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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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on 2 continues. >> good morning, thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. >> good morning i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. you really want to pay attention to steve's forecast. this is interesting. >> that is correct. maybe a little afternoon shower north and east bay. >> and cold trend continuing. >> i think we will get a brief warmup sunday into tuesday. maybe even rain. i don't want to get too far ahead of myself. i'm not surprised. we had since last june we've had every temperature has been above normal. but today and yesterday it was chilly top cold. look at these coastal temps. the water temps have finally cooled off to 50-52-degrees and that will do it. so santa cruz, half-moon bay, pacifica, san francisco, and bodega bay all at 50 or 51
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degrees. we have a cool air mass in place. low clouds are in place. we will get a little bit of a clearing from north to south. some breaks in the low clouds today even though it's mostly cloudy. the key for today there is a lot of moisture rumbling off the sierra after yesterday's thunderstorms. it's still there in place. some of this is going to pop up a few shower. i think we will get a little bit more sun. 50s on the temps. they are cold but not as windy today. here's another one. 50s on the water temps near average. not something that has been there for a long, long time. look for morning clouds and then sun and then the cloud cover moves in. a little warmer but possible showers to the north bay and east bay later today. 60s and low 70s. all right sal anything new to report? >> yeah, steve. we have video of this deadly crash on highway 50 near the sacramento area.
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toyota pree jus was head -- prius was heading westbound. the prius driver and all three people in the truck were killed. drivers are advised to avoid the area and with all fatal accidents it does take awhile for these things to completely clear from the road. let's move along to live pictures or live incidents. this is westbound 580. we've had a string of crashes coming up to the dublin canyon. they are all on the shoulder but traffic will be slow. a lot of traffic on 580 as you drive through. it's an extra 10-15 minutes as recommended here. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have there is a delay. there is a 15-20 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. let's go back to the desk. we begin with new video of a developing story we've been following for the last hour.
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contra costa county fire crews looking through a home that caught fire early this morning in walnut creek. this video is from a little while ago. that fire started about 4:00 this morning in a ranch style home. there is no indication that the fire was slitly set. police in santa rosa are trying to figure out if three attacks on women in the past nine months are connected. ktvu fox 2 tara moriarty has a new lead in this investigation and is joining us now from one of the spot where is one of the attacks happened. tara. >> reporter: people don't normally start showing up here until well after sunrise so we haven't had a chance to talk to think if they are aware of these attacks. we do know a woman back in february said she just started her run here when she was attacked by a man.
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lucky she screamed and he ran off. we want to show you these three locations on a map. the first happened near railroad square last july when a man on a bicycle attacked her near pearson street. and then in february the spring lake incident. the most recent case took place monday afternoon shortly after 2:30 when a woman was assaulted on a walking trail. this is a sketch we want to show you of a man who suspects or the victims we say describe as white in his 30s, tall around 6 feet with characteristics suggesting substance abuse or a mental disability. that is because police say in at least two of the cases the suspect had features similar to someone with down syndrome. the stranger also appeared stunned when the women tried to fend him off. the detectives say there was a substantial physical contact in each case. enough to qualify this as attempted rape and there is a $2500 reward for any
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information leading to an arrest. live from santa rosa i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> hopefully they get new clues. thank you, tara. under heavy public pressure the santa clara city council has decided it needs more time to study a controversial parking proposal from the 49ers. about 200 soccer moms and dads and young players held signs. and then they packed the council meeting and voiced their objections to the 49ers plan to use three soccer fields right next to levi stadium as additional parking. the team is proposing to lease the field for $15 million plus share a portion of the parking fees with the money going to find soccer fields elsewhere. >> in the ideal world the property would be moved to a location that is comparable to where we have. the 49ers would pay for it as they had promised. and the city would dispose of our property at fair market
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value. >> the 49ers don't take it personal. i don't cake it personal. i think we have to get to a point where we have the best decision for the community. >> council members councilled a closed session on the issue. a proposal in los angeles county to build a new stadium for the raiders is picking up steam. last night the carson city council unanimously approved a plan to build a $1.7 billion privately financed stadium that the raiders and san diego chargers would share. they now have to negotiate specific details with the developers. supporters of the plan wanted to show their commitment to nfl owners before today's nfl meeting in no,. the proposed 70,000 feet stadium will be built. out mow it's an empty low.
