an x-box 360. >> i love it. but he put his grandpa first.
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sal, how is traffic? >> you know brian and i have been talking about x-box. i was going to type you something. but you said x-box. do you like x-box or ps4 better? >> i like x-box. >> that one of the things if people are watching and watch video games. pam is like what is that? >> we have a wii in our house. >> do you like x-box, ps4, or wii? send it to me on twitter. >> this is the twitter question of the day. >> for sal it is. there is not a lot of traffic going on. i personally like the play station. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along relatively well. the bay bridge toll plaza and again these video questions might be more germane. you might be out shopping today. you may not be going to the office. i know a lot of schools have
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this week off so we hope we will have a better than usual commute. that is what we hope for on this 23rd day of december as we get closer to the holiday. westbound 580 you are showing a little bit of slow traffic in the liver mother valley. you can see it here on the altamont pass but not really in livermore itself and 680 still looks good. we are hoping that traffic is moving along well and i keep looking at the chp list and other than reporting a little bit of fog in the south bay, we are still good at 5:19. but let's bring rosemary in here. the chp is reporting fog. >> yes. it's very patchy out there. makes it a little bit dangerous. sal mentioned that area. napa reporting visibility down to a quartier of a mile. let's talk about the travel forecast. pam touched on it a little while ago. here's a map to show you where the snow is falling over the upper midwest where we have the dakotas into minnesota it will be moving over to the ohio
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valley and off to new england. we have thunderstorms a possibility. and the possibility of airport delays. on the west we are mainly dry. that is going to change as we get into tomorrow. we have a ridge of high pressure that continues to hold in place for today. we're talking about that patchy dense fog this morning. sal and i together. meanwhile mild and dry as we get into the second half of the day with mostly sunny skies. tomorrow the clouds will increase and by the afternoon showers are in the forecast. and the models are now speeding up this storm. yesterday it looked like it may come in wednesday night. now it looks like wednesday afternoon. i will show you what i mine as we get through today we will have mostly sunny skies. by sunset the clouds are returning to the bay area. at least along the coastline. they fill in the over night hours. and by tomorrow morning the rain is already beginning to move into northern california. by lunchtime 12:00, 1:00 it's
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already over the north bay. it's already beginning to slide south of i-80. south of the golden gate. as we get into 2:00 it's now into the central bay and creep into the south bay. by 3:00 it's over san jose. santa cruz and then out of here. we are drying out. this is a cooler system. it could be a little breezy so that to come along with the wet weather. 49-degrees in oakland as well as 46 until santa rosa. mid 50s in san francisco. it's a cool morning with mostly clear skies. extended forecast showing you today it will be the warmest. we will get into that cooling trend. rain tomorrow. we are dry by christmas day and bay area weekend looking good as well with low 60s in the forecast. >> the rain will be in the effing? morning? >> the models have sped it up. it looks like it will come
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through right about noon between noon and 4:00. >> okay that is good. a lot of people have evening christmas eve services and family and stuff. so good. >> thank you. 5:21 is the time right now. more fallout from the deadly shooting of two new york police officers. coming up in 15 minutes, the request from the mayor that some people refused to honor. >> we couldn't ask for a better christmas gift this holiday. >> and up next what the family of a window wash wore fell 11 -- washer who fell 11 stories who lived and telling his story.
