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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 28, 2014 7:00am-8:31am PST

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san francisco 49ers play their last game of the season at levi stadium today. the new developments overnight about head coach jim harbaugh and his future. outside our doors this morning back in the 30s. i'll have a look at your current conditions, detail the afternoon highs coming up. another missing passenger jet. this one disappearing over the java sea and southeast asia. mornings on 2 start now.
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well good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2. it is sunday december 28. >> good morning everyone i'm mike mibach. how are you doing? >> i'm good this morning. a little cold again. >> i feel chilly that i could use the blanket and the couch. i have the couch. we will use the coffee, no blankets. >> let's bring in rosemary. colder than yesterday, rosemary? >> actually no temperatures are slightly warmer. no frost advisories to worry about, although you'll have patchy frost outside your door. once we get through the second half of the morning temperatures will begin to turn around and get a live look at the bay bridge. humidity levels are up slightly helping to keep the temperatures up slightly. we have a spare the air day as i will check in on your air quality in just a moment. waking up with mostly clear skies until the official sunrise. 36 degrees outside your door. 37 in novado. 36 in santa rosa. still very cold out there this
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morning. temperatures up to a few degrees, may not even really notice. 44 at sfo and mountainview right now. 36 redwood city. we'll take a little tour for you. you're waking up with 35. upper 30s for foster city as well as sunny veil and 36 degrees reported in saratoga. 37 outside your door san ramon and 39 for brentwood. winter spare the air day. so with the cold temperatures in mind that i need to remind you unless you're exempt that it is not okay this morning. north bay, just slightly unhealthy that the rest of us will be with moderate air quality for today that i will have a look in the extended forecast, even colder, blustery weather coming up. i'll have that for you in just a bit. the last game of the season for the 49ers, levi stadium.
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kicking off 1:25. cardinals still have a shot at winning the division. >> but all of that. >> the focus really is jim harbaugh. >> that's what everyone has been talking about. we've been hearing for a while of course that jim harbaugh, the university of michigan has been trying to get them to take their head coach job. and now the multiple reports are saying that he is going to do it. we'll start with the new york times late last night and then multiple sources all sort of confirming that it is going to happen. >> no official announcement from the university of michigan or the 49ers organization. currently harbaugh in his fourth year of a five-year deal a $25 million deal. he does have one year left on that, but he can possibly work out a deal to get him out of the contract. >> there's some talk that maybe there has been some kind of a talk that it will be okay. but again nothing official yet. we did report yesterday here that michigan and some
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officials were trying to talk to him to try to get this all worked out. we've been hearing the numbers for the contract already though. reportedly six years, $48 million. >> we were at a news conference that could happen as early as tuesday in ann arbor michigan. very familiar to jim harbaugh. i want to share some video with him. there he is. the young jim harbaugh who is 51 now, but he was there in mid to late 80s and the starter there for three seasons. >> yes, '84-'86. and in '87 he was with the bears and the colts, then he started the whole coaching career. he has ties to the bay area though, he started with the raiders as their quarterback coach. >> yes. at stanford he had a 29-21 record. two winning seasons, 2010 being his best year. at the university of san diego where he first started his head
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coaching career he was 29-6 with great numbers there and then of course off to stanford and the 49ers for the last four seasons. now just two years ago he was named nfl coach of the year. >> by the ap. >> and you know he has not said anything yet. >> and he is pretty quiet. that you may have heard this from them. but that this is what they said when they asked them late last week if they had any intentions of resigning. >> we tried that very thoroughly. that whatever won't happen won't happen. >> so there is no yes or no answer to my question? >> correct. >> that's good enough. we'll hear very soon. and even though that he's not talking, his players, at least one of them is talking at least on social media. i want to show you the tweet from anthony davis, the 49ers right tackle. take a look at that. >> here he says that i just
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looked harbaugh in his eyes and thanked him for leading us to some of the times of our lives. give respect when it's due. he later tweeted saying "it's only right on his next coaching job. if you google it you'll see where that would be." tweets, facebook posts, they continue to filter in from fans reacting from ann arbor and right here in the bay area. >> everyone has an opinion on what should be happening here. saying i feel like it's a mistake to let a good coach go, which they are hard to find. and so i will wait and see who they get. hope they make a good decision. let's hope that they didn't. and then perry jay stewart chiming in saying we don't need
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a new head coach. to make his position pretty clear on that. and then the last one, who says why let that good coach go and not our quarterbacks. they are not that happy, but the owners, the head coach or the quarterback. and that is people weighing in on social media. >> it has been a disappointing for the 49ers and with so much promise in a brand new art of the stadium live for us with today's season finale. >> reporter: disappointment is a sure way to describe it as we would talk to several fans. some of whom live here in levi stadium. it doesn't start until 1:30, but the people make everything happen inside the stadium on game day as they would start very early. we talked to several of them that would have a chance to run in to coach jim harbaugh while
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they're working here. this is their reaction to the news about their apparent departure. >> it's a neat guy. sometimes i get to see him and he always speaks to you. an awesome guy that it is complex that we just launched this beautiful new venue and there's a lot of pressure to perform. unfortunately he didn't hit his mark as it is a harsh reaction. as you mentioned in the last press conference that they had two days ago that they did not get any specific indication that it might be the last time in santa clara. >> i think it's a fabulous stadium and to watch it be
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built from the third to final product and to be able to play in it and that it will be all good. >> now like the team the stadium themselves had some problems this year as they needed to replace it because it kept getting torn up off the field and the lack of shade in their stadium and also the publicized traffic problem, but for the most part that it is not about levi stadium as it is about the fact if it will probably be jim harbaugh's last games here at levi stadium. back to you. >> thank you for that report. look forward to the ball game. now that it appears that jim harbaugh is headed to the oakland raiders that are reportedly still going after them that they would say that the raiders owner mark davis will approach the 49ers, asking them if he could talk to harbaugh since he's still under contract with them and not
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technically, that it is not allowed to talk to the other nfl teams unless they say it is okay that the raiders and their interim coach, they have won three out of their last five games. and that they would finish up the season in denver against peyton manning and the broncos as you can catch all their action right here on channel 2, mornings on 2 end early as we will be bringing you the mercedes benz weekend show. dallas against washington at 10- fold by the cardinals and the 49ers. then it is the point after with the sports director mark ibanez. all right we've been talking about the cold and with the first week of winter coming to a close at north bay that they have seen some of the lowest temperatures around the bay area. >> there are now extra steps being taken by the shelters there to help the homeless community. >> they would walk us over. >> after dark the tent moved
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up. hot coffee and hot chocolate arrived. the persistence, things that these folks know as they piece together the fragile life on the streets. when the 58-year-old became homeless last summer it was a lot warmer than it was now. >> i'm bundled up. i have three jackets and a pair of pants. i'm fine. >> pat is the most important thing for people outside. >> donations of hats, gloves, coats, safety badges have been coming in since the cold snap started as they would have about 1,000 shelter vets. but four times that many homeless people. >> in sonoma county they have about 30 deaths every single year of those people experiencing what's happening outside. at rescue mission around the corner the easing service offered comfort and heat. and here to the homeless clients will be said and allowed to sleep in the chapel, dining room, any free space.
