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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 24, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon the lgb community shutting down intersections. what does it mean for holiday travel and how long the weather will last. the interview is available to the public. the action the fbi is taking. good afternoon. i am david steven son.
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a hawaiian airlining jet has been diverted for mechanical problems. airport officials say the boeing 767 took off from sacramento airport headed for honolulu. the plane should be headed back to hawaii soon. we are learning it just landed safely. protestors marched through san francisco this morning calling for an end to police violence. they marched with black lives matter as their message. there were more than 100 demonstrators from the lesbian,
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gay and transgender society. they held a moment of silence for minorities. >> it is imperative we all unite and take a stand against police brutality. >> the deaths of michael brown in ferguson, missouri and eric garner are the spark of the protest. an open letter calling for constructionive dialogue over minorities and police officers, protests have evolved from an expression of abuse to violence. another fire storm in the
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late. rick leventhal say the suspect was armed. >> there are no winners here. >> another fatal police shooting sparking clashes. a gas station in berkeley, two men confronted him and one was armed. >> he produced a pistol pointed at the officer. >> the officer fired at 18-year- old antonio martin killing him at the scene. a large crowd gathered. they were throwing bricks and rocks and explosives at gas pumps. police made several arrests. >> you couldn't compare this with ferguson or the gardner case in new york. we have police responding to a
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call, protecting the residents of the city of berkeley. >> it took hours before she learned what happened to her son. >> i just want to see my baby. >> suspects had been arrested several times before and are still looking for the second subject. this new york, fox news. weather delays at bay area airports. passenger arrivals may be delayed 2 hours due to low ceilings. sfo is ensuring passenger safety. it will last until 5:00 p.m. minor delays in san jose.
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no major delays now. oakland is also okay. whether you are flying out or picking someone up, you are advised to call ahead. when can we expect it to move out? >> reporter: a few scattered showers. the frontal boundary will move in the next few hours. all the clouds over us, the dense fog is beginning to lift. toward mendocino and humboldt county, you can still see scattered rain showers. upper parts of sonoma county and santa rosa over the next 1- 2 hours. it will happen by 1:00, a rain
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line moving sweeping across the south bay. behind this system we have gusty winds developing. we will talk about the windses windses and a christmas day forecast coming up. a festive push to collect toys for kids who may not get a visit from santa tomorrow. >> i want to wish you a merry christmas. >> former mayor and police chief were on hand. they were lending their support for the annual toy drive. it was under way at 5:00 this morning. charities donated gifts to under served children. they wanted to collect 10,000 toys. >> take a moment and pick out
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something special for a kid. >> we want to take a chance to hook up the little kids. >> people are invited to drop off new, unwrapped toys. the 13th annual event goes through 11:00 toapt. 11:00 tonight. look at glide memorial church. the house of prime rib donated 2200 pounds of meet. the church expects to serve 3,000 people and that many tomorrow with a christmas turkey dinner. the movie about an assassination plot about killing north korea, hundreds of theaters will show the film tomorrow. >> you want us to assassinate
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the leader of north korea? >> the movie will be released. now the interview is available for rent or purchase on youtube and other platforms a day ahead of its initial release. >> how manny many times will it take? >> the scandal over e-mails and threats against the movie's release and some some case drummed up interest. >> is it a movie you typically would have seen? >> maybe not but i will because of the publicity. >> president obama, hollywood
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convinced them to make it available. they hung movie posters. >> that many theaters are doing it. we are glad to be part of a movement who is supporting sony and the production and the distribution of the film. >> they wanted to run it to field officers. there are no credible threats. >> it is no more dangerous to cross the street. >> they will either hang their copy of the movie of the interview. for a listing go to >> a san jose fire station was shut down because of a hold problem. experts were conducting air
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tests. fire officials say in an effort to make sure the neighborhood is covered they will be positions in the parking lot during peak hours. drivers are warned to obey the rules of the road. they held a dui check point. it wasn't to arrest drivers but to make sure they drive careful. it runs through midnight sunday into monday. coming up newly released dash cam video of a shoot out between a parolee and a police officer in gold country. fedex and ups are swamped. we will tell you what it means if you made last minute orders.
