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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 29, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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and his coach. the investigation underway at an east bay high school. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for waking up with us tuesday morning september 29th. >> and good morning everybody. we do begin this morning with an investigation underway into the third inmate death at the santa clara county main jail since august. the most recent death happened monday morning. a correctional deputy found a man unconscious in his cell. attempts to revive him failed. the sheriffs office has not released his name or cause of death. and happening today there is a bail hearing for one of the three deputies. a 27-year old is charged with the murder of a mentally ill inmate last month. the two other deputies charged in the case each post the million and a half dollars bail yesterday and were released. an autopsy showed that the inmate
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died from blunt force trauma and internal bleeding. the third inmate death was a 50-year old woman who died of natural causes last month. richmond police are asking for the public a's help with a double homicide. officers found two men with gun shot wounds in a car they were pronounced dead at the scene. police hope anyone with information will come forward. an incident came to light yesterday when someone sent this cell phone video to ktvu and the school district. now, the district has identified the man there in the baseball cap as coach sanderson. as the student gets up he is heard telling him to sit back down. >> incredibly disappointed to see this type of behavior from an adult, someone who's in a
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position of trust and is supposed to be uplifting and caring and nurturing students in a violent confrontation with the student was very distressing. >> school district spokesman says the student is a senior and is not identifying him by name. the district has spoken with the coach. when we asked what the coach's side of the story was they say they cannot say because it is part of the investigation. >> the time now is 4:02. let's get your day started with weather. and it feels a little bit cooler. >> it does feel cooler. a lot of cloud cover over us, and it looks like a lost these clouds will continue to kind of drift over and then the low will finally move wednesday knit, thursday. could get a little light rain out of this, not today. but something to maybe keep an eye on over the next 36 hours or so. the low which has been tapping into some of those cloud cover keeping
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temperatures 50s and 60s although feeling a little cooler because you throw a little breeze behind that something we have not seen much of, but the cloud cover will continue to stream over us. again, it's still a day a way. west at napa, west at oakland, there you go, gusts of 25 to 30. that means cooling will now take even to the inland locations. a lot of cloud cover over us a mix of high clouds. it looks like we'll be on the dryer side on friday. low and high clouds 70s now for most, 60s, 70s coast and bay. it's 4:03 and a good morning. >> good morning. a little sun mixed with fog. >> moments of sun. >> nice to have my own personal weather man. >> for you? >> yes. >> good morning everybody. yeah, your own personal traffic
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guide too if you ever need him. let's take a look now. traffic is moving along pretty well. if you are driving at the bay bridge total plaza not a whole lot going on. and in this hour 4:03, now, 4:04 and traffic is moving along pretty well on interstate 880 in both directions. we're also looking at a commute here with traffic looks good if you're driving on highway 101 southbound. as you drive out of the city all the way down to the airport we're off to a good start. >> all right. thank you. well democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton wraps up her latest fund-raising yesterday she appeared at three different fund-raisers including this one, a mother daughter reception but sons were welcomed too. the candidate answered questions for the the kids and
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posed for selfies. >> the stage that she's in right now, where we are with everything, she's not yet the no, ma'am mini. >> i'm super excited to meet hill larry and what she stands for and what she's going to do >> she also attended fund-raisers yesterday. now, to our continue coverage of the valley fire. containment is expected by friday. as of this morning though the fire remains at 97 percent contained. it scorched 76,000 acres and destroyed nearly 2,000 buildings including some 1,300 homes. the fire is listed as the third most damaging wildfire in state history. the 1991 oakland hills fire was considered the worse. well, today the second day of classes for students since the fire broke out. both students and teachers admit it won't feel normal for a long time. there are donate school supplies. about 25 percent of
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students in the school district lost their homes in the fires. >> it's great to see hi friends again it really is and it's so hard to be out there by yourself but coming back here is a my rick ankle. >> well $5,000 in gift cards have already been given out to students who lost everything. the school is also raising money by selling shirts. well homeowners in area at high risk for wild fires could have a much more difficult time finding fire insurance. the insurance commissioner says more people may be dropped from fire coverage or could see their rates go up because of the increased risk. the law allows sure remembers not to renew policies. the state trout is a game changer and says insurance companies are taking steps to protect themselves. ckra reports that non-renewal letters
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have already gone out to homeowners. >> alameda county sheriffs are questioning a man about two deaths. a man and a woman were found dead inside their home at a mobile home park at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. investigators say they got a call to check in on the couple. deputies say when they arrived a man was inside the home with the bodies. he was taken into custody. a friend says that man is the woman's son. >> i don't know if he's the one that did it but he's been having mental problems. he hasn't been taking his medicine. i he know that he committed himself trying to get help. >> deputies would only say that the man in custody is in his mid 30s. they are not saying much about the investigation but they do say they are sure that the victims were murdered. well extreme sports star has died this a skydiving accident.
