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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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a controversial movie that led to a hacking scandal will be available on christmas day, where you can see it in the bay area. a officer shot a 18-year- old man. why a police officer was forced to open fire at a gas station. they're moving out of town, we're tracking more clouds and shower chances and the ktvu morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, mary christmas eve, we're live in san francisco on this day at the last minute toy drive, toys pouring in to the restaurant, there's something like 10,000 kids that can get help this year. ktvu's alex savage has been out in since 4:30 this morning. we'll check in with him in a few minutes for more on this push for 10,000 toys.
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there are celebrity santas. we'll be out there and that will be fun. it's wednesday december 24th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores in for dave clark. seasonality is making his way. let's start with weather and traffic, and is santa going to have good weather. >> santa will have winds he may have to deal with. for our weather, we have this. we have clouds and cooler temperatures. even shower chances a well. remember we -- chances as well. remember we had the cameras on sfo, the low cloud deck could impact your visibility across the bay this morning. temperatures yesterday, look at the warm readings, upper 60s to 70 degrees, everybody is cooling off today.
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it's down 5 to 10 degrees. lots of clouds are moving into the bay area. not much in the way of shower activity. the fog is doing its thing around the bay. visibility is about a quarter of a mill to three quarters of a mile. current temperatures are in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. san jose right now 46. here's the forecast for today, 7:00 this morning, those readings in the upper 40s to mid-50s, partly cloudy skies and areas of fog, changes, more clouds, a band of scattered showers pushing across the region and gusty winds on the increase especially by mid to late afternoon, winds could be 25 to 35 miles per hour, here's a look at the numbers for this afternoon. much cooler than yesterday, no 70s, warmest locations in the lower 60s. we'll take a closer look at the christmas day forecast. i would mention if you head into the sierra, they have a winter weather advisory. so, it will be a popular
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destination for lots of the bay area. >> it's great to carry the chains with you if you're going to the sierra area. a fallen tree had blocked two lanes of interstate 580 near the park boulevard exit. the westbound direction caused that's in the area for four hours before the train was removed at 5 this morning. the crews had to get there and cut it down with chain saws before it could be removed. fortunately no one was injured when the tree came down. that was one i of my fears when something like that came down on the road. we won't get into my phobias. let's look at 580 north and southbound. it's okay. bay bridge toll plaza not really any traffic here. this commute is not really a commute, as many people have the day off.
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the campus had the week off. i haven't seen traffic all week and even part of last week. we cannot expect that to change. we'll see very little from this area until the new year. 6:03, let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. in the past few hours we found out about a deadly shooting by a police officer, it happened near where michael brown was shot and killed. the chief of police said the officer was responding to reports of stealing near a gas station. when the officer arrived he saw two men standing near the building. the police chief said one of the men raised a 9-millimeter handgun and pointed it at the officer. that's when he fired multiple times killing that person. according to reports, his mother was at the scene and has identified that man as 18-year- old antonio martin. the police chief said shortly after the shooting, about two to 300 people arrived at that gas station. take a look at the scene there.
