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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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on our last breath. the report is done. we know that. >> i haven't had a chance to take a look at it. >> reporter: no one at the city or county has apparently seen the report from the developer hoping to see it today in closed session. >> i'm looking for it and i'm not seeing it. >> oh, maybe it's not on today. maybe it's not until tomorrow. i was under the impression it was going to be today. but i'm looking at the agenda and it may not be until tomorrow. >> reporter: but according to the substantiate city administrator it won't be tomorrow either. >> i would like to do that next week. it's not going to be soon. some thought we would look at it today or maybe tomorrow. they're not going to see it until next week. >> i'm not sure when they will see it because i'm trying to coordinate that with the county. >> we should have seen it today. >> reporter: did you think
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you're going to. >> it's not good business. it is not good business. >> reporter: not good business when just getting to the report is archaic. getting people to talk about it is sometimes even harder. what do you think about the report. >> i haven't seen anything yet? >> reporter: but are you hopeful? >> always hopeful. >> reporter: but are you realistically hopeful i guess. >> i have in comment until i see it. >> reporter: but done ere we don't even have to see it know that all of this might be slipping away. >> reporter: what grade would you give yourself for working together? >> i think at this point it's below basic. >> reporter: and below basic is not going to do it to keep it. >> there's some real discussions about the syvers wanting to sell their portion of the land and just getting out all together. so is that means the investment of the city will continue to grow and so the reality is
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we're behind schedule. >> reporter: do you feel like you're running out of time? >> we have run out of time. we're on our last breath. let's move on and get this together. >> reporter: the vote it only be so many. the city and county can can't get on the same page. >> i think that's his job is to provide was investigation. for sure we will keep one of the teams here in oakland. >> reporter: one? >> that's for sure. >> reporter: which one? >> i think trying to kept warriors here maybe a stretch right now. but i believe there's plenty of room and investment. >> reporter: you sound like you feel you're going to lose the raiders and keep the a's. >> it's a feeling. the real issue is about the land. the city owns the land. and then there's about building the stadiums. >> reporter: yes, this is a land deal. this is about numbers. or is it? >> what's being requested of us
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is high so whatever we get from the raiders for the land or the a's then you want me to put it back to build you a stadium. so what does the public get? >> reporter: they get the teams. >> plus you want me to pay your your long-term debt which is about $80 million. you want the taxpayers to pay for that and it's going to be a challenge. >> reporter: here you're talking like there's not any hope. >> i think there's room for to us work together. >> reporter: because you have no choice, right. [ laughter ] >> well, yeah. >> reporter: do you feel like you're breaking up right now where how this process is going? >> we're not done yet. certainly the process is challenged by we're still working. >> reporter: but we are getting to a very critical point. are you feeling like we're running out of time? and the raiders have certainly let me know that because of the decisions they have to make within the next 6-8 weeks. but i like to work with urgency. >> reporter: is this the water
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shed moment where we say is this going to work or isn't it? >> i think it's the beginning of the water shed moment because with this information we're able to ask more and better questions and look at and review what's the deal to make this work. >> reporter: or can it work at all? >> that's right. >> reporter: and we don't know those hands. >> not yet. >> reporter: we don't know the answers. so it looks like the earliest anyone will get a look at this report is a week from tomorrow in closed session. right now being photo copied and sent to city lead source they can all go through it and take a look. >> there are so many things that play here. so many questions -- questions that have to be answered. what happens after it's presented to the council? when are we going to get some final real answers here? >> what's the next step only a handful of weeks that the raiders and they all said it depends on what the developer found and what options they're going to put from font of the table. that will determine where they go from here.
