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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 21, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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. now from ktvu fox 2, this is the 10:00 news. fire rips through two participant buildings in san francisco, porsheing people to quickly evacuate. >> instantaneously, the roof looked like it exploded with fire. >> tonight at 10:00 at least a dozen people are left without a home. >> good evening, i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. the fire sent flumes of smoke at the corner of 1th and church streets and damaged several flats, forcing residents to flee. debora villalon is live at the scene, where investigators say they still don't know how the fire starts. >> reporter: ken, it is still under investigation. if you take a look upon the upper floors we have been
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watching as flashlights are moving around up there. as restoration crews shoring things up. it was almost 8:00 tonight before streets re-opened and people could stroll through the area, four hours after flames tore through the buildings. >> firefighter were throwing things out of window. >> reporter: flames were out by the time adrianne knowle rushed through, getting texts from her roommate, their building was burning and full of smoke. >> four people live in her flat, three in the one above. >> we have been told we'll able to salvage thing, passports, computers, all of that. >> instantaneously, the roof looked like it exploded with fire. >> reporter: as passersby shot cell phone video as flames shot through the roof of one and then a second building. fire apparently start anyway narrow space between the two wood structures and many tempts weren't hope at time. >> you didn't see anybody at
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you will. you saw two people come out of store, but other than that, there was no one. >> reporter: owner of the corner store scrambled for safety. >> the guy came running, there is a fire, go out. >> i knocked and units went inside, heavy fire, second and third floors. >> reporter: when the fire started to spread to an attic of the third building it triggered an even bigger response. they were determined that the blaze not get any bigger. >> would i say there were six units, two businesses on church, and all of it is uninhabitability due to water or fire damage. >> reporter: residents watched the fighter and the mop up, hoping that they'll be able to live there again atfs he an awesome location next to the trains. >> reporter: they are being helped by red cross volunteers figuring out where to stay and not planning too far head. >> i don't know the laws and i don't know how long we'll be out and i don't know if we're out so long that we have to look for new places, but we're
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hopeful. >> reporter: between the two buildings, more than a dozen people are displaced at least temporarily. no one was hurt, but a firefighter was overcome by smoke briefly. and two cats made it out, one of them had to be revived with oxygen here at the scene. as you can see, they are breaking glass out of window on those upper floors, so they can board them up. back to you, from church and 15th. debb, a lot of work ahead. thank you, deb. dock workers at port of oakland are back to work a day after negotiators reached a tentative labor deal. work orders for the weekend went out to dock workers this afternoon. for the last nine months, dock workers and shippers have been in a bitter dispute that led to weekend closures and slowdowns, but yesterday broad a break through way five-year tentative agreementwen the international longshore and warehouse union and the paski
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maritime association. the association represents shipping company and port terminal operates at 29 ports from san diego to seattle, including aport of oakland. one man who has waited 16 years to go through the process of becoming a dockworker says now that this dispute is over, may finally get to work. >> i'm glad for the dock workers, the union, the shipping, the country actually, because we can move forward and it will help because of the delays. >> according to a spokesperson for the port of oakland it will take least six weeks to off- load the backlog of cargo at terminals. >> hayward police released a sketch of a man they say tried to kidnap a 14-year-old girls she was walking home from girl. investigators say she was approached about 3:00 p.m. on ebony way and joshua street. she fought back and ran to a
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nearby house for help. this is the sketch of suspect. i is describe as latino man, 160 pounds with brown, short, wavy hair he was last seen driving a white sedan. anyone with information about him is asked to call hayward police. sheriff's deputies are investigating a possible bomb threat at a southern california government office after several cars were set on fire. the fire started around 4:20 this morning outside of ventura county government sir. the cars were unmarked government vehicle. there were huge flames there and police found a backpack and cleared the area about five hours later. a man found near the scene was arrested. he was injured. it's not clear how. and he had to be treated at a local hospital. well, a soldout crowd of more than 70,000 turned out to watch the san josi sharks take on the los angeles kings on an outdoor frozen ice rink.
