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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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if you are just joining us, on this wednesday, march 23, and i am pam cook. i am alex savidge in for dave clark, and let's get the day started. it is a little bit cool out there. it is ready brisk, but it will be nice today under mostly sunny skies. and look at this full moon, 5 am . it is howling.>> i think that is alex. >> rattle the pots and pans and say hello to the full moon, and how far ahead do you know what the weather will be? april 24, i do not know that far away. 10 to 15 days, and anything past 10 days is fantasyland. thursday into saturday warmer and sunny, windy and cooler with the possibility of snow
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with northeast nevada. for us, mostly sunny, and a little bit chilly this morning. high clouds clearing it pretty quick. and napa airport at 40, santa rosa 41, north bay temperatures 39, calistoga and mill valley 42. 46 at the bodega bay. a few high clouds in the morning and mostly sunny as everything drives northward over the next 3 to 4 days. chilly sunny and warmer with a few 30s for lows, warmer in the afternoon at about average. 63 to 68 degrees. 5:01 am and still quite on the screen. we are looking pretty good, so let's take a look at what we have. not a bad commute, continuing to be a good drive, no major
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problems up to the bay bridge toll plaza. your morning commute looking good driving to the high-rise at the san mateo bridge, off to a good start. when you get to the peninsula, highway 101 looking good up past the airport and into the city. we continue to follow developing news from belgium. there are reports that he suspect in the terror attacks in brussels has been arrested. earlier reports identified the man with this band seen in the hat and white coat in this surveillance image from the airport. a report says he is not the man that was arrested. the other two men and the photo dressed in black died at the airport and identified as brothers, and each wore a single glove on the left-hand which may have been to conceal the detonation device. one brother rented an apartment that was raided last week in
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the operation that led the authorities to salah abdeslam who was believed to have planned the paris attacks. they attacked the airport and the subway station, killing 34 people. the people in brussels held a moment of silence to remember those victims of the terror attacks, and officials took part in the moment of silence. we recorded this for you in the public square where people have been bringing lowers, hundreds standing silence and it of plotting and shouting, "long live belgium." they will be holding three days of national mourning, and in addition to those killed, 300 were injured. a travel alert for americans in europe are planning to travel to europe. potential terror targets could include sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants and transportation hubs.
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security is being stepped up and the tsa is using bomb sniffing dogs in the terminals and continue to use cameras and security in the stations, and many say they would be reluctant to change their trip due to the warning. >> that would be tough if you have already paid for your flights and hotels, but it is a scary situation to go into. >> airports in transit agencies say there is more security than what they can see and is concealed. gathering at the san francisco city hall to honor the victims of the attack. >> [ singing ] belgian americans singing the belgian
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national anthem, and the candlelight vigil served several purposes, including honoring the victims and providing comfort to those thousands of miles away that were deeply affected by the attack. >> i am in shock, i'm just in shock. i have gone through all of the stages, anger, sadness, confusion. back mourners wrote condolence messages on a banner to be sent back to belgian -- belgium, and an estimated 5000 belgians live in the bay area. mel jumps around -- muslims around the country calling for -- upset with ted cruz calling for surveillance of muslims. >> reporter: we are at the
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muslim community association, and it is early and we have not spoken to anyone because they are not here yet. muslims are outraged over the statements from ted cruz about muslims. in the wake of the terror attacks, ted cruz is calling for law enforcement to step up policing muslim neighborhoods in the u. s., comparing it to boosting enforcement areas in which there are gang activity. he also pointed to the controversial surveillance program targeting muslims and implemented like bloomberg. >> he canceled the program in a pique of political correctness, refusing to acknowledge the threat that we have in the world is too dangerous. >> reporter: the council on american an islamic relations is calling on ted cruz to retract and apologize for the policy proposal, calling it unconstitutional, and under the
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fitting of someone that is seeking the highest office.>> whether it's a christian or muslim, any religion or race, if you do something wrong, you should not blame it on people because of race or religion and a view on basically what they are.>> reporter: they are also concerned with the donald trump position on muslims, and we will tell you more about that coming up at 6:30 am. hillary clinton scheduling a last minute speech at's danford to address the attacks and brussels, and she was already scheduled to be in the bay area for two fundraisers in hillsboro and after 10. she is expected to call for leadership and solidarity as a way to stop
