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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 25, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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two photos sitting at the dinner table. it's a mother's tribute to her sons shot and killed in the last year. >> i'm going to continue to fight for those boys. i am until justice is served and beyond. >> reporter: good evening i'm cristina rendon. >> and i'm ken pritchett. frank and heather are off tonight. it's a somber tribute by a mother as she remembers her two boys killed a year ago. we have the mother's message of hope for others who lost their
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sons. >> reporter: it's a very tough time of year for this mother. they prepared christmas dinner just like they have every year, but this year, she placed two empty plates at the table. her two sons shot a week from each other. >> this is my son brussard14 years old at the age of his death. >> just to remember them at christmas. >> reporter: she says what keeps her going is her fight for justice. selling t-shirts, writing a book to raise money for her
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reward money. >> doing things all day really keeps me grounded, really keeps me focused. >> reporter: she reached out to another mother who's 15-year- old son was killed. >> last few holidays has been real hard for me. i mean i just, i cried. >> reporter: tolive's other son is his other son who is being charged for shooting. >> i've been lighting up seeing him during christmas. this year was a cold year for me. >> reporter: a cold night as he visited his daughter's grave site. for these families there is warmth finding others to share and support them in grief and helping them to move on. >> remember the ones that you
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have lost. always remember them. >> reporter: there have been no arrests in danielle's son cases. something she hopes will change in the new year. >> jana, thank you. we have new video now of a protest tonight that turned violent in oakland. demonstrators vandalized the christmas tree at jack london square. >> the protest was meant to bring attention to police. protesters broke dozens of windows and threw bottles. some of the bottles hit a chronicle photographer injuring her hand. sony's the interview was seen at theaters right on schedule. and across the area tonight, people are lining up to watch it. happening now ktvu's debora villalon is live in berkeley
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where a final showing of the night is under way. debora. >> reporter: ken, five showings here at the elm wood. it's a 580 seat independent theater and all five shows were sold out hours early. >> it's a very, very silly movie. a very, very silly movie. >> moviegoers got the spoof they expected. >> the cia would love it if you two could take him out. >> huh? take him out? >> take him out like for drinks? >> reporter: they came away with a graph of why a real dictator and regime is not in on the joke. >> spoiler alert, by kim jung- un dies so i can't imagine what the fluff was. >> freedom of speech. you need to be here and support. >> reporter: people bought tickets early and lined up
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early. selling out screens. small theaters benefiting after the national chains dropped the film. >> there's a lot more buzz. >> the majority of people wanted to come, opening day, christmas day. the day america decided to play the interview. >> reporter: some theaters like this one in san jose took extra security precautions. a walk out by police. >> reporter: inspecting the movie house and exits. fans filed past new signs banning large purses and bags in the theater. this ticket giving them big parts in a bigger international drama. >> they really are -- about their leader being on the american movie, i feel that's an insult to their personal pride which i feel i really don't care about. >> reporter: elm wood, new signs also banned backpacks and
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packages. something patrons took in stride. these teenagers drove an hour from the peninsula to be here. >> we believe as americans it's important to come out and show our support and show the premier: we're not here for the actors we're here to show them that any threat against us is no threat at all. >> this dog is killing me with his cuteness. >> reporter: the movie that north korea is calling an act of war is showing. >> it's not a movie to take seriously. you know, it's just plain silly. and it's a great christmas treat really. >> reporter: so many disappointed people turned away from box offices today but the film is in about 300 small theaters nationwide for the next week at least. and ken that is a way for sony to recoop some of the $80
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million to spent to make and market it. >> debora villalon, thank you. a special screening of interview in los angeles included a guest appearance by one of the stars of the movie. >> i just wanted to say thank you, if it wasn't for theaters like this and for people like you guys this literally would not be happening. >> reporter: actor seth rogan and his producer made the the surprise appearance. they thanked the moviegoers for braving threats and for viewing their movie. and to find a list of movie theaters showing the movie click on our link. and this is a nice look at our christmas night. it's about to get even cooler. >> ktvu's mark tamayo is checking a drop in the weather. how is it looking. >> big drop in the
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temperatures. we started to feel that cool air moving through the region first thing this morning. the trend will continue. a chilly start expected friday morning and saturday morning. even tomorrow, we're talking about lower 30s and patchy frost developing in some of the inland valleys. current numbers out there you can't see already dropping near the 40s for santa rosa, concord, fairfield and livermore. we do have mostly clear skies up to our north but come air continues to move into the region from the north and the west. this will be the main source. the main mechanism to cool us off first thing tomorrow morning. take a look at these numbers for your friday morning, 30 degrees in napa. santa rosa 31. livermore 33. not as cold around the bay but still pretty chilly for san francisco and san mateo. cold air major play into the five day forecast. you can join mark and the rest of the ktvu meteorologists
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online. they're posting updates on facebook and twitter. and pope francis turned the attention to violence. the pope said suffering around the world marred the celebrations of joy on this holiday. the pope said a hardness of heart had just left many men and women to the plight, the abused and those in pain. pope francis also offered special prayers for the families of those killed in last week's bombings of a pakistani school. guitar and a holiday show for troops. santa also made an appearance to hand out goodies.