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welcome back. it's 5:24 investigators say the uc berkeley students who's body was found near campus died from head trauma. his body was discovered early saturday morning. alcohol may have played a role in his death. the student was a junior at uc berkeley and pursuing a double major in mathematics and economics. window washer who fell from the top of a san francisco high- rise and survived is gradually improving. they call that a miracle now his wife and daughters are looking for another miracle as they face new financial challenges. >> it's not easy for me to stand here and ask for help and i wouldn't be doing it unless my dad and my family really needed it. >> 19-year-old monica perez says her father will be moved
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from the hospital by christmas. he is going to a rehabilitation facility in pleasanton. she also says he knows he shattered his pelvis has kidney damage and head trauma but he doesn't remember the actual fall. >> i showed him pictures of the accident. i showed him videos and he doesn't remember any of that. >> it's not clear if he will ever fully recover but his family is hoping for the best. in the meantime his oldest daughter has dropped out of college to work full time and his wife is working extra hours but they are still not able to cover all the bills. they have set up a go fund me site where they people are making donations to help pay medical bills. we are keeping an eye on facebook stock this morning. it's after the social network shares rose nearly 2% to a record high. facebook closed at $81.45 a share. it's up 49% from the start of the year. right now it looks like it will
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trade up another $1.5. almost 2% this morning. 5:26 is the time. it's only a matter of months before candle stick park is torn down. up next the big concerns about the demolition from people who live close by. >> and this is one of the busiest travel days of the year but there is a problem brewing that could keep many people grounded right before the holidays. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is still pretty light as you look at the golden gate bridge a little bit of fog here though as you can see heading down to the toll plaza. >> only subtle changes in store for today. that means a beautiful afternoon in store. sal mentioned it this morning the patchy dense fog is back with us. we'll check in on your current conditions and take a look at the afternoon highs.
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♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪ good morning everybody. these are live pictures from san francisco international airport. it's starting to get a little bit busier now as people try to get away for the holidays. coming up in two minutes alex savidge has a huge fan base at sfo. he is there. he was taking a look at the looming problem that could slow down some travelers this morning. it is tuesday, december 23rd i'm brian flores.
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you were it at sfo and people asking art alex? >> he has a huge fan base. >> i think it's his hair. >> i do too. ranked number 11th in the country. [ laughter ] there isn't a lot going on as you can tell. >> we have a nice day in store. we do have patchy dense fog. i do want to touch on the coastal advisories. we had an abundant amount of low clouds. and it was toughish see anything. but with this morning we have mostly clear skies. the patchy fog is developing. i will show you that in a moment. let's get back to this advisory. it lasts for one more day for the entire coast. north bay into monterey. and our local marshes and slews. that is why you can see some of the slew. that is going to last until
5:32 am
this afternoon. the next high tide will be at 11:44 this morning. let's check in on this fog. visibility quite low in and around san jose. concord and livermore looking pretty good add this point. napa reporting one mile earlier. it was a quarter mile. it will be moving around and it will be thickening up in areas that it's not at the moment. so it's a cool start as well. afternoon highs for today looking quite lovely. 67 hayward. 65 for fairfield. 66-degrees in mor can -- 66 in morgan hill. i will have that and the extended forecast coming up. good morning, rosemary. we have pretty good looking conditions on this tuesday. you can see traffic is going to be doing well as the toll plaza. usually at about 5:45 is when we see the metering lights turn on. we will see if we get enough traffic to make that happen.
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we are thinking two days before christmas some people may have taken off. but we will see what happens. taking a look at interstate 880 north and southbound it is looking good. now as rosemary and i have been telling you, patchy fog 37 when we talk about patchy fog, we mean there are patches of it. it is dense. westbound 580 a z you drive into livermore there are no major problems. it's 5:33 let's go back to the desk. happening today if you are traveling out of town for christmas, you are going to have a lot of company. >> reporter: weather not an issue thus far. but let me show you the seen
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here curb side outside of terminal 2 this morning. i can tell you things are certainly picking up with a steady stream of cars coming into this area to drop folks off. obviously a lot of people heading home to see friends and relatives for the holidays. and there is some weather that is in the cards for us over the next couple of days. a very potent storm system is set to slide along the eastern third of the country in the coming days. that could impact your travel plans. it won't necessarily mean a white christmas with snow but it mean there is will be lots of rain and strong winds in certain parts of the country. that could trigger delays at major airports. online some have dubbed this storm system that is moving in for christmas santa bomb. of course airport officials here at sfo tell me they are keeping an eye on this weather system and warning about the possibility of delays. we talked with travelers this morning, they are hoping that bad weather doesn't mess up their plans. one couple from redwood city told me they arrived very early to beat the rush.