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ktvu's cara liu is at the open- air game at levi stadium. hi cara. >> reporter: hi there. well, the fans are just starting to stream out of the stadium here. many of them still in a great mood saying it ways terrific game. it was a close one and even though the sharks didn't win it was still a special experience to see a hockey game outdoors under the night sky. >> impromptu hockey games and many experienced considered it a special experience for the nhl's first outdoor game in california. >> i have never been to one of these. it's great and it's not snowing. latah. >> that is best part, no know. >> grow up in canada and learning to skate in the backyard, this has a lot of nostalgia for me and it's a little different, because it's very warm here. >> an estimated 70,000 fans piled into levi stadium. >> we're used to having 18,000 fans and this is just so crazy
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and so cool. the environment just insane right now. >> reporter: sharks fan clearly outnumbered kings fan, but divisional primary was still in full force. >> rivalry is huge, especially last year when we beat them 0-3 and came back to win it, and every team in the nhl knew we had the stanley cup at that point. >> reporter: fans on both sides soaking in the special experience of an nhl game outdoors. >> this is really exciting because this doesn't really happen much. i have been a sharks fan since i was a high school. so it's just really cool, and special, that they are able to do this at levi stadium. >> reporter: as for the otdoor ice, more than 200 workers spend the two weeks piecing it together. it took 20,000 gallons of water to create the 2" surface and more than 3,000 gallons of col coilabilities and refrigeration to keep the ice cool. the effort wasn't lost on this 10-year-old from san josi. >> this stadium is used for
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football, but today, it is special to change the feel to ice. >> reporter: and that final attendance figure tonight 70, 205. the nhl saying it's the third largest outdoor hockey game in league history. >> certainly looks like a lot of fun. when the game started in santa clara the temp was about 55 degrees and while warm, it's not warmest for an outdoor hockey affair. last january when the kings hosted a game at dodger stadium it was 63 degrees at game-time. the coldest? 2 below zero in edmondton for the outdoor game in 2003 and from the coldest we turn to the largest, more than 105,000 people packed michigan stadium last year. coming up at 10:45, full highlights of tonight's game in our saturday night edition of
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sportswrap. unfortunately as cara mentioned the sharks did lose, but our sports director mark ibañez take likes. two people shot in bay point were king countying a birthday of the very man killed back in the same location in 2009. contra costa officials say the violence broke out near marian avenue and willow pass road. sheriff's deputies say they found the two gunshot victims, and a 22-year-old woman was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. protesters shut down a store more than two weeks after police shot and killed a 38- year-old mother of two after a conprontation with a security guard there. >> which side are you on? >> we are on the freedom side. >> protests he chained themselves to the entrances and closed down the home depot on hollis avenue this morning. the store was closed throughout the day, but should re-open
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tomorrow. protest are demanding home depot release surveillance from when vett henderson was killed not far from the store. store management wouldn't say if it because released the video to the police. protesters say the death of henderson, a black woman is part of the larger problem of african-americans being killed by police. >> there will be no regular business. you cannot kill our people time and time again. this is genocide and bigger then one person and wire sick and tired of being sick and tired. >> a security guard says henderson was caught stealing and pulled a gun. police say henderson ran from the store and tried to carjack at least three vehicle president pointing the weapon at police. that is when police say they opened fire, firing at least seven shots. the new u.s. secretary of the defense made a surprise visit to kabul to make it clear
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that washington is considering slowing down the withdrawal of american troops from afghanistan. defense secretary ashton carter credited new afghan president gani with the political progress made that led to discussions on a possible change in the withdrawal schedule. for his part, ghani spoke about the prospects for peace between the government and taliban without ever confirming that the two sides have been in contact. >> as grounds for peace has never been better in the last 36 years. >> our priority now is to make sure this progress sticks. that is why president obama is considering a number of options to reinforce our support for president ghani's securities strategy including possible changes to the timeline for our drawdown of u.s. troops. >> afghanistans a national
