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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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morning news continues. good morning. we are live outside fire station 16 in san jose but there are no firefighters inside this morning. and that is because of a mold problem. janine de la vega will tell us what is happening today and how the san jose mayor elect is responding. it's tuesday, december 23rd i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark who is is enjoying a golf game. we've got nice weather coming our way. patchy dense fog to consider.
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giving you a look here at the bay bridge where visibility is pretty good right now. oakland yesterday you had a thick bout of fog. this morning your visibility is about six miles. so not as bad for you. take a look at the south bay. san jose down to a quarter of a mile. and this darker shade of gray right in here indicating we have pretty thick fog in some areas. so along 280, 101, 680. through milpitas you will find pretty good fog there as well. chp reporting patchy and dense in some places. take it easy. it could come without warning. napa reporting visibility. this is going to be with us through the morning hours. sun will rise just about 7:22. 7:24 depending on where you live. i bet again we have more of this to come. 48 in concord. 45 in napa. 44 in walnut creek. it's a cooler start with clearer skies. at least for most of us. we will slip in and take a look
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at walnut creek and san ramon. bewe have upper 40 -- we have upper 40s. low 50s in pittsburgh. for the afternoon today lots of 60s back in the forecast. today will be the warmest day. 67 in concord. 65 san rafael. 66 for you redwood city. we begin to see changes. by tomorrow wet weather moves in. and the cooling trend to follow coming up. we have traffic sha is a little slow in some areas. you can see there is a little bit of slow traffic here i have a feeling tomorrow the 24th we might see that but today we have people going into the city. also looking at interstate 880 here traffic is definitely sort of normal. no trouble for san leandro or from downtown oakland. 580 through livermore showing some slow traffic as you drive through over to the 680 interferer change.
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not too bad. it looks good into castro valley. let's go back to the desk. topping our news a health scare at a san jose fire house forced firefighters to move out. they say there is a mold infestation. and city officials are supposed to address it. janine de la vega is joining us now from san jose to talk about the problem and tell us what the new mayor has to say about it. janine. >> reporter: firefighters tell me that mold has been a problem here at this fire station on king road on the east side for four years. they claim that complaints have been made to the city but it's unclear why it hasn't been addressed until now. last night our crew was there when firefighters from station 15 moved out. these photos show the mold grow. crews had moved their furniture and kitchen appliances into the garage because they were concerned for their health. the department command staff visited the station yesterday
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and determined all firefighters needed to move out. some wonder if the recent rain and moisture caused the station to worsen. a fire captain tells us inspectors will be at the station later today to figure out the next course of action on how to clean up the building. >> it's not acceptable to subject our employees our firefighters who are putting themselves in harms way to these kinds of conditions. i'm glad that we're moving firefighters out and as soon as the trailer is there, we will be able to get in there. >> reporter: even though crews from fire station 16 have moved, we have been told that they will be patrolling their area of the city during peak hours. fire officials say there has been ongoing mold issues at two other fire stations that are older. like station 16, the mayor tells us it should have been taken care of much sooner. he says he will be monitoring how soon the cleanup will take place but he's been told the construction crews will be out to do their repairs and it
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could take a couple of weeks. you will hear from a fire captain coming up at 6:45. back to you. >> all right, we look forward to hearing from that. 6:04 is the time right thousand. >> if you are traveling out of town for christmas, you will have a lot of company. that is because alex savidge is live at sfo with more on some of the challenges. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to you from sfo. a very busy sfo. it appears the morning rush is on. take a look behind us here. we are curb side outside of terminal 2. we have seen over the last hour and a half really just a steady stream of scars coming to drop off passengers. obviously a lot of holiday travelers. folks trying to get home and see friends. thus far this morning on this busy travel day, no delays or cancellations here at sfo. so weather an issue. we do understand that could all change as we close in on christmas. there is a very strong storm
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that is set to move into the eastern third of the country. and that could snarl things. it's not necessarily going to bring snow. just lots of rain and strong winds and that could mean delays at major airports. online some have dubbed this weather system moving in for christmas santa bomb. airport officials here at sfo are keeping an eye on the weather and warning about the possibility of delays. many people tell me they plan to get here very early to stay ahead of the holiday rush. knowing this is one of the most popular days to fly. >> i knew it. i had just forgotten. >> how does it look so far? >> it's not that bad. really good time. if you check in before excellent. you can go in and out. keep my boarding pass on my ipad. >> you can expect a lot of people to be hitting the airports here in the bay area and around the country.