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terrorism and does not want to close the u. s. borders as her arrival -- rival donald trump is suggesting. and arizona ends -- arizonians going to the polls and take a look at these long lines across the state, clinton defeated sanders and donald trump received 47% of the vote in arizona. he will take all 58 delegates, bringing his delegate total to more than 700. hillary clinton 158% and 40% for bernie sanders. and sanders gets 80% of the vote in utah, and the turnout and you talk was said to be unprecedented. on the republican side, ted cruz one -- won 69% of the vote . this morning he received an endorsement from the former gop
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candidate jeb bush. bernie sanders won the democratic caucuses in idaho with 78%, and they saw a record turnout there as well. 27 delegates are awarded proportionately, and idaho republicans voted earlier this month. san francisco police are looking for a hit-and-run driver that slammed into another vehicle in north beach at 10 eight -- 10 pm last night. it ran the stop sign at stockton street, hit the other vehicle, got out and ran away. witnesses tried to chase him but were unable to catch him. the fire crews said it was a miracle no one was killed. >> the vehicle was driving at a incredible rate of speed, and it crashed into this vehicle, and the gentleman and his lady friend were in this vehicle.>> the people in the vehicle
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received only minor injuries and it is unknown whether the other driver was hurt. it was a rental car and had suitcases in the trunk, but it is possible the car was stolen. your time now is 5:09 am. coming up at coming up at 5:30 am, the dozens of thanks this bearded bandit has robbed. a proposal to limit dogs on the federal land in the bay area, and the reason some say they are to -- too restrictive. looking okay along the maccarthur maze and we will tell you more about your commute, when we come back. 30s this morning, but it will be sunny warm today, highs near average.
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welcome back everybody. your time now is 5:13 am. dog owners will have a chance to sound off about the proposal putting limits on the dog friendly areas, and that is at the golden gate national recreation area. dog owners told the park officials that the rules are too restrictive. >> reporter: these dog owners holding up paper plates that read "failure" and "rigged" and
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concerned about the rules they say will significantly cut back on the dog walking areas, or require the dog to be on a leash. according to the dog owners group of san mateo county, the access of the dog friendly space would be cut by 90%.>> i'm angry at the park service for mismanaging the lands we have entrusted them wept.>> reporter: we caught up with her, and none of these areas allow the dogs to roam free. it's not just about the dogs but public access. back the golden gate national recreation area, it's very clear. it is managed for the communities and recreation, but they are ignoring it. >> reporter: the new rules are
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necessary according to the recreation area, 17 million visitors use the parks, and every year there are more than 400 incidences involving dogs. >> live had conflicts arise, dog on dog, dog on people, dogs affecting wildlife, inviting people -- biting people. >> reporter: and the committee for greener foothills says she supports the plan. >> one of the jobs of the national parks is to protect the resources and the parks for future generations. >> we posted a list of the remaining meetings on there seems to be some confusion about the lease for the levi's stadium between the 49ers and the city of santa
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clara. they cannot agree on the details of when the payments are to be made. they say the 49ers have not paid rent since december, but they claim that the rent is required every quarter, not every month, and the city is concerned that this will let the team pay less than the original agreement. >> i think we had some shady and transparency issues going on.>> reporter: the 49ers agreed to pay $24.5 million in rent, but there is a formula involving debt service and cash flow that could lower the amount. and they say they should expect the next rent payment next week. 5:16 am. let's get you out the door. >> or stick around a little bit longer get a couple coffee and hang out for a little while. i will tell you about the
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traffic in what you have to deal with, not that bad right now. not a bad commute as we approach the san jose. a nice-looking drive on northbound and 280 and highway 17. northbound commute not bad at all coming down the bottom of the hill. looking at this commute on 580, i told you it would be stop and go, and this is the earliest stop and go toward the altamont pass, the getting better when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems. traffic looking good and not slow yet. let's go to the bay area weather center. >> some 30s to start all, and rather cold. under the full moon which started about 15 minutes ago. 17 minutes ago. and there it is, a few high clouds, but no big deal as they
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will clear out fast with lots of sunshine. warmer thursday through saturday, and the low dropping in from the sierra, and that will crank up the breeze ringing in cooler temperatures with some snow in the sierra. usually that is not a very moist system, but we will keep an eye on it. chilly readings to start off with, but when these higher clouds clear we will be good to go. a few 30s, and calistoga at 39. a few near, walnut creek and alamo holding steady with blackhawk at 40. a little warmer toward the pittsburg and antioch in brentwood. and ukiah at 39 degrees. these clouds will be with us for a few hours and clearing out. this monster low is turning to the north allowing this pressure to build in, but we will warm up.