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the man is in the works to equip san francisco sheriffs deputies with ever -- deputies will start we aring them. it follows allegations that four deputies staged inmate fights. a mystery note. this was left on a police car until denver, colorado. it has police officers there reaching out to people in san jose. they want to find the woman that wrote that note and left it there because of what it said. janine de la vega is joining us live now from san jose. and they are using social media to try to find her; right? >> reporter: yes, they are. if you know anybody who lives in san jose and her name is lauren and she visited denver earlier this month and they want to hear from you. lauren left a note on a patrol officers car thanking them and
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now they have gone to social media on facebook to try to find her. here is the post that is on the denver police department's facebook page which says help us find lauren. it shows a picture of a thank you note written on a ripped piece of paper and left on a police lieutenants patrol car. dear officer, i'm from san jose, california and we recently lost an asset to an amazing team lacewing. thank you for risking your life every day for my safety. you're important and i'm super thankful for you. i hope you have a wonderful weekend and god bless. th valuable asset the woman is referring to is michael johnson who was shot and killed by a man who was suicidal. lauren left the note the week after he died. denver police want to thank lauren for her kind words of support. >> that is wonderful. we can't say enough good things
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about her police officers. they help us out every day. >> reporter: and you were helped while you were visiting. >> just last night in morgan hill. police officer took us to our motel room because we were dropped off in the middle of nowhere so we called police and they took us to our motel. >> reporter: denver police say the tiny gesture makes their job more fulfilling. san jose police want to help identify her so they can let her know how grateful they are for her kindness as well. they have posted this story on twitter and want people to share the word. dave. >> all right janine de la vega, thank you. time is 6:09. san francisco celebrating the expansion of the pit stop public toilet program. affordable solar powered toilets will be available at sixth and jesse streets. it's open from 2:00 until 9:00 p.m.
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tuesday through friday. there is an attendant there as well. the first three pit stops open in the tenderloin district in july of last year. it was a test run for six months. it's been expanded to a year. people that live in this area says this program has reduced the amount of time people see people going to the bathroom out on the streets. bart says it will spend $12 million making some much needed improvements at several bart stations along market street in san francisco. bart will replace the escalators at two of the powell street bart entrances and one at civic center. a canopy will be installed over the new escalators just like the one at 19th street station in oakland. bart plans to brighten up the civic center station. they will put in new led lighting and wok to enforce city codes. codes that forbid people lying down on the bart station. >> this station sucks. it's nasty.
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it's disgusting. they let all the homeless people lay all over the ground. >> i think it could use a little freshening up. >> bart officials will be at the powell and civic center stations later today. they will be looking for some more input from bart riders. the entire project should be finished by 2017. 6:10 is the time right now. new unusual twist in this weeks amber alert in fairfield. >> coming up at 6:30 the allegations that the child's parents are now making against police and how police officers are responding. >> as he's starting to fall i just went on him and held him down. >> san jose's police chief down playing how he captured a murder suspect who escaped from a holding cell. plus, what is being done to investigate how the prisoner got out in the first place. >> as you look at the north bay
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commute, southbound 101 looks good as you drive from novato to san rafael. coming up we all take a look at some spots that are not so good in the east bay. >> below normal temps not something we've had much of in the past 4-6 months. look at these temps by the coast. these are the coldest i've seen in a long time.