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the police chief also says bricks were thrown at officers, three explosive devices were set off. one officer was injured trying to get away from that explosion and he is in the emergency room at this point. there's the explosion there. four people were arrested for assaulting officers and the police chief says officers did no, not deploy tear gas or use any flash grenades. the officer involved in the shooting has not been identified. the time is 6:05, happening now the sounds of christmas is starting to come from inside a popular restaurant from union square. alex savage is there, one of his favorite spots when he's not working. he's making sure that kids will get a christmas they won't soon forget. >> reporter: good morning to you from san francisco. the atmosphere is festive on this christmas eve. the cause is a worthy one,
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they're helping to collect toys for children in need here in fan. the kids are singing carols and boy do they sound fantastic. they're creating a wonderful atmosphere. and this is the last chance toy drive. let me spin around here as i move past my photographer, he'll spin around and show you. the goal is to collect 10,000 toys for children in need here in san francisco. volunteers will be outside throughout the day today and they'll have barrels like this one, they'll be asking people to come by and drop off an unwrapped toy and later on today, volunteers will be passing those toys out in various neighborhoods, and they'll head out to hunters point and they'll hand those toys out to children who might not otherwise have a gift to open on christmas. it's an important cause, that's why we have the police chief. >> good morning to you, chief, can we steal to you a quick session here. >> what would you like people
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to do, to do something good for christmas. >> if you missed the chance to give, you still have a chance, right? all these toys that will be given today, they'll be given out. they'll get the magic and at christmas. there's a reason we get up so early. we want to take every chance, every second of the season to hookup to little kids, it's all about the kids. >> we'll give them every opportunity, they're here until 11:00 at night. >> thank you. >> what a wonderful cause. >> will you see the miss chief. >> i am, i know the kids want you to join in. >> me too. >> they'll be here until 11:00 tonight. >> they're here until 11:00 tonight. the chief will point out to drop off an unwrapped toy for a child who deserves it in this community. >> we're waiting. >> we're listening for alex. >> much like the chief i'm still warming up as well. it's early in the morning, you
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have to it go the throat warm. >> it's not early for you, alex. >> we'll see, we'll see. >> alex reporting live from san francisco. a church in san francisco is preparing a christmas eve meal also. glide serves a prime rib lunch on to people who are living through tough times. the house of prime rib delivers 2200 pounds for the event. they expect to serve 3,000 prime rib meals today. they expect to feed that many tomorrow for a christmas turkey dinner. sony pictures will release the picture after all. it features the assassination of the leader of north korea. it led to the hacking scandal and a threat to theatres. they're now going to show the movie. >> i'm waiting for alex carol. this movie will be carried by a
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half dozen theatres. berkeley has honed their poster of "the interview" and the controversy has increased interest. there it is the controversy and the interest in the movie. these two actors are journalists called upon to assasinate the leader of north korea. a hack against sony and it led to sony pictures to postpone the release of the film. the production company has had a change of heart. many call it a release and a victory for free speech. many want it see what it's all about. >> is that a movie that you would have seen? >> maybe not. i'm going to see what it's all about because of the controversy. >> he wrote the people have
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spoken, freedom has prevailed. sony didn't give up. we want to know if you plan to see the movie, going to the movie theatres on christmas day is a tradition for many people and many production companies release their big movies on christmas, so pam, brian, any interest in checking out "the interview." >> it's very interesting, i'm mixed. >> whether it would be a good movie or not, it's nothing to with the controversy. >> it's free speech, at what cost, it's an interesting debate. 6:10 is the time right now. we have compiled a list of bay area theatres showing "the interview." you can go to our website ktvu you can look at the camp called the jungle, it's a homeless camp and hundreds of people were evicted from the
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homeless camp near storey road. they've evicted people from other camps since the jungle close the. it's been a constant battle with 5,000 homeless people in san jose looking for a place it sleep. time,000 is 6:10 and the police protests continue in new york. the latest demonstration coming up in the next half-hour and what others are doing to show their support for law enforcement. >> trouble for last minute fliers this christmas where travellers will be most effected for a big storm. >> even though it may not be tough on the roads we're looking at bay area airports find out why weather could delay flights into one particular airport. >> you can see that camera, the fog making an impact out there. we have a lot to talk about, the weather changes for today, scattered showers and we'll break it all down coming up after the break.
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. welcome back everybody. the time is 6:14, a widow of an antioch barber is suing the city for ex sieve force for her husband being killed in 2012. this video shows her late husband was not a threat to officers. you can see gonzalez walking towards the garage door with a gun in his hand.
