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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  May 13, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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we are live in san jose where man was stabbed overnight in a parking lot of a shopping plaza fear a we will tell you how this untolded and have the latest on the investigation. and another shooting on a east bay freeway. new information from the chp. what they are saying about the
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victim and the car investigators are searching for at this moment. this and more next on "mornings on 2". on 2". friday, may 13. good morning. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i am dave clark. as i say good morning, i am going to say potiluis. gasia is teaming me how to speak a little armenian. >> absolutely. steve, to you as well. >> how would i respond in armenian? >> probably just patiluis. we could have a whole dialogue. it means good morning. >> all right. i learned something here this morning. my friend steve wright in san jose will text me something, tell this is gasia. you behave yourself out there. here we go. we have low clouds. breaks in the clouds. it's lifted a little bit. probably maxed out, but it's there. there is also higher clouds up
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above as well. little low is on its way. now it's just increasing the fog. enhancing a little bit. so cooler inland is the main impact here. partly to mostly cloudy on saturday and cooler. there will be some drizzle and scattered showers activity in the mountains. there is our system. low cloud deck in place. san jose today 70/56. average 75/52. below on that high temp. 99 in 1,976th record high. 37 way back 1896. low 50s, mid 60s. the key difference is the breeze. 22 gusts to 30. fairfield, i'm telling you, that's going to be cooler weather out to sacramento when it's that strong. low is on its way. its main impact on cooler temps. maybe a few high clouds also forming right now. cooler, breezy. coast and bay not much change there. 50s and 60s. but 70s now instead of 80s.
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>> all righty, sal, 7:03, sir, on a friday. yeah. a problem on the san mateo bridge, steve, westbound 92. at the high-rise or near it. there is a crash involving a motorcycle and now traffic has come to a standstill on the san mateo bridge. it had been such a good commute. actually, i think i said westbound. let me correct myself. it's eastbound. however, westbound people are slowing down here at the san mateo bridge. so the entire bridge is affected. i would recommend using the dumbarton bridge or the bay bridge. let's take a live look at the bay bridge as an alternate route for you. it's not that bad. you know, coming up here, maybe out of your way, but you don't want to be stuck in the traffic at the san mateo bridge. even if they were to lift that traffic out of that bridge right now, lift that collision, the damage is done there. we are looking at slow traffic on 17. some late running roadwork on northbound 17. if you are driving from santa
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cruz to los gatos, it's not going to get better until the summit. 7:04. back to the desk. we begin with a developing story in the south bay. a stabbing right outside a restaurant in east san jose. police have sectioned off the area for hours this morning. ktvu's janine de la vega is live with what's happening there. janine. >> reporter: well, this is a large shopping center. earlier this morning the entire plaza was completely roped off. but in the last hour they removed some of that tape and are letting people in except this roped off area here that you see behind me, and that's because it appears that's where the fight broke out. now, here's what we know so far. officers say at around midnight they were called to a reported stabbing at story and king. they arrived at this shopping center and found a man who had been stabbed in the neck. police say it appears after some sort of confrontation in
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the parking lot. they came into the restaurant bleeding and collapsed on the floor. he died at the scene. homicide detectives have spent the early morning hours collecting evidence in the parking lot and inside the restaurant. they haven't put out any suspect description yet for a motive. >> we still don't know exactly what caused. this that's part of our investigation, part of what we're trying to determine. >> we are still trying to determine exactly who was involved and how they fled the scene. >> reporter: police have been interviewing witnesses and they are trying to see if any of the businesses had security cameras that recorded the attack. they are looking into the possibility that this may be gang related. they just don't know yet. police did let a couple of employees go inside the restaurant to clean up. when we tried to talk to them, none of them were willing to speak to us. back to you. >> thank you. now new developments in a story re reported at 4 a.m. the chp is investigating another shooting on interstate 80. this one happened last night
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near hercules on highway 4. investigators say the driver of a black nissan altima crashed into the center divide after he was hit by gunfire from a passing car. the victim was treated for two bullet wounds to his leg. no one else was hurt. the shooter was inside a white sedan. it's unknown if this is connected other recent shootings on interstate 80. a bizarre story. a hayward police car has been recovered. it was stolen early this morning. police say the patrol car was running right outside the police station and an officer was standing nearby, but someone jumped into the driver's seat and took off. new, police found the car about 4:30 this morning with the help of a gps system. the suspect had already fled. police say there was no damage. nothing was missing from that patrol car. 7:06. new this morning a massive search underway for a gunman who shot two police officers in new hampshire. it happened early this morning in the city of manchester. both wounded officers are
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expected to survive. authorities are describing the gunman as a white man with long hair wearing a trench coat. police have shut down schools in the area and they have ordered many people in manchester to stay inside as the search for that gunman continues. there is an update to a story of three oakland police officers accused of having sex with a girl who may have been underage. the police department told ktvu one of the officers is also under criminal investigation. the officers are on administrative leave. now, the girl is a daughter of a civilian employee within the police department. investigators want to confirm if the girl was a minor at the time. >> men and women of this department work very hard to build relationships with our community of trust and enforcing the laws. we take any allegations of misconduct with any of our employees very seriously. >> now, the police department's internal affairs unit are looking into the allegations. the investigation started after an oakland police officer committed suicide last fall.
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there is a new debate over how to make the waters of san francisco's ocean beach safer for visitors. it was sparked by recent drownings and rescues at observation beach. most recently last month two 17- year-olds from vallejo drowned after being swept off to sea. there are critics, including the national parks service, who say adding lifeguards would encourage more people to enter the water near 7:08. the san jose sharks won last night. they are in the western conference final of the stanley cup playoffs. first time in five seasons. >> down low. he scores! >> scored on the power play in the first period and the sharks never looked back. they dominated the national predators 5-0 in game seven. more than 17,000 fans looked on
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at sap center. >> you know, we are confident about what we can do. we knew if we played a good 60 with the fans behind us, we had a good shot at winning. >> never gets easier. these teams are all good. good goalies. it feels good. but we understand this is the second step. it feels good, but we to keep going. >> the sharks have never won the stanley cup in their 25- year history. they have to get past the st. louis blues to get to the finals. that best of seven series starts sunday night in st. louis. the first game at sap center will be game three on thursday. warriors fans are getting a rare chance to take a picture with both of steph curry's mvp trophies. the mvp trophies will be at oracle arena from 9 a.m. to 9:00. you can get your picture taken with both of the trophies. steph curry is the first unanimous winner of the mvp trophy and the 11th player in
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nba history to win the award in back-to-back seasons. we know who the warriors will play. they will be playing the oklahoma city thunder in the western conference finals. series starts in oakland monday. the thunder beat the san antonio spurs 113-99 in game six of their series last night. the spurs' fans are wondering about the last game. he says he hasn't decided whether or not he will return for a 20th season. now, that thunder-warriors series against monday night 6 p.m. game two is wednesday night. the series moves to oklahoma city for game three on sunday, may 22nd. game four will be tuesday, may 24th. want to hear a strange story? >> i want to see it. >> okay. a man broke into a sporting goods store in sacramento wearing almost nothing at all. it was all caught on camera. in 20 minutes what he did after that that gives in story a stranger twist. also, cheaters in the carpool lane. how many bay area drivers are trying to beat the system during the morning and evening commutes. and we are looking at a
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commute on the san mateo bridge that is terrible. this is because of a motorcycle accident near the high-rise. it's affecting both directions of the bridge. you need to use an alternate like the bay bridge or the dumbarton. we will give you more on this straight ahead. a cooler inland forecast for this friday. we will talk about that and also the weekend.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". time 7:13. there is a new transportation study confirming what you and most bay area drivers already know. carpool lanes are crowded with cheaters. the study found that on average 24% of the drivers in carpool lanes in the morning commute don't have the required number of passengers. that number is 19% during the evening commute in the bay area. now, transit leaders worry these carpool cheats could bring an end to the system.