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a 21-ounce drink for just $6 every day. welcome back to mornings on 2. we're getting details
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breaking news in martinez. two people have been rescued from an apartment fire on pine street near howell road. this is right next to highway 4. the contra costa county fire department says a police officer was hurt at some point during that rescue. we're sending a crew there now. we'll bring you more information. also new this morning police in france say they arrested an islamic extremist in harris. he was planning to attack churches. algerian man is accused of killing a young man sortly before his arrest on sunday. the arrest came after a man shot himself accidentally and called for an ambulance. the officers who responded say they found a blood trail near his car. a 17-year-old boy is missing and santa clara county deputies say connor sullivan
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was last seen at 7:00 monday morning. take a look at his picture. connor attended his first class at month vista high school but missed the remaining classes and has not been seen since. >> there is his picture. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriffs department. a daly city grandmother is asking for help to find her 16- year-old granddaughter who has been missing since sunday. family members say destiny's people has mental disabilities. she is on -- and on sunday she was found in the parking lot of a boston market near that mall. police took her home but she left again. destiny's grandmother says the teenager has been seeking a relationship with her biological mother. she also recently connected with a man on facebook. >> that is the scary part about it. is that she would go with
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someone who could potentially hurt her. >> police put up flyers around santa monica mall. this morning san jose police are checking surveillance video and trying to determine how a murder suspect was able to escape from their custody before he was tackled by the police chief. >> kind of zigzagging and going through traffic. he was able to catch up. as he fell he went down him. >> hector was able to break free from a locked holding cell. he climbed a barbed wire fence all while wearing handcuffs. san jose police chief chased him down, tackled him, and something he says was nothing special. >> that is our job. but really the real heros are men and women that are out there every day and you know i got to be a cop for just a couple minutes.
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>> the police chief's shirt was torn. you can see his arm was scraped during that tackle. as for the murder suspect the injuries you see here on his face didn't come from the scuffle with a police chief, it came from a fight with police in mexico where he bit two officers and attacked another. we want to check in with sal. there is a horrendous accident we've been covering. >> that is on highway 50. i want to give you some bullet points. 50 at stockton boulevard. wrongway driver at about 2:00 in the morning ended up getting on the freeway causing a deadly crash. that 50 area will be very slow. i know people do go up there. highway 50 is one to avoid for now. here in the bay area we've had moderate traffic as you drive through. steve said it will be grizzly but i have a feeling we're looking at that a little bit in
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san francisco. a little foggy. but the traffic is still okay on 101 and 280 as you head out to the south of market area. there are no major problems if you are driving through the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks like there is less drizzle here. it's backed up for a 20 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. we've had a string of crashes on 580 as you drive to the dublin interchange. just two or three and that has made things a little bit worse for the morning commute in this area. nothing major there. as you go over to the peninsula, 101 looks good all the way down to the peninsula to highway 92, san mateo an 101 and 280 are off to a good start. let's bring steve in here with a look at the forecast. there is drizzle and a lot of cloud cover around. may give way to showers later today. it will be close. if you thought yesterday was cold it was. it was the coldest highs we've had in a long time.
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59 santa rosa. should be in the near 70 degrees. they were 55 cold degrees yesterday. concord only 64. san jose a little warmer but still could not crack 70 degrees. today they will. we will bump up some of these temps. there is going to be a little bit of clearing. there are holes in it but that will keep an eye on the cloud cover streaming off the sierra that is big thunderstorms there. there is a bunch of moisture and a low in southern california. i will give you a look at that in a second. things calm down at night but then pick up during the day with the added sunshine clouds almost burn off sooner. that will certainly help create a little more lift. 50s on the temps. half-moon bay is 50 degrees. cold on the coast. it will still be breezy and blustery at times. monterey is sleeping in.
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48 in arcadia. here's the key the water temps have come down. we have seen 50 at san francisco buoy. it is cold. aberdeen was 15 this morning for a record low. can you believe that? 20s and 30s chicago. there is snow. look at this big system that is churning there. and all that cold air is bringing a lot of snow. not a lot but there is pockets of snow to the great lakes. that is the low. see how that? see how this heads up? some of that will grab moisture. it won't be until 3:00 but right here around 3:00, around mendocino county and northern sonoma county look what happens here. things really pop up. mendocino county and lake county. it will be close. keep an eye on that coming into
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sacramento. but what another system is going to move in on the weekend. to keep this cool pattern in place. clouds and sun and drizzle. breezy. that will be a little warmer, not a lot. can't get much colder than that. 60s on the temps or near 70 degrees. temperatures though near average to below. antioch yesterday only 69 degrees. that is a big drop for the weekend. that will not be the case here for a long time. 50s and to near 70 degrees. showers possible into thursday and really cool friday into saturday. >> thank you, steve. time is 6:22. a major overhaul of how california's power companies are charging their customers why you could have to pay more even if you use less electricity. >> a man in a wheelchair fell on his tracks.
