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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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people in pretraro home. cell phone video from neighbors capture the intensity of the fire and the fast moving wind driven flames. >> it was like a blessing that it didn't get to our house because it could have easily gotten in to all these houses. >> reporter: the pre-1900 victorian is a total loss. the home next door is heavily damaged. firefighters believe the fire started in between the two. >> buildings like these they're attached. many of them wood frames. you can light up the whole block. >> reporter: keeping the flames contained was the challenge. firefighters had to get creative using ladders and rooftops to get to the flames. >> it was just our job. every once in a while they push the envelope and this morning they definitely did. >> reporter: no one was injured and two cats were saved. >> seems like a great neighborhood. neighbors helped neighbors. a couple people took the cats. a couple people notified residents out of town that their home was on fire. >> reporter: all but one family
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who lived in these homes were gone for the holiday. >> when they come back they're not going to have anything. basically what they took with them is what they're going to come back with. >> reporter: this christmas morning the best gift was that no one died or was injured in this fire. most of what burned can be replaced. but in the charred remains a firefighter emerged with a wrapped bundle. two more cats found in an upstairs unit. their heartbroken owner was in sacramento for christmas. she said she wished she'd been home to save them. >> because the fire started between the two homes fire investigators are going to be looking at electrical problems as a possible call. it was also a difficult christmas for a san jose family of four who had to find a new place to live after a fire in their home. it started about 8 a.m. in a multi-unit building at the end of palm grove court. crews had it under control in
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about an hour. flames heavily damaged the family's apartment and caused some damage in two other units. one person suffered minor injuries but refused treatment. the fire department says candles may have started the fire. in vallejo crews responded to a two-alarm fire overnight. fire started just after 2 a.m. flames fully engulfed a commercial building at azure and g streets. there are no damage estimates yet. the cause that -- has not been determined but investigators suspect a homeless person was responsible for setting the fire. moviegoers are lining up across the bay area to watch sony pictures' controversial film "the interview." this after the studios backtrack from its original decision to pull the film. in san jose the independent movie theater is one of roughly 200 movie theaters in the u.s. showing the movie. the first person said he got there around 11:00 in the morning.
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the afternoon showings were sold out. the movie ignited an international firestorm for its fictional plot to kill the leader of north korea. one woman got emotional telling us she believes the release of the film is a victory for creative expression and she recommends everyone go see it. >> not because it's a phenomenal movie but the ability to see it. i don't want anybody telling me what i see what i can read. >> others told us the film was hilarious and some said it was too much. moviegoers also said they felt safe after seeing the movie. the theater permitted people from bringing large bags inside. we also saw san jose police officer inspect a movie house and exits prior to the movie's showing. you'll find a list of bay area showings of "the interview" on click on the new story about the movie controversy. millions of people were
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blocked from getting online and playing their video game consoles today. x box live and playstation network have been off line much of christmas day and it appears to be the work of hackers. the same group previously claimed credit for august attacks on other online network games. hundreds of churches across the bay area opened their doors for christmas. but for one san jose church destroyed by a fire, the holiday was different from years passed. for the first time in a century the christmas mass was held in a bingo hall. it's now their place of worship since a fire ripped through the sanctuary last month. >> we went through all these emotions all this grieving about losing our church. and christmas seems a time of joy. so we let the people know it's
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okay to rejoice, to be happy. >> some of the statues saved from the fire were on display today. the diocese of san jose is currently coming up with plans and figuring out the cost to rebuild the church. the blaze started near the organ in the choir loft. in san francisco hundreds of people gathered at glide memorial church for its annual holiday service. music filled the church this morning on christmas day. the celebration was packed with people from all over the bay area, taking the time to give thanks and reflect. over the years the service has become a tradition in the tenderloins. it wouldn't be christmas without a meal in glide memorial's dining hall. between breakfast and lunch 5,000 people received a home cooked meal. hundreds of volunteers prepared the food for people needing extra help this holiday. one volunteer tells us this is their 30th year serving others. >> it's important for those who come to volunteer to get a