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it's designed to encourage drivers to carry extra passengers in exchange for a faster commute. >> that's about one in four drivers right now in the heart of the morning commute. sal castaneda, i can't imagine you are surprised by the numbers. >> i am not surprised by the numbers. i think that people are trying to get, unfortunately, people are trying to get the edge whichever way they can. >> yeah. >> even though if you get caught, obviously, it's very expensive. >> hundreds of dollars. >> i wouldn't recommend it. i certainly would not recommend it. i would leave early. it's hard to do. let's see what we can see. we have had some problems out there. i want to let you know that the san mateo bridge is a big mess because of a motorcycle accident. the only good news i can glean from this accident is that the driver is alert and conscious, but still injured. but westbound 92 is blocked, the left lane, and so is eastbound 92. one side with the emergency vehicles. one side with the actual crash. and the traffic is a mess. it seems to be getting a little
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bit better as they are attending to the injured. but the san mateo bridge is something for you to avoid. you might want to think about going up to the bay bridge, which doesn't look too bad. it's actually lighter than usual. if you can drive out of your way, you will have a more pleasant commute a crossing the bay. we also have some really unpleasant news if you drive from santa cruz to los gatos northbound 17. we had some late roadwork near the glenwood cut-off and the traffic is just a mess in this area. now at 7:15 let's bring steve? thank you, sir. we have a few breaks in the low clouds. they are much higher this morning than yesterday. really the kiowas that delta breeze. as soon as i saw gusts at 32 at travis, that told me everything i needed to do as far as inland cooling. there is a system off the coast. it will be working towards us. it takes that fog back and lifts it. cooler inland today. it's been there all week. it burns off inland pretty quick and that allows temperatures to hit the 80s and out to the valley 90s.
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it was 50s, 60s most of the week around the coast and the bay. plenty of low clouds and a few high clouds in the mix. average 64/51. has not been above that since may 5th. 1882 is the record low. 50s on the temps. low-mid. sfo is 57. oakland's 57. brentwood it's in there, mountain view, hayward, also san jose. up north again calistoga and kelseyville higher elevations upper 40s. napa low 50s, novato, even 50 at bodega bay. coast, bay, inland, yet that's a huge difference. 22 gusts to 30. delta breeze. that's the low. it's working towards northern casino. that enhances the fog banks an
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chews it up. a few isolated showers in the mountains. shasta, northeast california and the sierra on saturday. so mark that down if you are heading on either one of those directions. morning fog. cooler inland today. we will get some sun. the trend is for cooler weather saturday. a bump up on those temps on sunday. there is a little bit of precip in the mix. probably drizzle for most. i think santa rosa, sacramento north isolated showers possible on saturday, saturday afternoon as that low drags across. bigger fog bank. cooler, breezy here, mostly cloudy, partly cloudy here. local drizzle. cooler inland. windy for delta, cordelia, san mateo, sfo later today. but 50s, 60s, and 70s now out of those mid 80s to a few upper 80s earlier this week around vacaville. antioch, oakwood, cool off. east san jose really never warmed up that of this week. and nor did the north bay. mainly an east bay event.
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50s, 60s, coast. cooler saturday. partly to mostly cloudy. a break on sunday. warmer monday, tuesday. >> so grab a sweater or jacket? >> yeah, a little cool for some. inland won't be bad. comfortable. a little cool coast. >> thank you. >> any name three years in the making, but the san francisco museum of modern art is re- opening. >> ktvu's brian flores is live at momo telling us about the opening celebration. looks like you moved outside on the terrace? >> reporter: that's right. we are outside in the sculptured terrace. we are inside the museum, but outside this morning. this is the museum's brand new for students and drivers fmoma. sarah roberts is the associate curator joining us. talk about these sculptures. >> we are standing in the new sculpture terrace. we have some large-scale pieces. this is from 1969.
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fantastic colors. it complements the smaller works inside the gallery. >> reporter: look at this, folks. dave and gasia, this is a living wall, right? >> wow. >> reporter: this is an art piece, but it's plants. it's native to the area? >> that's right. >> reporter: of california, right? >> all species of plants native to california. this is a space that doesn't get a lot of light. all plants were selected from the kinds of things you find growing in a redwood forest of california. it's 115 feet long. it's a great place to get a glimpse of green and fresh air when you are visiting the museum. >> reporter: it's beautiful. i want to talk more about this living wall before we talk about the events this weekend. how do you irrigate something reich this? >> it has its own internal irrigation system. it captures rainwater which is recycled in the basement and put right back into the plants. it's completely self- sustaining. >> reporter: it's the only one in the united states? >> it's the largest in the united states. but there are several here in
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the bay area. >> reporter: there is this, the living wall, which i love. i was hoping to save to the end of the newscast. i couldn't help myself. we have the opening of the museum. three years in the making. saturday. talk about that. >> we open tomorrow at 9:15. a ribbon-cutting ceremony on howard street. and then the museum will be open. an exciting here. all the cultural institutions in the area, contemporary jewish museum, the museum of the african diasps will be open. the music festival. >> reporter: people that are hoping to go on opening day, you are trying to give away free tickets. but is it -- are they still available? >> tomorrow's completely sold out actually. fantastic turnout. but we hope that people will go online to get their tickets for coming days. >> reporter: something new, guys, about the museum now. anyone under 18 years old comes in for free, right? that's a great program. >> great program. we are super excited. anyone 18 and under will be
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free admission to the museum. so we really hope that families will bring the kids and come check out what we have to offer. >> reporter: thank you. back out here live, beautiful sculptures out here. i absolutely love this living wall. i think i could be out here for the rest of the morning, guys. i love breathe this out here in the city. come out to sfmoma. opening on saturday, guys. back to you. >> that is spectacular. >> brian, if you could ask sarah there quickly, the expansion came in part because of a major donation by the fishers, who we know are tied to san francisco? >> reporter: that's exactly right. we are talking about the fishers and the expansion and how much they have meant to the expansion here at the museum, correct? >> that's right. the expansion really came about through generosity of the fishers and other donors in the community. but we have the fisher collection here at the museum now. about 270 works on view from their absolutely unparalleled collection of american and german post-war art.
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so that's what people will see on the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors. >> reporter: we have only been on air for our segments twice, but there is plenty to show you through the morning. stick here on "mornings on 2", guys. we will be going through the museum. back to you. >> thank you so much. time is 7:22. dozens of students got sick at a south bay elementary school. dozens of them. in minutes the bug they all caught and what the school is doing to prevent that illness from spreading. a skydiving plane crash lands upside down in lodi and no one was seriously hurt. up next we are hearing this same skydiving company has had troubles in the past.
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♪[ music playing ]. >> jackson browne. running on empty. this reminds me of forest gump where he runs across the country. these songs are requests for beta breakers in honor of running songs. if there is a special song you want to hear for running, hit me up on social media. thank you. send us your requests facebook, twitter, instagram. tvu. all right. we can tell but a pilot and skydivers very lucky to be alive.
7:26 am
their plane landed upside down in a vineyard in lodi. it happened yesterday shortly after the plane, a cessna 208, took off. it had engine problems. it went down in that vineyard near the lodi airport. it also damaged a car. >> it looked like a crop duster plane that would go low and come up before the wires. this plane came down, cleared the wires, clipped our car. >> he had no options. the only clear place he had to land was where he touched down. he had too much speed to stop before he got to the road. it wasn't the pilot. it was the airplane. >> incredibly, no one was seriously hurt. the skydivers were back in the air within 15 minutes after that crash. there are reports the lodi skydiving country has a history of accidents. ktra tv is reporting seven people have died since 1999. 7:26. in sacramento county a man was arrested after he broke into a soccer supply store and he wasn't wearing much at all. he took what he was wearing
7:27 am
off. all caught on surveillance video, which is what we are showing you now. he breaks a glass door. that's how he gets inside. once inside things get a little stranger. he removes his pants and then he starts sweeping up the mess that he made. the owner says that he saw the video and he was shocked, but he really wasn't angry. >> somebody's gonna break in, immediately you're thinking they're gonna steal something or do something bad. he didn't do anything really bad. >> the man did clean up and then grabbed a beer and candy. you see here he kind of left the same way he came in. this man has been identified as 28-year-old timothy prater. the owner says he felt bad for him and ended up giving him a shirt before police took him away. 7:27. here in san francisco's most colorful race, beta breakers this morning. up next the do's and don'ts to keep in mind if you plan to run or walk the race. and amid calls for san
7:28 am
francisco's police chief to be replaced, we are talking this morning with san francisco mayor ed lee. he is about to hold -- or be a part of a community meeting here in the westport al district. you will hear from the mayor on this issue coming up in just a couple of minutes. good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic on highway 24 is a little bit slow, but it's better than it normally is. we will let you know about the bridges when we come back. some breaks in the low clouds. there is a lot more to go around today than the last couple of days. temperatures will cool. i will show you why coming up.
