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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 24, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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collect toys for children in need here in san francisco, it's part of the last chance toy drive. we'll tell you how you can help coming up. >> fog is here and we're tracking showers. we'll have the weather coming up. and "the interview" is being shown. the reactions. >> and the damage that the storms caused. it's ahead on the channel 2 morning news. . good morning. we are live at the drive this morning. we get to have another day of showing you a great place to show holiday spirit with needy children and there are a lot of elves, we hear there are going
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to be celebrity santas today. alex savage is out there as well and we'll get to see that and the mayor and other people will be popping by there. it's the last drive effort to get toys for kids. we'll checks with alex in a little bit. it's wednesday december 24th, i'm pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get to weather and traffic, my twin, mark is here. >> we have similarities, same personalities as well. >> we get mistaken for someone else out there. low fog this morning that could affect your plans. the balmy temperatures are moving out of town. we had a reading yesterday of 70 degrees, everyone is cooling off from 5 to 10 degrees. you can see the main reason, clouds moving in from the north
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and west. the clouds will produce showers later on this afternoon. current visibility reports down about a quarter of a mile in santa rosa and napa. here's a current look at the temperatures. there are 50s and a few upper 40s for santa rosa and fairfield. here's a live look at sfo, there's a fog right now, scattered showers this afternoon, but it will be dry for your christmas. here's the forecast for this morning and the short term partly cloudy skies and areas of fog, into the afternoon hours it won't be a washout, scattered showers will be paying us a visit. it will move from the north to the south. mainly near 60 degrees, it will be cooler than yesterday. we'll take a look at the christmas day forecast coming up in a few minutes. he's standing by with the look at the roadways. it's not so busy out there. >> mark, you're right, you're looking good here as you drive through. the traffic continues to look good at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. we're looking at a nice commute. no majority problems here get nothing san francisco. we're not thinking of a traditional commute but a lot of people will be doing last- minute shopping. this is a lack at the san mateo bridge and mark mentioned dense fog and it's out there. we'll keep watching that. no major problems as you drive through. if you're driving between novato and san raphael it looks good with no major problems. >> thank you. a popular restaurant in san francisco is transforming into the north pole. there's a last-minute effort to make sure kids don't miss out on christmas. alex savage is out there, good morning alex. >> reporter: kids may not have
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a toy to open and they're collecting unwrapped toys throughout the day on christmas eve. they've been doing this for 14 years. they need your help. they want to collect 10,000 toys and those toys will be passed out by volunteers throughout the day today. they want to make sure children in need in the community are abe tome open a present or have a present on christmas morning. this is put on by nick, the owner of the restaurant. we appreciate you having us in here this morning. you're trying to make a difference for the children in this community. where are they going? >> today is a distribution. as you're delivering them we're dropping them off. we'll be dropping off at different points, at the baptist church, at a fire station, all around. we'll be distributing the toys, we need your help this year. there are 10,000 kids who could wake up without a toy. >> you need to fill up the buckets like this.
