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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 26, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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oakland for another night. >> christmas day fire in san francisco destroys one home and damages another. how ighbors helped each other out after the flames started. it's all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. here is a live look another sfo. it is not the busiest travel day of the weekend but some people may be making their way home. i know this morning when i was driving in i saw a super shuttle van driving some people around. this morning only a couple of flights have been canceled if you are flying out today, rosemary says you don't need to worry about the fog. >> good news. good morning and welcome back it is friday, december 6th i'm allie rasmus. >> nice of you to be here. >> i'm happy to be here. >> i'm brian flores. pam and day are off today. let's get your day started with
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weather and traffic. i believe traffic. may be a little bit of traffic. rosemary is in for steve this morning. cool and crisp but very nice. >> yes very nice. it is the wind helping prevent the fog. it is the wind that is keeping the temperatures up in some areas. and the wind that could cause you trouble. let's take a look at the wind. we've got the winds blowing to about 18 miles an hour at sfo. half-moon bay sustained at 10 but gusting to 23. livermore 13 and gusting to 21. livermore in the low 50s this morning. again it has to do with the wind when they keep stirring the air around it can't settle right along the ground. also i want to point out when you get the northerly breeze notice the arrow at sfo north. notice the bridges running from west to east. east to west. so when you cross these bridges it's hitting right up against the side of the car. that is why you have to get the wind advisories at least issued
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by the chp. so you will find it a little breezy and a little tough to get across the bridges this morning. talking bay bridge, san mateo, san rafael and richmond. just take it easy. 37-degrees in concord. right now. 50 in livermore. again it has to do with the wind. it's really calm in concord right now. that is why it's so incredibly cold outside your door. 35 in walnut creek. 40 degrees for lafayette. 41 degrees right now in orinda. if you do have the breeze just because your temperature is up, doesn't mean it will feel nice. these numbers are a lot like yesterday with less wind. the winds will continue to die down as we get into is the afternoon. and by tomorrow morning, we have the possibility of patchy frost. ly have a look at your bay area weekend coming up in a little bit. back to you.
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>> those systems are impacted by this apparent hack. gamers are frustrated but it appears the hack is not as serious as the one on sony it exposed embarrassing e-mails. >> i figure yeah there is people that is mad at the world. they just want to mess a good thing up. >> reporter: at this point it
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appears there has been no personal data stole nobody this hack. there is still a lot of frustrated gamers and sony. brian, ali. sony's the interview is now showing in some is theaters. people across the bay area lined up to watch the movie that almost wasn't released as planned on christmas day. ktvu deborah has more on the curiosity, defiance, and patriotism pulling people to this film. >> it is a very, very silly movie. >> reporter: movie goers got the spoof they expected. >> the cia would love it if you two could take him out. take him out. >> take him out. >> like for drinks? >> reporter: and came away with a grasp of why the real dictator and his regime are not
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on the joke. >> jim jong un dies. i can't imagine what this was left with. >> freedom of speech. we need to be here in support. >> reporter: people bought tickets early and lined up early. selling it screenings across the bay area as a nation. small theaters benefiting after the national chains responding to threats and sony's cyber attack dropped the film. >> has a lot more buzz. which is a good thing. we do need to fight back. >> the majority of people wanted to come opening day. christmas day. the day that america decided to you know play the interview. >> reporter: some theaters like this one in san jose took extra security precautions. a walk through by police. >> is there an exit out the back? >> reporter: inspecting the movie house and exits. fans filed past new signs spanning large purses and bags in the theater. this ticket gives them big parts in a bigger international
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drama. >> they really are mad about their leader being on the american movie. i feel that is an insult to their personal pride which i feel i really
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list of movie theaters showing the interview. just go to and click on web links. next week the u.s., south korea, and japan will share an intelligence sharing agreement. but those woman countries have not had such an agreement based on historical disputes. with both south korea and japan in the range of missiles the agreement will allow them to quickly respond to any threat from north korea. on christmas night police protestors in oakland vandalized the giant christmas tree in jack london square. firefighters were forced to clean up the mess last night. protestors tore off lights. they called their protest the no time off march. organizers say their goal is to
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keep police busy so they have quote no time off. protestors also broke windows. and coming up at 5:30, we will have a live look at a damage to one of oakland's most popular tourist spot. inspectors have red tagged two homes in the neighborhood. a victorian home on mississippi street near 22nd street is a total loss. while the house next door is heavily damaged. good news of that, no one was injured as most of the people living in the homes were gone for the holiday. firefighters and neighbors helped to save two cats and a dog in one of the homes. >> seems like a great neighborhood. neighbors help the neighbor. a couple people notified the residents who are out of town that their home was on fire. >> investigators think the fire may have started between the two homes and they are look at electrical problems as a possible cause of the fire. one person suffered minor
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injuries when an apartment building caught fire. it took crews about an hour to bring the fire under control. investigators think a homeless person may have sparked a two alarm fire at a commercial building there. video posted online shows flames engulfing the building. we have not received any reports of injuriesover damaged estimates. if you are heading to reno or tahoe, be prepared for a lot of company. hundreds of skiers and snow borders from the bay area are expected to head up to the slopes. some resorts have seen up to four inches just in the past 24 hours. many resorts are hoping to make up for a loss in business the past few seasons.