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7:31 this friday morning, may 13. i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am dave clark. san francisco mayor ed lee and police chief greg suhr are about to hold a meeting with community leaders. >> alex, there is a range of topics on the agenda? >> reporter: yeah, there is a whole lot of topics on the agenda here. this meeting was a community meeting planned ahead of time here in the west portal neighborhood. among the topics that will be discussed today will be issues of police reform in the city and the performance of the police chief. there have been, obviously, as we have seen a number of intense protests over the past couple of months. there have been calls for the police chief to step down. mr. mayor, thank you first of all for taking the time this morning. what is the goal of this meeting here and what will be discussed today? >> good morning, alex. thank you for coming out here.
7:32 am
we are at the manor catheim. this is one of many city-wide meetings that we are having. i am glad to be out here with our chief of police, our local captain, and an invitation, if not a request, by a number of neighborhood groups to talk about neighborhood crime. i have to be sensitive to the fact that while we have a lot of discussions about police reform, we also are having a lot of requests that people are seeing property crime go up in their neighborhoods, whether it's car break-ins, burglaries, home invasions. we have got to pay attention to that. right now i am on the verge of adopting a budget, and i want to make sure that our budget reflects priorities of our neighborhoods. so we're here to listen, to make sure we reflect that in our approach to this, and people said, hey, can we get some attention out here? you know, people park their
7:33 am
cars. all of a sudden there is -- it's kind of like repeat offenders coming in, breaking the windows and just this property crime is kind of, in their minds, out of control. they don't know what's going on. i want to get more beat officers out here. i think that's what they want to do. we want to also, while we are doing police reform, pay attention to crime prevention. it's just as important, and we have got to figure that out. >> reporter: i know you were, at the same time, paying attention to the series of protests that we have seen the past few months in the city. there have been new calls from demonstrators, obviously, for the police chief to be replaced. we now have four city supervisors who say they believe we may need a new chief in this city. how much confidence do you have in the performance of police chief greg suhr? >> well, here's my very strong view about this. we have a reform package where i had asked both the president of the police commission, as well as the chief, to say,
7:34 am
look, we've got to have updated 21st century police practices. where do those ideas come from? it comes from president obama's look at all the cities across the country where they have had issues of officer-involved shootings. how to change that. how have to practices where the sanctity of life becomes a principle and can we back off when you have got a weapon in somebody's hands, like a knife, and you've got a number of officers shooting. it may not be the appropriate response. so how do we do that? we change the practices. we re-train. and the chief has led that effort, along with the commission, to a very collaborative process with our residents. i believe those reforms not only are true and real, but they will also be adopted in a very aggressive way. until i see otherwise, i think our thief is there to help us with -- our chief is there to help us with it, and we are having this confirmed by the
7:35 am
highest authority in the country, which is the cop, which is the department of justice, and if they felt that we were resisting, they would come in and do an even deeper investigation to order us. like, for example, what they've done in places like oakland where they kind of almost took over the police department. they haven't felt the necessity to do that because we are proceeding in a very deliberate ray. >> reporter: was it the district attorney's task force found there was bias in terms of how communities of color were policed in san francisco. you obviously saw the findings there. how much concern do those findings cause you? >> we are going to pay attention to that. we haven't seen the report even from the dirict attorney yet. we will include that. i will look at not only the opinions of protesters, people who feel maybe stronger about these reforms. not only the district attorney, but we also want that. that would be a part of the authoritative review that the department of justice is doing because we think that that's
7:36 am
the professional oversight. and if we need in, we are transparent, we are open about this, we are including everything from the office of citizens complaint as well as the chief and the commission, that's where we want to seek that professional review and to make sure it's not politicized. also, i think every neighborhood of san francisco says while you're paying attention to that, we appreciate a transparent, trustworthy police department. we also want the day to day stuff in our neighborhood to be paid attention to as well. that's just as important. that's why coming out here, i have been receiving requests from north beach to bayview to westportal. when you are doing this incredible budget that you are and you are doing thcommunity stuff, get the chief out here. get the captains to make sure we've got beat officers that help us on a day-to-day basis. that's why we're out here because i have heard there is
7:37 am
this 30% increase in property crimes. it's something we have got to pay attention to. i want to make sure we are doing that. >> reporter: okay. mr. mayor, we appreciate your time this morning. let you get into the manor cafe. you are going to have a meeting here to talk about issues of property crime in this particular neighborhood. thank you for taking the time. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> reporter: so that meeting gets underway at 8:00 this morning. the mayor and the police chief talking face to face with community leaders. let's see. 8:00 this morning. just a few minutes from now. we will bring that to you when it happens. >> thank you. and mayor lee, thank you as well. time is 7:37. let's check weather for you now. steve paulson is right over here. >> cooler cooler, you guys. even with breaks in the clouds it's going to be cooler. low clouds are there. also a few high clouds. a low is approaching and that's going to bump out the high. it's picked up the breeze for some. some reports from cordelia, fairfield it's rather blustery
7:38 am
at times. not for everybody. for some. you can see a little bit of a sun break or two. jamie nelson was the friday award winner here. another perfect start to the weekend. we live in paradise. looking from sleepy hollow divide to terra linda. thank you. there are a few breaks in the clouds up there for some. not for all. antonio is our future weathercaster from daly city. good morning, steve. currently 54 degrees with foggy skies and a little mist in d.c. yeah, there is a little mist out there. there will be more tomorrow morning. at the same time it might chew up that fog bank. 50s to 160. lone outpost in brentwood. 56 antioch. 53 black hawk. east bay temps pretty close. martinez, concord, walnut creek all 54 and san ramon says, hey, we're 54 as well. the breezy is the story.
7:39 am
west,west,southwest, west at sfo. this low was tracking. we have a bad image there. it is moving towards us. this will continue to cool us down. cooler air aloft as well as maybe fire up a few thunderstorms in northeast california and also over the sierra over the weekend. so just put that down. bigger fog bank. it's lifting. there are some breaks. cooler and breezy. that's the main message here. oops. i am not going anywhere this time. 50s, 60s, and 70s. had to put on the air brakes. sal, you have an issue on the san mateo, or has that gotten better? >> the san mateo is still slow. the good news, and i am glad you asked about that, they cleared it. there is a new crash reported in oakland on 880 southbound. southbound 880 near 16. looks like we found it here. the tow truck is there. traffic was backed up from 980. it looks like they have made a little bit of progress here and it's improving in this area, as you can see. traffic is busy, but it's improving. let's talk about that san mateo bridge because steve mentioned
7:40 am
it. the lanes are clear. all opened and traffic is recovering. at the bay bridge we have had a lighter than usual commute and there is a little bit of a backup. but you can tell it's much better than it normally is get nothing san francisco. it's 7:40. back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. there are lots of still unanswered questions about a double homicide in the south bay. in redwood estates investigators with metal detectors and even search dogs scoured an area looking for evidence after a 52-year-old man was shot and killed in this home on wednesday. two other men were hurt. the neighbors in the area were stunned to hear this. >> shocking. unfortunate. yeah. something like this never really happens in redwood estates. >> police arrested a suspect. 43-year-old andre redmond, who they say sped away from the crime scene. there was a high-speed chase that ended in crash in campbell. police say they found a critically injured man in the back seat. he later died in the hospital.