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aaa predicts 98.6 million americans will be traveling this holiday season. we are not seeing any delays on this very busy travel day but of course brian as we all know that can easily change. so obviously a good idea to check ahead if you plan to fly today. >> yeah talking to some of the travelers out there they look like they are in a good situation. >> i'm glad you picked up on that even we are talking to this morning they seem to be in a very good mood. especially for traveling two days before christmas. when people obviously get a bit anxious and you know tensions tend to run high at the airport. everyone this morning in a very good mood i must say. >> all right it could also be because they get to meet you. >> reporter: yes, i'm sure that is part of it. >> alex savidge reporting live from sfo. thank you so much. it's being called one of the biggest airport security breaches in years. delta airlines baggage handler has been arrested for running a gun smuggling operation on
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passenger jets. the operation was uncovered on flights between atlanta and new york. the fbi says the baggage handler and former delta employee used carry on luggage to transport the weapons. earlier this month the men brought 18 guns, seven of them loaded on to a flight to new york. reportedly the baggage handler used a security. more details are expected to be released later on this afternoon. court documents are providing new information about a sexual assault accusation against a former 49ers player ray mcdonald. the search warrant and affidavit said the victim and mcdonalded ended up at his house after a night of drinking. the woman says she woke up naked and couldn't remember anything. mcdonald admitted to having sex with her and that is when she contacted police and gave them permission to use her cell phone. in a series of text messages between police and mcdonald, mcdonald wrote quote i don't
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understand why you're bothered. you chose to stay with me for another day. i didn't do anything wrong, i felt like we had a real connection and we actually like each other. now the victim admits that the next day she stayed with mcdonald and went to the store with him to buy alcohol. legal analysts say these cases can be hard to prosecute. >> she may have consented but the question is, was she too impaired to laughly give con -- lawfully impaired to give consent? >> it will come down to how drunk the woman was and if mcdonald knew the woman was intoxicated. jim harbaugh is responding to reports he could be out of a job by this time next week. the 49ers will likely cut ties with harbaugh after the team's final game game of the season on sunday. that report came up after several times during harbaugh's regularly scheduled news conference yesterday. at one point the reporter asked harbaugh if he was ready to finally speak publicly with his reported battles with the front
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office. >> that is a good question. it's a very good question. [ laughter ] >> go ahead if you want. >> the high road is the only road i know. >> the 49ers do part ways with harbaugh, he is considering offers from the university of michigan, the oakland raiders, and the chicago bears. governor brown has declared a storm state of emergency for four california counties. they include marin and san mateo nine o'clocks here in the bay area and mendocino county up north and then tower rate county north of los angeles. the four counties were hit especially hard for california's strongest storm in years. the golf nors declaration direct cal trans to immediately request federal aid to fix highways damaged by floods and landslides. time is 6:10. coming up requests to stop antipolice demonstrations until after two new york city officers are buried. but coming up at 6:30, why
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prospero test tours say -- protestors say they won't go away with what the mayor is asking. >> and one special letter to santa.
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welcome back everybody. there is just two shopping days left until christmas which can means now is the final pub for holiday shoppers. stores are doing their part by offering extended hours and deep discounts. some people say they have to wait for one more paycheck before they could start shopping. others say they enjoyed the thrill of being in the crowds. i'm not one of them. but one man told us he needed to finish buying gifts so he could get to his real priorities last night. >> absolutely. i've got sharks and warriors to watch tonight. it's got to be done before jeopardy and the games start. >> that man has his priorities. i love it. the national retail federation says 9% of holiday shoppers don't cross the last item off their list until christmas eve and it says twice as many men as women are last minute
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shoppers. which i believe. the warriors they notched their eighth straight home win with a blow out of the sacramento kings. david lee recovered from a strained hamstring to take the court for the first time since november 5th. he did set up six points. clay thompson leading the warriors once again. they won by final score of 128- 108. the warriors head to l.a. to face the lakers. the giants three world series trophies are going on tour. the tour starts january 7th in sacramento. there will be stops all over california as well as oregon, arizona, nevada, own new york city. there are fans everywhere and the trophies will be on display for two hours during each stop. expect for the stop in san francisco on february 7th when the trophies will be on display all day at giants fan fest at at & t park. time is 6:15. the grandfather is getting a
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gift from santa that both he and his boss will likely never forget. leo is getting the day off from his job at a hotel in connecticut and it's all because his grandson wrote a letter to santa with a special request. he wrote my greatest wish is you talk to my grandfather's boss mr. john mathers and asked if he could give my grandfather christmas day off. >> it's real touchy. and being that he's my older grandson you know i had to do something. >> this is the first time i've had a direct intervention from santa claus himself. >> when santa speaks, you listen. the hotel manager responded with his own letter saying quote i think it would be best if you plan to take at day off and spend it with your family. work can wait until after christmas. julian did make one request ps i would like an x-box 360.