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he is seen waving his arms returning to the garage before being shot by officers. >> they give this few a death penalty in a unjustifiable way. it was not -- they overreacted, the thing was mishandled. >> if you break down that video frame by frame you can see when he turns to get away from the police who he, now, sees outside of his house, he turns and points the gun like that at the police as he's turning. well, the district attorney's office shows determines that the police were justified in the defense. tornadoes killed four people in mississippi yesterday including two people at a mobile home park. mississippi governor has declared a state of emergency in two counties and thousands of people are without power this morning. twisters touched down in louisiana and georgia and a half a foot of rain fell in the
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tallahassee area overnight. at bay area airports there are no delays, if you're headed back east and pucking up someone from the east coast there could be delays later today. storms along the atlanta seaboard caused 400 flights to be cancelled yesterday afternoon. this will have a ripple affect across the bay area and across the country. before we head to sal, and how things are going in the bay area we want to check on a traveler this morning. traffic for santa. this is a live look at santa's journey thanks to santa's tracker, you can see on the left-hand side of the screen, those are the number of gifts that have been delivered, a distance from us, oakland california. >> 9,000 kilometers. >> you translate that. >> i could never remember that. he's been busy this morning. it's so exciting that he's already out on his way, just
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left korea on his way to russia, more than 9 million gifts have been delivered to parts of the world. we'll keep an eye on santa and hopefully he doesn't run no traffic in the bay area. >> we're on santa watch this afternoon. time is 6:17, sal is taking care of the traffic problems. any problems out there? >> we don't have any hawaii out there. we're watching the san jose airport and i want to show you something here. this is a line of people going to hawaii on hawaiian airlines for christmas. one of the people -- and look there's a lady there with a flower in her hair. she is fixing it. they're excited to be getting on a plane. there are no significant delays reported at san jose airport. park something available and no
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delays at oakland and no significant delays at san francisco airport. that may change because the flights don't get delayed until later in the morning. today will be a lightly traveled day. most people according to our analysts traveled yesterday and they'll come back close to the new year. here you can see traffic is not bad as you drive through. the traffic continues to look good through there. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, standing in our stand by and there's not a lot going at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. usually we would have a big crowd but not right now. the morning's commute is doing okay on the freeway, from the mcarthur place and it's looking good. it's going to stay with us? >> 8 or 9:00 sal, that's the best feeling when you are going
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to the airport and a hawaii flight. >> marty relax. >> time to plan the next hawaii trip. the travel forecast for today, you heard about the weather across the eastern third of the country, you can't pick out the active weather. the wide band of rainfall, there's a weak frontal system moving into california. this will travel into the bay area. it's moving from the north to the south. the current visibility is down about a quarter of a mile in fairfield. napa half mile and oakland airport 3/4 of a mile. the fog is doing its thing around the bay. that will impact your visibility. current numbers are in the 40s to around 50 degrees. san jose 46, santa rosa 47, downtown, 56, with the frontal system moving in behind it, the winds will pick up and by tonight, later on tonight you'll see the winds dusting to
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31 miles an hour, and 29 in san jose. the winds are light, but that will be changing later on today. higher pressure warming us up over the past couple of days. we have low 70s in parts of the bay area yesterday. the frontal system moves in. clouds and showers, we'll show you gusty winds increasing later on this afternoon and into tonight. here's the forecast model, it's focused in the northern half of the bay area. it's moving to the south by 3:00 this afternoon. the time frame as we head into the evening hours by 8:00, we should have mostly clear skies that set the stage for padre christmas day. we have a winter weather advisory so the rainfall we have in the area will be a snow producer up in the sierra and snow levels coming down to 5500 feet. we'll have chain controls for 80 and 50. these numbers are coming down a good five to ten degrees from
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yesterday's readings. half moon bay and san mateo 62 degrees. we are expecting a bit after breeze, with temperatures on the cool side, 7:00 in the lower 40s, 12:00 mid-50s, the afternoon readings upper 57, we'll have a 5 day forecast, a few rain drops quickly moving in from north to south and the winds pick up as well. it will be windy later on tonight and into thursday, still breezy out there for christmas day and no major storms to talk about as you can see the five-day forecast a few extra clouds for saturday. that's about it. we've been conditioned with one storm moving in and another storm moving into the region and that's about it, a few showers for today. we'll have to keep an eye on the wind speeds especially for santa. >> and the weather in the south and florida, that could affect people who are traveling as well. >> for sure, that's a big area
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of rain band and the hubs out in chicago as well. we're expecting significant rainfall. the u.s. postal service delivered 28 million packages on monday. that's 10% it delivered during the busiest day during the 2013 season. the likely reason is more people are shopping online and the postal service delivers to every address in the country. they added sunday, i've seen them driving around when they don't normally drive around. the time is 6:22 on this christmas eve. new details about the road rage incident caught on tape. and what we learned about the suspect and who she reportedly pretended to be. >> this is a favorite holiday drink for many. eggnog landed one man in the hospital. female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models!
