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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 29, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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crews spot oil and objects in the java sea. people are expected to head to tahoe. how cold the temperatures are expected to drop. >> reporter: and the san francisco 49ers in search of a new head coach after parting ways with jim harbaugh. we'll you what is next for harbaugh -- coming up. and the raiders also looking for a new coach. details on who reportedly is on the short list for the big job. "mornings on 2" begins right now. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." you are taking a live look at levi stadium in santa clara. pretty shot there. later today, the 49ers will hold a news conference to discuss the team's search for a new head coach and coming up in a couple of minutes, ktvu's alex savidge will have more on
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how players are reacting to the news of coach jim harbaugh's departure. might be a couple of players leaving as well. all of that coming up. good morning. it's monday, december 29th. i'm tori campbell. >> good to see you back. >> good to see you, too. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic. steve has so much to tell you and we'll be shivering tomorrow. >> yes, you will. [laughter] >> there you are. tomorrow night into thursday looking very cold. sorry, dave. >> wow. >> get ready. if you are heading out for new year's eve, bundle up, people are saying it's already cold. what are you talking about? colder air is on the way nd you a throw in a robust breeze and you will feel it. temperatures will take a plunge and take us into freeze mornings by thursday morning. our system up in the pacific northwest, this is it. yes. this is it. there won't be much in the way of snow or rain. there could be a few showers.
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a lot of low clouds have increased here. most locations are in the 40s. a few 30s. santa cruz mountains as well. did see bonnie dune at 33. a few upper 20s. grayton and sebastopol 29. a lot of 30s, including la fayette, orin dawn, brentwood, pittsburg. the low clouds will favor areas around the bay and inland but it's the cold plunge. i haven't said this in a long time, it could be one of those crazy colds as we head towards tuesday night and then also into wednesday and very windy from top to bottom. from crescent city to san diego even over to las vegas, it looks very cold. partly cloudy today. a lot of 50s on the temps. so far, quiet. brian filling in for sal. >> yes, sir. very we quiet besides the fact it's it's getting cold, i like it. there was a traffic issue in san francisco. a sinkhole opened up on friday on 4th street between market
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and mission. that part of 4th street is shut down as we speak. the water department tells us at least one lane will reopen at some point. the crew also says the hole may be connected to the construction work with the central subway project. a private contractor is working on a fix right now. taking a look at the maps, this is contra costa earlier. earlier there was a sig-alert on northbound 680 in martinez as you approach the 4 connector. that sig-alert has been canceled as of 6:48. that's good news. as you can see, still residual delays up in that area. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, take a look at this. considering it's a monday. normally, this would be packed but it's looking very good. i would say about 10, 15 minutes to get you across the span. 7:03. back to tori. >> thank you, brian. both bay area nfl teams are now searching for new head coaches. alex savidge is live in san santa clara where the 49ers management will hold a news conference this afternoon.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. jim harbaugh certained the 49ers around leading them to three nfc title games and a super bowl. but morning, harbaugh is gone. the team put out a statement late yesterday and it says they've mutually agreed to part ways. the 49ers and jim harbaugh, after a mediocre 8-8 season filled with a number of off the field issues. harbaugh went out a winner yesterday. 9ers beat the cardinals here on sunday. after that victory, players on the sideline gave him a gatorade bath. during his four seasons here is, he compiled a record of 49, 22, 1. he still had one year left on his five-year contract. it seemed as though the writing was on the wall. the time was write for jim harbaugh and the 49ers to go their separate ways. >> a lot of great memories. great moments. it's been a tremendous four
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years. >> a lot of us have been here with him since he has been here. a lot of he players saw how he turned things around and turned the organization into a winning one. it's tough to let that go but at the same time we have to keep moving forward as players because our careers going on. >> reporter: now the big issue, who will replace harbaugh? there are a couple of in-house candidates that are. later on today -- that are possible. later on today, the 49ers management will talk about the search for a new head coach. multiple reports say that jim harbaugh is headed off to michigan. nothing is set in stone and the wild card may be the raiders. there have reports out this morning that hare vau is expected to meet -- har harbaugh is expected to meet with the raiders today.
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we'll see how this plays out. we could get a curve ball. the players aren't the only ones bidding him a fond fairwell, fans reacted to the news he's leaving the 49 -- the 49ers' organization. >> we went through years of turmoil and jim harbaugh brought us back to prommy -- prommy prom nance. >> every time i bring new friends to this particular stadium, we want to walk around and see it because it's such a dramatic difference from candlestick. >> fans have their sights set on next year, especially since levi stadium will host super bowl l. they say the only thank that would make that game
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better if the 49ers play in it. and the oakland raiders are also searching for a head coach. they could still be in the run be for jim harbaugh's services. mark davis plans to speak with harbaugh this morning. the raiders finished their season with a 47-14 loss to the denver broncos yesterday. interim head coach will be interviewed for the job, mike holmgren are also thought to be on the list of candidates. well, the search for the missing air air shaw plane suspended -- airasia plane suspended in the jaw saw sea as crews battle bad weather. ktvu's katie utehs is live with more on debris that was found and how investigators say there is a possibility of survivors.
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>> reporter: crews are located debris and fuel sliks. it may not be associated with the jet plane. some say the plane is likely at the bottom of the java sea. here are images of the pilot. company leaders say he logged more than 20,000 hours in the air so he was an experienced pilot. the plane took off from surabaya, but lost contract withary traffic control 40 minutes into the flight sunday. the pilot asked for an altitude change because of severe thunderstorms. he was denied because another plane was already flying at that altitude. what happened to the
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search. 239 people were on the
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malaysian flight when it vanished and in july, soldiers shot down mh-17. 298 people died there. meantime, some people who were scheduled to be on that now missing air airasia plane are very thankful they missed the flight. 26 people bought tickets but did not board the family. a family of ten said they weren't aware the flight's departure time was moved up two hours. so by the time they got to the airport, the plane had already left. they were in the process of negotiating for refunds when the news came in that plane was missing. 7:10. police arrested a man in palo alto after a dramatic police chase that started when the man reportedly tried to run over a police officer. police say 21-year-old
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augustine was driving a stolen truck early yesterday morning. an officer on foot tried to stop him but police say the man almost ran him over. at least 20 officers from several agencies joined the choice before the driver abandoned the truck. the man was arrested and is now facing four felonies including assault with a deadly weapon. the bay area's recent rains are making north bay trancy officials take another look for the smart train. work on the project has been delayed. it was supposed to start in san rafael but the heavy rains washed out the rail beds for the tracks are supposed to go. now, officials are working on fixing that problem and preventing storm damage once the tracks are in place. if you are heading to lake tahoe for new year's eve, you can expect a lot of company. thousands are expected at the snow globe music festival in south lake tahoe. the festival starts today. it ends new year's day at 1:00
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a.m. organizers expect 14,000 people at this three-day event. if you will be going prepare four yef for cold weather. the high today in south lake tahoe will be 39 degrees. on tuesday and wednesday, the highs are expected to be in the low 20s. >> everyone needs to get ready for cool weather. >> all right. >> exactly. 7:12. did you receive a gift card for the holidays that you really don't think you will use? multiple options are popping up to help you trade them in but there is a catch. coming up in 25 minutes, why getting what you really want will cost you. the giants clinching another world series win and that catch there, one of the biggest sports moments of 2014. up next we'll look at some of the other moments that made headlines. you can repeat that moment
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over and over again. good morning, everybody. we're keeping a -- an aon the bay area traffic -- an eye on the bare traffic. a lot of reports of clouds hoeferrer some. bridge, reducing visibility. but really that's not the big story. the big zoir is the -- the big story is cold and wind.