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why not? >> there you go. now have your kid write a note to your boss. that is sweet. sal. the results are in and it seems as if people like the wii a lot. in fact the one i have the is one people like least. they like the x-box, they like pams. they kind of like the ps4. >> you know why people like the wii? a lot of different ages can play. rosemary and i were talking about that. >> one guy said stop the consul wars, man. stop it sal. you started this. >> you could be like andrew one of our editors that has all of them. >> yeah. >> why can't we go back to original nintendo? >> we can talk about that after the traffic. i wonder if rosemary plays in any games. let's take a look at these pictures. it's not too bad on 880 north
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and southbound. if you are driving to the toll plaza, there is a backup. here it is december 23rd and we do have a little bit of backup but i can tell it's not as full as it normally is. if you look at the 880 ramp, there is no backup for you coming through there. especially if you have fast track riding on through. i'm sure this will not last for too long. and tomorrow we will see a big drop off. if you are driving on 580, even that slow down through livermore which by this morning at this point in the morning it's just getting worse. it is getting a little bit better. the altamont pass the traffic has gone away. so we are off to a decent start on this tuesday. 6:18 let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. and sal both pam and i agree just as long as it has just dance 2014 we're god with that. >> i'm good with that too. it is expected to be the
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warmest day. we will begin a cooling trend as early as tomorrow and we do have rain in the forecast. how about a beautiful view there of the bay bridge. all it will up nice and pretty. we can see it this morning. patchy dense fog this morning. sal talking about it. i'm showing it to you as well. let's talk about the travel forecast. because we are talking about this as well. and giving you a look at the graphic so you can see for yourself where the snow continues to fall the upper midwest this morning. and over the southeast we've got some rain moving in. showers as well as thunderstorms a possibility here. we have delays all right reported in houston, atlanta, new york and philadelphia. as we get into the second half of the day, this will continue to push to the east and the eastern sea board will be wet as we get into tonight and you can see the eastern half of the country is going to be with wet weather as we move through tonight and christmas eve. for today here at home, ridge of high pressure still in place. we do have patchy dense fog out
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there. be on your guard as you get outdoors. for the afternoon we are mostly sunny we are dry and temperatures are just as nice as they were yesterday. the clouds will be increasing into the over night hours. and by tomorrow morning, we wake upmostly cloudy. scattered showers begin to move in and i will show you when. as we get into today, we are mostly clear by the evening hours the low clouds move back along the coastline. by tomorrow morning mostly cloudy. the showers moving into northern california. quick moving system. by noontime, 1:00 it already wants to pull through the north bay. by 1:00, 2:00 it's moving through the central bay. 2:00 to 3:00 it's into the south bay. by 5:00 it's out of here and we're looking at drawing conditions for your christmas eve, evening. the sierra is also going to pick up snow. it could pick up a foot. giving you a look at the current numbers it's a chilly start out there. 44 in napa. 49 in oakland. 48 for redwood city. afternoon highs for today wide
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spread 60s once again. 69 san mateo. fremont you are looking at 66. the extended forecast here so beautiful afternoon in store for today. as we get into tomorrow it's cloudy and it will be wet. but we dry out quickly christmas day is a dry one. but temperatures on the backside cooler than what we will see for today. we are talking upper 50s and low 60s for the afternoon. >> certainly sunny and nice for everybody to get their last minute stuff done. >> yeah. 6:21 is the time right now. we are getting mixed economic signals. the government announced the u.s. economy grew at an annual pace of 5%. that is the highest level in 11 years. now the commerce department revised the number upward because of increased consumer spending and business investment. another report shows orders for durable goods fell when most economists thought that would go up. those are orders for things to expected to last three or more years.
