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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  February 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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breeze is starting to play into the picture. 50s up because of the cloud cover. there's a lot of 50s and about that breeze, well it's starting to show itself a little bit. it will turn more subtle but there's a decent breeze beginning to pick up because of the system approaching. rain on the north coast. it's still aways away so later this afternoon tonight for son yoma county. this is what we are waiting for and that all has to swing in here. deep moisture is what you call that and you can get a lot of rain. some of the projections are incredible from thursday to sunday. the heaviest amounts to the north. cloudy breezy mild to warm rain to the north and highs into the 60s for almost everybody. are you feeling better? >> i feel better but you say rain to the north that means north of-- >> santa rosa north but not
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until this evening. >> gotcha. all right good. thank you steve. good morning to you. let's go out and take a look at what we have. we have the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving coming into san francisco. no major problems. 880 north that traffic looks good in both directions if you are driving northbound and southbound. as we look at the south bay northbound 101, 280 and 87 are doing really well via the map system. road work not causing many delays. let's go back to the desk. several recent fires are prompting city leaders for stricter safety regulations while speeding up rebuilding efforts. alex savage is at the scene of last week's district. >> good morning to you. two san francisco supervisors
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want to stream line the inspection to make sure they meet fire code and also want to look at ways to speed up reconstruction for burned down buildings like this one across the street from us. this place caught fire just a week ago. this was the scene. one person died and 50 tenants were left homeless after the residential and commercial building burned thursday fire and two others in recent days have led to calls to tighten safety rules. jane kim and david com post are pushing a series of changes. supervisor com post wants to invite building inspectors to cite landlords and wants residents to know they can anonymously report safety violations and owners of apartment buildings to file reports twice a year declaring safety equipment is in working order. supervisor kim has a plan to make sure tenants aren't left without a place to live.
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her plan clause penalties to persuade to rebuild in a timely fashion by easy some permit requirements and having a city seize a burned out property to do the repair work. city building officials and san san francisco's fire chief have already signed onto some of these suggestions. the supervisors will be out lining their ideas in further detail during an event outside of city hall and we also understand these two plan to release their legislation within the coming weeks. >> we get more details. time now 4: 33 a woman in her 50s died after her house caught fire in santa rosa near the road last night. the press democrat reports the woman was inside the home with her 86-year-old mother who was able to escape safely. the daughter was pulled out by firefighters but paramedics
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could not rearrive her. a neighbor says he did see the victim using a blow torch in her garden earlier in the day. new signs we could be getting closer to a possible shut down in the port of oakland in a matter of days but that's a matter of controversy. a few issues need to be worked out to end an eight eight month long contract stand off but the coalition of shipping companies at all west coast ports say the two sides remain far apart and could lock out workers by monday. cargo is so backed up that the system is barreling towards a collapse. is that five days from now seven days from now or ten from now i couldn't tell you exactly. >> there's no reason why this can't be resolved and it's always difficult. it's never easy or it would have been done a long time ago. we are so close we need to focus on getting it done.
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>> the maritime association says the current congestion is due to a union work slow down. the union instead blames issues beyond it's control including a shortage of truck beds to take containers from the docs. the maritime association and the union are continuing negotiations in san francisco. bus drivers who transfer workers to some of the biggest tech firms will vote later this month on whether to join a union. they take them every day and say they are forced to work split shifts and make $19 an hour with few benefits. the drivers vote on february 27 on weather to join the union helping them negotiate better pay and benefits. facebook voted to join back in november. the county sheriff's office has arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting a young girl inside a store in hayward.