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the entertainment is a welcomed event for the soldiers. the u.s. now plans to keep 11,000 military personnel in afghanistan after the start of the year. in his holiday message, president obama thanked the troops serving in afghanistan. >> in just a couple of days our combat mission in afghanistan will be over. that gives us an opportunity to step back and reflect upon all that these families have given us. we're able to gather with family and friends because our troops are willing to hug theirs goodbye and step forward to serve. the first lady encouraging americans to help veterans transition back to civilian life. the obamas also made calls to troops overseas. hundreds of people gathered at glide memorial church for its annual holiday service. music added to the christmas spirit in the san francisco church this morning. the celebration was packed with
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people all over the bay area taking the time to give thanks and reflect. over the years the service has become a tradition in the tenderloin. after the service about 5,000 people receive add home cooked meal in glide memorial's dining hall. hundreds of volunteered prepared food. sanford football players will serve free meals in the dining hall from 11:15 a.m. to 1:30 in the afternoon. a san francisco home goes up in flames. when they come back they're not going to see any of their dolls, any of their clothes. they're not going to have anything. why neighbors say the damage could have been much worse. caught on camera. a dramatic rescue near the bay area coast. the distress call that sent the coast guard flying. tag: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money
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to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. we need your help to do more. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people.
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new video into the ktvu newsroom shows the coast guard rescuing a person this morning. this is 75 miles off the coast of san rafael. a coast guard helicopter and cutter responded flying the person to monterey and they were taken to a hospital immediately for treatment. the marin county, a woman was swimming off salsalito at 12:30 when she disappeared in the water. the u.s. coast guard and
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several fire departments came to her rescue and found her after about 20 minutes. crews are able to stabilize her. her identity has not been released. authorities are trying to determine what caused a fire to two homes this morning. early since this morning. >> i saw a big flash of light. >> a three alarm fire woke people in potrero hills. >> the fire is coming with us. >> reporter: video caught the wind driven flames. >> it's really cold. >> reporter: catalina was asleep next door. >> it's a blessing that it did not get to our house. >> reporter: the previctorian is a total loss. firefighters believe the fire started in between the two.
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>> buildings like these they're attached, many of them wood framed. you can light up the whole block. >> reporter: keeping the flames contained was the damage. firefighters had to get creative using ladders and rooftops to get to the flames. >> it's just or job, but every once in a while they push the envelope and this morning they did. >> no one was hurt a two cats were saved. >> the neighbors helped the neighbors. someone took the cats. someone immediately notified the family that is out of town that their home was on fire. >> when they come back they're not going to see any of their dolls, any of their clothes, they're not going to have anything. basically what they took is what they're going to have. >> reporter: this christmas morning, no one was hurt. a firefighter emerged with a wrapped bundle. two more cats found in an
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upstairs unit. their heartbroken owner was in sacramento for christmas. she said she had wished she had been home to save. because this fire started between the two homes, firefighters are going to be looking at electrical problems because of the cause. a south bay church was forced to make other plans for mass this christmas. >> for the first time in a century, christmas mass was held at the bingo hall behind the church. >> we went through all this emotion. there all this grieving about losing our church. and christmas seems a time of joy. so we're going to let the parishioners know that it's
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okay to rejoice. >> reporter: the diocese is coming up with plans and figuring out the cost to make the repairs. guards believe 23-year-old freddy swanson jumped a barricade. at the time of his arrest, he was carrying a loaded firearm that had been stolen days earlier. okay i'm sure many of you at home felt this today. x box and play station out of service and hackers say they're responsible. what we're learning about the christmas day outage. and in weather we are in the clear for tonight but also dropping temperatures. coming up the coolest morning over the next few days. we'll also let you know if we have any rain clouds to talk about in the five day forecast.