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chance to feel giving and the real christmas spirit as well as it is for all the people who need this. >> glide will continue holiday giveing through the end of the month. on sunday stanford football players will serve free meals in the dining hall. a granite bay couple's gift to each other will be featured on a network cell vision -- television show tomorrow. their over the top tree top led to a home among the tree tops. >> reporter: climb in to the tree tops and in to luxury. in this treehouse complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and stunning vineyard views. >> we wanted a nice sitting area inside, watch and have company and great deck so we could enjoy the view of our vineyard. >> reporter: what started as childhood reminiscing ended with a home away from home for pat and mike splinter. >> as we were watching tv one
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night, pat's watching treehouse masters and i was reminiscing wouldn't it be great to have a treehouse? that's kind of how it all started. >> a tear came to his eye. >> reporter: an imal plnt's treehouse masters took on a holiday themed episode which will highlight the holiday tradition of making candy. >> he came up with this pln plan and it was i'll give you a kitchen for your candy. >> reporter: views over the vineyard and a loft is just steps away for a nap on a limb. the whole project built while the splinters were gone. >> we knew what the plnz -- plans looked like but plans and reality are often different. >> reporter: one hisground -- his grand kids have made their
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own. >> play chess. i usually like to play with grandpa. >> reporter: the episode of treehouse masters documents the design build, and reveal. the and splinters know wright where they'll watch it. >> i think we're going to be watching right here in the treehouse. >> that's quite a house. >> it is. it's really cool inside. >> they could rent that out to somebody if they wanted. coming up, a christmas gift snatched right off their porch. we'll tell you what was inside and show you the video a bay area family hopes will lead to an arrest. >> a home for the homeless. christmas day incident dinner incident -- dinner for these teens with nowhere else to go. >> get ready for much cooler weather. coming up, the neighborhoods that will be in the lower 30s first thing tomorrow morning. >> take a look at this. there was a special send-off this week for mr. christmas. bruce has been decorating his home in holiday nights for more than 30
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years in the east bay. he can't stand very well anymore. this is his last year decorating. this week the community gathered outside his home to thank him for the decades of holiday cheer.
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a san jose family had one less gift under the christmas tree today after they say a thief stole a package under their front porch. it happened in the evergreen neighborhood in san jose. home cameras captured the mailman dropping off the package, which was a gift for his 12-year-old daughter. 35 minutes later a man goes to the door and snatches the box. the thief drives off. he and his wife say it's not about losing the items in their package but having to tell their daughter her gift was stolen.
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>> everything was going very well. this is it. and just heart broken that some people take it away from us. >> their daughter joked the sweatshirt likely won't fit the thief. they hope somebody will recognize the man in the video. homeless teens around san francisco enjoyed a hot meal today thanks to market street youth services. one young man went from homeless to having a home right before christmas. >> reporter: ham vegetables, casserole, and pie. >> it was delicious. >> reporter: a christmas meal for close to 100 homeless young adults all thanks to larkin street youth services. >> it's just extremely hard to continue to try and contribute to society when you feel like extremely beaten, you carry stuff all day. you end up being really exhausted by the time you
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needed to sleep. >> reporter: a couple weeks ago 20-year-old cameron dunn was homeless. cameron was one of the first to get a home at the transitional living program. >> this is my dresser and my bed. >> reporter: eventually 15 formerly homeless young adults will call this home. >> i've been given an amazing opportunity. >> reporter: in the meantime many more received gifts this meal, and a place to kick back and temporarily forget their troubles. >> if your cards aren't right from the start and you're kicked when you're down from an extremely young edge, this is like a time when we need to be nurtured and supported. it's really easy to lose your way. >> reporter: for larkin street youth services, delivered the feeling he wanted most this holiday. >> pure safety. it's been difficult to feel like you don't have to sleep with one eye open
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every night. i slept like a baby my first night here. i haven't slept so well in three years. >> at the salvation army in san francisco, volunteers spent their morning serving up comfort in the kitchen. they arrived bright and early to pack 4,000 meals for people in the community who are unable to leave their homes. dozens of people boxed up ham veggies and sweet potatoes to deliver meals. 500 volunteers dropped off those meals at homes across the city. more than 24 hours of hard work is paying off today. thousands of san francisco children have a reason to smile this christmas. thanks to an annual toy drive at a union square landmark. the elves that left the odool started collecting toys at 5 a.m. yesterday morning. the goal was to collect 10,000 toys. by last call the grand total was 15,000 toys. that's the most toys they've ever collected. so far 12,000 toys have been distributed throughout the city.