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this may sound very familiar. gas prices are down again. i definitely have noticed. here in the bay area they dropped a penny over night. $0.12 in the last week. it is the 89th day in a grow gas prices have slipped. that 19 longest streak of daily declines since aaa has been keeping records. armed men rob a group of photographers in oakland. why the victims say what is on their cameras is much more valuable to them than the actual equipment. >> we couldn't ask for a better christmas gift this holiday. >> the family of a window washer who survived an 11 story fall speaking out. the new financial challenges they are facing as he recovers. my name is petty officer delpena. i would like to say happy holidays to my family in california and my husband in fair fax, virginia.
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welcome back everybody. a man accused of setting more than a dozen fires in san jose will likely never get out of jail. 49 year patrick william brennan pleaded guilty yesterday to multiple counts of arson. police say he admitted to setting 13 fires between january 8th and 12th. the fires destroyed several
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homes and a warehouse. brennan has two previous felony convictions for arson and another for assault. he has i.eed to serve 40 years to life in prison. the window washer who fell from the top of a san francisco high-rise and survived is gradually improving. pedro perez's family and doctors call it a miracle. now his wife and daughters are looking for a new miracle. >> it's not easy for me to stand here and ask for help and i wouldn't be doing it unless mid to and my family really needed it. >> 19-year-old monica perez says her father will be moved from the hospital by christmas. he is going to a rehabilitation facility in pleasanton. he knows he shattered his pelvis and kidney damage and head trauma but does not remember the actual fall. >> i have shown him pictures of the accident. i have shown him videos and he
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doesn't remember any of that. >> it's still not clear if he will fully recover although his family is hoping for the best. his oldest daughter has dropped out of college to work full time and his wife is working extra hours. but they still can't cover all of the bills. they have set up a go fund me site for people to donate. we have a link to that website on our website. the family of a santa cruz woman who died from listeria has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against safeway. 81-year-old shirley green bought the apples around halloween. she died a month later. the listeria outbreak has effected 29 people in ten states. fray's family members says health officials confirmed she had the same strain of listeria as four other people. the cdc is trying to figure out
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which brands are involved. internet outage in north korea shut down for hours. >> antigun violence shot here in oakland. why some say it's sending the wrong message. we'll show you the video. >> good morning. we are looking at traffic that is mostly doing well. we do see some crowding on the east shore freeway. we will run that down for you and take a look at the bay bridge. >> we have a nice winter afternoon in store for this hour. we will check in on your current conditions, i will line up your afternoon highs coming up.
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good morning, everybody. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is one of the busiest holiday travel seasons. we are live at sfo as many people are up early to catch a flight, out of town, pick up visiting relatives. alex savidge is also there talking to travelers. he'll have more coming up in a couple of minutes. good morning. thank you for joining us here. tuesday, december 23rd i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it is 6:31. and rosemary is is in for steve as well. yes. he has left me with a beautiful forecast to cover. we are dealing with patchy fog. outside of that we have nice weather coming our way once again. how about a view of concord this morning? take a look at that. a gorgeous shot. mostly clear skies. clear skies for many of us this morning. where yesterday we were covered in mostly cloudy skies. 50 minutes or so until the official sunrise. now with the clear skies and the light winds and the cooling
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temps, we have fog to consider this morning. and that is the issue over parts of the south bay where it has been fixed. earlier this morning and visibility in some areas down to a quarter of a mile for san jose and the campbell area. 85 along 101. so again be on your guard as you go outdoors. finding a little bit of fog over parts of the north bay. napa 3 miles of visibility. along 880. and it's going to change a little bit before we clear it out. it's a cool start out there with clear skies. 44 at walnut creek. upper 40s in concord. 44 in napa. for the second half of your day mostly sunny skies and temperatures well above what we typically get for this time of year. it will be beautiful out there. 65 san rafael. 65 in mountain ewe vue. 66 for morgan hill.
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enjoy it we have changes coming and it includes wet weather. i will show that to you coming up. rosemary, good morning. we have the drive time. the drive time is 20 minutes which is perfect for this time of the and when you get to the toll plaza z there is a dewill -- in fact at the toll plaza it's backed up to the 880 over crossing. if you notice driving in from 880, you're in pretty good shape. now if you are driving into the livermore valley 580 does have stop and go traffic. in the south bay as we were talking about until the newsroom i think a lot of the south bay tech campuses have
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the day off. let's go to alex. and what thousands of people will be hitting and the road and skies. alex savidge is at san francisco airport. seeing a lot of people show up there? >> yes. you know very busy early this morning at sfo. the holiday rush as you can say is well under way. we are outside of terminal 2 here. this is what curb side looks like. it is that crowded. folks have to wait to get a spot here curb side to drop off their passengers. we have seen it get busier and busier. this is a very busy travel day. two days before christmas. the good news here at sfo there are no delays or cancellations to report. but all of that could change as we close in on christmas.