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it is 7:15. for many people, the week after christmas is the time to relax and maybe set goals for the new year. 91-year-old ernie came home to his family in redding. he spent more more than a year running across the country. he's running across america to raise awareness about a little known hero of the war. it's called the lst, a ship used to transport troops and
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supplies directly onto enemy beaches. >> now that we're retired, we started seeing it and -- the under people are not being educated about it, i guess we're all getting concerned. >> andres will get back to his cross-country run after the first of the year. he's run from san diego as far as new mexico. he hopes to make it to brunswick, georgia in the next three years. >> it's a fascinating story. history. >> yes, absolutely. with the new year just a couple of days away right now, we wanted to look back at some of the good, the bad and some really controversial bay area sports moments. one that was talked about a lot was the arrest of ray mcdonald on domestic violence charges. the leaked violence happened at a party at his home in -- alleged violence happened at a party at his his home.
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and then we found out recently about a new sexual assault woman against mcdonald. a woman claims she was sexually assaulted after a night of drinking with ray mcdonald e was released by the team on the 17th of december. this is the best moment of our career. >> the san francisco giants became world champs. they beat the royals in seven games to capture the third world series title since 2010. efand madison bumgarner was voted most valuable player. despite the best efforts of hunter pence and everyone at this rally to keep third baseman pablo sandoval, just weeks after the world series win, panda
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their head coach. >> and the falcons fired their coach as well. >> black monday. >> yes. 7:18. well, brian knows all about your traffic. you are in sal for and doing a
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bangup job. >> oh, dave. >> of course. >> again. >> i'm giving it to you. >> another $20 in your mailbox. this is what we do, we compliment each other and give each other money. traffic looking good. one area looking good is northbound 101 near novato. the reason i bring this up, there is a lot of fog out there. low clouds, if you will. this is one of the areas that the chp talked about. excuse my circle. it's one of the worst drawn circles in history of mankind. chp says low clouds especially around highway 37 and 101. be aware of that. take a look at the golden gate bridge now. that camera point taken. as you can see, we saw the bridge earlier but it is starting to get socked in as you head towards marin county if you are heading towards san francisco as well. we take a look at this. highway 24 from la fayette. there are cars out there on the
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roadways, you can see it on the bottom left-hand screen but it's very foggy in some parts, low clouds, if you will. be aware if you are headed out this morning. overall traffic, not too bad out there. steve? >> yes, brian. >> it's gonna get cold. >> it will get colder. the good news, the fog will be wiped out by the breeze. but that breeze is going to be pretty strong. a pretty good layer of low crowds an nothing. concord, buchanan, santa rosa. many bridges reporting reduced visibility at 7:00. up above, it's mostly clear, but we have a weak little system on the way. that's gonna play into not only a cold forecast but wednesday night, if you are heading out, it will be cold and breezy. temperatures will drop off the table. very fast as this system right there, that's it. we're getting the western edge of it. but a low is going to form over southern california and drift over to las vegas, which is talking about getting snow. las vegas wednesday night.
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for -- 40s for many. a few 30s. parts of the peninsula, redwood city, santa cruz mountains. menlo park has dipped to 37. foster city close. los altos hills, 44. not only chilly to cold here but 9 below in bismarck. minneapolis, 2. bills 2 and the cold air -- bills 2 and the cold air stretching to oklahoma city, little rock even into dallas fort worth. reno 20s. palm springs 39. las vegas, 33. it's cold. redding 29. it's even gonna get colder. some areas around the coast should have mostly sunny skies today but around the bay and also inland, we'll start off mostly cloudy with that low cloud deck, monday morning fog. as our system takes the plunge straight on down to the north, the low will form somewhere over central southern california. the wind min will crank up.
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that's the good news. it will be cold and breezy. some areas will not get above the upper 40s. >> wow. >> did you run that by tori? >> i just did. >> i got some arctic boots for christmas. >> i will be all set. >> thank you. 7:22. a great white shark attack off
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the california coast. coming up at 7:45, how a surfer was able to get to safety after escaping the jaws of the shark. and a chance to shred bad memories of 2014. up next, how people in new york city prepared themselves for
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." the time is almost here. we are counting down to 2015. in just a couple of days, thousands of people will ring in the new year and a really popular spot to do that, the embarcadero. san francisco. look at these pictures. hundreds of thousands of -- of people expected to be there gathering to watch the annual fireworks display. san francisco police say they will have every available police officer onhand to control the crowds. >> we do encourage people not
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to bring alcohol because we will ask you to leave. >> you encouraged if you are gonna go, use public transportation. b.a.r.t. and muni, they are adding extra trains and buses to help handle the crowds. b.a.r.t. is expanding service until 3:00 in the morning. but the trains won't stop at every station. some people in new york city can't wait for the new year to start and they are shredding away 2014. yesterday was the eighth annual good riddance day. crowds of people showed up in times square to take advantage of an industrial sized shredder. some people brought divorce papers or pictures of cheating spouses, others brought pink slips and junk mail. >> i think this is kind of a reset and reboot that we do as humans every year. >> organizers gave people the chance to write down on a piece of paper what they wanted to destroy. many people wrote down back-
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stabbing colleague, stress, poverty, cancer, debt. the event was organized by a paper shredding company called, shred it. an icy plunge for 500 people off the coast of massachusetts. coming up, the man who inspired the event and how much it's grown. with new year coming, there may be more impaired drivers on the road. hear about a new bill being introduced today that may make it more difficult for drunk drivers to get behind the wheel. we're in the heart of the morning commute on this monday morning but not looking typical of a monday morning. we'll give you an update on your bay area traffic. low clouds an fog. some of that fog is very thick and also chilly temperatures but chilly can't hold a candle, if you will, to cold air. cold weather is on the way. we'll talk about how cold.
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count out loud. 1, 2, 3. [laughter] >> i didn't do very well in gymnastics. >> she's trying. over the weekend -- this is rosemary orozco. she got a taste of what it's like to fail a field sobriety test. she hadn't been drinking but the glasses kind of tell you what happened. coming up in five minute, claudine wong will have more on that and we bust some of the myths about drinking and driving and before that, janine de la vega will have details on
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a bill being proposed that would make it a challenge for convicted drunk drivers to get behind the wheel. it's pretty important especially this time of year. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. i just ran out. >> okay. >> it's cold outside the door right now, steve. but not like it will be tomorrow. >> tomorrow night into wednesday and thursday. >> yeah. >> you will -- i just went outside, really cold out there. the fog is kind of a bigger story here this morning. there is a lot to go around. some of it is very thick out there. wasn't that bad. it seems like it is now. you can see the system up there. it's visiting oregon, portland. some of that rain turning to snow. that's the system. that's it. as it does come in, the western edge of that will drop in very cold air and then a low will form over southern california and that's going to crank up the wind machine. the low clouds have picked up in intensity.
