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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> reporter: frank i just got a call from pg & e and they say this area has seen some of the most extreme winds. you can see one power pole down on the street. just beyond it is the tree that started this all. as you come down here a little
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bit, there's another power pole. and if you pan down we can show you exactly where it snapped. pg & e arrived a couple of hours and expects to be here through tonight and into tomorrow. >> this is our dining area. >> reporter: patricia martinez is spending this tuesday night in the dark with only the glow of candles. >> i have a first, front row seat. >> reporter: and emergency vehicles outside the san jose home. >> it doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon. >> reporter: all because this tree fell on a power pole tuesday afternoon. and take a look at the damage. one power pole after the other simply snapped. some left laying across the road with broken twisted power equipment left behind. thankfully silver creek high school is on break and no one was hurt. at meridian tuesday evening a down tree took down a wire in front of a senior living
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facility. jeff aragon came to check on his father. >> he was fine. he couldn't do anything else. we brought a little electric lantern instead of getting and stumbling. >> reporter: in san jose, no street lights and no service at this gas station. and all over the bay area, a longer drive home for many because of street lights without power. even a portion of westville valley fare mall left electricity today. >> the power is out. it looks really weird. they're just in darkness. >> reporter: brandon wong experienced firsthand something rare, stores turning customers away. >> there's a law stating they can't open up their doors with a power outage. so they had to turn us away. >> reporter: the outage left 35 stores in the dark forcing some to close. >> on a wild windy night here in northern california. >> reporter: and at the foster
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farms bowl in california, bears had a tough go battling the wind as stanford took on maryland. >> well obviously we're having a little trouble there with maureen's audio. but more details now, pg & e says it's largest outage happens to be in the south bay. that's where maureen is. at the moment 13,000 customers there are in the dark. in the east bay, 8,000 customers have no power. in the north bay, it's 5,000. on the peninsula, there are 3,000 customers without power. and in san francisco, 2,000 customers are without power. in all, more than 150,000 pg & e customers in the bay area lost their power at some point today. >> reporter: the winds proved to be deadly in paradise today
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killing two people in separate incidents. in the first incident, a tree fell on a car and killed a woman. witnesses near by saw it happened in seconds. the other happened when a tree fell in the back of the home and killed a 49-year-old man while she was sleeping. and in vallejo, fallen trees closed down the roads in both directions. best bound lanes opened around 4:00. but eastbound lanes were closed until 7:00 p.m. and boats were set adrift in the bay. at least four boats were broken
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broken free. there were a number of service disruptions on b.a.r.t. because of fallen trees and debris on the tracks. ktvu's ken pritchett is in san francisco and continues our coverage now with more on the damage caused by the winds, ken. >> reporter: frank, you can see the winds still going strong up in the palm trees here at the foot of mark. if you look on top of the ferry building you can see how strong the wind is right now. i think it's fair to say this wind has been fairly strong most of the day. today and around the bay it is has caused problems. >> reporter: that's the sound of unexpected work for the recreation crew. >> the strong winds just picked up toward the end of the day and we just went on into overtime. got a couple of emergency calls late in the day. >> reporter: strong gusts moved over a pair of -- and toppled
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down trees. >> hopefully no more go down. >> reporter: the strong wind brought work for some and fun for others. for a family decided today was a good day for kite flying. >> i lucked out, i looked at the calendar and said winds 35 to 40 miles per hour. >> reporter: the same winds that almost lifted them off their feet, also led to b.a.r.t.'s multiple delays. >> we're supposed to be having a good time and we're stuck at the b.a.r.t. station. >> reporter: debris also caused destruction between the pleasanthill and con court b. -- and concord b.a.r.t. stations. buses had to transport some passengers. the bay itself was very choppy. there were very few boats out on the water. ferry service from south san francisco was cancelled and eastbound.