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welcome back to morning ons 2. a long-time bay area police captain who died of cancer last week will be laid to rest on saturday. ed tracy also served on the oakland union city and bart police departments over his 25
6:26 am
year career. a procession will take place saturday morning as a tribute to his service to the community. it will go through san leandro, past the oakland police department and to oakland's china town. and then it will go to castro valley. washington, d.c. metro workers are trying to find two good samaritans that saved the life of a disabled man that fell on to the tracks. yesterday's rescue was caught on surveillance video. a 54-year-old wheelchair bound man drove his wheelchair off the platform and on to the tracks. two people rushed in, pulled the man to safety. he did suffer a few cuts but is expected to make a full recovery. the daughters of charity hospital are cutting staff. they operate four hospitals in the bay area. seaton medical center in daly
6:27 am
city. o'connor hospital in san jose. seaton coast side in moss beach. now according to the business time 280 people are losing their jobs. the company is still looking for a new buyer for the hospitals after an earlier deal fell through. happening today we're going to find out if three falcon chicks nesting on top of san jose city hall are males or females. about 7:30 this morning a researcher will repel down the side of city hall to attach tracking bans to the falcon chicks. the researcher will let us know if they are male or female. you can watch it live on the all new falcon cam. there has been an online contest to name the chicks. only mobile home park in palo alto. the steps santa clara county is
6:28 am
taking to save the property from being sold. >> we're live in santa rosa where police have linked one man to attacks on three different women. we'll tell you how they were able to make the unique connection. . >> good morning. we are looking at the mccarthur maze. it looks pretty good so far. a little bit of slowing as you get to the bay bridge. >> we're also looking at a big fogback but also very cool to cold temps. especially along the coast.
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's the middle of the week, wednesday, april 22nd i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. also earth day today. we've been talking about a lot of earth day stuff. it's a bit cool on our part. >> it's cool for much of the
6:31 am
united states. especially here to the northern plains. we don't have any record lows that fog bank was large and in charge as we say yesterday. there is still a pretty good little representation of it today. although there are a few more breaks and we will see a little bit more clearing today. thunderstorm possibility coming off the sierra looks pretty good. especially north and east bay. there is plenty to go around. the moisture source does not look like april. looks like something you would see until august or september. 50s on the temps. it will be breezy today. not nearly as bad as yesterday. that low in southern california look at that. rumbling in and i think it will send in back some cloud cover later on today. we'll get a little bit of sun and then the clouds come back in from the sierra to the sacramento valley. clouds, sun, drizzle for some. a little bit warmer today. clouds possibility showers north and east. maybe even san jose by this evening 50s and 60s or low 70s. all right sal lots to talk
6:32 am
about. still highway 50 sal you dealing with that first? >> yeah highway 50 i want to mention that highway 50 in an area of sacramento and stockton boulevard a lot of lanes closed there for a deadly crash that it happened over night. wrongway driver involved four people died and i know some of our bay area viewers drive to sacramento to and from. so if you're drying on highway -- if you're driving highway 50, you should expect delays. let's move along and take a look at this bay area traffic. you can see traffic is going to be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. not a big deal coming into san francisco. it looks like there is either a wide load truck going through or a couple cal tran vehicles are there and taking care of a stalled vehicle. we'll keep an eye on it for you. the delay is not really that bad. let's move along and take a look at the drive on the san mateo bridge. that traffic is moving along okay as you drive through. no major problems. we've been talking about the
6:33 am
north bay and traffic on highway 101 north and south looks good. there are no major problems on 80 westbound. 680 is getting just a little bit slower. 6:32 let's go back to the desk. we have new details on the breaking news we are following in martinez. this is a live picture. we're on pine street and howell road. a police officer and another person were hurt at an apartment fire here. fire officials say one person who lives in that apartment building is being streeted for smoke inhalation. a police officer trying to get people out also suffered smoke inhalation. officials say both of the injuries are considered minor. the fire crew you just saw there they got the fire under control about ten minutes ago. the cause of the fire still under investigation. we'll keep you posted if there is anything new. there are also new developments involves the parents of a boy in fairfield who was the focus of monday
6:34 am