7:41 am
investigators haven't yet told us about a possible connection to redmond, who is facing charges of two counts of murder and false imprisonment. a stomach flu outbreak is forcing students to stay inside during recess and lunch today. at least 90 students at horace mann elementary has caught the bug in the past two weeks. the school is going through a thorough cleaning and it's even canceled the annual school musical over fears the virus will spread. 7:41. the organizers of this sunday's beta breakers race are reminding everybody about the do's and don'ts for this clear's event -- year's event. it's the 105th year of the annual race in san francisco. they want you to know you cannot bring alcohol or drugs. no nudity is allowed. also no ice chests or any bag bigger than a small backpack. and the police are stressing if you see anything that doesn't look right, speak up. >> we want to make sure to
7:42 am
remind the public, if you see something, say something. if you see something suspicious or out of the ordinary, we ask that you contact a uniformed officer or bay to breakers person working the event. >> the 12k race begins 8 a.m. sunday morning. there will be roads closed and detours in the city. at least 40,000 runners and walkers plan to take part. 7:42. you don't have to be rich to get special treatment thanks to burger king. where you can have a spa day while enjoying your whopper. >> wow. first, a sweeping change from the obama administration. it's coming to your child's school bathroom. when consultant josh atkins books at
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welcome back thornton. time is 7:44. every public school in the nation now has to start accommodating transgender students or there could be big consequences. >> pam cook is back in the studio with the latest on this battle over bathrooms. >> that is the decree from the obama administration sent out to every public school district this morning. now, the department of justice and the department of education sending that to school districts around the country. the letter says schools have to allow transgender students to use facilities that match their chosen gender identity. not necessarily their birth certificate. attorney general loretta lynch supports it. she calls transgender access a civil rights issue and says the desire to accommodate other's discomfort cannot justify a policy that singles out and disadvantages a particular class of students. >> we see you. we stand with you and we will do everything we can to protect
7:46 am
you going forward. >> now, at this point it is a guideline. not a law. however, there is the threat that schools could lose federal aid if they don't accommodate transgender students. now, some schools' superintendents are responding. they are suggesting a men's, women's, and unisex bathroom. but i tell you, i am hearing from a lot of people on my facebook page. mostly fathers of teenage daughters who are worried because they are thinking there are going to be teenage boys with not so noble intentions using this as an excuse to go into the girl's bathroom. it's a heated debate that we are going to hear more of. >> and it's opening up a lot of conversations. >> definitely. right. >> thank you. time is 7:46. another big announcement from pope francis making another break with tradition. he is willing to consider women
7:47 am
being deacons in the catholic church. they can perform many of the same functions as a priest. right now the deacon position is opened to married men, but not women. the pope made his comments after a meeting with 900 superiors of female religious orders in rome for their assembly. it's held every three years. >> so women are able to make decisions at the same levels of men, as priests and bishops, and we live in an equal situation. >> now, the experts say even if the commission recommends allowing women to become deacons, it's not likely the church's prohibition on female priests will change. 7:47. sal, we were seeing friday light up until that bridge problem? >> yeah, fortunately, that bridge problem has been removed. so things are improving a little bit. but we still see some is slow traffic on the san mateo bridge. i also want to mention highway 24 and 680. a little bit better than normal. now a little bit more crowding
7:48 am
on 680. highway 24 is good. bay bridge toll plaza doesn't look bad. as a matter of fact, it's become a little more crowded, but still 10 to 15-minute delay getting across. i want to show you san mateo and dumbarton bridge on the map. you can see a little bit of slow traffic on 92 before you actually get on to the bridge. dumbarton bridge, a lot of people diverted and they are using that and it's become super busy in the last hour. now lets go to steve. >> thank you, sir. well, a pretty big fog bank out there. there are a few breaks, more so to the north. marin county sun, high clouds or fog. but the fog bank is lifting. upper low off the coast is moving towards us and that's going to play in our friday and saturday forecast. bigger fog bank. cooler. drizzle or light rain looks to be in the mix for saturday morning. maybe early sunday as well. and then early next week it will clear out. warmer for most. been a tough call there over by the coast lately. stuck in the 50s or low 60s.
7:49 am
today is no expectation. inland temps cool down. that fog lifts a little bit and the breeze has picked up for many. especially towards benicia, cordelia and fairfield. west-southwest breeze. that's a sea breeze. 50s for nearly everybody. 60 brentwood. 50s for the peninsula. just absolutely stuck. 55 san mateo. san carlos in there, atherton, stanford, los altos close within a degree of each other. the key is the breeze. when you get the delta gusting to 30 that's a sure sign. vacaville and sacramento cooling down a little bit. a low is on its way. it's tracking towards us. it will move towards northern california. that will fire up some thunderstorms towards shasta and maybe the sierra as well. northern sacramento valley in there. cooler today for independance areas. morning fog and low clouds will probably bottom out on
7:50 am
saturday. there is some precip here in the forecast. certainly for late tonight into saturday. bigger fog bank, cooler, breezy, mostly sunny, partly sunny for some. that cooler air aloft and breeze is kicking in. that equals 50s, 60s, and some 70s and as well especially up to clearlake and ukiah those are the areas along with occupy and brentwood. south bay, north bay did not get in on the warm-up this week. that was an inland or east bay event. everyone cools down saturday. bottoming out on sunday. then a little warmer early next week. >> okay, steve, thank you. >> you bet. time is 7:50. apple is spending $1 billion in china. uber based in san francisco may not like this. ahead what apple's investment will do in china and uber may be paying real close attention. and my heart sinks when i see these pictures. thousands of travelers without their luggage. the glitch that caused major
7:51 am
headaches for passengers at the phoenix airport. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology.
7:52 am
know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
7:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪[ music playing ].
7:54 am
>> "born to run," or bike, or walk this case. people do run on the embarcadero. this was requested by karen lucia. thank you. right off the facebook page. today's theme is running songs. a special running dong you want -- song you want to hear, let us know. use the #ktvu on facebook or twitter. that's right. the boss. time is 7:54. $50million will be spent to help solve corrosion problems on the eastern span of the bay bridge. several rods failed after being exposed to rainwater. "the chronicle" reports the metropolitan transportation commission will use that money to regrout the sleeves that hold sundays of those rods at the base of the bridge's tower. the paper cites a caltrans engineer says regrouting the sleeves should lower the risk
7:55 am
of corrosion. u.s. immigration officials plan new raids after a surge of central americans illegally crossing the border in the last few years. they released a statement saying a 30-day push for arrests has been ordered. they are focusing on mothers who have small children who have already been told to leave the country and young people who cross the border alone, but have now turned 18 years old. officials reportedly will detain people whose asylum claims have been turned down. a computer glitch at the phoenix airport is causing a lot of problems. they had to borrow toothbrushes, pajamas. the good news is the tsa issue at sky harbor airport has been resolved as of late last night. now the bad news. the thousands of bags had to be left behind. see the machines used to screen luggage stopped working for several hours yesterday. so agents had to actually send
7:56 am
the bags to other airports first to be properly screened. >> this time of year a lot of people are traveling out of town for graduations and weddings and other special occasions. if you are doing that, you should make sure that you carry with you what you need for that special occasion. if you are going to wear a certain outfit, bring it on the plane. don't put it in your checked luggage. >> and don't forget the toothbrush and pajamas. wow. congress slammed the tsa on capitol hill yesterday. meanwhile, members say long security lines at airports are out of control, causing some people to miss their flights. the hearing before the committee was held at several major airports. they are considering dumping the tsa and going with private firms instead. lawmakers accused the alaska of -- the tsa of giving an official a $90,000 bonus. time is 7:56. we have developing news now from south carolina. a high school student was shot
7:57 am
in a school cafeteria in the greenville, south carolina area. we will have more on this at 8:00. a man attacked in a shopping plaza in san jose is now dead. we will tell you how this all unfolded and where police are at in their investigation this morning. ktvu fox 2 news. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
7:58 am
7:59 am
this is ktvu "mornings on 2". >> ♪[ music playing ]. >> boy, 12 hours from now there is no telling what dave clark is going to be doing on this friday night. >> i don't know. >> i will be doing laundry and
8:00 am
emptying the dishwasher. it is friday. we celebrate friday, may 13th no less. a live look at the bay. a lot of clouds. >> and just got paid. this is music from the '80s. it was a big hit. johnny kemp. the music in the background, we can check the weather. steve paulson is right over there in the paulson office. >> you know, was that a one hit wonder with him? >> i think so. >> that's more than you and i had. >> see, one more than me. >> all right. i think you will get a kick out of our forecast here. go ahead control room. i saw what you were going to put up there. >> look at those people behind you. >> a kick out of the forecast. soccer. >> it's friday morning. all right. we do have mostly cloudy skies. where are we looking at? do we know? they don't know. see? [ laughter ] >> they hear you asking the question. >> that's good to know. it's around here. that narrows it down.