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>> and your volunteers will have the pockets sitting off of here. and it's a well-known bar and restaurant in this area. they'll take your unwrapped toy and distribute it to the community. how many toys do you need to reach your goal 10,000. >> about 10,000. today is crucial, the spirit of christmas is coming out late this year. if you feel it in your heart stop by, we need your help. we don't want one kid to wake up without a toy, not this year. >> we appreciate, the last chance toy drive going throughout the day today. it will run until 11:00 at night. it's your last chance to donate here if you want to give this holiday season. the mayor will kick this thing off an hour from now. it's a fun event they do here. >> thank you so much. >> we'll see how people can go out and help out. >> a memorial church in san
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francisco is preparing a christmas eve meal also. they serve a prime rib luncheon for people who are living through tough times. house of prime rib donates 2200 pounds of prime rib for the event. they expect to serve 3,000 prime rib meals today. it expects it feed that many people again tomorrow for a christmas turkey dinner. >> san jose's decision to shut down the camp known as the jungle created new problems. city crews evicted the people living in the homeless camp. they've been clearing out smaller camps that have popped up across the city since the jungle closed. it's been a battle with the estimated 5,000 homeless people in san jose looking for a place to sleep. >> the curtains will go up for the controversial film "the interview" after all. zone sony said #00
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independently movie theatres will show this film that sparked an incident with north korea. they'll show camera 3 cinemas in san jose. >> it's important to be part of a movement to defend our rights to free speech. i feel a small could go -- fill a small cog in that wheel. >> it stars seth rogan and james frank owe -- franko. they pulled it the film after hacking and threats by leaders. the film will now be shown. they do not expect security to be an issue. the white house released this statement and it was released, the decision by sony and participating theatres allow them to make the choices about the film and we welcome
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that outcome. you can find the list of theatres showing "the interview" and can go to the website. there's another problem with the movie anyoneness. finesse, the shooter could have been someone in the audience who shook the hands before shooting. it's about a crew that work at a record company. tornadoes to through the deep south yesterday damaging buildings and flipping cars and knocking out power to thousands of people. the governor declared a state of emergency in several counties. two people were killed when a tornado leveled the level home and the pastor who survived the twister was very emotional when
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he witnessed this tornado. >> i have been praying all my life since i was 4 years old. i prayed like i've never prayed. >> tornadoes touched down in states of louisiana and georgia. the tallahassee area received a half of a foot of rain. if you're flying back east or picking someone else from the east coast. storms along the atlanta seaboard seaboard caused delays in the afternoon. that will have a ripple effect. philadelphia is one of the worst place this is morning where there are delays up to an hour. yesterday one out of every four flights in phillie were delayed or cancelled. it was a bumpy start to the christmas week at la guardia
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airport. a flight clipped wings with an american airlines plane yesterday. one passenger heard a bump. she saw half of the wing was missing. neither plane's passengers were injured. but, they had to be buzzed back to be if the -- buzzed back -- bussed back to the terminal. >> what police want you to know. >> i got done and i was like, like i couldn't breathe. >> a holiday party scare, how a simple drinking contest turned into an almost drowning. >> our traffic is doing well for most commutes. you might want to get out to the mall. we'll tell you more about what's going on. >> the sunshine and warm temperatures moving out of
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town. we'll break down shower chances in your christmas eve forecast. ♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows. ♪
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♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪ . welcome back a widow of an antioch barber is suing the city for excessive force.  andrea gonzalez says this police video shows her late
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husband was not a threat to the officers. you can see the 35-year-old gonzalez opening his garage door and walking outside with the gun in his hand. they're waiting outside. he's seen waving his arms and returning to the garage before being shot by the officers. >> i'm very, very hurt. i belief that this could have done a different route and he would still be with us today. >> give this guy a death penalty in an unjustifiable way. they overreacted and the thing was mishandled. >> the district attorney's office has investigated and it has determined that the police acted in self-defense. >> they caused the lockdown of several stores in the christmas shopping rush. about 50 people staged a die in at a mall.