morning's amber alert. the child was found safe but now the parents are accusing the police of misconduct. ktvu fox 2 alex savidge is in our newsroom with new video released by fairfield police. >> reporter: good morning to you. during that desperate search on monday for this missing boy in fairfield. repeatedly asked for permission to check the families home to make sure he wasn't inside. but the boys mother refused over and over again and that led to a heated dispute between the mother and officers. and eventually the mother wound up in handcuffs. >> my baby is gone. i can't breathe. >> reporter: that is body cam footage released by the fairfield police department over night. police handcuffed the mother of eight-year-old brock guzman because they claim she was interfering with the investigation and became
6:35 am
combative. before she was tarkenton custody, police had been trying to convince the woman they needed to search the family home just in case the boy was hiding inside. >> is there a reason we don't want us to go in there? >> yeah i don't want you in my house. it is my house. my personal space. i ham not the suspect of any type overcram crime. officers went too far during that search and they plan to file a formal complaint against the fairfield police department. the family says they were worried their two dogs inside the home might attack officers if they entered. >> obviously these officers need better training on how to deal with a mother that is hysterical about losing her kids. you heard the 911 call. she is hysterical but answers
6:36 am
every question. >> reporter: the amber alert was issued. the boy was found unharmed a short time later. officers at the scene become suspicious when they looked at the front door of the home. what looked to be blood turned out to be nail polish. two armed robbery suspects were arrested last night after a police chase through the east bay. one of our freeway cameras captured part of the pursuit.
6:37 am
the two men were wanted in berkeley for an armed robbery. the car blew out the front tires and then the men started running. you can see look at the cameras. the passenger was caught while the driver ran on to the freeway. ran across the east and westbound lanes. we have polied him rung across the freeway. the police eventually tracked him down to a parking lot of a chevy's restaurant. that is where he was taken into custody. we're here at spring lake where one happened. if you take a luke behind me yoke can see a popular place to
6:38 am
jog. if you run and live in santa rosa, chances are you have been here. this news is scary for a lot of women. let's show you a map where the three attacks took place. the first happened near railroad square last july when a man on a bicycle attacked her near west third. when a woman was assaulted on a walking trail along round barn boulevard. this is a sketch of the man whom victims describe as white, in his 30s. tall around six feet with characteristics suggesting substance abuse or a mental disability. that is because in two of the cases the suspects had features similar to someone with down syndrome. the stranger also appeared stunned when the woman tried to fend him off. detectives say there was substantial physical contact in each case enough to qualify it as a rape. there is a $2500 reward in this
6:39 am
case. we just spoke to a woman. she bikes frequently around the lake. hear what she says about how she feels about knowing about these a-- about these attacks. a san ramon teenager is pleading with thieves to give back a one of a kind cello stolen from her mothers suv. 16-year-old serena says her cello was unique, handmade, and worth $8500. the cello was stolen april 11th from the ofelo garage while serena and her mother were shopping. video shows a woman rivalling through the suv and then a man pulling up with a car and the woman putting the cello in the car. >> we have video and still images of them. so you can take a very good
6:40 am
look at them and pretty much make out their face and their body. police say the thieves may not realize what they have. saying you can't take an $8500 cello to a pawnshop or sell it to another musician without raising suspicion. a fight to keep a mobile home park in palo alto from being shut down. we've been telling you how the owner of the mobile home park wants to sell it to developers. it is the last mobile home park in palo alto. the san jose mercury news reports that last night santa clara county board of supervisors voted to find a nonprofit agency to take over that property. others want to sell the property and give the residence there a buyout. on this earth day san francisco mayor ed lee will announce a new campaign to reduce greenhouse gas admissions. the city's goal is to send zero
6:41 am
waste to the landfill. use 100% reusable energy. and pull carbon dioxide out of the air. we do have an entire earth day section on our website at and there you can see more stories and find events where you can volunteer just click at the top of our home page. time is 6:41. the search is under way now for an at risk teenager who hasn't been seen since sunday. coming up at 7:00, how she may have been interacting online with a stranger and why the police are focusing their effort ons a mall. >> a health scare at st. mary's college. the dangerous drug one student caught that has a whole campus on high alert. >> good morning. on the bridges we are doing okay so far as you look at the san mateo bridge it looks okay. we'll tell you more about this morning's commute. >> still a lot of low clouds around and cool to cold.