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. welcome back everybody, time now is 6:25, we know today is christmas eve, what you
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didn't know, it's an unofficial and lesser and known holiday. it's national eggnog day. it's not known when it was created and who created it. ryan was on his way out of the party when a co-worker challenged him to a eggnog chugging contest. he downed a quart of eggnog, but it turned into panic. >> i was shaking uncontrollably, i couldn't control my body, i was nauseous and my breathing became a pant. >> well, he was rushed to the hospital where doctors say he was essentially dry drowning. after 24 hours of intensive care he went home feeling fine. >> one nativity scene is drawing big holiday crowds into san francisco's north beach
6:27 am
neighborhood. >> hashing the herald angels sing, glory to the new born king. >> it's a reenactment with real people and real animals. people are paying a visit -- a visit to the church and many say it's a reminder of the true meaning of christmas. >> it's what it's all about. >> it's such a surprise. we're on the way to a dinner and it's just so great to see this. >> i'm so glad we caught it. >> the san francisco supervisor put the nativity scene together. she plans to turn this area into a multi-million-dollar shopping center. >> the scene in bethlehem early this morning as the sun rows over the historic city in the west bank, thousands of christians around the world will visit bethlehem during
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this christmas holiday. well, christmas is here in the bay area almost, and people are making sure children have a happy holiday. we're live and we'll have more from the big annual toy drive coming up. >> we searched high and low for the homes with the most spectacular holiday display. coming up we're going to take you to the winner of ktvu's all decked out competition. >> we continue to track santa this christmas eve. he's dropping off gifts and he's coming close to urkisk russia. shower chances as well. we'll have the forecast coming up after the break.
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>> christmas time is here [ singing ] >> happiness and cheer. >> good morning everybody. the time is 6:30 on the dot and we're live once again. kids were singing moments ago, but it's the annual toy drive. their goal is 10,000 toys. drop off an unwrapped toy. alex savage is there, i'm determined to get him to sing this morning. we'll see what happens when he gives as you live report this morning. >> it's wednesday december 24th. i'm in for dave clark. >> i'm brian flores. >> 6:31 is the time i'm pam cook. mark is in for steve. it's a nice christmas eve forecast. >> there are changes out there.
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it's amazing, 6:31, there's action during that lifetime. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> a lot of great spirits out there. watch out for dense fog out there. the balmy conditions we had near 70 degrees. look at the temperatures from yesterday. upper 60s to 70s, oakland 71. everybody is coming down a good seven to ten degrees across the region. we get the idea where we'll cool things quite a bit. the cloud is up into northern california and a few clouds into the bay area. the fog is doing its thing reforming around the bay, you can't see visibility into california and fairfield. mountain view is approaching san jose, we have visibilities coming down to a quarter of a mile as well. as far as current numbers out there, outdated for the 6:00 hour. san jose in the upper 40s and livermore checking in and 47 degrees. areas of fog and into the
6:33 am
afternoon hours, more clouds and shower chances developing in the north bay by early afternoon, gradually spreading to the south. the temperature range 67 to 62 degrees. it will be cooler with gusty winds push nothing the region. once the front moves in, winds are picking up out of the northwest with the winds around 25 to 35 miles per hour increasing for tonight. we'll look at your christmas day forecast in a few minutes. we have an update on the roadways and the fog is doing its thing moving around the bay. it could be a factor in the short term. >> we just found out that san francisco airport has an hour of incoming and outgoing delays that they're expecting soon here for flights into sfo, no delays reported at oakland and san jose. usually that's the case, the airports are not as foggy. let's did out and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza,