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several stores were briefly locked down. the protestors were angry offer the announcement that a forearm white police officer in nearby milwaukee in april will not face charges in the shooting death of a black man. he opened fire when the black man grabbed his baton and hit it with them. they'll review the shooting. a businessman who died last night of a heart attack is accused of a massive fraud. this offers financial advice to small and midsized companies. an attorney representing the capitol, if stevens was alive he could face fraud charges over the collapse of his company. he's accused of propping his business and bilking it as much of $23 million from friends and relatives. we all know is christmas eve, it's another unofficial and less holy idea it's
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national eggnog day. it's a day to is he celebrate eggnog. a lot of people will be drinking eggnog. now, this is a little different way to drink eggnog. what not to do at holiday parties. ryan was out when he was challenged to a eggnog chugging contest. it was not alcoholic and he accepted and he won. it turned into panic. >> i was shaking uncontrollably, i couldn't control my body, i was extremely nauseous and my breathing became a pant, it was like [ demonstrating ] >> a co-worker rushed him to a nearby hospital where doctors
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said he was drowning after some oxygen and medication in 24 hours in intensive care, he did go home feeling fine. and the reward was a gift card for christmas. just say no. we're not saying no to santa. santa is working right now, sal, where is he? >> we can pull up the santa tracker. he's in guam, there he is. he was last scene in gu a.m. he was there. he's been moving around. he was just recently in a part of russia then he came down to the islands west of the philippines and now he's in guam. this is what's in there right now. there's a gift tracker on this norad site. you can see how many gifts he's
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delivered. i don't know if you can see it on your screen. down at the bottom, thank you very much. jeff, 696 million. >> he's scrolling. >> there you go. >> that's pretty good. >> it's so exciting. i love it. >> we'll keep track of that this morning. something more mundane, so to speak, here, westbound bay bridge, not a big commute. we're not expecting one. the traffic looks pretty good as you drive into the city. the morning commute looks good in oakland, but dense fog, traffic may be affected by poor visibility. one more thing we'll talk about the commute in san jose, northbound, that traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. at 518, mark good morning to you. >> good morning to you sal, we'll continue with the santa's theme, we have a graph cal depiction right here, isn't this neat. you can see santa leaving the
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north pole. we track the gifts as well. this is the projection along the west coast and the bay area. >> that's very pretty. >> there's one gift in san jose. >> our dj is up in san jose this morning. >> we did talk about our weather for today. we'll have showers to dodge for the holiday shopping this afternoon. you can see the clouds are heading into northern california up towards eureka and the cape and we could have a few showers later on today. it won't be a washout. you'll be dodge ago few showers today. the fog out there is down at a quarter mile in santa rosa napa and fairfield. the fog is shifting around and visibilities are down to a half mile as well. you have relatively clear skies and the fog comes back and an instant drop off in visibility.
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currently it's 43 degrees in walnut creek. santa rosa in the upper 40s, san francisco, sfo you can see evidence of that fog. they can point it out here, it will be a destination for that this and. areas of fog right now, scattered showers this afternoon, it will be a dry christmas, all week long monday and tuesday, we'll be showing this, this big h offshore, the warm temperatures monday into tuesday, today a sharp drop off into readings and scattered showers making a come back. you can't see this afternoon, a chance of north bay showers, quickly moving to the south at 2:00 and look at what happened in the evening hours, it will clear things out and this will set the stage for a dry christmas. heads up if you're headed to lake tahoe. snow levels coming down at 5500 feet. we'll have controls at 80 and
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50, forecast highs mainly in the upper 50s, and 60 degrees. half moon bay 60 and the look ahead, your five-day forecast with the temperatures into a christmas cooling off as well. mainly into the upper 50s, by the weekend, a cool down and the biggest change today and tomorrow. no major storms out there. that's not a headline we're talking about today. we've been talking about significant storms in the bay area, but nothing showing up for today, a few passing high clouds and showers but no major downpours expected. >> so, it will be cleared out by this evening. >> looking okay, yes. >> thank you mark. time now is 5:21, a 49er fan got an early christmas gift from her favorite team. we've been following this woman. her old seat from her mother
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arrived at her home. it went up for sale, but the 9ers delivered the wrong one by mistake. they helped the team track down the actual seat. mom, this will always be your seat. now, she has them there at her house. 5:22, it's the opposite of what you would expect in hawaii. coming up an unusual weather event. they'll make this a christmas to remember. live animals in the north beach neighborhood, the way a live nativity scene is bringing together a community and plans for a multi-million-dollar makeover.