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the room full of people that will be shuttled to the local church, opening their doors for the night that the 80-bed dorms are full. half reserved for the long-term recovery with the substance abuse and to make the cold even more dangerous. >> we are hoping that the people who really need to be inside are taking in to the shelters and getting your side safe. >> reporter: when the 27-year- old became homeless that it was the turning point for them getting off christmas meth. >> the loneliness. you know what i mean. >> every day i think about it. when you see all the people out here. that's every single day. >> on nights like these the floor is not a bed, but much better than pavement and the hot drink warms up the heart as well as the stomach. >> one guy said he had not had a cup of coffee in about two months and he was so excited.
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>> that is good, but those shelters are opening up because the cold weather will continue. >> yes, thanks for that report. >> absolutely. time now 7:13. search and rescue crews are trying to find a missing passenger jet. >> when we come back we'll have more on what they would hold the air traffic controllers shortly before that plane disappears. outside our doors this morning that it will be a cold and frosty start once again. we'll check in on your current conditions. i'll have the afternoon highs for today and in the extended forecast. even a colder shot of air coming up. i'll explain next.
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start a revolution with nespresso. a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. it is nighttime in indonesia and an air search has been suspended tomorrow morning for the passenger jet that disappeared from indonesia tosingapore. flight 8501 had 162 people on
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board. search planes and boats have been looking for the aircraft in the java sea, a body water southeast of singapore. aviation experts say it has a very good safety record. officials say that the plane sent no distress signals, but pilots requested a deviation to climb to 34,000 feet due to bad weather. communication was last lost or lost about 40 minutes after taking off. there were no warnings or distress calls. >> the chances that this being some sort of a terrorist activity are very small because most terrorist activities take place in good weather. several other attacks. so i will look to something perhaps that this point weather related. >> relatives of the passengers rushed to the airport where the plane took off and where it was suppose to land hoping to learn what happened. no americans on board. president obama has been reefed on the situation.
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people from five countries are on board, indonesia, south korea, malaysia, singapore, and france. there are also 17 children on that plane. the disappearance comes less than 10 months after malaysia airlines vanished. the boeing 777 disappeared march 8 after leaving kuala lumpur for beijing. 239 people were on board. a search of 1.8 million square miles of ocean surface, nearly 5,000 square miles of the indian ocean floor has turned up nothing. today the united states and nato will formally end 13 years of war in afghanistan with the ceremony at their military headquarters in cabo. 13,500 troop wills remain there in a world through the afghan forces as the change of duty starts january 1. more than 2,200 american soldiers have been killed. the controversy conditions over a t-shirt that bears the last word of the man who died.
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the t-shirt reads i can't breathe. the girls basketball team, there's that troop right there that they were reportedly planning on wearing them at the three-day basketball tournament. it is a tournament that they were invited to and then disinvited. school officials were concerned that if the girls wore those shirts during warm ups they could have stirred violence. professional basketball players like lebron james and kobe bryant have worn shirts without repercussions from the nba. time now 7:18. let's turn to rosemary. i'll tell you what by mid- afternoon yesterday it was a brilliant day and the family was out there. going on bike rides and that it was great. we had beautiful sunny skies. temperatures are on the cooler side, but that would make a big difference outside the doors for today that it is a lot like yesterday, giving you a live look there towards the east. and it is the richmond bridge as we would have the sun on their way up, depending on where you live with partly
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cloudy, mostly sunny starts for the day moving over nor then sides to help keep the temperatures up over yesterday morning, so we will be very cold today, but not as cold as we will take a look at your current conditions in just a moment. in the coming days we have a system that will be dropping out of canada. not a lot of moisture with it, but they will bring us a cold blast of air and that it is perhaps some of the coldest temperatures that we have seen so far at least this season, right? although that they just started, but it will be coming in right about the tuesday and wednesday time frame as we will run you through the next two days to see how it pinpoints today. a lot like yesterday, temperatures in the 50s, partly cloudy to mostly sunny for your afternoon and it will be very similar and that they have dropped in. a little tough to see. not a lot of moisture with this, but you will see the clouds move through the bay area on tuesday afternoon and that it is the main concern with the system that will be the wind that you could see a
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little bit of snow off, which would be really awesome, but not a lot of moisture that it will be the cold blustery winds that come in with it on tuesday and wednesday and notice that on wednesday afternoon you didn't see any rainfall that it has shifted in to the southern california areas and it will continue to move off, but it will be the next system that is not expected to see much rain with it, but you could see the cold windy weather. 40 degrees in concord this morning. 36 in santa rosa. 42 redwood city. 37 san jose. quite cold out there, but not freezing. we are looking at temperatures continuing to climb as we get in to the second half of the morning and by the afternoon if you're going to levi stadium to see the niners play 53 degrees at game time. widespread low to mid-50s in the forecast with dry conditions. in the extended forecast here again i've noticed there's not a lot of changes going on for monday, but tuesday and wednesday, wednesday being new year's eve will be very cold.
