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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  July 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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we have breaking news in sanly and row -- sanly and row. >> a major commuter shut down, the reason this should serve as a warning for a bigger problem in the future. map . we want to tell everybody about the breaking news, the gunbattle during a home invasion, this is lakeview drive, not far from lake shabow 2 to 4 men broke into the home of an elderly couple, there was
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a shootout, the husband was shot. the suspects got away. the homeowner believes he may have shot one of the suspects in the process. the police brought in a robot to see if any of the suspects are in the house. alex savidge is following the story. we'll be back to him in a bit. a little bit of a drizzle. >> heavy duty drizzle. >> the parking lot is wet, you can say light rain, it's okay by me. technically it's drizzle. the big low for july. if it was march, it wouldn't be a big deal. we see the low moving in. it's been this for five, six
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days, the wrap around from the clothe cover putting in light rain, a lot of drizzle, breezy cloudy conditions for us. you can see that's the moisture as it rotates around from the north. 50s and 60s on the temps, i doubt some of these move much, just a breezy, windy pattern, gusts of 30 for some, the cloud cover in the sierra will start again. we have an active pattern for this time of the year, mostly cloudy, cloudy, drizzle, light rain. 60s and 70s. wet roads out there. i noticed that driving in, might as well be rain. it's the same impact on
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traffic. we'll see what happens. let's look at the east shore freeway, you can see traffic taking 17, no major problems, when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is light getting into san francisco. the middle of the east bay and westbound 580 looks good. three big computer failures yesterday may have been a co- ins dents but this could be a weak -- coincidence but this is a weakness. >> good morning, congress has been hearing for years there may be systemic issues here, we learned how critical they are
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to our daily lives. what does an airline, the stock exchange and newspaper have in common. united airline halted flights for two years, the stock exchange and the wall street journal web site crashed, all of that as the director of the fbi was preparing to brief congress. >> it appears there's not a cyber instruck involved -- inconstruction. >> it was reported the new york stock exchange had tried to upgrade the software. the halt in trading may have sent users to the wall street
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web site. >> we're is spent a lot of time talking about cyber threat, we're seeing here based on what happened yesterday, sometimes the system go down through their own failures. a memorial service will be head -- held for kate steinle. she graduated from amador
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valley high school and cal poly, she worked for a medical technology company, she was a generous and vibrant person. two web sites have been created to promote her legacy, the sites have raised $55,000. donations will go to the challenge athlete foundation helping people with disabilities and paws. edly is lao -- ed lee is looking to fulfill the gaps. he cites a breakdown between the sheriff office and the immigration and customs for allowing the offender to be
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released back on the streets. he will talk to homeland security in the days ahead. >> could a simple phone call from the sheriff notifying them of the release they -- someone they gave us custody of prevented this. lee says he and feinstein agree there should be a notification in place to i.c.e. that a prisoner will be released. >> there's a possibility that sanchez will take a plea deal. the district attorney's office has charged him with murder. laurie little says in most cases prosecutors start with the most serious of charges and work down to lesser charges. >> he doesn't have to be aiming
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at her to get a first-degree murder, just at people. the professor predicts that the defense will take a plea deal rather than risk a guilty verdict at trial. follow-up dates on the investigation right here, online and on your mobile device. starting tonight, access to and from the golden gate bridge will have limited access. the highway patrol says there could be delays up to 4 hours this weekend. all the parking lots and vista points will be closed.
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coyle drive will reopen at 5:00 on monday morning. a couple brought a tank round to the police department. the couple found it along the rail road tracks yesterday, put it in the car and brought it to the police. a bomb squad removed the bomb from the car. if you find anything that resembles explosives leave it and call authorities. a summer storm caught many off guard. look at that. hail, the size of a quarter cropped from the sky turning the streets and sidewalks white. it prompted flash flood advisories. many decided to head home, others braved the rain. several lightning strikes were
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in the tahoe area. this is at kirkwood mountain resort, you can see the lightning in the sky and coming down the mountainside. traffic on interstate 80 in fairfield is back to normal, that's after a traffic mess caused by a grass fire, that was next to the freeway last night. these are photos from the fire department facebook page, it caused the westbound lanes to be shut down. drivers were encouraged to use 680. cal fire is turning to volunteers to fight fires. this is a look out tour in nevada county. cal fire says volunteers map out exact coordinates of smoke and radio it in.
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>> a camera can't give you feedback, it doesn't have a radio when you're asking what is it doing. >> when people report a fire by cell they don't know what it is, where it is. >> about 10 years ago the state budget stopped paying staff time to look out. it may seem the number of shark attacks are to rise it's the opposite. analysis find that in california the rate of shark attacks have decreased by 90% over 60 years, the overall number of shark attacks is rising but that's because more people are in the water. people are getting closer to sharks. >> we see a lot of that, people put the camera in the water and there's the shark.
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coming up, a popular diner shut down. the conditions found by inspectors and the challenges restaurant owners face. and he served as oakland's top cop, now he's out of a job. the reason he was fired three months after the freddie gray riots.