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. wow, you're looking at the biblical town known as the birthplace of jesus preparing for holiday celebrations, this was the scene in bethlehem as the historic city in the west bank, thousands of christians will visit bethlehem during the christmas holiday. one nativity scene is drawing a crowd here in a neighborhood. it is a reenactment of the christmas story with real people and real animals. people from all across the bay area and beyond are paying a visit to the church on vallejo
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street. this nativity scene reminds us all of the true meaning of christmas. >> it's a good reminder of what christmas is about. >> it's a surprise. >> we're on our way to a dinner and it's just so great to see this. i'm glad we caught it. >> former san francisco supervisor angela helped put this together. she has plenty -- planned to turn this into an outdoor shopping plaza. this year the dow broke records on wall street. it opened at more than 18,000 for the first time ever. take a look, up 65 points yesterday. the s&p notched another record day, it's 51st record of the year and that's an average of a new record high every week since the start of 2014. they have a short trading day for christmas eve, it will
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close for 10:00 but friday is a regular trading day expected to be quiet though. american airlines plans to pay flight attendants more than they bargained for. it will give cabin crews a 4% pay hike and 10% raises that they worked out. there is pressure on other union workers. other work groups could get pay increases once they ratify their contracts. another deadly police shooting miles away from ferguson missouri. the chaos that unfolded shortly after the gas station where it happened. also we have been searching the bay area as you know for the best holiday light display, a touching tribute that viewers hands down say it's their favorite place. >> we're looking at a commute where traffic is doing pretty well as you drive on 80 westbound. we'll tell you more about this morning's drive. we're not expecting a big commute. the sunny and warm weather
5:28 am
so far this week moving out of town. coming up we're tracking shower chances for the christmas eve forecast.
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[ music ] oh, yeah, welcome back, everybody. welcome back to the channel 2 morning news. we're having fun here this morning. we're live in vallejo where
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they've been having fun. we've been looking at the best holiday light displays. this is one of the contenders. we'll have more on this touching story, really behind this colorful light display. it's very beautiful out there. >> it's nice it's still out there and we can see it this morning. >> in its glory. >> wednesday, in case you don't know, december 24th. i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. mark is in for steve. a little showers, certain parts. >> yes, a few showers. it feels like a couple of showers and it's near 70 degrees across the bay area. my sister lives in hawaii. it was warmer here and the weather nicer compared to hawaii. i'll take that and keep that in mind. we'll have clouds paying us a visit into northern california. not much in the way of rainfall coverage, that will be changing as we head no the afternoon hours.
5:32 am
there's the rain band, that will increase in coverage and head to the south over the next few hours especially by the afternoon. we have been tracking fog, latest visibility reports, a quarter after mile to half a mile. the dense fog bank moving around the bay. the current numbers are 40s and 50s. we're tracking a chance of scattered showers. it's up in the north bay by 12:00. by 3:00 it will have moved across the bay area and san francisco. it will clear things out as we head into the evening hours. this will set the stage for a dry christmas. for this morning, partly cloudy skies areas of fog, temperatures in the 40s to mid- 50s. it will be cool and showers, and it's moving across the bay. coming up we'll take a closer look at your christmas day forecast. sal is standing by and he has a upday on the roadways. good morning to you sal. >> good morning to you mark.
5:33 am
>> happy christmas eve. yesterday was christmas eve eve, and today is christmas eve. there's no traffic and people don't go to work, we do, others don't. there's no major problems on the commute. the east shore freeway, the bridge to the maze it's 18 minutes. we're not expecting the volume on the normal wednesday. at the toll plaza we have a lot more of it. there's not a lot going on here as you drive into the city. there's a little backup in some of those lanes there. westbound 580 through the livermore valley it looks good to the livermore area and the altamont pass and in turn to castro valley. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you sal.
5:34 am
we've been searching to see who is decade out for the holidays -- decked out for the holidays. and we are at a home that received a overwhelming amount of votes, you can see why right behind her. >> reporter: definitely, we had four homes that were the top contender. the one that tugged at everyone's heart strings was this house bob and linda taylor put together. it's amazing, the thousands of light strands they have here. the reason why people love this home. it has a great story that goes along with it, very heart warming. 15 years ago this couple's daughter died in a plane crash. christmas was her favorite holiday. they decided to put out the lights and celebrate her life. this grew and grew and grew to what it's become today. this is amazing.