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it will be very breezy for some. by thursday they will begin to relax and in fact by wednesday night. these are the type of winds that could bring down power lines. gust up to 40 miles per hour. still a few days out that could change a little bit. but sort of what they would be predicting at this point. >> people are always curious about the fog and because of the fireworks. >> i know. but that's my point. that we have the fireworks. [ laughter ] >> it is jumpy and any cup of coffee that they are trying to get the word in. the fireworks are also on new year's eve, any fog during the area? >> we are going to be dry that we will be crazy. and blend be the issue for -- and wind will be the issue for sure. >> all right, thank you. >> happening today the two teams in the foster farms bowl game will take time out from practice to give back to the community of stanford and the university of maryland that will kick off tuesday night at levi stadium. this morning the maryland
7:22 am
players will serve meals at st. anthony's dining room while stanford visits clyde memorial church. they will hold pep rallies to drum up support for the bowl game. as we were just talking about a few days away from the start of the new year, which means many people will be celebrating across the bay area. coming up at 7:45, what the san francisco police department is doing to try to keep you safe. outraged after not being able to play their video games for three days. the new information from sony and what it now means for their online service.
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the white house is not commenting on north korea's latest streams of insults directed at president obama. >> but as they report he is blaming the u.s. for shutting down its internet all while denying it was involvemented in the cyber attack in sony pictures. >> north korea calling president obama reckless in wars and deeds followed by a derogatory comment coming as the isolated nation has more problems on saturday with its internet and cell phones. obviously north korea is not a tech savvy country, but has an impact on their leadership. the second time it has happened this week that they have been quick to blame the united states after he pledged to respond proportionately after the cyber attack on sony. where they would continue to take in the interview, which they have been sold out since their christmas day release,
7:25 am
bringing in a million dollars on christmas day and over 300 where they were suppose to be in 2,000 to 3,000 theaters with a drop in box office sales on friday and that the movie is only bringing in 600,000, far less than what was initially expected. but a week or two ago that many people never thought they would get a chance to see the movies as they would not include online sales, harder to track as they had watched on youtube and the other streaming services, at least $6 million that they were close to the $44 million that it took to produce, but they would be keeping a close eye to see if they could be viable when they are released online. at the same time in the box office. the problem is that there are reports out there that they were illegally downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. >> sony's playstation network is back on after a massive cyber attack on christmas. playstation says its services
7:26 am
were restored last night. microsoft's xbox live network was also knocked offline on christmas, but that service was restored the next day. a hacker group named lizard squad has claimed responsibility for the attacks. >> well honoring lives lost in the line of duty in new york city how the bay area law enforcement are paying tribute to the two officers while on the job. >> and the gas prices may be dropping, but it is not stopping the passengers from climbing on board in the bay area. we'll tell you how many more passengers, one transportation agency is actually seeing. another fridged start outside our doors this morning that we will check in on your current conditions to take a look at the extended forecast and even the colder systems on the way. i'll explain coming up.
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hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd. new developments overnight surrounding the 49ers head coach jim harbaugh and his future in ann arbor michigan. why sources say it is a gone deal. welcome back to mornings on 2 i'm mike mibach. >> i'm claudine wong. but first we want to talk about the weather and you're complaining it's a little cold. but rosemary you're saying it's not? >> not a lot. but he's making note of it. you're saying it's actually not as cold as it was yesterday? >> you're right. temperatures are up slightly. it is r still a very cold start
7:30 am
for many of us. how cold we'll show you those numbers here in just a little bit with the niners playing this afternoon and today it will be just as beautiful as yesterday with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. a dry, dry area remains in place and temperatures back in the 50s this afternoon with the stable air mass in place and the spare the air alert for today, which means that you will be exempt that you don't need to light it this morning that it will be tempting to give our atmosphere a break as far as bay area wide it is only the north bay that would have air quality just slightly above that 100 index number meaning slightly unhealthy. the rest of us will be with moderate airfall to try to keep it that way. temperatures outside right now. 36 degrees in areas like walnut creek and fairfield. 37 in napa. upper 30s in novado. 36 in santa rosa. 34 at sfo. 34 downtown. upper 30s redwood city stretching down to mountain
7:31 am
view. san jose you're checking in at 37. so again awfully chilly out there. but yesterday morning at this time we were tracking temperatures in the low 30s. areas like napa and santa rosa. 31 degrees at this hour yesterday and upper 30s, as well as 37 in san ramon. as we get in to the afternoon we have temperatures back in to the 50s that it will be a nice day to be outdoors. lining up your highs in the extended forecast to take your timelines for now and the new year's day back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. we will talk about coach jim harbaugh now because they have overnight developments in the saga of this 49ers head coach and where they would go from here. >> there are several reports that he would lead the team after today's game to become the next head coach at university of michigan. fox sports reporting that the michigan officials are in the bay area, talking to him this weekend with the hope of introducing them at the news conference on campus in ann arbor as soon as tuesday. >> he'll become the highest
7:32 am
paid football coach no matter if it will be college or the pros, but we should mention because these are all, that they are still reports and other reports this morning saying that there is no firm deal and that the raiders and possibly the chicago bears are interested in getting him. allie rasmus joining us live where football fans have strong feelings about whether the coach should stay or go. >> reporter: well mike the game doesn't start until 1:30, but there's preparations underway to get everything going for later on. you can see the workers up here putting up barricades. we had a chance to talk earlier this morning to several 49ers fans who also work at the area. do some of the behind-the- scenes work. and just about everyone was disappointed about the news that jim harbaugh will likely be leaving the 49ers and possibly taking the head coaching job at michigan, although that fans told us they were disappointed for different reasons. >> i'm disappointed that he didn't go to the raiders because they needed a change.