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this is the part travelers don't want to hear. there is a strong storm system that is set to move into the eastern part of the storm system. it will bring lots of rain and strong winds and that could trigger delays at major airports. so keep that in mind. this storm system has been dubbed by some online as santa bomb. because it really could snarl the christmas travel s far lot of people. airport officials say that storm could cause problems shout the week. they plan to get here early this morning and travelers keeping an eye on the weather back east. >> i do think about it. thankfully we are not going to new york which we travel there a lot. but we're going to dallas. and you know i heard it's in the 50s. so yeah. >> reporter: it should be okay. >> it should be. i hope so. >> reporter: and it will be crowded at the airport this
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holiday season. here in the bay area and across the country wherever your travels take you. aaa is predicting 98.6 million americans will be traveling this holiday season. and that is 4% more people traveling compared with last year. so far this morning at sfo no delays to report but really the story could be this weather system back east that is set to move in over the next couple of days. that really maybe could effect the travel season. >> always a good idea to check your flight if you head to the a airport. alex savidge live from sfo. before you hit the road or head to the airport, you can track the latest weather and traffic on our website just go to or use our wonderful ktvu mobile app. continuing coverage of the deadly shooting of two new york city police officers. we hearing from the widow of one of the officers and protestors are refusing to honor a request from new york's mayor to stop demonstrations.
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they were sitting in their patrol car when they were shot by ismaaiyl brinsley. brinsley later took his own life. a funeral for officer ramos is planned for saturday morning. officer liu's family is on their way from china and will make his final arrangements when they arrived. >> this is a difficult time for both of our families. >> new york mayor bill de blasio asked protestors stop their demonstrations until after the officers funerals. but some say that san attempt to stop free speech. we're also hearing from the family of the shooter. ismaaiyl brinsley. his sister says he was estranged from them and deep lie troubled man. >> this has nothing to do with police retaliation. this was a troubled emotionally troubled kid. he needed help he didn't get
6:38 am
it. >> brinsley's sister and aunt say they found out about the shooting through the media. they say he was the father of two young children. he had been arrested multiple times and the question people should be asking is why did he keep getting released? a controversial antigun psa is starting an online debate. it encourages children to take their parent's gun and turn it into their teacher. >> reporter: everybody that i have shown the video to at this point they take pause and think about it so in that sense it's successful. but many are saying the message delivered in this video is dangerous. we'll let you decide. set to piano music the public service announcement shows a teenage boy sneak into a bedroom and take a handgun from
6:39 am
a dresser drawer. shoving into his backpack he takes it to school. scenes were shot at the north oakland community charter school. after students leave the classroom, the teen approaches his teacher. >> can you take this away? i don't feel safe with a gun in my house. >> reporter: certainly a startling moment in the middle of the video there. the words are children deserve a safe world. followed by stopgun violence now. some say the video is sending the wrong message. >> i think that is a safety issue in and of itself in order to have kids grab guns and take them. they want to talk to a teacher and say hey, i have a gun in my house and i'm unsafe can you talk to my parents about it? i think that is fine. but i don't think we should
6:40 am
teach to go looking for the guns and taking it out. you don't know if they are loaded. you don't know if the safety is on. so no. >> reporter: i checked the youtube page a few minutes ago the video had more than 13,000 dislakes and only 97 likes. the director of the charter school told the washington times officials granted the production company permission to shoot on campus but were not aware of the message beforehand. the backlash on social media against the director has been strong. many people as we mention saying this is the wrong message to send regardless of the important value of the debate at hand. we have posted it on our facebook and twitter pages as well as reached out to the director for comment and the oakland unified school district. brian, pam. >> certainly getting a lot of reaction. katie utehs reporting live from emoryville. police in oakland are severabling for three men that robbed a group of wedding
6:41 am
photographers, leading a bride and groom without any photos of their special day. for police say the shoot had just wrapped up when the three men approached and stole their equipment at gunpoint. the stolen equipment is worth more than $13,000 but one of the photographers said all they really want is is to get the pictures for the bride and groom. time 16:41. we are learning new information about the sexual assault accusation against a former 49er. coming up in 20 minutes what court documents reveal about the night in question and why legal analysts say the case could be hard to prosecute. >> we're live in san jose. a health scare at a fire station forces firefighters to move out. we'll tell you what is growing inside that fire house and how the problem is being fixed.