6:34 am
it's not like a ghost town yet. it may be later on. not a lot of traffic coming into the city. most people have the day off. my goodness. let's go to the san mateo bridge westbound as you come up to the san mateo bridge. we've been talking about the fog headed out to the high rise. i see flashing lights out, i'm not sure if that's a stalled car, but there are flashing lights, so be careful in the dense fog. traffic is looking god. the fog is going to be an issue as we look back. the traffic isn't anywhere in the east bay at this moment. 6:34 let's go to the desk. a popular restaurant in san francisco is back in the spirit. a large crowd is singing and collecting toys for the bay
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area. alex savage went to the restaurant to find out about the singers and the collection of toys. >> they're doing a classic, my girl. these are kids from all over san francisco and boy do they sound fantastic. we also have on the left-hand side, you can see the police chief who is here, the fire chief, and right here you may see the former mayor willie brown and they're having a fun time. last chance toy drive. the goal is to collect 10,000 toys on christmas eve. that's what they're trying to take in today from generous people in this community and all these toys that are collected today will go to various groups around san francisco and make sure the kids have a brought christmas. one of the groups that benefits is mo magic and i want to bring you in here. who are you going to give those
6:36 am
toys here today? >> we'll be giving toys to some of the public housing developments, we'll get two or three of those. we'll work with some of the programs that i've worked with the kids. >> these are kids that might otherwise wake up on christmas and not have anything under the tree? >> right. and it's great the places are really committed to making sure every kid feels special on christmas day and wakes up with an experience of joy on the holiday season. >> people are rushing around. >> it will be a busty area on union square. what would you like them to think about? >> think about the kids that will wake up tomorrow morning and not know how great it could be to experience christmas or the holiday season. take a moment and pick out something for a kid that wants to feel special. >> thank you, and we appreciate all the work that you do. again, they go throughout the
6:37 am
day today. they have a curbside donation, they're going to be filling up as many of these barrels as you can today. they'll walk up and dry up. they'll take your unwrapped toy whenever you want to drop it off today at 11:00 tonight. let's show you some of the cool toys that they'll get that. that is a cool. that's a buster posey. >> look at that. >> i know. that is fantastic. >> look at that. >> i know, i know. i was moving it around earlier and someone said what are you doing with that. >> i'm still waiting, we're waiting. >> you know. >> now, the music has ended. >> i was bobbing along to my girl, you know. that's my song. >> they're taking a break right now. they're taking a break, you know, i can't sing right now. we're trying to figure out the next song. >> all right. >> next time? >> all right.
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you're off the hook now, but go to the restaurant this morning and they've been doing it for 14 years. if you have time today until 11:00 tonight, donate a toy. >> it's great to see the people out there. the curtains will go up after all for the controversial film "the interview." the movie had been pulled after a cyber attack on sony pictures. this is one of the few theatres that will screen the area. have they talked about security. >> reporter: well, our crews were in san jose talking to a theatre owner and san jose police are aware of the movie being played there and have not stepped up security because of it. we're here at the elm wood theatre in berkeley and they have their poster for "the interview" hanging on the wall. the controversy has increased interest. >> they want to do an interview
6:39 am