7:33 am
you know, like how he did for stanford and 49ers that he could do the same for the raiders. >> under his leadership we were able to accomplish quite a bit. and it's interesting how if you are not producing you are on your way out. i wish him the best. >> reporter: some fans we talked to were a little confused about why harbaugh is leaving. the niners are 7-8. they're not going to the super bowl, but it wasn't a horrible season. harbaugh and no one from the 49ers organization has spoken publicly or officially about his possible departure. you mention that at this point that everything is just in that reporting stage and that at their press conference that he did speak fondly about the 49ers fans. >> and they are there early. and that they would be there throughout the ball game as they would be there after the ball game that it will be a fan base that is very appreciative. >> and now today is the last
7:34 am
game of the season at levi stadium as they would get off to a rough start for the venue that it is the officials having to tear up. that they officially put in to replace it that they would complain about the lack of shade in the stadium and how hot it got on them early on in the season with highly publicized and moving things along as everyone would leave the stadium, but this morning that there is water under the bridge for a lot of people that are focused on the fact that it may be and it likely will be coach harbaugh, their last game with the 49ers here. back to you. >> the university of michigan did tweet out a happy birthday wish to coach harbaugh. thank you for the live report there outside levis. >> all right. so how do fans feel about all of this talk? well it depends on who you ask. she posted it on the facebook saying it is right up there with the loss of candlestick for me. wful. she's not liking this news.
7:35 am
but marios dis agrees saying it's the best for the team. they need a new coach with new ideas, go 49ers, posted on the facebook page and then betty how you pronounce her name that she kind of stays right in the middle saying it is the best of luck in your future jim harbaugh. >> thanks, claw dean. and in the east bay nay will be combining their love of coffee with the love of sports. as they explain how one man is using the encounters to reach their customers and their idles. >> hello how are you. >> reporter: we all have a morning routine. nearly everything. that they would sit in the shadows of the starbucks. >> i think that i was born. >> it is just the coffee to stretch the talent beyond the canvas. >> and i meant nick sitting exactly where they are now and that it would have been similar at the coffee shop where he was wearing their own work to inspire their business.
7:36 am
>> where did you get that? and they are like oh yeah, okay. so i started doing them. >> with each flash of color they would use 'em bolded moves. like those made by the 49ers. >> you guys are really truly the best in the world. and if i could just duplicate something where that could stop that moment and put it right there in a stroke of marketing genius two years ago i was inspired. he approached the tight end. and i said vernon and i did this for you. >> right. >> so i gave it to vernon and vernon, he put it in his showcase as the piece of art and somebody bought it. >> the artist himself on and off the field. meanwhile at nick's coffee shop gallery.
7:37 am
only planning to order a latte with his favorite players. with their fourth shutout mvp. they are known for staying true to their humbled routes as he wants to get his either. they donate a portion of the proceeds to youth, art, and sports charity. >> giving back too. because i was that inner city kid that, you know, i had to use a pencil that was that big sometimes. >> not only do they do great work. in a few hours. >> time just flies by. >> another hat complete and another example, the talent that could be scouted anywhere. >> all right. >> thank you. well the extended holiday ends today, which means that many people will be returning home to expect the airports to be jammed up today with a live
7:38 am
picture at san francisco international as they are one of the busiest travel days of the year and at nighttime in case you're not able to make out with the festive holiday decorations. and another live picture there with levi stadium in the back and the busiest times are early on in the day late morning between the hours of 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. as they would expect to serve half a million travelers around christmas. they would expect nearly 600,000 travelers and nearly 40,000 a day for the next week. one bay area amtrack rail corridor set a new ridership for revenue in november that the san joaquin line was at their second highest level in more than a decade that the news is a little surprising as falling gas prices usually reduce ridership, butridership was up on all of their charts last month. the san joaquin line is the fifth busiest corridor in the amtrack's nationwide system.
7:39 am
a bicyclist was hit and killed after trying to avoid crashing in to two other cyclists. it happened at 9:45 yesterday morning near dublin on eastbound highland road. the chp said about 50 to 60 cyclists were riding together when two cyclists crashed in to each other. the chp said one of the riders behind him crossed over the yellow lines to try to avoid that crash and then ended including what -- ended including the water truck. >> some of his relatives are in the process of traveling from china. ramos was laid to rest yesterday in an emotional service attended by 23,000 police officers from around the country.