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and at the ferry building tonight, you can see how the water was churning during the commute. passenger kangas-kent said it was a rougher ride than usual. the crowds here at the foot and market and fifth have been out here since 5:00, or 6:00 but at that time they saw a lot of people running and huddling inside the ferry building to get away from not only the wind but the cold. >> quite a ride there on the waters for those who did take the ferry. ken pritchett, along the embarcadero, thanks ken. jim harbaugh burst into cheers after the introduction as the university of michigan new football coach. >> he also got a little emotional there today. joe fonzi is live with the
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latest. >> reporter: it was quite a whirlwind for jim harbaugh. there's a line in the fight song, hail to the conquering heros. that's how jim harbaugh was received today. >> reporter: jim harbaugh's speech wasn't as smooth as he would have liked. >> did anybody see that? >> a lesser athlete would have gone down. >> reporter: we've learned in four years at stanford and four more with the 49ers there are many faces to jim harbaugh. there's a charming side that was on display today before an adoring gathering in anne arbor. >> i'm wondering how comfortable or uncomfortable you are being seen as a savior. >> i'm not comfortable with
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that at all. >> reporter: this will be the third anne arbor chapter for harbaugh's life. before his playing games his father was an assistant coach on the ben chekler's staff. harbaugh's feelings for michigan seem to be true. >> i believe in michigan football. that will not be a hard job. >> reporter: the honey moon between harbaugh and the folk in ann arbor are officially on. no reason to think he won't succeed here,. >> we'll see you then, thanks. an off duty san jose police officer slams a woman into a car. the story behind the fight and this controversial video.
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>> i told you about tonight's wind advisory and coming up, i'm looking at models to lay out the wintery conditions to expect for tomorrow's new year's eve festivities. >> after the break. >> from parties to police. we'll show you the big demonstration for tomorrow's celebration.
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>> with the flip of a switch
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today, organizers tested the iconic crystal ball at new york's time square. organizers expect 194 million people across the country to watch that ball fall. and san francisco is also getting ready for the big fireworks show. amber lee is live after checking with a couple of people who put on that show and a couple of large scale parties. >> reporter: we're at the embarcadero and it's been very windy tonight. but the man who puts on that fireworks show tells me he expects the show to go on. >> the wind the strong, the water choppy. the barges unsteady. >> it's a little rocky and it's kind of hard to stand up sometimes. >> reporter: despite the
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weather, these fireworks show organizers work. the fireworks will be set off by remote control tomorrow at midnight. >> we have about 4,000 to 5,000 effects. they will range from altitude from 2,000 feet over the barge to 6,000 feet so we'll have a nice layering effect. >> reporter: and city hall will be transformed into a new year's eve venue tomorrow. the walls will be flooded with lights, event promoters hope the beauty of the venue will draw hundreds to ring in the new year. the mezzanine will be open for revelers to mingle. tickets will start at $100. >> reporter: -- >> i can't think of a better
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venue to have a party and be with your friends. >> reporter: at the auditorium, the celebration of new year's eve started tonight with electronic music. it's a two day party. tickets are still available. >> we're the 400-pound gorilla of san francisco's new year's eve celebrations. >> reporter: six stages and three rooms, live music, djs and more. >> reporter: a lot of burlesque performers, tons of costumes. a lot of people in the audience as well. >> reporter: because of all the extra people expected to come to the city tomorrow, there will be extra officers on patrol. they say they want everyone to have a good time but there will be no tolerance for public
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drunkenness. >> thank you tonight. more details for you, aaa northern california again offering it's tipsy tow service from 6:00 p.m. tomorrow to 6:00 a.m. new year's day. drivers can call for a free tow even if they aren't aaa members. service include a one way drive up to 10 miles. the number to call for tipsy tow is 800-aaa-help. san jose mayor chuck reed spent some time reflecting on his time in officer. he has just a few hours left before licardo replaces him. the one thing he says most people probably don't know about him. >> reporter: outgoing san jose major says that when he was first elected he was nicknamed
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tight wad something he does not see as a negative. reed calls his biggest establishment along with open government reform for trust and transparency in san jose. his biggest regret not implementing a program to analyze data on where and how to deliver city services. he says he was too busy trying to keep the city afloat. >> we were spending most of our time as i was mayor cutting services to balance the budget. we were in survival mode. >> reporter: among the survival tactics, employee cut backs. it's no secret it's like a bitter battle and a dwindling police force. >> i don't know that i would have done anything differently. i would have liked to have been able to negotiate agreements. >> reporter: those reforms saved the city $30 million this year. a fiscally sound city he says