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>> that seems pretty nice. a lot of kids making their christmas special with people donating like that. >> people donating one right after the other. it was nonstop and good to see. >> it was a beautiful christmas day too because of the weather. >> bit of a drop-off in temperatures. the clouds cleared out of the bay area. kind of felt like our version of the north pole. get ready. we're going to have colder temperatures in the forecast as well over the next couple mornings. we're talking about patchy frost. as far as the latest on live storm tracker 2 we are in the clear. if you like clouds offshore, there's the northerly flow developing. that's responsible for the cooler air pushing in to northern california. that's the overall weather pattern. no raindrops to talk about here in northern california. as far as the wind speeds, they're really up today. in fact picked up yesterday and this morning. wind speeds backing off quite a bit. fairfield winds gusting to 20 miles per hour. livermore winds sustained at 16. gusting to 25. so that's not a
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completely calm wind just yet. overnight low, first we'll talk about the current temperatures then the overnight lows. right now we have 50s in oakland and hayward. santa rosa napa, upper 40s. our live camera looking out toward the bay bridge san francisco, the lights here in to the distance. forecast headlines for tonight we'll go with this. cool and breezy for tonight. a cold friday morning with fair skies in to the afternoon hours and no rain clouds to track as we head in to your bay area weekend. overnight lows look at these lower 30s for santa rosa and napa. we could have a few inland neighborhoods back down in to the upper 20s. liver wood 34. san francisco, 43. we're starting out 30s and 40s for your friday morning and then in to the afternoon hours most areas will be in the 50s maybe a few neighborhoods will be flirting with the 60-degree mark. that's a green contour showing up in the forecast map. winds still a factor for tonight. gradually backing off in to the evening hours. high pressure we typically talk
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about this area of high pressure warming us up. this time of year it's going to usher in the northerly flow. we had the patchy frost in the forecast for tomorrow morning and saturday morning. great news if you're heading to lake tahoe. of course they picked up snowfall yesterday. looks dry for friday and in to the weekend with partly cloudy skies. overnight low, first thing saturday morning at south lake, temperature 7 degrees. single digits there as we head in to saturday morning. forecast highs for tomorrow. lots of 50s for afternoon highs as you can see, san jose, 59. san mateo 58. santa cruz by the boardwalk 58 degrees. your 5-day forecast definitely one to get ready for the cold overnight lows. friday morning and saturday morning partly cloudy skies in a sunday. more clouds on a monday as a weak weather system moves in that will usher in another round of cool air and partly cloudy skies for day 5 on tuesday. if you have any new gifts the sweaters, the jackets, might want to put them to work first thing tomorrow morning because it's going to be pretty chilly out there. cooler than this morning.
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>> useful gifts. >> right away. for many christmas music is one of their favorite parts of the holiday season. nancy fox uses her love of the piano to bring christmas cheer to the eldest in our community. >> i'm not classically trained. i never took lessons. my father was a professional musician who taught me how to play. he played the piano every night after dinner from the time i was 3. i know music is something that helps people remember. it makes them happy. marie came in tapping. >> i don't tell him what to do. he tells me . >> her feet were going and i know we've got a connection here. and my hands and her feet
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were connected. >> i grew up with lots of music. i was born in '31. i learned an awful lot of tap dance steps in my day. >> holiday music is very happy music and with many different diversities of holidays. sometimes people are sitting there and they don't move very much but i see them tapping their feet a little bit or nodding their heads just a little bit. >> they hear the music and it's taking them somewhere that they like to be. >> you hear a piece of music you go oh, i remember where i was and i danced with that guy. that was so lodge ago -- so long ago. i guess it was 1953. >> i have no family in this world now. but i have developed
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a family here at this space. >> music makes people happy. and it makes people remember times with their families and those are some of the most treasured memories that we all have. makes you want to do it forever and ever. 75 85, if i make it to 95 i'm still going to be sitting here. >> what a great story. i love that that woman still had her tap shoes on. so cute. 49 ers head coach jim harbaugh reveals his favorite christmas gift of all time. >> nba action in south beach where lebron james returns to face his former team. >> a look at san francisco city hall. decked out in red and green this holiday season to wish passers by a merry christmas.