7:40 am
he saluted his casket after being carried out of the church in queens. the service included the helicopter flyover before they were presented with that flag. and he pulled ramos' sons that they will not have to deal with their terrible loss alone. you have inherited the entire family that the men and women of the new york police department will always be there as long as you are alive. they never, never forget. >> ramos' 19-year-old son justin for his father's police jacket to the service, which was also attended by many of liu's relatives. the two officers killed in that ambush last weekend had been
7:41 am
promote today first grade and will be partners all the time. a handful of police officers and sheriff deputies from the bay area made the pilgrimage. among them are the police captain. she says that the service was the first step in a long journey for the police department and the new york city community to heal and to come together during some trying and divided times. >> we visited the station or the burro. and they couldn't be nicer. they are holding up the community taking care of them. >> we also spoke to corporal justin graham. the officers tell us serving their communities and the dangers they face every day are the ties that bind them together no matter the department. >> those images are so powerful. your time is 7:42. we are just days away from the start of the new year, which means a lot of people will be celebrating across the bay area. up next san francisco police
7:42 am
will be live in studio to tell you what they are doing to keep you safe. dry and cool with an arctic blast in the forecast. i'll lay out the patterns for your sunday and the final days of 2014 coming up.
7:43 am
7:44 am
all right thousands of people are expected to head to san francisco as they would do every year to celebrate the new year. joining us now is the chief how you guys are preparing and obviously some big areas of the city to get filled up. of course on the fireworks, right? >> well, we have the fireworks.
7:45 am
and that there is not an event planned this year. >> it's how it always go. >> people expect them, you know, the disco ball to drop. we don't do that. >> i know. you don't do anything that you would have ten countdowns. to watch their phones. so tell me how you guys prepare that obviously you said all hands on deck for this. >> we have every available member working as we do each year. it is very well planned. and it's kind of a family event. so we are very mindful of zero tolerance. and because they use thousands of children and it is a fun event for the traditions that people are establishing. >> it is wall to wall now and that we're looking at the video that you're talking about the kids that there will be one of them. but how do you keep them out of there? do you find that they are trying to keep in to have no
7:46 am
problem? >> that we do monitor people very closely that they sometimes try sneaky things that we would start very early and then you see people that are trying to take them to the sobering senses very early in the evening. our days would start much earlier than that, the midnight fireworks. we do encourage people not to bring alcohol because we have not asked you with the open containers that we will take and discard the content or give you the choice to live. and so does the zero tolerance for that public intoxication with the open containers as they would have a very high number of uniforms and the plain clothed officers out there. >> so you will be watching. but obviously they are not just for safety, but that it is not easy, right? >> no, it isn't. we advocate public
7:47 am
transportation. but be aware that they would stop montgomery, so check the website. i think that from 8:00 p.m. is free to the public. so public transportation is all good. any of the problems that you would see or that you should be aware of as long as people come on time to give us plenty of times, don't drink that they should be good. >> we want people to come in and to have a good time. we enjoy new year's eve as we would do that job. >> thank you so much for coming in chatting with us on mornings on 2. we appreciate it. and now that she's working on safety that we have rosemary working on the weather making sure it's clear and maybe not too cold on new year's eve. >> no rain in the forecast with the fog that we should be fog free. it will be cold as it looks like we would be awfully cold. we'll get to those numbers in just a moment. where we will be waking up with
7:48 am
the beautiful sunshine like another glorious day. a little bit of a spiderweb there trying to hold on that the winds are light generally out there as we would be looking at the near repeat for the second half of the afternoon. mostly sunny skies, a little bit on the cooler side, but not bad. giving you a look here where we would continue to move through the pacific northwest, even in to the north corner of rain or scattered showers. for today, it will be in and out of those mid to high-level clouds once again with blue skies in between as we would get them in a little bit closer that you would have mostly clear skies to wake up cold, but not as cold as we were yesterday morning with no frost advisory to worry about as well. we'll bring you through the next few days that today and tomorrow will be very similar. as we get in to monday night more so on tuesday and wednesday that we would have a system dropping out of canada that will bring us the very
7:49 am
cold blustery weather to take a look at sunday morning. it's not a lot going on out there outside the cold that we do have monday and without a breeze and then on monday night that this is when the system will begin to drop in as you can see it over northern california that we remain dry for monday evening. then notice how they begin to slide on through that you may not notice that there will not be a lot of rain, but what we may have that will be a very cold system with a few of those peaks, they will make it a few showers, so we will be tracking that, which is kind of exciting with the snowfall falling over the sierras as they continue to push out that we would get very cold windy air that moves in, which will be tuesday afternoon and in to wednesday afternoon and it will be a little tough to tell if the winds will subside in time for new year's eve evening, but we will be tracking it between now and then and that is what is to come for the final days of
7:50 am
2014. outside the door this morning we have 30 degrees. 36 in fairfield and livermore and upper 30s in mountainview as well. 55 for san rafael. 54 in vallejo. oakland 54. 54 for passive coo. in to the south bay temperature will be in the low to mid-40s. 54 degrees at levi stadium. 55 for mountain view and 55 for san jose. the extended forecast here with the second half of your weekend in view. today, tomorrow a little change in the forecast. but by monday night we should begin to feel that wind pick up. and then on tuesday cold and breezy. tuesday night in to wednesday we will continue with this blustery pattern on wednesday morning that it will be very chilly, perhaps even freeze warnings for parts of the bay area. then the winds would start to die down. thursday new year's day will be partly cloudy, dry with less winds and temperatures slightly up. >> with the holidays still in tow they continue their crackdown on drunk driving.