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army and police suffered heavy loss last year, the blood yist since 2011. u.s. will cut in half the number of troops in afghanistan to just over 5,000 this year and gradually winding down to u.s. embassy presence by the end of next year. high-level talks are ramping up to try to resolve tension over iran's nuclear program. they will meet with officials from u.s. and five other nations. this time iran's atomic energy chief and the u.s. energy secretary will participate. secretary of state john kerry traveled to geneva for the talks. on his way from london today he expressed cautious optimism. >> our governments remain in lock-step with our international partners on the importance of cutting off iran's pathways to the potential of a nuclear weapon. >> the talks aim to have iran
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curb its program and return for reduced sanctions that have affected its economy for more than a decade. u.s. is hoping for an agreement we june 30th. >> a significant milestone a man never thought he would reach. >> i celebrate my 30th birthday about two weeks ago. >> after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, a bay area man finds a high-energy way to fight back. tonight at 10:30. the nationwide movement to help people to lifelonger. plus it's one of the most recognizable plains in the world, but that is now the plane that flies the president has always looked. the incredible journey the original air force one has taken that included use in farming. plus, if you could will walk next to two people and hear a conversation, that would be the one. >> the world's fair in san francisco's iconic palace of fine arts brought together some of the world's brightest minds. 100 years later, the landmark stakes center stage again to mark the occasion. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds
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well it featured the first steam elect motive purchased by pacific railroad and first transcontinental phone call and even the liberty bell made an appearance at the 1915 worlds fair in san francisco. ktvu's allie place with the incredible impact of that event held 100 years ago. >> it's one of san francisco's iconic structures the palace of fine art was built for the 1915 world's fair in san francisco, now 100 years later the palace
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is taking center stage for the anniversary celebration of the world's fair. it was also called the panama pacific exposition, palace after glittering palace showcased the wore's treasure and technological innovations, spanning 35iacers of the area that is now the marina district. this animation shows the transformation, now a century later the palace of fine arts is the only building still standing and opening this weekend is an exhibit celebrating its history. these are the palace's original 100-year-old doors. as part of the exhibit, they will be opening up the doors to the piric for the first time in four decades. it chronicles all the showcased items. >> an electric iron and volkswagen cleaners vacuum cleaners and modern world were brought in. the first transcontinental phone call from nyc to san francisco was made and henry
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ford created a model-t assembly lynn. >> he walked the line explaining to thomas edison and if you could ever walk next to two people and hear a conversation, that would be the one. >> reporter: there were exhibitings for children and adults. >> the thing we're trying to focus on is the juxtaposition between then and now. ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: the history is on display at palace of fine art for the public to remember and enjoy. in san francisco, alley rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. hockey outdoors may be a bit of a novelelity around here, but most of the area is experiencing winter misery up to new york and down in the south, winter is hitting hard with snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain and sub-zero temperatures. at least 30 deaths during the
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past few day are being blamed on weather. bad as it is outside, some people are having it rough trying to sleep without heat or getting through the day without water. >> we have to not wash dishes, not shower, spreading it out. >> can't do laundry. had to drag laundry out. >> we have the blanket, but the cold wakes you up a lot. >> one upside of the weather a fountain in western new york froze creating a natural ice sculpture of water in action. tourists are coming in to what they are calling a ice volcano. well, a massive manhunt in inoption after police say a burglary suspect shot and wounded a police officer. tonight that suspect is in custody. police say the shooting happened just before 5:00 this morning, when two officers were investigating a burglary call. the officer was shot in the shoulder while standing outside of his patrol car.