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>> very anxious. very anxious. i thought it would be a lot more crowded in the airport. but it's pretty efficient moving along. >> reporter: aaa predicts 98.6 million americans will -- and again we are here outside of terminal 2 this morning. the curb side area. you can see quite busy and expected to get get busier as you move throughout the morning. we will keep an eye on the situation here. and the weather situation as well. there is fog in the area here. >> i can't believe so in the last hour when we saw you an hour ago there is no one behind you and now it is solid. >> yeah all of a sudden just within the last hour things really picked up. this is certainly the morning rush here two days before
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christmas. >> reporter: all right we will check back in with you. police searching for a man that followed a 13-year-old girl and took pictures of her. it happened yesterday morning while the girl was out jogging near the intersection of park lane. now police say a man in a dark gray toyota prius followed her for several blocks. he is described as caucasian, median build. >> a former chp police officer charged with stealing photos from the phones of women in custody is planning to take a plea deal. attorney michael reign says his client plans on pleading guilty or no contest at his january 27th court date. harrington resigned in october after being charged with two
5:37 am
felonies. continuing coverage of the deadly shooting of two new york city police officers. to stop antipolice demonstrations until after the funerals. now officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were sitting in their patrol car saturday afternoon when they were shot by brinsley. a funeral for officer ramos is being planned for saturday morning. officer liu's family is on their way from china and make his final arrangements after he arrives. >> this is a difficult time for both of our families. >> new york mayor bill de blasio asked protestors to stop their protesting until after the officers funeral. they are going ahead with a martha is planned for tonight.
5:38 am
>> this was a troubled kid. emotionally troubled kid. he needed help, he didn't get it. >> brinsley's sister and aunt say they found out about the shooting through the media. he was the father of two children. a baby and a five-year-old. he had been arrested multiple times and the question people should be asking is why did he keep getting released? the planned implosion of candle stick park is raising health concerns among the people living in the bay view area. it is expected to be blown up in a massive demolition project early next year. today's examiner reports many people living near candle stick are worried about the dust
5:39 am
plume. more americans say they plan to give more to charity this year and we have the break down of which cities are the most generous. tara moriarty is joining us live from san francisco where some charitable folks will be lining up later this morning. >> reporter: we are not far from where they will be dropping off presents for the annual toys for tots drive. they plan to give as much if not more. one year ago that percentage was at 59 so you can see the jump. one of the reasons behind that is the americans are feeling confident about their own economic situations. so which cities are the most generous? the top three are salt lake city utah, memphis, tennessee, and birmingham alabama.
5:40 am
it'll testimony ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you so much. 5:39 is the time right now. the oakland raiders still helping to collect toys in need. people lined up to meet four players. they were all signing autographs for anyone who donated to toys for tots. the players say it shows the good side of the team and fans. >> it's a great feeling knowing you have this great support and great fan base behind you. i'm blessed to be here. >> players collected more than 500 toys and the toys will be given to children in foster care or hospitals tomorrow night. >> every wins. time is 5:40.
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coming up the loaded guns smuggled on to passenger jets. coming up at 6:00 how former airline employees were directly involved in what the fbi is calling one of the biggest airport security breaches in years. >> and it's google verses the military. the battle over tracking santa's journey. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is looking good on the san mateo bridge and the fog is not an issue as you head over to the peninsula. >> dry weather will persist for another day before wet weather moves into the bay area by tomorrow. tracking that fog this morning. your temperatures for the afternoon and our transition to wet weather coming up. q
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welcome back everybody. time is 5:43.