7:51 am
last night the police department was just one of the eight agencies conducting dui and license check points. officers would look for impaired drivers as well as unlicensed drivers. well it was publicized check points, reducing the number of accidents up to 20%. between 6:00 christmas eve and 6:00 yesterday morning their officers arrested 94 drivers suspected of being under the influence. during that time there were no dui-related traffic deaths here in the bay area as we are still waiting on last night's numbers. tomorrow the state senator jerry hill will announce a bill requiring all drivers convicted of driving under the influence to install the ignition interlock device in their vehicles. 24 states currently require these devices for first time convicted dui drivers. california, they would have a four county pilot program including alameda and sacramento counties. as we would ring in the new
7:52 am
year we will also be ringing in the new state laws, including their consent laws, which requires the colleges and public schools to enforce that policy that only in a firmtive yes means consent to sexual activity that there will be a new law in response to the drought, supporting homeowners who let their lawns go blank. the other rule will go in to effect to make it easier to fire abusive teachers. another that will require police to check the gun data bases as they conduct the welfare calls. the plastic banned back then is set to go many to july for the big stores, but their efforts may delay their start. the search continues for a missing plane in the java sea. what we're learning about the passengers with the final contact with the pilot. >> and the clock is ticking for those affected by the summer earthquake. the deadline they would face tomorrow to help prepare some
7:53 am
of the damage.
7:54 am
7:55 am
well a rescue is underway to help those that were caught fire where so far 140 people have been pulled to safety from the ship. there are nearly 500 people on board that ferry. now the fire broke out in a lower deck earlier today that many passengers are from germany, italy, austria. 55 miles per hour winds will be hindering the rescue efforts. the victims of the earthquake would have until tomorrow to register for federal disaster that the quake would happen last august, estimated to have caused more than $300 million in damages. according to the federal emergency management agency that fema has helped more than 2,700 people affected by quake. saying they would help with disaster-related needs with housing and repair. >> some boy scouts are trying to raise money by recycling the christmas trees yesterday, creating the recycling center
7:56 am
at the marina and starting today and they will be continuing next weekend that the boys will be cruising the streets for today's letdown on the curb side by the homeowners as they would need to use the money to help pay for summer activities. >> these boys will be doing a lot of the higher adventure works. if you see the boys in your neighborhood and you want to contribute that checks should be made payable to the boy scouts of america. christmas is over in the city of san francisco. starting this friday that they will pick up any discarted trees that will be left to recycling bins that plan on taking them to tracy where they will be burned to generate electricity. san francisco hopes to have that by the year of 2020. and that curb side collection will last for two weeks from
7:57 am
january 2 to january 16. >> all right your time now is 7:57. we following some news overseas because of the other passenger jet that has gone missing. we'll tell you about the final contact by the pilot. and why that weather may be to blame. a burst of cold weather that will be rising right through the shelter. yes, another cool day and eventually getting colder. i'll have what you can expect for your sunday and the extended forecast coming up.
7:58 am
start a revolution with nespresso. a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee.
7:59 am
the san francisco 49ers play their last game today. the new developments surrounding the head coach jim harbaugh and his future. >> many of us are waking up once again in the 30s. i'll update your current conditions to take a look at what you can expect coming up. and a passenger jet that disappears from the java sea. what we are learning about those passengers with a research underway. mornings on 2 continues. good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. i'm claudine wong. >> i'm mike mibach as it is definitely winter out there, at
8:00 am
least it feels like. another chilly start to the weekend day. >> you're right. if you're thinking about sparking up the fire in the fireplace, not so fast that it is also a spare the air day. we'll step outside and take a look at the mostly clear skies with a little bit of the haze there and that is what will be the case for today. very stable air mass in place. we have them there in the backdrop. and just a beautiful day in store for most of us. when it comes to our air quality it is overpriced to the north bay where we have managed to climb up above that 100 index level, which means just slightly unhealthy in to the afternoon for today. the rest of us still with moderate air quality, but we don't want it to get any worse and certainly again a spare the air day for the entire bay area today. 35 degrees right now at walnut creek. 39 in concord and we have 30s in areas like napa and novado. not as cold as yesterday morning where some of the areas, napa, santa rosa will remember exactly your neighborhoods. 31 degrees as we would start the morning and the areas in
8:01 am
and around walnut creek that will be sub freezing. and a tad bit warmer this morning for the peninsula as well as the bay area and a few upper 30s to slide along the peninsula with a few more numbers, outside your door and in to sunny veil at 39. saratoga checking in at 36. at game time 54 degrees. clear skies with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies as we would continue with the dry cool pattern today, tomorrow, and then a blast that will move in to the bay area. i'll explain that coming up. there is your forecast for the games, but a lot of other talk this morning surrounding the 49ers as they just said that the last game is at 125. it is not just the game either. >> all the focus is on jim harbaugh as we have been hearing for a while that coach harbaugh, the university of michigan that has been trying
8:02 am
to get him to become the head coach there in ann harbor and now multiple reports are saying that he has decided to do that all starting with the reports in the new york times. >> and then it just spirals from this with everyone saying yes, we have confirmed. even though there's no official announcement that they are assuming it's a done deal. but it is important to mention that he has a job with them in their fourth year of this five- year contract. but it's what we told you yesterday morning that they sent officials to the bay area this weekend to try to talk to them about this new deal. >> and it was five years for $25 million. it is six years for $48 million. significantly more. the news conference could happen possibly in ann harbor, michigan as early as tuesday. michigan of course cutting very close to jim harbaugh and he did play there for three seasons back in the 80s.
8:03 am
right there with their arms up, making the rose bowl appearance at 87 on o new year's day. >> yes, he was starting for 84 to 87 and then through that one. he started that pro career with the chicago bears. then he went on to coach, which is when he would head to the bay area that he was the raiders quarterback coach in 2002 and 2003 and then went back to college, so it is very familiar to them and of course a lot of us watched the coach at stanford. >> yes, he had a 29-6 record and at stanford he went 29 with the 2010 season being their best record there that this year they went 5-7 and in that passing being a quarterback, being a lot to have them in that head coaching position if they choose to. >> it is the emotional part of that and let's get some wins as he has not said anything.