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he is expected to survive. his partner, dragged him into that police cruiser and then drove him to the hospital. the police chief visited the officer this afternoon. she says the incident is a reminder of the dangers officers face every day. >> i would ask the public, however, to continue to have the officer and his family in their thoughts and prayers and frankly all minneapolis police officers. this officer was a victim tonight, because he wore a minneapolis police uniform. late this afternoon police arrested a 43-year-old man in connection with shooting. officers say he has a long criminal history. a woman who was inside the home during the lurgry said a friend stabbed the suspect triced with a kitchen knife before he ran from the house. a desperate appeal from the families of three teenaged girls believed to be trying to get to syria to join islamic state fighters. the girls, a 15-year-old and 16- year-old flew from london to istanbul on tuesday and today
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their families released statements calling for the gilberts to return home. one family said they understand that the girs were moved by the suffering of syrian people, but pray that the trio returns before they get to syria. today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights leader malcolm x, who was shot to death in new york in 1965, just moments before a speech to his followers. his family witnessed the assassination. malcolm x advocating a separate identity and self-again is, nor african-american. lease to members of the nation of islam were convicted of his murder which happened not long after he distanced himself from that group. >> one of the greatest things mr. malcolm he redefined the civil rights movement to include a human rights agenda. so while we're focusing on integrating school and integrating housing a an all of these other things malcolm said we demand our human rights by any means necessary.
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about 300 people gathered in harlen at malcolm x memorial, the same place he was killed. the family says the memorial is now a place of the empowerment. when a dog fall into a icy pond in north carolina, one man grab a wet suit and went into after him to bring him to safety. these are the pictures of the safety in adams farm as t.j. says he couldn't just let the dog die. he was at work nearby when the dog chased a bird on to the ice and fell into the frigid pond waters. emergency crews called him for directions, but he didn't wait for thim. he grabbed his wet suit and headed out. >> i was thinking there was a dog yelping or barking, but sitting there with a sad look on his face and i thought i could make it. >> he took the dog tie nearby vet to get checked unit wait for her owners. owners say they so grapeful he would risk his life to save their dog. he was given just months to live, but more than a year later, he is still fighting, the high-energy way this bay area man is raising money for
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those battling rare types of cancer. . and the incident on a plane that prompted all-american presidents to fly under the call sign "air force one." . fog pushing back into the bare right now and i'm track a weather system our north. we have stronger winds to talk about in your sunday forecast and we also have the possibility of a few pop up showers. from ♪ food is more than just a meal. ♪ food is love.
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i'm right above your head. okay. >> an early spring project to fix up the space station today, two astronauts started to rewire cable, 764' of it during a spacewalk, to let american- made capsules dock there. nasa says the project is the most complicated cable work ever for the station. two more spacewalks are needed to finish the job much a pespiece ever presidential history is looking for a make over and museum.
10:25 pm
private owners are hoping that the public comes to appreciate the first plane to be called air force one. the plane from the eisenhower era through at least one crisis. >> reporter: it was an incident on this aircraft that prompted all- american presidents to fly under the call sign "air force one." the plane now sits in a field at the airport outside of tucson. >> that is say very significant number right, there 8610, that changed the whole course of presidential air transport history. >> it carried president dwight eisenhower for a year and in 1953 the aircraft was involved in a frightening incident with the president on board. >> for air-traffic control purposes flight 8610, in 1953, this aircraft and eastern airlines flight 8610 ended up in the same airspace ovnew york city and the call sign air force one was born. the plane was eventually replaced and ended up at this
10:26 pm
air force base where its history was lost and sold at auction to a man named mel chrysler who needed planes for crop-dusting, ten years later in 1980 the smithsonian called him to tell him the history. >> he decided to restore it and they flew it around-the men tried to sell it, but with no buyers it ended up here, where timothy kooms hoped to restore it. >> i hope 134 day, somebody goes you know what? let's go get that thing. and that would be a plus. >> several museums have shown interest in doing a complete restoration of the plane, but so far none has been able to come up with the $1.5 million to fund it. >> in denver, alicia kuna, fox news. the lady washington came into port to join its sister shop. the fall ships are full-scale replicas that regularly sail up and down the west coast.