with skylark. >> the premise of the movie leading to the controversy actors seth rogan and franco are two journalists who are asked to carry out an assassination of the korean leader. now, following criticism from the president and hollywood, the production company has a change of heart and will release it christmas day. many call it a victory of free speech and others question why the movie was made in the ifers place and they don't plan to see it? >> you are making fun of someone. i'm not going to risk it personally. >> the actor tweeted following the announcementment. the people has spoken, freedom has prevailed. sony didn't give up. and, of course, we'll hear more people's opinions once the
6:40 am
movie airs but here's a review in the chronical. we come out here live, the movie review, a little funny, a little stupid, like the scandal. so, of course, the box office will also be a test for this christmas day movie. it is a limited release. only independent theatres across the country, about a half dozen as they said here in the bay area. pam, brian? >> thank you, it's going to be interesting to see what happens. >> 6:40 is the time right now, we have a list of the bay area theatres showing the interview, you can find that list by going to the website you can see who is decked out for the holidays and we asked you to nominate your favorite places. and we're live at the home that received the most votes. tara. >> this is one of the most
6:41 am
marvelously lit home. they have the old-fashioned lights and this merry-go-round was built 60 years ago here in vallejo. you can see this path how beautiful it is. it may not be the most biggest and elaborately lit home, but our viewers voted this because of the touching story behind it. it's on glenn cove road. it was a landslide victory compared to the other homes in the competition. we had thousands of people across the bay area who they voted for their favorite home and we would like to congratulate you as the winners for your all decked out. you guys get bragging rights. >> thank you. thank you, wow. >> bob and linda taylor spent
6:42 am
three months setting up the holiday decorations. it was done with incredible heart. their daughter debbie died in a plane crash. her favorite holiday was christmas. in honor of her they decided to deck their home and it started small and grew each year. >> this is 15 years later and this is what we've done. i want this to be big enough and bright enough so she can see it from heaven. >> the father is a cancer survivor and electrician. but, his electric bill was $3,000 and he switched to l.e.d. lights and knocked $1,000 off that bill. we will have reaction from around here. they stop every year that they've been coming for years and years and years. one girl said she came here
6:43 am
growing up and she brings her kids, it's absolutely great and we'll show you all the details and things that are going on here coming up in an hour. live from vallejo, back to you. >> live reaction, the story of the house, we're trying to hold back tears. >> it's very sweet. >> 6:43 is the time. it's a rough start at one bay's busy airport. the collision between a southwest airline plane and an american airlines jet. >> another deadly police shooting a few miles from ferguson, missouri and what led up to it and the chaos that followed.
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6:46 am
. welcome back, new this morning multiple police officers were injured after a protest after a deadly police officer shooting in missouri. this happened where michael brown was shot and killed. in a news conference about an hour ago the st. louis county chief of police said the officer was responding to reports of stealing near a gas station. when that officer arrived he saw two men standing near the building, one of those men raised a gun and pointed it at the officer that's when the officer fired multiple times killing that man.
6:47 am
the mother was at the scene and has identified the man as antonio martin. hundreds of people showed up and clashed with police officers after the shooting. >> i understand the sentiment and the young people are looking for something, but we have to understand the context of what happens down there with these kinds of situations. >> police are looking for the second person that was standing by the building before the shooting, he's being called a person of interest. the police chief said things become violent when the crowd arrived at the gas station. look at the number of people who showed up. bricks were thrown at officers and three explosive devices were set off and one officer was injured trying to get away from that explosion and four people were arrested for assaulting officers. they did not set off tear gas or flash bang grenade.