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was santa good to you ali? >> he was. >> good. santa was good to our soon too. [ laughter ] >> just in case you didn't get everything you wanted from san tax we'll have a live report coming up at 5:30 on post christmas shopping gift exchanges and returns. >> but first a special christmas delivery. how transit police officers and subway riders jumped into action when a woman went into labor on a train. >> outside our doors mostly clear and cold for some. we will be sunny and cool for some.
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despite a series of deadly tornadoes many people in the southeast counted her blessings this christmas. parts of mississippi now resemble a war zone. storms rolled through the deep south on tuesday and wednesday killing at least four people and injuring dozens of others. the national weather service says the storm system spawned at least six tornadoes. residents say the death toll could have been much higher though. >> just thank god that people made it and we were able to see one another again. we will rebuild. >> got down as low as i could and began to pray. and i just don't know what to say. and he did. >> the salvation army and red cross have sent emergency release teams to the hardest hit communities. the tornadoes in mississippi were the deadliest to hit the
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state since 1953. and you can call it a christmas miracle thanks to mother nature. snow fell on some of the higher elevations of hawaii. yeah. people took advantage by sledding and skiing on the islands. but the weather conditions also made the area pretty dangerous too. winds were clocked at 50 miles an hour and drivers were warned about black ice on the road. warmer temperatures will are returning and melting the snow and ice. flash flood watch was also issued for the big island. homeless teens enjoyed a hot meal on christmas thanks to youth services. one young man went from homeless to having a home right before the holidays. >> reporter: vegetables, casserole, and pie. >> it was delicious. >> reporter: a christmas meal for close to 100 homeless young adults all thanks to larkin street youth services. >> it's extremely hard to continue to try to contribute to society when you feel like
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extremely beaten. you carry stuff all day. so you end up being really exhausted by the time you need to sleep. i slept on the streets many nights. >> reporter: cameron was one of the fist to get a night. eventually 15 formerly homeless young adults will call this home. >> i've been giving an amaze -- i've been given an amazing opportunity. >> reporter: in the meantime many more received amazing gifts, this meal, and a place to kick back and temporarily forget their troubles. >> your cards are not right from the start and kicked when you are down and this is the time we need to be nurtured and supported. >> reporter: delivered the feeling he wanted most this
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holiday. >> pure safety. it has been difficult to feel like you have to sleep with one eye open. i slept like a baby. >> reporter: in san francisco melanie woodrow ktvu channel 2 news. transit officers helped make a special christmas delivery. the officers approaching a woman in labor last night on a subway train in philly. other riders tried to help the woman relax and an officer can later be seen holding the newborn. the mother and newborn son were taken to the hospital and the good news they are in good condition. quite a story. >> what a sweet story. what a story she will have to tell her son when he grows up. you were born in a subway train. the store rid this morning is our weather. it's a good time to check out or test out our holiday sweater we got. the jackets. >> the winter coat.
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>> yeah. >> you are stepping out early. hopefully you are not going to work. hopefully you are preparing for the after holiday sales. let's get into what is happening outside our doors. the wind is still blowing in some areas. if the wind is still blowing, chances are your temperatures are not as cold. it doesn't meal it doesn't feel
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[ technical difficulties ] >> we have 57 in oakland and san francisco. brently you are checking in at 55. 50s for pacifica. 59 san jose. 59 los gatos. mostly sunny and 58 in santa cruz. i do like this kind of weather as well when it's chilly but you have the sunshining on you. definitely helps to feel a little better. as we get into your bay area weekend we remain with dry conditions. once the winds die down, the possibility of patchy frost returning to the area is a good possibility. so we will be tracking that. next possibility for rain looks like it may come on tuesday. >> right now perfect weather to go out for a walk, a hike or to an outdoor shopping center. >> family in town, get out. >> are you trying to tell us something >> >> i'm just saying the weather lends itself to do number of things. >> thank you so much.