8:01 am
>> [ laughter ] >> right around here. somewhere between san jose and santa rosa. all right. let's get to it here. [ laughter ] >> you think this is easy sometimes. all right. we have low cloud deck. there are breaks in the clouds. diane says, steve, it's sunny up in petaluma. i understand. it is. there is north bay looks to get more breaks than anybody else. there is plenty of low clouds around. there is still some off the close and higher clouds on the way. 50s for most. 62 brentwood. it will be cooler in brentwood and oakly. look at 26/32. that is just how long delta breeze. there is a west wind in napa and concord. this is the low coming in for the weekend. that will cool us down and may give us shower activity down here. bigger fog bank. windy for some. 50s, 60s, and 70s. 8:01. sal, the issue on the san mateo bridge is clear? >> that's clear. but the traffic is still a
8:02 am
little bit busy, steve. right now we are beginning to see a good commute in this 8:00 hour. i want to show you that the bay bridge though has become a lot more crowded. it's kind of a late commute. this is about a 20-minute drive against getting across. we had a lighter than usual commute early, but now we have a bigger crowd getting into san francisco. people saw it was so good. 880 so slowing down past the coliseum, which is normal. dumbarton bridge, people avoiding the san mateo bridge got on the dumbarton bridge. 101 is moderate. the south bay commute, as i dragged map over here, you can see there is slow traffic. it's a little better than normal. i got a tweet in that regard. like wow, i had a friday light commute. i am happy about that. we are happy when you are happy. 8:02. back to the desk. a developing story out of north carolina. that's where a student has been shot in a high school
8:03 am
cafeteria. the student is being treated for a single gunshot wound. police in greenville, north carolina, say there is no active for a suspect at south side high school and there is no threat to the area. there are unconfirmed reports this morning that the student shot him or herself. the school and two other nearby schools were put on lockdown, but that has been lifted. 8:03. a man in east san jose was attacked overnight. it happened at a shopping plaza. >> he later died. this morning police are investing the case as a homicide. ktvu's janine de la vega live in san jose where police aren't saying much, are they, janine? >> reporter: no, no. you know, i just got an e-mail back from police say they don't have any new updates in this case. but right now nobody is under arrest for this crime. right now police are still trying to track down who is responsible. they have had in whole area, this parking lot in east san jose closed off. and because that is where this stabbing happened. now, we are hearing that this happened at around midnight and
8:04 am
it appears there was a fight in this parking lot of the shopping center at story and king. one man was stabbed in the neck. our sources are saying that he walked into lock bo -- lak about bana restaurant. we don't have a description or what sparked the argument. homicide detectives spent the morning gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. they are looking to see if any of the surrounding businesses have security cameras that were recording when the attack happened. now, it does appear that police are wrapping up out here. they are waiting for a worker to finish cleaning up the crime scene and then the rest of this parking lot should open back up. there are tons of restaurants and businesses in here. a lot of people have been standing and staring, sort of wondering what happened, because again this happened overnight early in the morning. now new developments in the story we have been bringing you since 4 a.m. the chp is investigating
8:05 am
another shooting on interstate 80. this happened last night near highway 4 in hercules. the driver crashed into the center divide after he was hit by gunfire from a passing car. the victim was treated for two bullet wounds to his leg. authorities say the shooter was inside a white sedan. at this point it's unknown if this freeway shooting is in any way connected to other shootings recently on interstate 80. now to hayward. a police car has been recovered after it was stolen early this morning. police say the patrol car was running outside the station and an officer was standing nearby but someone jumped into the car in the driver's seat and took off. police found the car at 4:30 this morning thanks to a gps system. the suspect had already taken off from the scene. police say there is no damage to the car and nothing was missing either. time is 8:05. there is a new debate in san francisco on how to make the waters off ocean beach safer for visitors. it started after recent drownings and beach rescues. last month two 17-year-olds
8:06 am
from vallejo drowned after being swept out to see. the examiner reports officials are talking about whether to hire lifeguards to patrol the beach, even though it's not a designated place to go swimming. but there are critics. they say adding lifeguards may encourage more people to get out into the water. this morning work crews in san francisco will replace a broken sewer main on mission street. one that caused a sinkhole that almost swallowed an suv. one block of mission street between new montgomery and second will be closed to traffic during the repairs. the crews are installing a new pipe. they are also paving over that big hole which opened up on tuesday. the work expected to last until noon on saturday. in the meantime, workers fixed another sinkhole yesterday in san francisco. they were able to repair the sinkhole at polk and post streets in a couple of hours. traffic was directed around it. the san francisco public utilities commission isn't sure what caused it, but it was not a broken pipe. you can see they have new
8:07 am
asphalt that was put down there. the san jose sharks are in the western conference finals of the stanley cup playoffs for the first time in five seasons. >> down low. he scores! >> team captain joe pavelski scored in the first period and the sharks never looked back. they dominated the national predators. 5-0 game seven. more than 17,000 fans packed the sap center. >> sharks have been together for like the last five or six years as a team and now it's paying off. it's really nice see. >> the sharks have never won the stanley cup in their 25 year history. they have to get past the st. louis blues. the first game at sap is game three on thursday. 8:07. you know i want to be steph curry. warriors fans are getting a rare chance starting this morning to take a picture with both of steph curry's mvp
8:08 am
trophies. the mvp trophies will be at oracle arena at the warriors team store starting at 9 a.m. all the way until 9:00 tonight. you can get your picture taken with both steph's mvp trophies. he is the first unanimous winner of the mvp trophy and the 11th player in nba history to win that award in back-to- back seasons. well, we now know who the warriors will be playing next. they are going to play the oklahoma city thunder in the western conference finals. the series starts in oakland on monday. the thunder really beat out the san antonio spurs last night 113-99. game six of their series. spurs fans are wondering, is in the last they will see of tim duncan? he is 40 years old. he hasn't decided if he is coming back for a 20th season. the thunder-warriors series begins monday night 6 p.m. game two is wednesday night. the series moves to oklahoma city for game three sunday, may
8:09 am
22. game four is tuesday, may 24. minutes ago here on "mornings on 2" we had a live interview with the mayor of san francisco. ahead of a community meeting right now there. the mayor has been asked to fire the police chief amid allegations of misconduct and excessive force. we will have a live report on the meeting and what the mayor has to say next. and we are previewing the grand re-opening of the san francisco museum of modern art. yeah, i am with my -- >> ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ >> you can expect it this weekend coming up. up.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
good welcome back to "mornings on 2". time is 8:12. it's been three years in the making. now the san francisco museum of modern art is finally re- opening. >> and it is huge. and there are pieces you have only seen in posters and in calendars. >> yes. >> ktvu's brian flores seeing some of those. a moment ago he showed us andy warhol. if you haven't been to sfmoma. >> he has to see this. let's go to sal right now. you have watching our commute. it's getting better?
8:13 am
>> i got your message. it is stevie wonder's birthday. >> yes. >> so he is one of my favorite artists. i wanted to acknowledge that. you and i have very similar music tastes. >> indeed. >> indeed. let's look at what we have now. the traffic is going to be busy if you are driving out to the commute. dave mentioned we had some earlier problems. the bay bridge and the dumbarton bridge, more people came here because the san mateo bridge had a crash. that crash is gone, but it's kind of messed things up. there was a little bit of redistribution, if you will. now there is still a backup. it's not quite as bad as it would be, let's say, on a wednesday at this time. san mateo bridge, meantime, has improved. we had that earlier accident but now they have cleared it. there is slow traffic on the 92. and this morning's commute in the south bay still looks slow in some areas. but you can tell, if you drive every day, it's a little better than normal. this slow traffic on 101, 280
8:14 am
and 85, but not quite as much volume. i just walked in, sal. i was talking with pete, the sports producer. he is getting in earlier and earlier. have you noticed that? >> i happen to know why. they are producing something really big in the sports department and it's going to air soon. >> there you go, thank you. all right. we have a fog bank that's got some breaks in it. marin county to sonoma county. there is plenty to go around. mostly cloudy over the bay and higher clouds but some sun breaks in the mix. a low is approaching and that's cranked up the breeze for some. bigger freddie gray. -- a bigger fog bank. warmer early next week. hints of another low dropping in next weekend. cooler inland today. that's the message because the fog bank, well, lift, and that delta breeze has just thrown in the towel and is going bonkers. low clouds in place. a few high clouds. 50s, 60s on the temps.