6:42 am
temperatures on the coast right near 50 degrees. there is pretty good thunderstorms which have been developing over the sierra. some may play into our weather later today.
6:43 am
6:44 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. new this morning the vatican confirms pope francis will stop in cuba before he visits the u.s. in late september. pope francis has been credited
6:45 am
with helping to improve relations between the united states and cuba. pope francis will become only the third pope in history to tour cuba. pope john paul ii visited hah van that in -- havana in 1998. former nfl player and now convicted felon aaron hernandez might be mitt with a civil lawsuit. a jury found hernandez guilty of murdering his former friend odin lloyd. hernandez was sentenced to life in prison. now lloyd's mother will file a lawful death lawsuit against hernandez. the lawsuit also looks to recoop monetary damages from the new england patriots. time is 6:45. a bill that requires children to be vaccinated is going through last minute changes before a key vote today in sacramento. this controversial legislation would eliminate california's personal belief exemption.
6:46 am
the bill is unconstitutional and denies unvaccinated children their right to a public education. so the bills author hasn't changed it to allow unvaccinated chirp to be home schooled in groups. as part of the public school system independent study program. now it's not clear if that will be enough to salvage the bill. health experts are warning students and faculty at st. mary's college about a confirmed case of meningitis they say a student got six on monday and under going treatment. six other students that were in close touch with the patient are also being streeted with objects. >> we want the community vigilant. any signs of meningitis whether it's fever, stiff neck, vomiting, confusion students should seek medical attention needily. >> in a worse case scenario meningitis can cause brain damage and 5% of the cases are
6:47 am
fatal. the state appeals court ruled that water agencies cannot use tiered billing systems as a way to encourage people to save water. where they charged water users higher rates. that was a violation of proposition 218. it's an initiative passed by voters in 1996 which prohibits government agencies from charging more for services than their actual costs. spokesman for san francisco water agency says it won't be effected because they base their rates on how much it costs to deliver the water. governor brown denouncing the decision by the caying the ruling puts a straight jacket max numb flexibility needed. santa clara county board of supervisors voted to explore water desalination as a way to boost water supplies. the sal nation takes the salt
6:48 am
out of salt water making it drinkable. but it's very expensive and critics say there are negative impacts on the environment. the board says it plans to work with the santa claire real water district to study this technology. a plant is due to open later this year in san diego. it's expected to provide up to 50 million gallons of drinking water every day. proposed changes to electricity rates in california would result in low usable customers paying more. two law judges with the states pun lick utility commission issued a proposal yesterday that would change the number of tiers from 4-2. under the current structure the puc says low energy users pay less than what it costs. the full five member puc will review the proposal before making a final decision. time is 6:48. sal has been talking about a
6:49 am
deadly wrongway crash. it's such a big delay that we let you know that highway 50 at stockton boulevard. major delay. some cars are getting through but it was a deadly crash that killed four people and reportedly caused by a wrongway driver that happened just about 2:30 this morning on highway 50 at stockton boulevard where driver went up the onramp going the wrong way and got on to the freeway and caused the major and deadly crash in sacramento. i just want to let you know it's there. the traffic here in san jose and south bay area not too bad. a little bit of slowing already as you can see in san jose. if you are driving on 580 it's been a bad start for a wednesday. slow from the altamont pass. a lot of minor crashes. certainly not helping the matter as you drive over to the
6:50 am
580-680 interchange. bay bridge toll plaza 20-25 minute delay. contra costa county 680 is moderate. 24 looks good from lafayette to oakland. between walnut creek and oakland it's a typical commute about 12 minute drive. we have a lot of mostly cloudy skies here. there will be some breaks in the low cloud deck but we have a better opportunity for shower activity. a lot by san jose. see if we can get that to take off. maybe southwest flight 527 on its way to phoenix, on time. i stole that line from randy hunt by the way. sharps announcer. mostly cloudy. chilly. very chilly to cold yesterday. sun and clouds later this afternoon. what? possible showers coming off the sierra later today. friday, saturday staying cool with mostly cloudy skies. these are the normal high temps. napa livermore, palo alto, and
