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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a boy taking a gun from a mother's bureau then bringing it to school to hand over to his teacher. good evening i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. the video has had thousands of views since it was posted a week ago. it is still unclear who funded the video. melanie woodrow spoke with the woman who played the teacher. >> reporter: the director calling the tsa is talking out. earlier today close to 200 likes and more than 21,000 dislikes. director and writer regina sinsikc posted what she calls the stop violence tsa.
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it shows add adolescent boy who took a gun and took it to his school. >> can you take this away, i don't feel safe with a gun in my house. >> reporter: corona a former teacher played the role of the teacher. she says he reported to a casting call over the summer. >> what resinated with me and i think her brilliance is that it's not the adults, it's the children who have the sense. >> reporter: in writing the video concludes with, our children deserve a safe world. and stop gun violence now. >> i'm not a believer in the you know guns don't kill people, people kill people. people kill people with guns. >> reporter: the video has drawn criticism from people like ken who runs a gun store.
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>> certainly if children were to take up the message and start doing that, i would be pretty horrified with what the schools would do with that kind of reaction. >> the video was shot at north oakland community charter school but corona says she doesn't know if the school knew about the content. >> i reached out to the charter school but did not hear back today. i also reached out to the director and writer of the video but have not heard back. viewers are weighing in on our facebook page. bridgette writes this encourages children to steal from their parents and children will get charged for taking a gun to school. michael says, good twist.
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it's still not known who funded the video. and sony will release "the interview" on christmas day though in a limited amount of theaters. >> this dog is killing me with its cuteness. >> reporter: the comedy starring seth rogan and franco is about a plot to kill kim jung-un. today the white house applauded sony's decision to release it. a spokesman said the u.s. believes in spree speech and the right of artistic freedom. within minutes of the decision, seth rogan spoke out on twitter, the people have spoken. freedom has prevailed. rogan also wrote and directed the film. many theaters in the bay area say they will show that movie including the elm wood in
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berkeley. it is offering three showings at 4:45 p.m., 7:15 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. we are learning new information tonight about the mysterious death of a teacher who was shot and killed in an east bay park last month. a $25,000 reward was announced today for information leading to an arrest in the killing of 60-year-old david renzel. he was hiking in the huckelberry regional reserve when he was killed. police say renzel's wallet was taken and his credit cards were used a few days ago. the new reward sparks new leads in the case. >> somebody out there knows something. somebody knows these guys. they're walking around in somebody's community right now and there's people probably whatching this who know exactly who they are. >> reporter: renzel was a teacher at athenian school and was also a writer. as the clock ticks down to christmas day. san francisco police are out in
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force in the city's shopping area. the city saw almost a dozen street robberies between monday and tuesday morning. prompting police to look closely at what they're calling an increase in those types of crimes. ktvu's david stevenson looked into hue officers are responding and why police say the weather may have played a part in those crimes as well. >> reporter: the bell ringing and music on display are seasonal. but an up tick has police warning shoppers that criminals never take a holiday. >> robberies happen year round but especially during the holiday season. >> reporter: between monday morning and this morning there were 11 robberies city wide. some armed some not with cash, computers and cell phones stolen. >> un unfortunately there's no real pattern. but definitely we've seen an increase and we'll respond to
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that. >> reporter: respond with officers. >> i don't want to step out in front of a bus and someone grab and go. >> i really don't feel safe sometimes. i have to hide my bag. i don't carry a shopping bag anymore. >> reporter: the recent warm weather means heavier crowds and more shoplifters out as well. >> reporter: the safety push extends from sidewalks to parking lots with the police department launching a new campaign reminding shoppers to stow their gifts in their trunks and out of sight of thieves. police are looking into for a man who tried to pull a woman into her car. this is the sketch of the man with a tall thin build and
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mustache. the incident happened yesterday in east san fernando street. the man was reportedly driving a four door sedan. federal agents raided the home of a man who works for the tsa. the surveillance video that could reveal what really happened. >> reporter: surveillance cameras caught it all. police using a battering ram to serve a warrant at the home of muhammad moneeb. a search to find a $300 camera. >> i know this sort of overexcessively policing without a legal basis is completely wrong. >> reporter: moneeb was accused of stealing the camera from the car of an acquaintance. when santa clara police went to ask him about it they claim he
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was uncooperative. the raid happened several days later. >> it was the raw use of police force that i think causes the real problem here. >> moneeb held a news conference with his attorney and with a council on american islamic connection. >> this is not a muslim issue, race issue, ethnic issue this is issue clearly a case of theft where a federal enforcement officer clearly committed that theft. we have officers on tape saying thank you, please, ma'am. that's not being disrespectful in my terms. that's being cordial and polite. >> reporter: the dashboard camera was never found.