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former president george h.w. bush went to the hospital after experiencing shortness of breath. he was admitted out of precaution. he spent two months at the hospital where he was treated
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for bronchitis. his son sent good wishes to him and his family. a shoot out in gold country caught on camera. >> reporter: 29-year-old bruce snyder is driving the blue car. there was a call that he was waving a gun. he is a former prisoner out on parole. he comes out of his car firing rounds at sonora police men. webb returns fire. this is a shoot out on a saturday night on tavern row
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with multiple pedestrians. he gets back in his car and takes off. officer webb has been shot in the hip. he is after the suspect. no one knows why snyder was doing this. there were too many bullets. >> it was his intention to hurt, kill law enforcement or anyone else geting in his way. >> once snyder rolled out of downtown snyder more agencies were tracking him. he did a 3-mile loop and back to the first spot. again, exiting his car and firing. this is where it ended for
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bruce snyder. officers were pointing guns at him. 12 minutes after the call came in he is dead at 10:25 p.m. all agencies acted appropriately against a man who had no desire to go back to prison. >> the officer was shot in his duty belt. a woman was shot as well. both will survive. the department is reviewing the case. san jose police looking for a man who tried to sexually assault a woman walking down the street. the incident happened on east
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san fernando street. the suspect was latino with a tall, thin build and mustache with a white 4-door sedan with silver grill. >> reporter: in weather the big story this morning is dense fog. it is beginning to lift. mostly cloudy skies, few scattered showers. we will have more rainfall in the forecast. here on live storm tracker 2 the rain has been heavy at times. we had one rain band in sonoma county. also a few scattered showers and a little activity.
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you get the idea the atmosphere will moisten up. rain chances will go up. as you can see with the wind  speed, the winds you will notice an increase. a bit of a breeze toward santa rosa. nothing too major. winds can be around 22-30 miles an hour. thetemperatures in the 50s. half moon bay at 59. wind speeds by mid night gusting. northwest at 29. a bit of a breeze as we head into christmas day. rain showers develop from the north and the south.
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gusty winds, this is a very fast moving frontal system. here is the projects with the rainfall. 2:00 this afternoon. it is moving to the south. by 3:00 the clearing skies, we have gusty winds increases. christmas will be dry across the region. the overall weather pattern moving out of town. the cold front is responsible for the rain showers and snow showers. the sierras have a winter advisory. 5 to 10 inches expected. san jose 61. half moon bay 60. the christmas forecast fair skies, breeze, cooler than today. lots of 50s.
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breezy christmas day and quiet week end. temperatures near 60. >> not bad for christmas. >> right. >> thanks. if you haven't gotten your christmas tree yet, there is a good deal. delancy street is giving away trees. some say it is a tradition to get it tree on christmas eve. they are accepting donations. thousands of people are flocking to a bay area home to see an incredible slide show. we will show you what goes into the display and why they took sorry turning it into happiness.
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a short day for wall street. the dow closed at 1830. the nasdaq ended at 3700 points. fedex and ups have limited deliveries. they asked companies to scale
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back to avoid delays. we have scoured the area to see who is decked out for the holidays. one home in vallejo won with 4500 lights. it was the story behind the lights tugging at heart strings. >> we had thousands of people across the bay area who voted for their favorite home. we want to congratulate you as winners. >> thank you, thank you. wow. >> they got top honors for their light lights. they want to check out the best lights. >> it is amazing. >> we have never counted the
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lights. we just that thousands. >> in 1999 bob's daughter dieed in a plane crash. they decided to deck out their home. >> this is 15 years later and you see what we have done. i tell everybody i want this to be big enough she can see it from heaven. >> more sparkle and shine were added. >> santa and mrs. claus greet the children. >> we gave out 16,000 candy canes. >> it is a good experience. >> if you wonder how much it costs them to put on the display, last december it was $3,000. thanks to led lights they were able to knock off a thousand
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dollars. >> i have been coming here to look the last 5 years. i heard about the story, they deserve it. >> bob is a retired electrician. >> we turned our sorrow into happiness. for them to acknowledge us is wonderful. thank you. we love it. >> and we are also tracking santa. take a look. it appears he will be in south sudan in 38 seconds. norad has tracked him for 50 years. it began in 1955 when they misprinted the phone number for
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santa. we want to thank you for making ktvu your choice. follow us on twitter and facebook. have a good day.
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