6:51 am
san jose. nobody was close. these will be the highs today. near average to flightily below. the reason being we have cool air mass. that certainly helps. and you get a couple weak systems coming in. by the coast there will be a little bit of a break here. clearing taking place. the moisture starts streaming off. sierra nevada blowing up the thunderstorms. 50s on the temps or 40s. it's cold out there it's just not as windy. yesterday was incredibly windy. it's breezy but not nearly as bad. we had gusts to 35. bodega bay 51. san francisco i saw 50. half-moon bay 53. that is the coolest i've seen. draw your attention to the low right down there. it did produce a tornado in river side county. desert center. i mean nobody there. but video was picked up by somebody in a cell phone. this is actually going to rotate back up. i think it will send in cloud
6:52 am
cover later today and if we can get that low cloud deck to burn you have sooner we will get a little bit more sunshine which means whether get a little bit more heat. look at this things really pop up at 4:00, 5:00. again these are isolated but still coming off the sierra maybe for the north bay and east bay. after that, then we will say goodbye to the thunderstorms but then another system rolls in here late saturday and sunday to keep this very cool pattern in place. if you like this pattern, you almost love this week. lots of clouds, drizzle, breezy. a few showers possible. maybe a few thundershowers coming off the north and east bay. that is 60s to near 70 degrees for some. slight warmup for a few. temperatures were so cool yesterday that we'll get a little built of a rebound but only about 4-5-degrees for most locations. it will still be near average to slightly below. 50s and 60s coast or low 70s on the peninsula. all the way into saturday. below normal temps to near
6:53 am
normal. >> effecting allergies. >> i think they have come down. >> i'm not suffering at all. >> the cool air helps. i think it's a little better because the cooler temps. >> probably yeah. it's 6:52. $12million to improve san francisco bart stations. the changes the transit agency says will increase passenger safety. >> a day off proves valuable for the giants. the big hits and the plays that helped them beat the dodgers.
6:54 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. police in japan investigating that. a small drone found this morning on the roof of the prime minister's office. that is a drone. an official giving a tour of the central tokyo compound he discovered it. the drone has four propellers, a small camera, and something that looks like a flair. local media in japan is reporting it was decorated with a symbol warning people about radio active material. reports say small traces of radiation were detected but the levels don't appear o to be harmful to humans. that drone was carried out by those officers in hazmat uniforms. it will be tested further. the prime minister was not at
6:57 am
his office at the time. a bill making its way through the state legislature could make california the first state in the nation to ban the name redskins as a school mascot. the bill passed yesterday by an assembly panel. it would require public schools to phase out the name and mascot by january of 2019. this still has to be approved by another committee before it could reach the floor of the assembly. after a day off the giants turn things around against the dodgers. last nights game featured the giants offense coming alive as well as great defensive plays. like the double play by crawford in the sixth inning. and then in the eighth right fielder justin maxwell flies into the wall to make a great catch. look at that. unfortunately he hit his knee on the concrete understood that padded wall but he did stay in the game and smashed his first
6:58 am
home run. the a's blown out in anaheim. the a's were hold to just five hits and committed three errors and they even called in first baseman ike davis to pitch an inning. a's fans are hopeful because they are looking good. >> right. time is 6:58. still ahead a frightening early morning wake up call for people in a martinez apartment complex. developing news we've been telling you about to tell you how a police officer at the right place at the right time helped save residents from a fire. >> also a search for the woman behind a mysterious thank you note. why the words she wrote on a piece of paper has multiple police departments looking for her.
6:59 am
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ends sunday. mmm... some alarm clock you turned out to be. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ >> reporter: we're flifn santa rosa where a reward -- we're live in santa rosa where a reward is being offered where police say a man is responsible for attacks against three separate women. listen to me. >> what am i doing? >> there is an am bert


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