6:48 am
despite requests from the mayor, protests continued in new york city. they chanted slogans against police officers. they asked for them to stop until the two officers funerals were held. this is at a concert on monday night. he told the crowd that he was showing solidarity for his brothers in the nypd and those who protect and serve every day. we'll have more and light bay area commute. first, i want to check in with the man in the red suit. the trial that he's awaiting for. his name is santa, santa claus, thanks to google santa tracker, he's been very busy for the past now hours making his way around asia right now, just a
6:49 am
few seconds ago he just left beijing and as you can see about 9, 500 kilometer, how many miles is that? go pam. >> you're supposed to do that for me. >> we're not going to that. he's very fast, you can see the counter of the amount of gifts delivered. >> runners know this, kilometer and miles, traffic guys know this. >> really quick. >> i'm sorry i was listening to the scanner which is exactly -- >> likely excuse. >> i told my wife many times, i'm sorry honey i was looking for the scanner. >> whatever works. >> i want it mention this are about an hour delay reported at san francisco airports that's because of the dense fog that mark and i have been talking about. it will be an issue in the in oakland or san jose but at the san francisco airport down
6:50 am
there. at the bay bridge it's not bad out there. people are taking a day off. let's look at the traffic. this is looking gad. east bay, as we look at 24, 680, 880, it's looking good. let's go to mark. >> we did a quick conversion from kilometers to miles and that was 5500 miles. >> you're good. >> that's good. >> thank goodness mark is here. >> with the help of myographical clarity. >> for today, we don't have to do conversion for the forecast, we have lots of clouds out there, dense fog, it's moving around the bay. it will impact your visibility, here's the live storm tracker 2. current visibility reports are down to a quarter of a mile in fairfield, santa rosa oakland airport and san jose
6:51 am
extremely low there, down to close to 0, and mountain view about a half-hour. the fog is doing its thing. it will impact your visibility. winds will pick up later on tonight especially by tonight. the winds right now are calm but once this frontal system moves through and it will move through later on this afternoon, the wind speed is picking up as we head towards the evening hours. current numbers showing you 50s, and santa rosa 46 and livermore in the upper 40s, and we'll be talking about this fine the last couple of days. this is weakening as the frontal system moves into northern california. clouds and rain showers moving into the bay area this afternoon. and behind this front, winds kick up out of the northwest from 25 to 35 miles per hour, there's a chance that they may issue. here's the forecast model. 1:00 this afternoon, rain showers are moving in. it gives you a good idea how
6:52 am
strong those winds are, look what happens, the rain moving quickly to the south. it gives you an idea how strong it is. this will set the stage for a dry christmas day. if you're heading to the mountains we're expecting more snow. a winter weather advisory kicking in. snowfall forecast 5 to 10 inches. we brought the snow level down to 4500 feet. we'll have chance of 80 and 50. no more 70s, upper 50s to lower 60s. san jose 61. here's the christmas day forecast, looking good for tomorrow, but the winds will stick around. temperatures only in the 50s for the afternoon highs. they'll look ahead. your five-day forecast cooling off into your christmas forecast and we'll bump up those numbers from friday into
6:53 am
the weekend, no major storms to talk about, the biggest concern right now is the fog, really impacting the visibility out there. >> it's been thick out there. >> especially in the santa clara valley. they tend to get trapped in the valleys. it's out there right now. >> thanks for the conversion. >> after a dominating win after the sacramento kings, the lawyers could not catch up with the lakers. the lakers beat the warriors, 115, 105 last night. it was the first also of the season of the under 15 record. they look to buns back tomorrow when they play the l.a. clippers on prime time christmas day. >> it will be fine. >> i think so. are you still waiting for packages to be delivered today? coming up in 20 machines, the new record set by the u.s. postal service this week. some people pulled over in one small town drove away with
6:54 am
smiles and christmas cheer.
6:55 am
6:56 am
. welcome back everybody, we're learning more about the woman arrested in the road rage incident interstate 80. >> she's pushing it off the road. she's coming for us. >> 50-year-old dierdre is accused of running people off
6:57 am
the road. it happened saturday afternoon between auburn and colfax. she was tailgating them, they claim, she got out and said she was a sheriff and that they were going to jail. >> people in the car called police who met them at a nearby exit and they later arrested her. george h. w. bush, the former president, was hospitalized. he was suffering shortness of breath, doctors say it was a precaution, but it's starting for police sirens. >> it's for people starting for a good time your day. >> we're stopping people wishing a happy holiday.
6:58 am
>> did you have a fifth. >> do you think i have a gift. >> this was made in doylestown ohio as they randomly picked vehicles to give drivers $100. and they varied from speechless to tearful to plain stunned. >> coming up ahead, it's a great time, it's the best search for the holiday lights and the undisputed winner. >> they do about space for a christmas day release. >> they'll be showing "the interview" tomorrow. stays. stay with us.
6:59 am
7:00 am
a controversial film and the hacking scandal. but that won't stop the release of "the interview". i will tell you where you can catch the movie. the investigation is underway into another deadly police shooting. it happened just two miles from ferguson, missouri. i'm watching bay area roads and most importantly keeping a close eye on jolly st. nick's commute as santa begins his


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