5:44 am
and the two victims of a 16 hour hostage standoff in sydney usa trail has been laid to rest. the tune corral for tori johnson was held this morning. he was the 34-year-old manager of the cafe where last week a gunman took 17 people hostage. there are reports johnson tried to grab the hostage takers gun when it went off. the gunman was killed when police stormed the building. >> a public memorial for katrina dawson was held today. she was killed when she shielded her pregnant friend from the gunman. u.s. officials are not saying whether they had anything to do with an internet outage in north korea but it lasted for nine hours. the disruption of internet service in north korea yesterday came amid an escalating war of words between the united states and north korea over the cyber attack on sony pictures. president obama said the u.s. would respond porportionately
5:45 am
to the attack on sony without giving any specifics. a state department spokeswoman would not confirm nor deny whether the u.s. had anything to do with the internet outage in north korea. >> it could be anyone. it's very possible. we have no idea. >> there is very little internet access in north korea. it is mostly restricted to government and military use. time is 5:45. kamala harris is sending out a warning for users of location services on mobile apps. harris says many people don't realize some apps can access your location all the time even when you are not using the app. the attorney generals office says that can be dangerous especially for some people particularly victims of stalking or domestic abuse. they want to make sure people know to keep their locations private by changing their settings in their mobile devices. the countdown to the start
5:46 am
of santa's christmas eve flight means the battle between google and military is heating up. the mown tape view tech giant says it is google maps santa tracker showcases santa's dash board and helps children everywhere know just when santa might be at their house. the air forces say they have been tracking santa since the 1950s and they will stick with their world famous satellite and radar systems. in the meantime, the two competitors are making sure everyone knows they will be keeping a close eye on santa's location tomorrow night. we have watched that for years. and it's good because you can tell your kids you better get to bed because santa is heading to california right now. >> i remember looking out my window to san francisco is he going to be able to negotiate that fog? [ laughter ] i remember on the 24th i wanted to go to bed. it's like let's have dinner
5:47 am
let's go to bed. >> you have so excited it's hard to sleep. good morning everybody. let's take a look at the commute. traffic will be slow in some areas. it looks very good in both directions. at the bay bridge toll plaza we do have a slow down. the metering lights have come on. it's slow from the 880 over crossing. however if you are approaching the bridge from 880 and you have fast track, it will be very little delay at all. and again we do already have a little slow traffic on the altamont pass and in parts of livermore on 580 westbound. let's go top rosemary. and rosemary, there is patchy fog out there. >> yes but another enjoyable day. it will be nice. it will be dry. it will be mostly sunny as we get into the second half. this morning the issue will be the patchy fog for some. and very thick in some areas. giving you a live look at sfo where at the moment looking
5:48 am
good. no patchy dense fog to speak of from this advantage point. let's turn over to the satellite view. take a look at that ridge of high pressure. all the way north. even areas like oregon and washington getting a bit of a break. it will not last for too long but today we are going to be sunny. we are going to be dry. and today is expected to be the warmest day as we get into the next couple of days we have cooler air coming in. on the backside of this ridge we have a system that is going to bring us rain as early as christmas eve. by sunset the clouds are moving a little closer to the coastline. as we get into the evening hours and while we sleep the clouds move in. it is wednesday morning. we are covered with mid and high level clouds. there is that rain. there is that front already moving into northern california. by tomorrow morning and then it quickly moves into the bay area by about noontime. already sliding in over parts of the north bay. by 1:00 it's beginning to move over parts of the central bay. slowing the peninsula and down
5:49 am
into the south by 2:00, 3:00. notice the sierra just it will up here. it could get a good amount of snow with this. perhaps a foot of snow with the higher elevations. this also means if you will be traveling to the sierra for your holiday, be prepared. you will probably need the chains and or snow tires. as we get into the afternoon, assuming this doesn't stall over the bay area. it will be out of here by sunset and then we are drying out christmas eve evening into christmas day and we are dry into your bay area weekend. a cool start in santa rosa. 46 degrees. oakland 49. upper 40s in concord pap lot of low to mid 50s. amp highs like yesterday. 66 in berkeley. upper 60s over parts of the north bay. mid to upper 60s for the south bay. enjoy today. it will be good one. tomorrow the clouds move in. the rain moves in. it won't last too long but on