8:15 am
really never changed much this morning. had a couple of upper 40s. there was a lot of low 50s. that's the key. 26 to 32 at travis. i know from benicia to cordelia to travis, that's a sure sign that delta breeze is in full force. this is the low on its way. it's tracking towards northern california. as it does it will lift the fog, give us some drizzle and keep the drizzle. it's been in the 90s out in the sacramento valley and san joaquin valley. 80s, mid 80s, upper 80s. everyone will be cooling down. a little precip's in the mix. more drizzle. .08. i have seen a .04 projected tomorrow at sfo. i'll buy that. but oakland a's, ukiah and sacramento, that might be a little much. shasta, northeast california, sierra a possibility of thundershowers on the weekend. local drizzle. cooler inland. highs 50s, 60s now and 70s. in fact, we are seeing some
8:16 am
temperatures instead of those 80s dropping pretty good for clearlake and also vacaville, brentwood, antioch, pittsburg, even concord and also livermore. yet santa rosa really and san jose to morgan hill and gilroy did not join the warm-up party this week. 50s, 60s on the coast and on the peninsula. cooler into saturday. probably level off sunday. a little warmer sunday, tuesday. >> good running weather for this weekend. not for me. no, no, no. everybody who is running bay to breakers? >> if they want cool temps, yes. >> which is better. >> they should all keep clothes on? >> i hope so. >> you put that message out. >> i am just saying. >> please do. yeah. ,okay. thousands of people are going to be lacing up their shoes for bay to breakers, and organizers want you know a few things, including keep your clothes on. there are other do's and don'ts as well. and what apple is saying
8:17 am
about how itunes will be changing.
8:18 am
8:19 am
♪[ music playing ]. 30 years ago ""top gun""
8:20 am
was release. a young lady requested this. thank you. but i picked it out because i knew that this was a "top gun" day. this is kind of a cool song to run to. if there is a special song that you like to run to, you are running bay to breakers, hit me up on #ktvu. facebook. twitter. gasia mikaelian. time is 8:20 another big car recall this morning. this one scary, too. also, apple is getting into the ridesharing business. >> we are going to talk about tesla tax breaks and good news for retailers. pam cook has this morning's money business. >> retail sales for april posted the biggest monthly increase in a year. topping the list of what americans bought last month cars. checking in on the numbers on wall street this morning, the dow jones down just a little bit. the s&p 500 off just a little
8:21 am
bit as well. jcpenney and nordstrom posting disappointing numbers. the retail news is helping the nasdaq. this index is up about 13% this morning. sears is opening a store that will be dedicated solely to the sale of appliances. the retailer says that 10,000 square foot store will open next week in fort collins, colorado. sears says this will be the first of many all-appliance stores. but there are no details on where or when the others will be opening up. hackers who stole $81 million from a bank in bangladesh are responsible for the hack of sony. they say it's so similar that they are very likely the work of one group. you might remember the u.s. officially blamed the north korean government the beach of sony. however, no word on who may be responsible for the bangladesh
8:22 am
bank heist. apple is denying claims it will stop selling music downloads. we told you about this on "mornings on 2" yesterday. a apple spokesperson says rumors are not true, but that the company is planning to make changes to its services in june. apple is also investing $1 billion in a ridesharing company, but it's a name you might not be familiar with. ddshing is based in beijing. it is uber's number one competitor in china. they are offering generous incentives to sign up for the services. dd dominates uber in china, but uber is the most successful ridesharing company in the world valued at $62 billion. there is also speculation that  apple will tap into dd's resources to develop an i car. tax breaks for tesla could be expanding to out of state buyers. a bay area lawmaker wants to give tax breaks for customers if they come to california to
8:23 am
pick up their car. inside bay area reports the bill is to promote tourism. right now out of state buyers have to pay california steals tax. the paper reports the bill would give buyers a tax waiver as long as the car is registered in another state within 30 days. the money could come back in tourism dollars, but opponents tell the paper tesla buyers don't need the tax break. a recall that comes with a serious warning for new subaru owners. don't drive your car. subaru says the 2016 and 2017 legacies and outbacks have a potentially dangerous steering issue. it says that the sheering wheel may not actually turn the wheels. that's because the steering column may have been built improperly. 48,500 cars made between february and may are affected. subaru warns customers not to drive them until they are inspected. you need to contact your dealer about that and now get the car there. big changes could be coming
8:24 am
to your big macs. fast food giant mcdonald's is testing pressure beef at 14 restaurants in dallas. it adds it's too early to say whether fresh beef could replace frozen patties it comes as mcdonald's is fighting to turn around the business which has suffered weak sales until recently. now it is looking at improving the core menu items. and a trip to the spa inside a burger king. it includes a 15-person sauna, steam rooms, and a media lounge. if you get hungry, you can have your whopper and fries delivered in the spa. it will cost you $285 to rent the bk spa for three hours. >> i would be concerned my fries would get soggy with the steam. >> my priorities, you can see. >> yeah. >> to me it doesn't seem like the spa atmosphere. >> right.
8:25 am
>> that i'm looking for necessarily. >> a creative idea. >> they are all trying something. people are eating healthier and they are interesting to make changes. 8:25. the san francisco museum of modern art is finally re- opening. >> let's go to ktvu's brian flores live at sf moma. andy warhol is one of the well known artists on display. >> reporter: did someone take a bite out of my apple this morning? what's going on, guys? >> that's a good one. >> all this talk about food. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are live inside the san francisco museum of modern art. it is opening after three years of it not being opened. it is a brand new renovation. we are in the pop art portion. this is sarah roberts. she is the assistant curator of the museum. this is more of like the pop art, more of the recognizable art? >> right. this is the pop art gallery of the doris and donald fisher collection. it's a group of artists looking at comic strips, newspaper
8:26 am
advertisements. jer day -- everyday objects that you might encounter at your house. >> reporter: don and doris fisher were so, i mean huge in this museum and to the art pieces here, right? >> that's right. they founded the gap. the retail stores the gap. and on the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors of the museum they will see works entirely from the fisher collection. about 260 works are on view, including these terrific works by andy wore hol. one of the best known pickings of pop art. a picture of jacqueline kennedy, marlin brandon, elvis presley. >> reporter: i got confused by the officer here. i turned the corner, guys, literally and i said, hey, good morning. this is an art piece. this is solid bronze, by the way. >> fooled me, too. >> sure. it's a hyperrealistic sculpture. >> oh, no, i think we are having a problem with the
8:27 am
signal. >> did the policeman pull the plug on us? >> what a great preview into what's coming with the major re- opening of the san francisco museum of modern art. tickets this weekend are sold out. we want to go, but maybe not right now. but a huge, huge expansion, a renovation, a great improvement by many estimations. thanks to brian flores. we will see if we can bring him back during "the 9". 8:27. sweeping changes coming to a bathroom at your child's school. ahead what the obama administration just ordered public schools to do. plus, we are hearing from the mayor this morning about calls for the resignation of police chief greg suhr amid several controversial police shootings. we will tell you what the mayor had to say before a meeting in the west portal neighborhood this morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
got this sunshine in my pocket, and it's dropping, i can't take my eyes ♪. >> welcome back to "mornings on 2". 8:30. >> a live look here. gorgeous downtown oakland. a lot of clouds up above. that's going to be the story of the day weather-wise. we will help get you out this door this morning. we will run on over to steve paulson. not a lot of bright sun? >> unless you are in the north bay. there is some pockets. mostly, you're right, cloud to mostly cloudy. had some breaks though marin county to sonoma county. that looks to be maybe over to napa as well. after that southward it's pretty cloudy here. the low cloudy deck enhanced by a low which is coming in tomorrow. over the weekend, which will keep us on the cool side for
8:31 am
inland areas. that should chew up the fog bank. it's a bigger fog bank. it looks like a breezy day today. a mix of low clouds, high clouds. 50s, 60s. brentwood 63. upper 50s for some. this will be a cooler day for those away from the coast. this is why. west-southwest 26. gusts to 32, west at concord west. at napa, i mean there is a definite sea breeze in place. see if we have some missing images here. there is your low. that's going to bump the high out, usher in cooler air aloft and that translates into cooler air for the inland temps. look for 60s, 70s, morning fog, cooler inland and this cooler pattern will continue right into tomorrow. all right. sal, 8:31. what do you have, sir? >> we have traffic that is busy, steve. we have had a slightly lighter than usual commute. a couple of glitches though. at the bay bridge we had a later commute. people showed up in the last half hour. but it's still not the same as
8:32 am
it would be, let's say, on a monday. you can tell by looking at 880. that ramp coming down, there is a line, but it's not as big. and if you wait around, maybe after you watch "the 9", after "the 9", then you can go into the city. i think it will be good. a little shameless self- promotion. westbound 92 has improved. an earlier motorcycle accident at the high-rise. they have cleared it and traffic started recovering and things are much better. san jose, silicone valley commute slowing on 85 through sunnyvale. 101 slow near 280. 87 is a little slow. definitely a better than normal commute. new this morning, as we are speaking to you right now, san francisco mayor ed lee and police chief greg suhr are meeting with community leaders. >> a wide range of topics. a lot of focus on recent controversial police shootings and conduct within sfpd.