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china's antitrust regulator says the investigation into a u.s. chip maker should wrap up soon. the chinese government launched an investigation at the end of 2013. that is after the government suspected call qualm of over charging customers. international experts say it is likely that quall qualm will be ordered to pay fines that will top $1 billion. and when the markets open, whether see if stocks continue their santa claus rally. dow industrial will open at an all-time high. and the s & p narrowly missed setting a record. from your living room straight to the curb side. coming up at 5:37 to be exact the services being used to put your old christmas tree at good
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use. >> and high flying gift with a big warning.
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welcome back. time is 5:24. and starting january 1st, california schools should be safer for children with food allergies. new state law requires food to stock emergency epinephrine. it also requires at least one
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staff member be trained in using the epi pens. 45 other states have similar laws. a number of bay area school districts say they have epi pens but several other districts say they have a hard time finding doctors to prescribe the injectors. california flu season is off to a slow start but it could get worse. so far only one person has died from the flu in southern california flu activity is low with fewer than 1,000 people reporting flu like symptoms. the cdc says things could get worse since the current vaccine offers little protection against this years virus. in the south it is a different story. supplies for the flu vaccine in louisiana are running low. this comes after disease control reported a nationwide shortage of tamiflu. doctors being advised to give tamiflu to the very sick and high risk patients.
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2,000 drones. that is how many were sold this holiday season. the drone industry and the faa have launched a safety campaign. it includes guidelines like don't fly the aircraft above 400 feet. take lesson and don't fly near airports or stadiums. the faa is getting ready to impose regulations governing the use of drones for commercial purposes. handful of holiday film makers are flying drones with the faa permission. google and microsoft are joining the course of businesses that want the fcc to say no to marriott. marriott say miss hotel guests using their own data from their cell phone providers can steal personal information from guests and slow down the hotel wi-fi. marriott hotels connection rates start at $15 a day.
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a holiday tradition vandalized in oakland. coming up the cleanup effort under way as protestors make a big mess. >> we have another beautiful day in store. in fact, a beautiful weekend. dry weather in the forecast as we get into your bay area weekend. this morning though braving the big chill once again and still breezy for some. take a look at your current conditions coming up. ;
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good morning everybody. we are live in oakland where some protestors broke off from march and vandalized that christmas tree. it doesn't look like it. you can see the lights are taken off near the bottom of the tree. they also damaged a couple of businesses. alex savidge will have more on the message of the march coming up in just a minute. good morning, everybody friday, december 26th i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> good morning, i'm allie rasmus in for pam cook. let's get your day started with weather. it's been another beautiful but chilly day. >> yes. if you are stepping out any time soon, you will need another jacket. it's either really, really cool outside or breezy. breezy and cool equals brutal. let's take a look at the winds at this hour. they have not let up just yet. fairfield still gusting to 22 miles an hour. napa a sustained wind at 14. and santa rosa reporting a 6
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miles an hour breeze. as it gets into areas like sfo, 18. livermore still gusting to 21. san jose just a light breeze there at 6 and hayward reporting 6 as well. when the winds are moving, half- moon bay still 21 as well. when the winds are moving, they are stirring that cold air it can't really settle in. where do we think the wind is calm? 37 in concord. 31 in walnut creek. chances are right in this area we have very little to no wind. livermore you are holding on to 50 degrees. 52 until san francisco. mid 40s in novato. 45 redwood city. it easily feels like 45. maybe even 40 degrees. so don't let the 50-degree mark fool you. 55 expected for concord. 57 in oakland. 56 in redwood city. upper 50s in san francisco. these winds will continue to die down. ridge of high pressure continuing to take control of our weather pattern as we get into the weekend. we'll have a look at what we
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can expect for your weekend coming up. we're also keeping an eye on traffic this morning. sal is off today. that lucky guy. if you are sal, good morning. it is expected to be light out there this morning. live look at 880 in oakland as you pass oracle arena. no major problems. if you are heading to the malls, it might be a little bit of traffic. live look at the sunol grade in fremont. looking good. we will keep an eye on traffic all throughout the morning as well. we are getting a better look at the damage caused by christmas night protest in oakland. alex savidge is live at jack london square with the latest vandalism from antipolice. how bad 'cuz the damage? >> reporter: there was a fair amount of damage here in the jack london square area. vandals broke away from the group and did some damage. and at the same time they came here to the christmas tree that