8:04 am
in fact that he has dodged his skills. this is what he would say to the reporter that late last week that the question was did he have any intention of resigning? >> we tried that. very thoroughly. and what will happen will happen and what won't happen won't happen. >> so there is no yes or no answer to my question is that what you're saying? >> correct. >> so we are waiting for him to speak. we might not hear from him. >> i just looked harbaugh in his eyes, thanking him for leading us to some of the best times of our lives. give respect when it is due. he also later tweeted that, "it is only right i wish him the best on my next coaching job." if you google him you'll see where that will be.
8:05 am
but that tweet was later deleted. the tweets and the facebook posts would continue to come in from fans reacting right here in the bay area. do you have more of those? >> we are checking in with the viewers to see what they would think on the facebook page that they would post this comment. that too bad it was not up to the usual stanford that the coach would always pay for their bad years. good luck to him. and then that we would have one more for you. that this is from them saying that we will not lose any sleep over it and that i will be a fan after they leave. i say the same thing to the gm and the owners and the turnovers there too. >> we saw the other tweet from the university of michigan on december 23. jim harbaugh's birthday and the wolverines were wishing the coach a happy birthday. maybe doing a little recruiting themselves in that social media realm that we will see what
8:06 am
happens. no super bowl, not even the playoffs. the disappointing end for their fans. joining us live right now outside the stadium where it will be a little more than five hours away from what will be shaping up to be his last game as the 49ers head coach. >> that's right. a lot of them were disappointed about their departure and possibly being his last game at levi stadium with the team. they also work at the stadium as you mention that it does not start until 1:30, but they would make everything run that they would start their days much earlier than that. and this is their reaction to the news. he's a neat guy. so sometimes i get to see him and he is always like hi, he speaks to you. an awesome guy. >> it is complex because we
8:07 am
just launched this new venue and there's a lot of pressure to perform. unfortunately that he did not hit his mark and that i do think that it took kind of a harsh reaction. >> some of the fans we talked to were confused about why he's leaving that the niners are 7-8 that they are not going to the super bowl or the playoffs. it could have been much worse. they had known from the 49ers organization has spoken publicly about this possible and likely departure. at this point everything is just a report with multiple reports and a lot of them from credible sources. almost with a big hint about the 49ers fans. >> they are there early. and they are there, you know, throughout the ball game and they are there after the ball game. that this is a fan base and very appreciative. >> now today is of course the
8:08 am
last game of the season at the new stadium. things got off to a rough start with officials having to tear out the water to replace it and that fans had complained earlier in the season about the lack of shade and heat in the parts of the stadium and the very highly publicized stadium, getting in and out of the stadium after the game time. but i think that at this point as you mentioned that the focus of the fans isn't so much open the stadium, being the last game here of the season as it is with a possibility that it is probably the last game that coach jim harbaugh would play here at the 49ers organization. back to you guys. >> let's hope that the season will end with a w, which means they would have that season, but it should be quite the interesting post-game press conference for the head coach. thank you very much for that report. even though that it appears that he may be headed to michigan that the raiders are reportedly still going after him. the nfl sources say that the owner will approach the 49ers,
8:09 am
asking them if he could talk to hear bow. still he is under contract with them as he could not talk to the other nfl teams unless they would give the okay. now the raiders and their coach, they have done well with their term there at their helm. he has won three of his last five games at the head coach, the silver and black that finish up the season in denver against peyton manning and the broncos as you can watch them right here on mornings on 2 that ends in about 20 minutes, to bring you the sports weekend at 8:30. and then it will be the fox nfl sunday at 9:00. dallas against the redskins at 10:00. and kick off at 1:25. and the point after with the sports director mark ibanez. your time is 8:10. we've been talking about this missing passenger jet because search and rescue crews are desperately trying to find it. when we come back we will have more on what the pilot told air traffic controllers just before that plane disappeared. dry weather in stored for
8:10 am
us today as we do have even colder weather moving in for the week ahead. take a look at what you can expect for your sunday and practice the blast of cold air that will be coming up.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> okay, we'll continue to follow that story. it is 8:14 as we want to continue to weather as these cold temperatures, that we are seeing that they seem to continue the first week of winter coming to a close with some of the coldest temperatures in the bay area that have been in the north bay. >> that's right. they would say that they would have extra steps being taken by the shelters there to help the homeless community. after dark that they would go up. and hot chocolate and coffee arrives. the propane heaters, for the stubbornness to get going than the other. and the patients, persistence, i think that these folks know and as they piece together a fragile life on the streets, for the 58-year-old when they became homeless last summer that it was a lot warmer than what it is now. >> i'm bundled up as i have three jackets now.