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>> interesting to hear him say i think we will keep one definitely. >> it's heartbreaking to hear. certainly a lot of people worried about when and elected official says i think we'll keep maybe one. >> and the raiders or the a's? >> he thinks the warriors are a stretch. the raiders have 6-8 weeks before they make critical decisions on whether they're going down south and get the a's who he thinks is the most committed at this point to stay in oakland. >> so much to sort out. >> thank you. we are learning more tonight about young man who was bunked down on and east bay highway over the weekend. he worked as a cook at a restaurant where his dad was head chef for years. carol spoke to friends of the victim who hold her he had big dreams and leaves behind a young family. >> reporter: friends say this was the last photo taken of tomas mendez before he was
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taken in an apparent free shooting. made a mess of traffic on eastbound he 4 saturday afternoon. investigators say witness withs reported shots being fired from one car at another just before 3. this green dodge crashed into the center divide. the driver 20-year-old mendez from pittsburgh was killed. he was a cook at the popular katie's korner restaurant where he worked with his father who was a head chef. >> it's before devastating for owl of our employees and -- all of our employees and family members. >> he was just really funny and charming. always flirting, you know, but in a funny way. and we all loved him a lot. >> reporter: his cousin who also works at the small family restaurant insisted on standing in his place in the kitchen today. working towards providing a better life for his two-year-
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old daughter, stepdaughter and long-time girlfriend. >> he was always talking about his big dreams. he wasn't going to be in the kitchen forever. and all of that is out the window because someone decided it use a gun on him. >> reporter: co-workers and friends are helping to race money setting up a collection at day's and setting up a go fund me campaign online. saying they have no new investigation to share just yet. they are looking for a suspect vehicle possibly a white honda. a new report was released today on the balcony collapse in berkeley that killed six young people. the contractor had to rebuild balconies at a tom metroplex at the peninsula. many say they believe that dry rot was a factor. the chronical is reporting that segue construction of pleasantton and a contractor
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were sued in 2012 after dry rot destroyed balconies at a complex in mill bright just three years after the building was built. segue settled out of court for $3.5 million. today marks 35 years since susanna was kidnapped and the case remains unsolved. her body was found in the san joaquin river a week after she disappeared from her sister's apartment where she had been baby sitting her nieces. investigators think she was kidnapped and then raped and stabbedment. the necklace she wore was missing. so far no arrests were ever made. for the third time in less than a week a mural depicting gay latinos vandalized in the mission district. this time police have evidence to catch those responsible. >> reporter: many people
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stopping by many mural in the mission district say they're sad and disgusts to see is vandalized with spray paint again. >> it just really makes me mad that people put their heart into it. >> reporter: coincides with the up and coming gay pride celebration. >> i think a lot of people expect us to be angry. and we are more disappointed than angry. >> reporter: it's supposed to look like this featuringless bee crab and gay couples and a transgender man. but last week vanned les spray painted over it twice after days it went up. volunteers then stripped the mural that was put on paper and glued to the wall and then it happened again only this time with black paint. also receiving home phobic messages so insulting we won't show them. >> shows we have more work to
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do and a lot to talk about. >> reporter: after the first wave a vandalism the gallery repaired the cameras. police won't release the video but it shows two people committing the vandalism and the face of at least one with of them is plain to see. many say it's sad a piece of art is provoked in the latino community. >> we're supposed to be a city of color on top of that. so when you see that it's very frustrating. i done see the tolerance, honestly. >> reporter: saying it expects to take this mural down and put it back up by the end of the week. rob roth, ktvu, 2 news. man dates vacs nation for public school students held a rally today. many of them were parents saying they were vaccinating their children but they don't want the government to they will them they have to for their kids to attend public
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school. one woman said she has reservations about vacs nations but isn't opposed to them. >> i'm not. i would just like to have the o. eventually i would give him some, but i want to take and look at each individual vaccine. >> some parents say they would consider home schooling their children rather than get them immunized and others said they may move out of california. a leaking fire hydrant is wasting an estimated 700- gallons of water a day with no end in sight. they alerted us to the problem on facebook. icon properties. the hydrant belongs to the city but the city tells us the hydrant belongs to the property owners. if they can't come to an agreement the next step is to shut off the water to the entire property. a ms.ive wildfire growing
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in the sierra. and how officials are preparing for what is predicted to be a very busy fire season. also ahead a charge three bedroom home now on the market for $20,000. but, yes, there is a catch to that price. and checking in on the temperatures that are really coming up. they're going to warm up this week back into the upper 90s. i will have the timing on that.
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a three bedroom home that's kind of been compared to the house of pixar's movie up is now available for only $20,000 but there is a catch. it's a little white house on martin luther king junior way and owned by children's
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hospital, oakland. because of the hospital's expanse lands it needs the plot of land to build a new outpatient office. the hospital was built right around this house. so in order to save the house the habit has now offering it for sale for $20,000 for someone to come in and take it away. in the sierra a wildfire running south of control. now burning 9500 acres and only 10% contained. reporter ally wolf talked to some residents who are closely watching the fire fight. >> reporter: these flames have spread to quickly now firefighters attacking them trying to put out the flames from the air and from the ground. flames spreading fast in the forest south of tahoe close to 10,000 acres in three days. >> it's scary. it's very scary because it's spreading y now he. and it's hot.