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. the city of pat more fired
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the -- baltimore fired the police commissioner. anthony bats was oakland's police chief but left to take the job in baltimore. back in may, six officers were arrested in the death of freddie gray following several days of rioting. there's been a major spike in homicides with 31 people killed in the past month. 42 killed in may. >> as we have seen in recent weeks, too many continue to die on our streets, including three just last night, and one lost earlier today. >> bats had been under fire by baltimore faith leaders and the police union, the riots were
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preventable. the confederate flag in south carolina could be take down this weekend. the vote came last night after 13 hours of debate. the bill heads to the desk of the governor who said she will sign it. the flag can come down 24 hours after her action. in california a bill will ban using the name of continue federal -- continue fed rat leaders.
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-- travelers are deciding to go somewhere else. >> people are afraid of the cancellations in the booking and stuff, greece is a safe place to have your vacation and will be a safe place. >> on sunday all 28 leaders of the european leaders will meet and will decide if the greek recovery plan will allow it to stay in the euro plan. 60-miles to to a -- two when a pack of riders collide. seventh crash of the day with 30 riders affected.
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andre greubel won. tony martin has the lead. this comes after a crash in the third stage took down 30 riders. fabian cancer ella had to withdraw. dangerous when they ride so close together. it's bound to happen. especially when the roads were wet. >> i see what you did there pam. >> nice transition. very smooth. you're right though, it's almost like a rainy day, the roads are wet, we'll probably see more collisions, highway 4 with a decent ride from the willow pass grade into concord, no maker problems once you get
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there. we're looking at a couple things that happened earlier this morning on interstate 80, we had an earlier accident on powell street. when you get to the golden gate bridge, the traffic will be driving on those wet roads -- careful if you're leaving the house, give yourself an extra 10 minutes, any extra time in the morning is a lot to ask for. this morning you can use it. let's go to the weather center. >> an extra 90 seconds is tough. we have a lot of cloud cover, big time thunderstorm in lake county over clearlake yesterday, things were blowing up. all sorts of reports from tahoe, you saw the pictures,
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hail, thunder, lightning, a lot of that moisture streaming over us. northern napa, northern sonoma county, over towards highway 1 and the sonoma coast, lines of rain, light green not doing much but dark green and yellow is. heading back over the west, this is the sign of things to come today, look at this, this is out of the forecast area, as the low moves in it is blowing up. keep an eye on this, most of this should stay south and east of us, a lot going on, there's the low, south of us, the moisture is wrapping back. cloudy, breezy to winnie in the morn -- windy or morning. it will be a cloudy, cool day,
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60s and 70s for everybody, the thunderstorm will continue to fire up mainly out of the area. 50s, 60s on the temps, the breeze is not going anywhere, west, west, west southwest. bodega bay went up, 62, 61, 61, keep an eye on that. in the morning, cloudy, cool, drizzle, more rain to the north, highs 70s, for many inland. 60s, 70s, coast, bay. today is the main day, we talked about thursday, a lot of clouds friday, better over the weekend but cool. back to 10 days very cool for us. i'll take it. >> it's a balance, i didn't see
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a lot of sun yesterday. >> i did but i felt the wind. >> it was howling. >> we went into the city, it was gray. very gray. i like the sun. >> she's demanding. >> i know. this is cool, if you were a fan of the goose bumps book, listen to this. >> put it back. >> don't open it! >> very cool. sony released the trailer for the upcoming movie based on the book. jack black will play the role of rl steen. two teenagers who have to face- off the characters from the series. the movie will be released october 16th. i did a lot of volunteer work in our library.
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the books were popular. new information after dozen of kids got sick in an east bay water park. what happened and why the health department is not sure who's to blame. >> it means the world to me. >> it's the battle of a lifetime for a girl who's fighting an aggressive form of cancer. she's getting support from taylor swift.
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♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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. if you tonight know her you're out of touch. taylor swift is helping one of her fans who's sick, 11-year- old naomi oaks, she lives in arizona and has leukemia, she will have to be in the hospital for 6 to 9 months, her family reached out to her child's favorite singer, taylor swift donated $50,000 to help with medical expenses. >> my favorite singer knows who i am and donated me money, it was a spectacular feeling.
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it was awesome. the pop star included a message of encouragement for the little girl as she fights. for all the taylor swift fans in the area, she's doing two shows at 11y stadium -- levi stadium. . >> this video taken from a riverside county donut shop appears to show the pop singer and friend licking donuts. she has apologized. she's scheduled to perform at the shoreline amp theater. a 10-year-old girl held at
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gunpoint, the search for the suspect, and a home upvation robbery -- inevacuation robbery the had police called upsetting. the search going on in the neighborhood for the people responsible.
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welcome back to mornings on two, it is 4:30, remember we used to start at this time, now it's 4:00 a.m. it's thursday, july 9th. i'm brian flor he. i'm pam cook and it is 4:30 and steve we are going to go out and say there is rain in some spots. >> for some. there was big thunderstorms that you reported on earlier, lake county yesterday was clear, things


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