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30s for some. but a lot more 40s but cold and foggy in that fog bank. 36 one location for morgan hill. one of our observers said 32 where he is there and also 33 towards gilroy. 37 los gatos. plenty of 30s in the santa cruz mountains. some by the coast. partly cloudy but the big story is the cold air plunge. partly sunny, partly cloudy. but tomorrow, colder, much colder. and the wind will pick up as well. highs will be in the 50s after some of that fog might make it tough for a few areas to get above 52, 53. by tomorrow afternoon, the cold air is on the way. now, brian, as you know, the fog has really picked up. >> it certainly has. i'm looking at my cameras. walnut creek, la fayette camera socked in. golden gate bridge, sorked in. be aware of that. if you are headed out on the roads this morning. but overall, bigger picture, traffic looks good. in is one trouble spot. westbound 4 as you approach 680. a traffic hazard on the roads. chp says a garbage can rolling
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in the lanes. so be aware of that. no major problems. not too bad as you approach the willow pass grade. taking a quick look at the livermore valley. this looks awesome. 580 going into hayward looks great. hopefully, it will stay like this for the rest of the morning. eight to ten minutes to get you across the span. things are looking so good that they canceled the metering lights at 7:08. it's pretty much free and clear. 280, 880 split in san jose. we haven't talked to much about the south bay. be aware of the low clouds an fog out there. here's tori. california could soon get a lot tougher on people convicted of drunk driving. later this morning, a bay area lawmaker is introducing a proposal to force offenders to have a special device installed
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in their cars. janine de la vega is live in mountain view to explain how the new technology could crack down on dui offenders. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, each year more than a thousand people are killed by drunk driverses in california. and state senator jerry hill wants to prevent more dearths from happening -- deaths from happening. this new bill will be unveiled this morning at 10:00 a.m. in redwood city by hill who represents san mateo and santa clara counties. now, it would require all drivers convicted of dui to install an ignition interlock device known as an iid in their vehicles. right now, it's just optional. only 20% of drivers do t the driver breathes into the device. if it detects alcohol, the vehicle won't start. the bill would enforce first- time offenders to install this device. >> i think it's important about this. it gets someone early.
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getting them to realize that they may or may not have a problem but they have to change their behavior. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies have been saturating bay area roads looking for impaired drivers during this holiday season and they will be out in force for new year's
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-- to get the full effect we put the goggles on rosemary orozco while the officer gave her a field sobriety test. watch how well she did not do. >> i'm going to count out loud, 1, 2, 3. >> you better -- better take her away. >> i didn't do well in gymnastics on the beam either. >> we told him to take her away. she looks to be on the light line but the idea, they give you a lot of multitasking to do
7:37 am
at the same time. when you look down, it's confusing. she said with the goggles on, she said the line was 6 inches from where it actually was. and the officer said, yes, without a doubt she would have been failing at that test and they would have carted her off to jail. so it was very difficult. we went through that just to get an idea, we also asked the officer about myths about dui including the methods people will try to use getting caught drinking and driving. i got more educated.
7:38 am
you were right. >> steve is so wicked smart. >> i read that somewhere.
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>> all good. >> paving the way for brian over in traffic. we want to test your knowledge. they've gotten it both right. no pressure. if you get pulled over, brian, and the officer wants to give you a field sobriety test, do you have to comply? >> first of all, i'm glad you got my name right. >> i know. i called you bill or mark. >> i'm gonna say no. >> why not? >> you are gonna say no to a police officer? >> probably not the smartest officer. i'm gonna say no to see what he says. >> you are not required but if you don't comply to the test and you are pulled over, we'll base your this on our oner is -- on observations. >> the chp says you should.
7:40 am
if you are still thinking of testing your luck, keep this in mind. a dui can cost you anywhere from $12,000 to $15,000. most costs come from insurance. it's estimated your premiums will go up more than 7600 if you get convicted for the first time of a misdemeanor dui. as for the average number of drinks that you can have, the officer said if you plan on even having one drink, why not just get a designated driver make all of the arrangements and enjoy your night. don't count your drinks, just get a driver. >> good information. before you go, i tried those goggles that you tested out, you literally cannot walk with those goggles on. >> no. it's surprising and then when they put you to the test on that line, you think i'll be fine. but they make you actually put one foot in front of the officer and then you are thinking so hard. it's very sobering. >> all right. thank you. 7:40. well, still ahead.
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thousands of undocumented immigrants will soon be able to apply for a california driver's license. a new law takes effect on friday. allowing indocumented -- up undocumented people to get a license if they live in california. if you use a
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." time is 7:46. funeral arrangements are set for a second new york city police officer shot and killed in his patrol car. officer wenjian liu will be laid to rest sunday. his wake will be held saturday. now, the funeral for lui's partner, officer rafael ramos, that was held over the weekend. 23,000 police officers from all over the country were there. lui and ramos were both shot and killed on december 20th.
7:47 am
7:46 t was during the funeral for officer ramos that for the second time new york city police officers turned their backs on mayor bill deblasio. there were about 25,000 officers from across the country at saturday's funeral. when the mayor spoke many of them watching outside turned away from the jumbotron. police officers say they are upset with the mayor because they feel he supported anti- police rallies. police commissioner william bratton said he understands the officers' frustration but says the act of defiance had no place at a funeral. >> i think it was very inappropriate at that event. that funeral was held to honor officer ramos and to bring politics -- or to bring issues into that event, i think was very inappropriate. >> commissioner bratton says the police and the mayor need to find common ground. he says the focus should be on unifying the city and honoring the lives of the officers
7:48 am
killed. 7:47. enter at your own risk. that's the warning. it's posted along a beach near san luis obusiness toe after a great white shark attacked over the weekend. the rangers at the state park say a nan his 50s was dragged under water and bitten on the hip by a great white surf while he was surfing yesterday morning. he paddinged to shore -- he paddled to shore, take on a hospital and appears to have non-life-threatening injuries. 12 other surfers were in the water. the beach was not shut down. authorities say that shark was probably a young great white shark between 8 and 10 feet long, tori. >> might have been young but not small. >> oh, yeah. let's check in with brian who is is in for sal.