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investigators confirm he is the man seen in surveillance images from inside the store when the attack happened. the girl's mother was in another ail at the time. investigators are expected to release more today. state lawmakers to eliminate a controversial belief exemption that allows parents in california to refuse to sack nate their children. it was unvailed yesterday in sacramento. currently vaccinations are required to attend california schools but parents can claim a personal belief or religious exemption if they don't want to sack nate their kids. under the new legislation that would go away leaving only exemptions for medical reasons. >> as a pediatrician i have witnessed children suffering life long injury or death because of a vaccine preventible infection. >> currently 17,000 children
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are not vaccinated with parents claiming personal belief exemption. the number has increased in recent years and studies show a related rise in the rates of infectious disease. personal information of 80 million americans may be at risk after the latest big cyber attack. anthem health insurance say hackers have the names birthdays and social security numbers of customers and workers. that's the most you need to get a credit card or loan. the stolen data does not include medical record. heavy rain is expected and people around the bay area preparing for the possibility of flooding. sand bags were delivered to the intersection in san francisco and part of a city notorious for floods. they cleared drains to try to prevent outages and meantime making similar preparations just like the last big storm in december extra public work
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employees will be on hand to clear debris from the rain and high winds. the national weather service issued a flash flood watch for tomorrow. officials are warning that low lying areas like lucky drive and highway 101 will flood so advising drivers to give themselves extra time. and in oakland the rain prompted organizers to cancel the city's first street festival tomorrow. it's held on the first friday of each month between west grand and 27th. while the event was canceled art galleries say they will stay open until 9. the next friday event is scheduled for march. seth curry put on his superman cape last night to help the team with the biggest come back of the season. he could not miss this. he scored a season high 51 points, ten 3 pointers and the warriors beat the mavericks 128-
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114. dallas jumped to a lead but curtis put them back into the game. it's the last home game before the all star game in new york. among the 20,000 people attending was a group of african american teenage boys in an oakland school district program given tickets to the warriors game as a special treat. the goal of the african american achievement program is to make sure they stay in school and go on to college. they hear from african american role models about the importance of higher education. >> i did get in trouble a lot but when i got in the program it gave me a back bone and made sure someone was looking over me. >> they've been in our shoes so they understand and know how to help us to succeed in life. >> since the program began in 2010 the graduation rate for african american boys across the district has increased from
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42% to 57%. the program is in 16 oakland schools and they hope to expand it to even more. >> great program. great game yesterday. >> my gosh. >> i went to bed thinking they were going to lose. >> good to be seth curry. >> time now 4: 39 coming up a store inside a popular san francisco mall robbed. what customers were forced to do by the gunman who stormed the store. >> and she may be on her way to stardom but life wasn't easy for this american idol hopeful. the struggles she had to over come that many other young people relate to. good morning looking at a commute where traffic is doing well to start off as we look at highway 4 coming up to the billow pass way. it's off to a good start. the weather is off to an okay start. it's cloudy but no fog. the breeze picking up but where is the rain? it's to the north. it's on it's way. there's also a flash flood and
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welcome back everybody. san francisco police say they will monitor the man who was detained and relates in connection to the body parts found in the suitcase. he left the county jail tuesday night. prosecutors say there was not enough evidence to charge him. body parts were found stuffed in a suitcase near a good will store last wednesday. police chief says investigators are hoping d na testing will provide the victim's identity and lead to an arrest. >> if we can determine who it is that person might have things at their residence we might be able to get d na off of to match the parts we have. >> a course close says police are trying to determine whether the victim is a friend and former roommate of him who has been missing for the past towings.
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rail service is reassuming where six people were killed when a train slammed into an suv. the national safety board says a full investigation could take up toll a year but investigators appear to the zeroing in on the driver of the suv. a preliminary check shows the crossing gates were working properly and the train was going within the speed limit. it's still unclear why the suv was on the tracks when the train was approaching. the driver behind the suv says he saw a woman calmly get out of the car right after the crossing gating came down around her. she got back in her car and pulled forward but then was hit. >> time now 4: 45 and san francisco is showing off ambulances. it's one of the 19 vehicles being added to the fleet. emergency medical technicians stocked them yesterday. joann white says the new ambulances are equipped with
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better technology and are more efficient. they plan to hire 40 more emts before the end of march. the u.s. navy unveiled a prototype for a new fire fighting tool that looks like it's from a terminator movie. it's called safer and it's human sized robot to navigate through smoke and hoes to put- -hose to put out fires on the ship. the navy wants to develop artificial intelligence so the robot can work on it's own. pleasanton native and american idol hopeful natee hudson is winning people over one at a time. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> such a quiet little girl we met her in person and then she booms out. she met hugged and talked to young fans who have watched her
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since the beginning of the season. next week she plans to go to pleasanton middle school to talk about bullying which is a topic she is very familiar with. >> i was bullied to the extreme from death threats to hate phone calls to awful messages. >> she says she turned to music to cope with her troubles and so far judges are impressed with her singing. jennifer lopez even says hudson gave her goose bumps during her audition. we posted a link to look at it again and look for the web links section. >> she's great. when we interviewed her standing in line where there was something about her. >> she stood out. >> you picked her out of a ton of people. we interviewed her and she's interest pleasanton and she sounds great.