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is what he leaves behind for mayor sam licardo. not to mention the task of rebuilding the police department an ongoing litigation with measure b. >> i'm happy to be able to turn the reigns over to mayor licardo in good condition. not in perfect condition. >> reporter: he doesn't plan to run for political office again but he does plan to stay politically involved he also plans to practice law in downtown san jose. azenith smith, ktvu news. san jose also has a new interim city manager now. the city council voted unanimously to elect norberto duenas to the post. he takes over for -- who resigned two weeks ago. he's also been the deputy city manager for the past six years. the first snow survey of
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the winter took place today and it shows the snow pack is far lower than it should be. researchers measured 24-inches of snow. it's only 23% of where it should be this time of year but there is some good news. >> we're doing slightly better than last year. last year this location we had 2.3-inches of water content. >> the water content is a bit better statewide. electronic readings show water content is 50%, 48% in the southern sierra. across the entire sierra the snow pack is 50% where it should be this time of year. yesterday's system brought a few inches of snow in the sierra. for us it's been all about the wind and you know this. we will check in on a couple of
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the conditions. oakland, sfo and hayward gusting quite strong. stuck at 48 for most of the afternoon. so just slightly below that. oak land 35 and hayward now reporting 30. you can see from our camera here pointing toward the bay bridge. just violent shaking going on out there. that continues to be the case, a really tough ride over our bridges. those northernly winds really just hit up against your car, you're crossing the bay bridge, the richmond san rafael. if you did that today you know exactly what we're talking about. the overnight is going to the last through midnight. it's going to be a blustery one. we'll take you through the next 24 hours or so as we get going into the overnight hours. notice the winds they fluctuate. we're still seeing 41 in napa, 14 in redwood city. as we get into noontime, 1:00
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hour, getting better. still breezy but not as bad as we saw earlier today. napa still reporting 35 miles per hour. so it still could take quite a while. the winds will continue to subside. as we get going tomorrow morning, low 30s to low 40s but it's going to feel a lot colder than this with the wind and for the afternoon widespread 60s in the forecast. behind the wind once it dies down that colder air is going to come in in time for new year's eve night. i have a freeze watch to tell you about. i'll take a look at those numbers coming up. bay area police officers paying their respects to a new york officer even though they never actually met. >> they're part of a brotherhood that spans the country. >> two officers reflect on their trip to new york and why they say they needed to be there. >> but first, new developments in the cash of that asian jet. tonight there are answers to some of the questions.
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the disappearance of an air asian passenger plane is no longer a mystery tonight. there is late word that sonar has located the plane on the floor of the java sea and it appears the plane is upside down. ktvu's jana katsuyama here now with the latest developments and also the heartbreaking reactions from the families of the passengers on board. >> reporter: certainly is. right now it's 1:20 on wednesday afternoon. so far crews have recovered six bodies. let me show you where they found the plane. they first lost contact with it right here in the middle of the java sea on its way from indonesia to singapore. rescue crews were searching an entire area within the java sea in this area which is in red. crews found the debris and bodies just 10 miles away from where it was last detected. three men, three women found. one wearing a flight attendant's uniform but so far no survivors.
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>> reporter: it was a shock for families at the airport who watched the live tv coverage of search efforts and saw a nearly naked body floating in the java sea. a rescuer dangling from a rope trying to recover the body. >> everyone became hysterical. especially the mothers. one mother even blacked out. >> reporter: this woman's daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren were on board. an emergency exit door and body, all painful signs for families who had been hoping someone may have miraculously survived. the air bus 320 lost contact in a storm. it was in rout from singapore to indonesia. and among those waiting this wife to be. >> this was to be his last
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vacation with his family. >> reporter: search crews briefly spotted a shadow of what appears to be a submerged plane. but rain and clouds made recovery efforts difficult. the water is shallow, about 160 feet. a u.s. navy destroyer, the sampson arrived with sonar and recovery gear. >> every investigation is different. this one i believe will underscore the need for floatable black boxes and emergency locating transmitters. >> reporter: ambulances lined up waiting to take away bodies. and families both muslim and christian prayed side by side as the ceo of air asian promised his support. >> we will not run away from any of our obligations or hide behind any conventions. we will be there for the families even after all of this is over. >> reporter: and at that hour, investigators still don't know what brought the plane down.