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crews offered he haddation tours and family adventure that feature cannon fire and -- sales launch from jack london square tomorrow. the ocean is just a way of lave for those who live and visit in hawai'i, but you generally don't expect to catch a fish like this group did. the monster marlin that took a half-hour to reel in. >> the interview that you did with it really helped to launch my turnaround. >> when we pierce met this ballpark man he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and now a year later, he is healthier and an ambassador for a nationwide minute. to raise money for cancer research.
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hundreds of people packed a san francisco fitness center and they were there more than just a weekend's workout. one of the people sweating it out today was a rare form of termable cancer. his name is brian rhodeselle and we first introduced to him a year-ago. as we in seattle watching his favorite team the 49ers take on the seahawks in the game. despite his grim diagnoses, cristina rendon shares rozelle's journey and how his - was changed. >> reporter: it's high-energy inside san francisco's fitness club. between the clapping cheering and jam-packed rows of stationary cyclists you will find brian rozelle. >> i'm a perfect scenele you don't need to take spin classes or be a cyclist to join and participate in cycles for survival. >> reporter: cycle for survival is personal for brian, who has
10:31 pm
cholangiocarcinoma, a rare form of cancer of the bile duct. we met him in seattle a year- ago ago, attending the afc championship game between the 49ers and seahawks, receiving ae-mail of support from several players. >> the interview that you guys did with me, really helped launch my turnaround. >> reporter: now 15 pounds heavy, brian, when was given months to live spent 2014 traveling the world. he just reached a milestone. >> i celebrate my 30th birthday about two weeks ago. >> reporter: and as a spokesperson for cycle for survival. every dollar raised go directly to rare cancer research and city clerkal trials led by sloan sloan-kettering in new york. >> the staff at memorial sloan- kettering did an incredible
10:32 pm
job. >> there are a lot of photos bub it's something else that i can carry every day. >> brian's battle is ongoing and says is he starting his1st round ofchomo. >> without chemotherapy and treatment my tumor would be growing at a rapid rate. >> but he says he is blessed to be an ambassador for cycle for survival. it means he is surrounded by a lot of friends and eye lot of love, giving him inspiration to keep on going. >> even though i have terminal cancer, i'm still one of the luckiest people i know to be able to live the live i did. >> reporter: there are two more rides scheduled for tomorrow. can you still donate to the cause on-line and to find out more visit our website at in san francisco, cristina rendon. oakland police are offering a reward to find a hit-and-run driver who killed a man and
10:33 pm
injured another. crash at san pablo avenue and 32nd street killed a man reportedly identified as maurice summerfield. a 46-year-old oakland with an mazz injured. driest of the light-colored buick sedan fled from the scene. authorities are offering a $00,000 reward. a single car crash on an infamous curve in the north bay killed a driver this morning, east of the petaluma. according to the highway patrol the driver of the silver bmw was traveling at a high rate of speed. neighbors say that the curve of the road is treacherous, but that many drivers try to speed in that area. the car fell down into a vineyard and flipped over several days. times. >> conditions at the time were pretty heavily fogged in and visibility was very limited. >> well, the male driver was about 38 years old. police is not released any other details about that
10:34 pm
victim. san francisco marin county cars have to punch in a few more phone numbers starting today every with a 415 area code now needs an area code to call out even next door. 415 numbers are running out. while existing numbers will not change, from now on new numbers get new area codes. 415-628 overlay won't be last one for the bay area. the 707 is expected to run out of number by 2019 and the 510 area code in the east bay will probably be exhausted by 2020. a new york teen never thought his fishing trip to hawai'i would end up with him reeling in a fish five times bilgier than him. they were with a group when a 1058-pound blue marlin took the bait off of the kona the giant
10:35 pm
blue marlin was around 14' as big as this fish is, the catch came in 300 pounds short of the world-record caught up the kona coast in 1982. >> that is a lot of fish tacos the not much polar for the polar plunge, and the reason so many people jumped in wearing costumes today. and our meteorologist mark tamayo has a look at your forecast coming up next why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking abo ple? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. the volvo presidents day invitation. this month, lease the xc60 for just $399 a month.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody deserves $73 fares. because wedding season can get expensive. book your low fare now at a great day for the polar plunge in san francisco, decked out in custom and these happy