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so the heat probably doesn't help either. >> reporter: heat, wind, severe drought conditions and rough terrain. those are some of the challenges for the hundreds of firefighters battling the flames. burning four miles from the town of markleeville. keeping a close eye on the massive plume of smoke and fire. >> you can smell the smoke. >> reporter: several miles south the smoke is visible. the proximity of the this wildfire unsettling for this tourist from hawaii. >> it's pretty scary to see it. this early especially. >> reporter: and from this man from south lake tahoe. >> it brings back memories from 10-12 years ago where just 550 homes were lost. so those things always scare us. >> reporter: the scary sight prompting her and her husband to head home early. >> reporter: are you feeling
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the urgency to get out of here? >> we can. >> reporter: crews from both california and nevada are fighting this fire but they say the heavy winds and the dry vegetation out here is making it a very big challenge. from markleeville, allie wolf. >> one of six fires burning around the state. more than 4,000 firefighters are on the front lines lines battling the fires. and fire officials expect this year's fire season to only get worse. >> just this past week activity has really skyrocketed. we responded in the past 7 days. so it's been a very business week for us and that's because conditions are warming up. drying out even further. and with the drought conditions that only makes the fire season even harder for us. >> cal fire says they're already gearing up with extra
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staffing. topping the nationwide states at highest risk for catastrophic wildfires this summer. >> that's pretty scary when you think about it. >> and we're so used to it. regular wet winters give us these nasty fire conditions because of the climate we live in. we'll go five months without rain. and with this unprecedented drought we're talking about some serious stuff. it's going to warm up. let's take a look at the temperatures today. and you can see some of the numbers here. you've got temperatures throughout the area that are basically right now in the 80s well, right now in the low 80s. take a peek and there is the fog shot. it's going to push into your neighborhood tonight. it's a nice looking shot. marine layer is deepening up a little bit but it's going to shallow out as we go through time and that gets us hotter and hotter and hotter by
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wednesday and thursday. it's going to be below the tower easily and inland areas certainly will be warmer. along the coast here is the fog trying to form. not picking up everything but it is showing up on this color palate we're using. and -- pallet we're using. and i mentioned before on the 5:00 that a lot of this heat is going to start working it's way west. so the temperature foot fingerprint for tomorrow will be warm or more red in our inland valleys. there's the fog for tomorrow morning. burns off quickly and lunch time everybody is at the beach. here comes the reds and oranges. so lots of 80s and some low 90s and then on wednesday and thursday we will see these reds starting to bleed into this
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area. temperatures using colors. warms up on wen, thursday. thursday should be the hottest day with temperatures possible into the low 100s in the inland bay valley. not typical for this time of year. san francisco 56 degrees for a daytime high tomorrow. and 72 degrees out out around the lake. mostly sunny in the afternoon like it was today. and san jose slightly warmer. that's how it works. 78 degrees. little further away from the bay. going 78 for a daytime high in san jose. 85 in fairfield and the 5-they forecast slightly warmer and just like that there's the hottest day, thursday. that's the day that, you know, just like clock work the fires usually break out after a really warm night. we will have a hot day. and if it doesn't cool down at night it's been physically shown so some very warm nights really hard on the firefighters. we will watch it wednesday
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night into thursday. >> we have a string of warm nights coming up. >> we -- yes, we do. the special olympics summer games this weekends and in preparation of that the olympic torch is making it's way around san francisco. the recruits from the academy classes ran with the torch along 10-miles. john sasaki helped carry the torr much as well. it's all a fundraiser for the special olympics that also raises awareness about the athletes and the sports -- sports they compete in year round for free. >> reporter: what does it mean to you to compete? >> it's a challenge and it keeps you fit. and it's a good thing to do. a healthy thing to do. >> we should say walter has won a bunch of gold medals at the
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special olympics. raising about $15,000. the summer games are set to begin this sunday night. world's cup soccer team usa is in action against columbia. and a former raiders quarterback is back in the nfl with a new position. time to check in with keba arnold. >> reporter: coming up at 7 pop star taylor swift now has apple singing her tune after a very public battle. how it was a very interesting father's day at the home of caitlyn jenner. we're working on these stories and more coming up at 7 on tv 36.
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team usa in action right
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now. >> they are indeed. the women had us going for a while against columbia. usa heavily favored but they were having their problems. take a look at how this thing started. the united states having some problems getting on the board and they go to it hely attacking amy wambach knocking the ball in on the rebound that she is called for offsides. and wipes out the goal. usa great comeback after they missed penalty kick. alex morgan from cal one of the stars of the time just blasted by the goal lee and that's 1- nothing and just moments ago as you look at the replay just an overpowering shot right there. united states has scored again on a penalty kick. so they lead in the 2nd half over columbia 2-0. a bit of a career move for a former raider quarterback you
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remember terrelle pryor. this 93-yard run for a touchdown. unfortunately he didn't have many of them. we were supposed to see the touchdown there, but, anyway, you will see it here. so there you go. he has been signed by the cleveland browns as a r. wide receiver. he's always been a great athlete coming out of the ohio state and he will get another crack at it in the nfl but this time as a wide receiver. tragic and almost unbelievable story coming out of texas today involving former giants outfielder darrell hamilton as his body was discovered yesterday. he was shot and killed in texas apparently by his girlfriend who then shot herself. hamilton suffered numerous gunshot wounds. their 14 month old baby was unharmed. daryl hamilton was 50 years old. back in 1997 hi a chance to
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interview him several times. just a pure gentle man. and for those who knew him on a casual basis a shocking, shocking story. >> a 14 month old baby. >> more on that i'm sure there's a story to be told beneath that. and thank you for joining us. we're always here for you on and facebook and twitter. have a great night, everyone. we will see you at 10.
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