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the jordanian parliament threatened islamic state militants with grave circumstance substantiations. if they harm the jordanian pilot when it went down yesterday. the pilot was captured after his jet crashed in north eastern syria. today the family asked that he be welcomed as a guest. so far the militants have not commented on the fate of the pilot. former president george h.w. bush spent christmas in the hospital. the elder bush remains under care but is said to be in great spirits. he entered houston methodist earlier this week with shortness of breath. his family said yesterday he would be home soon and described the visit as a hick up not like two years ago when he was admitted for bronchitis.
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online game networks x box live and play station networks have been offline much of christmas day and it appears to be the work of hackers. a group called lizard squad took credit for the service attack. the same group previously claimed credit for august attacks on other online game networks. well the cool air continues to move into the bay area and get ready for frosty mornings on your friday and saturday mornings. the next couple of mornings out there. right now on live storm tracker 2 we are in the clear with all the clouds offshore and to our north. a quick check once again at some of the current numbers out there already showing you lower 40s out toward santa rosa and napa. san jose 46 and livermore in the upper 40s. winds a bit of a breeze today. they have backed up a little bit but still winds around 10 to 16-miles-an-hour in novato, sfo and a calm wind in
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livermore. coit tower with mostly clear skies. cool and a little bit of a breeze tonight. cold night but it will be a dry weekend. a mostly sunny weekend as well. clear tonight, high pressure offshore. typically warms us up. but what happens right now, the northernly flow around that is bringing in that cooler air so get ready for the cold mornings. looks like saturday will be the coolest morning over the next few days but no rain clouds to talk about. start now tomorrow morning near the 30s and 40s then into the afternoon hours. lots of 50s. the warmest locations could be close to the 60-degree mark. santa rosa 58 degrees. brentwood in the mid-50s. half-moon bay 57. look ahead your five day forecast as you can see here cristina and ken. no rain clouds to talk about on this five day forecast. just a few extra clouds for sunday into monday. definitely want to bundle up over the next few mornings it'll feel refreshing out
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there. it'll wake you up the 30s and 40s. >> so brisk. >> yes. >> thank you. the warriors and clippers met on christmas night, there were a handful of christmas. >> we'll tell you if there's a few players that were on the naughty or nice list. coming up in sports. you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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there was a lot of basketball games too. it's a holiday tradition. but we're checking in with scott to see how the warriors did. >> just gone final the warriors in a big christmas day match up. all we want for christmas is the best record in the nba. oh wait they already have. how about a win to the rival
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clippers for the christmas appetite. warriors by one at the break. check this out. you have little man and big man running for the same spot. little man pushes big man into the christmas tree. that's shaq going into the tree. you can't do that to shaq. 59-59. curry turns it over. later in the third. warriors hanging tough. curry, sweet dish to lee for the flush. he had 11. one point game but in the fourth the cliffs busted wide open. crawford had 24 and l.a. wins 100-86. cavs heat. it's lebron back in miami. and renewing acquaintances with one dwayne wade. and lebron the dunk and then a little too feisty hanging on the rim. he gets teed up by cleveland.
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the bird man, looks like the suit except that's actually his body armor. heat by nine. the cavs hanging in. james with 30. but granger would redeem himself with the dagger. three pointer late. the heat win 101-91. jim harbaugh will coach the 49ers on monday probably for the final time but before we wax nostalgia, the coach conjures up memories of christmas past. >> i think my favorite gift i got these sheets that had all the nfl logos on them. all the helmets and so those are my sheets. and the pillow cases had matching comforter that had all the logos on it as well. i got that, my brother got it, we got the same gift.
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we priced six, seven. those were my sheets. that was my comforter, till i graduated high school. i had those all the way through high school. and then didn't take them to college. >> good to know we can laugh about it because things are going to get interesting in 49er over the next couple of weeks. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. >> join the ktvu in just minutes for a holiday in focus right here in the bay area. thank you so much for joining us tonight. good night.
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