5:35 am
joining me are bob and linda taylor themselves. you guys got up bright and early for us and we appreciate it. we had thousands of people across the bay area and they voted for their favorite home. we would like to congratulate you as the winners. up get bragging rights? >> wow. >> thank you. >> how do you feel about this? >> that's wonderful. we didn't win the other contest, we won the local contest and that's what counts. >> the true christmas spirit. there were other homes that a lot of lights but this had an emotional part to it. could you tell why you put it up the lights? >> my daughter had a plane
5:36 am
crash. my other daughter said let's deck rat for debbie. she loved to decorate for her son, my grandson. we do this every year in honor of her and i tell everybody i know she's looking down from heaven, right on dad, you're doing a good job. this is for her. >> a lot of people come out here. you give out candy canes, how many did you give out. >> we gave 16,000 candy canes, a little over. not everybody takes a candy cane, but we actually ran out christmas eve last year. this year we started out with a little over 18,000, hoping that this would be enough this year. >> you guys have done an amazing job. what are some of the decorations you have, you keep adding, what have you done. >> they put all the lights, they put it in one corner and we spread it like that, like a fan. >> had you these figure reasons out here.
5:37 am
you got the -- figurines, that's from the philippines? >> yes. >> and that's amazing, you guys have a parking lot that you built across the street i have to pan around, they built the fence, they have port-a-potties out here. and you had the fire department come out and help you out? >> yes, we did. if it was not for the local fire department we wouldn't have made our deadline. they gave us 24 days to put up what you see it. takes us three months, so, we had a big work party every day for 24 days putting this together. and a lot of the thanks goes to the fire department. >> great, thank you so much. we'll be here all morning hanging out with you guys because we love your lights so much. >> we have a big pot of coffee, if you want a cup of coffee, we got coffee. >> we're a fan of coffee. we would like to congratulate our winners, bob and linda
5:38 am
taylor. they're excited here in vallejo. >> i love their house and i love them. they're just absolutely darling. that's so wonderful. >> thank you. well, there is a warning for busy holiday shoppers who are focused on getting the last minute gifts. police along the bay area shoppers should be alert for thieves targeting them. they reported a spike in auto burglaries this year. the city says it's increased the number of police patrols after a series of smash and grab break-ins last week. nearly 20 cars were hit last thursday alone. people need to know they're putting things in their car and if they're shopping again and going out to dinner, these guys take advantage of that unfortunately. >> it should be obvious not to leave items in plain sight but not everyone follows that advice. he found a car with a wallet and credit cards in plain view. >> sony pictures will release
5:39 am
the controversial film "the interview." the film led to the hacking scandal at stoney. they had produced the movie and threatened against the theatres, sony pictures will have the movie shown in theatres across the bay area and we have more on why the theatre owners are willing to show it. >> it's a tradition for many families, mine included and a theatre will be showing the "the interview" if you want to catch it. we're here at the elm view and this is a poster. it was an opportunity for free speech to prevail. it's where employees hung a poster for the interview last night ahead of the christmas
5:40 am
day showing. it stars seth rogan and james ffranco. they were told to assasinate the leader. sony pictures had a change of heart following criticism from the president and hollywood. now, a handful of bay area independent theatres from san jose to petaluma will show the interview. >> not many theatres are doing this around the country, we're glad to be part of a movement that supports the rights to free speech and supports sony in the production of and showing of this film. certainly a lot of lines from the movie there that may be repeated following christmas day as people pack the theatres seth rogan tweeted the people have spoken, freedom has prevailed. sony didn't give up. industry experts say releasing
5:41 am
the move see is a smart step for sony to take. some people we talked with said they had no plans to see the movie until it became a controversial issue. any publicity is good publicity, we'll see how this movie does with the limited release. >> all right. thank you katie, it will be interesting. new this morning, police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting about two miles where michael brown was shot and killed in ferguson, missouri. a police officer was conducting a routine business check at a gas station where he saw two men standing at the side of the building. when the officer approached one of the men one of the men pointed a handgun at him. the officer fired multiple times killing the man. the handgun was recovered at the scene. the mother was at the scene and identified the man as 18-year- old antonio martin. the officer involved has not been identified.