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soul were raising money for the special olympics. the polar plunge followed a 5k walk and run and the san francisco police department, were out in force to take a dip to support the athletes who are overcoming various challenges to participate in the games. >> and john sasaki was there, too. >> he he certainly was and i was looking to see him in that picture, with his hat getting ready to take the plunge there. i want to check in with you are meteorologist mark tamayo. mark i know you have taken the polar plunge. >> in years past i like to go in the water and enjoy the view, and they actually kicked me out to get the other teams in plunge. always a great event. john does great work with them as well. great day tonight plunge in san francisco with lots of sunshine, but some changes for the afternoon hours. we had more of an onshore wind, more fog regrouping and more changes in our sunday forecast. live stormtracker 2 you can see right now, just a few high clouds in the northern parts of
10:39 pm
the state. there is actually a weather system it our north that will increase the wind speeds in the bay area, but especially to our north. a wind advisory kicks in tomorrow for all these areas, including parts of solan yes, towardsano towards vacaville. lou clouds regrouping offshore, current numbers, santa rosa, 46 degrees. downtown san francisco, checking in 54, san josi reporting partly cloudy skies in mid-50 lower 50s towards concord and livermore. fog will be developing tonight and gusty winds fore tomorrow. extended forecast looks like a sun-cloud mix. the wind speeds definite life cranking up throughout the day tomorrow. here is the forecast projected wind gusts throughout the day on sunday. can you see especially in the north bay towards santa rosa and for the north bay hills we could have gusts approached 30- 40 miles per hour. so could be a bit blustery for
10:40 pm
four sunday that could linger into monday as well. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning, starting out sunday, temperatures in the upper 30s to upper 40s, partly cloudy sky and areas of fog near the coast towards pacifica, san francisco and a few patches around the bay towards oakland and hayward and in the north bay as well, soldiers sonoma county. this is the weather system, dropping in from the north. here is the eventual track over the next 24 hours. with that we're expecting low clouds and fog to gradually clear out into the afternoon hours, but partly cloudy skies. there is a slight chance of showers in the bay area, although the forecast model not optimistic with that for sunday. the main activity as you can see to the south and east of the bay area and even the possibility of a few pop up snow showers in the sierra and the say the forecast for monday. we'll have to keep an eye on shower chance, but best bet is to the south of region.
10:41 pm
fore tomorrow, mainly in the 60s, san mateo, 65 degrees. the five-day forecast, blustery and cool overnight lows for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. no major storms to talk about, as i mentioned maybe a dusting of snow in the sierra for tomorrow. you was up at squaw last week and just driving to the mountains 5,000' it looks like the middle of summer without much snow coverage. >> thank you, marg. coming up next, more from santa clara. the sold out crowd at leavei stadium was privy to the outdoor classic between the kings and sharks. more on that match-up from our sports director mark ibañez.
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had you is it gooding everybody? i'm mark ibañez in for joe fonzi on this saturday night edition of sportswrap. about 70,000 fans crammed into levis in the south bay spectacular setting for a bay area first taking care of some beautiful camera angles and some great hockey to be played and the shark's very important game against the kings. it's l.a. on the board first, redeflected by cleveland. his third goal of the year, as we check out replay clifford. burns scores and you see the replace as theirole nem nis jonathan quick in the net for the kings. not able to get though that one. then we have got first intermission entertainment of
10:45 pm
the highest sort from john fogerty of creedence clearwater revival days. ♪[ music ]♪ >> all right, your fortunate one was not shark's forward carlson is absolutely crushed against the board by l.a.'s robin. we're still tied at 1. slashings with the turnover in the nightral zone and they paid big for it. the take away all alone and scoring, 2-1 king and that that would be your final, the shark's coach disappointed with his team's play in this very special happening in the south bay. >> disappoint in the effort, and what our group putz into the game. we would have preferred the win. it was i


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