7:49 am
>> first of all, welcome back. >> good to be here. >> the traffic looks great out there. there is a little bit of fog out there. but definitely it's monday light. no doubt about that this morning. especially here on the san mateo bridge. we talk about the fog and low clouds. you can see it in the distance there as you approach foster city. visibility may be an issue but overall, not too bad as you cross the san mateo bridge this morning. want to go to 101, san jose, again, we haven't really talked about south bay traffic this morning because of scenes like this. things are looking great there all along the south bay. it's free and clear so head out to wherever you are going. take a look at the maps. this is the north bay, 101 near novato as you approach petaluma, highway 37. earlier there were reports of major fog in the area but the chp reporting now that that fog has lifted. so that is definitely good news for visibility. steve is here now. that's the other bit of good news. he's back reporting on the cold
7:50 am
weather. not too bad, is it? >> well, it will be. >> yeah. >> tuesday night, wednesday, thursday look very, very cold. but the fog. take a look. san rafael. some of that low cloud deck moving around. areas in it, cold, foggy. reduced visibility for the a few. santa rosa almost all morning long, concord airport, around the bay bridge we had some. i -- so fog and low clouds. cold to cool, partly sunny, partly cloudy. we're waiting for this system and bend, oregon has very cold air. not much in the way of moisture. a little bit of precip has moved into the county. there's not a lot to the system. except it's also picking up our fog bank. it's really enhanced the inland nothing and bayside fog. 40s for many. there are many 30s from the north bay all the way down to the santa cruz mountains. a couple of 20s. i think clearlake one report,
7:51 am
27, cobb. 25. there were a few 20s around sebastopol and grayton. lakeport is in there, all in the low 30s. bismarck 9 below. minneapolis 2. duluth, 2. 30s to little rock and dallas. not yet to new orleans but it will probably make it. 21, 313 for reno and tahoe. tahoe in line for not only very cold temperatures but a possibility of snowshowers wrapping back around. why? because the low will form in southern california. that will crank up the wind but then that low might wrap back around las vegas and the lee side of the sierra. partly cloudy, partly sunny. the big message, it's turning colder and very windy tuesday night into wednesday and then the possibility of a hard freeze as we head towards thursday morning. on the first, the temperatures will plunge. high temperatures might be set before noon. temperature afternoon looks high and windy.
7:52 am
possible high wind warning. there is a wind advisory for tuesday. that will be for the entire bay area. today's kind of that transition or that tweener day. then, windy. a possibility of isolated snowshowers. but very cold. lows will be dipping below zero. partly cloudy. morning fog. low clouds. 50s on your temperatures. some of the warmest temperatures will probably be today because by tomorrow, temperatures start to take a tumble. they will drop off the table. late in the afternoon and evening and into wednesday and thursday. it does look a little bit warmer. but not a lot. not in the way of rain. but temperatures will be very cold this week. >> we've been due for this. >> it's long overdue. >> all right. thank you. they have been clogging up your news feed for days for fyke. but that's not why facebook is apologizing. the big fail about the posts
7:53 am
you've been getting. and a pair of veteran vets found out they've been neighbors for 18 years. the discovery that brought these two friends back together. blatche
7:54 am
get yourself something nice. love, nana. something nice. the kfc $5 fill up. the only pot pie made with the world's best chicken and a cookie, and a drink, all for just five dollars. isn't that nice.
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welcome back. there is a family in oakland spreading the word this morning about a home invasion scam that's apparently targeting the elderly. 78-year-old elba and her 83- year-old husband fidel say they were tricked into opening their front door by a man who pretended to know them. they say he also said his daughters needed to use the bathroom. they went in into the house. the couple's daughter who happens to live next door, she noticed what was happening and intervened. >> as i watched from my porch, i was in disbelief and shock. i was like who are these people? what are they up to? and once they all went in the
7:56 am
house, my gut told me, no, this is wrong. >> well, that group of people left empty-handed but surveillance video shows they were careful they wiped off any fingerprints and the man, he was holding a piece of paper when he went into the house. the family thinks this group has kind of a roster of elderly people, names and addresss that they want to target. well, a weekend funeral in las vegas was delayed after the hearse was stolen from right in front of the church. this happened saturday morning. the funeral director was inside the church arranging flowers for the funeral. family members of the deceased, well they were notified immediately. they actually saw that stolen hearse blocks away from the church. the hearse was recovered, though, about 30 minutes later around the funeral went on as planned. 7:56. two army veterans who served in vietnam and lost touch after the war have just found out for
7:57 am
the past 18 years, they've been neighbors. roger watson was drafted on october 6th, 1966. he says that day will always stand out in his mind because that's when he met dave brown, the pair were both from northwest detroit and went through basic training together in texas before going to vietnam. but roger was injured early on and never reunited with his friend until now. >> he came running out of the house and over to the corner, had a -- had to back the bush oiferrer to get through -- over to get through and we just shook hands and couldn't believe it. it was an incredible feeling. just amazing. >> about five years ago, roger befriended the neighbor named peggy. it just so happened she was married to dave but she didn't put the pieces together until late october when she noticed one of roger's hats with a 9th infantry patch, the same infantry dave served in.
7:58 am
>> what a bond they probably still have. still ahead, searchers have seen oil spots and debris in the java sea. coming up after the break, the latest developments in that search for the missing air air shaw plane -- airasia plane. the 49ers are searching for a new head coach after getting rid of jim harbaugh. we'll tell you where harbaugh is likely headed now and what we know about the possible candidates for the job. and on this last monday of 2014, traffic out there looking really good but there are troubled spots out there. coming up we'll give you an update on your bay area traffic. fog is the story. but cold and wind will be replacing this fog. we'll have more on that -- murm. -- coming up.
7:59 am
(vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
8:00 am
welcome back. we're looking live at levi stadium. as far as we know, the 49ers don't a coach. the 49ers and jim harbaugh mew chewly agreed to go -- mew chewly agreed -- mutuallay
8:01 am
agreed to part ways. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's monday, december 29th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. fun to watch the niners win yesterday. first we want to get a look at weather and traffic. it's chilly but it is gonna get very cold. >> not only cold but windy. the low clouds and fog, it will lift and burn off. for that, if you are stuck in that fog in the cold, it's not very nice. but partly sunny, partly cloudy here later on today. our system is dropping down from the pacific northwest. there it is. some snow. maybe down to 2,000 feet. this will probably be a bigger event for southern california, the sierra nevada and las vegas. a lot of low clouds. more than that tule fog. the coast looks mostly clear. 30s and 40s for many. the clouds holding up a few of these temperatures. but some of that cold air is on the way tuesday afternoon into
8:02 am
wednesday. alamo 38. a lot of 40s. san ramon, pittsburg and orinda in there. if you think today is cold, wait until tuesday night or wednesday. that's when the cold air comes in. as the loet foerles, then wraps back into towards las vegas. the old wind machine will start to crank up. crazy cold. looks like we'll be in the forecast and the plunge of air moves its way in tuesday afternoon. a wind advisory is up. possible high wind warning. more coming up. here is brian with the traffic. so far pretty quiet? >> yeah, it's looking really good out there. there's been reports of lee fog and clouds out there but it doesn't appear to be traffic. bay area traffic looks fantastic out there. we'll get to the maps in a moment. this is one of the spots where traffic looks good. metering lights were turned off at 7:08. tent minutes to get you across the span.