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30s for a few and a little bit warmer this afternoon and not as breezy. upper 60s to near 70, 67 sonoma, petaluma 68, sausalito 66. near 70 and 66 and alameda and berkeley. 70 in gilroy, 67 in downtown san jose. redwood and pacifica 63 and 65. and the city, warmer weather for thursday through saturday and eight windy and breezy sunday and monday and turning cooler. >> i don't care for that window very much. >> unless you are a windsurfer or sailor, it is rather annoying. >> not good for the hair.>> but good for easter sunday, we and but no rain?>> we should not have any rain on easter
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sunday.>> yes, that is not good for the easter bunny.>> but we don't want those eggs blowing around. reaching out to the world war ii veterans in oakland, coming up we will tell you about the effort to send two dozen of them to visit the war memorial in washington dc. colin kaepernick and what the 49ers general manager is acknowledging about the qb.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 and it is 5:22 am. humpback whales could lose the protection they have under the endangered species act, they conducted a review and found that the mammals are no longer in danger of extinction, and they will remove the humpback whales from the protection of the endangered species act. many questioned the plan saying that the job is not over, and humpback whales were put under the act in 1970 after being hunted for years. a national initiative to help the kids get outside inactive getting attention in the bay area, "every kid in the park" providing passes to the national parks to the fourth- graders, and they can explore the parks around the country for free. 80 fourth-graders from richmond will receive the passes, walking the san francisco bay
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trail with the mayor and the parks director. the season is over for the st. mary's men's basketball team, they lost in the quarterfinals. valparaiso went on a run, and st. mary's ran into shooting trouble, only scoring 13 points in the half. valparaiso taking a trip to the semi's at the madison square garden. the 49ers have officially announced that colin kaepernick can seek a trade, and he said that the nfl owners meeting in florida that no deal is imminent. the agents have so far talked to a few teams that have reportedly include the cleveland browns, new york jets and denver broncos. ballke says he expects him to be at the workout on april 4 with the 49ers. the officer and two-year-
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old boy had a chance to meet under happier circumstances, the officer and eduardo hit it off like old friends, after the officer responded to an emergency call at the home of the boy. eduardo was not moving in the family did not know what to do. the officer checked to see if there was anything in the boys throat, and then started performing cpr and the boys started gasping for air. eduardo was taken to the hospital and he has been home for a few days, and the officer was invited to come and see him. police responding after hearing what they thought were gunshots, but turned out to be a family science project. they were investigating an unrelated burglary and her day explosion nearby on bodega avenue. but they were experimenting with dry ice bombs for a science project. the police say that dry ice bombs qualify as a destructive
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device under the california penal code, but the family was warned and not cited. we continue to follow the top story, the terror attack in brussels and what the authorities are saying amid the reports that a suspect has been arrested. the second navigation center set to open up in the city and how it's different from a traditional homeless shelter. looking at the commute, traffic not bad approaching the golden gate bridge. looking good heading south to the toll plaza. full moon started about 25 minutes ago, under mostly clear skies. cold this morning.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 on this wednesday, march 23, and i am brian flores in for dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, and it is chilly. some may say it's cold, pam. it is cold, and a few 30s. we will show you this under the full moon that has just started. by the way, the april full moon will be the smartest and
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farthest away, the smallest. it's a chilly start to the morning, and good morning. and steve says it is a brisk 42 in martinez. mostly sunny and nice today, warmer, and thursday through saturday 70s and the winds picking up sunday and monday with snow showers in the sierra. clouds assuming by but they are up there pretty high. palo alto 43, napa airport 40, calistoga now 40, mill valley at 41. woodside is close at 40, mineral park and atherton at 42. 18 in truckee. once we get going it's going to get sunny and warm, temperatures starting off briscoe but near- normal today which means upper
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60s inland, mid-60s at the coast. and the metering lights come on now. >> you are on point, steve. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is a look at the maccarthur maze and the traffic is a bit of a backup. the camera is going in and out. going to the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 traffic moving along okay heading toward the high-rise. i did get a tip that the santa montco expressway a good one to avoid as they change out the traffic lights. they will be directing traffic, but i think i would avoid the bay area today and never the
5:32 am
same when officers are directing traffic, just a heads up. 5:31 am. following the deadly terror attacks in belgium that killed 31 injuring 270 others. there is a report that the suspect in the bombing has been arrested, and we been provided an update on the investigation. we have the latest. >> the belgian federal prosecutor gave us an update on the numbers, and we will go over this again, 31 killed in the attacks in brussels yesterday. more than 270 people were injured. as many as five police raids were conducted throughout the country of belgium in the search for the suspects in the bombings. they are currently interviewing people, and looking for a number of other people connected to the attacks.