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christmas came with a touch of soul in oakland. home of chicken and waffles opened stores this morning serving hot meals. the restaurant teamed up with cal pack and center hope church to give the community comfort this christmas. the owner and organizers say it's a great way to bring people together. >> being a product of oakland and born and raised in oakland i
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feel it's very important to give back to the community and this is a way i can give back. >> the beauty is this is christmas. the least we can do is bless someone with a meal. >> today's meals were a product of a community effort. scott is here with a christmas story and a 49ers story all rolled in to one. >> we're spreading holiday cheer any way we can. how much would we all love to know just what jim harbaugh wants for christmas? the coach being woo ed by michigan. soon enough nfl suitors will follow. in the meantime he's still holding 49er gear holding 49er news conferences and remembering personal holiday highlights. >> i think my favorite gift i got these sheets that had all the nfl logos on them, all the helmets. so those were my sheets. and the pillowcases. and had match ing comforter that had all the logos on it as well. and i got that, my brother got
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it, we got the same gift. we were probably 6 7. and those are my sheets. that was my comforter till i graduated high school. i had those all the way through to high school. then didn't take them to college. [ laughter ] >> good to know. it's a holiday tradition based on either the fans' love of basketball or the network's love of revenue but hey it's a win-win, christmas day nba. lebron back in miami as the cavs take on the heat, renewing acquaintances with dwayne wade. 4th quarter, we've got a ball game. 77-77. here comes lu -- lebron on the open floor. hanging on the rim. technical foul. 1-point game. then the heat open it up. look at the bird man get loose. miami by 9 but the cavs hang in there.
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defense in to offense. dion waiters the steal. danny granger fouls lebron on the dunk. 3-point play for james. he had 30 but granger will redeem himself. he had a season best 9 points off the bench including that dagger 3 with under 3 to win. heat win it 101-91. thunder and spurs. russell wilson draws the contact doesn't get the foul call but it's a 3 anyway. okc by 3 at the break. 4th quarter still a tight game. a little pick and roll. and steven adams finishes. he had 16 points, 15 rebounds. oklahoma city up a deuce and good ball movement and anthony morrow the former golden state warrior knocking it down. 15 off the bench for him. thunder win 1 14-106 and speaking of the warriors, they're at the clippers in about an hour. should be a terrific basketball game. and we'll have highlights tonight at 10:00. it was a sad christmas for a bay area mother whose two sons were killed within days of each
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other during the holiday season last year. tonight on the 10:00 news her somber christmas celebration as she marks one year since their deaths. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight. we're always here for you at and on facebook and twitter. we hope you're having a merry christmas. >> see you at 10:00.
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ugly sweaters? it's just until grandma can see them. my neck hole is too small. mine's itchy. i'd rather be itchy than choky. come on, phil. hurry up. okay, here we go. connecting. [ muffled ] come in, florida! over! mom? dad? hello, phillip. [ chuckles ] all: merry christmas eve! merry christmas eve! a little -- little lower, dad. [ deeper voice ] merry christmas eve. [ chuckles ] thank you -- thanks for the sweaters! [ normal voice ] oh, you're welcome. you look beautiful in them darling. hey, pops, here's the tree. and, uh, there -- there's the, uh -- there's the ornament you sent us. right here. right here. there are the


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