8:03 am
as you can see, a lot of low clouds and fog. be aware of that this morning. this is the golden gate bridge. take a look at that. socked in as well across the bridge. the low clouds passing through there this morning. it is affecting visibility especially if you are heading toward marin county. but overall, no major problems out there. i guess a lot of people decided to stay home which is definitely good news and this is good news as well. 580 in the livermore valley. traffic looking good. as we take a look at contra costa county, highway 4 through the willow pass grade also looking fantastic. here's tori. >> thank you, brian. the ax is swinging this black monday. here are a list of nfl coaches who have just received walking papers the bear fired mike trestman and mike smith is no longer with the falcons and the jets removed rex ryan and their gm. both bay area nfl teams are also now searching for new head coaches. alex savidge is live in santa
8:04 am
clara where 49ers' management will hold a news conference later this afternoon. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, jim harbaugh had tons of success with the 49ers. three trips to the nfc title game and a trip to the super bowl. tess spite all of that -- despite all of that, he's out the door. there are reports he's heading out to the university of michigan to take the job there. he and the the team agreed to part ways. harbaugh went out a winner. the 9ers bead the cardinals here on sunday. after the game, the players gave him a gatorade bath. he compiled an overall record of 49, 22, and 1. even though he had a year left on his contract, the writing seemed to be on the wall as of late and the time seems right for harbaugh and team management to their separate ways. >> feel great about what we
8:05 am
accomplished. feel great about the friendships and relationships that were made. that's what a team is. >> he's done numerous things for me. not only as a quarterback but as a person. i think he's not only a great coach but a great person. and that's what he preaches to the team. >> reporter: so now the 49ers need to figure out who will replace harbaugh. a couple in-house candidates who who are possible. later on today, 49ers' mansment will hold a news conference -- management will hold a news conference to talk about the search for a new head coach. and then what's next for jim harbaugh? he's rumored to be headed off to the university of michigan. nothing is set in stone. we could see a hail mary from the sill silver and black. a report says harbaugh may be meeting with the raiders at some point today.
8:06 am
we'll have to wait to see how things play out. he may stick around and coach here. all indications he's headed off to michigan. >> there are real good reasons for him to go to michigan, not only is it his alma mater but they are offering him a lot of money. >> reporter: he will certainly get a jump in pay and he has a soft spot for michigan. that's where he played ball. >> fans reacted to news that jim harbaugh is leaving the organization. >> we went through years of turmoil and jim harbaugh brought us back to prominence. >> reporter: it was the last game of the season for the 49ers since they were not in the playoffs. despite a rough start at the new leave sty stadium -- levi stadium that included traffic problems and sod issues, the
8:07 am
fans are excited. >> every time i bring new friends to this stadium, we want to talk around and see it because it's such a dramatic difference from candlestick. >> fans say they already have their sights set on next year, especially since levi stadium will host super bowl l in february 2016. they say the only thing that would make that game better is if the 49ers play in it. >> that's for sure. well, the oakland raiders are searching for a new head coach. as alex told you, they may try too hire jim harbaugh. the nfl networks reports that mark davis plans to talk to jim harbaugh this morning. the raiders lost to the broncos 47-14. interim raiders's coach tony spoe soporna will be
8:08 am
interviewed. and jack del rio also being considered for the raiders' head coach job. crews missing for the missing airasia plane have expanded their search. the plane carrying 162 people lost contract with traffic control yesterday morning while traveling over the jaw saw -- java sea. katie utehs has more. >> the search area is large. not to mention waves and bad weather have hampered efforts. earlier reports of oil sliks and debris may not be associated with the missing plane. let me show you video. the search area for the plane is now 240 by 240 nautical miles. last contact with the flight was made about 42 minutes into the flight sunday morning. the plane left surabaya for singapore and flew over a common path over the java sea. it's well drafted by freight
8:09 am
traffic in the sky. as crews are experiencing. it's a challenging area to search. jeeary -- >> translator: we're still searching all areas. >> the search and rescue leader says if the plane crashed into the water, the likelihood of survivors is low. if it crashed on land, there is a chance of survivors. we do know the plane's pilot asked for an altitude change because of severe thunderstorms in the area. he was denied because another plane was already flying at that altitude. whatever happened to the plane happened fast. there were no distress calls made. >> the wing is not going to fall off because it's going through a thunderstorm and what happens is a scenario is created that makes it much more challenging for the pilot to fly. >> aviation experts weighing in. airasia's ceo says the pilot has logged more than 20,000 hours in the air. so he's an experienced pilot.
8:10 am
the company is updating mily members about the search efforts. tori? >> we'll continue to update it as well. thank you, katie. some people who were scheduled to fly on the now- missing airasia plane are feeling thankful they missed the flight. 26 people who bought tickets did not board the plane. a family of 10 all traveling together says they were not aware of the flight's departure time had been moved up two hours. by the time they got to the airport, the plane left and they were negotiating with the airline for refunds when the news came in the plane was missing. >> wow. 8:10. well, the bay area's recent rains are making north bay transit officials take another plan at the plans for the smart train. work on the rail transit project has been postponed. it was supposed to start in san rafael but the heavy rains washed out the rail bid where the tracks are supposed to go. now officials are working on fixing that problem and also
8:11 am
preventing more storm damage once the tracks are in place. if you are heading to lake tahoe for new year's eve expect a lot of company. thousands are expected at the snow globe music festival in south lake. the festival starts today and ends new year's day at 1:00 a.m. organizers expect 14,000 people at the three-day event. if you are going, prepare, though, for cold weather. the high today in south lake tahoe will be 39 degrees but tomorrow and wednesday it's only expected to get up in the low 20s. facebook is apologizing for its year-end review feature that's not going as smoothly as planned for some use users -- users. facebook gathered users' most- used photos. some people are complaining the photos put in bring up bad
8:12 am
memories. a web consultant who lost his daughter to brain cancer addressed the issue. facebook apologized. >> a lot of people have been using it. >> i've seen those and i know they posted one for me that i could look at -- >> yeah. 8:11. there is a new bill. it's aimed at convicted dui offenders. a new year's resolution, after the break, one elderly man's quest to run across the country. and some people heading back to work on this last monday of 2014, overall, traffic looking really good. taking a look at 880 in oakland. we'll give you a bitter picture of what your traffic looks like. >> we have a pretty picture. that a lot of -- there is a a a -- there is a lot of low
8:13 am
clouds an fog. but the big story will be the wind.