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>> she seemed so quiet here but not on stage. all right. >> time now 4: 47. sal you are sounding better my friend. >> yeah feel good. traffic is doing well. we are off to a good start on this thursday. it looks pretty good so far. let's go out and take a look at what we have. the traffic continues to look okay in san francisco along northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. that looks good and no problems getting in from the bay bridge. westbound as you come in through you can see traffic is looking nice about a 15 to 20 minute delay later but right now more like 15 to 20 minute drive across the entire span. you don't usually get that but right now is a good time and if you are driving northbound 101, 280 and 17 are off to a good start. let's go back to the weather center and here's steve. >> real quick our san francisco observers and also works for the weather service michael had
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an article written about him talking about this up coming system. it's worth checking out. he has the best data by far i think at least currently. we are looking for cloudy skies and the breeze is picking up. no rain yet but it's on it's way. tonight it will be there. two systems flash flood watch already posted. i'll tell you the precipitation forecast for the next seven days i've seen 18-inches of rain north so my goodness. flash flood watch out of north bay not expecting that much around 10-inches of rain and gusts easily to 50 or 60. it's still working it's way towards us. we have to wait but a lot of cloud cover so cloudy and mild with the breeze beginning to crank itself up a little bit. 50s for most of the temperatures a a few 40s but a lot of 50s here as we get the
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cloud cover and south wind that's all very mild. 53 for windsor and lake. yesterday fog was the big story but starting to kick up the breeze and that's going to stir up the atmosphere where fog should not be an issue. south west what's happening in the bay? not reporting. they are sleeping in and an easterly breeze for livermore. cloud cover continues to increase. the rain is on the north coast. it's going to take awhile to get here so later tonight and tomorrow is what we are waiting for. these systems slow down and get a little development taking place, a little wave and change of wind direction on the front slows down. that's what's going to happen a little bit but moisture is plowing in. two systems friday and the one on sunday is more of a classic cold front, a little more cold air and what we are used to. this is moisture so cloudy and breezy today 60s mild conditions. rain moves in this evening and
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heavy rain on friday and the wind picks up as well. rain fall is going to be impressive. it may take awhile or be friday night. to the north bay there's going to be impressive totals here. cloudy, breezy, mild to warm rain to the north continuing very mild. we are above average on these temperatures most locations above 62 to 68 degrees. temperatures 60s for many mid 60s from santa rosa and a little warmer towards gill roy. that breeze is going to make it feel tropical in advance of that so cloudy breezy and rain tonight to the north and everybody tomorrow. tomorrow could be interesting it may be pouring to the north and windy and cloudy to the south. we get a break saturday and the next system is sunday. >> still too warm for snow. >> the snow is 8,000 feet and sunday's system will be colder around 6,000 by sunday night and monday. >> that's still mid mountain
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top of the ski resorts. >> heavy amounts above 8,000 but tough to get it below lake level. >> all right steve thank you so much. cars broken into, valuables stolen. the search under way for the man who is supposed to be responsible for break ins. a look inside for the last time and the one critical piece of the stadium that the city is scrambling to save. difference in our community. it's about being happy, healthy and well for many years to come. to learn more, visit raley's family of stores on youtube.
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welcome back everybody. well the long time home of the giants and 49ers will soon be nothing more than a pile of rubble. shows us how demolition crews are tearing down a stadium filled with so many memory. >> a modern day dinosaur takes a big bite out of the stadium that was home to moments. decades after the catch people jumping from their seats some of them are now just a pile of junk. and all of candle stick is in the process of being taken apart. this is the last time news cameras are being invited inside before demolition ramps up to the next stage. a few markers remain the 49ers great names are still on the
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wall. the developer scrapped it's plans to blow it up after the concerns about the environmental impact agreeing instead to a slower dismantling process. crews are spraying the ground to keep toxins out of the air. soon heavier machinery will be brought in and don't look for wrecking balls because there won't be any. >> we grave tated away from wrecking balls because that's a more wide spread demolition. this is more precision so you'll be using different cutters and hammers attached to the long reach machines. >> when it's all clear this spot will be the site of an outlet mall homes and a hotel. what happens to the patriot saint of candle stick park. they are trying to find the statue a new home. >> moving the statue will be a big job. it will take a crain and flat
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bed truck to get it to the secure site. the city owns it and though the new location is uncertain the statue of st. francis will be saved. fox 2 news. ahead of the federal communication commission says the internet should be treated like any public utility. tom wheeler wants to roll out rules that would block service providers from slowing it down based on what they pay. everyone pays fees but democrats say his plan would block the rich from getting what they call an internet fast lane. >> by proposing clear and decisive action to protect the incident as we know it. these rules are the declaration of independence for the internet. >> some of those fees were supposed to be there temporarily. they have been on there for decades and they are not going
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away. they never go away. >> now the f c.c. will vote on the rules proposal february 26. the attorney for the bay area man convicted of operating the black market silk road website plans to appeal that conviction. he's on trial in new york for operating the website convicted on all counts. a new york city jury needed three and a half hours to reach this decision. it found the 30-year-old site founder guilty on all seven counts against him. silk road was used for illegal drug deals and allbright made $18 million during the three years he operated it but created the site and was set-up as a fall guy. it could put him in prison for life. coming up next in our 5:00 hour if you own a car which most of us do you could soon be paying the state of california an extra $50 a month. where the extra money would go to benefit all drivers.
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and new information about a woman seen in a video recently released by isis. her possible connection to last month's deadly hostage stand off in paris. good morning. looking at a commute where traffic is slow in some areas. as you can see this is a look at the golden gate bridge. it does look good in san francisco. >> our rain is on the way and won't be here this morning. you are okay breezy later on and the rain timing update on that and amounts impressive beyond belief. ♪ [ music ] ♪
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it was responsible for killing one man. the legal cause being proposed today to make sure fires like this one in the mission last week never happen again, all ahead on ktvu mornings on 2. >> from ktvu fox 2, this is mornings on two. >> good morning. let's talk about weather and traffic. . >> it's been a


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