8:33 am
alex savidge is live. >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you guys. and the mayor says he is confident in the job the chief is doing. that's what he told us earlier this morning. the community meeting you spoke about is ongoing behind us inside the manor cafe in the westportle neighborhood. this meeting was not specifically to address issues of police reform and the perspective of the police chief, but those are issues that likely will be brought up. the focus is property crime in this area. the mayor took time to talk with us about all the controversy that is swirling around police chief greg suhr. we have seen the ongoing protests over the past couple of months. they have intensified. protests are calling for the chief to shut down because of police shootings and that race exist text messaging scandal. four san francisco supervisors are saying they believe the chief needs to be replaced. but the mayor this morning says he has no intense of getting
8:34 am
rid of the chief of police. and he points to reforms that are being implemented within the department centered on use of force and de-escalation tactics. >> i asked the president of the police commission as well as the chief to say, look, we've got to have updated 21st century police practices. where do those ideas come from? it comes from president obama's look at all the cities across the country where they have had issues of officer-involved shootings. >> reporter: and again the so- called frisco five, they have led the charge here trying to force the chief out. they have went on that hunger strike a few weeks ago. it began a few weeks ago. ultimately came to an end, trying to call attention to several what they believe were unjustified shootings by san francisco police officers. now, there was a panel that was put together by the district attorney. it did find issues within the department, including a lack of transparency in terms of
8:35 am
discipline and what it found to be bias in terms of policing communities of color. again we heard from the mayor this morning. he says he has full confidence in the chief of police. taking part in this community inside the manor cafe in the west portal neighborhood. this meeting continuing here. should wrap up in a few minutes, guys. >> alex, it sounds quiet outside where you are. are there no protesters or anything outside of the meeting? >> reporter: this was not necessarily publicized ahead of time. so, no, there are not any protesters that we have seen in this area. just some folks from the media like ourselves and city officials and neighbors who are continuing to stop by to get the ear of the mayor and the police chief. >> were you not allowed inside the meeting? did they ask you to stay outside? >> reporter: no. no. we are just standing out here so we don't disrupt the meeting. we went outside and we have been taking video outside. >> all right. we will talk more about it coming up on "the 9".
8:36 am
demonstrations against the police chief prompted security changes at san francisco city hall. 33 people were arrested last friday at a city hall protest. there was $20,000 in damage done, including damage to a metal detector. new security measures say anyone entering after five have to tell employees where they are going. time is 8:36 an update to a story about three oakland police officers accused of having sex with a girl who may have been underage. the police department told ktvu one of the officers is also under criminal investigation. the officers are on administrative leave. that girl is the daughter of a civilian employee within the police department. investigators also trying to confirm if the girl was a minor at the time. >> men and women of this department work very hard to build relationships with our community of trust and enforcing the laws. we take any allegations of
8:37 am
misconduct with any of our employees very seriously. >> the police department's internal affairs unit is investigating all of this. the probe began after an oakland police officer committed suicide last year. meantime, a santa clara county correctional deputy was formally charged with molesting his girlfriend's nine-year-old daughter. anthony feics diaz is being held without jail in alameda county. investigators say he was living with the victim's mother in 2012 at the time of the alleged abuse. the santa clara county d.a. is also charging diaz with misdemeanor child endangerment, and court documents also say he is accused of slapping another child earlier this year. time is 8:37. two days after a double homicide? the south bay there are a number of unanswered questions. investigators scoured an area of redwood estates yesterday looking for evidence after a 52- year-old man was shot and killed inside his home. neighbors say they are stunned
8:38 am
over what happened. >> shocking. unfortunate. yeah. something like this really never happens up in redwood estates. >> police have arrested a suspect. 43-year-old andre redmond, who they say sped away from the crime. a high-speed crash ended in campbell and police found a critically injured man in the back seat. that man died at the hospital. investigators have not discussed his connection to redmond who is facing two counts of murder and false imprisonment. police in san jose have identified the man who was shot by police. daniel ryazewski lived with her mother. neighbors say he was mentally ill. they tried to subdue him with a taser. they say he pulled out the taser prongs. hit his mother again, this time in the head. that's when police shot him. now, both the mother and son
8:39 am
suffered serious injuries. they are listed in stable condition. time is 8:39. a carpool study confirms what most of us already know. carpool lanes crowded with cheaters. the study found on average 24% of, almost one in four drivers in the carpool lanes during the morning commute hours, do not have the number of required passengers. transit leaders worry the cheats could bring an end to the system enticing drivers to carry more passengers. fire crews are investigating a fire last night in which a man and dog were killed. the fire department posted photos of crews in concord fighting that fire. the man died at the hospital. a second person was treated for injuries. she was not seriously hurt. this fire was reported at 8:45. they had trouble getting close to the home because of downed power lines in the driveway. investigators are trying to
8:40 am
figure out what caused the fire. time is 8:40. an outbreak of stomach flu at a san jose elementary school is forcing kids to stay inside during recess and lunch. at least 90 students at horace man elementary caught that bug in the past two weeks. now, parents were alerted yesterday, told about this virus. the school is going through a thorough cleaning. they have also canceled the annual school musical because of fears the virus may spread to even more students. well, the obama administration is telling every public school in the u.s., start allowing transgender students to use bathrooms of their choice or there could be big consequences. the justice department and the department of education are sending a decree to school districts around the nation of the letter says schools must allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their chosen gender identity. the attorney general, loretta lynch, calls transgender access a civil rights issue. >> we see you.
8:41 am
we stand with you. >> that decree does not have the force of law, but there is a threat that schools could lose federal aid if they don't accommodate transgender students according to those guidelines. you can blame a computer glitch at the phoenix airport for causing a lot of problems and a lot of frustration as travelers are waking up where they needed to go but they don't have their luggage with them. the tsa computer issue at sky harbor airport was resolved last night. the machines used to screen luggage stopped working for several hours yesterday. agents had to send the bags to other airports to be properly screened. >> this time of year a lot of people are traveling out of town for graduations and weddings and other special occasions. if you are doing that, you should make sure that you carry with you what you need for that special occasion. if you are going to wear a certain outfit, bring it with you on the plane.