5:33 am
sits on the plaza and trashed it. this is video that was posted to facebook last night that shows people hurling objects at the tree and pulling down the lights. this followed a mostly peaceful demonstration that got started in downtown oakland at 5:00 last night and wound its way through the streets of oakland. there were dozens of people taking part and marching. after the christmas tree was vandalized near the end of the march. firefighters and some police officers moved in to help with the cleanup. they swept up broken ornaments and repaired the fence around the tree that was broken as well. and nearby workers were forced to sweep up shattered glass from the sidewalk after lewders used chunks of concrete. broken bottles littered the
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tsunami remember it. >> reporter: it has been ten years since a powerful tsunami devastated the coast of indonesia. it is one of the deadliest natural days is tears in history. leaving 230,000 people dead. >> i was down by the pool putting sunscreen on the boys and then i kind of heard like a loud roaring sound. it sounded like a jet plane in the sky. and i looked up and the next thing i saw all of this water coming over the wall of the hotel. >> reporter: julian was in the tsunami. the mother of two had a difficult decision to make. she tried to carry her top children to safety but she could only hold on to one so she let her oldest go. luckily he survived by clinging to a door frame for two hours. >> i just saw him and i just
5:36 am
could not believe that he was there and he was perfect. >> reporter: meanwhile thousands gather at a mosque to pray for those that lost their lives. they hope this will bring peace to those that have suffered through this ordeal. >> the people who died in the tsunami it was actually
5:37 am
game of the season. it's this sunday against the play off bound arizona cardinals. it will likely be jim harbaugh's last game. but it's christmas week. instead of talking about his future, harbaugh reminisced about his favorite present
5:38 am
ever. he was about 6 when he received a bedding set with nfl logos. >> that was my sheet, that was my comforter until i graduated high school. but the 49ers game won't be the
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welcome back everybody. the post holiday rush at malls start today. allie rasmus is very excited. so is rosemary. i just want to let you know. several retail analysts are predicting day after christmas sales will be huge this year.
5:42 am
that is based on the number of discounts already being offered. says tvs will be deeply discounted. but the best prices are not expected in the the middle of next month. other people will be crowding stores and shipping companies as they start
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and in honor of their spirit what keeps her going is their fight for justice. selling t-shirts, writing a book to raise money for a reward fund. >> getting up every day to do something, honor your kids, really keeps me grounded, really keeps me focused. >> reporter: she reached out to another mother ere call smith who's 15-year-old son was killed in february outside a boys and girls club. and mario tolliver her daughter was shot and killed last january. >> the last few holidays have been hard for me. i -- >> reporter: tolliver's other loss this christmas is his only son mario junior. who is serving a sentence for shooting her.
5:45 am
>> i've been seeing their smiles it will up for christmas the last 18 years. this year it was a cold night for me. >> reporter: a cold night as he visited his daughters grave site. but there is warmth finding others to to support them in grief and helping them to move on. >> remember the ones that you have lost. always remember them. >> reporter: that was janet reporting. so far no arrests have be made in danielle's sons cases. and she hopes that will change in the coming year. a wake will be held for one of two police officers killed. he will then be buried tomorrow. vice president joe biden will be among those attending the funeral. roe most and his partner were shot and killed in their patrol car last saturday. the gunman later took his own life. funeral arrangements for liu are pending. the two officers were remembered during christmas day prayers in new york city. mourners have been tying blue
5:46 am
ribbons on poles and fences throughout new york as a show of solidarity with new york police. >> we face tensions and divisions in our beloved city. as you and so many other leaders try your best to invite us to dialogue. to listen instead of shouting. >> a friend of the ramos family says christmas was a painful day for them. several gifts remain unopened at their home that was addressed to rafael. a man is safe and back on solid ground after a dramatic rescue. the man's boat started taking on water about 75 miles off the coast yesterday morning. a coast guard helicopter responded after the man called for help. he was flown to the hospital for treatment and is doing okay this morning. this morning we are going to take a look at the weather and we've been mentioning all morning there has ban little
5:47 am
chill in the air but it is nice. it is the time of year you expect that. >> we have a nice winter day in store. it will be a beautiful one. we are still awaiting the sunrise. temperatures will begin to turn around outside our door this morning if you are stepping out there is nothing beautiful about a very cold breeze and that is exactly what we have. the dry northerly breeze couldn'ts. it continued in the over night hours. it will be in to die down as we get through later today. napa still reporting 14 miles an hour. fairfield 13. and gusting to 22. and areas like this that are running ten degrees above what we had yesterday morning. so fairfield right now in the mid 40s. yesterday at this time in