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charges were finally charged against moneeb last week. >> i would just like to raise awareness and i hope what happened to me and my family will never happen to anyone else. >> reporter: moneeb says he's now contemplating taking legal action. ann rubin. >> there are new developments tonight in the case of alex nieto. a judge ruled that the names in that shooting can be made public. the san francisco police department insisted those names not be released publicly. the judge has now clarified his ruling and the attorney says those names will become part of the public record. police shot nieto at bernal hill park after nieto pointed what turned out to be a stun gun at the officers. a call for peace here in the bay area. after a massacre half a world away. we'll show you the gathering to honor the lives lost during a
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pakistan attack. >> i really didn't want to cry but it's overwhelming. it's not sad tears, it's just overwhelming. >> a special delivery just in time for christmas. the long journey this seat made from candle stick park to hayward. >> record warmth out there leading to showers as we head into your bay area wednesday. i'll time line the showers then your holiday week.
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every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities.
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if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. it has been exactly one week since terrorists opened fire in pakistan killing 150 people mostly children. the evidence of small coffins
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and bullet riddled walls were stunning. to mark this solemn day and inter faith group gathered in the south bay. they offered a joint prayer for peace. >> we bow our heads for the children in pakistan. >> we will light a candle through the darkness. we will bring light across the world. >> in solidarity in hope for a better future. >> i'm a teacher and a mother. when i heard that in the news it just made me so so sad. >> children should not have to. that shouldn't happen. the least i could do was show up for a little while and think about those children and those
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families. >> when you have something like 140 children being massacred, it just brings such a fielding of sorrow for what happened. >> there we go. >> there we go. >> thank you. >> we're trying to come out here today to show that we're concerned about what happened and that we would like to make a change. we would like to do something to demonstrate that we can have peace. >> really just out here today because it's, it's just such an awful thing that happened and i think that everybody in the world has a right to get educated regardless of their background. >> all children no matter where they are, no matter whom they are or where they are birthed, rely on the most fundamental aspect of society and that is safety. >> you see the children who are going to school to be educated, their lives and dreams were crushed by terrorism. >> we first start by making the world safe for children to be nurtured, to growth and to reach their highest potential. >> and may the lost of life for the dear children of pakistan
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never be forgotten. >> pakistani authorities say they have made arrests in connection with the school massacre. they say several people were arrested for facilitating the attack. but they have not said exactly how many or identified them. governor jerry brown has appointed a new chief for the california public utilities commission as it deals with allegations of corruption. the governor named michael picker as the commissioner. current president michael peavy announced he would not seek reaappointment. that announcement came between allegations between the pcuc and pg & e. you can say it was the story about loss but not loss of hope. we first told you about the story of a family who bought
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the seat of their mother only to get the wrong seat. >> and we were there as one fan opened a box and got something she never thought she would get. >> i'm nervous. >> no fancy bows or wrapping paper but in this plain brown box -- >> oh. it's a little faded but it's nearly exactly the same. >> reporter: the gift of memories. >> last time we saw it was last game at candle stick. >> reporter: on that game, leane and her brother wrote a message on the seat that was their mom's since the stick was built. mom, this will always be your seat. their mom died four years ago. >> my brother thought it up. he's the poet i suppose. i could never think of writing something that sweet on it. >> reporter: that message turned out to be more than sentimental. helped identify mom's seat after it was lost for months. buried in boxes. >> thousands of boxes they
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said. >> reporter: in a warehouse. >> of all places indiana. >> reporter: it's like mom is still here. >> sorry. i just keep thinking about how proud my mom would be of my mother and i. she would have thought it was a little silly to write that on there. >> reporter: sitting in seat 10. >> it's more than just plastic and steel and grass on the field, it's a sentimental thing. >> it's finally home with us. i'm good. >> noelle walker, ktvu. >> i don't need anything else actually. >> channel 2 news. >> special memories inside that box. >> those things mean a lot to them. >> to some people they don't mean anything but for that family it means a lot. so glad they got it back. kind of getting spoiled the last few days but changes are on the way. we want to check in with bill to find out what's in store for christmas bill. >> we had record highs today.