8:14 am
8:15 am
everyone has been evacuated from a greek ferry. this is cell phone video. seven people have died. more than 400 people have been rescued from the ferry. the ship's captain was the last person to leave. the passengers were airlifted by helicopter to other ships nearby. now investigators will search
8:16 am
the ferry to try to determine the cause of the fire. 8:15. the founder of tesla and space- x, a new challenge. musk wants to land a falcon the rocket on a barge floating right in the middle of the atlantic oaks. it's never been tried before. even space-com. says on its website. the chances are 50/50 at best. the company says trying to control the rockets' re-entry. it's like trying to balance a rubber broomstick on your hand in the middle of a wind storm. it's not easy. musk plans to launch that rocket on january 6th. 8:16. now could be a very good time to change passwords to your online accounts. hackers say they leaked personal information related to 13,000 accounts on amazon, microsoft's x-box live and other sites. the hackers say they uploaded a document with credit card information and passwords to
8:17 am
the ghost bin websites. but that information has been taken down. it's not even clear actually if the hackers had the information since amazon and microsoft deny any cyber attacks but it's still a very good reminder to change your passwords frequently. 8:17. he's 91 years old. but he's the man. he's not sitting down just relaxing. he's making new goals with the new year. here's the man we're talking about. 91-year-old ernie andres. came home to his family in redding. he spent more than a year running across america. he didn't take it easy. he kept up his training even during the holidays. sea world war 2 vet. he's running across america about a little known hero of the war. it's called the lst. a ship used to transport troops and supplies directly onto enemy beaches. >> now that we're retired and
8:18 am
we started to see the underpeople aren't being educated about it, then i guess we're all getting concerned. >> it's history. >> he's hoping to make it to brunswick, georgia in the next three years. >> good for him. >> brian is our resident runner. he's sitting still today. >> this guy is gonna run to georgia. that's amazes. [ applause ] >> >> -- traffic looking really good out there. untypical for a monday. but i guess a lot of people had
8:19 am
the day off work. taking a look at the maps. 101 northbound. this is the north bay this is 1 northbound. a couple of cars in the accident. it looks like the number two lane is being blocked right as crews get to the scene. but it is backing up traffic all the way from highway 12 from 101 -- to highway 12. be aware of that. that's the only problem spot. 880. there are reports of low clouds an fog this morning. but it doesn't appear to be fearkting traffic overall bigger picture. steve is back. was santa good to you?
8:20 am
>> very good. >> how about you? >> i got a you? snowboarding outfit. want to go? >> i will watch. it's gonna get even colder. the wind will crank up. it will get rid of the fog. it will be sunny. but it will be very brisk and downright windy. there may be a hard freeze heading toward the first. just giving you a heads up. but it looks very cold and breezy. layers, bundle up. i know many will be inside. if you are outside, you will notice it, a couple of 20s. grayton sewas -- sebastopol. there were a few windsor, 30. kentwood, 32. did see a 33 in bonnie dunes. a lot of 30s there as well. partly sunny after the low clouds burn off. cold to cool. our system ushering the cold is right up here spinning into oregon. there's not much to the system. a low is going to form. that will crank up the wind as
8:21 am
high pressure builds into the north. a few light showers, not a big deal. there will be some snowshowers up in the sierra nevada but it is a windy and cold pattern. the low clouds, tule fog. it will be nicer on the coast, then it will be inland. 30s, 40s to 50. 50 as sfo, long peak 39. some are cold. menlo park continues to cool off. 36 cold degrees. foster city has dipped. belmont and san mateo, that's cold. 2 in minneapolis. 8 below up in bismarck. 1, the loneliest number, the loneliest number. >> there is a song there somewhere. >> denver 13. all the way down to albuquerque and oklahoma city and even little rock. cold air has made a good plunge. there's more on the way. the leading edge of that will start to work its way in tuesday. that's what will mick up the wind -- pick up the wind. as the low forms over southern california, they may get more
8:22 am
precip out of that than we will and also las vegas talking about a possibility of snow. that's how cold this system is. a lot of dynamics is in place. the fog is the big story. mostly sunny, partly cloudy. but then turning colder and very windy as we head to tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures on tuesday will probably be set by about 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. that cold air will come flying in here. wind advisory is out for the entire bay area. possibility of a high wind warning for the north and east bay hills. could get gusts to 60 miles an hour. sierra nevada, partly cloudy. a few showers poching up today into tuesday. windy cold will be the big story. there could be a few isolated snowshowers wrapping back in from the low. it bears watching if you are heading up there. it will be bitterly cold. partly cloudy for us. after the low cloud deck. 50s on the temperatures. we have a fog bank out there. that will get chewed up by tomorrow afternoon and then we go sunny. but cold, very cold on wednesday. new year's eve looks cold.
8:23 am
january 1st, possibility of a freeze. >> oh, wow. warmer as we head into the weekend. it will be -- remember the pets and plants. and the important stuff. >> yes. well, the countdown is on to 2015. in 22 minute, a champagne expert joins us live in the studio with tips on the right way to pop off the new year. >> but first -- >> i feel great. a big giant gorilla off my back. >> i know what you mean. saying goodbye, 0 get out of here to bad memories of 2014. how people are getting ready to ring in the new year with a clean slate. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru
8:24 am
we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
8:25 am
alex jenny jenny carlos alex carlos good morning burrito team! we set out to make a bigger, tastier breakfast burrito and i think we nailed it. introducing bigger, better breakfast burritos. the grande sausage, packed with hash browns, sausage, and creamy sriracha sauce and the meat lovers, stuffed with ham, bacon and sausage, both wrapped in a warm guerrero tortilla. burritos so big, they make everything look smaller.
8:26 am
people in new york city cannot wait for the old year to be gob and for the -- gone and for the new year to start. they are shedding 2014. crowds of people gathered in times square and took advantage of this industrial sized shredder. some of them brought their divorce papers, pictures of cheating spouses, pink slip, junk mail and pumped them into the shredder. >> i. >> this is a reset and reboot that we do every year as humans. >> i guess they felt better, too. >> organizers gave people a chance to write down on a piece of paper what they wanted to destroy. this lady brought a hammer. many people wrote down back
8:27 am
stabbing colleagues, stress, poverty, cancer and debt. they just wanted it to go away. this event was organized by a paper shredding company called shred it. time is returning out if you live in napa county, you were affected by this summer's earthquake and you want help, coming up after the break, the deadline you face today to help get repairs to some of the damage. and we're keeping an eye on the bay area traffic. a pretty good picture. this is a look at the la fayette area highway 24. we'll give you an update on the traffic coming up. the fog is dancing around a little bit but starting to lift and breaks in the clouds. the big story is the cold and the wind. i know you are saying it's already cold.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
let's talk about weather and traffic. a little chilly this morning. but steve is here with your forecast. tomorrow, tomorrow night. >> that cold is on the way. i mean for us. the fog, though, here this morning is making it of you for visibility -- tough for visibility. our testimony is just churning off portland. you can see the signature on it. there's not a lot with this system moisturewise. if we get net precip it would probably be in the form of snow or down to 2,000 feet. there could be a few isolated showers. but favoring more areas. 30s, 40s and 50s.
8:31 am
low cloud deck. everything is pointing toward a partly sunny, partly cloudy day then tomorrow morning if we start off with cloudy skies. it won't last long because this plunge of cold air is coming in and it will ramp up the old wind machine. the cold and the wind are on the way. today is the in-between day. partly cloudy, morning fog. some sun. it will stay on the cold side with a lot of the 50s. a big change. here's brian with what's been a quiet monday unless i haven't heard you. >> so far so good. there are problems that did pop up. a few minutes ago. let's get to that right now. 101 northbound in the north bay near santa rosa. this is near the north college avenue offramp. a couple of cars involved in an didn't. number two and three lanes are blocked. it looks like that's clearing up now. according to chp, number 2 and 3 lanes are blocked there. so be aware of that. the new incident that happened just moments ago overturned vehicle, pageville road near palo alto.