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for the first time in a half a century japan can no longer be held up. japan's government reported the
5:50 am
average household spent more than it earned. the official report says household savings rate was negative 1.3. that means people dipped into their savings account to cover all of their spending. mcdonalds restaurants in japan will put large orders of french fries back on the market. the restaurants had to restrict customers to small orders because of a frozen french fry shortage. that shortage was caused by labor slow downs at all u.s. west coast ports which the frozen fries pass through. mcdonalds says it has resolved the problem and will begin shipping frozen potatoes from the west coast. youtube is turning out to be one of the big winners from the online release of the sony movie the interview. the comedy about a plan to assassinate the leader of north korea is the most popular video on youtube right foul and made millions of people aware that the video streaming site has offered movie rentals for the last three years. >> all of this has generated a
5:51 am
lot of buzz. >> the most buzz in a long time. especially since it's not -- it's not a critical hit. >> critically acclaimed hit. time is 5:51. coming up 21 pounds in one year. coming up in a few minutes at 6:20, how a mans new years resolution to lose weight ended up changing his life. >> it started as a childhood dream and now it's a home among the tree tops.
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welcome back. it is 5:54. we are now hearing from ac berkeley graduate who is freed from a jail in southeast asia after being held there for months. stacy was on a trip around the world when in september she was arrested. she shared a taxi with a man that turned out to be carrying drugs. it took months to secure her release. now she is waiting to get her passport back so she can go back home to oregon. >> i don't think my mom would ever forgive me. >> while she waits to get her passport back, she is staying at the home of a former president. president obama and the first lady spent part of her
5:55 am
christmas with the first marines in hawaii. the president thanked the marine for their extraordinary service to the country. the first family is scheduled to be in hawaii through early january. for the first time in a century christmas mass at holy cross catholic church was held in its bingo hall. a fire destroyed the church's sanctuary last month. the congregation gust has been gathering ever since. at yesterday's mass the priest wore vests that were saved and cleaned after the fire. >> we went through all of these emotions, through all of this grieving about losing our church. and christmas it seems the time of joy so i will let the police know that it's still okay to rejoice. still a day to be happy. >> some of the statues saved from the fire were on display and they added a lot of christmas decorations to brighten things up. the diocese of san jose are
5:56 am
coming up with reconstruction plans and figuring out how much it will cost to rebuild the church. a professor at california state university long beach created it in 1966 as a nonreligious celebration of family and social values. each day is dedicated to a principal. they are unity, self- determination, collective responsibility, cooperative economics, and faith. each night a new candle is it will on a candle holder with seven branch. and take a look at this. a couple in placer county gave each other an unusual gift. it is a tree house. much more than just some boards slapped together on a tree limb. this has a sitting area, bathroom, kitchen. how do they get the plumbing up there? they helped design it. animal planet built it while they were gone. >> we knew about the plans.
5:57 am
but you know plans and the reality are often quite different. >> the idea for a luxury tree house came about when mike started reminiscing about the one he had as a young boy. but the difference is that one was made out of widen palettes. >> that is a good question. how do they get the plumbing up there? and electricity. >> it is just meant to happen for this couple because their last name is splinter. i can't believe that. >> you just can't get over that. coming up in our 6:00 hour get ready for big crowds at the mall. she is going. >> you too. >> i'm not going. up next the number one reason people are waking up early to do some shopping. >> san francisco home goes up in flames. why neighbors say the damage could have been much worse. >> getting outdoors this morning grab your jacket. it's another brisk start out there and for some sinking back into the 30s. we will check on the current
5:58 am
conditions and take a look at the afternoon highs today coming up. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a holiday tradition
6:00 am
vandalized in oakland. cleanup effort now under way as protestors made a big mess. >> they are already starting to line up. americans have spent billions of dollars on gifts and now they want to return them and cash in on those sales. how much retailers stand to lose and gain. >> gamers are frustrated worldwide following an apparent christmas day hack on both x- box and play station. who is claiming responsibility and what is being done to fix it. >> and a controversial showing with big support. what people are saying about the interview after it was released right here in the bay area. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. you are taking a live look in walnut creek where many stores have just opened for business. it looks like they might be starting to open right now. >> bright and


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