5:33 am
they have made an arrest but are not saying who they arrested or what the role was in the bombings. the man arrested, initially they said it was this man on the screen in this white coat and hat, taken at the airport. the man had been seen leaving the airport, but they say is not the man that was arrested, but still considered a suspect, and they are still looking for him. these other two men were the suicide bombers that detonated the bomb's at the airport and the metro station, believed to have died in the explosion. you can see in the picture they are both wearing a black glove on their hand to conceal the detonating device possibly. what you are looking at now is a picture of the san francisco city hall with the colors of the belgian flag, black, gold and red.
5:34 am
the arrest of salah abdeslam, this man that you are looking at , the man that planned the terror attacks, saying that his arrest may have precipitated the attacks yesterday. >> they probably were in the position where they thought they were either in the use it or lose it in terms of the plots availability, so they decided to go ahead and conduct the attacks now. >> this morning the people in brussels held a moment of silence to remember the victims in e attack yesterday, and the officials took part in that moment of remembrance. in the public square were people are bringing flowers, hundreds of people stood silent, and when one person shouted "long live belgium." the entire crowd broke out in applause. one of the americans
5:35 am
injured in the brussels attack also survived the boston and paris bombings, 19-year-old mason wells, one of the three missionaries hurt and belgium, suffering second and third degree burns, and it 2013 he was standing with his father one block from the finish line at the boston marathon when the bombs went off, waiting for his mother who was running in the marathon. mason was in france last november during the terrorist attacks, but has assured his parents that he is careful and aware of his surroundings. countries around the world showing a public display of solidarity, the eiffel tower in the colors of the flag, black and yellow and red. they said that they struck brussels but it was europe that was targeted. the top of the world trade center was also lit in the colors of the belgium flag, and
5:36 am
president obama calling for blacks to be displayed at half staff through saturday out of respect for the victims. and here the city hall also lit in the colors of the belgian flag, and san franciscans are heavy, mourning the loss of those in brussels, and we will continue to follow the development in brussels throughout the mornings on 2 and throughout the day on twitter and facebook. the electrical issued that is plaguing bart and frustrating passengers and still trying to figure out the problem. in the meantime, the transit agency is running a single shuttle train between the pittsburgh -- pittsburg bay point and 42 railcars have now returned to service. to ease the congestion it will run between the pittsburg bay point and or concrete station
5:37 am
only -- concord station only during the peak hours, and the bus bridge will operate at the other times. coming up, a report that despite the current problem, employees are still on track to receive eight $1000 bonus. the commission is expected to decide whether the cliffside the -- apartment building should continue to be yellow tagged, and the current yellow tag status means that people can still enter the apartment that they are not allowed to live there. but the renters say it's safe and they want to be allowed back in. there is a report that says the erosion is dangerous to those that live in the apartment building. one tenet says they will file a lawsuit if they keep that yellow tag destination -- designation. and a new navigation center to help alleviate the homeless crisis, located at 12th and
5:38 am
market streets, and should be up and running by june 1. the first navigation center opened one year ago, and different from a traditional shelter. it has fewer restrictions and allows people to movie and as a group. they have failed to pass a resolution urging governor jerry brown to declare a state of emergency, and the resolution what allow the city to use public property to shelter the homeless on an emergency and short-term basis. emergency declarations are normally used for health epidemics and natural disasters. they say that local jurisdiction must typically prove they have exhausted all local resources. the bay area couple suing the city of vallejo after a bizarre kidnapping ordeal that started one year ago today. the attorneys for the two say they rebounded drugged by an intruder while sleeping. and the vallejo police department went public with the false
5:39 am