5:42 am
this is video of the shooting. word of the incident spread and 60 to 100 people gathered at the gas station. local stations were wearing crime scene tape around their neck. there was an explosion near the scene and it's not clear a caused it. 3 people were arrested and no injuries reported. vice president joe biden will attend the funeral for raphael ramos, the lights at rockefeller center were dimmed for he and his partner. the lights were dimmed for five minutes. biden will you a tend the funeral at the request of president obama. and the funeral will be held for liu when his family arrives from china. coming up at 6:00, we'll go back to the restaurant where
5:43 am
the annual toy drive is in full swing. gay and buy sexual men will be able to donate blood. why some activists say the change is not realistic. on though there is not a lot of traffic, we're checking the roads in case something comes up. we're checking airports to see how people are coming in and out of the bay area. the sunshine and warm temperatures are moving out of town, we're checking showers and we'll let you know when winds will be on the increase. female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models!
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during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale,
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get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! ...guaranteed! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . welcome back everybody. the food and drug administration is recommending an end to the nation's lifetime ban for blood donations from
5:46 am
gay and buy sexual men. it is going to bar donations from men who have had sex with other men in the past 12 months. this constitute a significant policy shift. >> just to be clear a significant majority will be having sex and they'll be excluded because to expect them not to have sex for a year is ridiculous. >> the policy said the policy is not supported by science. the f.d.a. will recommend the switch early next year and move to finalize it after taking comments from the public. george h. w. bush is hospitalized in texas. he was suffering shortness of breath and was taken to the hospital yesterday. it was a precaution.
5:47 am
the former president is 90 years old. he spent two months last year where he was treated for bronchitis. president obama sent good wishes to former president bush and his family. they went hiking on the trail on the southeastern point of owahu, the wildlife sanctuaries and they're staying in hawaii until the first week of the new year. there's a good chance of a white christmas in hawaii. there are blizzard warnings on the summit of the island. there could be snow at 1 1,500. they took images of the ground. that's we are, it doesn't look like hawaii. >> the national weather service is warning for anyone who is trying to drive or hike the
5:48 am
summit. the roads from not prepared for that. >> that will not try to stop me getting to hawaii, however. >> i would take it too. we'll look at the traffic this morning. are there any major problems, sal? >> we had a couple of problems, but they went away. it's nice. we're looking at the commutes and there's not a lot going on which is great on this christmas eve. i think a lot of people, not everyone, a lot of people have the day off and the traffic is showing signs of not being heavy at all. usually by this time we have lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza and that's not happening now. we're looking at the morning commute and a little fog here. the traffic will not be slow, but it is foggy. one of the things we've been checking is the airports. san jose, oakland, and even san francisco right now not reporting any delays for outbound flights. that will change if this dense
5:49 am
fog persists. out to the south bay, we look at our road sensors everything is green. not a lot of red, that means the green is up and traffic is moving well. good morning to you, christmas eve we're talking about areas of fog. watch out you could have big drop off visibility, the fog is doing its thing around the bay at last check. clouds are moving into northern california. we're talking about rain showers this afternoon, and i'm showing you the wind speeds right now. winds are not a big deal, but they'll pick up by late this afternoon and into the evening hours, we'll know a boost of the wind speeds from the coast and around the bay. right now winds are calm. you can see the current numbers, we're talking about the 40s and 50s, mountain view, 52, and there are a live camera, we're showing you this in san jose, where we have
5:50 am