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welcome back. it's 6:44. a fire station in san jose has temporarily been shut down after conditions became unsafe. firefighters say they have been dealing with mold. janine de la vega is joining us now from san jose to talk about this problem. it's been going on for awhile but what is being done about it? >> reporter: pam, there are no firefighters living inside fire
6:45 am
station 16. this is here in east san jose near king and cunningham. firefighters tell me that they moved out because the mold problem was getting out of hand and they were concerned about their health. now last night the firefighters moved out and went to two nearby fire houses. the fire department command staff visited the station yesterday and determined all 24 firefighters on three shifts needed to leave because of the conditions. these photos show how crews were living out of the garage. they had moved their furniture from the living room and kitchen in there because they say the mold problem got so bad. firefighters tell ktvu news there has been mold problem here for four years but they say nothing has been done to permanently fix it. it's unclear why. a fire captain told us there has been mold problems at other stations in the past. >> they have cut staffing. they have cut number of rigs on
6:46 am
the road. all the infrastructure has suffered a lack of funding. i think our structures are suffering too. >> even though forecasts from station 16 have moved, they will be patrolling their area of the city during peak hours. so there should not be a disruption to service. mayor elect sam liccardo has spoke ton the fire chief and says he has been told inspectors will be out to evaluate the infestation and the cleanup plan. in the that is a process that could take weeks. back to you. >> thank you janine. a popular coffee maker has issued a major recall. 6.6million keurig brewing systems that you see highway have been recalled because they are a burn hazard. water can over heat during brewing, spray out and burn users. are the recall effects k-10 and identification numbers starting with 31. so far there have been reports of 90 related burn injuries.
6:47 am
consumers can contact keurig for a free repair. right now it is 6:46. it's probably a popular christmas gift. >> yeah any help. any of us guys can get. pam, thank you very much. >> right. >> the traffic is moving along relatively well if you are driving today. it's better than it was on monday. highway 4 westbound for example only a five minute delay. and rosemary and i have be talking about the fog. you can see patchy fog in pittsburgh and antioch. and looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, this is a 10-15 minute delay you can tell already it's beginning to get better. usually at this time it's at the peak of the commute. it looks like the peak was just about an hour ago. now it's getting much better. as we look at contra costa county westbound 80 through richmond looks good and so does 680. so the roads are actually looking very good on this
6:48 am
tuesday. 6:47 let's go to rosemary. >> okay a half hour until the official sunrise and it's a beautiful start for many of us. on the other hand if you're in the south bay over parts of the north bay we have the fog back with us this morning. isn't that a beautiful golden and red hugh there going on this morning? we'll have mostly sunny skies for the afternoon today. today will be a lot like yesterday. in the sense of numbers. and sunny skies for the afternoon. patchy dense fog this morning. it is fairly wide spread and it again is very patchy. and when it's patchy like this it could be all the a little dangerous because you have clear skies and a wall of fog. so take it easy on the roadways this morning. ridge of high pressure will begin to weaken and on the backside of this a front is going to move through california tomorrow and bring us some rain. so for christmas eve it looks like we will have wet weather and the models becoming a little bit more consistent. has also sped up the storm a little bit. as we get you your afternoon we
6:49 am
are mostly sunny. as we get around sunset the clouds pile up. but most of us are enjoying the clear skies. but the over night hours things change and wednesday morning we wake up partly to mostly colludey and that rain line entering the north quarter of california. through the morning hours we will be mainly dry. between 1:00 and 2:00 it's shift into the central shout bay and by 3:00 and 4:00 it's move into the south bay. it's a quick mover. by 5:00 it's out of here. and the sierra is going to pick up some snow. it's not going to be a drencher but it is enough to get us wet. so that is what you can expect for tomorrow. for today outside your doors right now 49-degrees in oakland. 55 san francisco. 48 for novato. it's a cooler start out there with a mostly clear skies.