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authorities are hoping to use a pinger locater to help recover the black box data recorder. that could be the biggest clue coming out of this wreckage. >> the pictures of those family members, i can't even imagine what they're going through. >> really heartbreaking. >> yeah, thanks jana. here in contra costa county, chevron is taking the steps of allowing -- you will remember this is what it looked like the night of december 18. chevron says a processing unit lost its cooling capacity and needed to be depressurized and shut down. the flairing system worked as its designed to do. they will oversee the internal investigation. it's an effort to provide transparency to the richmond community. the investigation is expected to take a month. wall street stocks pulled back on one of the slowest trading days of the year. nasdaq lost 29. analysts pointed to political
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uncertainty in greece and worried about the stability of the euro. a scuffle caught on camera. the man here is an off duty police officer. the women are strangers. see what led up to this confrontation in the south bay. but first, more evidence here of just how strong today's winds have been. meteorologist rosemary orozco will show us the most powerful gusts so far.
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continuing coverage now on the winds blasting the area. a tree came down on 11th street blocking traffic and damaging some cars. this is a live look at our
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cameras. look at the flag on top of the fairmont, it's blowing pretty good out there. and rosemary orozco you've been tracking these winds. >> reporter: i'll show you where areas reached 50 even 60 miles per hour. mount diablo takes the prize a 65 miles per hour gust. 62 in the oakland hills. napa 62. san francisco reported 44. sfo reported 51. livermore 53, oakland 45. gilroy 50 miles per hour and san jose again at the university reported a gust of 52. i didn't have room to put benetia bridge but also gusted to 52. we will continue to track these winds and behind it the very cold conditions coming up. rosemary is talking about
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some of those strong winds we have some pictures now to show the impact that some of those strong winds had. this picture comes to us here from north napa. the wind was so strong it blew over that big redwood tree and unfortunately it landed right on top of a house that essentially split the house in two. this picture comes to us from downtown martinez. if you look there on the background you can see that car is on fire. here's what happened. the wind blew a power line down. it arched, the car caught on fire and you see the result. even had to evacuate some folks in downtown martinez as a result of this. and finally, boy was it choppy out on the bay today. we saw a little bit of that with ken pritchett's piece on the top of the newscast. here's a picture you can see just how choppy the surf was. i would not have wanted to be out on a boat in the bay. can you imagine what that would be like. they did have to cancel some ferry service because it was so choppy. just a couple of examples here
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of the strong wind and what it did around the bay area today. >> and frank with it so cold outside. an oakland nonprofit is asking help to help keep its doors open. aerial mission is asking for help. as this year comes to an end there's a shortfall. >> we need about $15,000 to continue to keep our doors open. between our two facilities, it cost almost $10,000 a month just bare minimum to keep the doors open. >> reporter: aerial mission says it provides for 6,400 people a year through it various programs. she is confident help will come. their books and annual reports are open for anyone who wants to check them out. the dmv is getting ready to start issuing driver's license to people who may not be in the united states legally. under the provisions of assembly bill 60. if someone can prove they're a
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california resident and can prove their identity with documents such as passports, they can apply for special driver's license. applicants have to pass the usual written and driving test. the dmv is ready to start processing the licenses this friday january 2nd and expects to issue about 1.5 million licenses during the next three years. two bay area police officers are reflecting on one of the toughest parts of their job. attending the funeral of a fellow police officer. in this case it was the funeral of one of two police officers who was sitting in their squad car. the event brought both sorrow and unity. >> reporter: a sea of uniformed officers. >> 35,000 people. officers just standing there together for the purpose of support. >> reporter: somber still paying their respects for someone who many never met but
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many consider a brother. >> everyone was there for the right reasons. >> they're part of the brotherhood that spans the country. it's heart wrenching. >> reporter: teresa gracie were one of thousands of police officers who traveled to new york. they bowed their heads at the funeral of new york police officer rafael ramos. >> it's a guy just like you going to work putting on the uniform just trying to do his job. >> reporter: ramos and fellow officer liu were shot and killed in their patrol car december 20th. >> they were assassinated. they were sitting in their car eating lunch. the way they were killed, it touched everybody. >> reporter: jet blue provided free air fair for gracie and 700 other police officers to get to new york. the day of the funeral, the streets were so packed she had to walk a mile. on the way she expressed an
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outpouring of gratitude from new york officers. >> the community themselves they stopped, thanked us for what we do. they were offering us water. >> reporter: virgin atlantic donated tickets so four of their officers could get to new york. he says there was no question they had to go. >> as new york came and gave us support when we lost officer capoot and aguilar. >> reporter: the weekend was emotionally overwhelming but while they were giving support to nypd they got something back in support. >> i am extremely proud to put on this uniform and be a police officer. to be amongst 20 plus thousand others that feel the same way, it's very rejuvenating. >> reporter: reminding them what it is they love about their profession and the pride and comradery that comes with it. >> new details tonight about a wine theft at the french laundry restaurant. the staggering value of what
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was stolen. plus -- >> cold gusty winds moving through the bay area. the windiest spots and the timing on a street watch in the extepidded forecast. and unfinished business on the new bay bridge. it could cause one contractor once the new year arrives.