8:15 am
i'm fine. >> and he's the most important thing for those people outside that the donations of the hats, gloves, coats, safety bags that have been coming in since the cold snap started as they would have about 1,000 shelter vets. but four times that many homeless people. in sonoma county there's about 30 deaths every single year. at the rescue mission that they would offer comfort and heat here to the homeless clients that would be said and allowed to sleep in the chapel, the dining room, any free space and a room full of people will be shuttled to the local church, opening their doors for the night. the dorms will be full. half of them are reserved for the long-term recovery. poor health to make the cold even more dangerous. >> we are hoping that, you know the people that really need to be on the side that they
8:16 am
>> two months. she says 30 deaths on average because of the cold weather. >> it is very sobering. it's not just the temperatures rosemary says we need to be concerned about, but you have the wind and gusts coming our way. >> that's right. some of the coldest air so far this early winter season on the way and it will hit us in time for the final days of 2014. not a lot of moisture with this system, but it will be brutal in another sense. take a look outside and we will take a look at them this
8:17 am
morning as temperatures are chilly once again, not quite as cold yesterday, but still in the 30s. we will get to your numbers in just a moment as they would continue. and that ridge of high pressure will continue off the pacific, keeping the storm track to the north of us with a little bit of rain. but it will not sink far enough for your bay area today and this afternoon that we will be a lot like what we had yesterday afternoon, coming in from canada, going to eventually get to us with a system that will move through. we will run you through the future cast model to run to the next few days ahead to talk about today. and so here we go that today is mostly sunny, partly cloudy and we are dry with at least most of us, partly cloudy to mostly dry conditions and the
8:18 am
temperatures on the cool side and that by monday night that there is that system that will begin to move in as you can see it here just north of i-80 by monday evening. so not a lot of moisture with this system, but definitely a lot of cold air moving in throughout the overnight hours as you can see how it moves through the bay area that it is something we will believe in the possibility of a few scattered showers. with that will come snow showers down to 2,500 feet. and that it will be pretty spectacular if we squeeze out a little bit of snow after this and all the way down to the foothills by tuesday morning. if you're going there for your holiday and that the cold air will come in with the windy conditions with a possibility of 45 miles per hour. bringing down the power lines, still more than 48 hours out. we'll continue to track it for the days ahead. let's talk about this morning where we have partly cloudy, mostly sunny skies with the temperatures in the mid-30s.
8:19 am
35 santa rosa. 44 san francisco. 39 degrees for livermore. in to the afternoon feeling pretty good if you're going to be out. mostly sunny skies as you may need the jacket. but in any case 55 in berkeley and san francisco and 55 in hayward and mid to upper 50s for the south bay looking at 55 at morgan hill as well as the low to mid-50s for your afternoon if you're going to see the niners play. the extended forecast, again, subtle changes in stored for tomorrow. but by tuesday we will feel it as it could be quite brutal when it is very cold and windy and overnight that the lows will be dropping to the upper 20s perhaps. >> you mentioned the possible power outages if the lines come down and the winds will be strong. >> especially in the hills that we will fine tune it once we get close, but that they will be predicting us at this point. >> we will talk about the windchills, and they will have a little bit of that. >> yes. a little windchill. >> you got it. >> outrage after not being able to play their video games for three days.
8:20 am
>> and now say it ain't so. >> some new information from sony and what it will mean for their online service.
8:21 am
the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf.
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if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing zero down, zero deposit and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. all right the white house is not commenting on north korea's latest streams of insults and accusations directed at president obama. >> he is blaming the u.s. for shutting down its internet all while denying that it was involved in that cyber attack on sony pictures. north korean leaders are angry
8:23 am
over the movie, "the interview," depicting the assassination of kim jong-un. the movie did bring in over $1 million at the box office though on christmas day. sony's playstation network is back online after a massive cyber attack on christmas. playstation says its services were restored last night. microsoft's xbox live network was also knocked off online christmas, but the services were restored the next day. a hacker group named lizard squad has been responsible for the attack. >> all right, let's talk about the interview as they caused controversy, but it's not the only one. the movie has been banned in egypt. >> that something is coming. >> and egypt's ministry of culture says that the movie was banned for historical inaccuracies. he has also reportedly banned the film, which traumatizes what they were stuck, leading the jewish people out of egypt. >> all right. >> 8:24 the warriors win another game, but what happens after the game is getting a lot
8:24 am
of attention. >> we will show you how one of the stars of that game got dunked on by a teammate. start a revolution with nespresso. a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste
8:25 am
with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. happening today the two bowl games -- the two teams in the bowl game will give back.
8:26 am
>> yes, they are going to kick off on tuesday night at levi stadium this morning. and the maryland players will be serving meals at the dining room and while stanford would visit the church in san francisco. >> all right cool. and also when they are big and football players are often dousing the gatorade, or some sort of liquid. >> and just making a simple point. they are making a simple point. >> i love that the expression and that they get to go right back to what they were saying right there that they were being interviewed. 110-107 victory over minnesota. and guy is behind them dumping the water, which is seth curry. it wasn't a lot of water. >> it is damaging the courts, he is very smart not to bring out the big buckets, instead a little water. just a cup.
8:27 am
known around the country that when they are hot they are hot, but not hot today though. >> you're right. but it's not pad that you mentioned it earlier at one time. >> yes. >> a light jacket. sunny skies. who could complain about that? we'll have fair skies for the big game this afternoon at 1:25. 54 degrees on the extended forecast here that will be cool and dry today with a little change for tomorrow and then again just some very cold air that will be coming in from the arctic. some of the coldest temperatures that we have seen, although it is a very early season, but take a look at the numbers from the upper 20s to the lower 30s. and in the afternoon wind that could definitely make it. >> that's brutal. >> yes. all right, bundle up. stay tuned to the niners game. >> coming up following football on fox. the latest reports that jim harbaugh is officially agreeing to coach at the university of michigan. we will be leaving you up with
8:28 am
a live look at the stadiums and the 9ers and the cardinals will stay face off. have a great sunday everyone.
8:29 am
8:30 am
. >> hello, everybody. welcome to the ktvu mercedes- benz sports weekend. coming up on today's show, the good news is we saw an emergence of the 49ers offense in a record-breaking way against the chargers. the bad news is that it still didn't translate into a win. levi stadium is not only the new home of the 49ers, but the new home of


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