6:50 am
66 in novato for the afternoon today. upper 60s in okay land. 67 in concord. low 60s for pacifica. as we head into the south bay a good looking day for you los gatos. morgan hill 68. santa cruz 68-degrees with mostly sunny skies. the extended forecast here going day by day. today in a nutshell going to be nice. as we get into tonight though, the transition begins to occur by tomorrow morning. we wake up with the clouds. it moves out by the evening. if you have evening plans you are in pretty good shape. thursday is going to be dry. kids can get out and ride their bikes. we are going to be dry but today is going to be the warmest day. behind this system we will remain cool. upper 50s to low 60s. >> and a little bit of dusting of show. >> in the sierra. could pick up a foot. >> someone got some new snow boarding stuff. >> brian is going to have a good time in the sierra. coming up potentially
6:51 am
incriminating e-mails. in 20 minutes the new evidence suggested pg&e and the state public utility commission broke rules and why the mayor of san bruno is questioning the timing of the release. >> listening and watching a scary road rejoins stent all caught on tape. this is on the way to the sierra. we'll tell you how it ended with an arrest.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
two victims of the 15 hour stand off in australia has been laid to rest. he was the 34-year-old manager of the cafe where last week a gunman took 17 people hostage. there are reports johnson tried to grab the hostage takers gun when it went off. the gunman was killed when police stormed the building. and a public memorial for katrina dawson was held today. the lawyer and mother of three died while shielding her pregnant friend from the gunfire. she say there is is one thing we can learn from dawson's example it is how to love and how to show love. one of the victims caught the whole thing on camera. >> she just hit our cars. she is pushing us off the road. she is coming for us.
6:55 am
put it in reverse. >> on saturday afternoon, a passenger in a white mazda called police to report a woman in the ford explorer was tailgating them. hit the masada and pulled in front blocking it. the woman got out of the explorer and police told the people in the masada to keep driving. they met up with all of them. the driver of the explorer 50- year-old dedra was charged with reckless driving. a sheriffs deputy is set to appear in court later this week to face charges of attacking a hospital patient. the attack reportedly happened at san francisco general early last month. 33-year-old deputy michael lou illing is accused of choking the patient and lying about it. after suspicions were raised and investigators looked at surveillance video provided by the hospital. >> we looked at all the evidence that was provided including the surveillance video that we obtained.
6:56 am
which helped build our case. >> the video showed lou elleing knocking the man's cane away and walking away. atherton police are searching for a man that followed a 13-year-old girl and took pictures of her. it happened yesterday morning while the girl was out jogging near the intersection of park lane and camino. a man followed her for several blocks and took pictures of her when she stopped to tie her shoes. she is described as white, unshaven with a medium build and wearing a red and blue bean knee. u.s. officials are not saying whether they had anything to do with internet outage in north korea that lasted for nine hours. the disruption of internet service in north korea yesterday came amid an escalating war of words between the u.s. and north korea over the cyber attack on sony pictures. president obama said the u.s. would respond porportionately
6:57 am
to the attack on sony without giving any specifics. the state department spokeswoman would not confirm or deny whether the u.s. had anything to do with the internet outage in north korea. >> it could be anyone. that is part of the problem. and it could be mismanagement. it's very possible that this is a bad day to be an it administrator in north korea. >> there is very little internet access in north korea in the first place. it is mostly restricted to government and military use. the eighth and final candle will be it will tonight at the bill graham menorah in san francisco's union square. the grand finale ceremony begins at 5:00 tonight and include traditional treats. the eighth candle will be it will right at 6:00. >> very good. coming up on mornings on 2 now, it's a getaway day for millions of holiday travelers. why many could soon find themselves grounded at the airport. >> a psa about guns. a lot of people talking about
6:58 am
this. it has ties to both oakland and san francisco. what it asks young people to do.
6:59 am
the holiday rush is on this morning here at sfo as people
7:00 am
head out of town for christmas. we'll tell you what things look like this morning at the airport and we'll also tell you how weather could factor into your travel plans coming up. here at home, patchy dense fog, wet weather for tomorrow. i will break down our bay area pattern for you -- coming up. >> reporter: anti-gun violence ad shot in oakland actually tells students to bring guns to school. why some say that's the wrong message. we'll show you the video. some firefighters in the south bay being told to move. why their fire station may be hazardous to their health. "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us. if you or someone you know is flying home for the holidays, there could be trouble ahead. we are live at sfo this morning. here is a shot. you can see a lot of people kind of coming into the airport now. things look like they are running


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