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caltrans is threatening to fine the new contractor for work that still needs to be completed. caltrans could charge the company american bridge floor up to $25,000 a day. some of the work includes repairing rust damaged paint and fixing the rainwater damage in the tower foundation. that work was supposed to be finished by december 31st which of course is tomorrow. arson investigators in the south bay are looking into a
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recent string of fires that may be related. the most recent series of fires started last night in a portable classroom at del robel elementary school. then overnight there were two more vehicle fires on bastrom avenue. investigators are trying to determine if there's a link between these fires and three other vehicle fires in the area earlier this month. new details on the wine theft that hit the world famous napa valley restaurant the french laundry. tonight we learned the thief made off with 50 very expensive bottles. the napa county sheriff estimate it is loss at more than $50,000. but a noted wine expert says it could be much more.
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>> well when i heard the theft i estimated $400,000 to $700,000. some where in that ballpark. it's hard to tell on a restaurant level. >> reporter: chef thomas keller posted this photo of a broken door jam on instagram and called the thief a grinch. long believes the wine could be sold in the black market. an incredibly tragic shooting took the life of a 29- year-old woman today. she was killed by her 2-year- old son after he pulled a gun out of her purse. it happened in hayden idaho. deputies say surveillance video shows the boy reaching into his mom's purse from his seat in the shopping cart and then shooting his mother. they say that the mother did have a concealed weapon's permit but unfortunately didn't do a good job of securing her weapon. dozens are braving the cold and winds tonight. we'll tell you the precautions
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being taken tonight three years after the death of a man. and the search of two women involved in a confrontation with an off duty police officer.
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a scuffle caught on camera. a man in black trying to restrain a woman in shorts. what happened before this video was taken has some defending the man's actions. see he is an off duty san jose police officer. we're told the two women hit his car then took off. >> reporter: a bystander with a phone recorded the situation, and the two women are now wanted by police. >> reporter: in the clip, the man identifying himself as a san jose police officer first trying to restrain the woman and her sister. san jose police confirm the
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incident unfolded in september. they say the officer was off duty and the women hit his personal vehicle near highway 85 in the alden expressway then took off. >> the officer realizing that the vehicle was trying to get away, decided to go ahead and follow the vehicle. >> reporter: police have identified the driver as casman gonzalez and her sister as 21- year-old charity gonzalez. the officer followed the women from a private parking lot where the scuffle unfolded at one point one sister apparently bites him trying to escape. >> san jose pd. >> i'm calling right now. >> reporter: she calls out for her sister and is thrown against a call. >> charity, oh my god. >> reporter: her sister begins pulling at the officer. both girls jump in their car and speed away. san jose police aren't identifying the officer involved but do say he reported the incident immediately and does appear to have violated any departmental guidelines. >> he filled out a use of
10:47 pm
force, which any officer would fill out once you place your hands on anything. >> reporter: the question is how should you proceed in a case like this. they say in a case like this you should drive to a public place. ask the officer for a name and badge number and call police to make sure you're dealing with a real officer and not someone who is trying to impersonate an officer. the state's judicial disciplinary incident acknowledged a superior court judge suspected of driving under the influence. judge joseph scott was arrested over memorial day weekend. he was found to have a blood alcohol level of .12 and was sentenced to three years probation. new at 10:00, thousands of people are outside in the cold tonight in south lake tahoe by choice. they are attending the snow globe music festival.