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>> it felt like it. >> probably 68 at your home kenney. numbers are up there. so we have plenty of records out there. we have the new moon. it's actually transitioning right now. this new moon is partly or very responsible for the king tides that we've been experiencing the last few days. the moon when you get into that new moon phase, there's another pretty shot. you get the tendency to get the bigger tides because the sun and the moon are pulling very aggressively on the earth and creating the high and low tides. for us we had records today. the san francisco tied the record downtown at 68 degrees. oakland was 71 degrees. downtown that broke a record. some more records show up here. in oakland they tied a record. december23rd and we're doing upper 60s. you see the rain up here in portland. this whole area is going to drop down as we head into the next 17 hours or so. it's a rapid mover. it's going to fly through here. it's going to start off right after lunchtime. we do start off with fog tomorrow morning as we did this
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morning. there was a lot of it in san jose. a lot of it in the central valley. right through temperature pulls, you get fog and you'll get it. you got this morning. you will see it again tomorrow morning. and then immediately after the fog burns off. or goes away. this system moves in. so overnight lows tonight in the 40s. look for the patchy valley fog. this is a computer model. i want you to see. here's the coastal fog. this is right now. watch coastal fog, boom. valley fog boom. and they start to merge. that kind of merge when you see these two fogs, two different type radiation fog. and induction fog or coastal fog it's all the same thing. when you merge you get really poor visibility. the richmond bridge, bay bridge, all the bridges around the bay. it could be a real problem for the ferry. and the coastal fog gets in there as well. sort of enhances the valley fog. visibility tomorrow could be a
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problem. this is 11:00 right around lunchtime. watch the pattern shift. everything starts going this way. and that's the system moving in. so it's 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. coastal fog then everything goes like this. and there comes the weather system right on cue. about noontime 1:00. looks like it's going to bring showers up to the fair field area. it already beat through santa rosa. look how quick it's moving. there by 3:00 it's down to fremont. a couple of hours later then gone. so as far as rainfall accumulations, not going to be jumping that much rain right. how could it it's not sticking around that long. forecast highs tomorrow mild because well we're not getting the rain right away. so there'll be a chance for things to warm up before the showers get here. so lunchtime will see some sun, we'll see sun probably before that in many places and temperatures will see the low 60s just in time for the clouds to get here and the rain to get here. it's good news. i was going to say we need the water but it's amazing how much rain we've got. some areas you know this guys. some areas we have 50% of like places like oakland. 50% of the annual rainfall is
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already taken care of. sounds pretty great. >> and a lot in december. that great moon shot too. i love that. >> show us later again tonight too. at 10:00. >> okay. >> thank you, bill. the bay area is reaching out for hispanic families to sign up for covered california. they worry they'll expose a relative to deportation. >> we want people to know not only is it free but confidential. their information is not used for anything outside of eligibility enrollment. we're doing that through markets and we have fliers out. we also have changed our commercials and marketing campaign to remind people of that process so that they can be sure rein confident -- sure and confident when they go to someone to enroll. the 49ers alden smith talked to reporters today and he comes under the microscope for his connection in the ray
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mcdonald case. stanford travels to texas to talk to the long horns.
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all right mark ibanez here the 49ers in the news and it's
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not really for the game is it. >> a year ago we were talking about them going to the play offs or super bowl favorites or at least make it deep into the play offs. but the last thing the 49ers wants is one of their players in the news for the wrong reason. and at least that's where alden smith is today as he was implicated by ray mcdonalds accuser in the sexual assault case. but implicated only to say that smith was drinking with them. something that smith denied vehemently today. he did admit he was briefly with mcdonald and the alleged victim on the evening in question, though. as he was speaking with the media earlier today. >> as far as it's concerned i was over at ray's house for close to an hour. i didn't drink one thing as far as it goes relating to that i have nothing else to say that's not my issue or my problem. >> what did you do later that
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-- >> i spent time with my son. >> there you go. and we get to talk about some real sports now. and what a night it is for the stanford cardinal basketball team. a game just complete as they beat one of the nation's best. number nine texas. stanford going at it with jonathan jones in the final moments. in fact, last 25 seconds he hits that clutch jumper against texas to help send the game into overtime. johnny dawkins and company will take a one point lead into the final moments and jason randall has really been lights out for that clutch jumper giving them a three point lead 10.1 seconds left and as you see, they're pretty pumped up about it. texas as we said number nine in the country had a couple of cracks at it in the final moments. it's a no go. and stanford comes out on top 74-71 undoubtedly their biggest game of the year. texas beat cal early this season.
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quite a night for the cardinals that's the sporting night for now. we have the warriors in action shortly. and we'll tell you how they did against the warriors. thieves targeting last minute christmas shoppers. the strategy they're using and what you can do to make sure you don't become a victim. >> and we're always here for you on, facebook and twitter. we leave you know with that beautiful picture of bill what do they call it the new moon. >> the new moon. >> we're back with more news at 10:00. see you then.
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oh, i forgot to ask. did it hurt? did what hurt? when you fell from heaven and landed on earth. i didn't fall from... oh. [ laughs ] because i'm an angel! [ laughs ] why are you so sweet? maybe just 'cause i'm so damn happy. today is jay's birthday. so i'm taking him to hawaii for a whole week. big suite in maui, just the two of us. got manny tied up in the backyard -- big bowl of kibble. [ chuckles ] i'm kidding. he's staying with claire and phil. this whole thing was a big surprise. i did it all myself -- the flight, the hotels. cost me a fortune, but it was worth it. cost me a fortune.


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