statement, calling it a hoax. they said that the city of vallejo should be held accountable for blaming the victims and destroying the reputation. and northern california, looking for the "bearded bandit. " he is either robbed or tended to rob at least 15 banks between gilroy and sacramento. the first robbery occurred on february 12 in fremont, and most recently the chase bank in lafayette. the robber says he wants to cash a check or casually talks with the teller and then he hence the teller a demand note. >> it's very brazen and bold. there are images from the security cameras from all of the banks. most of the time he is disguising himself with a hat or wearing glasses. we are positive that someone out there knows who he is. >> they say the bearded bandit got away with nearly $28,000
5:40 am
since february. if you have any information, call the local police or the fbi. a man suspected of groping a teenager, they released surveillance video of the man accused of inappropriately touching a 17 your girl on the transit bus, and they received an overwhelming response that help to identify the suspect. they arrested this 70-year-old that lives in san mateo and he was booked for sexual battery. coming up, a super wild west tuesday for the arizona primary, and they idaho and utah caucuses, coming up. the surprising endorsement for ted cruz, just announced. and left over food from starbucks and where it will soon be going. good morning, looking at
5:41 am
the commute, and nothing major so far along 280 in san jose. mostly clear this morning, a few upper 30s and all signs pointing toward the warm up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 5:43 am. president obama has arrived in argentina this morning, air force one landed after midnight in argentina and he will meet with the president later today and hold they town hall meeting with the young argentinians. this is the first visit since 1997 by a u. s. president. the president reportedly angered some cuban officials by making a call for free elections in cuba. >> i believe that voters should
5:44 am
be able to choose their government and free and democratic elections. [ applause ]. not everybody agrees with me on this, and not everybody agrees with the american people on this. but i believe human rights are universal.>> later president obama met with a group of dissidents praising them for the courage, and some critics say the white house did not do enough to push for human rights and normalizing relations with cuba. the president caught a baseball game in havana, seated with the president castro. 55,000 fans came out to watch the game, and the mlb commissioner was there and the widow of jackie robinson, the first time a major league team is played in cuba its 1999 and the raise won, 4-1.
5:45 am
taking world war ii veterans on an all expense paid trip to washington dc. they wanted to locate the veterans and sign them up for the honor flight, and these are pictures from the website, sending thousands of veterans to dc each year to visit the war monuments and memorials. the trip for the oakland veterans is september 8-10. deciding whether the statewide minimum wage should be raised to $15 an hour, and the current minimum wage is $10 an hour. supporters of the higher statewide minimum wage qualified the ballot measure to increase the amount, one dollar an hour every year until 2021. after that the state minimum wage would be tied to the cost of living. the measure will appear on the november ballot. starbuck -- starbucks is joining the list of country giving the leftover feed -- food to the hungry and the aim is to contribute 100% of the
5:46 am
leftover food from all of its locations by this time next year. chipotle, cheesecake factory, olive garden, kfc and taco bell already donate the surplus food.>> it's nice that they do that. so far pretty smooth. >> we have had some slow traffic, but no major problem. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is regular slowdown that we normally have with the metering lights on. taking a look at the san mateo bridge, traffic is also okay heading out. this is a rather dramatic moonlight on the bay. it has to be. you can see the traffic is looking good, but that is a nice picture. going to northbound 101 in san jose, slow traffic after 280 up to 880.
5:47 am
but that is about all, and looking at the entire santa clara valley, you can see that the traffic is moving along well on 85, 280 and 17. 5:46 am and we will go to steve. good morning everybody, and the march full moon started 47 minutes ago. [ howling ] still out there. and by the way, the april woman will be the smallest and farthest. and here we have mr. p, and good morning. 45 in clear, windy and cool and i would agree. it was below average, and today will be mostly sunny. about where we should be, 65 to 70. thursday into saturday warmer.