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he was part of a four man jump time. officials say he hit a tree and was tan angled. the other three landed safely. an investigation into the accident is ongoing. he was part of a show called nitrocircuis on mtv. he is survived by his wife and two young children. he was 39 years old. >> well so-called killer bees are now in the bay area. the bees have been discovered. to those of us who aren't bee experts researchers say they are hard to distinguish but they're called killer bees because of their aggressive nature when a colon knee is threatened. until though they have only been not seen this far north. the bees may be moving to the bay area because of the warmer
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temperatures. >> the city council could vote tonight to lower garbage fees. now, one big complaint from restaurant was about the steep hikes. the new deal with lower in a by 30 percent until next summer and then 25 percent less after that. to get the lower rates the city gave up demands on community outreach projects. millions of people use google maps for directions but soon they will have a knew if he sure. it will show how much smog is in your neighborhood. it will measure levels and most information on maps. if the system is successful it could affect real estate values, highlight health risks. well, you may be able to pay a little less for your coffee this morning as today, pam. >> yes. >> is national coffee day.
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>> a number of cove restaurant or grocery chains are offering discounted coffee to celebrate. here's some fun facts about coffee, did you know coffee, pam, is a fruit. >> i did not know that. >> well coffee beans are actually the pits of barries that grow in bushes. humans drink about 12 billion pounds of coffee each year but if you're working morning news that's probably 13 billion pounds of coffee. >> that sounds about right. i celebrate coffee day every day though. >> me too. >> at about 2:30 in the morning. >> all right. 4:ten is the time. well a popular fast food restaurant set to close this week. coming up in 20 minutes what makes are doing to try to save the piece of history. >> and the battle of the budget continues in congress.
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. east bay commute right now looks pretty good around the bay area. you can see it's looking good coming up. the cooling has continued and we'll all the way inland a lot of cloud cover over us. any rain. maybe. we'll tell you when.
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. time now is 4:13, and it appears congress is on a path to prevent a government shut down.
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later today the us senate is expected to pass a spending bill that would keep the government from shutting down on october 1st. that's after they voted against, and it would have stalled the vote. it will be on the short-term measure that would keep the government running until early december but that plan doesn't have full support. >> i think a positive moment on creating a budget which is is what we all want to see happen. >> who's putting in place this interim budget, it's not the budget committee, that would be regular order. >> if the senate does pass the short-term budget the house is expected to vote on it before thursday's deadline and the stopgap budget would buy time for nearbiers who reach a long-term budget. well house majority leader has officially entered the race for speaker of the house.
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the republican is looking to replace john boehner. he says america's role in the world is to lead and to do so from a position of strength. he criticized the president saying he hasn't been able to improve the country's reputation around the world. >> he has yet to learn in office is that respect is not bestowed to those that ask for it but grant it only to those who earn it. >> well so far he is up against only one challenger three term representative daniel wewster from florida. well president obama continues his outreach to cuba today sitting down for a one on one with cuban president. that comes after a very awkward meeting yesterday with russian president. good morning. >> good morning. today's meeting between president obama and cuban president may be
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something of a re left to the white house after that tough meeting yesterday. >> president obama looking none too pleased to shake hands with russian president. a brief appearance before closed door discussions but publicly they crashed. >> we must recognize that there cannot be after so much blood shed, a return to the pre war status quo. >> putin who is powering forceses into syria. >> but as refugees storm the region continue to power into europe there is no agreement in sight. today president obama
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will try he to pivot was the administration says a success. even that could be awkward. >> yesterday when he took the podium he had a list of demands for the united states that the president will have great difficulty fulfilling. the lifting of all economic sanctions and a trade especially bar go that's been in place for more than 50 years. nevertheless the white house is still holding the possibility that president obama may himself travel to cuba before his time in office comes to an end. >> all right thank you. time now is 4:17. let's check in with sal who is keeping an eye on highway 24, any problems. >> nothing major. yeah we're off to a nice start. we're going to start with highway 24 in the east bay and it's looking very good as you drive. it is a nice drive.
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you may be driving all way to the bay bridge and the bay bridge is light. if you're driving highway 101 looks good. and if you're on the east shore freeway we're off to a nice start on 80 westbound as you drive out, and eventually to berkeley and to oakland. at 4:18 let's bring steve in in the weather center >> thank you of a lot of cloud cover over us. low and high so a mostly cloudy morning. a lot of these high clouds is streaming up in the west south west. we saw that yesterday had a little break but then they came right back in and today will be a day where they're drifting a little bit farther north and south bay took the brunt of this yesterday in fact almost over the weekend as well but the low clouds really ramped up yesterday. 50s and 60s, 51 napa airport, 59 half-moon bay.