8:32 am
we'll give you another update in our next traffic report on that. bay bridge toll plaza looking great this morning. it may not look great through this camera but in terms of traffic. ten minutes to get you across the span. we talked about the low clouds and fog throughout the morning. it could be affecting visibility. but overall, not too bad. and then 280, 880 split in san jose. things are looking great overall south bay traffic looking great. here's dave. california may be getting tougher when it comes to dealing with drunk drivers. if a new bill is passed. later this morning, new legislation will be unveiled dui offenders to have a special device installed in their vehicles. ktvu's janine de la vega tells us what it does. >> mountain view is part of state senator jerry hill's district. he lost his best friend to a drunk driver about 30 years ago and he is pushing this legislation because he thinks it's going to make a biggism path on reducing deaths. this legislation would make it
8:33 am
mandatory for anyone convicted of driving under the influence to install an ignition interlock device or iid on their vehicles. the device is connected to the car's ignition. hill says data shows that repeat dui offenders make up a third of all annual dui convictions. the bill would force even first- time offenders to install an iid. we asked people what they thought. >> if i drink and drive tonight, i'm gonna wind up with a device on my car tomorrow, i don't know if it would deter me for from engaging in any sort of negativity behavior t seems like a fairly vague punishment. it's not like jail or fines or whatever. it's a piece of plastic put on your thing. have to breathe into it. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies in san mateo and santa clara counties support hill's bill. they've been saturating bay area roads looking for impaired drivers during this holiday season and will be out in force for new year's eve.
8:34 am
hill will be unveiling the bill this morning at 10:00 a.m. in redwood city. he says 24 other states already require the devices for offenders and there are four counties in california that are already participating in a pilot program. >> thank you. 8:36. new this morning, police in san francisco, they are out this searching for two men involved in an early-morning home- invasion robbery. it happened near san francisco state university. police say this hatched about 3:00 this morning. two men broke into a house on kamban drive. they held the two people inside at gunpoint. then they say the suspect stole items from the house and ran away. police have a vague description of the suspects involved. no one was hurt during that home-invasion robbery. we now know the name of the cyclist who was hit and killed on a road in contra costa county, 40-year-old herman shum of dublin died.
8:35 am
her is swerved to avoid a -- he swerved to avoid cyclists and was struck. he was due to become the principal at justin sienna catholic school in napa next july. he was riding in a group of 50 to 60 cyclists on eastbound highland road when the collision occurred. the chp says he was wearing a helmet. two other people were hurt. shum is leaving behind a wife and two daughters. >> police in sunnyvale investigating a shooting that injured a 20-year-old man. that happened after 3:00 yesterday morning on north fair oaks avenue. police say it may have started with an argument between two people who live across the street from each other. two people have been arrested. police say the wounded man is expected to survive. today is the deadline for anyone in napa or solano county who had damage from last august's earthquake to register with fema. the government is offering
8:36 am
grants and loans to pay for repair and replacement costs. that includes everything from a house that may have fallen off its foundation to household items that just don't work right because of earthquake damage. >> i thought it was for major damages. not for small appliances but i got a little letter in the mail during the weekend and i saw that it was for things like that. >> fema says it will consider all claims and there's no cost to apply for help. but if you have damage and you don't register it by this afternoon, you won't be eligible for help. fema operations related to the earthquake in napa, they will shut down at the end of today. a mendocino high school girl's basketball team that was disinvited from a tournament because of a t-shirt will be holding a rally today. the t-shirt reads, i can't breathe. those were the last words of a new york man who died after a police officer put him in a
8:37 am
chokehold. the girls were reportedly planning on wearing those shirts during warmups at a basketball tournament hosted by fort bragg high school. but school officials at fort bragg say they were concerned the shirts could have led to violence. the rally will be outside of fort bragg at 10:15 this morning. happening today, golden state warriors star steph curry will hand out food books to those in need to 400 families in oakland. these are photos from last year's event. the event is part of the warriors' plays for the holiday community outreach campaign. the crews in pasadena are busy putting the final touches on those beautiful floats for the 126th annual tournament of roses parade. hundreds of volunteers are helping out. these floats are on display to the public until the parade on new year's day. the parade, of course, is followed by the rosebowl game. florida state will play oregon.
8:38 am
the winner of that game will play either alabama or ohio state for the national championship. a special olympian from the bay area will have a chance to represent northern california on a rose parade float. stephanie ching of cupertino has been an athlete for most of her 31 years. she's a great swimmer. last week she was picked to ride on the special olympics float sponsored by kaiser permanente. the san jose sports hall of fame named her special olympic athlete of the year back in 2006. she's won a lot of medals. six medals in ten sports. ten sports. >> very talented young lady. 8:38. well, it's a holiday proposal, one woman will never forget it. in 17 minutes, very creative way her fiance popped the big question and her reaction all caught on camera. a possible scam caught on camera. coming up in 21 minute, the elaborate ways suspected thieves targeted an elderly
8:39 am
couple in their own home and how their daughter saved the way. low clouds and fog in certain parts of the bay area. but is it affecting traffic on this last monday of 2014? coming up, a detailed traffic report on your day so far. plenty of low clouds and fog around. but after fod, it looks like -- but after today, it looks like more of a cold, wind event. we'll explain.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ champagne and sex in the city puts new a new york state of mind. whether you are planning an intip mat get-together or a party, popping the right bubbly is very important at the stroke of midnight. >> get your pen, paper, take your notes. we have a champagne expert with advice on how to successfully ring in 2015. he's over there with claudine wong. >> i'm not the expert. helping us, you are our champagne expert. you can give us a little
8:43 am
education on how to get through this new year's eve the right way. >> get to the finer -- >> you have a lot of stuff you brought in. let's go through this. >> not at all. >> i think the first thing is to know the difference between champagne and sparkling wine. most of what we brought is from champagne. this is the one exception. i think it's good to approach your party with how many people what, your budget is. >> do you have to spend a lot of mo in? >> if you look for houses that are making wine in california like other places, you can end up with a high quality level which might be softer on your wallet. if you get into plastic, this actually will be -- this is the official champagne of new year's eve in times square new york and also the most loved champagne in the world. >> awesome. >> nice and early. >> nice and early. >> another voice is this sophisticated champagne.