8:42 am
don't put it in your checked luggage. >> agents tested out the system overnight. they say it is ready for today's flights. congress slammed the tsa on capitol hill yesterday. members say long security lines at airports are out of control. even causing some people to miss their flights. the hearing before the house oversight and government reform committee was held at several airports. lawmakers also accused the tsa of improperly giving one official a $90,000 bonus and retaliating against other workers who complained about poor treatment. time is 8:42. a san francisco company hose hopes to make the high-tech industry diverse by offering free office space in sumtory women and minorities. it's traction labs. they say they have more office space than they need, so they're taking applications, looking for women and minorities who have budding start-up companies. they have teamed up with a non- profit girls in tech. they are going to choose two startups and in exchange the
8:43 am
company wants them to pay it forward some day. >> we want this to be a continuation and not just the one-time thing. we want to create a model that can be replicated. >> i have met so many females that are founding startups, inspired by them. it's no secret that we're, you know, largery underrepresented as females. >> traction labs is also offering the start-up companies access to investors and advisors and other entreprenures. if you think you are interested in applying for that free office space, the deadline is may 25th. winners will be picked by the 30th and can move in right away. time is 8:43. amazing pictures of whales showing up in the bay area yesterday. we had it for you on the news. we also popped it up on ktvu's instagram page at ktvu2. this is what we saw. take a look here. what we were able to spot thanks to sky fox. now, there is more than a whale
8:44 am
inside these pictures. there was someone getting maybe a little bit too close to them. yeah. interesting story. it's up there on ktvu's instagram page. we are ktvu2. the pictures are amazing. all right. time is 8:44. got to show you this. a guy broke into a business. took some things and he did it with no clothes on. ahead how police caught the naked burglar. and no connection at all to this next story. bay to breakers. the big race that is so san francisco. we are going to talk about what organizers of bay to breakers want to remind you before you head down there to watch or run. good morning. we are looking at a commute that is beginning to improve now as you can see in some of our traffic pictures. you can definitely tell it has been friday light. so we'll tell you a little more about this morning's commute. and your friday forecast, i have nothing but the bare facts. [ applause ]
8:45 am
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the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone. hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. ♪[ music playing ] ♪ >> party rock coming.
8:48 am
many people put this on their headphones when they run. it's listed as one of the best songs to run to. this week is bay to breakers. thank you to adelaida caballero. didn't think i so say that, right? >> no. >> it happens to be about running. >> that's right. organizers of sunday's bay to breakers race are reminding everything about the do's and the don'ts for this year's event. this is the 105th year of the annual race in san francisco. here's what they want you to know. no nudity. no alcohol. of course, no drugs. also, no ice chests or any bags bigger than a small backpack. and the police, they really want you know this. >> we want to make sure that we remind the public, if you see something, say something.
8:49 am
if you see something suspicious or out of the ordinary, we ask that you contact a uniformed officer or a bay to breakers person that's going to be working the event. >> the 12k race starts at 8 a.m. sunday morning. some roads are going to be closed. there will be detours around francisco. at least 40,000 runners and walkers will be making their way across town. now, this year bay to breakers organizers also have this. there is a new app. it lets runners track their progress along the route and also find their friends. and it also gives runners information about transit on race day. good stuff. time is 8:49. let's check back with sal one more time. your commute. sal. >> it's going to be slow, dave, as you might imagine. it has been a better day? general. let's take a look at the toll plaza commute. you can see that the traffic on the eastshore freeway is going to be okay getting out to the toll plaza. there have been no major problems, by the way, getting through. we are also looking at
8:50 am
northbound 101 and 280 in san jose. well, that traffic has been moderately heavy. 101 is a little bit heavier than 280. i would use 280 or 85 getting into the valley. at 8:50, hello steve. hello, sal. happy friday, my friend. all right. some breaks in the low clouds. plenty to go around. north bay actually mostly sunny. some areas get a little breeze. others get a huge breeze. that is from sab pablo bay, benicia, fairfield. delta breeze was roaring earlier. it is now. cooler. drizzle or some very light showers takes us into saturday. it will be cooler as well for everybody. shasta, northeast california, maybe sacramento valley up to the sierra could be isolated thundershowers. early next week looks warmer for month. cooler inland is the main message. why? this low is moving in. that ushers in cool air aloft and that has picked up the
8:51 am
delta breeze. those two equal a cooler inland pattern. it's been a cool week already on much of the coast with 50s, 60s. 50s right now with one isolated 60. the warmest temps north and east this week. 61, 63 antioch and brentwood. 50s for everybody else. black hawk 54. pittsburg 58. pleasanton 57. not warming up that fast. this is why. west, west, west, west, 26 gusts to 32. that is a very strong delta breeze. this works towards us on saturday. 60 reno. warm up there. the delta breeze will cool off sacramento, which has been in  the 90s the last couple of days. temperatures will rebound. can you see the low right there. this is the one that's tracking towards us. very slow. that will keep the cool into the weekend with partly cloudy skies and maybe a few isolated showers. morning fog. cooler inland the main message into saturday. a little rebound sunday. there will be a little drizzle coming in as that low gets closer late tonight, tomorrow, and maybe a few little scattered showers.
8:52 am
not a lot. but a little bit. certainly possible on saturday. sunday we should be on the drier side. bigger fog bank, cooler, breezy, sunny support some. temperatures inland are cooling down. out of the 80s and into the 70s here. 50s, 60s coast and bay. even with sunshine it's not going to warm up that much. east bay has been the warmest by far this week. they will cool down. concord, livermore, brentwood, antioch. santa clara valley, san jose not a bad week. in the 70s. we will keep that theme going today. upper 60s, low 70s. 50s, 60s on the coast and also on the peninsula. cooler into saturday, dave. a little rebound sunday. early next week looks better. >> i like that next week. thank you. >> any time. time is 8:52. we want to give you a live look outside. look at sky right there. steve's been telling but it. live pictures here in the bay area. starting off your friday may 13th. and next the big change coming to one of america's favorite peanut butter candies. liston the music. "mornings on 2" will be right
8:53 am
back. back.
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welcome back. 8:55 a man was arrested. he broke into a soccer supply store and he was not wearing much at all. the whole thing caught on surveillance video. look. you see the man breaking a glass door to get inside. now, he breaks it. here's where things get even more strange. he starts taking off his pants and starts sweeping up the mess he made. the owner of the store saw this. he was shocked, but he wasn't angry. >> if somebody's gonna break in, immediately you're thinking they're gonna steal something or do something bad. he didn't do anything really bad. >> after cleaning up the mess, the man ended up getting a beer and getting some candy and then the police showed up and arrested. he is a 28-year-old timothy prater. the owner felt bad for the guy and ended up giving him a shirt
8:56 am
before the police took him away. new this morning we are going to know soon who won the lottery's sixth biggest jackpot. later today lottery officials in new jersey will reveal the eight people. they are going to split a $429 million powerball jackpot. the winning numbers drawn on saturday. the one ticket matched all six powerball numbers. the winners chose that smaller lump sum payment. that equals $284 million before taxes. well, reese's is adding piece toss the peanut butter cup. that's right it's pieces within reese's. they will be mixed in right with the peanut butter filling. hershey's, which makes reese's, posted video of the package saying the reese's pieces stuffed cups -- try to say that early in the morning -- they are expected on store shelves in july. reese's peanut butter cups are one of the top selling candies
8:57 am
in the nation. they have annual sales of over $516 million. spring is in the air and we have an action-packed show for you from comedy to politics to bay to breakers. even a little "top gun" on this "top gun" day 30 years later. the warriors and the sharks, by the way, in the conference finals for the first time at the same time in i don't think it ever happened. how about that? time to tee it up. "mornings on 2: the 9" is next.
8:58 am
8:59 am
francisco's police department under fire after heated protests and demands for the chief to step down. now mayor ed lee is weighing. in what he told us this morning about the issues the city is facing. this sunday is the 105th bay to breakers. we are talking about the race director about the annual race and what you need to know if you are joining in the
9:00 am
celebration. plus, after extensive renovations, san francisco's museum of modern art is re- opening to the public. ktvu's brian flores is already inside giving us a sneak peek. ♪[ music playing ]. >> all right. tom petty running down a dream. a lot of people are returner run -- running for the bay to breakers. a nice look at the golden gate in the san francisco bay. we have made it to friday. welcome to "mornings on 2: the 9". >> and along with gasia and mike, i am sal. we are going to get through this hour. we have a lot of news to get to. this morning we are hearing from the mayor of san francisco about calls for chief greg suhr to step down. >> it's because of recent controversy police shootings as well as misconduct in the


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