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north bay temperatures to upper 40s. and anyone that's close mid 50s. the cloud cover coming up here the low we're keeping an eye on is right there. it's going to move towards us but not until wednesday night thursday so has the breeze picked up, you bet. west at oakland airport, so the sea breeze in place, the low clouds in place. 51, probably some upper 40s. you had 61. a lot of cloud cover and some of this moisture is starting to juice up a little bit of the i don't think we'll see anything out of this today but maybe wednesday night thursday as that low gets a little bit closer. possibility of maybe some light rain. for us a lot of cloud cover and a cooler breeze and a mostly cloudy day. cooler and breezy to windy for some. low clouds even inland but 70s for many now
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coming down down down on those temperatures, took a long time that's for sure. 60s mainly on the coast. a lot of cloud cover and school to thursday it looks like a quick warm up on friday. now leaninging towards a cool down on the later half of the weekend. >> yes. okay. and you still a little mix on the weekend though? >> they're not saying but the one that was warm is leaning towards the other two. >> okay. >> much cooler. huge difference, yeah. >> so they're coming a little closer. >> the trending closer. >> thank you. >> all right 4:20 is the time. well you may have noticed the big buzz on facebook when it comes to privacy settings but coming up in 20 minutes the reason experts say no need to panic. >> we're just a month away from the season opener for the golden state warriors.
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. welcome back. it's 4:23. and we're closing in on flew season and health officials are urging everyone to get vaccinated. there is still a lot of debate surrounding vaccinations. but last year's flew shot also proved to be not as effective. the centers for disease control and prevention say that this year's vaccine has been modified to better fight
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the virus. critics of california's new vaccine law turned in thousands of signatures at county offices yesterday. now, be they're hoping to qualify for a ballot initiative asking voters to repeal the law requiring mandatory vaccines for school children. 360 valid signatures are needed if they have enough signatures the new law would be put on hold until november of next year. state senator pan a pediatrician saying delaying mandatory vaccines is not. >> it's unclear whether supporters have enough signatures. they have until next week to verify and report how many were received. >> the time is 4:24 and critics of goad den state warrior plan for a new arena are offering an
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alternative location. it could be built about one mile to the south. a 21-acre site. the warriors want want to build an 18,000 seat arena on a smaller 12-acre property. the teach hopes to be playing there within three years but that location would create traffic problems especially for nearby ucsf hospital. well they will begin defense of their title just four weeks from tonight. the regular season opener is tuesday, october 27th against the pelicans. >> yesterday was media day which is the unofficial start of the new season. players took part in photo shoots and interviews. the goal is to repeat as championships obviously. >> mentally is going to be the biggest thing of how we approach this season keeping our hunger and fire, and what that's going
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to mean >> you'll have someone just kind of forget about last year, you know, teams don't really care that we won last year they want it just as bad as we do but we have such a talented group of guys is we're also competitive i don't think it will be an issue. >> that's right stay hungry. >> yes. >> the first preseason game is next monday. they host the toronto raptors. >> all right. 4:26 is the time right now . it's been four since since california's prison re alignment program began but is it working up next the results for the new analysis. another inmate has died at the main jail in san jose. we'll tell you what's happening in the investigation, and we'll also have the latest on the murder case of another inmate. good morning we're looking
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at the north bay commute and right now traffic is actually moving along pretty well on the golden gate bridge heading south. a change for the end of september now continues. a lot of high clouds, low clouds and some rain trying to develop. we'll take a closer look at it and have your tuesday forecast coming up. ♪ welcome to subway, what can i make for you? how about our new flavor-packed italian hero, loaded with three authentic italian deli meats. including our new spiced capicola, our new cracked-pepper-seasoned mortadella and our always-delicious spicy genoa salami. enjoy this amazing taste combination on freshly baked bread, toasted with melty provolone, tomatoes and oregano. the new italian hero won't be here long, so try one today. subway. eat fresh.
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and we want to welcome you back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday, september 29th i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. if you're completely awake. i'm awake. >> i'm trying. >> steve is awake over there. >> what? i was taking a nap. >> sorry to disturb you. how is the weather? >> it's cooler. a lot of cloud cover. we have high clouds, low clouds. they made a push yesterday and they are really making a surge along with the delta breeze which i think for about a week has just been really quiet. well not today. travis has gusts to 30 and that is a sign. a lot of cloud cover streaming
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in here and cooler tomorrow night say around santa cruz and san jose south and east produce some rain. we'll see. 50s and 60s on your temps. low, mid to upper and holding at 60 for a few. although north bay could be a little cooler. pretty good little swath of moisture coming up from the south, southwest. and around the high. 25 gusts to 30 so a breezy cooler day under mostly cloudy skies. 50s for some. especially up in ukiah. and the cloud cover here will continue to stream over us. you can see there is plenty here. no rain today here sal but it will be cloudy and cooler. i know you like that cooler. >> i do like that cooler. a lot of people are ready for it. >> we are almost october. >> i know. a little bit of fall weather wouldn't kill us. >> no.


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