5:48 am
sunday and monday we will be windy and cooler with snow in the sierra. the almanac for san francisco, 65-50 and the average is 62-49, so pretty close. the record high 82, low 41. san jose starting off at 45, mostly sunny. and we will go about 59 at noon and a high of 67 in san jose, about where they should be. overall a band of high clouds is about all we can find and they will zoom out pretty quick. overall temperatures rebounding pretty quick, although cool right now with 39 in livermore. palo alto's 43, napa airport 40, 39 in walnut creek, and backtalk in alamo 42. upper 40s to near 50 in the
5:49 am
pittsburg , antioch in brentwood . there is a few up and lake county, and some high clouds, but everything pointing toward sunshine and warmer temperatures. a monster in the gulf of alaska. a few 30s for lows, temperatures bouncing from yesterday, 62 degrees, and today upper 60s to a few near 70 in vacaville in brentwood. downtown oakland 67. going 70 in gilroy, and on the coast, 60s low to mid. upper 60s on the peninsula, and close for the palo alto and menlo park just one point shy of 70. turning windy and cooler sunday afternoon and into monday, very windy on monday. i love this outside shot of this full moon, i love it. back that is the nice thing
5:50 am
about getting up at this time a day. >> the sun shining through the window. >> and date is on his own, but if you can, that san mateo bridge, that full moon is reflecting off of the water. we will see that on the next segment, they're idiots. awesome. thank you, dave. on the flight. it is 5:50 am. the 49ers and city of santa clara clashing over the lease payments on levi's stadium. and you thought your rent was expensive, the city says it is not been paid since december and coming up why the 49ers say they have not missed a payment. the mother of the man killed by the police and what she says the officers did not do.
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the u. s. supreme court today will hear arguments over whether faith-based groups should find a way to get birth- control coverage for their employees or students. under the health care law, contraceptives must be provided at no charge, but some groups say they object providing the services even through a third- party, saying that their religious freedom is being violated.
5:54 am
it ended with the five-for both to with the late justice scalia in the majority, and having a tie would leave different rules and places across the country. this shooting happened on christmas night at the group home. the officers say they were told that someone was threatening to hurt someone else that the home, and a man came out of the shadows with a knife in his hand. but the claim filed said that the police knew no one was in danger, and it was a butter knife. they also said that the police would not let a member in the house grabbed the man. an oscar hit and killed by the out of control vehicle has been laid to rest. >> i present to you badge number 20154.
5:55 am
presenting the widow of nathan taylor with the badge at the memorial service and roseville, hundreds of the chp officers also attended. officer taylor was investigating a crash near donner summit, standing outside of his patrol car and was struck and killed. his wife, becky, says his -- he will be remembered for his kindness and desire to help those in need. >> the change we would like to see in the world, help someone for no other reason but for the fact that they need help and that you are able. let's try a little bit harder to be like me. >> nathan taylor was 35 years old and leaves behind a wife and three young sons. the city of richmond has a new permanent police chief, and 52-year-old brown has been the interim chief, and he joined the richmond police department out of the academy 31 years ago,
5:56 am
and brown is the first to be selected from inside the department since 1993. and approved a measure to compensate the sidewalk vendors and street artists that were displaced during the super bowl celebration, a compensation fund will provide qualifying vendors with a $600 payment to make up for losses during the three weeks they had to leave their usual area, and the vendors testified saying they were given little warning about leaving. coming up we had the suspect in the belgium attack, arrested, and the latest on the investigation and the heightened security in the bay area. the results are in for the latest round of primaries and caucuses and who came out on top in arizona, utah and idaho. good morning, looking at a commute they will get easier by the moment. a good look at the san mateo bridge, but a problem in sonoma
5:57 am
and marin county, coming up. no problem with the weather unless you don't like the cold temperatures this morning, but we will rebound, under the full moon.
5:58 am
5:59 am
an arrest in belgium and the search for the suspect still underway, and we will have the latest. hillary clinton making a last minute speech in the bay area, taking on the fight against terrorism. your mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for joining us. if you are just waking up, we are looking at this gorgeous shot, and it is officially a full moon, about a half-hour ago.>> we go from hearing the howling to the crickets. thank you for joining us on this wednesday, thank you for joining us on this wednesday, march 23, and i am pam clark. good morning, i am brian flores in for dave clark.
6:00 am
we have a full moon.>> and there is a very partial lunar eclipse, but it is tough to see. it's hard to see, you only get a faint shadow but it is out there. >> so is there something weird going on with the moon?>> no, just with me. anyway it is there. and we had wilson that sent me some side-by-side photographs. hold on. there it is. thank you. a few high clouds, and those are not meteor showers, that is the airflow, the wind direction


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