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attendance for the three day electronic music event is expected to reach 14,000. that's 4, 4,000 more than last year. tonight the temperatures are in the teens with the windchills below zero. >> i have two shirts underneath this jacket. i have three pairs of socks on and boots and leggings. >> reporter: but you're still cold and police are concerned about the cold. you may remember two years ago, a woman died. tonight they're organizing buses so that concertgoers can get out of the cold. >> in the sierra as well as here at home, we're about to get colder. i want to start out by looking at the system that flipped through the bay area last night. in it wake all this wind developed. you can see it's over southern california. i want to take you actually to
10:49 pm
las vegas because this very cold storm if you remember coming all the way from canada is bringing the potential for snow to las vegas. so on new year's eve, las vegas is under a winter weather advisory. it started just a few moments ago, lasts all the way until tomorrow night with trace amounts of snow expected all the way into the valley that is a rare occasion. for us it's been all about the wind. take a look at california, we have a lot of colors going on in the sierra. a high wind warning, for us it's the wind advisory again that will last until noontime tomorrow. gusts reaching above 60 this afternoon and they're going to continue as we head into the evening hours. tomorrow we start out the winds not as strong as tonight but still blowing quite gusty. 34 in concord, 49 in san francisco. if it is breezy outside your door. make sure you bundle up because these temperatures are going to feel more like five to 10 degrees cooler than what the temperature reads. if it says 41 it's going to
10:50 pm
feel more like 31. 52degrees in concord for the afternoon. 54 in san mateo. for the afternoon mostly cloudy skies, the winds begin dying down. the wind advisory has retired and we have a fairly nice day in store for new year's eve. as we get into the evening hours, the cold air is going to start to settle in and this is when we expect the colder numbers. the temperatures begin to drop off. if you do have a bit of a breeze or where you're going to be, you have to consider the windchill factor. 36degrees could feel like 26 degrees if you have a 10 to 15- mile an hour breeze. there is a freeze watch that will start tomorrow night last into thursday morning. the inland community could dip into the 20s around the bay. we have temperatures ranging in the 30s to near 40. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view. again, tomorrow the temperatures are going to be chilly, blustery.
10:51 pm
by tomorrow night the temperatures really begin to fall off and we're looking at some of the coldest temperatures so far this season for new year's morning. temperatures will continue to warm slightly. >> one thing about this news, it's just spectacular cleared up the clouds. in san francisco some children in emergency situations will have a little extra comfort thanks to a 10- year-old girl with a very big heart. escada was honored for her donation of 20 bags of stuffed animals. she came up with the idea three years ago of giving teddy bears for children in emergencies. she's now nabbed a $50,000 grant to take her we care bears to other cities. i know the season is still over but boy the warriors look good. >> they put on a clinic tonight. it was the team with the best record and the team with the worse record and it went the way it was supposed to.
10:52 pm
green takes the ball away. the warriors run the floor. watch the pass by curry. a beauty that faced thompson with two of his 14 on a very balances scoring night. curry finds iguodala for an easy two. they led by 27 at the half. all five warriors will touch the ball on this sequence. iguodala and lee the final two. lee with 13, one of seven warriors in double figures. maurice space led the scoring with 23. he will follow on a miss by green. warriors 25-5 after their tenth straight win at home. you had to brave the elements at levi's stadium tonight if you wanted to take in the foster farms bowl stanford and maryland. just ask members of the maryland band how strong the winds were.
10:53 pm
and rice scored the cardinals first three touchdowns that one to make it 14-7 in the second quarter. a pair of touchdown passes from kevin hogan. a 45-21 rout. the cardinals finish the year 7- 5 and the pac12 is still unbeaten in four bowl games so far this year. he is a returning hero in two different venues today. we'll show you how jim harbaugh spent the day back in his ann arbor roots.
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he's only 51 years old but in one sense harbaugh's life came full circle. here's the reception harbaugh received. if there's any bitterness on the way harbaugh's tenure ended it likely came to an end today. >> i love you too. >> earlier in the day harbaugh was introduced at a news conference to talk about his
10:57 pm
new job. he's being asked to get an historic program back into a nation's elite. a team that was not bowl eligible. harbaugh can reach back in personal experience both as a player and teenager under his dad who was the coach under coach beckler. >> i remember sitting in coach beckler's desk and i had my feet up on his desk. he said how are you doing? and he said what are you doing. i said i'm sitting in my chair. i couldn't think of anything better to say. but yeah, it's just good times in my life were i thought about it, dreamed about it and now it's time to live it. >> the only bay area downer tonight losing to vancouver 3- 1. >> you left out the part about beckler said i have my feet on your desk coach. >> he said that was a different story. that's when harbaugh reported late for practice he said you
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will never -- >> we know that he did. >> thank you. >> good night we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. >> good night.
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