8:44 am
i also like runart. rosae is often overlooked. it's really dry and very delicious. these guys have been at it -- >> two guys on the snend. >> dom very love loved. this is by iris one of the most -- >> people really know. we talked about things, champagne goes well with everything. even french fries. talk about pairing. >> a lot of people think it's -- the basics fried food and bubbles is fantastic. the acid cuts through the bubbles. i've done pizza and bubbles. barbecue and bubbles. it's a lot more personal. >> is there anything you don't do with bubbles? >> really sweet food and spicy
8:45 am
food. >> everything else is fair game. >> fried food fried chicken. might be one of the best paving -- pairings ever. >> so in terms of chilling, we talked about this. they are gonna open that one up. you want it cold. there's some -- >> we've left this a little bit warmer so we can try to -- >> let's open them. >> you can open this one or that one? >> which one. >> let's open it. this one is the one that -- this one is warmer. you said warmer will make a mess. >> you want to talk about 45 degrees. a quick trick is -- put it in there for 20 minutes. we're safe at this point. i can point this to you -- >> okay. >> tell me -- >> you want to put your thul on the top. this is the safety precaution. it's always six twists in
8:46 am
champagne. >> 1, 2 -- >> i went the wrong way. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. >> just loosen that. >> that's okay. >> from the bottom. and you -- >> oh! >> that's why you should chill it. >> you are a pro, claudine. >> is it because it's me. >> i think it's colder. >> i don't think you did anything colder. >> good answer. i meant to do it. >> we're gonna pour some. last stops. >> this is a classic champagne flute which is absolutely wonderful and very festive if you are drinking wines that you want to really taste and experience more, treat them like wine and you can actually put them in a red wine or a white wineglass. >> i will let you do that. as you are filling these over
8:47 am
we don't want to leave tori and dave out. i'm gonna bring you warm champagne. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> thank you. >> and thank you to seth and claudine. very informative. >> all right. >> thank you. well, let's check your traffic now while we -- while we salute -- >> right. we don't be drinking and driving. >> we salute brian flores. >> reporter: save me some bubbly. >> there's plenty for you. >> it's a rare occasion when i get to stay in the studio. >> okay. >> traffic looking really good. throughout the bay area really. a little bit of a problem spot as we go to the maps now in the palo alto area. this is a new accident that just popped up. a car apparently went over flipped through a gate landed in the bushes. unclear if there's any injuries. this is page mill road and
8:48 am
serra boulevard. crews are on the scene trying to get the car out. >> traffic looking good overall. take a look at the san mateo bridge now. traffic has been great as you approach foster city. we talked about the low clouds and fog. it could be reducing visibility. finally taking a look at the golden gate bridge. trust me. the bridge is there. but it's being blocked by the fog out there this morning. no major delays, though, throughout the bay area which is good news on this monday. steve, it's gonna get cold out there. it's cold out there now. much colder tonight into wednesday. first, let's deal with some of the low cloud deck that's been dancing around. pretty picture. for those of you listening. see some of the low clouds and embedded within that. 30, 40, 50. cool for some, cold for others. it is heading south. it will impact the sierra
8:49 am
nevada and also southern california. some of that low clouds, though, will get chewed up. and then we'll start to see mostly sunny skies. 30ss, 40s to 50 at sfo. santa rosa has been stuck at 31. a couple of upper 20s. 32 ukiah. 33 lake tahoe and had some 30s in palm springs and las vegas. possibility of snow in las vegas by wednesday. the key is the cold air plunging southward. that will start to arrive tuesday, around noon to about midnight and then the low will form and as that does, that's going to give us very windy conditions. it will be a one-two punch here. cold air moving in on tuesday. there will be low clouds tomorrow. it will get chewed up fast. already a wind advisory is out for the entire bay area and a possibility of high wind warn out for the north and east bay hills. partly cloudy here. combination of low clouds. maybe a few high clouds. some sun in there. 50s on the temperatures.
8:50 am
and the low cloud deck which will burn off and lift gives way to mostly sunny to, partly sunny skies. once the wind dies down, we'll have a hard freeze probably up in the north bay on the first. >> okay. >> be ready for that. >> yes. >> thank you, steve. time is now 8:50. and the message is at your own risk. this is a warning along a beach near san luis obispo after a weekend great white attack. rangers at state park say a nan his 50 was bit in his hip. he was out surfing. he was taken to the hospital with what appeared to be nonlive injuries. the beach was not shut down. now ar cording to the -- now, according to the authority, the shark was probably between 8, 10 feet long and young. >> staying out of the water.
8:51 am
going to a funeral over christmas weekend couldn't get worse, right? wrong. in 22 minutes, the unbelievable setback one family endured before the service was set to begin. female announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa! and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent anyone can help a foster child. thank you!
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thank you! ¡gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you.
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78-year-old elva and her husband fidel were conned into opening their front door they say by a man who pretended to know them. the couple also said he told him that his two daughters needed to use their bathroom. and then the man, two women and two children all entered the house. but the couple's daughter who lives next door, noticed what was happening and intervened. >> my gut told me this is wrong. surveillance video shows they were careful to wipe away any fingerprints. the man was holding a piece of paper when he entered the home. the family believes this group is some sort of roster of elderly people, names and addresses to target. a weekend funeral in los angeles was delayed. the hearse was stolen in front of the church.
8:55 am
this happened saturday morning while the funeral director was in the church arranging flowers. the family members were told about this immediately. they actually saw the stolen hearse blocks away from the church. that hearse was eventually recovered about 30 minutes later around the funeral went on as planned. we're couple of days away from new year's day. thousands will celebrate the new year, especially in san francisco as you know. a popular spot, the embarcadero. hundreds of thousands expected to gather to watch the annual fireworks display. san francisco police will have every available officer out there to help control the crowds. >> we do encourage people not to bring alcohol because will ask you to leave. >> you are also advised to use public transportation if you are going. b.a.r.t. and muni are adding extra trains and buses.
8:56 am
b.a.r.t. is extending service until 3:00 in the morning but be advised the trains won't stop at every b.a.r.t. station. all right. well, to end our newscast, want to show you video of one marriage proposal. it's getting a lot of attention on youtube. it starts with a woman opening what she thinks is an ordinary christmas gift. side the box she finds letters that spell out the words will you marry me. the woman's boyfriend gets down on one knee with a ring in his hand and the woman's reaction is priceless. we're hoping those are tears of joy. as you can see, the woman starts crying uncontrollably. >> the video -- the video was posted on friday. i -- there's not much privacy in this day and age. >> hope they live happily ever
8:57 am
after. >> let's check the commute. >> that reaction is priceless. traffic looking good. want to update outen the traffic in the north bay quickly. this is 101 northbound, college avenue offramp. number 3 lane remains closed. number two lane just opened up. accident out there. that will be like that for at least an hour or two. 101 san jose looking great throughout the south bay all morning long. clear skies there. bay bridge toll plaza, finally a little bit of fog, low clouds. but it's been a great commute throughout the span this morning. 8:57. the man, the legend, steve paulson. >> thank you, brian. a lot of fog out there. it's cold. but it will get colder and the wind will accompany the cold. that will be tuesday afternoon. cold, windy, cold, breezy on new year's day. possible hard freeze. make sure the pets are taken care of. plants, all of that. it looks like a cold week. >> i have to go out and buy a heavy coat.
8:58 am
>> you probably make -- >> bundle up. >> bundle up. >> thank you, steve. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> be sure to watch the news at noon for more on the 49ers searching for a new coach. we'll live stream the news conference at when it starts at 1:00 this afternoon. updates at 5:00 and 6:00. thank you for joining us.
8:59 am
9:00 am
> today it's some of 2014's best videos on "right this minute." an armed bandit terrorizes two bike riders. >> some of the most dramatic footage i've ever seen. >> now hear how the global travelers made it out of argentina alive. >> when you were in the situation, there was no thinking involved it was just get out of there. >> crazy. you don't see that every day. >> that hawk looks like he's a goner because -- >> that snake is double wrapped around. >> what happens when the hawk goes all houdini to escape. >> i had surgery to take my cancer out. >> her name is hannah. >> cancer is no


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