partly cloudy skies fog drifting around the south bay as well. we're developing gusty winds as well. dry christmas as the rain clouds move out of town. here's the forecast model, we'll take this into the evening hours. this is some of the winds gusting to 34 miles per hour in san francisco, 29 in san jose. you get the idea, the winds right now increasing later on today and into it tonight and then for thursday, still breezy out there. high pressure, we've been talking a lot about this over the past two days, it begins to back off a little bit. this cold front moves in from the north of clouds and showers, winds increasing from 25 to 35 miles per hour. as far as the shower chances, a quick moving system by 12:00, best chance of showers will be up by our north drifting to the south by 3:00 and it moves out by the evening hours, this is when the winds pick up out of the northwest. it increases winds tomorrow
5:51 am
night and early christmas morning. a winter weather advisory in place today. the forecast for snow will be 5 to 10 inches. it will be in the upper 50s to 60 degrees. showers developing in the north bay early this afternoon and spreading to the south. as far as the christmas day forecast partly to mostly cloudy skies, temperatures will be cooler. the 70s will be gone. 50s will be the afternoon highs. we'll look at the five-day forecast and as we head into christmas day, cooler and a quiet weather pattern for freeway and with a sun cloud mix, watch out for the winds later on today especially driving around the bridges this evening. you'll notice a sharp increase in wind speeds, maybe 30, 40 miles per hour and we'll have to keep an eye on that. >> 5:51 is the time. it's been 3 weeks since they shuttle down one of the largest
5:52 am
homeless camps in the state. and the reason why some people were pulled over and pulled away with smiles and christmas cheer. download the weather apps now and happy holidays. bulldog: [yawn]
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. it's 5:54, they released the weekly jobs report. it's today rather than
5:55 am
tomorrow, 280,000 americans applied for first time unemployment benefits but that is down 9,000 from last week and the lowest number of new claims in seven weeks, but economists say the numbers are volatile. 1400 stores across the country, it's not an act of generosity, but the change of the minimum wage in 21 states. wal-mart is the largest private employer in the u.s. and it will affect 1.3 million workers. and the digital streaming service with netflix has done minimal advertising for the cards, and the chain stores selling them say they've run out. >> that may not be a bad idea. police sirens are not what you want it hear. but, it may be a good day to be
5:56 am
pulled by police. >> we're stopping people to wish them a happy holiday. >> do you have me a gift. >> you think i have you a gift. now, this is doylestown ohio. officers stopped and gave the drivers $100. police cameras caught the reactions which varied from speechless to tearful and hugs there and people who were plain stunned. >> some hugs were given out and my guys are not used to getting hugs, we don't encourage that, but today we're enjoying every aspect of it. >> you have to love the holiday season. the police chief says the idea from the cash give away come from a family who donated $1,000 to make ten traffic
5:57 am
stops and another association gave $400 and they made 14 stops in all. >> got me a gift? >> wow. >> got me a gift. coming up, santa getting a last-minute help on christmas eve and how a san francisco restaurant is helping get gift to children. >> and a christmas day release, you'll be able to see "the interview" tomorrow. >> if you're expecting someone at the airport we're checking the major airports and we haven't seen a lot, and we'll let you know of any problems on the highways. a change on the christmas eve forecast, we're tracking more clouds and showers, we'll have the update coming up after the break.
5:58 am
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a last-minute toy drive under way here in san francisco. the goal is to collect 10,000 toys for this community in need. that's coming up.
6:00 am
a controversial movie that led to a hacking scandal will be available on christmas day, where you can see it in the bay area. a officer shot a 18-year- old man. why a police officer was forced to open fire at a gas station. they're moving out of town, we're tracking more clouds and shower chances and the ktvu morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, mary christmas eve, we're live in san francisco on this day at the last minute toy drive, toys pouring in to the restaurant, there's something like 10,000 kids that can get help this year. ktvu's alex savage has been out in since 4:30 this morning. we'll check in with him in a few minutes for more on this


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