5:50 am
the backside temperatures will rain cool. upper 50s to low 60s for the forecast. and then the over night lows will cool off as well. it will feel a little more wintery as we get into the second half. >> all right that is good. because if we get any rain again we will get some snow. >> and i paid attention to every single word of your forecast. just letting you know. thanks. time is 5:50. we are learning new information about the sexual assault accusation against a former 49er. coming up at 6:00, what court documents reveal about the night in question and why legal analysts say the case could be very hard to prosecute. >> put it in reverse. >> also coming up next the case of road rage on interstate 80. video of a scary encount tear landed one driver in handcuffs.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's 5:53. a woman is facing several charges after a road rage incident on interstate 80. one of the victims caught the whole thing on camera. >> she just hit our car. she pushing us off the road. she is coming for us. put it in reverse. >> this is all happened on saturday afternoon. a passenger in this white mazda called police to report that a woman in a ford explorer was
5:54 am
tailgating them between auburn and colfax. at one point the explorer hit the mazda and pulled in front, blocked it, and you can see the woman got out of the ford explorer. police advised the people in the mazda to keep driving. they met up with all of the people involved at the dutch plat exit and the driver of the explorer 50-year-old dedro was arrested and charged with reckless driving and obstructing an officer. police in san leandro shot and killed two pit bulls after the dogs attacked people and pets. police say two unleashed pit bulls first attacked a jogger and his dog. the dog that was attacked had to be euthanized. hours later the pit bulls attacked another man and his two small dogs after the second attack officers say they were forced to shoot and killed the animals. >> tried to corral the dogs and wait for our animal control to put a tranquilizer to the dogs.
5:55 am
they became very aggressive. >> police are look for the driver of a blue toyota pickup who was seen dropping off the pit bulls. pg&e has released a dozen more potentially incriminating e-mails. they provide fresh evidence of what critics claim is back channel communications between the utility and state regulators. this is closure is a result of the federal investigation into the san bruno pipeline explosion. but san bruno's mayor is not happy about the timing of the release. he calls it another thinly vailed attempt by pg&e for damming proof at a time when the public and news media are heading into the holiday season. the fda has given accelerated approval to a new drug to fight the deadliest form of skin cancer. developed obdiva which is helping the bodies immune system fight melanoma. it's intended for patients who have received prior treatments
5:56 am
for skin cancer. 76,000 americans will be diagnosissed with melanoma this year. and it could be used to fight other cancers. starbucks and square is going their separate ways. starbucks has been working on its own mobile system. and increasing its mobile app by ordering -- by adding a order ahead feature. iphone users are sending a mixed message with their purchases using apple pay. 20% of all apple pay transactions is at whole foods. mcdonalds is number three on the list. and it accounts for 11% of all apple pay purchases. 19% of all apple pay purchases happen in those stores. but it's not exactly wide spread yet. coming up in our 6:00 hour, firefighters in the south bay being told to move. why their fire station may be hazardous to their health. >> also it's getaway day for
5:57 am
millions of holiday travelers. the reason many people could be facing long delays at the airport. >> good morning. right now traffic is moving along very nicely on the sunol grade. but nearby we do have slowing on 580. we'll tell you more about that and take a look at bay bridge. >> minor changes in store for your tuesday. outside our doors this morning is a cool start. areas o of patchy dense fog to deal with. mostly sunny and mild for the second half of your day.
5:58 am
5:59 am
firefighters at one station in san jose are facing a possible health hazard. we will tell you about the infestation that caused a shut down of their fire house. >> i don't feel safe with a gun in my house. >> a controversial public service announcement. reaction to this video filmed at an oakland school. >> heading home for the holidays, well you are not alone. things are picking up at sfo on a very busy travel day leading up to christmas. we will tell you what things look like this morning and tell you how weather could impact your travel plans. coming up. >> and we are waking up to patchy dense fog this morning. a check on your current
6:00 am
conditions as ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. we are live outside fire station 16 in san jose but there are no firefighters inside this morning. and that is because of a mold problem. janine de la vega will tell us what is happening today and how the san jose mayor elect is responding. it's tuesday, december 23rd i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark who is is enjoying a golf game. we've got nice weather coming our way. patchy dense fog


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